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Xmas day nettles, AND MORE!

So we reached Xmas day and I WAS able to use nettles on bitch-boy!

They were good and stingy, but the stings did not seem to last too long. On reflection I should have followed up the nettle whipping with a treatment of Deep Heat or Linnex. But I am sure bitch-boy felt his stiff little clitty had suffered enough as I had started with a session of the 12 inch ruler using VERY HARD smacks indeed; before moving onto the nettles.

Christmas is a time of giving, so I started the day off by giving him a VERY SERIOUS deterrent punishment session. Ignoring completely his sobbing and repeated pleading through his gag, until I felt fully satisfied I was done with each of the five implements I used. The dressage whip left some lovely thin purple lines which are still there this morning.

Then I gave him an hour of teasing on the sofa while I watched TV. I have several orgasms during this as he is soooo frustrated and I get to see his red and striped butt when I glance away from the TV.

Then the clitty torments already mentioned, followed by an hour and a half of sensory deprivation bondage. He endured a disgusting  semen / water ice chunk in his funnel gag. Finally, while he was still helplessly bound, I generously gave him a PROPER orgasm with my skilled hands. Although he had to beg for a long time to get it and suffer another session with the ruler. His milkings since Nov 13 had all been spoiled and under the sole of my shoe. Oh my how he sobbed when he came yesterday. He has suffered quite a long period of denial; on the whim of Mistress Nicola during her visit to us on Nov 13 – ‘…..only spoiled orgasms until Christmas bitch-boy.

I had eight massive orgasms during this long DS session. It turns me on so much being a heartless, total bitch!

What a delightful Xmas day!


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Submissives’ Fitting Thank You’s

In a couple of posts not long ago I discussed curt instructions. This seriously struck a chord with many submissives who read my blog. Such a response from submssives means it is an IMPORTANT technique for any Domme’s arsenal who wishes to have her submissive addicted to her. It is well worth exploiting, especially as it is so simple and easy.

I did include in the posts how having the submissive say thank you when having carried out an instruction of the Domme further enhances the affect on them. Well this leads me on to the topic of submissives needing to say thank you in other circumstances, which I believe is also very affecting for them. In addition to having obeyed a curt instruction, let me give you some other examples in bitch-boy’s life.

When I sit on the sofa and I have pointed to the floor between my splayed thighs and given the command, ‘lick me to orgasm’, I delight in saying, once he has knelt in position and is about to begin, ‘What do you say?’ Given the beauty of my soft skin,  slim athletic thighs,  flat stomach and pretty cunt, it is unsurprising he genuinely and emotionally answers, ‘Thank you Mistress.’  But the status implications of this thank you are huge. He is denied sexual relief, he is never allowed to fuck; but he is genuinely thanking me for the privilege of being allowed to lick ME to a delightful orgasm. And it will be one of many orgasms that day, despite his current prohibition of proper orgasms himself. His correct grasp of the concepts of fairness and grounds for gratitude driven from his mind by his submissiveness and my cruel dominance.

Another example is when I have finished a punishment of him. A punishment gagged and bound, bent face down over the dining table. Caned, strapped, paddled, tawsed and whipped. His gag is removed and, often still whimpering or sobbing, he says, as he knows he must, ‘Thank you Mistress for helping to make me a better slave.‘ He has learned to his cost that should he forget to thank me, he goes straight back over the table.

Another example is when I have him kiss my footwear. This he has to do whenever I, or we, are leaving the house, leaving a bedroom in a hotel or leaving a bedroom in which we have stayed overnight as social guests. He must kiss my footwear for as long as I talk at him about how lucky he is to have such a cruel and beautiful Mistress wife and how there are a hundred submissives to take his place in a moment, should I wish to replace him. I have always ended my lecture with the words, ‘You may stand.’ But recently I have followed those words with, ‘What do you say?‘ As he is rising to stand he says, with genuine feeling, ‘Thank you Mistress.’  Again, his correct grasp of the concepts of fairness and grounds for gratitude driven from his mind by his submissiveness and my cruel dominance; particularly as I may be wearing dirty snow boots or well-worn gym shoes.

My final example is a new thank you occasion and has arisen as a result of my new contraption. Once:

  • I have lifted my shoe from his clitty after his horrible, disappointing, spoiled orgasm has ended,
  • and his semen pools in a food container, shortly to have water added, (and or my nectar), and become an ice chink for his funnel gag,
  • and I have shown off my body during the process and talked about how he will never, ever get to fuck that body,
  • and I will have had between 7 and 11 massive orgasms by this point in the day,

I say, in a mocking and unkind tone, ‘What do you say?‘ He answers, ‘Thank you Mistress.’ His tone this time is not so genuine, but it is extremely poignant and sad and respectful. My question is truly powerful and affecting for him. Expecting him to thank me for inflicting such unfairness and misery. But he is deeply subjugated and would not dare do otherwise than thank me. I get such a power rush from having just been such a cruel bitch and then asking him to thank me, and hearing his submissive, obedient, poignant and sad thank you, that I am close to requiring a supplementary orgasm for the day!

