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Misogyny will not fetter me!

Let us start with a fact. Apart from transvestites and transsexuals, most men are embarrassed to be forced to wear female clothing. Some feminist Dommes run an argument that the men should not feel embarrassed as, if they are, it shows these men consider women are inferior and that is why the men do not want to be dressed as women. This position is said to be supported by the fact that women are not embarrassed to be forced to be dressed as men. Therefore the Dommes in question do not forcibly dress their submissive males in feminine attire. Well………………….. I am a feminist, obviously. But I am also a realist. My view is these feminists are seriously missing the important facts that a deep analysis of the situation exposes.

If a male has the prejudicial sexist view that he finds being forced to wear female clothing humiliating, it is perfect justice that his prejudicial sexist view is used against him. What could be a more perfect punishment for a sexist view than to use that sexist view against him. He finds female related shame clothing humiliating because of a sexist view, so he only has himself to blame that that is used to humiliate him – (A) as a punishment for his view, and (B), FOR THE PLEASURE OF THE DOMME. The Domme takes pleasure in humiliating her submissive, so if she is a feminist she should not be fettered from so doing by the submissives prejudice! That is allowing the sexist submissive to fetter HER choices, to CONTROL HER!

Sometimes the feminist Dommes in question say that to use feminine clothing as shame clothing on a male perpetuates misogyny in society. I find this a strange view. A man in your home forced to dress as a female and deeply humiliated as a result strengthens misogyny????? My experiences of this activity certainly observe any males involved are very much NOT feeling superior to the females involved, or holding those females in less regard. Quite the opposite!

Having said all that, ironically, after a few uses of standard female clothing on bitch-boy, it was clear he is not misogynist at all, (probably one reason I was attracted to him), so he did not really find being forced to dress as a ‘standard’ female particularly humiliating.

I therefore sought to worsen the humiliation with shame clothing; so now, firstly, I do not use ‘standard’ women’s clothing. I force him into parody of schoolgirl, French maid, sissy maid and parody of little girl attire, with dresses shortened with hems no lower than his hips, (and unlike in the image below, no underwear – so his shaved, caged, genitalia are on full display!)

While obviously a woman would not find it humiliating to be made to wear ‘standard’ men’s clothing, even a feminist woman, I think, would find it humiliating to be ‘made’ to wear schoolgirl, French maid, sissy maid or parody of little girl attire. Schoolgirl and little girl attire indicate regression to child status which is humiliating for an adult, and sissy maid and French maid are humiliating as they are uniforms indicating a purposefully lower, servile status than those not so dressed.

Some of the feminist Dommes I referred to earlier have been rather clever though and I do respect their ingenuity. I have known these Dommes use male clothing as shame clothing but that male clothing is; schoolboy, baby boy or little boy clothing to shame their submissive male, so not using female clothing. A Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit is very shaming I think.


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Flattery or fantasy; from imitation?

Well I cannot deny being quite shocked by this image on BDSMLR. Shocked because it must surely be more than just a coincidence that the male in the photo wears EXACTLY the same head harness, dress and mincing ribbons as I often have bitch-boy in. The head harness also sports a pink satin bow atop, although bitch-boy’s pink satin bow is about three times the size.

Just to be clear, I don’t mean these three items are very similar, I mean they are EXACTLY THE SAME. And in the background, there is a blow-up doll which of course bitch-boy once used to have as his ONLY sex partner.

So I do wonder, what is the story? A MASSIVE, MASSIVE coincidence, or a male submissive who follows my blog and reads my journals or, fingers crossed, a Domme who follows my blog and reads my journals and has forced her little puppet into this attire. The photo is on BDSMLR here.

(For complete accuracy I must point out, I had the dress shortened for bitch-boy by one row of frill, just to make sure is was maximum humiliating!)

Making Comments on posts: Comments do not appear on my blog until I have moderated them. Comments that insult anyone will not be published, nor will aggressive comments. A wide range of views is truly welcome, we all have things to learn, however comments will not be published that take a contrary or critical view to any aspect of a post, but fail to explain why this contrary view is held, or fail to address the reasoning set out in the post to which the comment relates. (Such unexplained contrary comments are simply boring.)

Subtle Signals

I came across an interesting discussion and I wondered if readers of this blog could add to the list below. The list is about subtle signals from Dommes, used in private and in public, as commands for the submissive to learn and then follow.

One thing I do like to do, in this vein, (perhaps it is more of a routine than a single signal), occurs when shopping for clothes and shoes. Having decided on a purchase I approach the counter with the item and engage with the saleswoman who folds/wraps/bags the item. When it is time to pay, I simply step back. bitch-boy who has been hovering quietly behind me, steps forward and pays. Usually, the saleswoman then holds out to me the bagged item. Again, I step back and bitch-boy, no matter how many bags he is already carrying, steps forward and takes the bag. I have had knowing glances that this is a male under the thumb and wonderfully, occasionally, a comment of words to the effect, ‘Oh isn’t he well trained.’ Sadly it is always said in jest rather than seriousness. If only they knew!

I am afraid subtle is not often in my nature, although I would like to be more subtle and I may try a few of these after lock-down.

From submissive A

When visiting my Mistress, she has several routines that are required in order to demonstrate submission. Some are for private spaces, and others are done in more public circumstances, and I am required to attend to her, and read her signals, and respond accordingly.

  1. Quickly tapping her right heel, signifies I am to kneel at her feet, until permitted to stand. Used both in private a public, it can also include being verbally berated.
  2. Purse tapping, means I am to hold her purse as if it were mine, usually until noticed by someone; for the purpose of embarrassment / humiliation. Sometimes, I must then take items out of her purse, while she uses them, to show I am attending to her needs.
From submissive B

A few silent signals I have received include:
– placing her right foot slightly to the rear and toe pointed down was a signal for me to curtsy
– placing her right foot forward was a signal for me to kneel before her and kiss it
– placing the toe of one shoe or boot upward, while seated, was a signal for me to remove her shoe or boot
– slightly lifting an empty glass or cup up was a signal for me to fill it
– hovering her hand over a package or bag was a signal for me to pick it up and carry it
– dangling a hair brush outward from her hand, while seated, was a signal to brush her hair
– tapping a hair brush or paddle onto her palm was a signal to prepare for a spanking



For info on my BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.



Extreme Public Humiliation – à Trois Part 4

Unless you live in one of only a few large cities in certain countries, most of the described public humiliations below would not be accepted by the vast majority of passers-by.
In my experience it would need to be the right part of a large city centre in; Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, or perhaps Soho or Camden Town in London, or I imagine, possibly, small areas in Los Angeles, Las Vegas or New York City. I asked Corrine for her location and I was not surprised that she came back with a location in the list above.
This is the 4th account from Corrine regarding her femdom manage à trois.      Account 3.    Account 2.        Account 1.


Account 4

Dear Scarlett,

….. I will gladly return to the subject of punishment for the slave and, following the order of your interests, I will deal with the public humiliations. Obviously, the slave suffers a certain degree of public humiliation every time he leaves the house. It’s collar, although not sensationally explicit, does not go unnoticed, just as the plaque that hangs from the collar does not go unnoticed, especially in summer, and it’s bracelets do not go unnoticed. However, living in a large city, Slave can hope, in his weekly shopping outings, to blend in somehow with the cosmopolitan crowd.

True public humiliations, on the other hand, are something else. A first, milder form is to take him out with us, (especially for shopping in some mall or in the evening to some club), in explicitly slave mode.

When we take him shopping, he wears his usual uniform for when he goes out, but his wrists are connected with a short chain and he is led on a leash by me or my wife. We usually do this in shopping malls in a city not too close to ours, to limit the risk of meeting acquaintances. Slave walks on a leash behind us, with his head down, naturally carrying all the bags containing our purchases.

When we stop to sit and rest or for a snack, he has to get on his knees next to us and, under some circumstances, we even force him to massage or kiss our feet. Obviously, we call him slave and he must respond by calling each of us, Mistress. It is very fun and extremely exciting to see the effect this has on the people we meet.

Imagine the scene Scarlet: two elegant ladies, dressed in designer clothes and shoes, dripping with jewelry, perfect makeup, flawless hair, and on a leash, like a little dog, a mature man, in perfect shape, also good looking, but evidently totally submissive. All in a situation, at least from the outside, non-erotic. There are no whips; there are no insults or dramas of any kind. Two beautiful ladies and their slave. Slave totally ignored and used like a car roof rack. The reactions of the people who meet us are the most varied.

Ours is now a rather ‘liberal’ society and, therefore, most people tend to ignore us, (or pretend to ignore us), even though everyone, invariably, turns to look at the slave. Some, on the other hand, mutter some unpleasant comment or, in extreme cases, a whispered insult, especially to the slave. Others look at us amused and surprised.

In the eyes of many, however, there is a clear and evident light of excitement, envy and fear;  this, both in men and in women. The interesting thing is that the segment of people who show the most amused interest are youngsters. Especially the girls! Often groups of girls turn to look at us and approach us. In some cases, they also ask us for information, which of course we are happy to give them. Three or four times it has happened that young couples approached and the girl told her boyfriend that this seemed to her an excellent accommodation for couples and, to my great joy, a couple of the boys even agreed!

For my wife and I this kind of trip out is a lot of fun as we find the possibility of showing the world a very small part of the kind of domain that we can use on slaves enchanting. Slave, for his part, finds these exits incredibly humiliating.

We experience  looks of admiration and envy, ignoring the (fortunately) few negative comments. For Slave it is the opposite. For him every glance and every comment are the confirmation of his abject inferiority and are experienced by him as looks and comments of contempt.

Even more incisive than these are the public humiliations we impose on slave when we take him out with us in the evening in some club. In these cases, in fact, we certainly do not take it to elegant and trendy places where my wife and I usually go, but instead we take it to more kinky places, even if not explicitly hard. Slave, for these outings, is always dressed in his ordinary going out outfit, only we often add some accessories to humiliate him more, such as, for example, high-heeled shoes, earrings, heavy make-up with false eyelashes and so on. Slave has his hands chained to the front and is led on a leash by one of us.

Whether we take a table, as often happens, or we are at the bar, the slave must kneel next to us in plain sight, normally ignored except for sporadic orders to go and order something for us, or again, to kiss or massage our feet. In these cases, the environment and the music, together with alcohol, (Slave obviously cannot drink alcohol), make everything more fun for us and more humiliating for slave. It can easily happen that someone approaches and makes explicit comments about the slave, and we laugh, having fun insulting and humiliating the slave together with the stranger who has approached.

It happens (and I’m happy about this) that sometimes a girl or lady approaches me and my wife. We are really happy to invite them to sit at our table to drink with us, having fun humiliating slave, telling our incredulous guests about our ménage and the cruel regimen for slave (I confess that most, despite our assurances, remain convinced that it is just a one-off erotic game). We have fun inviting our guests to humiliate Slave themselves, for example by insulting him, making him kiss their shoes or, for someone more adventurous, slapping him or spitting in his face or similar.

Even in these places, I have noticed that often our dynamic also attracts couples – both on the initiative of him or her – and I find this encouraging. Again for my wife and I it’s a blast! It is the realization of a certain level of exhibitionism that we have. It is the thrill of excitement that, sadistically, comes from showing our power and our contempt for slave.

For him, on the contrary, the humiliation is even greater, as are the humiliations that he must undergo even from perfect strangers. It is not uncommon for slave to be reduced to tears during one of these evenings, for our amusement and excitement.

However, there is an even more extreme level of public humiliation. That is, when we force a slave to show himself totally sissified and feminized in public and, in this condition, to perform more or less humiliating and awful, tasks depending on the circumstances.

This does not happen, as you can imagine, in broad daylight and / or in places that are too ‘normal’ or where it is easy to meet minors. Therefore, usually, public humiliations of this kind take place late in the evening or at night, in more or less isolated areas and in the most ‘red-light’ neighborhoods of the city.

It happens, for example, that we dress sissy like a street whore, with corset, fake boobs, miniskirt so short that it shows off her chastity belt, fishnet stockings, pole dancer shoes, extreme makeup and wig. In this humiliating outfit we get him out of the car, ordering him to come to us on foot in a specific location, and we drive off to wait for him in the location. All that time he has to walk in a city that is still crowded, with open clubs and, especially in summer, people on the street; exposed to the amused gaze of those he meets, who easily mistake him for a transsexual prostitute no longer young and express the most humiliating appreciation for him.

The worst humiliation, however, is when slave is forced to prostitute himself for us. We take him, obviously dressed as a prostitute, in a peripheral and isolated ‘red light’ street of the city and we make him stand there; walking back and forth like a real whore. My wife and I are in the car, close enough to have him in sight; ready to intervene in case of problems. The chosen street is far enough from the regular places of prostitutes to avoid any problem with pimps. The road is therefore not very busy. Also, even if kept in perfect shape and perfectly feminized, Sissy version of Slave is quite passable but certainly not attractive. 

If you add that we usually do this for a couple of hours maximum, you can imagine that the slave certainly doesn’t have many customers and, often, nothing happens. In these cases, of course, we go home, and severely punish the slave for his ineptitude. 

But it happens sometimes that someone stops and, in that case, if the customer agrees to pay the rate we have set, then slave, just like a real whore, has to satisfy his customer; usually with a blowjob but, sometimes, even more. We insist slave insists the customer wears a condom. You can imagine, Scarlett, the thrill of power and sadism that, in these cases, my wife and I feel when slave, devastated by humiliation (and because of that, excited and frustrated beyond belief) must give us the money he earns.

For us it is pure thrilling sadism and pure exhilarating joy to see to what level of degrading subjugation we have brought a man once free, beautiful and rich, and this, only thanks to the power of our domination. As for a slave, I don’t think there is anything more submissively affecting for an ex-man, now a slave, to experience a role reversal so total that he is even transformed into a whore pimped out and forced to give his earnings to his cruel Mistresses.

I believe that from my descriptions you can understand why public humiliations are the punishment and treatment that slave most fears.

And despite this, when the public humiliation is over, Slave invariably, and without receiving any order, prostrates himself at our feet to thank us for the cruel domination we subject him to.

Mistress Corinne

Domination à Trois Part 2.

Following receipt of the wonderful account below, I have requested Mistress Corrine does indeed go yet deeper with the detail on a number of aspects. I cannot wait!


Dear Scarlett,
My wife (Mistress Carmen) and I are honored by the evidence you gave to my comment and we are honored by your interest in our menage. I will try to give a concise answer to your curiosity and then, in the future, it might be interesting to deepen some aspects with you and with the other Dominatrixes who follow your wonderful blog.
Following the order of your curiosities:

His chastity regime:

The slave chastity regime is extremely simple: He is in constant and total chastity 24/7/365 without any kind of orgasm. In particular, the last orgasm was the day before my wife moved to our house: April 25, 2010.

That evening, for the last time, ‘slave’ masturbated while licking my shoes and while I whipped him. After reaching what he knew was his last orgasm, he licked all his semen off the ground and, not without desperate sobbing, put on his chastity belt.

Slave had been in chastity long before, of course, but, until I met my wife, he even had the honor – albeit very rarely – of making me cum with his cock (even if that was never one of the my favorite ways of achieving orgasm). His last penetration, in order to insert it in your BAV register, dates back to a few months before I met my wife, I would say late August – early September 2009. Unfortunately I can’t be more precise. Obviously I would like you to insert it in your BAV register.

Slave has two pierced rings on the foreskin of his cock and another pierced ring in the perineal area between testicles and anus. There are two ways in which her chastity is ensured:
First of all, a neosteel shemale classic hip chastity belt, with the possibility of adding rear shild with anal dildo. He wears it regularly 24/7 (it took a few months to fit this beautiful bespoke item) and is taken off once a week while the slave is in bondage for more thorough cleaning.

Every 2/3 months slave passes a period of 7/10 days outside the belt and, in that case, chastity is ensured through a padlock that joins the piercings on the foreskin to that in the perineal area.

Finally, if there was a need to go through metal detectors, then he would wear a common chastity cage model CB6000 until it was possible to return to more effective tools.
It goes without saying that his total denial of orgasm is particularly painful for him, given that he lives in a condition of total slavery to two cruel lesbian masters, which excites him immensely.

And needless to say, my wife and I enjoy immensely in making his frustration more and more cruel through domination, getting us served at times while having sex and through teasing and denial sessions which, of course, are not about his cock.
In this context, often Slave is also forced to take Viagra to make his frustration even more cruel.

No pathetic male erections and no disgusting male orgasms in our house.
Slave undergoes regular visits to the prostate (we care about his well-being) and shows no signs of any kind of clinical disorder related to abstinence. In the early years she had some sporadic nocturnal ejaculation without orgasm and, sometimes, he had ejaculations, always without orgasm, in case of anal penetration.
In recent years, however, none of this.

Does he do all the chores and is he punished, (and if so how), if there is inadequate performance:

Slave takes care of all the household chores and cooking, as well as home maintenance work, looking after my and my wife’s wardrobe, our shoes, making sure that the house is always stocked with the necessities of my wife and mine .

He must follow regular protocols and is obviously severely punished for any slightest lack.
The punishments are quite varied and range from beating with the most varied tools, to sessions of predicament bondage, to the use of clamps of various kinds on the most various parts of the body, to carrying out housework without the aid of appliances or tools or from performing them in more severe bondage, the use of stinging or painful materials or substances (nettles, hessian dresses, painfully small shoes or with insoles with pins or stones or the like) or undergoing particularly cruel public humiliations or a combination of all these.

Is he tormented in any way simply for the pleasure of you and / or your wife:

Obviously slave is punished, very frequently, even if only for the pleasure of my wife and mine. We have probably not explored the idea of ​​Mistress brigite11 of give him contradictory or simultaneous order with due attention … it is really interesting!

What does he do if you and your wife are engaged in activities like watching TV or going out for the day?:

If slave is not busy with his chores and is not with us for direct service, there are usually 4 possibilities:
1) He is forced to remain in a position expressly assigned until further direct order (for example he can be placed on his feet or kneeling in a corner of the house, or prostrate face to earth in front of a pair of our shoes or in front of a our garment or similar).
2) He is forced to carry out boring and humiliating rituals and / or activities (for example repeatedly licking the soles of our shoes, polishing with his tongue some part of the house or some furniture such as the toilet, cleaning the tile joints with a toothbrush, perform, in uncomfortable bondage, humiliation rituals).
3) It is kept closed in a cage.
4) He is held in his accommodation with the obligation to follow courses related to his service on his tabet (controlled by my wife and I and with access allowed only to certain sites).
5) He does his half hour of daily gymnastics.
If my wife and I are away from home for more than one day (no slave holidays or weekends) slave receives a program which is a mix of the above activities and which my wife and I can control through baby cam or documentation that slave us must send from time to time.

What are his sleeping arrangements?

Normally, a slave sleeps in a small room (formerly a small bathroom) without a window, equipped only with a cot, a wool mattress and, during the winter, a blanket.
Normally he sleeps at night in some kind of bondage but not immobilization, since the next morning he must be able to get up to serve.
Sometimes, for punishment or for our enjoyment, he sleeps in one of the cages we have hidden in the house. On some occasions, then, it may happen that he sleeps in total bondage or in our room, on the floor at the foot of the bed.

What is his dress code?

In addition to the chastity devices Slave always wears also some elements of bondage.
He always wears, 24/7/365, a ring-shaped metal collar, 0.7 cm in diameter, from which a ring hangs in the front.
Attached to the ring is a pendant, like those of dogs, with the words ‘SLAVE’ on the front and ‘property of Mistress Carmen and Mistress Corinne’ on the back.
On his wrists and ankles he wears similar bracelets and anklets, always with rings.
Slave has four different dress codes.
The most stable and frequent one, used for domestic services, is that of a Victorian maid, with a long uniform, corset, petticoats, apron and flat shoes.

He also has some sissy maid uniforms, but they are mostly used for humiliation games because they are impractical.
During the Slavic domestic service he is always chained through chains that join collar, bracelets and anklets.

The other domestic dress code, which my wife loves, is that of a ‘gimp save’ one-piece suit in latex, with a hood designed to dehumanize, and the use of all kinds of bondage gear and torture tools. If he’s not on duty or used as a gimp, he’s normally naked.

