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2 year chastity anniversary – Mistress Francesca

More from the wonderful Francesca. No further introduction is needed.

Dear Scarlet,
My summer is going splendidly, as I hope yours! I have read your Journal 17 and it is splendid and very interesting as always! The sea has always had an extremely aphrodisiac effect on me and this, combined with the presence of so many beautiful guys on the beach and in the nightclubs, is causing the number of my lovers and the consequent cuckolding of sissy slave m. to grow exponentially.

Fortunately, thanks to recent work, I am spoiled for choice on where to store my poor sissy when I’m busy with my lovers. I add that, perhaps for the spirit of adventure that accompanies the summer holidays, I have found more than one willing to participate in my activities with sissy slave m! I wanted to talk to you, however, about something else.

Yesterday (18.08.2020) was an interesting anniversary: two years since the last unspoiled orgasm of the sissy. It is not his record; (between august 2009 and November 2012 he reached 3 years and 3 months) but it is still a considerable time; destined to increase, given that the next card game will take place on 2 September. Add that her last spoiled orgasm (without even removing the cage) dates back to the November, and you can imagine the level of desperation frustration from the sissy. It therefore seemed right to celebrate with a session of intense teasing and denial for my sissy slave and, in contravention of my usual rule, the teasing also concerned his poor cock (obviously always in a cage).

After a day on the beach for me and at home in chains as a sissy for him (including almost three hours of bondage in the hole in the garden), in the evening I started the session:
Called sissy slave m kneeling in front of me, sitting on my favorite chair, naked and with only my fetish patent leather mules, 6 ” heel and 5cm platform on my feet, I immediately started teasing her nipples with my fingers and the tongue:
“Happy anniversary of no cumming!” I then continued to tease her nipples immensely enjoying her pathetic moans of despair and I continued talking.
“That really is some accomplishment. You must be very proud! 2 years and not a single real orgasm! Tell me, does it still ever hurt, I mean, do you ever still feel frustrated or has that all kind of just gone away? “.
“It gets worse all the time Mistress! There is never a single moment that I’m not aware of being incredibly horny. There is just a constant burning in my testicles. And it only gets worse every time you dominate and humiliate me Mistress. Every time burning gets much, much worse Mistress.”  “Oh, poor sissy slave!” I replied in a condescending tone continuing to lick his nipples
“That doesn’t sound good at all for you! You mean all this time you’ve been frustrated?”
“Yes Mistress!” he replied almost with tears in his eyes from despair.

So I started, in addition to stimulating his nipples, to stimulate his cock in his cage and his balls with my feet, producing a devastating effect of arousal and frustration.
“Do you know why I tease and deny you like this?”
“Because i am just a pathetic sissy slave who doesn’t deserve to cum Mistress”
“Yes, too! But for that it would be enough for me to keep you in chastity! The real reason I like to tease and deny you is … that I’m just … a sadistic bitch. And I love to excite and deny you! I really am a sadistic and cruel bitch, I like the fact that I get to keep you in constant pain. I love knowing that I get to deny you sexual release, sexual pleasure. ”

I started looking straight into his eyes and, after spitting in his face, I continued, still stimulating his nipples and cock in the cage.
“I love denying you specifically and then I love being a bitch and a cruel mistress. I love what I’ve turned you into” So I started stimulating his caged cock with my hands, while I licked his nipples, enjoying his suppressed desire, the pain his incredible erection was suffering in his cage and enjoying bringing him close to a painful point of no return.
Closer, but not close enough.
“You’re so close. So close, and yet so far, sissy. Tell me how frustrated you are right now.!”
“Do you feel that burning you were telling me about?”
“Yes, it’s totally burning right now. It’s a red hot burning coming from inside my balls and spreading through my cock.”
“Oh good, I love it when you tell me how much it hurts. My pussy just starts bubbling when you tell me that!” So I continued to touch and stimulate and ask:
“Do you ever get mad at me because I don’t let you cum and I don’t ever let you fuck me?”
“No Mistress!”, He replies sincerely, with tears in his eyes, trembling with despair “I am a sissy slave and I have to submit to your every will Mistress! But now I am suffering so much!”
“Poor sissy! But you know how much I like to hear you suffer!

So I took one of my fetish mules, and started masturbating him with that, bringing him again and again close to orgasm
“Oh look, your balls really are blue! That’s not just an expression after all”
In doing so, in the desperation of the sissy, I took him 10 times to the limit of a pathetic poor pleasure and then denied him it.

His body was shaking and sweating, crying and begging unable to make sense of his pleas, desperate, frustrated and in total pain.
Once satisfied, I suddenly stopped all stimulation and said:
“I’m horny! All of this teasing and denying you has got me hot. Kiss my shoes while I pleasure myself.”

So I put on my shoes and there, and while the slave devotedly licked my feet, I masturbated with my favorite vibrator and I cum very hard three times!
“Mmm. That was such a nice! I was so horny.”
The poor sissy, still upset and desperate, kept licking my shoes.
“Do your cock and balls hurt from all that teasing?”
“Oh yes Mistress. It hurts terribly. My balls are burning. My cock aches, and I feel a combination of tremendous desire coupled with intense frustration. Frustration so profound that my balls and cock feel like they are being held over an open flame. ”
“Oh, poor sissy! I have a solution for your suffering! Get on all fours and spread your legs. ”
“Do your balls hurt from all the frustration?”
“Yes, they ache terribly.”
“Well, we can’t have that, now can we?”
Before the sissy understood what was happening, I gave him a violent kick in the balls with my shoes while the slave, surprised, moaned his pain and started to cry.
Sadistic and amused, I then asked:
“Do your balls still hurt from the frustration?”
“No, now they hurt from being kicked.”
“Well, you said you were frustrated and you didn’t like it. I’m not through relieving your frustration, however. I’m going to kick you five times. That was just a practice kick. Now there are five more!”
I swung my beautiful foot back and then slammed it into his balls. And then another kick, and another, and another and another. Sissy was disoriented by all the pain. Was nauseous and woozy from having his balls kicked so cruelly and I was more and more exited.

So I went back in front of sissy slave m who, in desperate tears, resumed kissing and licking the feet that had just tortured him while I masturbated again before sending sissy slave but sleeping in his cage, with the addition of coir matting.

Mistress Francesca



Mistress Scarlet’s Journal 17 now published

My Journal No.17 is now published. It contains more words than any previous journal.

It is quite amazing that I have been publishing journals since December 2010, but there is still a strong appetite to read in detail about the activities I pursue in my depraved life. I guess there are three reasons for this.

1. Because I, like all lifestyle dominant women, evolve. I have become more cruel. Even during lock-down I can confirm my cruelty has significantly increased in a number of activities. (And amazingly after all these years,  my pleasure increases, as my cruelty does.)

2. New activities arise. Either as a result of circumstances, like lock-down, or I read of what another Domme does that I have never done but want to try out, or new technology opens a new avenue, and;

3.  Women collaborators in my life come and go. New women join me in double-domming as others drift away for various reasons, (usually house moves or domestic private life circumstances).

So the domination activities and intensities do not stay the same even if the core principles do.

THE FIRST REVIEW (On Amazon Kindle US)

Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2020

Verified Purchase

Journal 17 is available on Lulu.com as a paperback and as an eBook.

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Hopefully soon it will be available hard copy and electronic versions for other devices in other outlets including Barnes and Noble, Nook and iBooks. (But Lulu.com, the distributor has had a disastrous distribution module  relaunch and I cannot promise further distribution of electronic versions other than the options above.)

I hope you enjoy Volume 17.

Tiffanymaid endures

Another account from Tiffanymaid detailing what he endures at the hands of his wonderful Mistress, Serena.

I make further comment at the end of the account.


Mistress Scarlet curtsy

Recent activity has been intensified, and everything is good, with Serena enjoying more leisure time, while She has demanded much more of me than previously…which, in turn, i am more than willing to do. During, and since the lockdown was eased, Mistress has increased Her running to about 4 – 6 miles on each outing. W/we now have a ritual whenever She engages in Her runs.

On return (even in vanilla role) i will have a bath ready. i am required to remove Her running shoes and socks, lick/kiss her feet, toes and soles. We then adjourn to the bedroom “chamber”, were i undress Her, lick and worship Her armpits, worship Her panties before She fastens one of Her shoes tightly with a belt to my nose/mouth inhibiting my breathing as it forms a “seal”, wrists locked behind me, i spend 30-60 minutes kneeling in the corner until such time i am required to clean the bath.
Respectfully…. tiffany

Last night, Mistress Serena worked a night-shift, and as is the custom i was double diapered ( this was introduced many years ago to prevent me from drinking any beer whilst She was absent, i now only drink occasional beer when allowed ). For some reason, last night was the wettest nappy i have ever had. On rising at 7am to prepare for Mistress Serenas return the weight was immense, and i knew i was soaked. Doing my morning chores was difficult as every move shifted the piss and caused leakage despite my 2 plastic pants and nappy cover.
This was more than confirmed when, as usual, i lay aside Her bed, nappy over my face/head my eyes stung and the piss flowed over my face and ran down my neck. The nappy was heavy on my face, the taste and scent extreme. I shuddered as the piss ran from the nappy and ran down my back, my moans were initially ignored, but as I attempted to lift the material from my nose Mistress Serena snapped “Don’t you dare..i was about to dismiss you but now an extra 15 minutes wont harm”.(This was only drawn to a close so soon, as Mistress had been on a 12 hour night-shift).


