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Human Mummy Bondage

Further to my post on a bondage image I really liked I first received the very helpful comment directly below. On posting that, I received more very useful advice on the same topic from Rhoda, which is appended at the foot of the post.

Advice Notes 1

Dear Mistress Scarlet,

The picture and related video look to me like they use pallet wrap (Saran wrap in the US?) which is an industrial version of kitchen cling film – polyethylene film which sticks to itself. It is quite cheap and easy to obtain from Amazon or office suppliers. A later video on the same users account (nuo pyppy) shows the same bondage with a few additions, in which the sub falls over sideways, revealing more of how the wrap was applied.

If used well, it can create utterly inescapable bondage. Indeed you may recall that Christine M described (https://msscarletuk.wordpress.com/2015/12/27/extreme-christmas-perversity/#comment-7016) previously using it to bind David for his extreme Linnex sessions. In my personal experience, (Mistress Alecto has used pallet wrap to bind me many times) 3/4/5 layers is usually ample.

I would offer the following suggestions from personal experience:
1. Buy wide and narrow rolls of wrap – the wide ones for the torso or ‘covering wraps’ (top layers), and the narrow for limbs, hands, etc. Or you can just but a few wide (400mm) rolls and cut one in half (or 1/3+2/3) with a hacksaw.
2. Buy a good pair of paramedic scissors, or a safety (recessed blade) knife to remove the wrap at the end. Also get a dowel or similar to act as a handle for the roll.
3. Some people wrap the head, but I don’t see the point of this when you can just use a rubber or leather hood. Also head (or neck) wrapping runs the risk of interfering with breathing.
4. Remember plastic wrap gets very sweaty inside, so if your sub will be wrapped for more than an hour or so, think of hydration
5. Start by wrapping the limbs (narrow roll), and then wrap the body, The limbs will then stick to the body (or each other) anyway you want (e.g. straitjacket pose) – you can then wrap over the top to hold everything in place.
6. Start wrapping the arms & upper body first with the sub standing, so you can walk around them to wrap, then lay the sub down and do the legs second. If you start by immobilising the legs, so the sub has to lie down, it becomes difficult to wrap the upper body.

I hope that is useful.

Advice Notes 2

I have wrapped up smallbear many times. Some further tips would be-

Different brands of cling film have different stretchiness so try several to find the best.

Make sure you hold the roll so the film unwinds as if you were unrolling a carpet.

When laid flat with legs wrapped together, the pelvis is tilted forward causing back pain after a while in the less supple-a pillow under the knees stops this.

Hands can be wrapped whilst holding a foam tennis ball-stops wiggling fingers picking holes and prevents the hands cramping if wrapped as a fist. (I have often just wrapped and taped his hands as very cheap bondage mitts)

Parcel tape works as well as duct tape. It is much cheaper but is harder to tear off lengths.

Put cotton wool ball over the nipples before wrapping, makes it much easier to cut holes for access!

It takes practice, so might be worth some “training” sessions, say just the arms and upper body, before trying a big scene.

Have several pairs of safety scissors, you might need to find a pair in a hurry!


For info on my BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.

Bondage Novelty Living Installation

Below is a screenshot from  this video on Twitter!

Yes, difficult to work out on first viewing isn’t it. Best to watch the video from the link above to see what is going on.

I can just imagine having bitch-boy so bound, and tormented with the electrics. I adore the utter helplessness and the exposed, vulnerable genitalia. He would be in my peripheral vision while I got on with something else. He would be gagged and wearing ear buds playing white noise, and allowed only to make the quietest of whimpering and pleading noises.

He would not have cum for a very long time, see below, and he would not get to cum the day I did this. I would probably subject him to it for 2 to 3 hours. Then he would be locked back up in his chastity cage. I would have several orgasms during that time of course.

My new chastity regime for him continues. I know it is not as mean as other Dommes who feature on my blog, but he is seriously struggling with it and he also knows he is moving slowly but inexorably toward having his final ever orgasm. He has not cum for 7 weeks or been out of his cage in that time except for a few  rather ‘intense’ dicki-disciplne sessions which perhaps make him wish he had not been let out of the cage at all.

Before that orgasm under my shoe, his orgasm denial period was 17 weeks when he had an orgasm but the new regime began.

Will I ever replicate the video. I doubt it. All the time taken for him to shave from the neck down to his toes, and then me applying all the duct tape, and then removing it! All too much effort for me I think.

‘Distasteful’ stockingette Gloves

17 September 2020 I wished to make bitch-boy’s use of his extra large pacifier, (I posted about previously) distastefully’ demeaning as well as humiliating. I am writing up a journal entry for my next Journal that includes all the fine details but I thought I would include an image and mention just how cheap a bag of cotton stockinette gloves are, and when a cut-off finger is stretched over an item, how they can absorb a ‘liquid’ quite effectively; and can then be re-dipped in the ‘liquid’ to freshen up the flavour every now and then.

What is also helpful with this activity, and also very cheap, an adult bib with food catcher, designed for dementia sufferers.

The bib with food catcher is mentioned in my recently published Journal, No. 17, so I thought a photo of that might be useful to all those who now possess a copy of my Journal No. 17.

THE FIRST REVIEW OF No.17  (On Amazon Kindle US)

Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2020

Verified Purchase

Journal 17 is available on Lulu.com as a paperback and as an eBook.

It has been available for some time on Kindle. Kindle links below for the various countries Amazon serves directly.

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Hopefully soon it will be available hard copy and electronic versions for other devices in other outlets including Barnes and Noble, Nook and iBooks. (But Lulu.com, the distributor has had a disastrous distribution module  relaunch and I cannot promise further distribution of electronic versions other than the options above.)


Scents for Subjugation

I received the following comment from Redd; which triggered my response and thoughts that follow. A subjugation tool that almost certainly has more uses than I had considered before. I wonder if any other  blog followers wold like to share their experiences or suggestions on the dominance-power, tease-power, and shaming-power – of scents?

