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Mistress Carla – pussie’s punishment reading

Another delightful account from Mistress Carla about punishing her slave-husband, pussie, who, we must never forget, asked his wife to dominate him as a lifestyle, and now he is a cuckold sissy. Always be careful what you wish for little subbies!

Carla’s latest account

I would like to share an update to pussie’s reading of Madame and Petticoat Discipline letters you posted a link to on you blog.
As you may recall, from the earlier blog post,  I had pussie read each of the Madame and Petticoat Discipline letters you posted, dressed in a sissy outfit. I also attached a heavy bell to the sissy’s little wee-wee which it had to ring by doing a dance at the beginning and end of each letter even though it was locked in a spiked chastity cage. After the first few days I put the reading sessions on Zoom so my sister and a few others could join in the entertainment.
One of my girlfriends who participated on Zoom suggested that I should add some weights to pussie’s balls. She suggested we add a one kilo weight ( 2.2 lbs) for the first 30 minutes of the reading, and then add a second kilo weight for the rest of the reading. I thought that a great idea and did so. The poor thing’s useless wee-wee was already red and sore from the chastity cage spikes digging into the shaft each time it had to ring the bell. There was such horror on the sissy’s face when I showed it the two weights.
When I clipped the first one on, I purposely just let it drop, yanking on pussie’s balls. The sissy begged me to take it off saying it hurt “like hell”. About 30 minutes later I showed pussie the second weight. Oh my Scarlet, such pleading, groveling and begging. When I clipped on and let the second weight dropped , the sissy screamed like a little girl begging for mercy.  None of course was given.
Now the useless sissy had the weights pulling down on its little balls constantly as it read. And those weights just added to pussie’s misery as it danced and rang the bell before and after each letter it read out.
pussie actually had the nerve to complain and referred to my friend as a”bitch”.   I, as any true dominant woman, could not allow such talk from the sissy. I shared pussie’s comment with my friend and asked her to suggest a proper punishment. Her suggestion was twofold. First,  she wanted pussie to write two pages of punishment lines and then a thousand-word essay apologizing for the sissy’s insolence and expressing gratitude for her even paying attention to the sissy.
pussie wrote the lines ” I am a sissy bimbo with widdle widdle peanut balls” in alternating ink colors. To make sure pussie took the proper time to write the lines, I made the sissy wear thick woolen mittens. As bad as the weight were, I believe pussie hated the writing punishment even more. I mentioned that I had the sissy wear thick woolen mittens when writing, ensuring that it would take hours to complete the task. What I did not mention is that pussie had to write both the lines and essay while in the hot smelly dumpster area. I mean where else would one have a sissy  do its punishment writing.
I waited about 90 minutes or so after pussie starting the lines to have him hand the first completed page to me. No way was I going into the dumpster area, which as your readers can imagine, is especially malodorus in the hot summer days. I took the page, looked at it for a few seconds, and then slowly ripped it up right in front of the kneeeling sissy. I told him it was sloppy and he needed to do it again. The startled look of despair on pussie’s face was priceless. The sissy was confused at first,and then began actually crying, saying how long it had taken to do that page, how hot and miserable it was, and why was I being so mean? I will say pussie’s misery just got me excited!! Then the sissy wrote the most groveling humiliating essay you could imagine.
It took almost 5 hours to complete the punishment tasks.
 As a final part of the apology, punishment, pussie was paddled on Zoom for everyone to watch. I do not think the sissy will ever backtalk to me or one of my friends again!
I believe having others participate in pussie’s punishment both adds to the sissy’s misery and intensifies its humiliation. I also find it makes for a more obedient sissy. I wonder if you and the other women who participate on your blog agree.
I would have to completely agree Carla, bitch-boy is utterly subjugated and affected for days after he has been punished, when I have one or more women with me assisting in, and often choosing and administering the punishments. And I do so love the scenario. I adore to stand to one side, or sit and relax, getting a huge power rush watching as a cruel and pitiless woman is enjoying punishing my poor puppet, while he pleads and begs. 

 A link to all my journals HERE, including:




Lady Jessica, chains, drinking trough and more

Another delightful update from Lady Jessica. I need say no more!


My dear Mistress Scarlet

How lovely to see from your blog that ladies all over the world are maintaining standards for their male charges, even in the present conditions of lock-down. Mistress Francesca seems like a delightful person. How very lucky sissy slave M must be: so many males struggle to control their baser urges, but he has someone willing to take on the task, on his behalf. I have to say, he does not sound quite as grateful to be relieved of that responsibility as one might expect in such circumstances, but perhaps he is still learning.

Chez Lady Jessica, life has settled into a comfortable routine, as far as I am concerned. Now, as the legal and health restrictions start to ease here, as in most places, I believe we all have an obligation to ensure that no mis-placed notions of ‘freedom’ are unduly applied to those lucky males for whose welfare we have taken responsibility.

The lock-down for me has brought a refreshing and exhilarating opportunity to increase the oppressive nature of the regime I apply to skivvy, as I have written before. His hair is now delightfully long, with the end bleached and dyed a pale pink, and when he is not teleworking it is arranged in various plaits, pig-tails and bunches. My favourite just at the moment is a ludicrous arrangement in which some of his hair is neatly tied out in two side pigtails but with a third bunch taking in as much of his hair as can be grabbed, and flopping forward: straight over his face in a loosely-ribboned plait before ending just below his nose in a bow over 30 cm wide, (1 foot), which obscures and flaps all over his silly face.