As recently as this afternoon, Ms Serena put me in my pvc, hessian lined maid uniform, leather hood, posture collar, ball gag, heels, ankles cuffed together…and a leather parachute about my ball sac (beneath my CB6000s) with a weight attached. Two hours of dusting, hoovering and cleaning left me drooling profusely, aching and totally soaked in sweat, balls aching, with the weight often swinging and knocking onto my shins. Punishment followed for misdemeanors after my two hour cleaning session consisted of a dozen strokes with Her wooden paddle, and eight strokes of the crop. During the punishment Mistress Serena commented on this (Uniform and form of cleaning) becoming more frequent and punishment will always follow “because it can”. I yelped loudly as Her crop lashed over the glow of my paddled ass.

Wednesday evening, MsSerena set me the task of my “Path of Humiliation”. Whilst nowhere near as long as Mistress Francescas’ slave m suffered, i was dressed very similar to above and set about the triangle of humiliation, worshipping as slave m, my Goddess’ heeled shoes, Her golden nectar and a phallus worthy of a slaves attentions. Her recently purchased monitor kept Her informed of my progress. my body ached and my feet were agony. After 2 hours i was all but sobbing as the sweaty monotonous task became more painful and dulling. Mistress Serena entered the room and observed for a period, laughing as She encouraged me with Her Agitation whip. “Excellent….another hour should suffice”, my heart sank and begged Her for completion, six repeated lashed of Her whip answered my request, and so it went on.

my first ever experience in schoolgirl uniform. As if Wednesday was not bad enough, it was followed the following evening by a session of school punishment and line writing. Summoned to Mistress Serenas’ room She had positioned a very low stool with a coir mat on top, a desk, two pens (black & red) & paper. In Her reach were a cane, a crop, leather flogger and a strap.
After removing my regular slave attire (aside from my bra/breast forms) i was dressed in white panties and stockings, black shoes, a white shirt, school tie, black pinefore dress and a straw hat. ironically, despite being tv/sissy orientated, i did not embrace the attire and felt quite awkward, with a degree of humiliation. 5 strokes of the flogger were applied to each palm and likewise 5 strokes of the strap followed.  When Mistress Serena flogged my palms I cried aloud as the final lashes were applied, the following strokes of the belt caused me to cry even louder as my palms burned a lot more than I expected. Mistress Serena told me to look Her in the eye as each stroke of the belt was applied, for some reason I felt hurt as my eyes welled and face reddened. (She actually applied a further two more to each palm, after the initial five).

Mistress ordered me to lower my panties and sit on the coir covered stool. “Sit slut!” She brought in a small blackboard and had me read aloud “slut tiffany is a sissy and must be punished”.
my task followed, writing out the lines in alternative coloured ink after each letter. After 50 lines (one hour) my ass cheeks were very, very sore as i reported and presented my work. Inevitably the odd error and unfortunate smudges resulted in a dozen strokes of the cane, and a repeated punishment off my palms. My punishment an hour in to my writing lines was agony. My ass was already very sore from the coir mat (being concentrated on such a small stool) I cried out at every stroke, as Mistress Serena repeated the “line” slut tiffany is a sissy and MUST be punished, as each stroke was delivered. The punishment to my palms hurt as initially adding to the ache I was experiencing.

“Another 50 girl ! ” was Her response after my punishment….i requested a break which was met with a look of disdain, and so, sitting in agony on the coir i set about another 50 lines. Sadly, my concentration was waning as my cheeks burned and hurt so, so much. The obvious outcome was a further punishment and a strict verbal dressing down. Despite being a relatively short period compared to some, it was my first such experience as a pupil ( I last did lines as a submissive some 15+ years ago). I was exhausted, aching and slightly disorientated. My punishment was harsh and I sobbed at its conclusion. “Pull up your panties slut” Her demeanor was one of superiority and accomplishment.

It took a total time of 135 minutes to complete 100 lines, my palm ached, my ass burned and i felt more than miserable by the time i completed my task…
my first escapade as a schoolgirl was indeed painful and tedious, with Mistress Serena present, yet showing zero concern, what concerns me most is Mistress Serenas intent of setting me the goal of 200 lines next time!
Despite all this, i adore my Mistress, and have absolute respect for Your good selves and all superior ladies who seek a flr.



I adored the moments in the account that most display how Mistress Serena is utterly pitiless and exhibits a cold, harshness to her demeanour. (Reminds me of me!)

  • At the end, while tiffanymaid sobbed, ‘Pull up your panties slut!’
  • Explaining that punishment will always follow long cleaning sessions, ‘because it can.’ 
  • After an hour of the ‘path of humiliation, Excellent….another hour should suffice’, my heart sank and begged Her for completion. Six repeated lashes of Her whip answered my begging.

There is something especially hot, that always provides me with a BIG power-rush when bitch-boy may well be expecting a tiny bit of sympathy or pity because he is so upset, probably sobbing, but the words and attitude from me he receives are cold, hard and harsh. When I do this I see deep subjugation in his eyes.

I very much look forward to more accounts from tiffanymaid.


Journal 17 now published

My Journal No.17 is now published. It contains more words than any previous journal.

It is quite amazing that I have been publishing journals since December 2010, but there is still a strong appetite to read in detail about the activities I pursue in my depraved life. I guess there are three reasons for this.

1. Because I, like all lifestyle dominant women, evolve. I have become more cruel. Even during lock-down I can confirm my cruelty has significantly increased in a number of activities. (And amazingly after all these years,  my pleasure increases, as my cruelty does.)

2. New activities arise. Either as a result of circumstances, like lock-down, or I read of what another Domme does that I have never done but want to try out, or new technology opens a new avenue, and;

3.  Women collaborators in my life come and go. New women join me in double-domming as others drift away for various reasons, (usually house moves or domestic private life circumstances).

So the domination activities and intensities do not stay the same even if the core principles do.

THE FIRST REVIEW (On Amazon Kindle US)

Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2020

Verified Purchase

Journal 17 is available on Lulu.com as a paperback and as an eBook.

It has been available for some time on Kindle. Kindle links below for the various countries Amazon serves directly.

US       UK       DE      FR       ES     IT      NL     JP     BR       CA      MX     AU      IN

Hopefully soon it will be available hard copy and electronic versions for other devices in other outlets including Barnes and Noble, Nook and iBooks. (But Lulu.com, the distributor has had a disastrous distribution module  relaunch and I cannot promise further distribution of electronic versions other than the options above.)

I hope you enjoy Volume 17.


Journal 17 now published

My Journal No.17 is now published. It contains more words than any previous journal. 

It is quite amazing that I have been publishing journals since December 2010, but there is still a strong appetite to read in detail about the activities I pursue in my depraved life. I guess there are three reasons for this.

1. Because I, like all lifestyle dominant women, evolve. I have become more cruel. Even during lock-down I can confirm my cruelty has significantly increased in a number of activities. (And amazingly after all these years,  my pleasure increases, as my cruelty does.)

2. New activities arise. Either as a result of circumstances, like lock-down, or I read of what another Domme does that I have never done but want to try out, or new technology opens a new avenue, and;

3.  Women collaborators in my life come and go. New women join me in double-domming as others drift away for various reasons, (usually house moves or domestic private life circumstances).

So the domination activities and intensities do not stay the same even if the core principles do.

THE FIRST REVIEW (On Amazon Kindle US)

Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2020

Verified Purchase

Journal 17 is available on Lulu.com as a paperback and as an eBook.

It has been available for some time on Kindle. Kindle links below for the various countries Amazon serves directly. 

US       UK       DE      FR       ES     IT      NL     JP     BR       CA      MX     AU      IN                               

Hopefully soon it will be available hard copy and electronic versions for other devices in other outlets including Barnes and Noble, Nook and iBooks. (But Lulu.com, the distributor has had a disastrous distribution module  relaunch and I cannot promise further distribution of electronic versions other than the options above.)

I hope you enjoy Volume 17.



Francesca’s Constructions!

A few comments from me before another update from the fantastic Francesca.

First, I will comment that Francesca’s lifestyle and equipment may seem unbelievable. But if (1), I had the funds and (2), I had no interest in the vanilla company of bitch-boy because I secured that mode of companionship from another, then I would be doing EXACTLY as Francesca, with zero guilt or mercy. These things are very, very arousing and satisfying. And bitch-boy is capable of all the constructions involved as it happens.

And the camera in every room and cell and slave hole; I would do and adore that. I use a baby monitor in several circumstances and the multiple feelings produced when remotely watching  the discomfort of the slave from a comfortable bed or sofa while watching TV or reading or on the phone are delicious. Decadence, wanton cruelty, relaxation, exhilarating pitilessness, languorous huge orgasms, contentment and satisfaction with life, unashamed depravity and perversity.