Redd’s comment

I appreciated these comments regarding the uses of perfume in the domination of males. With the power to control the very air the male breathes, perfume seems underutilized as a weapon of female dominance. To be in chastity and drenched in my Queen’s feminine perfume leaves me inescapably and helplessly aroused and humiliated. To be required to use an atomizer to on myself with feminine delicacy is emasculating. At night, my Queen sprays me and my pillow with perfume before I am required to massage her to sleep, often using scented body cream, leaving me in a fragrant cloud of desperation that may be the perfect example of Her maintaining dominance “while doing something else”…sleeping. I would be interested to hear if you or any of your readers have any other thoughts on the uses of perfume. I am obviously rapt. Submitted respectfully, with great admiration for your deep understanding of the femdom dynamic and your tending of this blog.

My response and thoughts

Thank you for the kind words.

Regarding scents, you have triggered many thoughts and a call to action for me.

As I wrote in my previous post on Christine’s Day 2, I have my ‘sissy maid’ or ‘parody of a little girl’, well scented with perfume. The cheapest, most tacky perfume I can buy; aimed at the teenager market. I can tell he associates the awful scent with the use and abuse in all the past times he has worn it. He truly, seriously, HATES the scent of it and therefore being doused in it.

BUT what I never considered was the teasing, frustrating effect of an expensive perfume I may wear. Do they truly contain pheromones I wonder, or is the association of a Mistress’s perfume with her body all that is needed? Should I be thoroughly dousing myself at tease times, and then spraying his pillow at bedtime to produce the teasing, frustrating association?

Especially now, while bitch-boy continues his enduring time without orgasm and being 24/7/365 inside his double padlocked chastity cage. (Currently 13 weeks and 12 weeks respectively).

I have not thought of, during this period, using my womanly, post orgasm juices, (WHICH DO CONTAIN PHEROMONES!), to wipe around his top lip and nostrils and will certainly further exacerbate his awful, gnawing, relentless frustration. I often use this ‘scent’ when locking him into sensory deprivation bondage, but your comment has me thinking after EVERY TIME I have an orgasm during this enduring denial period of his, (especially on ostensibly ‘vanilla days’), I should generously daub his nostrils and top lip.

And further; in other teasing scenarios! Most definitely, while teasing him to madness,  ‘playing with his boy’s bits’, immediately springs to mind. Also while employing dickie-discipline if it is a session when I wish him to be rock hard, (rather than flaccid).

Finally in this stream of consciousness on scents for subjugation, I have in the past, on a female sub who had a thing about my feet, employed the technique of securing a very well worn gym shoe over the nose and mouth as part of her sensory deprivation bondage. It seems simultaneously frustrating her with arousal and shaming her with degradation.



For info on my BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.



pipsqueak becomes a cuckold

It has been sometime since I last provided an update on the continuing evolution of a Domme fairly new to domination, the wonderful Samantha. But Samantha has continued to evolve at a face pace! As pipsqueak has learned to his cost – or is it his cost? The paradox and symbiosis readers of this blog are familiar with are both strong.
The paradox; pipsqueak is a true submissive and so he craves to be helplessly dominated by a cruel, pitiless woman who puts him through things he truly does not like. But from this he gains true contentment that he cannot happily live without. (Like all true submissives including my bitch-boy.)
The symbiosis; Samantha is now a cruel, pitiless woman who puts the helpless pipsqueak through things he truly does not like; and she gets huge pleasure from doing so. So the relationship a perfect symbiosis.
I have in bold highlighted some text in the account below that I found particularity hot! Enjoy.
Dear Scarlet,

It’s been a long time since we last communicated and I thought I would give you an update.  The past 4 ½ months have been rather busy and extremely enjoyable. pipsqueak is very content despite my further progress in making his submission and life harder than ever most of the time. In our case we have found that an occasional relaxation of the regime works best for us (more in a moment).

Perhaps the most important change has been that pipsqueak is now a cuckold. I worked hard on my exercise, diet and appearance between March and May and finally felt confident enough to take the plunge. It would be nice to say that I have found the perfect lover but that would be an exaggeration. However, I have been on quite a few dates and have had sex with two men so far (including ‘masked sex’ on one occasion which was hilarious if not conventionally orgasmic).

The first time I cuckolded pipsqueak was at the end of June. I’d been chatting with a man online for a while. He lives an hour away so not ideal but I agreed to drive to his house (he’s separated). Sex wasn’t guaranteed but it was on the agenda. In the end we both wore masks, obviously didn’t kiss and had very mechanical and hilarious (safe) sex. The most important thing for me was that it was done. I was a cuckoldress.

 Pipsqueak had no idea. I was away from mid-morning to 4 p.m. I didn’t explain my absence and he of course didn’t ask. (He would not dare!) I’ve been increasingly going out during the day since lock-down regulations eased. Later he told me he hadn’t a clue which was delicious. I made him perform orally for me on the same night and my orgasm was special. For 72 hours I basked in the afterglow of what I knew and he didn’t.

 Four days afterwards, I told him matter-of-factly that Lockdown’s easing allowed me to cuckold him and I intended to do so soon. He uttered his usual noises about it being ‘my right’, etc. Then I laughed and told him I already had. His expression was a picture. He didn’t know whether I was mind fucking him or not. I said that’s where I’d been for 5 hours the other day and showed him my photograph of me half-dressed in a man’s bedroom. The penny dropped.

 I made him lick my pussy again, there and then, while I continued talking. I said I would never have told him if I hadn’t enjoyed it. It would have remained a one-off he never knew about. But I’d enjoyed myself immensely and it will no doubt be much easier and better in future. I told him to kiss my bottom instead, as his contact with my pussy will be even more restricted in future.

 In that moment, I think he was partly turned on and partly too shocked to compute. But over the next day or so, he went through some denial, a touch of resentment that I’d actually done it, but mostly acceptance. We’d been talking about it for so long that I think he’d discounted the actual event itself, so to speak. I adopted a caring attitude of reassurance combined with my blunt stance and some mischievous teasing. He hadn’t had an orgasm for over a month and he told me later he expected me to ‘seal the deal’ of his compliance by at least letting him masturbate or fuck his rubber sex doll to orgasm.

