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eBook /ePub for Journal Vol. 9

It came to my attention that There was no Epub / ebook version available for my Journal number 9 on Lulu.com, Nook, Barnes and Noble, etc.

I have fixed the problem and it is now available on LULU.com as an Epub / eBook.

In a relatively short time it will be available as an ePub / eBook on; NOOK, KOBO, Scribd, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc. I will let you know when it is. I will also then provide a Universal Book Link from Books2Read.

My BDSMLR site

My new BDSMLR site that replaced my Tumblr site already has 1600 followers. I imagine so far BDSMLR has far fewer users than Tumblr.

My Tumblr site had over 18,000 flowers before Tumblr was sold and ‘explicit’ images were banned. I always took from the number of followers an indication that there were/are many people who share my tastes in female dominance. Particularly things not in the Femdom mainstream industry, like; #males distressed by petticoating humiliation, #males undergoing hours of tedium, #males being humiliated and ignored, #wives, girlfriends and or mothers-in-law dressed in everyday clothes humiliating a male who is naked, or is a sissy maid or school-girl, #the use and abuse of males in everyday homes, #’lesbian’ wives with their girlfriends cuckolding their chastised husbands .

So where possible, I do not post images in dungeons or where women are in corsets, leather or PVC. Some examples:





















When I imply ‘I post’, that is not actually the case. bitch-boy is given a number by me, of posts to make each week, sometimes high, sometimes low. And these posts must all be images I LIKE VERY MUCH. If I do not like one, or I am inadequately titillated by one, he is, of course, punished. And given his state of sexual denial and his inescapable chastity cage, I am sure the poor thing finds this task quite a trial!

There are no posts of lesbian domination. As much as I adore a pic of a helplessly bound and very vulnerable female submissive, I feel such imagery is not suitable for male submissives to be pointed toward.


The Dolls!

A blog follower asked for information about bitch-boy’s three dolls. A request which took me by surprise but I am happy to oblige.

His very first dolly I bought him, a little rag doll I named Likkel Dolly. Then I read a huge dolly makes your sissy little girl look, and possibly humiliatingly feel, more infantile and small, so I bought Suzette Simperkins; as I named her. He does his colouring-in with Suzette.

Then most recently I needed a dolly that could sit on a potty for Dolly-Potty-Time, so we now have Sally-No-Socks; as I named her.

Of course he has to talk to his dollies in whole sentences, always including names, and while lisping, so he says, Thuzette Thimperkinth and Thally-No-Thockth. I choose names with lots of the letter S in, because I make him lisp.

I included in the photo a clothes peg so the size of each doll is clear. (Suzette’s eyes are closed in the photo but they open when she is upright.)


The last journal detailing what goes on under my roof,

Link to Journal No. 12.


Gap in the shaming market

In my post of the 23rd March I asked for suggestions for sourcing a potty for sale on-line that is adult sized and looks like a proper baby’s potty. One big enough that bitch-boy having to sit on it for hours, just as Courteney’s  sissy must sit on his, does not quickly become cramp inducing.

Some kind blog followers have provided suggestions, the best I think being this.


Especially with the lid removed.

BUT, given the huge size of the adult baby market and the cheapness of manufacturing plastic products, one would think something like the item below, in adult size, would be available as a shaming device for submissive adults.


How shaming would enforced time on this be! Especially in front of guests!

The DEEPEST sissy shame

I received two comments from a mummy of a sissy and I was so very pleased that I had. They are my favourite comments to have received for quite a time, mainly because of the great ideas within and how much Courteney appears a kindred spirit of mine! I have combined the comments below with an excerpt from an email exchange.

I know it is not to the taste of all who follow my blog, but those who read my journals and blog know that enforcing a parody of a little girl role on my bitch-boy, (in front of female guests, so so much better), is one of my very favourite things to do. It is one of my very favourite things to do for the simple reason that it is what deeply shames my sissy bitch-boy more than anything else. He is so SERIOUSLY humiliated and miserable when so forced. Particularly when it includes forced playing with and verbal exchanges with dollies AND at the same time includes tedium.

You will know of his colouring-in with dolly ritual. Well the commenter, Courteney, has devised another amazingly shaming and tedious dolly ritual for her sissy, that includes verbal exchanges, and tedium, that she explains in the comment at the foot of this post.

Blog followers are always very helpful with my procurement problems, so I will ask for yet more help. I have never been able to find a potty for sale on-line that is adult sized and looks like a proper baby’s potty. One big enough that bitch-boy having to sit on it for hours, just as Courteney’s  sissy must sit on his, does not quickly become cramp inducing.