If we have ‘vanilla’ guests, he wears a male hotel waiter’s uniform, and is presented as our servant, or is locked in bondage in his quarters. The last dress code is the one for leaving the house. Jeans and t-shirt in summer or jeans, shirt and sweatshirt in winter. Sneakers. Winter jacket. All strictly black.

Normally slave is not allowed to leave the house (and I don’t think he would really want to go out in chains or in one of his household estates anyway). However, he can leave the house three times a week, in the morning, to supply the house with the necessary. For this he has a credit card, of which my wife and I obviously have complete control, and of which he must provide an accurate account. The evening before he goes out, he must present to my wife and me the program of what to do, the itinerary and the estimated time needed.
The morning in question, instead of being chained as usual, he wears a GPS tracker bracelet so my wife and I can track his whereabouts.

Back home he goes back to one of his usual outfits and in chains. The only other circumstance in which he can leave the house is for medical needs or for public humiliations.

Mistress Brigite’s cucu is transformed

My last post that included comment from Mistress Brigite was the post: Mistresses’ variations of: The most-powerful-cruel-clever-chastity-scheme-ever.  Below is her account of a culmination of weeks of planning Mistress Brigite  had been emailing me about. (For background completeness, cucu is in chastity 24/7/365.)

This special day was delayed due to the delay in the arrival of my purchases. cucu knew that changes had been waiting for him and I set the big day for Tuesday. Monday night late, I chained cucu on his bed, lying on his stomach, and I told him that I wanted his agreement for the next morning, without knowing exactly what to expect.

Tuesday morning, I woke him up with a bang by 6 good strokes of the cane on his buttocks.
After releasing him I asked him if he was willing to give me great pleasure by accepting a new life. His response was immediate: “Of course Mistress.” I sent him to the bathroom, with the order to shower in cold water, to remove his body hair completely and to cut his head hair very short. When he came back I told him that now he was no longer a man, but a female and that he would, forever more, wear women’s underwear every day, from morning to night, even when he would be out to work; and only female clothes at home. I explained to him that I no longer wanted to ever see him in men’s clothes. He was devastated by this news, but I started dressing him.

To start with, I put on a tight silicone bustier with huge G-cup fake breasts. When he saw it in the mirror he was already desperate, but it was only the beginning. A female latex mask was the next piece, I also chose it tight. Then I put a corset on her in very narrow leather, which once laced, and I had some difficulty, reduced its size by 18 cm. (6 inches). It was a little difficult for him to breathe. He had the silhouette of a caricature of a female with huge breasts and waist very fine. A real treat to watch, even better than in my wildest dreams.

Diapers and one rubber panties followed, then stockings and ankle boots laced and padlocked with 10 cm, (4 inch) heels. To finish with the underwear I added a black bra and as I found his posture not very good, I added his bondage shoulder straps, which forced him to stand straighter. Finally as clothing; pink household gloves, a very fine white blouse, padlocked at the collar and cuffs, a hobble skirt padlocked at the waist, which descends to her ankles which requires her to take very small steps. A blonde wig, an apron and her shackled cuffs complete her outfit. When I was done dressing I saw her eyes shining with tears and her pleading gaze, I laughed.

I sent her to look at herself in the mirror, “Look how pretty you are honey,” I told her.
He remained looking at himself as petrified for a good little while. Then I asked him,
Didn’t you forget something?” He answered “Thank you Mistress ”  in  a very small voice.

It’s right that you thank me. While I gave myself a lot of consternation to imagine this very pretty and very comfortable costume ” She thanked me totally humiliated in the same term, but I told her that she would be punished for this disrespect. Then I send him to prepare breakfast, telling her that it was only for me, because I want him to lose a few pounds.

Once served, I sent her to his room with the order to wait for me in front of the mirror, motionless with his hands on his head. I had lunch very quietly. I had the idea of creating a new punishment book, on which I wrote down his disrespect. I dragged around for a good hour knowing that he must have been in pain from her still position in her high heels. Then I went to join her by bringing large trash bags, big scissors and a bag with accessories that he would find out about later. She had to go get me a chair and when I was seated I told her I was going to sort and reduce her male wardrobe.

