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Miss Anne’s, worm’s and mother in law’s lockdown life. Pt 2 fine detail.

In response to requests relating to the previous account from Miss Anne, she has generously provided a very detailed and fascinating account of one aspect of her life in lockdown. Here it is:

To give you all a better understanding of the environment in which we have been living for the last 6 months during the quarantine, it is a country house, my husband’s family home, where we used to go for a week in summer. The house is spacious, it has 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, large hall, basement and 2 bathrooms, one outside in the yard. It has a large yard, a garden with trees, it is surrounded by a wall of cement blocks 80 cm high, and is secluded with the nearest house at 100 meters but it is uninhabited.

Because we only used it in the summer it has no central heating but wood stoves in each room. Let me begin my description of the slave’s daily life on this aspect. I doubt there are many of those who read the blog using wood stoves for heating. This requires a large amount of wood to be burned daily especially when the stoves are running 24 hours a day, as is the case in my house.

In practice this means that the slave has to chop-up with a large axe the already cut but unsuitably sized wood, to a size that will fit in the woodstove . It takes the slave at least 1 hour daily to chop and prepare the wood we need for heating every day. Usually this very laborious work is done after lunch and if more wood is needed, he continues the work the next morning.

From day one my mom suggested, and of course I agreed, that the stoves in our bedrooms should be left on when we sleep since the temperature drops at night and we would be cold in a room without heat. Several days, especially the sunnier ones, during the day we let the stoves go out for a while to let the ash be cleaned away and the stoves cool so as not to wear out from constant use, but every night for 6 months in a row they have been on.
The problem is that the wood in the stoves burns out every 2.5-3 hours and new wood has to be put in the stoves to fill them up to be burned all over again. Fortunately for all difficult issues there is a solution when you have a slave to do all the hard work!

The slave sleeps on a fold out bed in the kitchen. Of course we allow him to have the stove on there at night too, we care about his health and comfort! Unfortunately for the slave and fortunately for us, from midnight, which is usually our bedtime, until morning, he is forced to wake up every 2.5 hours, to enter our bedrooms quietly, because woe betide him if he disturbs our sleep, and to put wood in the stoves. As you can see for the past 6 months the poor boy has not slept any night uninterrupted hours of sleep until the morning and even at this moment the stoves are being lit daily in my house. Because the village where we live in quarantine is at altitude and it is still cold and it will certainly continue at least until mid-May. Think about it for a moment, waking up every 2.5 hours at night, filling the stoves with wood, lying on your bed and by the time you fall asleep you have to wake up again to fill the stoves. Every night he wakes up 3 times to his alarm clock to fuel the stoves.

It is by no means an easy situation and this routine was not magically held, nor is the slave exactly a robot to program and mechanically do this chore. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. In our case it took exactly 3 days to impose this routine on the slave without further postponement and delay. This happened thanks to the fierce determination shown by me and my mom and of course the “holy cane”.  “Holy cane” is a terrifying-looking cane, thick with knobs, which offers a painful, merciless stinging and pain. I can’t show it in a photo but Ms. Scarlet has seen it and can assure you of what I write. The «holy cane» belongs to my Mother and she first used it on my slave and now husband-slave “worm” 9 years ago. Of course I have also used this cane on the slave’s buttocks a lot of times during those last 9 years.

On the third day of our stay at the cottage, the slave got lazy and allowed the stoves to go out at night, so my mom and I woke up with a cold. I was furious and wanted to whip the slave but my mum told me to be patient. So I had a civilized conversation with the “worm”, something like this.
Α. Why didn’t you keep the stoves on in our bedrooms at night, worm?
W. Sorry Mistress, I couldn’t wake up. You understand yourself that it is almost impossible to put wood in the stoves and keep them lit all night.
Α. Why is it impossible, slave?
W. Because it is very difficult for me to get up every two and a half hours to perform this duty. I don’t get enough sleep and rest and it affects my performance the next day.
Α. You sleep adequately the rest of the night except for two short breaks to put the wood in. Do you think I’m being unreasonable? That my orders are unreasonable? Because that’s exactly what you’re implying when you say it’s almost impossible to perform a simple task. I object to your impertinence!
W. Sorry Mistress, you misunderstood me, I never said or thought that your orders or You or Mrs. R are unreasonable.
Α. I see… let me buy that… Then what is your excuse for negligence of the duty or to put it properly for disobeying my orders last night?
W. I have no excuses Mistress. I hope I don’t let you down again. I am very sorry for what happened.
Α. No worm you are not sorry yet but believe me you will be soon. Go back to your duties and I don’t want to hear another word from you today until further notice. Am I making myself clear?
W. Yes my Mistress, You are crystal clear! Thank You Mistress.

After lunch, I discussed his punishment with Mom after I had calmed down while the slave was chopping wood in the yard. After Mom and I napped, the slave served us coffee in the living room while it was getting dark outside. My mother coughed twice and turned her head to me.
R. I must have caught a cold last night, Anne.
Α. Sure mom since that idiot got lazy and didn’t do his job.
R. Really worm, what happened last night? I’m sure you have a good excuse for letting us sleep in freezing cold bedrooms.
W. I have no excuse Mrs. R. I’m sorry, I’m sorry and I apologize.
R. That doesn’t change the fact that we were freezing and cold last night. Does it change it?
W. It doesn’t change it Lady R.
Α. I think it’s only fair that he should get a little cold too so he can experience what we felt Mom.
R. I would totally agree with you my daughter.
Α. Put on your uniform and go out in the yard and slave away.
W. What do you mean, Mistress? What am I to do in the yard at this hour?
Α. You’ll be left out in the cold like we were last night!
W. But Mistress, it’s cold outside and…
Α. Get out now, you worm! I don’t want to hear any noise! (Of course the slave didn’t dare protest any further, he put on his uniform, warm enough to keep him alive and thin enough to keep him cool.)
Α. I’d advise you to move in the cold so you don’t freeze, worm, run, walk, exercise, whatever you like best. Where are you going? Aren’t you going to thank me for my valuable advice?
The slave was evidently displeased with the punishment we inflicted on him, but he did not dare to protest; on the contrary, he knelt down and humbly kissed my slippers.
W. Thank you very much for your valuable advice and your concern for me, Mistress.

The slave went out into the yard. I could see from the window that he was doing some light strolling and some exercises, e.g. jumping to keep warm while mum and I were having our coffee and talking. After about 50 minutes had passed I opened the window and invited him in.

In a matter of seconds the slave was inside the house, freezing and flushed with an obvious feeling of relief in his eyes. He didn’t even have time to thank us as I abruptly yelled at him to pull down his sweatpants and get into a spanking pose. He looked at me in amazement but silently obeyed my command, bent over and cupped his shins with his hands, remaining motionless in his position. I stood up, took the holy cane in my hands, made a circle around him like a hawk looking at its prey, lightly tapping the cane in my palm. Even the light tap of the rod on my palm caused discomfort and slight pain, and I thought about how the slave manages to endure our strong blows and he must suffer every time. I paused for a few seconds to swing the cane up and down with force on his buttocks, the slave swayed from the force of the blows in the uncomfortable position he was in but was able to keep his balance. Besides, he was well aware that if he fell he would have to start the spanking all over again.

After about 20 strokes, with his ass turning a deep red colour I stopped the spanking. The worm immediately knelt down, passionately kissed my hand in which I was holding the holy cane and then kissed my feet, thanking me for the punishment as he does every time.
Α. Get dressed and go to the yard worm!
W. But Mistress….
Α. Not a word! You go to the yard, what did you think? You still haven’t even felt the chill that mommy and I experienced last night because of you!

Obediently the slave left for the yard again. We could watch him from the window as he tripped and walked hurriedly back and forth across the yard to get warm. After 45 minutes I called him to enter the house, he was in worse condition than the previous time. The same ritual followed with an additional 20 blows to the buttocks. Then I sent him to serve dinner for me and my mom accompanied by Caesar salad and red wine. While we were eating I sent him to the corner of the room to think about the neglect of his duty and the consequences it had. When we returned to the living room I ordered him to bring our wine and then he lit my cigarette.