He has not worn any item of adult male clothing below the waist since the lock-down started, although to go out and about, he has various pairs of shorts that could just about be considered to be male attire, as long as the male in question has no fear of appearing effeminate. Skivvy has such a fear, (oddly enough: you’d really think he would be used to it after all these years), and so finds these outings excruciatingly embarrassing. But someone must do the shopping and it will not be me. We have a strict division of labour when it comes to the shopping: he does groceries and other such items, following my list and retaining all receipts for inspection if required (I don’t check everything but occasionally I do and woe betide any skivvy who cannot account for every centime!). I buy all the clothes and indeed everything else of any value or permanence, although obviously I don’t carry the bags.

When he does go out, of course, he is masked. His sewing skills have come on well, so he ran up a few home-made masks quite early on in lock-down and we have added to his collection since. They say any reasonably close-weave cloth is effective, so his masks all have an inner lining made of my used panties (during my time of the month, always the period-stained ones), or worn out stockings or socks, especially those I wear for exercise. I went to the considerable inconvenience of wearing the same nylons around the house for over four days to provide the gauzy interior for several of his masks, so I hope he is grateful. The outer layers of the masks feature flower or fairy patterns – I have some Tinkerbell cloth on order, for his next one.

I have also instituted the principle that everything he eats or drinks must be in some sense second-hand or rejected by me. To forestall your readers with an over-excitable disposition and little grasp of reality: I do NOT mean that he drinks nothing but my pee. That would be impractical and biologically impossible. No: I merely mean that his drinking trough is filled with water collected from my bath and that a good proportion of the food he eats is the liquidised leftovers from my own meals. There is obviously a significant exception: he eats all manner of stuff that I would not dream of allowing on or near my plate. I have no intention of pushing a pile of dog food around with a fork just so we can say it is part of my left-overs! So we have a different system: any such ‘food’ is simply emptied out into the rubbish bins as soon as it is opened. Every few days, skivvy is handed a bucket and told to retrieve whatever he can. I typically make sure he has not eaten for at least 16 hours beforehand, to give him every incentive to scrape up every morsel.

He recently asked whether we could discuss this system, so we discussed it very extensively yesterday evening, and I’m glad to say that by the end of the discussion we were in perfect agreement on how lucky and very grateful to me he was, for taking such care with his diet.

I have also taken the opportunity – although why I did not do so before I have no idea – of implementing a clear physical reminder of the control under which he lives his life: he is now always chained, when at home. I discretely installed steel rings, firmly fixed to the wall in various out-of-the-way places around the house and in the garden. He has various lengths of thin chain and is always -without exception – attached to one or more. The chains can be hidden away when visitors are present (but they are rare in lock-down, except for a dear friend who is aware of our little arrangement) but normally must be carefully arranged along the bottoms of walls, so that he can reach the end of – for example – the chain for my bedroom, at the top of the stairs, while still attached to the chain anchored in the downstairs hall.

Of course, I have to be present as well, to unlock and reattach the padlocks, but that is an effort I am prepared to make for such an important improvement to both our lives. We try to schedule his chores so that he does not need to move often: most days, he begins performing his early morning chores on an upstairs chain, taking the greatest care not to clink unduly while I am still asleep!. I have installed a coffee machine and fridge so when I ring for him, he can bring me my morning drinks. After he has taken care of my morning routine, we attach him to a downstairs chain for the remainder of the day. So really, my dear, even though the locking and unlocking might seem something of a chore for me, rest assured I am not too fatigued by it. Anyway, we must all do our bit.

In the garden, we have a long chain on a rotating drum. This allows access to all points of the garden, when he is granted the liberty of its full extension – which he rarely is. It is close to the house, so even half of it is sufficient to allow him access to the kitchen to bring me drinks and anything else I should command, on the patio. That is where he is at present as I write this, as it happens: chained and on his hands and knees scrubbing away at moss and lichen which has grown up in the cracks between the patio tiles. He is using a toothbrush of course, specifically: his toothbrush (also recycled: it used to be mine).

He is wearing, underneath his faux-feminine clothing, a latex ‘gimp suit’. The weather is quite exceptionally hot here, and I find that he tends to sweat most unpleasantly, when working at any remotely acceptable pace. The gimp suit is the perfect solution. Of course, he does not sweat any less – rather more if anything.

He is allowed to drink from his drinking  trough as often has he likes – I know, Mistress Scarlet, I am just a big softie at heart, but it is so important to avoid dehydration, don’t you agree? And he does look terribly, terribly hot, kneeling there in the full heat of the sun, scrubbing desperately away at the baking ground. Poor thing, it must be simply awful. But there is a distinct tinge of green between the patio tiles, so it has to be done, and the faster he does it, the sooner he can have a lovely change by moving to the next task: watering the plants. I expect it will be quite soothing for him to watch cool, clear water from the hose spraying onto the parched soil, even although he is not himself allowed to drink any of it.