I do have a supposed adult potty for bitch-boy which I have had him paint pink and put little girl stickers on. But in truth it is not that large and it is shallow so has  and has practical problems. And when you think of the size of a real baby’s potty in proportion to a real baby it is TOO SMALL!



Dear Scarlet

Being the ‘Mummy’ of a Little Sissy myself I do enjoy reading your journals and it would be true to say they are an inspiration at times. Ian (or should I say Sissykins) has been my ‘Little’ for a number of years although, like yours, he requires constant ‘training and tuition’ in order to achieve high standards in both his Domestic and Personal Duties.

Recently I have noticed your comments on Dollies and it reminded me of one of my favourite exercises which I and many of my friends really enjoy. Sissykins has her own Potty and so does her favourite Dolly ‘Rosey’ Whenever I decide it is Pottytime she has to fetch Rosey’s Potty, lower her panties and sit her on the potty. Simultaneously I have Sissykins sit on her Potty facing Rosey.

Both are sitting there panties by ankles and I insist on eye contact between them throughout the process. Every fifteen minutes I check on Sissykins and she must check on Rosey to see ‘if Tinkles have been made’ To her Sissykins lisp and ask her Dolly if she has made Wee Wee’s brings howls of laughter from those who witness this shameful ‘performance’ It is mortifying for Sissykins to sit there for long periods regularly speaking to Rosey while adults are present. Perhaps BB would like to opportunity to experience this as well?      Perhaps BB it may amuse to know that as I write this reply Sissykins and Rosie are ‘making Potty’ here in my study!

For the life of me I cannot understand why more Females do not employ such routines and techniques. Since petticoating and babification of Sissykins I don’t think I have picked up a mop or a duster and certainly not an iron!

I do have a daughter who has two small children and I do find it incredibly amusing to remind Ian that while he has to remain in diapers and plastic panties for the rest of his life, the two young girls are able to wear ‘Big Girl’ panties; something he will never be permitted to wear.

His use, as in sex, is strictly governed by myself. He has not had ‘penetrative privileges’ for over three years now but thankfully his tongue is well trained!

Thank you so much for the kind invitation. What a deliciously delightful opportunity! I shall of course email you if I plan to be in your vicinity.

Sissykins is standing outside the bathroom at the moment awaiting both my cane and my supervision of his nightly ‘cold shower’ before his diapering and bedtime; which is always 6.30pm, so I had better leave you now.

Do let me know how the ‘Dolly Potty’ goes. I do so enjoy having Sissykins and Rosey ‘on the Potty’ when my daughter or friends visit. It is quite hilarious listening to his ‘little chats’ with is favourite Dolly while he an dolly they both sit there on their potties!
Kindest Regards

Yours Courteney (Ian’s Mummy)

Missing- some Suzette Faggott letters

This post is strictly for those who wish me to publish as many letters  as possible about the famous Suzette Faggott, (AKA Maid Milly). Letters mainly from the Madame magazines of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. I am in the middle of producing a post of all of them I have.

Below is a list apparently of all that were ever published. I do not know the exact dates of 4A, 30 or 31. The dates or Magazine numbers they were in would be useful.

More importantly I do not have any of those highlighted with a red font. If any blog follower has a link to any of these online, it would be good if you could point to a link where I can download them. Or if anyone has an electronic file version, copy and paste it to me in a comment on this post.

(Obviously when I refer to ‘me’, it will actually be bitch-boy doing all the grunt work!)


  1. Trapped In A Lifetime Of Servitude
    ( Unknown magazine…1980 )

2. Facsimile Of A Female Servant.
(Madame magazine Vol 7, No 1.. 1981, reprinted in Bobbie Swan’s Our Way (BSOW) Sept ’98 )