Α. So did you think about what you did last night and the consequences of your act?
W. Yes Mistress, I promise it will never happen again.
Α. What do you think, Mom?
R. I don’t think he fully realizes that he disobeyed our explicit order, neglected his duty, got lazy and left us freezing last night.
Α. I tend to agree with you. What do you suggest?
R. Another walk in the yard will certainly help him Annie.
The slave immediately fell to the floor and on his knees he begged us, snivelling, to forgive him and not to send him back to the courtyard. He assured us that he had learned his lesson and that he would never again neglect this duty. Hunched on the floor, humble and desperate, he begged with all his heart. I exchanged glances with my mom and we peeped and silently giggled, it really was a very funny sight.

With a sharp order, raising her tone of voice my mother sent him into the yard, the slave crawled to the door, stood up and walked out into the yard surrendered to his fate. Enjoying the wine and the warmth of the house I would occasionally look out of the window to see the poor slave staggering from exhaustion back and forth across the yard, warming his hands with his breath. This time I let him wander around in the cold night for a full hour before calling him back inside.

When he came in he was flushed red, tears were welling up in his eyes due to the cold, and he looked really pathetic. I felt a little pity for him! But I had to teach him a good lesson so that he would not repeat his mistake. I grabbed the holy cane, I didn’t even have to say a word, the slave immediately pulled down his sweatpants and took the pose for spanking. I bounced the cane up and down with great force on his buttocks, as you know when the body is cold, the pain from the spanking is more intense. Quickly the slave was roaring in pain and tears were streaming down his eyes and falling to the floor. When I stopped beating him, he immediately fell to his knees frenetically kissing my hand and feet and begging for mercy and to stop his torment. My mom called him and the slave crawled to her feet looking at her in agony and anticipation.
R. I hope you won’t repeat your sin, you worm.
W. No Lady R, never again, I promise you. Please very much forgive me Lady R. Don’t send me to outside again, please don’t do it, divine superior Lady R.
R. ha-ha how pathetic you are right now you can’t realize it. You really are ridiculous and the sight of you is hilarious the way you cry and humbly beg your mother-in-law, because that’s ostensibly what I am to you. Your mother-in-law! Shame on you! Have you not a shred of dignity? Pride? Self-esteem?
W. Not at all Lady R. I am a worm, a worthless loser beta male slave, I am not a man. Please don’t send me out again, please don’t do it amazing Lady R.
R. The next time I sleep in a cold room you will make the trek into the freezing night every night. Am I making myself clear, worm?
W. Yes Lady R, You are crystal clear, always your room will be warm.
R. Annie I forgive him this time and I am going to sleep because I am tired, I am no longer young like you guys.
W. Thank You very much Lady R, I very much appreciate Your kindness.
My mother stretched her right leg towards him, the slave immediately passionately deposited resounding wet kisses of gratitude on her slipper. After my mother left, the slave knelt before me, I looked into his eyes still wet with tears. Slowly I lit a cigarette, I sat comfortably on the couch cross-legged with my right leg over my left, my slipper dangling in the air in front of his face, he looked at me and my slipper with agony painted on his face. I enjoyed his fear but also my power as with one word I could send him out into the yard in the freezing night even for the whole night if I wanted to. Indeed that thought made me very wet.
I could no longer endure the sweet torture I felt in my belly and between my legs, I put out the cigarette and threw it in the ashtray.
Α. I need your tongue right now, bitch!
The slave immediately brought a scarf and I placed it over his eyes. Except for rare exceptions when his behavior is exemplary, I do not allow him to see me naked. Clearly it was a day when his behavior was not appropriate and he did not deserve the privilege. So blindfolded he started licking my wet pussy.
Α. I want you to show passion, precision and reverence, slave! Lead me to a powerful pleasurable orgasm if you don’t want to go out in the yard for the rest of the evening.
It was an incredible orgasm! One of the best of my life as the worm worked his tongue as best as he could on my labia and clit. Of course I was in a good mood and very aroused already, anticipating the pleasure. I really couldn’t deny him that he deservedly earned with his tongue his stay inside the home for that night, haha.

I lay relaxed from orgasm while the slave as always thanked me for the privilege and licked my soles, still blindfolded. I covered myself with the quilt and he took the scarf from his eyes, he looked at me with mixed adoration, fear, awe, anticipation, I smiled broadly and cheerfully.
Α. Good night worm. When I wake up in the morning I want to read a 1500 word essay with your thoughts and feelings about what happened that led to your punishment as well as the punishment itself. Clearly I expect you to express your gratitude for all of this.
W. Yes Mistress, thank you very much Mistress.
Α. And don’t forget to keep the stoves going in our rooms, of course.
W. Of course Mistress, thank you very much for reminding me. I shall never forget it again.
Α. Now get out of my sight and feel very lucky that I took pity on you.
W. I am pathetic and grateful that you showed mercy from your kind heart, Mistress.

Needless to add, that 192 days later, to this day as I write these lines slave has not ever again neglected his duty. The stoves remain lit every night in our rooms and the slave sleeps intermittent hours of sleep every night.

First conclusion: Do you remember how it began? My slave thought it was impossible to manage to do this task every night. Well, he was proven wrong, with the right encouragement nothing is impossible for a human being.
Second conclusion: Life is good and it gets even better when I have a slave working hard and relentlessly for my comfort.


Making Comments on posts: Comments do not appear on my blog until I have moderated them. Comments that insult anyone will not be published, nor will aggressive comments. A wide range of views is truly welcome, we all have things to learn, however comments will not be published that take a contrary or critical view to any aspect of a post, but fail to explain why this contrary view is held, or fail to address the reasoning set out in the post to which the comment relates. (Such unexplained contrary comments are simply boring.)


I have mentioned in the past that I like to cook and bake from time to time and I have also mentioned that bitch-boy has to get up early enough EVERY morning to return the kitchen to an immaculate state before I get up, whether I have cooked or, as is more normal, he has.  It is very enjoyable to cook and bake with no regard to clean-up afterwards, knowing you have a little kitchen slave to do that.

The other evening I was cooking for fun. When I had finished, I required bitch-boy for his vanilla company to watch a movie and then to come up to bed with me. The next morning, the kitchen greeted him looking like a bomb damaged conflict zone! And in particular, this greeted him.

Before I started cooking, the immaculately clean grill tray had been lined with aluminium foil which I had removed at the commencement of my cooking exploits, just for the subjugating effect that would have on my kitchen-slave.

He found next to the grill tray a little note on which I had written. ‘Clean this disgusting item until it shines! I removed the aluminium foil because I am a bitch and last night in bed, thinking about that, made my orgasms more intense.’


Indeed the previous night when I had summoned him to bed with me to lick me to a couple of orgasms, thinking about what a bitch I had been and how he would feel the next morning greeted by the tray and note, as well as my usual thinking about his defect all locked away and his orgasms being so scarce while mine are so frequent, my orgasms had been seriously enhanced!


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Addendum to my BDSM Manual – research

I have been amazed by the popularity of my BDSM manual which has continued to be  purchased in large volumes since its launch four years ago. A lot has happened in those four years in terms of:

  1. my personal evolution, (accelerated by the considerable extra time for DS activities afforded by lock-downs),
  2. a flourishing of very candid, new associations with a good number of Dommes in long-term, real-life relationships, (I am so very privileged!),
  3. developments in new technology  applicable to dominance,
  4. developments in the range of BDSM equipment available as a welcome result of considerable mainstreaming of BDSM.

As a result of my personal evolution and my new associations, I have learned many new techniques to optimise dominance activities. The activities themselves are almost all set out in my original BDSM Manual, but the optimisation techniques are not. And as a result of development of technology and availability of new BDSM equipment, combined with my personal evolution and my new associations, there are also new activities to set out and recommend.