Which reminds me that my glass is nearly empty and I must have it refilled with a wine spritzer – with plenty of ice this time. Skivvy!

Yours in sincere sisterhood

Lady Jessica

The amazing Mistress Francesca

I posted on 4 June some comments from sissy slave M on the regime he endures under the dominance of his Mistress. Well we now have the privilege of hearing from that Mistress. The amazing Mistress Francesca.

Below are three very recent comments from Mistress Francesca. You may have read the first two if you read comments on this blog; but you will not have read the third.

I then add a comment from sissy slave M on degrees of cuckolding humiliation. It was left as a comment on 19 May. Having read of the style of dominance of Mistress Francesca, I reread sissy slave m’s words about levels of humiliation of cuckolding in a new light!

From Mistress Francesca.

Dear Scarlett
As you know, sissy slave led me to your blog and one of the many main reasons why I find it splendid is that it treats with clarity and competence an aspect of Femdom that does not appear habitually, that is, that of a relationship truly based on its essence to the total domination of the Mistress over her slave. Unfortunately, what you see in most sites is about erotic fantasies where domination is a way of having sex like any other. The man meets the woman, they have a BDSM session, after the session they cums and then they return to normal; maybe with the woman who goes to deal with some household affairs and the man to watch the game on television.

Obviously I have nothing against those who do this and I have nothing even against the look of the dominatrixes in the mainstream sites (on the contrary I confess I have always loved a very aggressive look and I don’t mind wearing very fetish clothing at all, especially shoes and corsets)

The reason why I like your blog is that it treats those who live Femdom as a true lifestyle and as true form of total female freedom. In my daily experience, in every ‘vanilla’ relationship, partners must necessarily give something to each other and, normally, for a thousand reasons related to social conventions, the one who gives the most is the woman.
I have never been able to tolerate this. It will be a form of selfishness, but above all I have always placed my absolute and total freedom to choose for myself in life and sexually without having to give an account to anyone.

Furthermore, I have always loved to dominate, command, be served and revered and adored. It is in my nature. That’s why when I discovered Femdom, I was fascinated by it!
Then I met Marco (the real name of sissy slave m) and his natural submission magnified my hedonism, my innate sadism and my desire for absolute power over him.
And today, therefore, ours is a symbiotic relationship in which I take everything, and he undergoes everything. I am fully satisfied, and I become crueller every day, while he, judging by how he swears his love in the tears of his sufferings and humiliations, still seems to be certainly in his place.

Coming to the content of your post on enduring domination sessions, I fully agree on the great pleasure that comes from subjecting the slave to long, interminable torments and repeating them again and again, more and more cruel, with the passage of time.   In our relationship, as my pathetic sissy husband wrote, the ‘vanilla time’ is practically absent and, therefore, the time he spends directly under my yoke is very very long.

I divide it into three phases (obviously it is a very general division that cannot describe the entirety of the relationship)

Obviously, I love practicing long BDSM sessions in which I torture, humiliate and subdue (even sexually – I love the strap–on against his chastity) in an intense way and with the utmost cruelty. I enjoy immensely his acute and extreme suffering. My sessions are frequent and long but, obviously, they last only a few (sometimes many) hours.
BDSM sessions are fun and exciting but satisfy only the most outward and “bloody” part of MY sadistic and cruel nature as dominatrix.

All the time, then, and I mean – all the time, sissy slave m has to serve me as a queen and a goddess. Everything in our home and in our life is organized according to my cravings and my desires and my preferences and sissy slave m. is responsible for everything (housework, bureaucratic aspects of life etc ..). For my enjoyment, then, sissy slave m. must ALWAYS serve me in one of his uniforms as a servant or maid, always completely feminized and always with some bondage element.
This satisfies my hedonism, my narcissism and my desire for absolute supremacy.

When sissy slave m. it is not directly in service and I am not using it in a BDSM session. I ALWAYS submit him to what you call tedium – humiliation torment. I leave him for hours and hours locked in a cage, or in a closet or keep him for hours in the Sensory Deprivation Bondage.

Or I make him do some housework with particularly restrictive bondage or in humiliating ways (cleaning the bathroom floor and sanitary ware with his tongue, polishing the soles of all my shoes with his tongue).

Or I force him to repeat humiliating rituals again and again in my absence (walking back and forth in a room with increasingly high heels performing predetermined gestures of humiliation – practicing receiving in the mouth or in the ass fake cocks and dildos).

Or I use it as an inanimate object at home (tied and immobilized to serve as a footrest or chair – tied in the bathroom with a hood and a funnel in the mouth to serve as a toilet – food tray – lamp holders and the like).

I like to indulge in these activities literally for hours and hours, totally ignoring sissy slave m or going to him from time to time to torture him directly or humiliate him or, given his desperate abstinence, tease him to tears (just playing with his nipples).
These activities, combined with the many occasions when sissy slave m. is dominated by third parties, perhaps they satisfy the deepest nature of my sadism and cruelty. It is the pleasant context in which my life as an absolute dominatrix and mistress takes place, like sweet background music.
Just the beauty and gratification that can be drawn from this third type of activity makes different the relationships your blog talks about, from all the others and makes our life splendid and that of our slaves a hell (just to say that I feel wet). A hell from which they would not want to escape even if they could.
Best wishes
Mistress Francesca


A fantastic comment Francesca! I loooove it. Thank you for the kindness of suggesting my blog has a unique element.

