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This or that? This then that!

Something I read years ago in one of the good old Madame magazines, was perhaps the best example of the hottest Domme sub dynamic I know of. The ‘rock and a hard place’ choice.

A girlfriend had her boyfriend in long term  24/7 chastity and from time to time would have him helplessly strapped down and naked on a bed. The purpose of the activity was straightforward. Torturing him to scratch her sadistic itch, and reinforce her power over him. She would remove his chastity device and tease him to hardness and then smack away with a twelve inch ruler. Medium smacks with perhaps one in three smacks being  very hard smacks. She would work her way around his shaft until it was red all over. He would be close to sobbing at this point. Then the GENIUS! She would say to him.

‘When you want me to stop smacking little puppet, just say so and I’ll stop and apply some lovely soothing cream.’ (He knew by, ‘lovely soothing cream‘, she meant extra strength, nasty Ralgex embrocation cream). On hearing this, he would hold out for a while but begin sobbing because of how unfair the ‘rock and a hard place’ was. Eventually he would ask her to stop and a generous application of Ralgex was rubbed into the already very sore shaft. Proper little-girl-tears and wailing followed, and the Domme playing with herself for multiple orgasms while she listened.

Another example, again from the good old Madame magazines was about a Domme and her sister and friend and a boyfriend in long term 24/7 chastity. The first time he was locked up she explained that soft, floppy penises were nice and sweet BUT stiff, hard penises were bad and naughty and had to be punished.

Two or three times a week, or more often for the fun of it, she and her sister would bind the boyfriend and then remove his chastity device to ‘wash’ the little object. Warm soapy hands would get to work,while he was told, in no uncertain terms, that if it was naughty and became hard, it would get smacked and then creamed. Of course, it always became hard and was always smacked severely and then creamed with a nasty cream before being locked back up. And there was no mercy or pity as he sobbed, while he was told he knew very well that hard penises were naughty and he was simply being defiant and disobedient.

Perhaps my submissive blog followers could comment on the following question. Is the rock and a hard place dynamic one of the most affecting dynamics there is, causing high levels of awe for the Mistress involved?


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Nurse Nasty has a new device

Those of you who have read my journals will know all about the sessions poor bitch-boy has to endure under the control of Nurse Nasty. And of late, TWO Nurse Nasties, as Governess Lexi loves being a junior nurse learning from my more experienced senior nurse role.

Well I have found a very low cost piece of new equipment for the beneficial medical treatment of poor bitch-boy’s little clitty. I don’t think bitch-boy finds the treatment beneficial, but NURSE KNOWS BEST!

From a very well known UK kitchen equipment retailer – a blender blade cleaning brush. £5.99. The wires can be bent open to the perfect size for a stiff little clitty to fit inside the loop for some medical standard cleansing, in advance of a natural treatment like lemon juice, or a medical treatment like Deep Heat embrocation cream. Although it does seem bitch-boy thinks the cleansing alone is more than enough. But as I said before, Nurse knows best.

25016_1 - Copy


CBT – interdental brushes

I had to laugh on my visit to the dental hygienist this week to find a pile of leaflets on the counter. I took the one below.

IMG_0786 - Copy - Copy

The information at the bottom explaining the different colours for each size is so helpful for any Nurse Nasty that may read it. And I love the strap lines. ‘Brush and smile‘ – well when I use the brush I certainly smile – not sure about a smile from poor bitch-boy though! And, ‘Daily for best results’ – very amusing!

We know who the image is aimed at

Can there really be any doubt that the image on the front cover of the latest Radio Times magazine is aimed at submissive men (and women) who fantasise about nasty nurses? I don’t think so.

Although, I would certainly enjoy the prospect of spending a day or two collaborating with the featured female in subjecting my poor, confined to bed, bitch-boy to a day or two of Nurse Nasty treatments. Her pictured image suggests she would enjoy those tears and that despondent whimpering just as much as I do. And what she and I could get up to away from bitch-boy in my own bedroom in those ‘rest’ periods for our patient is also a delightful thought.

Is this yet more mainstreaming of the BDSM lifestyle?

Nurse Nasty and TSD bondage

Well a new experience for bitch-boy and I yesterday. I adopted one of my favourite roles of Nurse Nasty, but I also put bb into total sensory depravation between nurse’s visits to her patient. I have to say I found it all very arousing and delightful – not so bb I’m afraid. He begged pitifully to not undergo it but he is my play-toy and I am free to do whatever I want with him, and he only has himself to blame for the situation.