Some of these optimisation techniques are scattered through my blog over the last four years with each technique visited now and again; but my blog is not a book and so each of the technique is not comprehensively dealt with in one single place. The remainder of these optimisation techniques are either matters on which I have been in private email discussion with associate Dommes. or have come from my own experimentation, and lock-downs has been a boon for the time required for that experimentation!

I am 80% through writing my Addendum book and I am at a stage where I really would appreciate some help with research. I think one thing that sets apart my original BDSM Manual and this (draft) Addendum, from other publications, is my understanding that, how I behave and feel and how bitch-boy behaves and feels, is not necessarily how the majority in our wonderful DS world behave and feel. And this blog and my Domme email acquaintances have been and are a superb way for me to check this out on any given activity; thanks to the generosity of engagement from so many Dommes and submissives.

So this first research question

…. is about submissives pleading with all their heart, (and prolonging that pleading). In advance, I thank you all for your help. First I set out some selected paragraphs from my draft,  Addendum No.1. My three research questions follow.

I define Heartfelt Pleading as: Pleading and begging and beseeching that the submissive does that is totally  genuine and sincere and meant with all his heart. Whether he is pleading for something:

  • not to happen,
  • to stop happening, or,
  • to happen as soon as possible.

He really, really means it! It is not a game. It is his REAL LIFE and at that moment, he is genuinely and profoundly desperate for his pleading to be accepted and for whatever it is; to happen, not to happen, or to stop happening.

  • You may have been edging him for a long time and he has not had an orgasm for a long time and thereby you will have induced his heartfelt begging to be allowed to orgasm.
  • You may have been caning him for quite some time and he feels he cannot take any more and thereby you will have induced his heartfelt begging to stop the caning happening any longer.
  • You may have decided he will never, ever get to penetrate you again and on the occasion, you tell him you will have induced his heartfelt begging for the prohibition to not happen!

There are reasons inducing pleading is so valuable to you, as well as him.

It is valuable to him because his OVERIDING NEED in order to be content in life, is to feel he is; helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel, dominant woman. If he is genuinely pleading with all his heart, he is totally immersed in that feeling he needs. It is not a game. It is real. It is what he has dreamed of since adolescence. If he is induced to heartfelt pleading, he is one hundred percent in no doubt that he is living the existence he craves.

It is valuable to you because it is exhilarating and exciting and decadent. It provides a huge power rush as it is so clear to you that you have one hundred percent of the power and he is helplessly in your power and you are decadently pitiless. You are not playing a game, you are living a REALITY of having total power over another. But there is another benefit for you. Because he is one hundred percent in no doubt that he is helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel, dominant woman, and YOU ARE that woman then, (if not at that moment), for certain when his head hits the pillow that night, he is in awe of you, he worships you, he cannot do enough for you, he cannot contemplate not being with you all the time.

You may, as a habit, cut-off

Being able to induce heartfelt pleading is one turnkey differentiation between REAL DOMMES who get all the benefits of being a Domme, and pretend Dommes, who get very little from DS games. So, if you are unable to undertake activities that result in heartfelt pleading, you are getting no more than five percent of the benefits of being a Domme and your submissive is constantly sad and discontented; 24/7/365.…………………………………….

……………………………… You may wonder, will some submissives begin apparent heartfelt pleading immediately they are under duress? In my experience the answer is NO, for two reasons. The first reason is simple pride. Over the past 30 years or so, most people, (but especially males), are brought up to be powerful and in control. It is shameful to be pleading with all one’s heart, especially a male to a ‘weak’ woman. The second reason is because of their submissive cravings. They crave real life domination. They want the proof that this woman dominating them is pitiless. They know if they pretend to engage in heartfelt pleading before they ‘need to’, the duress may stop before they have experienced pitilessness and REAL helplessness. 

So, my research questions are:

  1. Is the above paragraph generally true regarding submissives holding out on pleading until the level of duress means it is real and heartfelt?
  2. Have any Dommes come across a submissive, or are you a submissive, who is so resistant to pleading it almost becomes a ‘health and safety’ matter? Or do all submissives end up pleading with all their heart.
  3. Any other agreeing or dissenting comments on the selected extract paragraphs?


Making chore time worse – à trois Part 5

This is the 5th account from Corrine and her wife. This one answering questions I have asked about how they make chore time for the slave worse. 


Dear Scarlet

Coming back to you on the topics you indicated as being of interest to you regarding our regime of domination of slave. This account is on carrying out housework without the aid of appliances or tools or from performing them in more severe bondage AND the use of stinging or painful materials or substances.

I deal with these first issues together because, as you will see, they are very closely linked.

As already pointed out, the normal slave maid uniform is a long Victorian maid uniform with corset and flat shoes, all with chains joining his collar, bracelets and anklets in order to make his job more uncomfortable but still easily performed (about 40 cm between the wrists and between the ankles and wrists connected to the collar so that the hands cannot go below the waist). In addition, the slave can normally use ordinary household appliances such as washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, dryer and so on.

Making her housework more complicated, uncomfortable, tiring and humiliating – for punishment or just for our amusement – can be done by intervening both on the slave’s dress and bondage or on the possibility of using aids in working.

Carrying out housework chores without the aid of appliances or tools.

It is very common that slave is prohibited from using any kind of household appliance and that the use of normal cleaning accessories is also severely limited. In these cases, therefore, the slave must constantly wash dishes strictly by hand, just as he must wash all the laundry by hand. 

In reality, as far as the laundry is concerned, some items, such as my and my wife’s underwear and many delicate items, must always be washed by hand, however on some occasions we require slave to wash by hand also, for example, sheets, drying cloths and even filthy kitchen cloths. This greatly increases the fatigue that slave endues in his miserable work, for his suffering and our satisfaction. Furthermore, slave can be forced to iron the laundry with an old and heavy (almost 5 kg) iron without steam, with which it is very difficult to maintain the required standards of perfection and, therefore, with increased effort and greater possibility of a well deserved punishment.

Another thing we love, and that we often impose on slave even just for our amusement, is to forbid the use of brooms, forcing him to collect dirt and wash the floors with cloths and rags held in his hands, while crawling on all fours.

It is very funny, in these cases, to walk with dirty shoes right where slave has just cleaned, and to then have our shoes cleaned with his tongue and have the floor cleaned again, enjoying his sobs of despair and fatigue, but also of desperate frustration excitement while licking our shoes. Sometimes it can happen that we tie his hands behind his back and force him to wipe the floor with a rag in his mouth.

 Furthermore, slave can be forced to polish the sanitary fixtures in our bathroom (especially the ‘safe’ areas of the toilet) with his tongue or to clean the tile joints with a toothbrush. 

Obviously, the fact that more strenuous and difficult working conditions have been imposed on him is not a good excuse for providing lower standards of work and, therefore, the punishments he suffers for every slightest imperfection are by no means diminished.

Performing housework chores in more severe bondage AND the use of stinging or painful materials or substances

Alternatively, or (more often) in addition to these impositions there are those that intervene on the slave’s clothing and bondage to make his working condition more painful and humiliating and difficult.

The simplest thing is to gag him and put a big dildo or but plug in his butt. Depending on the desired level of subjugation, we can go from simple ball gags – even if wearing a big ball gag for many hours is certainly not a joke – to dildo gags that fill his mouth almost in the throat torturing his gag reflex. Sometimes, on the face, we can even secure our dirty panties held in place by our old stockings. Even the but plug can vary in size from medium to very large and painful sizes. A very frequent alternative is the use of the rear shield of his chastity belt, which includes the possibility of inflicting electric shocks, or the use of vibrating dildoes. 

I must confess that the combined use of dildo gags and large anal dildoes is one of my favorite combinations to make feel slave, as well as subjugated and servile, even in his role as a whore (which he hates)

Nipple clamps are another easy and frequent imposition, perhaps connected with a cord to the collar or wrists, in order to make the clamps painfully stretch with every movement.

Another simple thing is to intervene on the shoes. Just imposing on slave, instead of the flat shoes he usually wears, cruel 15 cm heel shoes, chained to the feet so that they cannot be taken off, and to be kept for the whole day without ever being able to sit, is a real and remarkable torture. 