 Whereas I did allow him to edge a lot but not to cum. I said he must never see things as some kind of trade off or bargain between us. I will never ‘pay for’ my own fun by allowing him some of his own. His orgasms have to be earned by what he does, not what I do.

The second time I cuckolded pipsqeak was very different. I didn’t slink off unannounced. I did it blatantly. I’ve been on a few socially distanced, outdoor dates when the weather permits. Sometimes I even go for a drive and walk on my own just to get out and leave pipsqueak toiling. I have got to know a local-ish man who’s not ideal for a couple of reasons I won’t go into. But he is interested in no-strings sex, as am I.

 Pipsqueak was sweetly brave as I left the house, wishing me a good time. I told him to shut up and get on with his list of chores. I said that sex wasn’t guaranteed and he mustn’t think as if I do this to any kind of set routine. It may or may not happen. I’m simply an independent and mature woman who can make up my own mind at the time whether to have sex or not.

 When I returned it was, of course, very different too. I was glowing. The sex wasn’t perfect but it was conventionally better. I summoned pipsqueak to follow me up to my bedroom. I undressed and let him see my rather red and swollen labia. We had used a condom (two, actually) so there was no evidence for him to clean except my engorged clitoris wanted more attention.

 I lay back on the bed, my legs splayed wantonly over the side, and stared up at the bedroom ceiling, while pipsqueak licked me in his apron and spike lined chastity tube. Neither of us needed reminding it was now over seven weeks since he’d had any kind of orgasm. After I’d climaxed, I let him unlock his cage. I love the tiny red dots the spikes leave when he’s aroused. I said he could put his erection inside me for five super-slow strokes.

 He groaned with desperation as he eased it inside me bit by bit, in and out. While he did so, I talked to him. I asked if my pussy felt different? He gasped no. I told him that his cock did feel different. It felt smaller, thinner, second-rate. He whimpered. I instructed him to pull out after only four strokes as I was disappointed.

 I sat up propped on my elbows and said he could wank himself while I watched. I continued to chatter, while he frantically fisted his shaft. I asked him, one final time, if he regretted our new relationship and my freedom to date other men. His eyes were gazing into mine. No, he gasped. I said I want to see real enthusiasm for my sexual progression and his further demotion over the months to come. He nodded, unable to speak.

 I snapped for him to stop! He somehow tore his hand away and his glistening erection bobbed between us. His expression was a picture; of awe and adoration, deference and desperation.

 And then I smiled. I love acting the bitch but I’ll always struggle to be heartless. I reached out and started rubbing his cock. I’m very out of practise. He has this adorable look of alarm on his face that I’ll stop at any time or at least ruin his orgasm. I did it for a bit and then told him he could finish himself. I said he should aim his cum at my waist and that he could enjoy a full orgasm for once and to make the most of it.

 It only took him about 30 seconds and he spurted an impressive amount of semen on my tummy, thighs and mound. His knees were buckling and he was almost crying with relief. I blew him kisses. In our relationship there are moments for ridicule and moments for bonding. This was one of the latter.

 That’s not to say that he didn’t then have to suck up every drop of his mess. And five minutes later we were back into our roles. Over the next few hours and days I was extremely demanding and mocking. I called him ‘cuck’ quite a lot, even though I have no plans to  adopt that name (I find it too much of a cliché).

 I make no bones about my intention to find a proper boyfriend with whom I can conduct a proper affair; discreet but much more than just one-off or casual sex. Pipsqueak is daunted and excited at the same time. That would be the culmination of the journey we’ve been on for approaching two years; one slow and quite mild year, then this second, very unusual and fast developing eight months.

My goal remains to find a man with whom I can have a proper sexual and, to an extent, romantic relationship who can be integrated into my lifestyle with pipsqueak. I’m impatient but not in a rush, if that makes sense? Pipsqueak has taken well to his new status. I think both of us were concerned – deep down – that the reality could affect our marriage in a way that fantasy obviously didn’t. But by the time it happened I think he’d become so used to the idea of me cuckolding him he was mentally prepared.

 Since Easter I have been even stricter about his orgasm denial. He has a total love-hate relationship with it. He loves me imposing it. He enjoys the intensity of frustration and how ‘alive’ (his word) he feels. His fetish is the contrast between us. But he hates the actual reality of being denied any kind of release for weeks on end.

 His Steelwerks cage has proven the most wonderful training tool. Mostly because it’s wearable 24/7 and hygienic and comfortable so long as he’s soft (less so when he’s aroused and occasionally at night). I make him tighten the spikes each morning and loosen them overnight. However, I like the spikes fully extended when he’s performing orally. Making him control his erection while he’s focused on me is absolutely one of my favourite things!

 I recall that I was still inclined to indulge him when we last communicated. After a few weeks I’d still feel sorry for him. I even used to enjoy his groaning, pent-up orgasms when we started. But that’s no longer the case. He can still have orgasms but they have to be earned. And when I say earned I mean it! The price now is increasingly outrageous and still going up.

 Away from the sexual side of things, I have very much focused on his monotony and drudgery. He will not be returning to the Care Home job any time soon. But I plan for him to work backstage in a busy pub doing washing up, that kind of thing (NOT behind the counter serving pints). When pubs open properly and safely again, I want him to work weekend nights in particular – say Thursday through Saturday – when I can be out on dates, that kind of thing.

 At home, I control every minute of his day for three weeks out of four. A combination of housework, garden work, monotony and sensory denial from dawn to late. The weather has mostly allowed him to work naked in the garden since Easter. Or in a diaper. I am brutally strict about bladder and bowel control. If he needs to go while he’s tending the lawn with nail scissors, he must hold it in, or fill the diaper and face the consequences.

 We also practise TSD (total sensory deprivation), in the garden. We have a double sun-lounger made of that wicker you can leave outdoors. I let him unlock and remove his Steelwerks and then tie him naked and spread-eagled on the lounger. When he is secure, I blindfold and funnel-gag him and put the Bose headphones over his ears. If it’s sunny I put some sun cream on his body and limbs but not his cock and balls.