Humiliation – tedium linked with partial ignoring is I agree exquisite and it is amazing what a turn on it is given almost nothing is happening. I think it is the sheer cruelty of it that provides the visceral power rush that simply seems to be at a continuous peak level.

When you announce such an activity is about to be imposed, does sissy slave m beg and plead?

Do you use a baby monitor when you force him to repeat humiliating rituals again and again in your absence (walking back and forth in a room with increasingly high heels performing predetermined gestures of humiliation – practising receiving in the mouth or in the ass fake cocks and dildos)?


Thanks Scarlett!
Your blog is truly exalting me!
Yes, sissy slave m. pleads and begs when I announce one of these activities … and I love hearing him beg and please and than slapping him or spitting in his face and imposing what I want on him. He must also thank me! (it’s amazing to hear him as he desperately thanks me for the treatment I’m going to subject him to).
Before, I used a baby monitor. Now I use an old mobile phone connected to an application on my smartphone. Sissy slave m found the app. I’ll let you know what it’s called.

Now I am writing to you from a SPA where I am with my mother and sister. sissy slave m. is at home in chains, doing weekend cleaning. I think when I get home he will undergo one of my treatments … I will keep you updated …
a warm greeting
Mistress Francesca


Dear Scarlett
Me, mom and my sister went home around 5:00 PM happy and relaxed. To welcome us sissy slave m. submissive and subjugated as always, dressed in his sissy maid short dress and in chains, as I had left him this morning, only much more tired.
He was waiting for us standing by the door, as I trained him to do, and when we rang the bell he opened and greeted us with reverence. He did not expect mom and Maria (my sister) and seeing them he emitted a deep sad sigh.
You understand it perfectly Scarlett, it is precisely these sighs of impotence before the prospect of something terrible that is about to happen that give me a real power rush and excitement. My eyes shone with sadism.
He humbly licked the soles of our shoes and then I begged mom to check the quality of the work of sissy slave m.
Knowing that control would be done by the mother the poor slave sighed again looking at me with a pleading look, which I ignored laughing.
While Maria and I sat in the living room, mum and sissy slave m. went around the house to check the quality of the work done.
Obviously mom found several mistakes (actually trifles, but the best is expected from a sissy servant).
We went to punishment (20 cane strokes from each of the three of us) received by sissy slave m. pleadings and in tears.
At the end of the punishment he thanked us by licking our shoes again.
Mum and Maria then went away amused and I prepared my sissy for the evening.
Today the television broadcast a marathon of the season 5 of outlander, a series that I love. So I announced the sissy that I no longer needed him and so until 02:00 AM he had to devote himself to what I call “the path of humiliation”.
I saw the panic on his face. He pleaded on his knees, desperate, crying. I let him plead for some times and then, hard, I told him not to get me bored and to follow me to the attic of my house, very hot in summer and very little ventilated.
I put him in a postural collar on which I hung a pair of handcuffs with a padlock, in which I imprisoned his wrists. Handcuffs also to the ankles, in order to limit his steps to a ridiculous wobble. In addition a large but plug.
I have prepared his path: on three sides of the room are three small altars. On the first is a pair of my shoes, on the second a bowl full of my golden rain, on the third a large and realistic dildo.
He trembled like a leaf, desperate and in tears.
He implored me to shorten the duration of his punishment. I slapped him and ordered him to begin his journey.
“It is now 19:00. Start your path pathetic subspecies of slave! Know that the application is active and I can see and control you! At 02:00 AM you can stop and free yourself with the keys of the handcuffs that are down in your bedroom. I want to be woken up at 10:00 tomorrow morning. The usual breakfast. Start worm!”
With tears in his eyes he replied “Yes Mistress, Thank you Mistress!” and walked.
Staggering he reached the first altar, he took the shoes and then and recited his mantra:
“This useless sissy slave is unworthy of licking the mistress’s soles! Thank you Mistress for letting your sissy lick your noble shoes!”
So he licked each sole five times and moved on.
In front of the second altar he took the bowl with my golden shower and recited the second sentence:
“This useless sissy slave is just worthy of being the human toilet of the Mistress! Thank you Mistress for letting your sissy be your living toilet ”
Then he drank a drop of golden rain.
In front of the third altar he took the big dildo and recited the third sentence:
“This useless sissy slave is just worthy of being turned into an unworthy cocksucker! Thank you Mistress for letting your sissy be an unworthy cocksucker! ”
Than he has to deep throat the dildo 5 times
I can’t describe the feeling of power and supremacy that I felt and leaving him to its long seven hours of ordeal.
As soon as I got off, I confess, I took my favorite vibrator and I masturbated to two splendid orgasms. I then had dinner with the light cold dinner that Sissy Slave M had left for me in the fridge and I dedicated myself to my Outlander evening.
Every now and then I got an eye on my cell phone, from which I checked the misery of my pathetic slave … a great saturday Scarlet!
Now I am writing to you comfortably lying in my bed, happy as a million euros, while sissy slave m is gong on with his ordeal.
I guess I’ll masturbate again before sleeping…
Goodnight my new friend!