He was strapped to the bed for over 4 hours in all and Nurse Nasty visited him four times. (Those of you who have read my journals will have read the detailed descriptions of Nurse Nasty’s treatments and regimes.) Suffice to say, there was a drip for his funnel gag, filled with my nectar. There was a thorough cleaning of his little clitty with a toothbrush and soap, then a very, very hot flannel wrapped around it. It did keep getting all hard which I am sure was due to the beneficial medical treatments rather than that he had not cum for 14 days and I was stroking and squeezing between treatments. Then a lemon juice soaked bandage wrapped around it nicely while all the pores were open after the hot flannel. Oh the whimpering and tears and sobbing, I just had to take a break to ‘see to myself’ while he continued to sob and whimper, such sweet, arousing music.

Three other treatment sessions followed with about an hour between each, during which time he was secured at every limb joint and gagged, ear plugged and blindfolded. I used my video baby monitor to keep an eye on him while I watched DVDs and made phone calls. Other treatments included my Erostek electrical unit while I read a book, Deep Heat embrocation cream, the trusty ruler and some other things. I had to ‘see to myself’ several times although once I also queened him.


Best bit of the day

I have been meaning to post about my favourite bit of the Nurse Nasty day. After using flannels so hot I needed rubber gloves to hold them around his stiff little clitty, and then scrubbing with a harsh toothbrush, I made it stiff again and then wrapped it tightly in a gauze bandage soaked in fresh lemon juice ( while the pores were nicely open and the little scratches from the bristles nice and fresh.)

Oh such wriggling and whimpering and sobbing. It made me so hot I just had to touch myself until I was happy. And then giving the bandage encased object a nice squeeze brought fresh distress even though it had become quite soft. Such simple amusing, harmless, arousing fun!

A comment I found interesting!

ting tong renamed from bobby, by Mistress Shy says:

July 30, 2011 at 12:26 am

Mistress Scarlet please if this slave boy may humbly suggest, next time You use Your Delicious tooth brush to harshly scrub bitch boy’s little clitty…. it maybe scrub up cleaner for You, with some mint stripey tooth paste, squeezed on the brush, especially all over the tender head bit of the clitty and for good measure, a cotton bud kindly loaded with the tooth paste, then used to clean deep inside it’s little pee hole, to make it nice and sanitiesed for You.. Then, as it will be a bit sticky, wash it clean with the lemon juice to make it lovely fresh and smelling of fresh spring like….

  • Mistress Scarlet says:
    August 2, 2011 at 8:02 am

    I have used toothpaste which is not as painful as lemon juice or embrocation cream. However washing a layer of toothpaste off with lemon juice is an interesting idea which I may act upon.

Nurse Nasty tomorrow

Bitch-boy has been locked in his tube for two weeks solid. Not let out other than for brief cleaning. No hardons, no touching by me, no teasing physically. I have been having an orgasm every morning, among other times. He looks so desperate when I parade around in the evenings in a tight, short dress and platform heels, while he waits on me. Tomorrow his little clitty will be freed from its hard plastic prison all day because he is going to be strapped to the bed for a whole day at the hands of me playing my Nurse Nasty role. I love Nurse Nasty days. I think perhaps he will wish his clitty was back inside the safety of its plastic tube. In fact I know he will!

Volume 3 of my journals is now published

Volume 3 of my journals is now published on Lulu.com. In paperbackdownload and Ebook versions.

A colour picture of me on the front cover of the paperback and download versions.

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Nurse Nasty

Poor bitch-boy spent the whole of Saturday bound in his, and to his, bed. I had a wonderful day, split between sitting in the sun, reading, watching TV, eating fine food and every half hour to an hour; ‘nursing’ my bedridden patient. Nurse always knows best, even if some treatments caused the patient to wriggle and whimper a lot! Oh that whimpering and begging does wondeful things to me.

Repeated use of Deep Heat embrocation cream, my 12 inch ruler, nipple clamps, nappies, a drip feed of my lovely nectar, some horrible baby food, – several orgasms for me, while queening his bound form; and lots of frustraion for him, especially given he had been 8 days without cumming. All erections however deserved (and got) corrections!