 His lounger is near mine, so I can relax while keeping a close eye on him. I love to study his face when he’s completely unaware I’m watching him listening to porn. I don’t allow his genitals to burn but I like them to get a bit red. If he gets aroused – I coat his erection in Deep Heat blended with sun cream. I love to urinate into his funnel or, borrowing your idea Scarlet, melting piss ‘pyramids’ of ice in it.

 We now possess a full size rubber sex doll. It’s particularly fun outdoors to allow pipsqueak to ‘make love’ to her on a humid, sunny day while I watch. There’s no need to worry about the mess. I coat her in baby oil so she’s super slippery combined with pipsqueak’s sweat. They fuck on the grass. But his cock is coated in Lidocaine (numbing cream) and he’s forbidden to orgasm without permission (almost never granted). It’s for the doll’s and my pleasure, not his.

One week in four, nothing fundamentally changes but I relax my regime. He needs this space and TBH in a way I do too. He’s still chaste, obedient, that kind of thing. But he’s much more my husband than my slave-sub. We chat more, discuss, even argue about news items, watch TV & Netflix, etc. He does the housework but not (well, rarely) any mindless tasks or TSD. It’s really just switching down into a lower gear for a week. But we never actually ‘stop’ as we’d find it too weird now not to be Mistress and slave. I just become more benevolent for a while.

 I could go on but hopefully this update is of interest.


Francesca’s Constructions!

A few comments from me before another update from the fantastic Francesca.

First, I will comment that Francesca’s lifestyle and equipment may seem unbelievable. But if (1), I had the funds and (2), I had no interest in the vanilla company of bitch-boy because I secured that mode of companionship from another, then I would be doing EXACTLY as Francesca, with zero guilt or mercy. These things are very, very arousing and satisfying. And bitch-boy is capable of all the constructions involved as it happens.

And the camera in every room and cell and slave hole; I would do and adore that. I use a baby monitor in several circumstances and the multiple feelings produced when remotely watching  the discomfort of the slave from a comfortable bed or sofa while watching TV or reading or on the phone are delicious. Decadence, wanton cruelty, relaxation, exhilarating pitilessness, languorous huge orgasms, contentment and satisfaction with life, unashamed depravity and perversity.

I have a demountable dog cage which is very practical as it folds down and can be stored under a bed. I have not used it for a long time now, preferring having bitch-boy in hours of total sensory deprivation bondage, plus Linnex, plus piss ice chunk in the funnel gag, watched by the baby monitor. But Francesca’s post has me thinking about covering the entire floor of the dog cage with coir matting. Poor bitch-boy would be naked except for some bondage and possibly a blindfold, so he would not even know if I was in the room in which he is caged.

I would occassionally glance in his direction and watch as he found it impossible to find a comfortable position on the sharp bristles of the matting and listen to the sweet background noise of his miserable, whining and desperate panicky pleading. But he would have to keep the volume DOWN! OR ELSE he stays in an extra twenty minutes from each time I tell him to lower his volume.  I would be reading a book, doing crafts, watching TV etc.  And he would become more and more and more miserable and emotional but have to maintain his controlled very low volume. 

Anyway, I digress! Here is Francesca’s fascinating and hot latest update.


Dear Scarlet
After a few days of hard work, finally, sissy slave m. finished building his new bedrooms and the two surprises I had in mind for him in the garden!
First, the slave bedrooms.
My house has a large basement (where is located my dungeon) that is accessed by a staircase. The area under the staircase was empty and was unused. I made sissy slave m. work there. As anticipated in a comment, the grandfather of sissy slave m. was a builder and had a carpentry hobby. When the sissy was a young boy, his grandfather took sissy with him and taught him a lot and sissy had later cultivated the hobby. So he’s pretty good at these things.

I made him build, set against the wall under the staircase, a series of shelves and uprights in board for constructions (quite resistant), as deep as the staircase itself (80 cm). At the center of the structure, at the bottom, I had a space 160 cm x 80 cm x70 cm left between the uprights and shelves, closed outwards by an aluminium jail door with bars, ordered from a blacksmith, which I said was needed for a big dog. This is the new sissy room/cell.
In addition to the lock, I added a sensor to the door connected to the home alarm, which has a dual function. It can be activated to sound an alarm if the door is opened or it can record the times of each opening and closing of the door. It is very useful because I can leave the lock open at night, so that sissy can get up to go to work, without fear of unwanted and unrecorded exits.

I also installed in the cell, and in every room of the house, micro cameras, also suitable for night vision, connected to my mobile phone with an app. (they are conveniently sourced on the Internet at no more than € 40 each). From now on, I will always be able to control the slave from wherever there is a signal for the mobile phone.

On the cell floor and on the inside wall I had some rings installed to which the slave can be chained. I left the floor in rough concrete, with only a thin rubber mat on it. I had coir matting made to measure to be used as a floor covering at my will.

The whole area under the stairs around the cell is equipped as a wardrobe with shelves and hangers to hold the few men’s clothes and the whole sissy and bondage wardrobe of sissy slave m. (very much). The whole wall was then closed with wooden doors and, from the outside, it looks like a common built-in wardrobe.

The wooden doors are made so that the one in front of the cage can be removed.
In this way, everything can remain closed, with the slave inside and in the dark, invisible from the outside, or, always leaving the closet closed, the slave’s cell, with its contents, can be left in plain sight. A similar job I had the sissy do in the attic of the house by the sea.

As for the garden, I had sissy slave m dig. a deep cube-shaped hole lined with brick and concrete. The dimensions of the hole are 100 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm. The top cover consists of a double door. One, below, with aluminum bars, and one above with heavy metal, like a manhole. The heavy one can be left open and let you see the bars and the poor contents of the hole.

Both have a round opening in the center through which the slave’s head can pass; to leave it with only its head sticking out. These doors were made by a different blacksmith, here at the sea, very intrigued by the hole in the center, but who dared not investigate further at my icy gaze.

The closures of the holes in the ground also have, in addition to the lock, the same alarm system as the cells and also inside the hole there is a micro camera. The upper opening of the hole is in the center of a small concrete platform, made together with the hole, round, 3 m in diameter. A synthetic grass mat the size of the platform can be put on to completely hide any presence of the hole.