From sissy slave M

Honorable Mistress
As I wrote in other comments I am a 39 year old Italian sissy slave and I live a 24/7/365 relationship of total submission to my Mistress and wife.
Total chastity, born again virgin, and almost total sissyfication are some of the keys to my condition and, in this context, I am also subject to very intense forms of cuckolding and forced bisexuality.
I know you don’t practice this kind of cuckolding and if you think this post is not suitable for your blog I ask you for forgiveness and I will understand it perfectly.
For me cuckolding with male lovers has more than four stages and it’s for me the most intensely humiliating and emotionally hard practice. Especially when I have to be directly submissive in front of other men.
It may seem strange for an almost totally sissyfied slave, but direct sexual contact with other men has always been a taboo that I have never completely overcome. Serving men and having sexual contacts with them is the most devastating and humiliating thing I’m forced to endure in my slavery regime.

Stage 1: a different location
Mistress leaves me at home alone, with a list of chores to do or in some kind of severe bondage. I often have to help the Mistress get ready. Often before going out she apply a nice deterrent punishment. On her return I may have to clean her cream pie.

Stage 2: at home – the bull does not meet the slave
I am tied and gagged in the closet while the Mistress makes love with her bull.

Stage 3: a different location – the bull meets the slave
Similar to stege 1 but the bull comes home to take the Mistress. I have to open the door dressed as a maid, respectfully great the bull and communicate him that the Mistress will soon be ready. I must also humbly thank the Bull for sexually satisfying the Mistress.

Stage 4: at home – the bull meets the Slave
I welcome the bull as in stage 3, then serve him and Mistress something to drink or the dinner. I remain available in the living room while they ‘warm up’ with foreplay. When they are ready the Mistress binds me as in stage 2. Before the bull goes away I have to thank him for the pleasure he gives to my Mistress.

Stage 5: at home – the bull meets and dominates the slave
Like stage 4, however, during the foreplay part of the fun of the Mistress consists in a BDSM session, the Bull also actively participates in dominating me.

Stage 6: gagged ad bound in the same room
Like stages 3 and 4 but later I am tied up and gagged in the room to helplessly watch the Mistress’ sex and to be dominated and submissive again when they are finished.

Stage 7: in the same room helping serving and being humiliated
In the same room, unbound, totally passive. I have to pass to the lovers towels, condoms or sex toys. I have to excite them with humiliations such as licking their feet or putting myself in positions that excite them (for example while fucking doggy style I have to lie down with my face in a position to see the cock of the bull that penetrates the Mistress).

Stage 8: fluffing and forced bi.
If the Mistress finds a bull that likes it I am used to ‘prepare’ the bull by stroking and licking his cock, I have to put on and take off his condom when they use it and I have to clean it after they are done. It may happen that the Mistress has fully enjoyed her sex and has no more will of continuing. Then it is up to me to ‘finish’ the bull, usually with the mouth.

Two special cases:

It may happen that the Mistress does not want sex or same kind of sex (for exemple Mistress don’t like anal and don’t’swallows) In those cases the Bull can use the slave sissy. Usually I am made to dress like a very cheap whore and used for bulls for their pleasure in any way they want. If they do not declare themselves satisfied, I am also severely punished.

It may happen that the Mistress has fun with a BDSM session with some other submissive and let him have an orgasm. Or can happen that the slave of some friend if Mistress has the right to cum. Often in these cases it is up to the sissy slave to make them cum. For them, being straight, it is still humiliating that it is another male to make them cum. For me, the humiliation of forced bi is increased by the fact that those who cum are not even a bulls but another slaves. I remain chaste, of course!
It is, by far, the most degrading and humiliating thing to which I am subjected.
Sissy slave m.


For info on my own BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.



A BAV register?

I wondered if a Register of Born Again Virgins would be appealing/amusing for Dommes and rather shaming for the submissive puppet BAVs?

The idea would see the BAVs listed in order of how long it has been since they last penetrated a woman. The BAV with the longest period at the top of the register. Their owner’s name would be listed and the Bav’s name would be listed, together with the month? and year they became a BAV.

An entry can be provided to me to be entered on the register by either the owner or the submissive. I have produced a mock-up page, called the BAV Register which can be found by hovering the cursor over the top left menu tab, ‘BAV Register and Links’. Or here.

If anyone on the current mock up list would like to be removed, I will do so immediately you contact me with a comment.

There is data I need from the BAV or the owner to complete the current register list. If you are happy to be on the register, please provide the date required to complete your entry.


Below, for those who have not seen it before, I provide details of my new guide for beginner Dommes. Linked to my alternative blog. It is possibly unique, as it is specifically written to avoid frightening away a vanilla wife or girlfriend from trying an FLR relationship.



Lock Down activity from Carla

The following lock down activity from the wonderful Carla is self explanatory. It was prompted by my recent post on the archive of Petticoated.com letters. It is a wonderful activity that can, and I am sure will, be continued when lock down is over. Below is a photo of Carla and pussie but it is from my archive and is not directly related to the post below.