I have a demountable dog cage which is very practical as it folds down and can be stored under a bed. I have not used it for a long time now, preferring having bitch-boy in hours of total sensory deprivation bondage, plus Linnex, plus piss ice chunk in the funnel gag, watched by the baby monitor. But Francesca’s post has me thinking about covering the entire floor of the dog cage with coir matting. Poor bitch-boy would be naked except for some bondage and possibly a blindfold, so he would not even know if I was in the room in which he is caged.

I would occassionally glance in his direction and watch as he found it impossible to find a comfortable position on the sharp bristles of the matting and listen to the sweet background noise of his miserable, whining and desperate panicky pleading. But he would have to keep the volume DOWN! OR ELSE he stays in an extra twenty minutes from each time I tell him to lower his volume.  I would be reading a book, doing crafts, watching TV etc.  And he would become more and more and more miserable and emotional but have to maintain his controlled very low volume. 

Anyway, I digress! Here is Francesca’s fascinating and hot latest update.


Dear Scarlet
After a few days of hard work, finally, sissy slave m. finished building his new bedrooms and the two surprises I had in mind for him in the garden!
First, the slave bedrooms.
My house has a large basement (where is located my dungeon) that is accessed by a staircase. The area under the staircase was empty and was unused. I made sissy slave m. work there. As anticipated in a comment, the grandfather of sissy slave m. was a builder and had a carpentry hobby. When the sissy was a young boy, his grandfather took sissy with him and taught him a lot and sissy had later cultivated the hobby. So he’s pretty good at these things.

I made him build, set against the wall under the staircase, a series of shelves and uprights in board for constructions (quite resistant), as deep as the staircase itself (80 cm). At the center of the structure, at the bottom, I had a space 160 cm x 80 cm x70 cm left between the uprights and shelves, closed outwards by an aluminium jail door with bars, ordered from a blacksmith, which I said was needed for a big dog. This is the new sissy room/cell.
In addition to the lock, I added a sensor to the door connected to the home alarm, which has a dual function. It can be activated to sound an alarm if the door is opened or it can record the times of each opening and closing of the door. It is very useful because I can leave the lock open at night, so that sissy can get up to go to work, without fear of unwanted and unrecorded exits.

I also installed in the cell, and in every room of the house, micro cameras, also suitable for night vision, connected to my mobile phone with an app. (they are conveniently sourced on the Internet at no more than € 40 each). From now on, I will always be able to control the slave from wherever there is a signal for the mobile phone.

On the cell floor and on the inside wall I had some rings installed to which the slave can be chained. I left the floor in rough concrete, with only a thin rubber mat on it. I had coir matting made to measure to be used as a floor covering at my will.

The whole area under the stairs around the cell is equipped as a wardrobe with shelves and hangers to hold the few men’s clothes and the whole sissy and bondage wardrobe of sissy slave m. (very much). The whole wall was then closed with wooden doors and, from the outside, it looks like a common built-in wardrobe.

The wooden doors are made so that the one in front of the cage can be removed.
In this way, everything can remain closed, with the slave inside and in the dark, invisible from the outside, or, always leaving the closet closed, the slave’s cell, with its contents, can be left in plain sight. A similar job I had the sissy do in the attic of the house by the sea.

As for the garden, I had sissy slave m dig. a deep cube-shaped hole lined with brick and concrete. The dimensions of the hole are 100 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm. The top cover consists of a double door. One, below, with aluminum bars, and one above with heavy metal, like a manhole. The heavy one can be left open and let you see the bars and the poor contents of the hole.

Both have a round opening in the center through which the slave’s head can pass; to leave it with only its head sticking out. These doors were made by a different blacksmith, here at the sea, very intrigued by the hole in the center, but who dared not investigate further at my icy gaze.

The closures of the holes in the ground also have, in addition to the lock, the same alarm system as the cells and also inside the hole there is a micro camera. The upper opening of the hole is in the center of a small concrete platform, made together with the hole, round, 3 m in diameter. A synthetic grass mat the size of the platform can be put on to completely hide any presence of the hole.

Above the platform I put a small table (just coinciding with the hole) and 4 chairs.
Everything, seen from the outside and when the synthetic grass carpet is positioned, looks like a platform made only to accommodate garden furniture and I think it will be very fun to have neighbours or vanilla friends as guests, and entertain them right there, with the slave closed inside, gagged and invisible to all. 

The execution of the works was very hard for the sissy. During the week, in fact, he had to wake up before dawn and work until the time he had to go to work, before returning from office and work again in the evening. Over the weekend, however, he worked at the beach house from sunrise to sunset without interruption.

His work outfit was: his hessian underwear, a corset, a leather hood, a pair of old wedge boots with a 15 cm heel and a 5 cm platform and, above, to cover everything, a heavy work suit. Of course, the inevitable collar and chains on the wrists and ankles. To drink only tap water, left to heat in the sun, with the addition of my pee and my spit. All drunk from his humiliating cock-shaped bottle.

It was incredibly exciting to see him work hard, with the torrid fall of the Italian summer, in that miserable condition, while I enjoyed the cool of my air-conditioned rooms or sunbathed, half-naked, in the garden! Several times I approached him to incite him or insult him or slap him or simply to deride him for his inhuman and desperate condition, enjoying immensely his implorations and sighs and sobs of effort and despair.
I confess that I have approached the guard level of daily masturbations.

After completing the work, the slave moved his wardrobe into the closet and moved to his new room. For this first night, I also added the ‘coir matting’. I do not intend to always leave the coir matting, slave must be able to rest, even if in his cell, to be able to serve me better, but he did not know it and, knowing me, he had reason to fear the opposite.

Entering the small cell that will be his room from now on, the slave was in tears and sighed in despair. As usual, however, when I inserted in the cage my foot, shod in a splendid very fetish mule, the slave rushed to kiss and adore my shoe thanking me, swearing his love, desperate for devotion and excitement.

I confess to you that the first night I struggled to sleep because I continued to watch on my mobile the miserable slave who tried to find a comfortable position in his new room!
I masturbated twice! The slave, on the other hand, struggled a lot to fall asleep because of his painful condition and, at some point, he also burst into tears, certainly of happiness, judging by how he adored me with even more enthusiasm than usual the next morning!

As for the hole in the garden, for now the slave has only tried it for a short time, let’s say a trial stay. At the exit he was so desperate and terrified of both the hole and me that I believe the experience was truly cruel. And this, as you know, excites me to death! I believe that during the next summer holidays, (the sissy office is closed in August), sissy slave m. will spend a lot of time in the hole … I’ll update you on this and more!
A hug dear Scarlet and always thank you for your wonderful Blog.

Update from Christine M

A wonderful update from the amazing  Christine M. I think one element of her real life, which is very many submissives’ ultimate fantasy, (1),  is having zero option to negotiate, AND (2), zero leeway for failure to comply EXACTLY with instructions without serious punishment resulting.

I recall in the early days of bitch-boy introducing me to femdom, he talked about reading of this style of regimen as being very affecting. I confess I lack the attention to detail to apply such a regimen all the time, but on the occasional day I do so, I find it VERY AROUSING and I can see how deeply it pushes bitch-boy into subjugation and awe of me.

David has now been added to the BAV register.

Christine M – Latest Developments – August 2020 

I thought I would update your readers on David’s current situation which has been adjusted over the past few months.

Before I do, I would first like to address some of the concerns raised by a couple of readers. David is made of stern stuff. He is physically and mentally very strong. Yes, I drive him very hard, but I never push so hard as to ‘break him’. He is actually pretty unbreakable, and deep down he needs my ‘care’. I carefully observe his health and stamina at all times and pull back if he is too exhausted. This applies to punishments too. I am not interested in causing lasting harm.

I also make sure his career is never jeopardised. David is someone who has always thrived on less sleep than most people. Thus, the times when I might appear to deprive him of sleep, are well within his physical capabilities, if not those of others.

I might further stress, that when we introduced Linnex, we tried it on a non-sensitive skin area first. We then graduated to a small dab on his gristle. Over time this was increased to the level we are at today. One must always be careful. Everyone is different and one must always start with great caution.

It takes a very strong mental character, albeit a rather unusual one, to undergo a strict, life-style disciplinary regime. The submitting partner forgoes many pleasures, pleasures they still desperately yearn to enjoy. They would change many aspects if they could, but of course, they CAN’T. In a sense they choose these restrictions and though they often hate them, they know they need them. There is also the dichotomy, they are ‘excited’ to be in the control of a dominant partner, knowing they have no say in these matters. This latter aspect is a core value.

In my husband’s case, when we met, I doubt he was smitten by my looks, but he clearly needed a dominant woman in his life. He was, and remains, a handsome, athletic man who looks younger than his age. In those days, he was active and sporting; played golf (including the 19th hole!), cricket and tennis; was a regular Scuba diver and loved to take part in anything ‘adventurous’ e.g. skydiving, bungee jumping, he’d done both. He was single and quite gregarious, he dated attractive ladies; and with me being significantly older than him, and far from glamorous; to his friends, I am sure it must have seemed an odd relationship.