Above the platform I put a small table (just coinciding with the hole) and 4 chairs.
Everything, seen from the outside and when the synthetic grass carpet is positioned, looks like a platform made only to accommodate garden furniture and I think it will be very fun to have neighbours or vanilla friends as guests, and entertain them right there, with the slave closed inside, gagged and invisible to all. 

The execution of the works was very hard for the sissy. During the week, in fact, he had to wake up before dawn and work until the time he had to go to work, before returning from office and work again in the evening. Over the weekend, however, he worked at the beach house from sunrise to sunset without interruption.

His work outfit was: his hessian underwear, a corset, a leather hood, a pair of old wedge boots with a 15 cm heel and a 5 cm platform and, above, to cover everything, a heavy work suit. Of course, the inevitable collar and chains on the wrists and ankles. To drink only tap water, left to heat in the sun, with the addition of my pee and my spit. All drunk from his humiliating cock-shaped bottle.

It was incredibly exciting to see him work hard, with the torrid fall of the Italian summer, in that miserable condition, while I enjoyed the cool of my air-conditioned rooms or sunbathed, half-naked, in the garden! Several times I approached him to incite him or insult him or slap him or simply to deride him for his inhuman and desperate condition, enjoying immensely his implorations and sighs and sobs of effort and despair.
I confess that I have approached the guard level of daily masturbations.

After completing the work, the slave moved his wardrobe into the closet and moved to his new room. For this first night, I also added the ‘coir matting’. I do not intend to always leave the coir matting, slave must be able to rest, even if in his cell, to be able to serve me better, but he did not know it and, knowing me, he had reason to fear the opposite.

Entering the small cell that will be his room from now on, the slave was in tears and sighed in despair. As usual, however, when I inserted in the cage my foot, shod in a splendid very fetish mule, the slave rushed to kiss and adore my shoe thanking me, swearing his love, desperate for devotion and excitement.

I confess to you that the first night I struggled to sleep because I continued to watch on my mobile the miserable slave who tried to find a comfortable position in his new room!
I masturbated twice! The slave, on the other hand, struggled a lot to fall asleep because of his painful condition and, at some point, he also burst into tears, certainly of happiness, judging by how he adored me with even more enthusiasm than usual the next morning!

As for the hole in the garden, for now the slave has only tried it for a short time, let’s say a trial stay. At the exit he was so desperate and terrified of both the hole and me that I believe the experience was truly cruel. And this, as you know, excites me to death! I believe that during the next summer holidays, (the sissy office is closed in August), sissy slave m. will spend a lot of time in the hole … I’ll update you on this and more!
A hug dear Scarlet and always thank you for your wonderful Blog.

The amazing Mistress Francesca

I posted on 4 June some comments from sissy slave M on the regime he endures under the dominance of his Mistress. Well we now have the privilege of hearing from that Mistress. The amazing Mistress Francesca.

Below are three very recent comments from Mistress Francesca. You may have read the first two if you read comments on this blog; but you will not have read the third.

I then add a comment from sissy slave M on degrees of cuckolding humiliation. It was left as a comment on 19 May. Having read of the style of dominance of Mistress Francesca, I reread sissy slave m’s words about levels of humiliation of cuckolding in a new light!

From Mistress Francesca.

Dear Scarlett
As you know, sissy slave led me to your blog and one of the many main reasons why I find it splendid is that it treats with clarity and competence an aspect of Femdom that does not appear habitually, that is, that of a relationship truly based on its essence to the total domination of the Mistress over her slave. Unfortunately, what you see in most sites is about erotic fantasies where domination is a way of having sex like any other. The man meets the woman, they have a BDSM session, after the session they cums and then they return to normal; maybe with the woman who goes to deal with some household affairs and the man to watch the game on television.

Obviously I have nothing against those who do this and I have nothing even against the look of the dominatrixes in the mainstream sites (on the contrary I confess I have always loved a very aggressive look and I don’t mind wearing very fetish clothing at all, especially shoes and corsets)

The reason why I like your blog is that it treats those who live Femdom as a true lifestyle and as true form of total female freedom. In my daily experience, in every ‘vanilla’ relationship, partners must necessarily give something to each other and, normally, for a thousand reasons related to social conventions, the one who gives the most is the woman.
I have never been able to tolerate this. It will be a form of selfishness, but above all I have always placed my absolute and total freedom to choose for myself in life and sexually without having to give an account to anyone.

Furthermore, I have always loved to dominate, command, be served and revered and adored. It is in my nature. That’s why when I discovered Femdom, I was fascinated by it!
Then I met Marco (the real name of sissy slave m) and his natural submission magnified my hedonism, my innate sadism and my desire for absolute power over him.
And today, therefore, ours is a symbiotic relationship in which I take everything, and he undergoes everything. I am fully satisfied, and I become crueller every day, while he, judging by how he swears his love in the tears of his sufferings and humiliations, still seems to be certainly in his place.

Coming to the content of your post on enduring domination sessions, I fully agree on the great pleasure that comes from subjecting the slave to long, interminable torments and repeating them again and again, more and more cruel, with the passage of time.   In our relationship, as my pathetic sissy husband wrote, the ‘vanilla time’ is practically absent and, therefore, the time he spends directly under my yoke is very very long.

I divide it into three phases (obviously it is a very general division that cannot describe the entirety of the relationship)

Obviously, I love practicing long BDSM sessions in which I torture, humiliate and subdue (even sexually – I love the strap–on against his chastity) in an intense way and with the utmost cruelty. I enjoy immensely his acute and extreme suffering. My sessions are frequent and long but, obviously, they last only a few (sometimes many) hours.
BDSM sessions are fun and exciting but satisfy only the most outward and “bloody” part of MY sadistic and cruel nature as dominatrix.

All the time, then, and I mean – all the time, sissy slave m has to serve me as a queen and a goddess. Everything in our home and in our life is organized according to my cravings and my desires and my preferences and sissy slave m. is responsible for everything (housework, bureaucratic aspects of life etc ..). For my enjoyment, then, sissy slave m. must ALWAYS serve me in one of his uniforms as a servant or maid, always completely feminized and always with some bondage element.
This satisfies my hedonism, my narcissism and my desire for absolute supremacy.