Hi Scarlet,

Hope all is well with you. I must thank you for the posting the treasure trove of petticoat/sissy discipline material. I had never heard of the Petticoat Discipline Journal or any of the earlier publications referred to in the posting. While some of the letters become repetitive, many are filled with wonderfully creative ways to totally humiliate and punish a sissy. I also note that many of the letters describe intensely embarrassing public sissy humiliation. As you know this is something I often subject pussie to with great amusement on my part and others who participate in the poor thing’s public outings. If my recollection is correct of the other women who have submitted comments to you, only Ms Anne has subjected her sissy to humiliation in front of others-and that only to her Mom.

Your posting has resulted in our instituting a new form of cocktail hour entertainment. Each evening, around 6 pm or so, Todd (my boy friend I cuckold pussie with), his daughter Megan and I have cocktails served by pussie.

(Todd’s daughter’s college closed down due to the corona virus and she asked if she could stay with us for a while. I won’t take your time to discuss how we got there, but soon after Megan arrived we let her know all about pussie and that we treat the sissy as the menial housemaid it is.  pussie begged me and then both Todd and me a number of times to not allow Megan to order it about. For whatever reason, the sissy pleaded and begged even more to not allow Megan to join us for the cocktail hour readings. Megan was most offended by pussie’s request and now spanks the sissy even harder than I do! )

Anyway, you may recall that in the past I had pussie read to Todd and me from your published books. We all decided that it would be great fun to have pussie entertain us during cocktail hour by reading the Petticoat Discipline Journal letters you posted. So starting from Vol. 1 letter 1, pussie has been slowly reading to us each evening anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  To add to our amusement I put a paper clip on the sissy’s tongue before it begins reading so that the sissy lisps and must speak ever so slowly so as to clearly pronounce each word. If any of us cannot understand a word, pussie must start again from the beginning of that letter.

I have been using a regular sized paper clip. I am now thinking that once it is safe to do so, I may have pussie’s tongue pierced and a small gold ball inserted, I think this may give pussie a permanent lisp while at the same time increasing the sissy’s ability to provide oral pleasure.

Megan has been given the task of picking out pussie’s cocktail hour outfit. (You will recall that pussie has a wool fetish so, given he is in 24/7 chastity and does not get to cum very often, wool items make him even more desperate.)  Most times Megan has the sissy dress as a cute schoolgirl in a fuzzy angora or mohair sweater stretched tightly over the its 42DD well filled bra, very short kilt type skirt, wool leg warmers, knee socks or frilly ankle socks, mary jane T-strapped 3″ heel shoes, matching bows in the sissy hair, full makeup and woolly  mittens.

After serving drinks pussie stands at perfect attention in front of us. No bending of legs, no slouching. As you may have noted, pussie has no panties on. Rather the sissy is put into his spiked chastity cage to which I have attached a large bell. When it is time to begin, pussie must shake up and down ringing the bell, which of course results in the spikes digging into its little thing. pussie must also “ring” the bell after the sissy has finished reading each letter and then, again when it begins reading the next letter.

pussie hates to have to ring the wee-wee bell as the sissy knows just how ridiculous it looks shaking up and down with its caged wee-wee on display. As the reading progresses, and the spikes continue to dig in as pussie shakes up and down,  the sissy will both beg to be allowed to stop and will become less energetic. My response has been a few well placed kicks to “encourage” pussie to shake its wee-wee more. I am thinking of shoving a capsaicin coated bug plug up pussie’s a-hole the next time we see it slowing down.

I also decided that as the Petticoat Discipline Journal letters are filled with wonderful ideas, pussie should act out those ideas where possible. And when I say letters, I include any of the articles, Ask Nanny advice, and other materials included in each volume in the library. So if a letter says that a sissy is made to dance, pussie must stop reading and do the same dance for us. If a letter says the a  sissy must read, or act out, a nursery rhyme, than pussie must immediately do the same.

There are special rules for spanking and corner time references. ( If only I were as computer capable as Christine LOL). If a letter discusses a spanking, paddling or caning , pussie  suffers the number of spankings etc mentioned in the letter. If the letter does not specify a number, then the first time a spanking is mentioned in a letter in a Volume, pussie receives 10 spanks. The second time an unspecified number is referenced, pussie receives 20 spanks. Each time thereafter the number of spanks is doubled!

So for example if an unspecified number is referenced in Volume 1, letter 1, pussie must bend over, raise its skirt and received ten with the referenced implement. Then if the next time an unspecified number is mentioned; lets say Volume 1, letter 3, pussie again must present its bare rear for 20 with the referenced implement. If in Volume 1 letter 4, the letter discusses the sissy receiving a caning, pussie received 40 wacks of the cane. We do not distinguish among spanks, paddles canes, etc .

It may be that pussie only reads 5 or 6 letters a night. So if, on the next night, pussie begins reading from the same Volume, the spanking numbers start from where we left off the night before. So using my example above, on the first night pussie had only read up to Volume 1, letter 4, with the last letter earning the sissy 40 wacks of the cane. On the next evening pussie would begin with Volume 1 letter 5. If in that letter there is mentioned an unspecified number of spanks, then pussie would receive 80 spanks ( double from the last letter read of that volume, the evening before). We do begin anew with each Volume.

