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Eye to Eye Tormenting

There is a phenomenon that is  very intense for both parties involved but I know of only a limited number of activities when one can indulge. This is when the Domme can be looking into the eyes of a sub, who is looking back at her, at the exact moments of regulating or increasing a torment. Such activities require that the Domme does not need to look away for even a second,  while she is regulating or increasing the intensity of the torment.

Nipple Pinching is one such activity. Not using clamps, but actually one’s fingers and thumbs.

Increasing the electrical power of a Tens Unit is another. But to be honest, even moving the dial around very slowly, it is only a second or two between, uncomfortable, and, the sub thrashing around in the their bonds and not being able to hold eye contact.

A new activity I have been enjoying experimenting with, on a bound bitch-boy, is pushing a dildo down his throat, past the gag reflex point. Doing so as I look into his pleading, distress filled eyes. SO HOT! …….. Much to his immense shame and extreme discomfort,  I am training him to be able to deep-throat a long, thrusting cock like a well practised whore. A couple of entries in my imminent new journal, recount sessions of his early training in very fine detail, including; an appropriate whore-money-maker outfit and an hour of forced video watching, while bound, of a video compilation of deep throating. Then comes the practical lesson!

Face slapping can just about work as an activity for engaging the phenomenon but I can think of no other physical activities.

So I ask dear blog reader, do you know of any other activities that engage the phenomenon of  the Domme looking into the eyes of the sub, who is looking back at her, at the exact moments of regulating or increasing a torment?

There are activities of humiliation  that can engage the phenomenon, but perhaps not quite so intensely as when physical pain/discomfort is involved. Although quite a rare event, one can lock eyes with the sub while  the Domme is speaking on the phone to a new partner Domme and arranging the new partner Domme’s first visit to one’s house. Eyes still locked with bitch-boy, as I describe to the impending visitor, the parody of a little girl outfit bitch-boy will be made to wear and the little girl activities he will be made to perform during her visit.

More common an occurrence can be a question and answer session designed to humiliate. I once had an amazing Domme visit my home and bitch-boy was indeed dying with shame as he had been made to wear a parody of a little girl outfit and his dollies were nearby. His shame reached staggering levels as she locked eyes with him and then engaged in a question and answer session. (And, oh my, her demeanour and her eyes could not have been more disdainful, cruel and mocking.) I had made clear to bitch-boy that even the slightest failure to engage fully would result in a phenomenal and immediate thrashing!

Asked with long pauses between each question, to milk every last drop of his shame from it, moving onto the next question.

Which is your favourite dolly? ………………………What’s her name? ……………………………..Why is she your favourite dolly, you little maggot? ………………………………………..What little games do you play with her. ……………………………Do you love her with all your heart? ………………………Ask her if she loves you with all her heart. And on and on and on went the questions. Poor bitch-boy was shattered by the end and his shame was so intense as he had been having to look into her disdainful, cruel and mocking eyes the whole time.

Having to do nursery rhymes with actions can also work with eyes locked.

Returning to the phenomenon in question, there is also the degradation activity when one can lock eyes, while the sub has to drink urine from source.

Finally, I can ask my girlfriend to stand behind my sub and apply cane or whip strokes to his butt, while I look into his eyes. But to engage the phenomenon each stroke must be individually requested. I can look into bitch-boy’s eyes and say, ‘The first stroke please Nicola‘. Thwack! ‘Another‘. Thwack. ‘Another.‘ Thwack! This just about engages the phenomenon but it is not quite the same as when one is physically regulating or increasing the intensity one’s self.

I’m afraid I have rambled rather. Just to be clear, I will repeat, I am requesting dear blog reader; do you know of any other activities that engage the phenomenon of  the Domme looking into the eyes of the sub, who is looking back at her, at the exact moments of regulating or increasing a torment?

A new form of tease and denial

I have always loved tease and denial, linked to always punishing the birth defect when it is erect. In more recent years, I love the reports of denial linked to no erections allowed ever; even if the male sees erotic things or the male isinvolved in providing sexual pleasure for others. I have reported on these situations quite often.

husband sissy maid Chrissy and Mistress Pamela and candy floss


I would loooove to enforce such a cruel regime on bitch-boy as the shame would be so overwhelming for him, never ever allowed to be hard, or better still unable to ever get hard, but I would miss much too much, the sadistic pleasures I get from punishing his erection. One cannot have everything! (And I do spend a lot of time punishing that erection in lots of different ways!)

So I was amazed to come across a method of humiliating tease and denial that I had never heard of before, despite my 20+ years of experience in BDSM. (I LOOOOVE learning new things!!!)

