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My BDSMLR site

My new BDSMLR site that replaced my Tumblr site already has 1600 followers. I imagine so far BDSMLR has far fewer users than Tumblr.

My Tumblr site had over 18,000 flowers before Tumblr was sold and ‘explicit’ images were banned. I always took from the number of followers an indication that there were/are many people who share my tastes in female dominance. Particularly things not in the Femdom mainstream industry, like; #males distressed by petticoating humiliation, #males undergoing hours of tedium, #males being humiliated and ignored, #wives, girlfriends and or mothers-in-law dressed in everyday clothes humiliating a male who is naked, or is a sissy maid or school-girl, #the use and abuse of males in everyday homes, #’lesbian’ wives with their girlfriends cuckolding their chastised husbands .

So where possible, I do not post images in dungeons or where women are in corsets, leather or PVC. Some examples:





















When I imply ‘I post’, that is not actually the case. bitch-boy is given a number by me, of posts to make each week, sometimes high, sometimes low. And these posts must all be images I LIKE VERY MUCH. If I do not like one, or I am inadequately titillated by one, he is, of course, punished. And given his state of sexual denial and his inescapable chastity cage, I am sure the poor thing finds this task quite a trial!

There are no posts of lesbian domination. As much as I adore a pic of a helplessly bound and very vulnerable female submissive, I feel such imagery is not suitable for male submissives to be pointed toward.


Sweet for her, nasty for him.

To what does the heading refer? I refer to tone of voice and demeanour.

One thing I REALLY love, which you occasionally see in Femdom videos, is the schizophrenic tonal style Dommes can adopt when there is more than one of them present with one sub male.

The females speak to each other with sweet voices and a pleasant, patient, demeanour; BUT, in an instant, when their voice is directed at the male sub, sweet and pleasant is replaced with malevolent and impatient and irritated. Then, speaking to the sub is over, and the tone and demeanour of sweet and  pleasant and patient returns as the Domme addresses a fellow female.

Two Dommes or several Dommes applying this schizophrenic tonal style alternation is a delight to witness. It is something Mistress Nicola does sometimes when visiting bitch-boy and I, and it is a joy to witness.

The implication is clear. The Domme applying this schizophrenic tonal style alternation demonstrates what a considerate, contented and polite person she is when addressing a fellow female, but then, when addressing the sub she shows her utter contempt of him and absence of patience or leniency. She is irritated the male exists at all. Slow responses will not be tolerated. The smallest infractions will not be tolerated. Delightful!

Suzette Faggott letters published!

Follow THIS LINK for the historic letters about Suzette Faggott. Ms GP was quite some lifestyle Mistress!

The page is found by clicking on the tab at the top of the home page entitled Dommes’ Letters which brings up a drop-down menu.

bitch-boy had to put a lot of grunt work in just to get them to this level of organisation. I could not spare any more of his time to go further.

Should anyone have any of the missing letters, please contact me with a comment so I can add to this archive.



Missing- some Suzette Faggott letters

This post is strictly for those who wish me to publish as many letters  as possible about the famous Suzette Faggott, (AKA Maid Milly). Letters mainly from the Madame magazines of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. I am in the middle of producing a post of all of them I have.

Below is a list apparently of all that were ever published. I do not know the exact dates of 4A, 30 or 31. The dates or Magazine numbers they were in would be useful.

More importantly I do not have any of those highlighted with a red font. If any blog follower has a link to any of these online, it would be good if you could point to a link where I can download them. Or if anyone has an electronic file version, copy and paste it to me in a comment on this post.

(Obviously when I refer to ‘me’, it will actually be bitch-boy doing all the grunt work!)


  1. Trapped In A Lifetime Of Servitude
    ( Unknown magazine…1980 )

2. Facsimile Of A Female Servant.
(Madame magazine Vol 7, No 1.. 1981, reprinted in Bobbie Swan’s Our Way (BSOW) Sept ’98 )

