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Enforced hormone treatment for sissies

One of my very favourite on-line stores, Birch Place Shop, sent me an email alert to a new range of products and clothing they are selling. Included in the selection was L.D.B. Estrogen Pills.

The results of taking the pills include:

  • Skin firming and tightening the skin – smooth and soft, Enhanced breasts, More slender limbs, Wider hips, Decreased testosterone.

I know some males who long to look like females would love to take these pills, BUT, how frightening for a reluctant sissy, like bitch-boy, who hates being a sissy and dearly would like to be a man all the time!

I thought, fellow Domme sisters, that it would be very amusing to buy a bottle of the pills.  When they arrive and unbeknown to him, you could replace the pills with harmless vitamin C pills. Force your reluctant sissy take a pill each day. Then the mind-fucking can begin as you tell him you might have replaced them or you might not have. You can caress his ‘breasts’ and hips saying you think they are getting bigger. Any time he does not get a hard-on when normally expected , you can comment that its probably because his testosterone levels are fading away.

Obviously if he has not been allowed to read this blog post, you could replace them and not tell him you might have, so he 100% believes he is being made to take Estrogen.

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