He explained that he had an unappeasable ‘need’ to be strictly raised in a manner that might have befitted someone in an ultra-strict Victorian household. Our lifestyle evolved from him initially sharing his desires and detailing what he understood as ‘ultra-strict’. He fantasised about having to do exactly as he was told or be severely punished; which is where we are now.

The Victorians designed and patented many extreme devices to prevent masturbation and were equally fervent with their punishments for same. The latter included fiery chilli caps and hot mustard and bran poultices. We might also note that their punishments in general were most severe. I have never read of a teacher from those times asking whether a culprit would prefer if he whipped him a little less harshly! Punishments were meant to hurt and hurt they did. They also practised petticoat discipline and many a boy found himself in a velvet little Lord Fauntleroy suit!

Our regime is therefore innately safe and consensual. David is submissive only when in the presence of a truly dominant woman and he needed a relationship where he felt he had to submit, one in which he was dis-empowered. This has created a lifestyle that not many could cope with. Proverbially speaking, the line had to be drawn, and if he so much as stepped over it by 1 mm, he would suffer dire consequences. In our very early days if he was told to do something, he would be like a child at school. He needed to know that if he didn’t do it, he would in fact be punished. He quickly learnt!

I think he now regrets expressing this as it means there is never any leeway in his life. Excuses are never ever accepted. It has become natural for me and he genuinely has no choice but to be totally submissive. He knows full well he is in my control.

For David it provides restrictions he loathes, but this is preferred to a life without domination. Consider the below aspects of what this entails.

Freedom He could do as he wished whenever he wanted. Literally every minute of his life is very strictly supervised and under my control. If he is out-of-my-sight, this means electronic surveillance. I review tracking logs of his movements and he must have accounted for where he went in his diary. He must ask to do anything outside of his provided routines.
Music He loves music and had an extensive audio collection. He is forbidden to play any music and has no audio files nor access to any streaming services. His digital devices are regularly checked.
Films He would of course love to watch films, stream Netflix, watch blockbuster movies on flights. His viewing is strictly monitored, and he is forbidden from watching anything that I consider ‘inappropriate’ or not rated for family viewing. E.g. No Marvel films!

On flights, I issue him with reading material on which he might be required to write an essay or complete an exam. E.g. on one long flight he had to study the Book of Isaiah. He was then given an in-depth, closed book, exam over several nights.

Sport He would love to take up sport again. This will not happen, not even a ‘business’ golf game! Housework, especially scrubbing and ironing are his new sporting pursuits!
Housework He used to employ a cleaning lady, and he dropped his washing off to a professional laundry service.

Yet when we met, he shared how he fantasised about being made to do all the household chores!

Well, his fantasies have come true, he literally does all the household chores and, outside of cooking, I do none!

He is required to complete his chores to the highest standards. I fully recognise that it must be a real challenge to arrive home after a hard day at work, only to face a mountain of housework.

But he only has to do what I used to do. And the high standard is no more than the standard I used to do it to.

I do not find fault for the sake of it, as one reader suggested. We actually have a written standard for each room/ chore, so he knows exactly what is expected of him.

Adventure He would love to have the opportunity to do exciting challenges that he often gets the opportunity to do on business trips e.g. a safari game drive was offered when in S Africa, Scuba diving in the Philippines, a 4×4 drive out into the desert with camel riding when in the middle east, rock-climbing in …. Things that in his past life he would have accepted with alacrity. These pursuits I tell him are far too dangerous and therefore, forbidden. They are for ‘grown-ups’. E.g. a couple of years ago we were on holiday with a tour group in Italy and there was a trip to a monastery in the mountains. We were warned it was a not a beginners’ walk and there were some steep drops, but the views were spectacular and not to be missed. David was required to stay in our hotel room and write a 6-page essay, “Mummy Knows Best”.
Language He played rugby! I may, sometimes too often, mutter an expletive, he had better never use any crude or inappropriate language!

He must never raise his voice to me nor address me in a condescending manner.

Alcohol He drank socially and enjoyed drinking with “the boys”. When travelling he would have a glass of wine on flights, go to bars, restaurants and karaoke clubs. These are past pursuits on travel trips, and remember, I can track where he goes while travelling. He has to report all travel details and is subject to random video calls to check on him. He could of course sneak a drink in, but woe betide if I ever found out!

He is not allowed any alcohol, nor any soft drinks, nor tea or coffee. He drinks water only.

Sex He was quite active and could also masturbate whenever he desired. He has been a BAV for a few years now, has rarely enjoyed more than 4 – 6 releases a year, and currently is undergoing at least 12-months without release!
Finances He was fully in control of his spending and enjoyed the benefits of his good income. He has no access to our banking details. I manage our financial affairs and do not discuss anything with him.

He has a corporate credit card and a personal debit card. The latter has a limit of $100. He has guidelines on what he may use this card for and any expenditure above $10 must be first authorised by me.

These personal expenses must be fully accounted for and, together with his company expenses, are checked at the end of the month. Full documentation including detailed invoices must be attached for my inspection. Woe betide if there is expenditure he can’t explain.

With meals out, the invoice must show the details of his order.

With hotels, he is not allowed to access the mini bar since he is not allowed chocolates, crisps, snacks, alcohol, soft drinks, etc. If bottled water is not provided for free, he needs to drink tap water.

With the above said, his recent Covid-19 regime changed after about 6-weeks; partly due to government restrictions being eased, meaning he goes into the office again, though there is still no air travel; but mostly the changes were made to suit me. Updating from my prior email in which I detailed this, changes are summarised as follows:

  1.  His hard chastity lockdown has been extended for a further 6-months and will not be reviewed again before February 2021. He has now been in permanent chastity, without hope of release, for 6-months; and has at least another 6-months to go. This means no milking either! As I mentioned above, when we first met and explored his fetish desires, chastity was at the top of the list. He related tales of Victorian measures to curb onanism and even had some old copies of a magazine Scarlet has referred to before, Madame in a World of Fantasy. This had some wonderful letters on strict chastity regimes. I guess he should be really pleased that his past fantasies have been so well fulfilled, though I fear he is regretting such shares! Fantasy and reality can be so different.
  2. The weekly cleaning routine for his appendage, followed by a Linnex application has stopped. This became a chore for me and, since the Linnex is so effective at encouraging good behaviour, it became obvious that I needed to reserve it for punishments only.
  3. The scrub down of the toilets, laundry, porch and kitchen are now only required once a day, in the evening.
  4. His muzzle is now only worn on my whim, it does not go well with his updated maid’s attire.
  5. He is no longer confined to the house, but he may only leave when he is in my company or when going to work.
  6. His previous daily written assignment is now only required on Saturday and Sunday mornings; though he may be excused if we are going out. It remains the same Latin prose. This is to make up for him ‘missing out’ on his written travel assignments.
  7. When he returns home from work each evening, he must immediately change into his maid’s uniform. He is still acutely embarrassed about this.

The latter requirement has led to a changed dynamic in our relationship, since I have revelled in stripping him of his masculinity. He now wears his chastity device permanently. Last year, I changed him into a Lori 12a, in which a full erection is impossible, and I can tease him mercilessly and not worry about him accidentally ejaculating. He does get the occasional night-time emission, which I believe is more than enough to keep his ‘pipes clean’; and since this occurs in his sleep, there is no pleasure derived.

Since he no longer travels by air, he has been wearing this for a greatly extended time. I do hygiene checks and I am sure he would report to me if he had any issues. We have found it causes no chafing and that he can keep everything clean without removing it. So, it is rarely removed! As an aside, since he always looks so distressed when I do remove it; I find it amusing to tease him about how much comfort it must give him, before promising that he’ll soon be locked back inside it. Mind you, the only reason it’s been removed of late is for the Linnex!

To create a further disconnect, he now wears a pair of vintage-style, tight-fitting girdle panties at all times, even to bed. They are a long-leg, high waist design with a front and rear panel made of a thicker, non-stretch fabric (satin in some pairs). These panels flatten and smooth out the butt cheeks, and the frontal view! Coupled with the design of his cage, one does not see the slightest evidence of an unsightly bulge!

When referring to his appendage, he is required to exclusively refer to it as his ‘lickle winky tinky’. This he must do regardless of company (or avoid any reference to it at all). He knows that if I overhear him using any other term for it, he will deeply regret it. Of course, I laugh uproariously when he mentions his lickle winky tinky. It’s hard to appear manly when dressed as a housemaid and referring to one’s lickle winky tinky!

A final change has been for him to wear dark-coloured seamed stockings (no socks) during the day. He has to be careful when going out, or at work, to be decorous and not allow his trousers to ride up when seated. His daytime pantie girdles have six garters to hold up his stockings. These can show through his trousers or jeans, especially when sitting down, which he finds acutely unnerving.

He is of course frustrated beyond belief! I spend time teasing him every day, whether it be just a few strokes of his nipples, a gentle caress while he works, or a full-on teasing session in bed. This sends him up the wall. He describes it as the ‘sweetest torture’. He yearns for, and revels in, the teasing; yet it also drives him almost insane.