3. Changed Your Mind Mr. S.T ?
(Madame Vol 8, No 5. reprinted BSOW Oct ’98)

4. Star Of Anniversary Time
(Madame Vol 11, No 9 )

5. Bizarre Anniversary Plans
(Madame Vol 13, No 1, reprinted BSOW Nov ’98)

6. A Faggott Update
(Madame Vol 13, No 2 )

7. Further Experiences Of A She-Male Maid
(Madame Vol 13, No 11)

8. More News Of Faggott
(Madame Vol 14, No 1, reprinted BSOW Dec ’98)

9. A Long Suffering Male Maid
(Madame Vol 15, No 6, reprinted BSOW Jan ’99)

10. Fem / Dom In The USA (A RIVAL TO FAGGOT) (Madame Vol 16, No 8)

11. Happy With The Results Of My Manipulative Training
(Madame Vol19, No 4, reprinted BSOW Feb ’99)

12. Carrot And Stick
(Madame Vol 21, No 10, reprinted BSOW Mar “99)

13. Life In Service Of A Male Maid
(Madame Vol 23, No 12, reprinted BSOW April ’99)

14. No Sex Just Servitude To Provide Satisfaction
(Madame ? 1997)

15. Mistress Of The Month
(BSOW Sept, ’99)

16. Faggott Gets Rubber Sheets
(BSOW Sept, ’99)

17. Hotel Lunch
(BSOW Nov, ’99)

18. Faggott Is Properly Punished
(BSOW Nov, ’99)

19. Maidhood, Susette In Ontario
(BSOW Jan, 2000)

20. A Christmas Story, Part One
(BSOW Mar, 2000)

21. A Christmas Story, Part Two
(BSOW Jan, 2001)

22. A Christmas Story, Part Three
(BSOW Aug 2001)

23. Maid Specific
(BSOW Oct, 2001)

24. More About Susette Faggott
(BSOW April, 2002)

25. A Summer Story, Part One
(BSOW Sept, 2002)

26. A Summer Story, Part Two
(BSOW Nov, 2002)

27. A Summer Story, Part Three
(BSOW Aug, 2003)

28. Dyeing To Please
(BSOW Oct, 2003)

29. Faggott’s Christmas Present
(BSOW ??)

30. NO DATE: Born or Made

31. NO DATE: Faggott and Brad

First review of Volume 2 Short Stories

My first review of my recently published Short Stores Volume 2, has been received and is very pleasing!

A brilliantly unique and erotic compilation of short stories. Each rich in characterisation and imagination! Thank you Mistress Scarlet.




Paperback at LULU.COM                                 ePub at LULU.COM



USA,   UK,     DE,    FR,    ES,    IT,     NL,    JP,    BR,      CA,     MX,     AU,    IN.


Soon to be available on iBooks/iTunes, Nook, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Ingram etc.


Short Stories Volume 2 is published

Four medium length stories of ruthless female domination in scenarios quite different I believe from anything I have written about before. 56,000 words in length. Giving up work has given me time to let my mind and keyboard wander away from my wonderful reality for a while.

Sugarbutt is a tale of pitiless revenge and personal profit on the ocean.

The Scaled up Android Babysitter is a tale from the very near future exploiting new technology in a merciless way.

Retirement Home is a tale of two young women from the wrong side of the tracks, making the most, in a radical and enduring way, of a male’s compulsion to submit to cruel females.

No rights for the ‘help’ is a tale of three sisters importing ruthless dominance values to their houses in the Western world.


Paperback at LULU.COM                           ePub at LULU.COM



USA,   UK,     DE,    FR,    ES,    IT,     NL,    JP,    BR,      CA,     MX,     AU,    IN.


Soon to be available on iBooks/iTunes, Nook, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Ingram etc.

Petticoat Discipline Quarterly Forum

The Petticoat Discipline Quarterly Forum is on offshoot of Petticoat Discipline Monthly. One has to be registered and logged in to be able to view thumbnail images, otherwise it seems all else can be viewed without registering and logging in.

Some of the Female Supremacy views on the forum, couched as Feminism, are remarkable and from the point of view of a cruel dominant woman, pretty exciting. And I am sure from the point of view of a submissive male, very affecting.

I have yet hardly dipped my toe into the waters of the forum’s many posts and threads, but a number of the feminists and a number of the submissives reporting on their lives under female control, make a great read. The most exciting aspect, I think, is it all appears very real; almost no fantasy.

I sincerely hope the following do not mind me highlighting their posts as a fascinating and thought provoking read. Radical Feminist, Brigitte, Sara in charge, Gemma (of whose exploits have been detailed in the Petticoat Discipline Monthly), SheWearsThePants and Sissycindylynn.

No doubt there are many others worthy of mention and if, dear blog follower, you dip your toes into the waters of the posts of this forum and find others worthy of mention, you will leave an appropriate comment on this blog. I have registered on the forum and will be posting in due course.

Images like these below along with the following paraphrased and amalgamated text are quite thought provoking!

All men owned by woman and in a permanent chastity cage and only allowed rare prostate milked relief. Subjected to all that women have been subjected to in the past. A tight corset always, shaved from the neck down, the frilliest most ludicrous outfits possible, heavy make up and false eyelashes, very high heels always, a pink butt plug, penetrated whenever the sissy’s owner wants to have some fun. The male’s existence being only to do chores and be an amusement in lesbian households.

Obviously all men treated like this is a fantasy, but for the women creating this scenario, it is a desire they truly hold; and taking steps to move society to it is what they truly do.



Another pleasing review of my BDSM manual

Mr F.

5.0 out of 5 stars        

Absolute A to Z on Female Domination

22 September 2018

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase