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My BDSMLR site

My new BDSMLR site that replaced my Tumblr site already has 1600 followers. I imagine so far BDSMLR has far fewer users than Tumblr.

My Tumblr site had over 18,000 flowers before Tumblr was sold and ‘explicit’ images were banned. I always took from the number of followers an indication that there were/are many people who share my tastes in female dominance. Particularly things not in the Femdom mainstream industry, like; #males distressed by petticoating humiliation, #males undergoing hours of tedium, #males being humiliated and ignored, #wives, girlfriends and or mothers-in-law dressed in everyday clothes humiliating a male who is naked, or is a sissy maid or school-girl, #the use and abuse of males in everyday homes, #’lesbian’ wives with their girlfriends cuckolding their chastised husbands .

So where possible, I do not post images in dungeons or where women are in corsets, leather or PVC. Some examples:





















When I imply ‘I post’, that is not actually the case. bitch-boy is given a number by me, of posts to make each week, sometimes high, sometimes low. And these posts must all be images I LIKE VERY MUCH. If I do not like one, or I am inadequately titillated by one, he is, of course, punished. And given his state of sexual denial and his inescapable chastity cage, I am sure the poor thing finds this task quite a trial!

There are no posts of lesbian domination. As much as I adore a pic of a helplessly bound and very vulnerable female submissive, I feel such imagery is not suitable for male submissives to be pointed toward.


Sweet for her, nasty for him.

To what does the heading refer? I refer to tone of voice and demeanour.

One thing I REALLY love, which you occasionally see in Femdom videos, is the schizophrenic tonal style Dommes can adopt when there is more than one of them present with one sub male.

The females speak to each other with sweet voices and a pleasant, patient, demeanour; BUT, in an instant, when their voice is directed at the male sub, sweet and pleasant is replaced with malevolent and impatient and irritated. Then, speaking to the sub is over, and the tone and demeanour of sweet and  pleasant and patient returns as the Domme addresses a fellow female.

Two Dommes or several Dommes applying this schizophrenic tonal style alternation is a delight to witness. It is something Mistress Nicola does sometimes when visiting bitch-boy and I, and it is a joy to witness.

The implication is clear. The Domme applying this schizophrenic tonal style alternation demonstrates what a considerate, contented and polite person she is when addressing a fellow female, but then, when addressing the sub she shows her utter contempt of him and absence of patience or leniency. She is irritated the male exists at all. Slow responses will not be tolerated. The smallest infractions will not be tolerated. Delightful!

Zero Vanilla Time Extreme

Dirty sissy Jessica recently left comments on this blog she thought I would be interested in. She was right. Her comments identified a DS relationship she had come/cum across on Twitter. (No pun intended I hope Jessica!)

On 11 March 2018 I published a post about how long term DS relationships tend to have the magnitude of how extreme they are, defined by how much the Domme gets pleasure from the vanilla company of the sub. If she gets no pleasure from his vanilla company, then the most extreme relationship and activities quickly develop.

Well, the relationship identified by Dirty sissy Jessica certainly seems to be one where the amazing Domme gets no pleasure from the subs vanilla company; so extremes have blossomed!

It is yet another clear example of how a true submissive can become profoundly addicted to a ruthless, heartless and cruel dominant woman. Mistress Jay has a website but it is her twitter account, (@MistressJay1),  video clips that best reveal the nature of her relationship with her sub, @ButlerJonBoy. The fantastic Mistress Jay and her equally fantastic associate, Mistress Saskia, are fine examples of truly dominant women. And butler john boy gives yet another demonstration of just what true submissives will endure to obtain time in the company of cruel, heartless women.

I know for subs like my bitch-boy, who spend a proportion of their lives in vanilla time, the concept of a zero vanilla time life is probably a fantasy. But I wonder if such subs would really get more from life in such a relationship? A question impossible to answer I think.


For info on my own BDSM manual, click on an image below.


Suzette Faggott letters published!

Follow THIS LINK for the historic letters about Suzette Faggott. Ms GP was quite some lifestyle Mistress!

The page is found by clicking on the tab at the top of the home page entitled Dommes’ Letters which brings up a drop-down menu.

bitch-boy had to put a lot of grunt work in just to get them to this level of organisation. I could not spare any more of his time to go further.

Should anyone have any of the missing letters, please contact me with a comment so I can add to this archive.



Padlockable Buckles

I’m not sure that there is such  word as, ‘padlockable’. If there is not, there should be! I am referring to buckles that have padlock holes in the hasp.