Comments on this blog from eddieh, about the regime his ‘Mommy’ enforces on him, describe this new-to-me novel approach. The essence is that, far from never allowing him erections, or punishing his erections that arise, eddie is forced by his ‘Mommy’ to spend hours, under strict monitoring, touching himself and maintaining an erection, but he is NEVER allowed to orgasm.

‘Mommy’s’ mantra is, ‘Boys cocks stay hard and boys balls stay full.’ A basis for the theme appears to be that little boys are always fiddling with their cocks.

I provide the relevant comment below which I have edited as I think the writer has English as a second language(respect to him). I also removed the things not relevant to this bog post and added things that I think fill in gaps of data in the comment. (I have asked for more details to fill theses gaps but none has been provided)

I fear punishment ever so deeply and yes at times Mommy scares me to death.

 Mommy is to the point and blunt and doesn’t play around with words. Mommy hates men she will even go as far to say that she hates all men but will tolerate a selected few.

Mommy told me she noticed that I had a lot of air in my head (her way of calling me dumb) and explored me a little more. Mommy doesn’t come out and say to anyone that she is a lesbian the most she will say is that she enjoys females in every way.

Mommy considered I had a smaller than normal penis and that she would have no choice but to treat me as a small boy. I am now for all intents and reasons her little boy. I have no assigned age which ranges somewhere from just starting puberty to all the way back to a baby. She often tells me and some of her friends that I am her retarded baby. Most deem me as retarded for this or that reason. While that hurt me a lot at the start, I now find that term as a sign of endearment because I am not capable of being a real man.

When going out I am dressed like a small boy would be Dressed. A Disneyland character t-shirt and I only have light weight pants that have no zippers and cut with plenty of croch room in them. Mostly sweat type pants or scrub pants; that kind of thing. I am kept shaved from the neck down. 

Boys with little hairless pee-pee’s don’t need underwear, but sock’s can be worn in nasty weather. Mommy has no other name than Mommy and in the house or out in public. That is who she is and that is how she treats me. It is very embarrassing always being treated just like a small boy. This includes having to refer to her as Mommy when we are out and in front of her friends at home.

One thing that is very noticeable about Mommy is her almost OCD behavior when it comes to how she feels about males. Mommy believes that all males should be kept with a frustrated hard on. Hurting, horny and frustrated with very few or no orgasms. Boys cocks stay hard…Boys balls stay full!

I learned on my first days with Mommy, after my first body hair removal, that all little boys constantly fidget with their pee-pees and do not stop until they are told. So that is what I must do. To ensure that I will be doing this Mommy found the right size penis ring for me to wear. It fits around my penis and goes all the way to the bottom. When I am completely flaccid the ring slips off. That is a very big no-no.

When I am made to keep erect, Mommy checks at any random moment by telling me to hold my pee-pee straight down. The ring must not fall off! It does not take a lot work to keep my penis slightly large enough to keep it on. One hand fiddling with my pee- pee and I must have the thumb of my other hand in my mouth.

Of course that is not an all day or night activity, but I do spend a great deal of my free time that way. Many, many hours. Mommy has spent a great deal of time training me what erections without sexual release stand for, for her and me as well. So every night, sometimes after hours of being erect all day, I am locked into a chastity device. And I am locked into it whenever unsupervised.

You must understand that it is MOST important to Mommy that no one would think sex between us has ever happened nor, for me, sex of any kind with anyone or any gender other than my own hand has ever taken place. She reiterates this to all her friends all the time.

Mommy has me doing one of the 4 different types of erection training daily if not all. 1st is the normal fidgeting at the top to keep erection started and going. 2nd is the brainwashing erection with very slowly and light movements of the middle finger and ring finger. Fast enough to stay erect but slow enough not to cum. These can go on for an hour or more and always feels like a very, very, very long time to me.

3rd is I bring my knees to my chest with feet up in the air and rub up and down with a flat palm and fingers. Mommy tells me lots of times that is how she did it when she was a little girl.

4th most scary, Mommy has me on her dining room table tied and uses penis teasing of different kinds, many times with vibrations from wands. She is not testing me not to cum on such times though. She always pulls the vibrator away just in time. These are times I feel insanity will happen for sure.

When no more chores are left and Mommy doesn’t want my help, I spend a lot of time locked in my bare room. She has two cameras with mic and speaker. One is like a baby monitor she can take with her and the other is tied into her home security system. She also has a phone app that she can use to see and hear everything no matter were she is. She puts a bucket with a lid in the room that I can make pee-pee in.

I have to stay hard for hours and I do not even know if Mommy is looking at the camera wherever she is.