He explains that it leaves him with an absolute and totally encompassing NEED to come. His whole world simply becomes an intense mix of indescribable rapture, wrapped up in the most agonising torment of being unable to explode in a joyous release. I will also taunt him about his lickle winky tinky and wonder whether it will ever get to release again, or whether it might shrink from being locked up for so long. I fondle his groin and tease him about how I can’t feel anything at all, if he doesn’t have a stiff lickle winky tickle I can’t see what all the fuss is about.

He will tell me how he can’t cope, and he simply has to come! He can’t be denied for another minute never mind 6-months. I smile and take perverse pleasure in reminding him that we will only be reviewing the possibility of recommencing his release program in 6-months’ time, not giving him a release! On review, he might be provided with a further 6-months’ extension. And even when we do reconvene his release program, his spreadsheet currently only gives odds of a release every four months; so, it might still be four months or more before he draws a release!

He needs this teasing to maintain his deep reverence, and I enjoy teasing him immensely. He often sobs aloud since his craving to come actually becomes painful. Despite this, when I cease my ministrations, he always wants more, even knowing he’ll not be allowed a release. Regardless, I abruptly stop and advise, “That’s enough, it doesn’t look like your lickle winky tickle is going to rise to the occasion!” This is maddening for him given it is impossible for it to rise up in its prison. It is usually then time for him to slip down and pleasure me, his tears of frustration only serving to arouse me more.

Mistress Francesca – Wedding Anniversary, Finale

And finally Sunday has arrived. A long glorious day, of which I will try to give a more concise but faithful description that is possible. I apologize if this report is a bit long, but it was a long day!

15 years is a nice milestone for any wedding and it is a great satisfaction to see how strong the bond is after all these years and how sissy slave m. got used to my particular type of married life … certainly also helped by the training received previously! As anticipated, a small stage was set up in the garden of my beach house, with an arch of orange blossom and a red carpet.

My teacher of life and domination, Mistress Ingrid, carried out the celebration of the ceremony. Mistress Ingrid is a wonderful Mistress of German origin, who moved to Italy very young and was active as a professional dominatrix in my city for many years. She is now almost 70 years old and has long since retired to a private life with her slave husband, much younger than her (55 years old). She is a woman of such charm that anyone she desires falls to her feet, and this still at her age!

When I started venturing into the Femdom universe, I immediately started looking for who, in my city, could share this passion with me, which later became a lifestyle, and could teach me something. I started searching the net, on various ad sites, and, amidst many disappointments and some frights, I met her. She taught me a great deal about what I know and, even today, I have infinite affection, respect and gratitude towards her. Like a second mother. The guests, of course, besides Mistress Ingrid were:
My mother,
My sister Maria,
My best friends, whom you now know well, Aurora and Tiziana,
Mistress Carmen (a friend of mine, a Mistress form a city in southern Italy, where she lives as a queen with her husband / slave, wealthy businessman),
Mistress Laver, an active transsexual Mistress of Brazilian origin, known when I trained sissy slave m to forced bi, and with whom I stayed in contact,
Giulia and Stefania, two of my friends, known in ‘Vanilla’ social fields who have shown considerable interest in the Femdom universe, have started games on the subject with their husbands and have become, on my indication, assiduous readers of your blog and your manuals.

When all the guests settled in the chairs, Mistress Ingrid nodded and I made my entrance with the poor slave. I was wearing a splendid white silk dress, with a light train, very low-cut on the back and on the front, and with a very long side slit to fully show my long and turned legs. At the feet beautiful white braided sandals, with 10 cm heel. On the right hand a riding crop. Sissy slave m on my leash.

To emphasize his ex-male status, now totally feminized, and BAV, I thought of a sissy bride dress. On the site where I buy most of my sissy’s clothes I found this dress that is called, precisely, ‘virgin bride’.             https://shop.eblue.com/details/sat199?ref=thesissystore.com

(sissy slave m. was much more ridiculous and pathetic than the splendid model in the link!
Upon our entrance, the guests made a brief applause that accompanied us to the altar. I looked at the expression of Giulia and Stefania, the newbies, and I saw their surprise, but also their expressions amusing and not at all embarrassed! Of course, I had no doubts about the other guests! Upon reaching the altar, Mistress Ingrid ordered the sissy to kneel and the ceremony begins.

Mistress Ingrid, therefore, started: “Dearest Francesca, you brought your slave here before these witnesses so that your dominion over him will be formally consecrated again on the 15th anniversary of your marriage. You subdued, trained and enslaved this creature and consecrated it to the worship of Your dominion only, you deprived it of its original masculinity, humiliated in sissyfication and brought him back to the virginal state. So, with marriage, you gave legality and made its servile condition irreversible.”
“And you, useless pathetic worm, you had to undergo your total submission and deprivation of all rights by virtue of the superior right and power that Francesca has over your nature of sissy slave and you will have to live, for this, an existence of servitude, pain, humiliation and frustration!”
“Now, on the fifteenth anniversary of the legalization of your union, I ask Francesca to confirm her intentions and the sissy to take note of her condition again. Francesca, are you determined to keep this useless slave with you without anyone having forced you and fully aware of the meaning of your decision?”
“Yes!” I replied happy!
“Slave, are you aware that your will is irrelevant and that you have no chance to escape your slavery condition?”
“Yes Mistress!” The sissy replied humbly, aware of the irreversibility of her condition but, I think, also happy with this. So, at the invitation of Mistress Ingrid, I cast my vote:
“I Francesca, I confirm you sissy slave m., as my slave. I promise to dominate you and subjugate you and submit you, for my pleasure and your pain, for my joy and your despair, for my narcissism and your humiliation and for my lust and your frustration as long as I have desire!”
In turn, sissy slave m expressed his vow, with his head bowed, red in the face of humiliation and trembling with emotion but, I’m sure, also super excited, despite his cruel cage.
“Venerable Mistress, thank you for keeping this useless and pathetic slave under the yoke of your cruel rule. My whole existence is dedicated to submission to You, goddess and queen, and to suffer any cruel living conditions in order to remain in your divine presence!”

Sissy slave m, therefore, prostrated himself to kiss me devoutly and Mistres Ingrid said:
“I confirm you Mistress and slave! You may whip the sissy! ” At these words, with the riding crop, I dealt 15 symbolic blows on the slave’s butt.
A sincere applause started spontaneously from the guests to mark the happy conclusion of the ceremony.

So I got off the stage, with the sissy on a leash, and I dedicated myself to the congratulations of the guests. In Italy there is the tradition that guests kiss the bride and in this circumstance we have kept it, with a little fun modification.
The guest approached, congratulated me and we kissed each other on the cheek with a small hug. Then each addressed the slave with an insult of some kind (worm congratulations, cockroach wishes or the like) spat on his face or slapped him and, therefore, the humiliated sissy, kissed the feet of the guest on duty.

Mistress Laver, of course, demanded that the sissy also kiss her cock through the dress, for the greater humiliation of the sissy, while Giulia and Stefania, after an initial hesitation to insults, let themselves go without problems, amused by the situation.

After this phase, therefore, the guests and I went to the appetizers and sissy slave m, removed the veil and put on an apron and a maid’s crest, brought fresh drinks from the fridge and headed for the field kitchen to complete the lunch preparation. The company that assembled the kitchen yesterday had prepared the appetizers to be kept in the fridge, the sauces for the first courses and had set the second courses, as well as preparing the desserts. Sissy slave m, therefore, only had to cook the pasta (we are still Italian!) and the main courses and serve on the table.

While sissy slave was preparing lunch, we talked amiably about friends, and I especially noticed Giulia and Stefania hanging from Ingrid, Carmen and Laver’s lips … I fear that their husbands will have some surprises in the near future! When lunch was ready, sissy slave m served us on the table. Smoked salmon, seafood salad and prawn cocktail as appetizers.
Spaghetti with clams first. Baked sea bass and fried fish per second, with a side dish of salad and baked potatoes. Lemon sorbet, cake, fruit and coffee.
All washed down with Franciacorta sparkling wine ‘Ca del Bosco Rosè’ is wonderful Scarlet, it costs enough (less than a champagne of the same quality) but it is very good. A wonderful lunch, which we girls enjoyed, served by sissy slave m in chains and, of course, on an empty stomach.

During lunch several times we had a good time, between courses, to call him under the table to lick each of our shoes and soles (and I am sure, from his desperate expression, that Laver also offered him more to lick under the tablecloth). Even Giulia and Stefania, after an initial hesitation, took confidence and, more and more often, it was they who called the sissy to order her to fill their glass, or to have it at their feet or, after a short time, to spit it out in full face and humiliate him with gestures and words. Each of the girls, then, had received, on arrival, a small riding crop, with permission to use it on the slave during lunch.
Therefore, when lunch was over, when it was past 4:00 PM, we decided to take a walk but, before that, many of us had to use the bathroom. So I set the example.