I started with his socks, which she had to cut one by one. Then his briefs and his underwear suffered the same fate, as well as a good part of his clothes. She told me the next day that until that moment he still had a little hope that it was just temporary, but that when I had him destroy a large part of his clothes, she understood that I was really serious.

Once that was finished, she went to take the garbage bags to the garage with the order to bring back some strong glue. When she came back with the glue, I took a dildo out of the bag and told her to go stick it on the mirror at the height of his mouth when she is kneeling. It was a small job, but made difficult by the way it was held. I was delighted to see that the stress effect was even worse than i imagined. I was thrilled.

The vision of this dildo is totally obvious. I hope that seeing it every day will remind him of his condition of humiliated and submissive female. Then I sent her to clean my room and my bathroom. I was so excited that I had to give myself pleasure while she toiled in her constraining outfit.
When she finished and came back to see me for the next orders, she found me on the couch. I told him to go to my car and bring back the suitcases and bags placed in the trunk;
which contained her new wardrobe. I ordered him to put everything away which is new and to wash and iron all the rest that I had bought in thrift stores. When I called her to cook dinner, I noticed that she was starting to get tired and seemed to be in pain; to my delight.
I ate a delicious seafood platter while she ate a mixture of bruxelle sprouts and cold spinach with bread without dry salt. And to spice it up, 3 fresh olives which are as bitter as the product for the nails and whose bitterness stays in the mouth for hours. She needs to spit out the pits perfectly clean so I can be sure she doesn’t pretend to eat them and swallow them whole.
The afternoon passed quietly, I took a good nap while she was doing her laundry, ironing in addition to other household chores.
In the evening, after a good meal for me and the same lunch menu for him. I unlocked his clothes and allowed him to completely undress except for his soaking diaper and rubber panties. She was exhausted, sweating with her face all red from being covered by the mask all day. The marks left by the corset and shoulder straps  delighted me. I sent her to take a good cold shower when I got back I handed her her new nightgown which I had sewn myself with love, made of burlap bags.
Then I send him to fetch the washboard he kneels on in front of my chair when we talk. To begin with I asked him what he sincerely thought of his new outfit, he replied: “Horrible, Mistress” I answered him with a big smile: “Perfect“. That said, I gave him my new directives which are in addition to the old ones, but this one is totally unfair:
I don’t want to see her dress as a man at home anymore, and when she can’t help it when she leaves and arrives from work outside, 2 or 3 times a week; or when we go out together, he will get a punishment every time, because he will be in man’s clothes, even though he is not to blame. I also decided that she should give me a very low curtsey every time I enter a room where she is, or that she would enter a room where I am, and this is every time, even if there are only a few minutes between each. If she is in an outfit or a bondage which prevents it, she will have to say “Reverence Mistress“, but she will still have a punishment. And if she forgets she will have 2 punishments.
As for the dildo stuck in her bedroom, I decided that she will have to suck it every morning for at least 30 minutes. This is the first thing she should do as soon as she gets up.
Finally I also decided she would be punished for ‘sex’ once a month. I told her that I had thought about the usefulness of this incongruous thing that she had between her thighs and that the only usefulness to me that I I had found was it existed to make her suffer for my pleasure. No orgasm, just pain. The next monthly event will be the first time I will use the Linnex. (I hope it will be as painful as you describe it Scarlet). I’ll give you a little report next month.
With each command I gave, I saw her body sag and her head droop more and more, but she still remembered to thank me for each of them. I was in a state of excitement that I had rarely felt. To start this day, “I said kiss my feet and go to bed, and don’t forget that your new rules take effect tomorrow.”
Thus ended the first day of the new life of cucu the female.


 A link to all my journals HERE, including:

Tests for subjugating Sissies

Sissy Punishing Tests

In the comments I have by, knightly devotion, been pointed to yet more  dreadful sissy tests to keep a sissy busy while its Mistress relaxes. They may be of interest to some Mistresses.

On the same site is an online book on how sissies can make their own dresses….so much opportunity for humiliation, not just wearing, but teasing, on the fact the sissy made it for themselves.