When sissy slave m. it is not directly in service and I am not using it in a BDSM session. I ALWAYS submit him to what you call tedium – humiliation torment. I leave him for hours and hours locked in a cage, or in a closet or keep him for hours in the Sensory Deprivation Bondage.

Or I make him do some housework with particularly restrictive bondage or in humiliating ways (cleaning the bathroom floor and sanitary ware with his tongue, polishing the soles of all my shoes with his tongue).

Or I force him to repeat humiliating rituals again and again in my absence (walking back and forth in a room with increasingly high heels performing predetermined gestures of humiliation – practicing receiving in the mouth or in the ass fake cocks and dildos).

Or I use it as an inanimate object at home (tied and immobilized to serve as a footrest or chair – tied in the bathroom with a hood and a funnel in the mouth to serve as a toilet – food tray – lamp holders and the like).

I like to indulge in these activities literally for hours and hours, totally ignoring sissy slave m or going to him from time to time to torture him directly or humiliate him or, given his desperate abstinence, tease him to tears (just playing with his nipples).
These activities, combined with the many occasions when sissy slave m. is dominated by third parties, perhaps they satisfy the deepest nature of my sadism and cruelty. It is the pleasant context in which my life as an absolute dominatrix and mistress takes place, like sweet background music.
Just the beauty and gratification that can be drawn from this third type of activity makes different the relationships your blog talks about, from all the others and makes our life splendid and that of our slaves a hell (just to say that I feel wet). A hell from which they would not want to escape even if they could.
Best wishes
Mistress Francesca

A fantastic comment Francesca! I loooove it. Thank you for the kindness of suggesting my blog has a unique element.

Humiliation – tedium linked with partial ignoring is I agree exquisite and it is amazing what a turn on it is given almost nothing is happening. I think it is the sheer cruelty of it that provides the visceral power rush that simply seems to be at a continuous peak level.

When you announce such an activity is about to be imposed, does sissy slave m beg and plead?

Do you use a baby monitor when you force him to repeat humiliating rituals again and again in your absence (walking back and forth in a room with increasingly high heels performing predetermined gestures of humiliation – practising receiving in the mouth or in the ass fake cocks and dildos)?

Thanks Scarlett!
Your blog is truly exalting me!
Yes, sissy slave m. pleads and begs when I announce one of these activities … and I love hearing him beg and please and than slapping him or spitting in his face and imposing what I want on him. He must also thank me! (it’s amazing to hear him as he desperately thanks me for the treatment I’m going to subject him to).
Before, I used a baby monitor. Now I use an old mobile phone connected to an application on my smartphone. Sissy slave m found the app. I’ll let you know what it’s called.

Now I am writing to you from a SPA where I am with my mother and sister. sissy slave m. is at home in chains, doing weekend cleaning. I think when I get home he will undergo one of my treatments … I will keep you updated …
a warm greeting
Mistress Francesca

Dear Scarlett
Me, mom and my sister went home around 5:00 PM happy and relaxed. To welcome us sissy slave m. submissive and subjugated as always, dressed in his sissy maid short dress and in chains, as I had left him this morning, only much more tired.
He was waiting for us standing by the door, as I trained him to do, and when we rang the bell he opened and greeted us with reverence. He did not expect mom and Maria (my sister) and seeing them he emitted a deep sad sigh.
You understand it perfectly Scarlett, it is precisely these sighs of impotence before the prospect of something terrible that is about to happen that give me a real power rush and excitement. My eyes shone with sadism.
He humbly licked the soles of our shoes and then I begged mom to check the quality of the work of sissy slave m.
Knowing that control would be done by the mother the poor slave sighed again looking at me with a pleading look, which I ignored laughing.
While Maria and I sat in the living room, mum and sissy slave m. went around the house to check the quality of the work done.
Obviously mom found several mistakes (actually trifles, but the best is expected from a sissy servant).
We went to punishment (20 cane strokes from each of the three of us) received by sissy slave m. pleadings and in tears.
At the end of the punishment he thanked us by licking our shoes again.
Mum and Maria then went away amused and I prepared my sissy for the evening.
Today the television broadcast a marathon of the season 5 of outlander, a series that I love. So I announced the sissy that I no longer needed him and so until 02:00 AM he had to devote himself to what I call “the path of humiliation”.

Path of Humiliation

I saw the panic on his face. He pleaded on his knees, desperate, crying. I let him plead for some times and then, hard, I told him not to get me bored and to follow me to the attic of my house, very hot in summer and very little ventilated.
I put him in a postural collar on which I hung a pair of handcuffs with a padlock, in which I imprisoned his wrists. Handcuffs also to the ankles, in order to limit his steps to a ridiculous wobble. In addition a large but plug.
I have prepared his path: on three sides of the room are three small altars. On the first is a pair of my shoes, on the second a bowl full of my golden rain, on the third a large and realistic dildo.
He trembled like a leaf, desperate and in tears.
He implored me to shorten the duration of his punishment. I slapped him and ordered him to begin his journey.
“It is now 19:00. Start your path pathetic subspecies of slave! Know that the application is active and I can see and control you! At 02:00 AM you can stop and free yourself with the keys of the handcuffs that are down in your bedroom. I want to be woken up at 10:00 tomorrow morning. The usual breakfast. Start worm!”
With tears in his eyes he replied “Yes Mistress, Thank you Mistress!” and walked.
Staggering he reached the first altar, he took the shoes and then and recited his mantra:
“This useless sissy slave is unworthy of licking the mistress’s soles! Thank you Mistress for letting your sissy lick your noble shoes!”
So he licked each sole five times and moved on.
In front of the second altar he took the bowl with my golden shower and recited the second sentence:
“This useless sissy slave is just worthy of being the human toilet of the Mistress! Thank you Mistress for letting your sissy be your living toilet ”
Then he drank a drop of golden rain.
In front of the third altar he took the big dildo and recited the third sentence:
“This useless sissy slave is just worthy of being turned into an unworthy cocksucker! Thank you Mistress for letting your sissy be an unworthy cocksucker! ”
Than he has to deep throat the dildo 5 times.

