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Flattery or fantasy; from imitation?

Well I cannot deny being quite shocked by this image on BDSMLR. Shocked because it must surely be more than just a coincidence that the male in the photo wears EXACTLY the same head harness, dress and mincing ribbons as I often have bitch-boy in. The head harness also sports a pink satin bow atop, although bitch-boy’s pink satin bow is about three times the size.

Just to be clear, I don’t mean these three items are very similar, I mean they are EXACTLY THE SAME. And in the background, there is a blow-up doll which of course bitch-boy once used to have as his ONLY sex partner.

So I do wonder, what is the story? A MASSIVE, MASSIVE coincidence, or a male submissive who follows my blog and reads my journals or, fingers crossed, a Domme who follows my blog and reads my journals and has forced her little puppet into this attire. The photo is on BDSMLR here.

(For complete accuracy I must point out, I had the dress shortened for bitch-boy by one row of frill, just to make sure is was maximum humiliating!)

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Time for perfect practice

Well my being at home full time is very close now. One thing I have been thinking about is some prolonged, day after day training for bitch-boy on things I have never had the time and therefore inclination to really deeply focus on; but I will have now!

One thing is him Deep Throating a large strap-on dildo. I want him to be able to take it past the gag reflex and deep down without any fuss or gagging. Repeated daily practice should be the way forward. Then when Governess Lexi and I spit roast him, he will really feel like the forced sissy puppet he is. I understand the best way to begin his practice is with him laying on the bed or sofa of his back with his head hanging over the edge so that his throat is in a straight line. Then it will be the application of carrot and stick for him to become comfortable with ignoring the gag reflex. A little ‘carrot’ for progress and lots of ‘stick’ when there is no progress. I can hold the dildo in my hand and his wrists will be secured to his thighs. (He can, of course, practice on his own as much as he wants.)

Another training topic will be him Mincing. Although, when all dressed up as a parody of a little girl, he minces now, he does not do so if it is a matter of a couple of steps from start location to destination. He will learn that even one step must be minced. I think there is room for his mincing to be closer to perfect too. I will also have to be training myself on attention to detail while training him. (I have noticed I am not as good at attention to detail as some of my Domme guests who constantly spot even the tiniest error in his conduct. He finds that intensity of monitoring and meticulousness completely overwhelming and subjugating.) He really, really HATES mincing so it is a delicious area to focus on.

So, dear followers, can you think of other topics suitable for detailed relentless training, now I have the time I did not have before?

Below I include a full description of mincing from my published journal No. 9.

………………………‘When Mistress Jane is here, you will always curtsey when entering or leaving an occupied room. You will always walk in the mincing style, holding the hems of your dress up and out at your sides with your pinky fingers sticking out and small steps, each foot landing at your centre line;………………………………

Cruel Bells

It is delightful to have your sissy maid or sissy little girl suitably ornamented with tinkling bells. When they are walking or doing chores you know where they are. They are unable to silently disappear into the background in front of guests. Nursery rhymes with actions and shaming sissy dances are augmented with the tinkling of the shaming bells. I have experimented with bells in a variety of locations. bitch-boy has a pink leather collar with bells all around it, his summer little girl’s dress has bells sewn to the hem. He sometimes has to wear a bell tied to his frenum piercing ring  in his little penis. He has ankle and wrist adornments which are a mass of froth and frills and sport a number of bells.

I have learned about how to make bells most effective. I thought I should pass this information on. Bells to a hem and on a collar do not tinkle very often. A bell tied directly to a frenum piercing ring does not tinkle very often – but attach the bell to the frenum piercing ring dangling on a six inch length of pink ribbon and it tinkles much more often. Bells on ankle adornments tinkle constantly when the sissy is walking or dancing. Bells on wrist adornments tinkle when the sissy is dusting and polishing, and when doing a shameful little sissy dance.

I hope you find this helpful and I would be interested to know of locations to attach bells which I have not tried.