 A link to all my journals HERE, including:

‘Distasteful’ stockingette Gloves

17 September 2020 I wished to make bitch-boy’s use of his extra large pacifier, (I posted about previously) distastefully’ demeaning as well as humiliating. I am writing up a journal entry for my next Journal that includes all the fine details but I thought I would include an image and mention just how cheap a bag of cotton stockinette gloves are, and when a cut-off finger is stretched over an item, how they can absorb a ‘liquid’ quite effectively; and can then be re-dipped in the ‘liquid’ to freshen up the flavour every now and then.

What is also helpful with this activity, and also very cheap, an adult bib with food catcher, designed for dementia sufferers.

The bib with food catcher is mentioned in my recently published Journal, No. 17, so I thought a photo of that might be useful to all those who now possess a copy of my Journal No. 17.

THE FIRST REVIEW OF No.17  (On Amazon Kindle US)

Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2020

Verified Purchase

Journal 17 is available on Lulu.com as a paperback and as an eBook.

It has been available for some time on Kindle. Kindle links below for the various countries Amazon serves directly.

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Hopefully soon it will be available hard copy and electronic versions for other devices in other outlets including Barnes and Noble, Nook and iBooks. (But Lulu.com, the distributor has had a disastrous distribution module  relaunch and I cannot promise further distribution of electronic versions other than the options above.)


Scents for Subjugation

I received the following comment from Redd; which triggered my response and thoughts that follow. A subjugation tool that almost certainly has more uses than I had considered before. I wonder if any other  blog followers wold like to share their experiences or suggestions on the dominance-power, tease-power, and shaming-power – of scents?

Redd’s comment

I appreciated these comments regarding the uses of perfume in the domination of males. With the power to control the very air the male breathes, perfume seems underutilized as a weapon of female dominance. To be in chastity and drenched in my Queen’s feminine perfume leaves me inescapably and helplessly aroused and humiliated. To be required to use an atomizer to on myself with feminine delicacy is emasculating. At night, my Queen sprays me and my pillow with perfume before I am required to massage her to sleep, often using scented body cream, leaving me in a fragrant cloud of desperation that may be the perfect example of Her maintaining dominance “while doing something else”…sleeping. I would be interested to hear if you or any of your readers have any other thoughts on the uses of perfume. I am obviously rapt. Submitted respectfully, with great admiration for your deep understanding of the femdom dynamic and your tending of this blog.

My response and thoughts

Thank you for the kind words.

Regarding scents, you have triggered many thoughts and a call to action for me.

As I wrote in my previous post on Christine’s Day 2, I have my ‘sissy maid’ or ‘parody of a little girl’, well scented with perfume. The cheapest, most tacky perfume I can buy; aimed at the teenager market. I can tell he associates the awful scent with the use and abuse in all the past times he has worn it. He truly, seriously, HATES the scent of it and therefore being doused in it.

BUT what I never considered was the teasing, frustrating effect of an expensive perfume I may wear. Do they truly contain pheromones I wonder, or is the association of a Mistress’s perfume with her body all that is needed? Should I be thoroughly dousing myself at tease times, and then spraying his pillow at bedtime to produce the teasing, frustrating association?

Especially now, while bitch-boy continues his enduring time without orgasm and being 24/7/365 inside his double padlocked chastity cage. (Currently 13 weeks and 12 weeks respectively).

I have not thought of, during this period, using my womanly, post orgasm juices, (WHICH DO CONTAIN PHEROMONES!), to wipe around his top lip and nostrils and will certainly further exacerbate his awful, gnawing, relentless frustration. I often use this ‘scent’ when locking him into sensory deprivation bondage, but your comment has me thinking after EVERY TIME I have an orgasm during this enduring denial period of his, (especially on ostensibly ‘vanilla days’), I should generously daub his nostrils and top lip.

And further; in other teasing scenarios! Most definitely, while teasing him to madness,  ‘playing with his boy’s bits’, immediately springs to mind. Also while employing dickie-discipline if it is a session when I wish him to be rock hard, (rather than flaccid).

Finally in this stream of consciousness on scents for subjugation, I have in the past, on a female sub who had a thing about my feet, employed the technique of securing a very well worn gym shoe over the nose and mouth as part of her sensory deprivation bondage. It seems simultaneously frustrating her with arousal and shaming her with degradation.



For info on my BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.