I also spend a lot of time in the living room on my baby blanket in front of Mommy’s couch. I have my black female baby doll, my blocks, coloring books and my tablet to watch infants’ cartoons on. This time is also used for breastfeeding or yum-yum time ( that can happen anytime all the time). Yum-yum time being providing oral sexual service to her.

Punishment spankings can happen any time too and they are painful and the way I am treated afterwards is just as painful. I feel many times my whole world is falling apart. I never want to make Mommy mad like that!

Making (Ice cream) her word for me that means ejaculation or cum is always met with a very severe punishment spanking. All males should be kept hard, horny and frustrated. Boys cocks stay hard and boys balls stay full. I fear these punishments ever so deeply and yes at times Mommy scares me to death.

Mommy has me dress up as her little girl from time to time and one thing she told me is that she gets lonely for female company and that helps her with that. Mommy normally likes the white sundress with a bow or ties in my hair. Mommy still doesn’t allow underwear I guess in this case I should say panties.

My BDSMLR site

My new BDSMLR site that replaced my Tumblr site already has 1600 followers. I imagine so far BDSMLR has far fewer users than Tumblr.

My Tumblr site had over 18,000 flowers before Tumblr was sold and ‘explicit’ images were banned. I always took from the number of followers an indication that there were/are many people who share my tastes in female dominance. Particularly things not in the Femdom mainstream industry, like; #males distressed by petticoating humiliation, #males undergoing hours of tedium, #males being humiliated and ignored, #wives, girlfriends and or mothers-in-law dressed in everyday clothes humiliating a male who is naked, or is a sissy maid or school-girl, #the use and abuse of males in everyday homes, #’lesbian’ wives with their girlfriends cuckolding their chastised husbands .

So where possible, I do not post images in dungeons or where women are in corsets, leather or PVC. Some examples:





















When I imply ‘I post’, that is not actually the case. bitch-boy is given a number by me, of posts to make each week, sometimes high, sometimes low. And these posts must all be images I LIKE VERY MUCH. If I do not like one, or I am inadequately titillated by one, he is, of course, punished. And given his state of sexual denial and his inescapable chastity cage, I am sure the poor thing finds this task quite a trial!

There are no posts of lesbian domination. As much as I adore a pic of a helplessly bound and very vulnerable female submissive, I feel such imagery is not suitable for male submissives to be pointed toward.


Use equipment?

I do wonder about whether dominant women who do not use much BDSM equipment are missing out.

I know there are considerable barriers to equipment use for some people, such as purchase cost, discrete storage space, setting up time, etc, but I am interested in what other Dommes enjoy.

Considering a simple spanking or caning. I know some women use no bondage at all on the their sub for this. I absolutely get the power rush that probably comes from knowing they have so much power that the male obediently stays still and in position, and stays relatively quiet without a gag, both despite the ‘discomfort’ they may be enduirng.

But for me, having bitch-boy gagged and secured face down over the dining table, ankles secured together, thighs secured together just above the knees and wrists secured together behind his back, gives me a HUGE sense of power and decadence. It enhances the experience for me.

Then we come to bondage. Some of my bondage activities require a lot of paraphernalia. When I play with his boy’s bits while I watch TV. He has his ankles bound, thighs bound, balls bound, wears a collar, there is a chain running down his spine from his collar to the binding of his balls, his wrists are in cuffs behind his back which are secured to the chain, he is blindfolded, and wears industrial ear protectors! This bondage will last between 60 and 90 minutes and I will usually have 4 orgasms during this time, (see previous post!). For me the bondage effort is well worth it!

Just the feeling I get from my power, seeing his utter helplessness, sensory deprivation and his vulnerability is pretty much a turn on enough for me needing my first orgasm!

I don’t know if other Dommes do as I do with regards to ‘delegating’ equipment responsibilities? I will tell bitch-boy I want to play with his boy’s bits and he is then instructed to, ‘get everything ready!‘ While he does so, I read or watch TV.

It is the same with his sensory deprivation on the BDSM bed, or him enduring Dolly-Potty-Time or any other activity I enjoy that requires equipment. He has to get the equipment together and put it out helpfully and then put it all away afterwards. So even with the considerable number of items for playing with his boy’s bits, I am only ‘troubled’ with dealing with the equipment for a couple of minutes to secure him and then a couple to release him at the end.


Zero Vanilla Time Extreme

Dirty sissy Jessica recently left comments on this blog she thought I would be interested in. She was right. Her comments identified a DS relationship she had come/cum across on Twitter. (No pun intended I hope Jessica!)

On 11 March 2018 I published a post about how long term DS relationships tend to have the magnitude of how extreme they are, defined by how much the Domme gets pleasure from the vanilla company of the sub. If she gets no pleasure from his vanilla company, then the most extreme relationship and activities quickly develop.

