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Yet More TSD bondage

Because bitch-boy so hates Total Sensory Deprivation bondage, I find I am using it more and more. For tedious reasons I need not go into I had to apologise to Miss J and postpone her visit; but that did not mean I could not get some pleasure out of the weekend. Sunday morning, I informed him of my intention of many hours of TSD bondage for him. He begged and begged very pitifully which just made me even more keen to treat him mean, and it also increased the anticipation of the pleasure of it.

Soon enough he found himself bound legs wide apart, at ankle and knee, head strapped into place, silicone ear plugs, funnel gag, blindfold, straightjacket and baby video monitor. And there he stayed for 5 hours. Before the gag was fixed in place I did queen him for some lovely worship of my most secret places. (twice).

I visited him four times after that for some serious dicki-discipline. Pegs, ruler, Deep Heat, tease and denial. (It is several weeks since he has cum, I had lost track of the exact number of days although I am sure he hadn’t.) Lots of spitting into his funnel gag. Twice I had to ‘see to myself’.

Between visits, I sat downstairs, reading, watching TV, phoning friends and family and seeing to emails, always with the little video monitor by my side. My occasional glance at its little screen always brought forth a smile about my lips and a huge sense of ownership, power and perversity – delightful.

My final visit was more of the same, no cumming for him though despite unremitting distressed begging sounds during the teasing, and finally he was released. He seemed exhausted even though he had lay in bed for 5 hours – odd?