We also have a pair of ballet heels for Slaves, but unfortunately, he is unable to walk in them. We therefore often use them as punishment by requiring him to simply stand on them or to wear them when we force him to clean on all fours. 

All slave shoes, then, are about half a size too small, so as to be extremely tight and uncomfortable, although still possible to wear. To make everything more fun and crueller, we often impose on slaves some insoles on which small pebbles have been attached with an adhesive tape. Walking in these shoes, or even standing on them, is such a real torture.

Imposing a postural collar on a slave is, then, another fun way to make his job more difficult and painful, as is reducing the length of his chains (for example, bringing the length of the chains at the ankles and wrists to no longer 25 cm) to see him desperately trotting around to do his chores is incredibly exciting.

Another variant, very cruel and funny, but which we can only use in the periods when slave is not wearing his full chastity belt, is to tightly tie the base of his balls and then connect them with the center of the chain that unites the ankles. The connecting rope is adjusted to such a length that slave, in order to avoid painfully pulling down his balls, must alternatively either keep his feet practically together, with evident enormous difficulty in movement, or he must keep his knees slightly bent. In addition, whatever his decision, his balls are still painfully pulled down with every step and movement. Again, the long-term effects are truly cruel.

Another way to make the slave’s job crueller is to intervene on his clothes. For example, we can force a slave to wear tight uncomfortable hobble skirts under his uniform, or we can impose, under his corset and uniform, a painful and itchy hessian underwear or, at the appropriate time of year, we can impose him under the corset, in his underwear and shoes, leaves  of stinging nettles.

As you can see, dear Scarlet, the ways to make the daily work of slave a real hell are many and varied and, although it is true that very rarely all the preceding restrictions are imposed on the poor slave at the same time, it is equally true that it is very unusual for a day to pass without the slave having to undergo at least one or two of them.

In particular, the obligation to wear shoes with 15 cm heels, the reduction of the length of the chains and the imposition, at least for a certain number of hours a day, of a ball gag, are elements that could easily, in a future, become default in slave clothing.


An account of long-term denial from a BAV

Although I try not to think about it, I really miss not being allowed in my wife’s pussy anymore. I am a member of your BAV , and have not been allowed inside my wife since September 2013, and she says I will never be inside again. Too great a privilege for a husband/slave she says. I miss it a lot especially since my wife is extremely attractive and sexy, very much resembling Heather Locklear.

It was in 2008 when the children had married and moved on, that my wife decided that I would now be her full time slave, not a couple of days a month when we had free time alone. I began doing all of the housework, laundry, ironing and preparing most meals. Since we now live in Florida on a golf course, she would golf with her new friends several times a week, have lunch and wine, come home and make me massage her and give her orgasms by licking her and using one of her many vibrators. Then she would nap while I did housework. Doing housework every day she has me wear baby doll nighties, she has bought me 6 in all colors although the pink is her favorite. If I please her during the week she may allow me to play golf once a week, but it usually ends up to be maybe every 3 weeks.

From 2008, my wife allowed me to enter her every month or so, telling me I was only allowed a certain number of strokes and then I must pull out. She would say, “ you may have 10 strokes, no cumming allowed, then out. You better hold back”. If she was pleased with my housework and attitude after 3 months she would say “you may have 12 strokes and you may cum into the cup.” I had to keep a plastic cup next to me and when I felt the urge to cum I had to take my cock out right away and put my cock into the cup and cum in it. No additional rubbing was allowed. A ruined orgasm every time. She said I had no right to mess her pussy.

Then in 2013 she decided that penetrative sex was too great a privilege for a slave, and that I would no longer be allowed in her pussy. In 2017 she decided that I would join the One Year Club, not cumming at all the entire year. Lots of teasing, and frustration. The first few months were terrible, then it got better and then the last 3 months were so very frustrating and difficult. I have a CB 6000 and went thru 2 of them that year as they would split apart a night when I repeatedly got night erections.

So now she allows me an orgasm maybe once every 4 months. I will lie on the bed in only my panties, she will remove the sleeve of the chastity device if I am wearing it, and she will say, “you have 2 minutes to cum. If you don’t cum in 2 minutes, it shows me you really did not want to cum and I am stopping”. She will then rub me thru my silky panties and I almost always explode and make a mess in them. If I don’t cum in the 2 minutes, (it has happened) then I miss my chance and have to wait another 4 months. My wife says 3 times a year is more than enough times to allow a man to cum. She has said probably in 2021 she will change that to every 6 months  / twice a year. She does not like the down time I experience after I cum, about a week, so she says the less I cum, the better slave I am. Being teased and kept horny all the time does keep me aroused and a better husband/slave.


Since my wife and I have had a WLM for more than 25 years, I am more than pleased to honor your request for more details of being my wife’s slave for that many years. My wife at this stage is extremely confident in her domination and does not allow any mistakes or whining on my part. She is quick to punish for bad attitude which truthfully I rarely show. But she does administer punishments, which I will describe in a further reply. As well as our lifestyle.
Thank you for this great site.


I am pleased to write some more details of our WLM that we have had full time since 2008. Prior to that, we had two or three slave days a month since our children were still in school. So anytime we could arrange days off together we had a slave day. Now as I mentioned earlier, we have the house to ourselves and I have been my wife’s full time slave since then.

My wife loves chastity for me, a lot of tease and denial. Her motto she tells me often, is, “a horney husband is a good husband.” She also says a wife should never be horny and it’s a husbands duty to give lots of orgasms to his wife.

My wife will get 10 to 12 orgasm about 2 days a week from me eating her and using one of her many vibrators. She just keeps cumming after the prior one. Then I massage her legs and feet and she goes to sleep. She keeps a small handle bell on her night table and rings it anytime she wants me. Since I get up before her, she rings the bell often telling me to lie on the bed. She will rub me thru my panties and stop just in time giving me a powerful edge. Then before I can fully recover, she will tell me to go get her coffee.

For the first few years, at my suggestion, I wore a CB 6000 chastity device quite a bit. But she never liked it, saying that it is an artificial method of orgasm control. She tells me that if she does not allow me to cum, her telling me should be enough. I must obey that, and promise that I will. She has told me I am never allowed to masturbate no matter how desperate I become. She owns me and that includes my cock and balls, so she decides what is best for them, which is very little chances to cum. So most of the time I am without my chastity device, which actually seemed to make long term denial a bit easier.

October of 2016, I was so horny and one morning I began to rub my cock thinking I could stop in time. Well I didn’t, and had a orgasm without permission, the first. I felt guilty and told my wife. She was disappointed that I disobeyed her, and I asked her to please punish me in any way she wanted. I just wanted her to forgive me. She waited a few days and then said she would tell me my punishment December 31 and not to ask before that date.
On December 31, in the morning she gave me an orgasm by rubbing me and telling me I had permission to cum and make a mess in my panties. I really thought she had forgotten about my punishment, silly me. Later in the day she said that since I disobeyed her several months ago by cumming without permission, she put my punishment in a form of questions to me. She said, “ I think you deserve a full year without any chance to cum because of disobeying me. I think you can handle a full year. Don’t you think so? Wouldn’t you like to please me by not cumming for a whole year? Do you agree with my punishment for you?” Of course I am never allowed to disagree with my wife, never. She makes the rules and is always right. She knows I can not disagree. So I said, “yes, I can last a whole year and I deserve that as my punishment.”

So in 2017 I went the entire year without an orgasm or even a wet edge. And I never had a wet dream either. She teased and denied me a lot, and all year she kept telling me it was my own fault for disobeying her. After about 3 months it got easier, but then after another 3 months, the last 6 months were awful, so frustrating. I was hard and dripping all the time. So my wife got me boxes of panty shields to put in my panties to keep them dry. And the teasing continued. Every time I saw her naked I would leak more. She loved it!! On January 1, 2018 she allowed me an orgasm in my panties. It was not very pleasurable compared to other ones years back. But the next one 4 months later was great again.