The sissy whimpers and cries like a little girl as the spanks, paddling and or caning applications add up.

As mentioned above, pussie suffers the same miserable fate when corner time punishments are mentioned. And corner time is in addition to , not a replacement for spankings.

I am sure you can just imagine the humiliation,  trepidation and fear pussie experiences as it reads each letter. I must say pussie’s daily readings have made for a most enjoyable, amusing and, yes, exciting cocktail hour. I mentioned this to my sister, Tyler, and she suggested that using Zoom, we invite her and some others to join us for a virtual cocktail hour and pussie show. We are going to begin doing that tonight.

As always I would love to hear from the other women who contribute here to get their reactions and suggestions.





My 16th journal

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Lady Jessica’s very amusing Lock down activity

We are blessed with another contribution from Lady Jessica. This fantastic contribution on a lock down activity. One which I think, on this blog counts as No. 5 chronologically, but perhaps, No.1 for magnitude of subjugation value and for flexibility of scope.

I will say no more by way of introduction.


Lady Jessica’s lock down activity

My dear Mistress Scarlet

What a lucky boy bb is, to be sure. I particularly like the thought that to eat or drink anything at all, he has to wait for you to spit. It would be lovely to think of one’s submissive standing there – perhaps hungry after an early bedtime with no supper the night before, holding a dry biscuit out to be spat upon, his mistress absorbed in a book or magazine. She might remain there for half an hour, or even wander off before eventually absent-mindedly remarking ‘Oh yes!’ and bestow the gift.

I do hope you are well and happy and bb is also healthy, as well as harried and miserable of course. I have been enjoying your blog, as ever, but felt I had nothing to contribute to the latest topics. Apropos lockdown, however, I thought I’d share my latest way of finding amusement even under the current, trying circumstances.

Skivvy has, obviously, been teleworking for the last nine weeks or so and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Here in France, the lockdown has eased a little but the government advice is that those who can telework should continue to do so and skivvy’s employer is only allowing those who really need to be in the office to go back. Skivvy’s work is entirely with numbers (and thoroughly pointless, as far as I can tell although I’ll confess I have never bothered to try to understand how he earns the money for me), so he needs no human contact. Even back when things were normal (although his life has been anything but normal for more than ten years now) skivvy only visited the office on about half the working days of the week, the remainder spent in his ‘study’. As I have written, his teleworking environment is a study in contrasts: half the room, in camera shot, a normal home office, the other half more appropriately resembling the detention room of a thoroughly sadistic governess; himself too dressed half and half: office worker from the waist up, subjugated sissy beneath.

Naturally, he has been unable to visit the hairdresser during this time. Unlike many middle-aged men, Skivvy has a full head of hair. Although I have occasionally given him a punishment buzz-cut and once even shaved him bald for fun (he told his co-workers it was a silly bet), I like his hair to be reasonably long, as I enjoy pulling it. Sometimes, without words and without warning, I will firmly grab a full handful, twist and turn while bringing my arm down to hip level and march off in the direction of whatever fate I have in store for him, skivvy stumbling and yelping behind, as we go. The hair also provides by far the best grip when his head needs repeated dunking in cold water, as it so very often does.

So… eight weeks without a trim and his hair has become rather long. Girlishly long, in fact. Lots of possibilities there…

We began with bunches. At first, they were hardly more than tufts, but as soon as they were long enough to take a hair band, into bunches they went. I ordered a hair-dressing kit online that seems to be aimed at eight-year old girls: it has hair bands and scrunchies with stars and baubles; all in pink, some with unicorns and fairies. The classic two bunch look was fun, of course, especially when I added jingly bells to the hair bands, but I experimented too. My favourite was a three-bunch look, the third being a sweet little tuft sticking straight out from his forehead! Oh, he looked such a fool, and was reminded by the jingling and flopping, every time he moved his head (his head started moving around rather violently, as I’ll confess, my dear, I simply couldn’t resist giving him a good hard face-slapping before confining his crimson, tear-stained face between my thighs!).

Soon the hair grew long enough to take a proper scrunchie and we started experimenting with pony tails, pineapple top-knots and longer, girlish bunches. I have taught him to toss his head coquettishly in response to prompts from me complimenting him on how pretty he looks. Baubles and sparkles, bows and ribbons adorn those sweet locks, to complete the picture of a conceited eight year-old girl, in the body of a grown but thoroughly infantilised and embarassed man!

However, all this was mere preparation for my grand design, which I was determined not to spoil by attempting before it was properly possible: pig-tails.

One day, I decided the bunches were finally long enough. I sat him down and started vigorously brushing his hair back, pulling it tight (painfully tight, need I say?) in a routine he thought himself used to. But then, instead of looping a band around as tightly as possible to leave a floppy bunch, I began plaiting.

There was just enough! I am quite skilful with my fingers and I was proud to produce a neat and firm little plait about three and half inches long. The hair-band went on tight, and then to the other side. Enfin: two sweet little dangly plaits, each finished off with a plastic bauble on pink elastic with golden sparkles! I told him to shake his head and as he miserably did so, they tossed about delightfully. I am sure you and your readers will forgive me for once again giving in to the temptation to slap his face gaily from left to right and back again: it was such a ridiculous sight!

