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Governess X / Lady Governa

I mentioned in passing in my last post  Madam Press, formerly Governess X, formerly Lady Governa of The District Reformatory , and her   clips4sale site. Having discussed in the comments on that post her period, many years ago as Governess X and Lady Governa, I thought I would try to describe in detail excerpts of some of the video clips that were on her website, long before HD quality! If only they were still accessible.

The first thing to describe is her voice. This can be experienced in some of the sample video clips on her    clips4sale site. (I should be on commission!!!)

There is an innocence to her voice as though what is happening is the most natural thing in the world. But there is 100% implacability. Zero pity, Zero mercy. The terrible thing she has decreed will happen is happening. It is unimaginable that anything could even begin to persuade her otherwise, despite the genuine heartfelt pleading of the client. Oh yes, she has clients pleading with all their heart. Her dominance is not a game! (I think I have adopted the identical voice attributes but I am not sure it is from seeing those clips all those years ago. Perhaps they become the natural voice attributes of every relaxed, experienced, merciless, sadistic, 100% powerful Domme?

One clip I remember from all those years ago involved not nettles but thistles. A close up of a very stiff birth defect before her where she sat. And some very stiff stems of thistles in her hand. And the thistle stems swiped down very hard on the stiff and vulnerable defect. Through a serious gag could be heard the desperate begging and pleading of the client. But the calm, soft voice would point out that the nasty organ needed training and again and again the thistles swept down hard. Tiny spots of blood appeared on the defect. And she paused and giggled. And then more of that voice and then the thistles swept down again and again.

The second clip I remember was almost the same apart from an electrical Tens unit was being used attached to electrodes on the very stiff birth defect. The shot was just the defect and her hands holding the control unit. She would turn the dial up to full for a moment and the defect would judder and screams into a gag would be heard and then when the dial was turned back down, panicking, muffled pleading and pleading. Then She would turn the dial up to full for a moment again and the defect would judder and screams into a gag would be heard and then when the dial was turned back down, panicking, muffled pleading and pleading again. All the while, as though reciting a nursery rhyme to an infant her clam, sweet, innocent voice would be describing her activity. Up little sissy, and back down. Up the dial goes little sissy, and back down.

The third clip I remember was from her POV, of her entering a bathroom and inside, very securely bound to a chair, was a sissy client with several pairs of large satin panties pulled over his head. He could see nothing and I doubt hear very much. He was also diapered and gagged and he immediately began begging and begging when he was conscious of her in the room. It was clear he had been there for hours. Her sweet voice explaining he had been very naughty and did not deserve to be in her presence and had to be punished. After a little more narration of his naughtiness she left the room, totally ignoring the constant heartfelt pleading.

The fourth clip I remember had a sissy on his back on a bed, bound so his legs were straight and pointed up to the ceiling. A spreader bar had been secured to keep his ankles apart and the bar was then secured on a length of chain to the bedhead. The backs of his thighs and butt displayed red wheals of cane strokes.

He was very close to tears and he whimpered he could not take any more of the cane.  In response, in a sweet but clearly very firm tone of voice, she explained that sissies never, ever tell their Governesses  they have had enough. Only the Governess knows when they have had enough! Sissies cannot possibly know. And she would show him he had not had enough of the cane. And she went back to caning him some more, and his tears began to flow.

At the time, what a wonderful role model for me she was! And I also learned just how submissives NEED to be treated. Her clients cried, their begging was always ignored, they hated so much of what they endured; BUT did she go out of business? Did she run out of clients? Quite the opposite! They would beg to go back for another weekend of her cruel dominance, again and again.


My 16th journal –  LINK


Published – Journal 15 – The Institute Revisited

My 15th journal is now published. (The Institute Revisited)

More of the activities, described in fine detail, that take place at The Institute. My Volume 13 on the same topic was very much appreciated, so it would be wrong of me not to detail yet more of the tribulations visitors endure at The Institute.

‘Clients’ who have little choice but to attend when summoned, thanks to the clever way the Governesses exploit the clients’ addiction for very strict discipline, ruthless control, deep humiliations and dire degradations.

Governesses, like me, who show zero pity and enjoy inflicting a wide range of activities on their clients. The clients ‘enjoy’ very little of their visit time and dislike a great deal of their suffering, but such is the paradox of the minds of true submissives, that when they have returned to the safety of their homes, they wait with mixed emotions and submissive awe for the next summoning to attend. They cannot live without feeling pitilessly dominated and there is no other entity in their lives to give them this feeling.

Journal 15 is available as paperback and ePub as an eBook, both on LULU.com and also available on Amazon KINDLE.

KINDLE by country.   US   UK    DE    FR    ES    IT    NL    JP    BR    MX    CA    AU   IN

In time it will be available on NOOK, KOBO, Scribd, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc. I will let you know when it is. I will also then provide a Universal Book Link from Books2Read.

Below are some of the comments I received on my last journal regarding The Institute:

Loved your latest journal, No.13! I read it over two days and savored each horrible/ thrilling punishment and torture of each slave. I found myself going into a form of subspace just reading it! Your best book !

I immediately purchased Journal 13 as soon as I read it was available. I have just completed only a few dozen pages, and I believe it may be one of your best. Thank you for creating the best writings for the BDSM community.

After your most excellent last Journal 13 I am very much looking forward to the new Institute Manual.

Just finished this wonderful journal and forwarded to my Mistress. She was very intrigued with the extremist nature when I told her of some of the scenarios in the volume and wanted to read it for herself.

Oh wow! Just WoW!! Purchased & read avidly in one day. This boy would so like to endure the ‘Slug’ like experience… Simply magnificent femdom – thank you for sharing your bank holiday weekend.

The Institute is a most intriguing read. Ashamed to say that despite having the print version for a fortnight, i have been unable to read page by page. i have found it so arousing (within my chastity) i keep jumping from chapter or part chapter to the next…and back again. The Institute represents all i have long embraced in a FLR/FemDom lifestyle and appreciate all the respect the submissives involved have for their superiors despite the pain, shame and debasement. A most inspiring read for both my Mistress & i.