As for the health aspect of being teased and denied for a year, I do visit a urologist every year. Our area where we live has a free prostate exam and blood test every June. That year I did tell the urologist that my wife likes orgasm denial for me and are there any concerns of long term denial. Or being aroused and denied. Figured I should be truthful and get the answers. He said besides the scrotum feeling full and occasional soreness, the body will absorb much of the fluid and the rest is leaked out or expelled with urination. Last year I asked again, this time I had a female urologist and she said basically the same thing. I did say that I sometimes wear a chastity device. Her reply was, why we would do this? The discomfort I must have should be noticed by my wife, and her having many orgasms and me none is very unfair. I told her my wife enjoys it and it is now our lifestyle. Wow, I bet she had a lot to tell her husband that evening.



Extreme Public Humiliation – à Trois Part 4

Unless you live in one of only a few large cities in certain countries, most of the described public humiliations below would not be accepted by the vast majority of passers-by.
In my experience it would need to be the right part of a large city centre in; Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, or perhaps Soho or Camden Town in London, or I imagine, possibly, small areas in Los Angeles, Las Vegas or New York City. I asked Corrine for her location and I was not surprised that she came back with a location in the list above.
This is the 4th account from Corrine regarding her femdom manage à trois.      Account 3.    Account 2.        Account 1.


Account 4

Dear Scarlett,

….. I will gladly return to the subject of punishment for the slave and, following the order of your interests, I will deal with the public humiliations. Obviously, the slave suffers a certain degree of public humiliation every time he leaves the house. It’s collar, although not sensationally explicit, does not go unnoticed, just as the plaque that hangs from the collar does not go unnoticed, especially in summer, and it’s bracelets do not go unnoticed. However, living in a large city, Slave can hope, in his weekly shopping outings, to blend in somehow with the cosmopolitan crowd.

True public humiliations, on the other hand, are something else. A first, milder form is to take him out with us, (especially for shopping in some mall or in the evening to some club), in explicitly slave mode.

When we take him shopping, he wears his usual uniform for when he goes out, but his wrists are connected with a short chain and he is led on a leash by me or my wife. We usually do this in shopping malls in a city not too close to ours, to limit the risk of meeting acquaintances. Slave walks on a leash behind us, with his head down, naturally carrying all the bags containing our purchases.

When we stop to sit and rest or for a snack, he has to get on his knees next to us and, under some circumstances, we even force him to massage or kiss our feet. Obviously, we call him slave and he must respond by calling each of us, Mistress. It is very fun and extremely exciting to see the effect this has on the people we meet.

Imagine the scene Scarlet: two elegant ladies, dressed in designer clothes and shoes, dripping with jewelry, perfect makeup, flawless hair, and on a leash, like a little dog, a mature man, in perfect shape, also good looking, but evidently totally submissive. All in a situation, at least from the outside, non-erotic. There are no whips; there are no insults or dramas of any kind. Two beautiful ladies and their slave. Slave totally ignored and used like a car roof rack. The reactions of the people who meet us are the most varied.

Ours is now a rather ‘liberal’ society and, therefore, most people tend to ignore us, (or pretend to ignore us), even though everyone, invariably, turns to look at the slave. Some, on the other hand, mutter some unpleasant comment or, in extreme cases, a whispered insult, especially to the slave. Others look at us amused and surprised.

In the eyes of many, however, there is a clear and evident light of excitement, envy and fear;  this, both in men and in women. The interesting thing is that the segment of people who show the most amused interest are youngsters. Especially the girls! Often groups of girls turn to look at us and approach us. In some cases, they also ask us for information, which of course we are happy to give them. Three or four times it has happened that young couples approached and the girl told her boyfriend that this seemed to her an excellent accommodation for couples and, to my great joy, a couple of the boys even agreed!

For my wife and I this kind of trip out is a lot of fun as we find the possibility of showing the world a very small part of the kind of domain that we can use on slaves enchanting. Slave, for his part, finds these exits incredibly humiliating.

We experience  looks of admiration and envy, ignoring the (fortunately) few negative comments. For Slave it is the opposite. For him every glance and every comment are the confirmation of his abject inferiority and are experienced by him as looks and comments of contempt.

Even more incisive than these are the public humiliations we impose on slave when we take him out with us in the evening in some club. In these cases, in fact, we certainly do not take it to elegant and trendy places where my wife and I usually go, but instead we take it to more kinky places, even if not explicitly hard. Slave, for these outings, is always dressed in his ordinary going out outfit, only we often add some accessories to humiliate him more, such as, for example, high-heeled shoes, earrings, heavy make-up with false eyelashes and so on. Slave has his hands chained to the front and is led on a leash by one of us.

Whether we take a table, as often happens, or we are at the bar, the slave must kneel next to us in plain sight, normally ignored except for sporadic orders to go and order something for us, or again, to kiss or massage our feet. In these cases, the environment and the music, together with alcohol, (Slave obviously cannot drink alcohol), make everything more fun for us and more humiliating for slave. It can easily happen that someone approaches and makes explicit comments about the slave, and we laugh, having fun insulting and humiliating the slave together with the stranger who has approached.

It happens (and I’m happy about this) that sometimes a girl or lady approaches me and my wife. We are really happy to invite them to sit at our table to drink with us, having fun humiliating slave, telling our incredulous guests about our ménage and the cruel regimen for slave (I confess that most, despite our assurances, remain convinced that it is just a one-off erotic game). We have fun inviting our guests to humiliate Slave themselves, for example by insulting him, making him kiss their shoes or, for someone more adventurous, slapping him or spitting in his face or similar.

Even in these places, I have noticed that often our dynamic also attracts couples – both on the initiative of him or her – and I find this encouraging. Again for my wife and I it’s a blast! It is the realization of a certain level of exhibitionism that we have. It is the thrill of excitement that, sadistically, comes from showing our power and our contempt for slave.

For him, on the contrary, the humiliation is even greater, as are the humiliations that he must undergo even from perfect strangers. It is not uncommon for slave to be reduced to tears during one of these evenings, for our amusement and excitement.

However, there is an even more extreme level of public humiliation. That is, when we force a slave to show himself totally sissified and feminized in public and, in this condition, to perform more or less humiliating and awful, tasks depending on the circumstances.

This does not happen, as you can imagine, in broad daylight and / or in places that are too ‘normal’ or where it is easy to meet minors. Therefore, usually, public humiliations of this kind take place late in the evening or at night, in more or less isolated areas and in the most ‘red-light’ neighborhoods of the city.

It happens, for example, that we dress sissy like a street whore, with corset, fake boobs, miniskirt so short that it shows off her chastity belt, fishnet stockings, pole dancer shoes, extreme makeup and wig. In this humiliating outfit we get him out of the car, ordering him to come to us on foot in a specific location, and we drive off to wait for him in the location. All that time he has to walk in a city that is still crowded, with open clubs and, especially in summer, people on the street; exposed to the amused gaze of those he meets, who easily mistake him for a transsexual prostitute no longer young and express the most humiliating appreciation for him.

The worst humiliation, however, is when slave is forced to prostitute himself for us. We take him, obviously dressed as a prostitute, in a peripheral and isolated ‘red light’ street of the city and we make him stand there; walking back and forth like a real whore. My wife and I are in the car, close enough to have him in sight; ready to intervene in case of problems. The chosen street is far enough from the regular places of prostitutes to avoid any problem with pimps. The road is therefore not very busy. Also, even if kept in perfect shape and perfectly feminized, Sissy version of Slave is quite passable but certainly not attractive. 

If you add that we usually do this for a couple of hours maximum, you can imagine that the slave certainly doesn’t have many customers and, often, nothing happens. In these cases, of course, we go home, and severely punish the slave for his ineptitude. 

But it happens sometimes that someone stops and, in that case, if the customer agrees to pay the rate we have set, then slave, just like a real whore, has to satisfy his customer; usually with a blowjob but, sometimes, even more. We insist slave insists the customer wears a condom. You can imagine, Scarlett, the thrill of power and sadism that, in these cases, my wife and I feel when slave, devastated by humiliation (and because of that, excited and frustrated beyond belief) must give us the money he earns.