I can’t describe the feeling of power and supremacy that I felt and leaving him to its long seven hours of ordeal.
As soon as I got off, I confess, I took my favorite vibrator and I masturbated to two splendid orgasms. I then had dinner with the light cold dinner that Sissy Slave M had left for me in the fridge and I dedicated myself to my Outlander evening.
Every now and then I got an eye on my cell phone, from which I checked the misery of my pathetic slave … a great saturday Scarlet!
Now I am writing to you comfortably lying in my bed, happy as a million euros, while sissy slave m is gong on with his ordeal.
I guess I’ll masturbate again before sleeping…
Goodnight my new friend!

From sissy slave M

Honorable Mistress
As I wrote in other comments I am a 39 year old Italian sissy slave and I live a 24/7/365 relationship of total submission to my Mistress and wife.
Total chastity, born again virgin, and almost total sissyfication are some of the keys to my condition and, in this context, I am also subject to very intense forms of cuckolding and forced bisexuality.
I know you don’t practice this kind of cuckolding and if you think this post is not suitable for your blog I ask you for forgiveness and I will understand it perfectly.
For me cuckolding with male lovers has more than four stages and it’s for me the most intensely humiliating and emotionally hard practice. Especially when I have to be directly submissive in front of other men.
It may seem strange for an almost totally sissyfied slave, but direct sexual contact with other men has always been a taboo that I have never completely overcome. Serving men and having sexual contacts with them is the most devastating and humiliating thing I’m forced to endure in my slavery regime.

Stage 1: a different location
Mistress leaves me at home alone, with a list of chores to do or in some kind of severe bondage. I often have to help the Mistress get ready. Often before going out she apply a nice deterrent punishment. On her return I may have to clean her cream pie.

Stage 2: at home – the bull does not meet the slave
I am tied and gagged in the closet while the Mistress makes love with her bull.

Stage 3: a different location – the bull meets the slave
Similar to stege 1 but the bull comes home to take the Mistress. I have to open the door dressed as a maid, respectfully great the bull and communicate him that the Mistress will soon be ready. I must also humbly thank the Bull for sexually satisfying the Mistress.

Stage 4: at home – the bull meets the Slave
I welcome the bull as in stage 3, then serve him and Mistress something to drink or the dinner. I remain available in the living room while they ‘warm up’ with foreplay. When they are ready the Mistress binds me as in stage 2. Before the bull goes away I have to thank him for the pleasure he gives to my Mistress.

Stage 5: at home – the bull meets and dominates the slave
Like stage 4, however, during the foreplay part of the fun of the Mistress consists in a BDSM session, the Bull also actively participates in dominating me.

Stage 6: gagged ad bound in the same room
Like stages 3 and 4 but later I am tied up and gagged in the room to helplessly watch the Mistress’ sex and to be dominated and submissive again when they are finished.

Stage 7: in the same room helping serving and being humiliated
In the same room, unbound, totally passive. I have to pass to the lovers towels, condoms or sex toys. I have to excite them with humiliations such as licking their feet or putting myself in positions that excite them (for example while fucking doggy style I have to lie down with my face in a position to see the cock of the bull that penetrates the Mistress).

Stage 8: fluffing and forced bi.
If the Mistress finds a bull that likes it I am used to ‘prepare’ the bull by stroking and licking his cock, I have to put on and take off his condom when they use it and I have to clean it after they are done. It may happen that the Mistress has fully enjoyed her sex and has no more will of continuing. Then it is up to me to ‘finish’ the bull, usually with the mouth.

Two special cases:

It may happen that the Mistress does not want sex or same kind of sex (for exemple Mistress don’t like anal and don’t’swallows) In those cases the Bull can use the slave sissy. Usually I am made to dress like a very cheap whore and used for bulls for their pleasure in any way they want. If they do not declare themselves satisfied, I am also severely punished.

It may happen that the Mistress has fun with a BDSM session with some other submissive and let him have an orgasm. Or can happen that the slave of some friend if Mistress has the right to cum. Often in these cases it is up to the sissy slave to make them cum. For them, being straight, it is still humiliating that it is another male to make them cum. For me, the humiliation of forced bi is increased by the fact that those who cum are not even a bulls but another slaves. I remain chaste, of course!
It is, by far, the most degrading and humiliating thing to which I am subjected.
Sissy slave m.

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Source of these GIF videos??

Not to everyone’s taste I know – diapers. But first I will mention diapers used simply as part of en enduring sensory deprivation bondage session. For 4 hours or more; almost essential for the collection of the victim’s urine. Why am I mentioning this? Many of you will know that  I use diapers and inflict enduring sensory deprivation bondage sessions on bitch-boy, especially if I have a female lover over.

Well this is a GIF involving diapers as part of an enduring sensory deprivation bondage session. It is on my BDSLR site here . It is rare to see this on the net, and even rarer that she urinates in a jug which is tipped on his fresh diaper before it is secured on him. If you have read my Journals you will know I do this too, detailed in at least one of my journals.

I am hoping to find the video on a free site from which the GIF has been taken.

Some of the delicious attributes listed below are in this GIF, but the next GIF I will mention has them all!

  • pitiless chastity control combined with
  • a casually but sexily dressed, sexy woman,
  • partial ignoring, (she is on her cell phone the whole time),
  • deep shaming with enforced age regression,
  • a totally relaxed Domme,
  • a domestic location, (not a dungeon or warehouse).

I know even more of you may not be interested in diapers, when combined with enforced age regression and petticoating, but I CERTIANLY AM!

This second GIF involves all of the attributes listed above, (I LOVE IT!!!!), and is on my BDSMLR site here. I would DEARLY LOVE to locate from which video this GIF was made!

Just a reminder about my new Guide entirely written to help entice vanilla women into trying domination. Further details HERE.  There is also my alternative blog; again entirely written to help entice vanilla women into trying domination.

Lady Jessica writes again, as wonderfully as ever.

Well given not many followers of this blog read all the comments on posts, I am going further with this post than, as I sometimes do, simply providing a long comment from one of the fantastic real life Dommes who make comments. This post is a short thread of comments that I hope will be simple to read. It starts with a part of a comment from a submissive sissy male, Michele. about checking the lines written by Lady Jessica’s puppet, skivvy.