Once he has thanked me then I give him a curt instruction in a very cold voice to get everything cleaned up and then I walk off.


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A feeder bottle for my little lamb

So are there any of my followers who are farmers?

By accident I came across feeder bottles for lambs. I do think of my puppet husband, bitch-boy, as my little lamb sometimes, in so far as his helplessness. Although rather than melting into goo as I do when I see a real lamb, with my husband-lamb my reaction is very different. If he is dressed in infantile shame clothing or is in very strict bondage, or both; well those sights of my helpless lamb-husband bring out very different emotions to feeling all gooey, emotions more like bullying, sadism and abusing power.

Anyway, the lamb feeing bottles! Feeding with a real baby’s bottle does take rather a long time even if one cuts the teat, and if the bottle is upside down, it leaks. So here are my questions to experts.

With a lamb feeder bottle, is my assumption correct that, if the bottle is upside down, no liquid escapes unless the teat is sucked?

Are different teats available that allow a greater flow and others a lesser flow?

I can see these bottles are very cheap and can be boiled for sterilisation. I guess if I have no farmer blog followers to answer my questions, I will just buy a few and experiment. My imagination is working overtime with the possibilities!


No videos of this DS activity on the net

‘This Activity’ is – using time and tedium as a torture.

Three days locked in a basement with only a bucket. The light switch on the outside of the room to a single bare bulb hanging from the ceiling. The victim  in a straight jacket. A bucket the only furniture. The light turned on and off randomly without the Domme entering. The Domme entering from time to time to kick the sub about, or pour a jug of urine over the head of the sub, or going to work on him with a single tailed whip. Stale bread stamped into the dirty floor as food. A urine / water / spit mix in a bowl the only drink for the sub. No words ever spoken by the Domme.

Or five hours in sensory deprivation bondage. Visited every half hour to an hour or so, to have an embrocation cream rubbed into a sorry cock, and /or urine tipped down a funnel gag.

Or three hours forced to play with dollies, sitting on the floor, mainly ignored by two Mistresses who sit relaxing on the sofa, occasionally kissing, watching a DVD or flicking through magazines. The occasional verbal abuse spat in his direction. ‘What a pathetic maggot you are. Playing with dollies like a good sissy little girl. No wonder you are NEVER, EVER allowed to have sex like a real man.’

This issue does highlight a fairly huge difference between those of us lucky enough to live with our sub and have the time for tedium tortures, while Dominatrix or Dommes who get visits from subs almost never get the time for it. And all videos seem to be of subs visiting Dommes or subs undergoing none-tedium torments. I would love to see some tedium torture videos though. I can imagine how they could be edited.

The video begins with the caption ‘THE START’. The following action lasts a few minutes. The next caption –  ‘AFTER 60 MINUTES’. – a few minutes of what transpires at that point. The next caption – ‘AFTER 90 MINUTES. A few minutes of what happens at that point.  The next caption – ‘AFTER 120 MINUTES. A few minutes of what happens at that point.  The next caption – ‘AFTER 180 MINUTES. A few minutes of what happens at that point.  And so on, and so on.

The combined strong feelings of decadence, power and cruel unfairness when enforcing a tedium torture are such a turn-on for me! The tortures take hours to undertake, but the hours are wonderful! Sitting relaxed on the sofa alone, or with a girlfriend, knowing the sub is with you in the room being ignored and suffering, or elsewhere in your home – all alone and suffering.

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The degradation of saliva

I don’t think I have ever given feedback on the use of Salivax pastilles to generate copious amounts of saliva. I have Mistress Hannah to thank for the suggestion. Well, chewing on one of the pastilles generates huge amounts of saliva and unlike using a boiled sweet, or mint gum, the saliva from Salivax has no sweet or pleasant taste to partially distract the slave from its degradation.

It can be fun to be repeatedly dropping spit into a bound slaves mouth which is held open by a funnel gag or Jennings gag. I also like to drop spit on the floor and then wipe the sole of my shoe or boot in the spit before having the slave lick the sole clean.

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Perfect BDSM Equipment

There is BDSM equipment NOT being made which I would adore to buy were it made. If I would adore to buy it, surely that means there is a market for this equipment. I have ended up having to make my own of some of the following. I would prefer to buy professionally made versions.

A leather hood to the following specification. Lace up at the back of the head and neck. No eye holes. Nostril holes. An internal cock gag, say two inches long with a wide breathing tube passing through the cock gag. Built in, sound reducing ear phones. A D-ring at the top of the hood.