I love to use these as I have learned the extra subjugating effect on bitch-boy these buckles have.

Not just having a Disney princess strap-in pacifier buckled in place, but with a padlock through the hasp, so it is impossible to remove.

The same goes for his baby reins and the cuffs at the front of the baby reins, his heavy rubber collar, his Mary Jane shoes, his 5 inch high-heeled shoes, and not quite the same theme, but his chastity cage.

I have observed the extra sinking feeling that envelopes him when not only has something been buckled into place, but it is then inescapably locked into placed.

The other HUGE benefit is when I am to be out of the house for a few hours. I might leave him at home to do the most menial chores, or write lines, or something similar while I go out for a haircut or an expensive lunch with a friend or some other luxury pleasure. Obviously he is in his chastity cage but also, I will often padlock on him his heavy rubber collar, perhaps his Disney princess pacifier, perhaps a pair of his Mary Jane shoes and a sissy dress that has a padlock hasp at the top of the zip.

All the items are then padlocked with uniquely numbered plastic padlocks. If there is a major emergency, a burglar or a fire, he can cut himself free, otherwise he must remain in whatever he is padlocked into. While I am out, I will remember now and again, that I have a human puppet at home padlocked into shaming and demeaning items, and a warm glow of power and ownership envelopes me. Then he is forgotten while I return my focus to enjoy whatever I am doing.



Short Stories Volume 2 is published

Four medium length stories of ruthless female domination in scenarios quite different I believe from anything I have written about before. 56,000 words in length. Giving up work has given me time to let my mind and keyboard wander away from my wonderful reality for a while.

Sugarbutt is a tale of pitiless revenge and personal profit on the ocean.

The Scaled up Android Babysitter is a tale from the very near future exploiting new technology in a merciless way.

Retirement Home is a tale of two young women from the wrong side of the tracks, making the most, in a radical and enduring way, of a male’s compulsion to submit to cruel females.

No rights for the ‘help’ is a tale of three sisters importing ruthless dominance values to their houses in the Western world.


Paperback at LULU.COM                           ePub at LULU.COM



USA,   UK,     DE,    FR,    ES,    IT,     NL,    JP,    BR,      CA,     MX,     AU,    IN.


Soon to be available on iBooks/iTunes, Nook, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Ingram etc.

DS advert for Louboutin heels

A great advert by Christian Louboutin for high heels,  (yes I have a pair). The twist at the end I saw coming but puts DS into mainstream which is always a good thing.

And on a separate note, what is it about a hand on hip, just like this, that is sooooo dominant and haughty ?????? Both to see and to do. I am theorising it firstly throws the shoulders back and chest out and chin up, and secondly indicates relaxed confidence and superiority.



My latest journal.

Volume 13: The Institute, Click on any link below:

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Survey results

Well it was only a little surprise to find that the 11 submissives who kindly provided their views, were broadly equally split on whether dressing to the nines, or dressing in my everyday casual clothes, would most affect them in the scenario I painted in yesterday’s post. This is because each outfit brings its own power.

I summarise the feedback below, for which I am very grateful.

Dressed to the nines.

  • The distance and difference between the submissive’s and the dominant’s roles.
  • The difference between the two of us is as great a divide as can be!!
  •  Dressed to the nines not only would you look awe inspiring, but also would look like the dominant might be going out and leaving the sub behind. Or be expecting guests.
  • Seeing you dressed to the nines, ready for a night on the town, while my evening of drudgery merely begins with this dreadful task would make me quite jealous, mixed in with the inequality and unfairness of our relationship.
  • Underlines the frustration of not being able to touch or be sexual with the woman who makes me feel aroused. It is like having her heel on the back of my neck psychologically.

Casual everyday wear.

  •  It truly emphasizes and drives home the fact that his toils are not any type of special occasion but instead are the reality of his day to day existence under the control of the dominant.
  • Skin tight t-shirt, leggings, etc. , that is, clothing which displays your perfect form to his vision, will serve to constantly torment him even further.
  • If you have no plans for the evening than I would find myself wanting some sexual/sensual overtones to make the dreadful task a little less dreadful, and the fact that you can dress as you please while I am dressed (or undressed) at your pleasure would be a stark display of our disparity.
  • Requiring your sub to do disgusting cleaning tasks is not something worthy or deserving of your “dressing up”. It is not something you are highlighting or in any way an extraordinary event. It is just his assigned task, a routine part of the existence you impose on him.
  • Casual provides an air of, ‘why do I need to bother dressing for you bitch.’


For info on my own BDSM manual, click on an image below.