For us it is pure thrilling sadism and pure exhilarating joy to see to what level of degrading subjugation we have brought a man once free, beautiful and rich, and this, only thanks to the power of our domination. As for a slave, I don’t think there is anything more submissively affecting for an ex-man, now a slave, to experience a role reversal so total that he is even transformed into a whore pimped out and forced to give his earnings to his cruel Mistresses.

I believe that from my descriptions you can understand why public humiliations are the punishment and treatment that slave most fears.

And despite this, when the public humiliation is over, Slave invariably, and without receiving any order, prostrates himself at our feet to thank us for the cruel domination we subject him to.

Mistress Corinne

Domination à Trois Part 2.

Following receipt of the wonderful account below, I have requested Mistress Corrine does indeed go yet deeper with the detail on a number of aspects. I cannot wait!


Dear Scarlett,
My wife (Mistress Carmen) and I are honored by the evidence you gave to my comment and we are honored by your interest in our menage. I will try to give a concise answer to your curiosity and then, in the future, it might be interesting to deepen some aspects with you and with the other Dominatrixes who follow your wonderful blog.
Following the order of your curiosities:

His chastity regime:

The slave chastity regime is extremely simple: He is in constant and total chastity 24/7/365 without any kind of orgasm. In particular, the last orgasm was the day before my wife moved to our house: April 25, 2010.

That evening, for the last time, ‘slave’ masturbated while licking my shoes and while I whipped him. After reaching what he knew was his last orgasm, he licked all his semen off the ground and, not without desperate sobbing, put on his chastity belt.

Slave had been in chastity long before, of course, but, until I met my wife, he even had the honor – albeit very rarely – of making me cum with his cock (even if that was never one of the my favorite ways of achieving orgasm). His last penetration, in order to insert it in your BAV register, dates back to a few months before I met my wife, I would say late August – early September 2009. Unfortunately I can’t be more precise. Obviously I would like you to insert it in your BAV register.

Slave has two pierced rings on the foreskin of his cock and another pierced ring in the perineal area between testicles and anus. There are two ways in which her chastity is ensured:
First of all, a neosteel shemale classic hip chastity belt, with the possibility of adding rear shild with anal dildo. He wears it regularly 24/7 (it took a few months to fit this beautiful bespoke item) and is taken off once a week while the slave is in bondage for more thorough cleaning.

Every 2/3 months slave passes a period of 7/10 days outside the belt and, in that case, chastity is ensured through a padlock that joins the piercings on the foreskin to that in the perineal area.

Finally, if there was a need to go through metal detectors, then he would wear a common chastity cage model CB6000 until it was possible to return to more effective tools.
It goes without saying that his total denial of orgasm is particularly painful for him, given that he lives in a condition of total slavery to two cruel lesbian masters, which excites him immensely.

And needless to say, my wife and I enjoy immensely in making his frustration more and more cruel through domination, getting us served at times while having sex and through teasing and denial sessions which, of course, are not about his cock.
In this context, often Slave is also forced to take Viagra to make his frustration even more cruel.

No pathetic male erections and no disgusting male orgasms in our house.
Slave undergoes regular visits to the prostate (we care about his well-being) and shows no signs of any kind of clinical disorder related to abstinence. In the early years she had some sporadic nocturnal ejaculation without orgasm and, sometimes, he had ejaculations, always without orgasm, in case of anal penetration.
In recent years, however, none of this.

Does he do all the chores and is he punished, (and if so how), if there is inadequate performance:

Slave takes care of all the household chores and cooking, as well as home maintenance work, looking after my and my wife’s wardrobe, our shoes, making sure that the house is always stocked with the necessities of my wife and mine .

He must follow regular protocols and is obviously severely punished for any slightest lack.
The punishments are quite varied and range from beating with the most varied tools, to sessions of predicament bondage, to the use of clamps of various kinds on the most various parts of the body, to carrying out housework without the aid of appliances or tools or from performing them in more severe bondage, the use of stinging or painful materials or substances (nettles, hessian dresses, painfully small shoes or with insoles with pins or stones or the like) or undergoing particularly cruel public humiliations or a combination of all these.

Is he tormented in any way simply for the pleasure of you and / or your wife:

Obviously slave is punished, very frequently, even if only for the pleasure of my wife and mine. We have probably not explored the idea of ​​Mistress brigite11 of give him contradictory or simultaneous order with due attention … it is really interesting!

What does he do if you and your wife are engaged in activities like watching TV or going out for the day?:

If slave is not busy with his chores and is not with us for direct service, there are usually 4 possibilities:
1) He is forced to remain in a position expressly assigned until further direct order (for example he can be placed on his feet or kneeling in a corner of the house, or prostrate face to earth in front of a pair of our shoes or in front of a our garment or similar).
2) He is forced to carry out boring and humiliating rituals and / or activities (for example repeatedly licking the soles of our shoes, polishing with his tongue some part of the house or some furniture such as the toilet, cleaning the tile joints with a toothbrush, perform, in uncomfortable bondage, humiliation rituals).
3) It is kept closed in a cage.
4) He is held in his accommodation with the obligation to follow courses related to his service on his tabet (controlled by my wife and I and with access allowed only to certain sites).
5) He does his half hour of daily gymnastics.
If my wife and I are away from home for more than one day (no slave holidays or weekends) slave receives a program which is a mix of the above activities and which my wife and I can control through baby cam or documentation that slave us must send from time to time.

What are his sleeping arrangements?

Normally, a slave sleeps in a small room (formerly a small bathroom) without a window, equipped only with a cot, a wool mattress and, during the winter, a blanket.
Normally he sleeps at night in some kind of bondage but not immobilization, since the next morning he must be able to get up to serve.
Sometimes, for punishment or for our enjoyment, he sleeps in one of the cages we have hidden in the house. On some occasions, then, it may happen that he sleeps in total bondage or in our room, on the floor at the foot of the bed.

What is his dress code?

In addition to the chastity devices Slave always wears also some elements of bondage.
He always wears, 24/7/365, a ring-shaped metal collar, 0.7 cm in diameter, from which a ring hangs in the front.
Attached to the ring is a pendant, like those of dogs, with the words ‘SLAVE’ on the front and ‘property of Mistress Carmen and Mistress Corinne’ on the back.
On his wrists and ankles he wears similar bracelets and anklets, always with rings.
Slave has four different dress codes.
The most stable and frequent one, used for domestic services, is that of a Victorian maid, with a long uniform, corset, petticoats, apron and flat shoes.

He also has some sissy maid uniforms, but they are mostly used for humiliation games because they are impractical.
During the Slavic domestic service he is always chained through chains that join collar, bracelets and anklets.

The other domestic dress code, which my wife loves, is that of a ‘gimp save’ one-piece suit in latex, with a hood designed to dehumanize, and the use of all kinds of bondage gear and torture tools. If he’s not on duty or used as a gimp, he’s normally naked.

If we have ‘vanilla’ guests, he wears a male hotel waiter’s uniform, and is presented as our servant, or is locked in bondage in his quarters. The last dress code is the one for leaving the house. Jeans and t-shirt in summer or jeans, shirt and sweatshirt in winter. Sneakers. Winter jacket. All strictly black.

Normally slave is not allowed to leave the house (and I don’t think he would really want to go out in chains or in one of his household estates anyway). However, he can leave the house three times a week, in the morning, to supply the house with the necessary. For this he has a credit card, of which my wife and I obviously have complete control, and of which he must provide an accurate account. The evening before he goes out, he must present to my wife and me the program of what to do, the itinerary and the estimated time needed.
The morning in question, instead of being chained as usual, he wears a GPS tracker bracelet so my wife and I can track his whereabouts.

Back home he goes back to one of his usual outfits and in chains. The only other circumstance in which he can leave the house is for medical needs or for public humiliations.

Christine includes her sister, Part 1

A wonderfully detailed account of the first event of full-on domination and humiliation of David involving Christine’s sister. I need say no more but thank Christine for providing the account and say I am very much look forward to the accounts of the following two days. 