That is followed by a comment of mine. Then a delightful, long comment from Lady Jessica (that has not been published in the comments section), and finally another comment from me.

………………………………………… As a submissive male maid (curtsey) I am of course all in favour of labour-saving ideas, at least for dominant Ladies. However, I did wonder whether instead of automation you had considered submissive labour for the task of tedious [lines]marking? Subs can mark one another’s work: with a penalty of course for the one who finds the fewest mistakes.

I myself would be very willing to join skivvy at his (her?) writing desk, Lady Jessica. The two of us would sit there, in matching [schoolgirl] uniforms, scribbling away until instructed to stop, when scripts would be exchanged, pencils swaped for red ballpoints, and mistakes identified. There might be a few tears and tantrums if we disagree with each others’ assessment, but I expect you could keep us in line.

My very deepest respects to you (curtsey)




I’m afraid you are unlikely to find your offer attractive to a Domme. Certainly from my perspective, I can get all the cruel pleasure I wish from one male submissive being the subject of my entire malevolent focus, without the hassle of having to manage a second sub male. And the fact that my sub male is all alone, with no peer with whom to seek an alliance is part of the subjugation. However, all we Dommes are different so you never know. So good luck.

If you were actually a female sub, my answer would be very different. I would welcome your attendance but bitch-boy would find himself in a far corner of my home in sensory deprivation bondage for probably six hours. And you would find yourself the subject of my entire malevolent focus, with no peer with whom to seek an alliance.

Mistress Scarlet


In reply to msscarlet9015. FROM LADY JESSICA

I thoroughly agree, my dear Mistress Scarlet

I’ve occasionally toyed with the idea of another submissive male, but really only as part of my relentless focus on skivvy’s own humiliation and degradation. Particularly if, like him, the other had an old-fashioned horror of male homosexuality. Forced bi (or shall we say ‘encouraged’ bi) remains one of the activities still on the ‘to do’ list in our household. It has not happened yet, but it is inevitable and will happen when I choose. Skivvy knows that and dreads it.

Possibly when skivvy starts to get on in life (and I’ll be quite the granny, as I’m 14 years older than him), it would be nice to pluck a young male in the prime of his life, and degrade and ruin him too. Skivvy would still be around, I hope, so my victim would understand all too soon the fate that awaits him.

I have always rather hankered after the role of the sadistic mother-in-law: taking an active interest in her daughter’s marriage with a vigorous concern to improve the son-in-law’s behaviour. I have no children, and no plans for any, but perhaps I could somehow find a young couple in later life for whom I could stand in loco parentis, so to speak. I myself have no objections to ‘bi’ so I could even cuckold as well as enslave the unfortunate young man if I can find the right young lady. We’ll see.

None of which, ‘Michele’, implies that I will be taking up your offer of line-writing and line-marking services. But you wrote a polite comment and managed to address me properly, so I will indulge your little fantasy for a moment. As Mistress Scarlet has so often warned on this blog, though, do you really think you would find the reality as pleasant as your sexual fantasies? Read the lovely posting about tedium by the delightful Christine M. Would you enjoy such treatment? Perhaps you would, a little. Perhaps you should pay a dominatrix to allow you to clean her kitchen floor, for an hour or two. I can imagine you’d enjoy that. But what if it took longer than that? And what of the next day? And the next? And the day after that? Do you imagine that week in, week out, as the weeks become months and the months become years you’d still feel that sexual frisson? You wouldn’t last two days.

Side by side with skivvy… writing lines in your schoolgirl uniform… What fun! Perhaps each of you would write out for me 200 times “Lady Jessica decides when and for how long I will sit at this desk writing lines; I have no say in the matter.” And maybe a thrilling paddling over your green knickers to follow! Goodness, WHAT an enjoyable thought for you, sitting safely at your computer at home! But the next day, Michele? Another 200, I think. And the day after that? 200? No – it’s the weekend. That will be 500 then, on each of Saturday and Sunday. Then back to 200 to start the working week on Monday. 2000 lines a week, Michele. 104,000 lines a year (no we don’t round to the nearest 100,000: you don’t get Christmas off). What proportion of those 104,000 lines do you think you’d mange to find sexually exciting, Michele? 0.1% perhaps? The remaining 99,9% being an aching, soul-destroying grind, dreaded every day… and even when you’re done, and brushing your teeth with your poor aching hand before bed, your soul and spirit would sink at the thought that tomorrow the same tedious task awaits you yet again.

Even ignoring the fact that any physical expression of sexual excitement would be locked down, Michele (and you would not find that an easy thing to ignore, believe me), there would be little that is erotic about it, and much that is miserable. For you, that is. For me, the misery is erotic.

I am very well aware, Michele, that this is nothing more than a fantasy for you. I expect you enjoyed reading this and Mistress Scarlet’s reply to you and dreaming of the cruel things we could do to you. No doubt you have been doing something quite disgusting for the last few minutes. I don’t begrudge you that, although I hope someday someone catches you at it and you really learn the meaning of humiliation. But in the meantime, just pray this all remains a fantasy, Michele. Because one day, you might be unlucky (yes: UNlucky) enough for a Lady Jessica, a Mistress Scarlet or a Mistress Christine to take a real interest in you. And then in the brief moments between chores, assignments and punishments you might look back on exchanges like this and wonder what on earth you could have been thinking. (But males do not think. And that is why we could take control of you so easily, my little morsel).

Yours (dear Scarlet) in sincere sisterhood

Lady Jessica


A final thought from me, MISTRESS SCARLET

I can’t help mention, if only Lady Jessica lived in the UK I would cherish being able to sort of indulge her fantasy, (with some suspension of reality), for her role of the sadistic mother-in-law. If she allowed me, I could pretend to be younger. I could have bitch-boy pretend to be younger too.  I also have no objections to ‘bi’, so bitch-boy would find himself cuckolded as well as ‘trained’ by me AND Lady Jessica, the sadistic mother-in-law.

Perhaps it could be considered a practice period before Lady Jessica actually found a couple of the right age. If only, if only…..



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