Sissy slave m was stripped, with the exception of the corset, stockings and shoes (and of the collar wrists and anklets of course). I took him to the opposite side of the house, in the outdoor shower that is located there, where I made him lie down and, happy and satisfied, I pissed in his face, enjoying my power and my supremacy. I left him there, tired humiliated and defeated, and I told the girls that anyone who wanted could take advantage.

Aurora and Tiziana, of course, were the first, even together, followed by my sister Maria and Mistress Carmen. So Laver got up (and again, from her expression, I think the sissy had direct contact with his cock). Mistress Ingrid, who never loved pissing, passed and so did my mother (I think for the presence of too many people) also my friend Stefania declined, while Giulia, to my surprise (and my great pleasure) got up and went to make her first pissing on a slave!

I resumed the sissy, defeated by the humiliation, and brought it back to the girls, who had to thank for the honor. So I gagged and sent him to tidy up and wash the dishes and the kitchen, while we took a walk by the sea. Upon our return, around 6:30 PM, an exhausted sissy slave m awaited us for the continuation of the evening. We sat in the garden.

Sissy slave m was completely stripped and washed with a stream of cold water, then left on his knees to dry in the setting evening sun. Then, called back to our presence, he delighted us with splendid foot and back massages, while we discussed more and less, interrupted only when to insult, mock, humiliate or punish the poor desperate slave.

We decided to let Giulia and Stefania experience the joys of torturing a slave sissy. We went back into the house and, in the attic, we tied sissy slave m standing, legs spread by a spreader bar and hands tied above the head to the ceiling, and Mistress Ingrid and I started. Me behind with the flogger and Mistress Ingrid in front of torturing the nipples of the sissy with toothed clamps, tweezers and the like. All totally ignoring the pleadings of the sissy, soon tinged with tears, but turning to my friends almost novices as if the slave did not exist but was just an experiment dummy.

Little by little they took courage and took turns whipping the sissy and torturing his increasingly sore nipples. We went on for a long time, alternating with the flogger and the nipples, until the poor slave began to tremble convulsively in despair and, at that point, happy and excited, we stopped the torture to go down for a drink to refresh ourselves, bringing with us the poor slave on his knees.

It was therefore the moment again for the sissy to devote herself to the adoration of the shoes and feet of her superiors. The hour was beginning to be late and, therefore, my mother, accompanied by my sister, Mistress Ingrid, Mistress Carmen, Giulia and Stefania took leave, not before having asked for a humble thanks from the slave for the attention paid, and not before to have spit in his face and to have insulted him properly. We embraced and said parting words to each other happy and satisfied. Aurore and Tiziana stayed with us a little longer to relax with the slave to act as a footrest and then they left too. Last Laver, who asked me, before leaving, to be able to use the slave and, as you can imagine, I immediately consented, especially after the sissy began to implore me desperately not to do it!

Laver then brought sissy slave m into the guest room and left it after twenty minutes, visibly pleased, while my poor sissy slave followed her like a puppy dog, aching and with a very sad expression of despair and disgust. I also said goodbye to Laver and prepared the sissy for the final surprises.

First, I announced that I no longer considered him worthy of sleeping in a real room, not even the service room, and that therefore we would have obtained in the basement of my city house and in the attic of the house by the sea, two small cells, and that he would have slept there for the future, when it was not subjected to worse conditions. Exhausted from the day and aware that my sentences do not call for an appeal, he lowered the case and replied “yes Mistress”. So I took it to my bedroom and, after gagging it, I tied it to the ankles, above and below the knees, the thighs and with the hands tied to the wrists and elbows behind the back. So i made him crawl under the bed. After a short time Federico arrived. The skipper of the boat with which we made the trip yesterday, with which I celebrated my wedding night to the fullest, fucking him and cumming no less than 7 times, also for the awareness of the humiliating position of the sissy. Federico cumms twice very copiously in two condoms that, as soon as my lover left, sissy slave m, finally untied, had the honor of emptying.

Exhausted, satisfied and happy, I decided to let the sissy sleep at the foot of my bed and let him lick the soles of my feet to thank me for the evening and the weekend of celebrations. I slept with an angelic sleep, while sissy slave m. fell asleep after long sobs of fatigue, pain and humiliation.

The following morning, however, I received his whatsapp from the office.
I transcribe it to you in Italian, I’m sure you’ll understand it:


I affectionately embrace you and your wonderful readers!
Thank you very much and see you soon!Ciao
M. Francesca

Mistress Francesca – Wedding Anniversary, Part 2

Dear Scarlet, as promised I continue with the story of the celebrations for my 15th wedding anniversary.

On Saturday morning the slave woke me up at 7:00 as ordered. The heat of the last few days has led us, instead of a SPA day, to a boat trip (my mother’s idea). While at my home a specialized company had to assemble the altar in the garden for the renewal of the conjugal vows, the chairs for guests, the gazebo for the reception tables and the field kitchen. Not wanting sissy slave m to be seen by so many complete strangers, I decided on suitable accommodation for him.

I made him wear a big but plug, his hessian underwear, heavy tights, his new black spandex catsuit and a corset. He immediately began to plead wonderfully, understanding the torment of wearing these clothes for a long time and in the height of summer. I love these moments carnally! When he begs me with tears in his eyes, while I know full well that I will have no mercy toward him! Amused I slapped his face and continued his preparation.

I secured a leather hood on him, leaving his eyes and mouth visible. Then a posture collar. For his feet, ankle boots of almost two measures too small, with 18 cm heels; very uncomfortable and painful. Above, a long Victorian maid uniform with long sleeves. Rounding out all heavy chains on the wrists and ankles. So prepared, I posted him in the attic where I made him arrange the ironing board with the laundry of the last days to iron, including that of the mother, my sister and my friends. A really huge amount.

He tried to beg me not to leave him dressed like that, saying it would be so hot and unbearable. I enjoyed his entreaties and then silenced him and brought him something to drink during the day. Days ago, I left in a jug of tap water a pair of my dirty socks (used several times to play sports) and a pair of my specifically used panties. Saturday morning I brought the jug to the sissy explaining that from now on, this type of cocktail will be the only thing you can drink. I spat a couple of times into the jug and threw my just used, after urination in the bathroom, toilet paper into it. The sissy’s look of despair was priceless and cannot be described Scarlet! An incredible power rush, combined with an incredible sense of decadent cruelty and absolute power rushed through me. With tears in his eyes, he responded with a sad and desperate ‘thank you mistress’.

While I would be on a boat with my mom and the girls, he would have to iron all our clothes in chains, in the torrid attic. Once an hour he could go to the jug, fill his cock-shaped bottle with the contents and drink. He could only use the toilet in the attic once.
Once he had finished ironing he had to go to the corner and wait for my return. I let him lick the soles of my shoes and I left him, desperate, subjugated and dismayed at his sad job.

The day was splendid! The boat that Mum had hired took a splendid tour of some islands just off the coast. A wonderful day of sun, sea and beautiful female company, made even more wonderful by the thought of the poor sissy slave m. working in his humiliating state, suffocated by the heat and the cruel weight of his slavery regime and with only dirty water to drink!

Upon returning home around 04:00 PM, beaming, I found sissy slave m. in the corner of the attic, desperate, humiliated, tired, subjugated and submissive. Just the way I like it! Before freeing him I took a refreshing shower and rested for an hour on the bed in my air-conditioned room, leaving the slave in his cruel sauna. Only around 7:00 pm I brought out the poor slave. At my order to get out of the attic he threw himself at my feet to thank me with total and absolute passion.

So I allowed him to get out of his clothes and I took him to the bathroom, where I made him beg me to piss in his mouth and he had to take a freezing shower. The thanks of my poor slave, combined with his oaths of absolute love, devotion and submission, have shown me once again how symbiotic our relationship is and how poor that pathetic slave needs my cruelty to be free! Obviously I masturbated again!

I then checked the slave’s work and found 23 imperfections (few compared to the amount of clothes) that I rounded to 30, for 30 cane strokes.

I went into the garden, checking that everything was ready for the next day, letting sissy prepare a light dinner wearing only a short waitress uniform and low Mary Jane shoes (how much he thanked me for this, poor slave).

After he served me dinner, another surprise. In fact, I ordered him to throw the leftovers in the trash, instead of in his bowl, specifying that later, if I had been happy with his service, he could have recovered the leftovers from the bucket and eat them. Cowed by humiliation, he replied ‘thank you Mistress.’

So both me and sissy got ready for the evening. I wear only sexy underwear and beautiful very fetish mules with extreme heels and platforms. For the sissy, an outfit specially designed for the occasion. Obviously the inevitable corset, then a delicious pink satin sissy dress with a high lace neck with a cute satin fixed bow at the front. A very deep, double-layered glass-silk frill that starts at the front of the bodice then over the shoulders to the back of the dress. Over sized puff-sleeves of see through glass-silk and trimmed with double pleated wide glass silk. The waist-line that on the chest and a matching Prissy petticoat ensures a stunning prissy sissy look. The skirt is full and has an abundance of frills from the waist down, and shows a cheeky glimpse of matching pink panties and pink stocking tops. Wrists and ankles are connected by mincing ribbons made in shiny, soft satin, the wrist and ankles cuffs firmly locked, they also have sissy bells on the cuffs. On the feet a pair of pink slippers with frilly marabou cover. On the head is a fuchsia bob wig, very long false eyelashes and strong makeup. A perfect sissy!