Hello Scarlet

As you can see, I took on so much of what you advised, including the make-up which I said I would never do! My sister also came up with the idea, and with your thoughts in mind too, I decided to give it a go. I must say, as I mention below, I relish now watching him apply it, squirming in ignominy! 

The dialogue is obviously not verbatim, but I felt writing this way better expressed events as they happened. I will write later what happened on the next 2-days.




My sister came for a weekend visit about six weeks ago. This was to be a very special day for my husband! She came Friday evening and left Sunday afternoon. 

I had kept her visit a surprise for my husband, since this was going to be the first time anyone else saw him dressed in his maid’s attire. Scarlet had privately provided me with some wonderful ideas which I put fully into practice. I had a very challenging weekend planned for my husband! 

He had the Friday off work, so he was required to complete his current written assignment first up in the morning. I left him writing for an extra hour, releasing him from his task at nine o’clock. He had completed three copies in three hours, so all was good. I then advised him that he needed to iron his maid’s outfit, and that I wanted the house cleaned from top to bottom. I also told him I would like all the linen in the guest bedroom washed and ironed, telling him it needed a freshen up since we had not had guests for a while. I then gave him a list of specific chores for the day. He tried to supress a sigh when he saw the tasks ahead, but immediately showed the good sense to thank me and set about his work with gusto. 

He has been taught to curtsey properly and, when dressed as a maid, he must now curtsey whenever I enter the room he is in, or if he enters the room where I am. He must also turn to face me and curtsey politely before he leaves the room, or if he sees me leaving. He finds this acutely embarrassing and I generally ignore him, but he knows he dare not fail to comply. 

He completed his chores shortly before five o’clock, with my sister due at six. He was looking tired and dishevelled, so I told him to take a shower and, since his uniform was looking a little worse for wear, he should change into a clean outfit. He should then come find me in my bedroom for his next task. He dutifully complied, ironed a fresh tunic and curtseyed politely as he entered my bedroom. (Yes, he shares it with me, but it is my room!) I was seated at my dresser and curtly advised him to stand in front of the full-length mirror and practice his curtseys. 

I left him to that for perhaps ten minutes while I got ready, smiling as I occasionally glanced at him through the dresser mirror. He still had no idea what was about to happen. Finally, I stood and walked over to him and told him, “I am going to call you Daisy from now on, when you’re dressed so prettily.” He winced but knew better than to protest. I smiled as I gently played with his nipples, “I forgot to mention Daisy, my sister is arriving soon. She’s staying for the weekend.”  

The look of horror on his face is something I will never forget. It left me damp with excitement. Grinning now, I advised, “And before you ask, No, you cannot get changed… You are going to greet her dressed as you are right now…. I wonder what she’ll think….Do you think she’ll still think you’re the man of the house? Or might she think you look sweet? Or perhaps cute? …Or just plain ridiculous?” I teased him, “I haven’t told her about Daisy yet.”  

He begged and pleaded saying that I couldn’t possibly ‘expose’ him dressed as he was, while inwardly it was clear he was quietly fuming. “Oh, but I can,” I smiled, “and I am going to! I want you to stand there and look at yourself in the mirror and think about what she is going to say when she sees you dressed as my maid,… curtseying in front of her.” 

He continued to beg and plead, saying I couldn’t possibly be serious, his male ego at play now! I simply laughed as I ignored his concerns. “I want you to remain here Daisy, practicing your curtsey. I want it to be perfect when you greet her!” He was physically cringing and pleading and beseeching me not to do this, tears were forming in his eyes and he was turning his head to try and avoid my gaze; willing the floor to disappear and swallow him up, anything to end this nightmare he was facing. I simply toyed with his nipples again, “It’s happening Daisy!

When he rather forcefully announced it was outrageous, I sternly advised, “That’s enough Daisy!” I watched him continue to squirm and tremble. He was shaking like a terrified rabbit, his muscles were spasming and twitching uncontrollably. He couldn’t keep his body still. He was literally shivering to such an extent that his teeth were audibly chattering! All his muscles quivered of their own free-will, or was it ‘trapped-will’?  

I was indifferent to his quandary, in fact, I rather maliciously advised, “It is probably going to be far worse than you imagine when she sets eyes on you. She’s probably going to wonder what type of a weak-willed pathetic excuse of a man you are, isn’t she? …After all, only a real pansy would let his wife dress and humiliate him like this. She’ll have no respect for you.” He was struggling not to cry, but real tears were forming at my cruelty. I left him teary-eyed, shivering, teeth chattering, and practicing his curtsey as I got out my wand and pleased myself.  

Finally, the doorbell rang, and I walked over to him smiling, but with a sharp edge to my voice, and warned him, “Now, if you know what’s good for you; you had better come out when I call you. I am going to go open the door and let my sister in… And when we are ready, I’ll call for you…  

Oh… and If you don’t come out when I call, I will be applying Linnex all day Sunday, every hour on the hour, and I’ll rub it into your balls too!” His final words as I left the room were, “Please, Christine, please… You can’t be serious. You are just joking aren’t you? Trying to scare me? Please don’t make me come out like this. You’ve never done anything like this before, please…” I simply ignored him. 

I let my sister in, and we settled down with a coffee, before I shattered his hopes of it not happening. I called out, “Daisy, stop what you’re doing and come and greet our guest!” I had to call three times, but the vehemence of my voice eventually brought him out. He knew he had no choice and slowly, trembling and shaking his head, he entered the room. He was shaking worse now, blushing profusely, and holding back tears. I had of course briefed my sister and she was well prepared to mock him relentlessly and treat him with disdain.  

Despite being pre-warned, she burst into peals of laughter, that turned into a girlish fit of giggles when he curtsied as instructed. It was a good minute before she finally controlled herself and, while stifling her giggles, started to tease him about how pretty he looked and how useful it must be for me to have a maid. He was crimson. She was still struggling to stop laughing as she contemptuously advised him to make himself useful. In her most aloof manner, she ordered him to bring her things out of the car. 

It was an awful ordeal for him as she bossed him about. It took several trips out to the car. He first brought in a large suitcase, which he was told to put in the guest bedroom. There were then four very large, white canvas bags, to go in the laundry; followed by a bag full of nibbles, and wine to go in the fridge.  

Daisy was then dismissed to set the dinner table, prepare dinner and serve. He ate later, by himself in the kitchen. After our meal, we retired with our wine to the lounge while he was left to clean up the dining room, wash the pans and dishes, and scrub down the kitchen. Once finished, he entered the lounge and curtsied to us both, as my sister shook her head patronizingly. Blushing he asked if that would be all. 

“Yes,” snapped my sister, “we don’t want you hovering around like a clown while we catch-up. You can have an early night. Early to bed, early to rise for silly little maids!” It was twenty to nine and he was no doubt physically and, even more so, emotionally exhausted. My sister then added, “Since you’re having an early night, why don’t you make an early start on your written assignment too? Christine tells me you usually start at six o’clock on a Saturday morning, so let’s have you starting at five o’clock. I’m sure you’ll appreciate the chance to spend an extra hour on your assignment, won’t you?” He wilted as he fought to hide his despondency, curtseyed again and thanked her. She frigidly responded, “I’d like to hear a little more enthusiasm Daisy, and more gratitude! Christine and I are going to have to check your work, and an early start means more work for us to check! I can always make it a four o’clock start if you’re not excited enough by a five o’clock start! Would you prefer that?” 

I struggled to keep a straight face as he thanked her profusely. My sister was so very good at this, I could tell he was really scared of her! 

I then took control again. I couldn’t have my sister appearing stricter than me! “There’s just a couple of quick things I’d like you to do before you toddle off to bed… Firstly, I’d like you to turn down the guest bedroom. Draw the curtains, turn back the bed covers, fluff the pillows, vacuum the carpet and polish the wardrobe mirror. Then take the clothes out of her suitcase and iron them before you hang them up in the wardrobe or fold them away nicely in the chest of drawers. We can’t have our guest-of-honour wearing creased clothes, can we?”  