That was two weeks ago and his plaits are now well over four inches long. Proper pig-tails! The ends are dyed bright pink (the pig-tails are neatly tied behind his head during teleworking hours, so no co-workers or clients can see his girlish coiffure unless he turns his head sufficiently to allow it – which, needless to say, he is very careful not to do!).

I cannot resist it: they will grow to whatever length I can coax them and there they will stay: permanently. If and when this bizarre situation ever ends and he returns to the office (and he may not: as I have mentioned, he is not far off having earned enough money for me to decide that he will go for early retirement and enter a lifetime of drudgery and bullying), he will have a ponytail. Not pink, alas, that should be dyed out again. But plenty of middle-aged men have pony tails, ridiculous though they look (if not as ridiculous as the reality his will conceal). Perhaps his co-workers will assume that he is having a mid-life crisis and speculate as to whether they will see him with a young blonde companion and a red sports car (no: they will not!).

Oh, I hope the plaits grow long! I have such plans. I will not set them out here, because your blog is one of the few internet sites approved for skivvy to browse without permission. But let’s just say that there are many things that can be done with a pig-tail, of which bows and ribbons and bells are just the beginning. What if they were made to stick out sideways like Pippi Longstocking – preferably curled up in big curves? I am not quite sure how to achieve that, possibly wire, but I look forward to trying. And, my dear, a long pig-tail is so very practical! It can be tugged – tugged hard and repeatedly in delightfully unexpected directions – it can be attached to things, whether fixed things (such as a ring on the wall or floor), or mobile things. Heavy things, even.

Yes. Pig-tails for you, skivvy. Don’t you dare go bald, understand? I will be very, very disappointed… and you know how much we both dislike it when that happens!

Yours in sincere sisterhood

Lady Jessica


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Lock down activities (No. 4)

This new activity was loosely inspired by my post of 1 May featuring who I now know to be, Miss Panic. I did since find she has a couple of videos on PornHub as well as the, often very wicked, short clips on the Twitter site I references in my earlier post. The video for which I have provided a link, also has her on her signal, having her arm pit covertly licked,  in public.

Lock down activity No. 4 is that bitch-boy now has a garnish added to every single drink and every single meal he consumes.  Normally it will be a mouthful of spit deposited into his mug or glass before he begins to drink, or I drop a mouthful of spit onto each plate or bowl of food he is about to consume. (This is during all the vanilla times. Obviously during DS times, it is my nectar from a jug that is added instead of, or as well as, my spit.)

He must always say, ‘Thank you Mistress’,  when I have added my spit garnish, and I always then respond, ‘I should think so!‘ The lock down does mean this applies to every single thing he consumes every single day, day after day after day.

I love his expression of humiliation and hurt both when I drop the spit, and when I say, ‘I should think so!’ in answer to his thanking me. And I feel a lovely little power rush and a reaffirmation that I own this submissive human being and I can use and abuse him howsoever I please.

Sometimes we will be in a 100% vanilla activity, when I have chosen to use him for his wonderful vanilla company, say watching a great movie or box set. The atmosphere of near equality is pierced as I drop my spit and we have our verbal exchange. Then gradually the atmosphere of near equality slowly returns, rather more quickly for me than for him though.

Innocent Images (2)

It seems fun to post some more following my last such post on 28 March 2020. Not everyone got the final image on my last post. But many did. (A  hot wife getting ready to go out on her date, from the POV of her sexually desperate and denied, cuckolded husband-slave; kept in 24/7/365 chastity.)

Images like these I hope invoke BDSM femdom thoughts in us, while a vanilla person would see nothing to do with serious eroticism. Obviously bitch-boy’s sexual desperation is made worse as he produces these images to my specification, as does his curation of my BDSMLR site, also to my specification. Poor puppet!

The first six of these images are a slave’s POV on a very favourite pastime of mine. I dedicated a post to Partial Ignoring in 2017. You may wish to read this 2017 post if you have not before.

















































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Deeply Affecting Collar

An excerpt below from a recently received comment, for which I am grateful. I had never before considered the extra psychological affect of a locking collar that does not even have a padlock, (to attempt to interfere with). Wow, I love it!

…..My Mistress has now replaced the leather one with a steel one that has an integrated lock, which as a result cannot be cut through. It is impossible to use a hacksaw on either the lock, or the collar without injuring yourself. The only way I think it can be removed, without the key, is by the Fire Brigade.

This is the one thing that has totally broken me as there is no possible escape from it. As it is seldom removed it is there when I go to sleep, it is there when I wake up, it is there my every waking moment, pressing down on the nape of my neck. When on display there is no way I can pretend to be anything other than a slave.

There is no physiological escape from my status with this collar. I asked Mistress the once whether see preferred me with or without my collar, the answer was immediate and it looks as if I will be wearing it for the rest of my life……

……….. Yes Mistress Scarlet that is exactly the one I have been wearing for nearly two years.
As I stated it is impossible to have it on display and pretend it is anything other than it is.
It is impossible to to ignore as the weight is always there on your shoulder.
The physiological effect is all encompassing. You cannot escape either physically or mentally, to the extent that every waking moment you have no chose but to realise that you are the property of your mistress.





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