A funnel gag. Most important is the dimensions of the funnel. The wide open section should allow for an ice chunk the size of a pack of cards and some spare capacity in addition. The narrow tube end should have a diameter the size of a flip chart marker pen. (This allows it to be in the mouth for hours without the mouth muscles cramping). The tube in the mouth should have holes in the sides, as well as the open end at the bottom, so it cannot be blocked by pressure from the tongue. A strap long enough to go around a posture collar.

Body stain. Body stain/paint which does not rub off onto other skin or fabrics. It would be OK if it took several days to fade away. Some bright colours like cherry red, lime green, orange and sky blue; and a black. (I have tried a face paint recently but it rubbed off onto other skin – like my hands!) I have yet to try Henna (but I already know Henna will not be bright enough) and yet to try liquid latex but it seems it will flake (when a cock or nipple undergoes cycles of erecting then shrinking.)

My blog followers will know from photos and many of my detailed journal entries from volume 6 onward that I use the first two items very frequently  for hours at a time! I would pay top-dollar.

IMG_8019 copy                   MORE PHOTOES HERE

Cock whips and nettle apron

Well I mentioned my nettle apron, as I called it,  in an earlier post and in a subsequent post I provided a photo of bitch-boy’s little clitty after the first stroke a nettle. Well I have found that it is not just when using nettles that the nettle apron is useful. Last Sunday I had bitch-boy in TSD bondage for a few hours and began that TSD period with placing the nettle apron into position for some stinging nettles fun. (Amazingly we still have not had a frost here and new shoots are still growing).

But instead of starting with the nettles, on a whim I picked up one of my little cock whips. And, who would have thought it, the apron works really well with the whips too. Enhancing their use by allowing me to whip away, nice and hard, without the whip landing on the stomach – so all the pain is focused, as it should be, on that nasty little clitty. And I can whip so much harder than if I am holding the clitty up away from the stomach with my left hand.

p flog

This is my favourite cock whip which I bought a long time ago in a huge, gay BDSM store in California. The heavy plastic beads are rather mean. I also have a mini flogger with thin rubber strands which stings a lot.

So the nettle apron will be used all through the winter even if the nettles growing plan in the greenhouse doesn’t work.

Serious Bondage

It dawned on me last weekend when I had both of my slaves in sensory deprivation bondage at the same time, each in a different room, that I should mention the joy of an expensive and properly made posture collar.


First, to those new to my blog or published journals, let me expand on a typical weekend day. bitch-boy is placed in TSD bondage around 11:00am and I leave him and pick Play-toy up from the station. Once home with Play-toy, I use and abuse her for around 5 to 6 hours, all the while bitch-boy is left in his TSD bondage. Because of the white noise he can hear nothing of what I am doing with Play-toy, my female slave. Always at some point in those 5 or 6 hours, I feel like some very relaxing me-time. Then I place Play-toy in TSD bondage too. Normally for an hour or a little longer. I then move downstairs to the sofa. The feeling of relaxation, decadence and power is IMMENSE. I relax and read or watch TV and my mind turns to my two poor slaves, each suffering their sensory deprivation and immobility. Each knowing release from that bondage will mean more use and abuse for them. I usually have to see to myself with my Magic Wand massager during that hour-plus of me-time.

For poor bitch-boy, his ordeal is far from over when the TSD bondage ends. At that point I will have decided that Play-toy can transform herself into Governess Lexi and she and I then cuckold and double-Domme bitch-boy for 3 to 6 hours. Oh my, she does love being very cruel to bitch-boy!

So here is the point of the post. During TSD bondage and at other times, I employ a posture collar on a slave. A good one, with a leather encased metal bar at top and bottom, is expensive but believe me, worth every penny. The slave cannot move their head in a nodding movement, but also, cannot move their head to the left or the right. The cylinder shape of the encased metal bar ensures comfort if the slave keeps its head still. For me it is visually appealing because it is so obvious that the slave’s head movements are completely restricted. (I know slaves’ little submissive souls are also affected by the serious constriction of movement.) I recommend every dominant purchases a properly made posture collar if considering long periods of bondage for their submissive.

Full details of my weekend days are to be found in my published journals and the distribution channels for these are at the link below.


Degrading with urine – Literature

I received the comment below recently. It really surprised me that a reader of my blog had not seen the top tab linking to the distribution channels of my journals. It got me wondering how many other blog readers had missed this link / this tab.

Mistress Scarlet I dearly love how You and Governess Lexi derive such pleasure and amusement in disciplining bitch-boy’s little clitty. Also I love how both of You love to pee in his mouth. bitch-boy should consider it an honor and a privilege to drink Your Divine Nectar. I am curious Mistress Scarlet, do You and Governess Lexi and any of Your Dominant Sisters and friends ever make bitch-boy soak Your moist panties in his mouth before hand washing them? It seems only fitting doesn’t it Mistress Scarlet, since it was his fault the panties were soaked? Will You please tell me how I can receive Your Journals and any other writings of Yours? You are such a Beautifully Dominant Lady I really yearn to read more from You. Respectfully Your loyal fan.