The humiliation was not over yet! I put on his head a headband with small cocks that come out, a necklace made of fake beads interspersed with small cocks and a pair of earrings also in the shape of a cock. These are the items I mentioned to you bought on that site of fun accessories for hen parties… Unfortunately, the cock-shaped rings for me and the girls have not arrived …

Sissy slave m hates these additions, especially when she needs to serve more people in this way, and in looking in the mirror she had a deep sigh of humiliation, which obviously excited me a lot. I therefore enjoyed raging on him, reminding him of how miserable his condition is and how increasingly oppressive and heavy the yoke he is forced to carry is.
And here we are! I free and happy to live my life to my complete liking and he reduced to a pathetic species of sub-human creature, the last and most abject of slaves and sissies, whose living conditions are destined only to get worse.

In the meantime, it was 10 in the evening and the girls arrived. Tonight Mum wasn’t there. She is 65 years old and wanted to rest for tomorrow. After welcoming my guests with reverence and kissing their shoes and licking their soles, the evening began.

The girls went free, they too only in underwear and extreme heels, and we started chatting more and less to warm up while the sissy slave delighted us with back or foot massages, in the interval between which he served us delicious cocktails. All the while we have alternated towards the sissy, the most complete indifference with very heavy mocking of him and his miserable condition of slave in perpetual chastity and submission. After an hour the alcohol started to take effect.

The slave found himself subjected to more ‘intense’ attentions, given that at each service rendered, or even just on a whim, we all began to slap him, and to spit in his face and to cover him with the most cruel insults while he, the only sober, tried desperately to indulge his cruel tormentors. Obviously the evening was not over. At midnight, in fact, the show of the strippers began! An idea from my friend Aurora.

Five splendid boys with statuesque and wonderful physiques, who danced for a long time for us, undressing and leaving us blessed with their splendid bodies. We girls got very excited to see these splendid specimens, while sissy slave m. he had to watch the show kneeling on chickpeas, while the five boys laughed at him and, incited by us girls, insulted and humiliated him.

When the strippers left, we had the sissy slave m stripped and bent it forward on the sofa. So, in turn, we started whipping him and masturbating until we orgasmed at least 2 times each. We then said goodbye and made an appointment for the morning for the renewal of the marital vows and further adventures with sissy slave m.

Left alone with him, I offered him my hand to kiss and he, surprised by this honor, began to kiss my hand like a holy relic swearing to me his eternal love. Satisfied I said to him, with cruel condescension, “good sissy!” At these words he burst into tears and, throwing himself at my feet, he began to thank me with extraordinary transport.

So I ordered him to tidy up the room, clean the kitchen and eat my leftovers from the bucket. Then he could go to sleep in his (still for a little) room.
Tomorrow is another day…
To be continued

Mistress Francesca – Wedding Anniversary, Part 1

Yet more superb and stimulating insights into Mistress Francesca’s life. There will be more to follow, which is such a delight. And as there will be more, I have collected all Mistress Francesca’s glorious material onto her own page. I will do this in time with the material of all the great and frequent contributors, too many to name, but including Christine M, Lady Jessica, Mistress Carla, Ms Anne, Mistress Serena, Mistress Sonia Meloni, Mistress Rita, etc, etc.

Hover your cursor over the menu tab at the top, Dommes’ Letters, and the drop down is a menu of the collections.

Without further ado…………………



This year our wedding anniversary happened on a Thursday and so I decided to divide the usual celebrations into two parts:
On the Thursday, a domestic celebration, between me and sissy slave m, with a long session of BDSM and then, on the following weekend, the highlight of the celebrations: SPA afternoon and evening for the girls on Saturday and Sunday, renewal of marital vows and reception.

All this to increase my pleasure and my level of domination and at the same time, the total submission of sissy slave m … an opportunity also to experiment with some new ideas that the wonderful dominatrixes who frequent this BLOG have suggested to me.

Thursday evening:
Thursday morning I ordered sissy slave m. to wake up before getting ready to go to work so that we can start celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary the right away.

As you know, dear Scarlet, I am very romantic and I care about these celebrations. Sissy slave m. came to wake me up with the breakfast I ordered the night before: espresso, pink grapefruit juice, 2 wholemeal rusks with organic strawberry jam. On the tray he also carried the gift box he gave me for our anniversary. Obviously I am in control of all home finances, and sissy slave m. has only a very small daily budget for the expenses necessary to go to work and return (bus or metro tickets and little else). Since, however, I like my slave to give me gifts, he also has a credit card, whose accounts are under my control, which he must use only and exclusively to give me, regularly, magnificent gifts. I like the idea that my slave is totally penniless for himself but still has to buy expensive gifts from his cruel Mistress. Also I can always punish him if I don’t like the gifts …

This time the gift is a magnificent ‘tennis’ bracelet made up of 15 emeralds. The sister of sissy slave m has a splendid jewelry store and, therefore, the slave is also lucky enough to save. My sister-in-law also knows about sissy slave status and the nature of our relationship, and supports and approves it – because she knows how much her brother needs it. We are friends and sometimes she is also a guest at my house, even if in those cases despite being served by her brother, she does not participate directly in his submission.

Of course I can’t punish him for this gift, so I decide to reward him. I make him take a pair of my fire red patent leather mules, with 15 cm of heel and 5 cm of platform and, while I enjoy my breakfast, the sissy has the honor of devoutly and passionately licking my shoes, paying attention to not wet my feet with his tongue. Scarlet this is a huge power rush for me, to see him so humbly at my feet licking my shoes devotedly, desperate for excitement, as he immediately becomes aroused. In fact, I immediately feel him moaning with desire and excitement, cruelly repressed by his cage, while he licks the shoes of his Mistress submissively.

After breakfast I am also very excited and, therefore, I take my vibrator and, while the slave continues to lick my shoes, excited and desperate, I cum, verbally insulting him and reminding him of the abject condition of his status as cuckold sissy slave in total chastity.
Then, it’s time for sissy slave m to get dressed to go to work, not before I gave him fifteen serious rattan cane shots on his bare butt. Leaving the house, kissing my feet before going out, like every time, he declares his love and his total submission and I, totally satisfied, spit in his face before sending him to the office.

On his return, the celebrations continue. First, as soon as the sissy has stripped of her ridiculous men’s clothes, I take him to the dungeon where I tie him in strappado, naked except for the chastity cage, a corset, and a pair of shoes with 12 cm heels without platform, with the ankles tied together. I add the humbler, which I love, so that the pathetic sissy balls are exposed to my sadism.

So I start the ritual punishment of our anniversary: 15 shots with each of my torture tools:
the first 15 strokes I adjust with my leather riding crop; it is not very painful but the blows are very serious and I carefully take aim at the upper part of his thighs, very sensitive to pain. Obviously the sissy must count every hit and thank her Mistress. Every three or four strokes, with absolute peace of mind, I hit the slave’s balls and his moans of pain and despair excite me incredibly!

I then move on to my Long Wooden Paddle, with which I strike violent blows on the sissy’s butt, while she desperately tries to keep her balance in her tiring and painful strappado. At this point, pain begins to take over my poor sissy husband (who is not in the least masochistic and therefore really suffers corporal punishment) and I see how hard it is for him to keep a count of the blows, and I feel him more and more worried and sobbing.  Arriving at the fourteenth hit I decide to exaggerate and the last hit I settle it with decision on the exposed balls of the sissy … His scream is inhuman and very exciting, and is followed by the beginning of a heavy cry, interrupted by sobs among which, fortunately for him, he can count the blows and thank me!

My excitement, at this point, has reached the point of no return … then I take my strap on with the double dildo and, pushed into my soaking vagina the dildo of my competence, I present myself in front of the sissy sobbing and, turn on the vibration of the internal dildo, I offer him the external one to suck. I confess Scarlet that I love when the sissy is forced to take my strap–on in her mouth and also when she has to give blowjobs to some of my lovers or, (worse for him), to other submissives. I know how humiliating it is for him to have been totally feminized and transformed into a Sissy and, most of all, how humiliating it is to have to undergo oral and anal sex while his cock is in constant chastity … and to know how humiliating and hard this is for him makes me love him even more!

I see him sobbing from the pain he just received in the balls and, without the slightest empathy, and indeed with growing cruelty, I order him to take my cock in his mouth and I fuck his mouth until I cum by the excitement of this act and for the vibration of my dildo!

Back from orgasm, I go back to the anniversary hits. Maybe the sissy hoped that the violent blow to the balls would mark the end of the punishment, and when she sees me take my Leather Two Finger Tawse, she starts to implore in tears… Obviously I let him go on for a few minutes and then, after spitting in his face, I order him to stop and count the shots. I settle the 15 in quick succession, enjoying every moment of the suffering of the poor sissy, and then I move on to my Leather Flogger, having finished the blows with which, I fuck the mouth of the sissy again until another orgasm.