Well, the relationship identified by Dirty sissy Jessica certainly seems to be one where the amazing Domme gets no pleasure from the subs vanilla company; so extremes have blossomed!

It is yet another clear example of how a true submissive can become profoundly addicted to a ruthless, heartless and cruel dominant woman. Mistress Jay has a website but it is her twitter account, (@MistressJay1),  video clips that best reveal the nature of her relationship with her sub, @ButlerJonBoy. The fantastic Mistress Jay and her equally fantastic associate, Mistress Saskia, are fine examples of truly dominant women. And butler john boy gives yet another demonstration of just what true submissives will endure to obtain time in the company of cruel, heartless women.

I know for subs like my bitch-boy, who spend a proportion of their lives in vanilla time, the concept of a zero vanilla time life is probably a fantasy. But I wonder if such subs would really get more from life in such a relationship? A question impossible to answer I think.


For info on my own BDSM manual, click on an image below.


The Dolls!

A blog follower asked for information about bitch-boy’s three dolls. A request which took me by surprise but I am happy to oblige.

His very first dolly I bought him, a little rag doll I named Likkel Dolly. Then I read a huge dolly makes your sissy little girl look, and possibly humiliatingly feel, more infantile and small, so I bought Suzette Simperkins; as I named her. He does his colouring-in with Suzette.

Then most recently I needed a dolly that could sit on a potty for Dolly-Potty-Time, so we now have Sally-No-Socks; as I named her.

Of course he has to talk to his dollies in whole sentences, always including names, and while lisping, so he says, Thuzette Thimperkinth and Thally-No-Thockth. I choose names with lots of the letter S in, because I make him lisp.

I included in the photo a clothes peg so the size of each doll is clear. (Suzette’s eyes are closed in the photo but they open when she is upright.)


The last journal detailing what goes on under my roof,

Link to Journal No. 12.


Dolly Potty time a great success

You may recall a description of Dolly-Potty-Time in my blog post of 23 March 2019,  and also the sourcing of a practical adult potty looking like a babies potty in my blog post of 29 March 2019 .

Well I did buy the pink camping potty and removed the lid and handle and I bought a new dolly capable of sitting on a doll’s potty and of course I bought a doll’s potty.

I had bitch-boy undergo a deeply shaming and tedious Dolly-Potty-Time this week and he so deeply hated it. It was therefore a great success. I added a couple of my own ‘extras’ to the session too. (I have written a journal entry on the session for my latest journal. This latest journal will detail exclusively things that happen under my roof. I hope to publish this soon. There will be a further journal on The Institute published some time shortly after that.)

The point of this post is to mention, in case others consider buying the pink camping potty as part of a shaming routine for their little puppets, that the seat is very hard and not ideally shaped, so after about 45 minutes, the pain of the seat for bitch-boy overtook his humiliation and tedium. Not what I wanted. However the potty is, I think, the best thing on the market at the moment for the purpose I intend.

In order to ensure I can put bitch-boy through literally hours and hours of shaming tedium, (perhaps eight hours to start), I am planning a day where he spends 40 minutes enduring Dolly-Potty-Time with his new dolly, Sally-no-socks, then switch to an hour of colouring-in with his dolly, Suzette Simperkins, on his comfortable little chair. Then back to Dolly-Potty-Time then back to colouring-in with his dolly, and alternate from one activity to the other, all day!

I am gathering together foreign language, subtitled box sets and movies and a good novel and some craft activities so I have plenty to do in the gaps between bringing myself off, as his misery repeatedly arouses me.


My latest journal.

Volume 13: The Institute, Click on any link below:

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The last journal detailing what goes on under my roof,

Link to Journal No. 12.



Suzette Faggott letters published!

Follow THIS LINK for the historic letters about Suzette Faggott. Ms GP was quite some lifestyle Mistress!

The page is found by clicking on the tab at the top of the home page entitled Dommes’ Letters which brings up a drop-down menu.

bitch-boy had to put a lot of grunt work in just to get them to this level of organisation. I could not spare any more of his time to go further.

Should anyone have any of the missing letters, please contact me with a comment so I can add to this archive.



Gap in the shaming market

In my post of the 23rd March I asked for suggestions for sourcing a potty for sale on-line that is adult sized and looks like a proper baby’s potty. One big enough that bitch-boy having to sit on it for hours, just as Courteney’s  sissy must sit on his, does not quickly become cramp inducing.

Some kind blog followers have provided suggestions, the best I think being this.


Especially with the lid removed.

BUT, given the huge size of the adult baby market and the cheapness of manufacturing plastic products, one would think something like the item below, in adult size, would be available as a shaming device for submissive adults.


How shaming would enforced time on this be! Especially in front of guests!