3. Changed Your Mind Mr. S.T ?
(Madame Vol 8, No 5. reprinted BSOW Oct ’98)

4. Star Of Anniversary Time
(Madame Vol 11, No 9 )

5. Bizarre Anniversary Plans
(Madame Vol 13, No 1, reprinted BSOW Nov ’98)

6. A Faggott Update
(Madame Vol 13, No 2 )

7. Further Experiences Of A She-Male Maid
(Madame Vol 13, No 11)

8. More News Of Faggott
(Madame Vol 14, No 1, reprinted BSOW Dec ’98)

9. A Long Suffering Male Maid
(Madame Vol 15, No 6, reprinted BSOW Jan ’99)

10. Fem / Dom In The USA (A RIVAL TO FAGGOT) (Madame Vol 16, No 8)

11. Happy With The Results Of My Manipulative Training
(Madame Vol19, No 4, reprinted BSOW Feb ’99)

12. Carrot And Stick
(Madame Vol 21, No 10, reprinted BSOW Mar “99)

13. Life In Service Of A Male Maid
(Madame Vol 23, No 12, reprinted BSOW April ’99)

14. No Sex Just Servitude To Provide Satisfaction
(Madame ? 1997)

15. Mistress Of The Month
(BSOW Sept, ’99)

16. Faggott Gets Rubber Sheets
(BSOW Sept, ’99)

17. Hotel Lunch
(BSOW Nov, ’99)

18. Faggott Is Properly Punished
(BSOW Nov, ’99)

19. Maidhood, Susette In Ontario
(BSOW Jan, 2000)

20. A Christmas Story, Part One
(BSOW Mar, 2000)

21. A Christmas Story, Part Two
(BSOW Jan, 2001)

22. A Christmas Story, Part Three
(BSOW Aug 2001)

23. Maid Specific
(BSOW Oct, 2001)

24. More About Susette Faggott
(BSOW April, 2002)

25. A Summer Story, Part One
(BSOW Sept, 2002)

26. A Summer Story, Part Two
(BSOW Nov, 2002)

27. A Summer Story, Part Three
(BSOW Aug, 2003)

28. Dyeing To Please
(BSOW Oct, 2003)

29. Faggott’s Christmas Present
(BSOW ??)

30. NO DATE: Born or Made

31. NO DATE: Faggott and Brad

Witnessing painful treatment

A friend of mine recently had very successful facial thread vein treatment at a local beauty centre and had remarked how excruciatingly painful it was. My depraved mind immediately kicked in. I inspected bitch-boy’s face and, not surprisingly given his age and previous life of outdoor sports, he has some thread veins. (I have never partaken in outdoor sports apart from rambling on fine days and I am pleased to say I have no such veins.)

I have booked him into the local beauty centre for thread vein treatment and I shall accompany him in the room when he has the excruciating treatment, using the excuse I want to see it to decide if I should book for it.

It will be a female doing the treatment and his female owner/wife will be watching and my puppet will be in pink beribboned panties under his trousers while it is done. Before we go in I will make it clear that it is good for him to suffer for my amusement.

What a subjugating event for him for so many reasons. And an exhilarating event for me!

Different outfits, different effects, consistent subjugation

Yesterday I dominated bitch-boy all day. I had him in one of his basic shaming sissy outfits. I mention this and include the link for context.


After bathing I began the day in a micro-short, skin tight dress and 6 inch high platform, wedge, ankle strap shoes. (Those shoes because I would be stomping on his little clitty at some point.) Though I say so myself, my body is very athletic and I looked amazing, causing much miserable sexual frustration for my born-again-virgin, bitch in chastity. And deep humiliation that I was dressed to look amazing, a seriously hot wife,  and he was looking utterly sissy, exposed and ridiculous for my amusement. A considerable contrast! VERY SUBJUAGTIONING FOR HIM. I get great pleasure looking at myself (so vain!) and seeing bitch-boy’s miserable sexual frustration when he looks at me. (I work so hard on diet and exercise, I deserve some payback!)


Towards the end of the day, I had put bitch-boy into sensory deprivation bondage after giving his clitty a thorough whipping with stinging nettles. He was in that bondage for nearly two hours. While he was, I decided to get changed into my everyday casual gear to see the effect on him. Skin tight T-shirt showing an inch of flat stomach, skin tight leggings and almost knee high Ugg boot slippers. I freed him from the bondage and had him stand before me.

It was so deeply shaming for him to be dressed so embarrassingly while I was wearing the clothes I relax in everyday. Him an object of ridicule, which I made very clear to him – me dressed absolutely normally. Not a sexual game between us, just me exerting my cruel real-life power over him – and loving it! My puppet for whom I need make no effort in any way to please or titillate. So again, VERY SUBJUAGTIONING FOR HIM. In hindsight, the outfit is actually still pretty sexy as it shows off my body shape. Something he has to bear all the time while he is in his 24/7/365 chastity.

With the contraption board the wrong way around, and his wrists secured behind his back, I began stomping on his clitty with my Ugg boot. Again a different effect on him from when I use my platform wedges, for all the above reasons. I did not even need to bother to put sexy shoes on, to seriously abuse his cock. SOOOOO HUMILIATING. While I did miss the extra force that can be applied with the narrowness of the wedge and seriously missed being able to see how flat I make his clitty under the wedge while it bulges out either side, I did love that I was using my everyday slippers on his precious little member. I did reflect that if I am to be in my everyday clothes, then I should increase the contrast by him wearing one of his absolutely full-on prissy sissy shaming outfits, pictured and described on this blog so often before, together with huge upper and lower false eyelashes, tinkling bells, etc. I think I will do this next time.

So two very different outfits of mine in terms of the messages they send but the same level of humiliating subjugation for bitch-boy.


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