The best is yet to come though! There are still my Silicone Single Tail Whip, delicious, with chromed metal handle, not very long but very painful and, finally, my rattan dog. The last thirty shots sissy slave m receives almost in sub space, from which I reawaken him by forcing him to give me the third blowjob for my third orgasm.

When I free her from her strappado, she falls to the ground. Than, without receiving orders, she begins to lick the floor just around where my shoes rest, thanking me for the painful punishment she received and swearing her eternal love. Delighted, I spit on the ground a few times and the sissy, devoted, collects everything with her tongue.

So I use the funnel to make the sissy slave drink my delicious pee and give her the toilet paper I use to eat. Then, I send the slave to prepare a fresh and light dinner: Caprese salad (tomatoes, mozzarella and basil) fresh fruit and sparkling wine ‘franciacorta’, while sissy slave m has the honor of licking the soles of my shoes while I eat.

After dinner, I relax in the cool porch while the sissy cleans the kitchen and, when he’s done, he kneels in front of me. A truly romantic moment begins. In fact, I insult him, reminding him of his role and his status as a lowly sissy servant, slapping him and spitting and hitting him with the taps on the balls and he, at every sentence, and spit and blow, reaches his hands in prayer and thanks me; and he prays me keep him forever as my slave!
Very excited, I order the slave to kiss my feet and I masturbate with my fingers, like a high school girl, for the fourth orgasm of the evening.

I decided that, after all, it’s our anniversary and so the sissy deserves a small prize. I therefore bring the sissy to my room and, which almost never happens, I make him lie down, naked except for the corset, cage, collar and shoes, on my bed. I tie him in a tight hog tie and I gag him. Then, won by the romanticism of the evening and by the devotion of the sissy, I start to tease him which rarely happens. I start by licking his neck, behind his ears and on his face, around the gag. Immediately I hear him react, despite the great surprise, with moans of incredible excitement and I see his poor desperate cock swell in the narrow confines of the cage. I then move on to the nipples, which are, as you know, extremely sensitive, and I work on them with my tongue and fingers, leading my poor slave to an incredible paroxysm of excitement and frustration.

In the meantime, I mind-fuck him by reminding him of his BAV status and reminding him that his next chance to get out of the cage will only be on September 2nd. He cries, moans, trembles like a leaf, jumps in despair and rolls his pleading eyes, until I see him on the verge of losing consciousness due to the excess of emotions. So I take off the sissy gag and offer him my present.

I give him the opportunity to sleep here in my huge bed with me, remaining tied and gagged and with a big but plug in his butt or, alternatively, he can be freed and go back to sleep unbound in his pathetic bedroom / cell. Obviously he begs me to be able to sleep so tied and accepts without saying a word the big but plug and the big penis gag that I impose on him. Before I gag him he finds a way to declare, with a pleading look
“I love you Mistress!”
“I know, sissy!” I answer, before gagging him. I masturbate for my fifth orgasm and fall asleep in a delicious sleep. Sissy slave m, for its part, will sleep, I am sure, happy and fulfilled in its condition of slavery, which perfectly suits him.

A perfectly successful marriage… and Saturday and Sunday other celebrations await me and my guests, and other tribulations await my slave sissy.
To be continued…

‘Extreme?’ and symbiotic perfection.

Although I believe a little of what follows from Mistress Francesca’s slave-husband, sissy slave m,  is flawed, it remains a wonderful read. Following his wonderful comment, for the sake of a broad view, I will set out my thoughts.

Honoured Mistress Scarlet,
Some of Your blog followers define my slavery as strict and extreme. My slavery in probably strict but I don’t believe it is extreme.

I believe that a lasting stable relationship between a Mistress and a submissive and slave who is intimately aware of his role is never extreme (except of course common sense and the law): it should be exactly as the Mistress wants it. In my case it is so and this makes it perfect, however absolutely cruel and sometimes inhuman my condition may seem.

My relationship with the Mistress was born directly as a relationship with a BDSM background and was never in any way ‘vanilla’. When we met, the Mistress had already developed a strong interest in BDSM in an active role, which she manifested (more than now) also in daily clothing. We met at the college and immediately I fell in love with her and my BDSM fantasies (which I had since my adolescence) filled with her, whom I imagined as my cruel Mistress, almost always ending up masturbating by imagining myself at her feet.

We went out a couple of times and I showed myself as submissive as I could. At the third date she entered the topic by telling me that the only interest she had for me was to dominate me.

She was too independent and happy with her friendships and relationships to have a boyfriend and, as for sex, it excited her to dominate men but to get ‘fucked’ (she said just like that) only by real ‘stallions’ and certainly not by a guy like me. Obviously, I agreed to become her slave. Then began a relationship in which she called me only when she wanted to dominate me in a BDSM session. We met, she dominated me, cums and once satisfied, sent me home without even letting me masturbate.

I was more and more madly in love with her and begged her to allow me to see her more often and gradually she began to summon me to her house to do her housework and, starting from there, our current dynamic of total submission was triggered 24/7/365. A dynamic in which the Mistress saw her sadism, her absolute absence of scruples in inflicting the worst humiliations and tortures on me and the absolute absence of pity for me grows and I saw my deep submissive and slave nature nourish and grow as well.

She never allowed me to penetrate her, never gave me a blowjob and only three times, in the 19 years since I was hers, she masturbate me, on the three occasions when an ace of hearts came out in the chastity game of cards. However, I deeply believe that our relationship can be qualified as ‘love’. Certainly I love Mistress and I love her because she satisfies the deepest part of me that, since adolescence, has always longed to be subjected to a cruel dominatrix. (And mine was a wonderful childhood without trauma and between loving parents – if anyone wanted to know).

At the same time, the Mistress has shown me repeatedly that, while not hesitating in keeping me in constant and cruel submission under her heavy yoke, she cares about my closeness and my well-being. She supported and helped me in my studies and in reaching my professional position. She supported me when I lost my parents and when I was sick.
Moreover, even in the moments of the cruelest humiliation, while she is perhaps fucking her lover, I read in her gaze that, somehow, the lover passes by (to be replaced perhaps by another) while her slave, more and more submissive and increasingly humiliated, is destined to remain for her pleasure.

So I my slavery is strict, but i don’t think we can talk about ‘extreme’.

Of course, my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law and the two best friends of the Mistress are fully aware and involved in our ménage and, for them, I’m always and only the sissy slave; at the same time there are lovers of the Mistress who are often made aware of me (with my infinite suffering and humiliation and degradation). Furthermore, one of the Mistress’s pleasures is to leave me in particularly uncomfortable, humiliating, painful, boring or tiring conditions (or if possible all together) when she does not need me.

The Mistress then likes to invite ‘vanilla’ friends to the house and be served by me anyway, but in these cases I do it dressed as a man and the Mistress turns to me as, in the 50s, a husband would have turned to his wife who serves he and his guests devoted and smiling.

The Mistress, however, has total respect and consideration for my work and, on vanilla occasions with work colleagues, she behaves like a perfect lady and everyone is envious of me for my wonderful wife (if only they knows…)

Furthermore, while always remaining submissive and in a sissy and / or bondage version when we are at home, it may happen that the Mistress talks with me almost as a friend (a sissy fiend of course). Sometime (in rare occasions) she allows me some entertainment such as short surfing on the internet (now only on this splendid blog) or reading a book or similar.

The Mistress, does not subject me to the humiliating sessions of infantilism to which is subject, for example b.b. and, although sadistic, she punishes me in much less cruel ways than other Mistresses.

My condition of slavery, therefore, in not extreme. Is strict, is totalizing and is not at all easy to live. It is tiring, humiliating, frustrating and cruel; at the same time I am sure, every day that passes, that I cannot in any way escape the yoke of the Mistress and I adore her for her cruelty.
sissy slave m


So a wonderful account from sissy slave m, from his perspective.  I do think there are some flaws of logic such as when he writes, ‘………… believe that a lasting stable relationship between a Mistress and a submissive and slave who is intimately aware of his role is never extreme (except of course common sense and the law): it should be exactly as the Mistress wants it…….’ This is deeply flawed because there is no solid definition of what constitutes common sense. What is common sense to one person often is not to another, so common sense cannot be used as a yardstick or delimiter.

He also ends by saying that because he does not have to suffer enforced infantilism and he considers his Mistresse’s punishments not as painful as the most painful he reads about, his regimen is not extreme. Clearly this logic is obviusly flawed.

I think the huge flaw throughout is the sissy slave m, feels he must justify his regmimen is not extreme. But there is no need. Firstly no one who is worth anything is judging, and secondly as I wrote in an earlier blog post, ‘extreme’ is just about impossible to define.

So I am saying, sissy slave m, celebrate that as a true submissive you are under a regimen that  fills your soul and has you sleeping soundly every night, and care not one jot whether some judgemental others may label it is this or that. You do not have to defend or justify to anything to ANYONE! And, remember  there are thousands of unfulfilled submissives would swap places with you in a heartbeat!