He simply looked on in dismay as my sister commented, “I’m afraid I brought a few changes of clothes as I wasn’t sure what the weather was going to do. I hope you don’t mind having to iron so many!” 

I continued, “When you have finished in the bedroom, it would be nice if you scrubbed down the guest bathroom, top to bottom, so everything smells fresh and clean…  

“Please Christine, I did that earlier this afternoon,” he interjected. 

“Yes, I know you did Daisy, but I’d like it done again! This is part of the guest room turn down service that you’ll do whenever  my sister comes over.” I could see him struggling as he quietly replied, “Yes Christine… Christine, I know you’ll want the vanity basin, shower and toilet scrubbed, but when you say top to bottom… do you mean I have to clean the walls, floor, shower screen, and inside the cupboards again, as well?” he asked timorously.  

“Isn’t that what I just said? I hope you’re not trying to be a lazy Daisy?” I smiled wickedly, “and don’t forget to iron the guest towels and bath robe too.” Since he had done all this work earlier, I knew he was really simmering away at these chores having to be completed again! 

Dejected, he curtseyed, thanked me and was turning to leave when, as an afterthought, I added, “Oh, Daisy, before you go… Since you’re having an early night, I think it might be a good idea if you’re seated at your desk by no later four-thirty am. That will allow you some time to relax your body and clear your mind before you start writing. We’ll be sleeping in, so you’ll very likely be writing until much, much later than usual, so you’ll want to be feeling fresh and alert.” We then totally ignored him, leaving him with his bleak thoughts of what lay ahead. We simply went back to chatting together, though I watched out of the corner of my eye to make sure he curtsied again before he left. 

My sister and I turned in around a quarter to eleven. I washed my face, brushed my teeth and put on a long-silk nightdress and sexy robe to check up on him. It was one of his favourites and I knew he found it achingly alluring for me to wear this. I found him finishing up in the laundry. His eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he admired me in my attire. I could tell he was really anxious to finish and cuddle up together in bed, a little pleasure caressing me and the slinky feel of the soft fabric on my body. Indeed, I have no doubt, he thought I was wearing this to please him, when in fact it was purely to tease him. 

I gently tweaked his nipples and laughed lightly, “I thought you said you were having an early night! My sister is already in bed and I’ll be in my bed in a couple of minutes too.” I smiled further as I then totally dashed his aspirations of cuddling up in bed, “Well, I’m very tired, it’s been a big day, so I don’t want to be disturbed with you coming in the room late! Especially, since you’ll be getting up at such an ungodly hour. You are going to have to sleep by yourself on the metal bed in my office. 

My demeanour then turned to ice as, like a warrant officer, I tersely ordered, “Now, listen carefully to your morning timetable. I am not going to repeat myself and I am not answering questions. Step out of line tomorrow, and you will be thrashed with the Dragon cane in front of my sister. (When we first met and discussed my husband’s fetishes, he had shared how he was turned on by the idea of regimentation and attention to detail. Something that was alien to him in his then current lifestyle. Little did he know, ‘detail’ was my middle name. I have always been a stickler for details, precision and perfection. Which in the early days was painful for him!) 

“Before you go to bed, you need to put a load of washing on delay start, so it is finished by four o’clock. You are to take this out of the machine and put it in the dryer; then put another load in to wash BEFORE you sit down at your desk. I have set your wake-up call to 3-45 am so you have plenty of time. 

You have further alarms starting at four-thirty am. You are to be seated, hands on head, back straight BEFORE that alarm rings! YOU WILL SIT LIKE A STATUE THROUGHOUT YOUR MEDITATION PERIOD! I shall be fast forwarding the video footage, and if I see so much as a twitch, you’ll deeply regret it! (He is allowed no watch and there are no clocks in ‘my office’ nor in the laundry (or kitchen); so he has to make sure he is seated on time by ‘guessing’ how long he takes to do things. This places immense nervous pressure on him and usually means he is in place much earlier than he needs to be. E.g. that morning he was actually in place at twenty past, meaning an extra ten minutes spent hands on head.) Alarms are set on his phone, which is to be kept face down at all times, so he cannot see the time. 

Five o’clock. Turn over your assignment and start writing. Write continuously, maintaining full detention posture, until the next alarm. That signals a fifteen minutes break. You are to again to be seated, hands on head, back straight BEFORE the end of break alarm sounds!… (He didn’t know this, but his break was set for 8 o’clock, so he would be writing for 3-hours before his first break. This is my normal time allocation for detentions and travel assignments.) 

During your break, you will want to visit the toilet and have a quick breakfast… More importantly… Take the clothes out of the dryer. Then take the washing out of the washing machine and put that in the dryer. Then put another load of washing on. That will ensure you have plenty of ironing ready when you finish your writing. As well as my sister’s laundry, there are a couple of loads of our laundry to do too, plus our bedding. So you have a big day ahead in the laundry.  

After your break, keep writing until told to stop. Now, I’ve had a very busy day and I’m really tired, so I’m off to bed.” I turned to leave him to his dreary chores, only to turn back and remark, “Of course you still need to clean up in the kitchen and lounge before you turn in. We made some crepes for supper and I’m afraid we made a bit of a mess, especially when the bag of flour got spilled. The lounge will need a quick vacuum too. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning and having to face a mess from the night before. (He well knew this meant both rooms had better be pristine when we arose! It also meant for the third time that day he would be on his hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor clean.) 

This time I did leave him to his desolate thoughts; all alone, knowing he had at least another hour to go before he could head for bed. And then he would have to rise before four, to face a lonely, cold, dark house and another long, hard day. I smiled, knowing he would be curtseying behind me, craving to have caressed me. Yearning for the warmth of my body. 

         As an aside, this was not a typical weekend, we usually have plenty of vanilla time at weekends. This was a rare and out of the ordinary event when I pushed him extra hard!  

I do so much love the decadence of being a lifestyle ‘Mistress’. When my sister and I decided to make some French crepes, like we used to make when we were teenagers, it was a genuine spur of the moment thing, and we most certainly didn’t set out to make a mess, (though we were on our second bottle of wine!) In our youth, we would have had to clean up the mess we had made, or faced cleaning it up in the morning, which everyone hates.  

Either option would have spoiled the fun of the moment. Whereas, with a maid to clean-up after us, it actually enhanced the fun. Instead of regretting the spillage of the flour, we could just giggle about how Daisy would be able to enjoy cleaning up before he went to bed! Even surveying the mess we had made just gave us the giggles. I emphasise, we didn’t make a deliberate mess, I am not that way inclined, I am too house proud; it just happened, but so what?… the point is, we didn’t have to clean up! 

I can’t imagine what his thoughts must have been. We had such a wonderful relaxing evening catching up. There was lots of laughter. David would have been able to hear us enjoying ourselves; while he was all alone, tired, toiling away at his tedious, repetitive chores, and dreading the next day!

Idle wondering and innocent images

I love to see the pro Dommes who have what appears to be their own, long term sub. Despite the income earning nature of their output, you know they are REAL in a REAL relationship. Bojana the Balkan Brat, Mistress Elaine and sissy maid Vicky, Melanie the Barefoot Princess, Cruel Sarah and her cuck, Kelli and her cuck, Louis Margot and her cuck, Princess Perfect and her sub, etc.

What I sometimes wonder about is whether some of the deliciously cruel pro Domme women who regularly appear in videos and photo shoots with many DIFFERENT subs, have a long term male sub at home? A male sub at home who suffers a regime in keeping with the cruelty these delightful women show with the subs in their videos? (And do any of them read this blog I wonder ???)

For instance, any of the women from; Miami Mean girls,  from the Brat Princesses, from Men Are Slaves, etc. And women such as Empress Jennifer,  Mistress Cindy, Mistress Elise, Brat princess Christina, Miss Barnes, Goddess Amadahy, Cybil Troy, Sarah Eve, Karin Von Kroft, etc.















Might some of these women have a full time sub at home who they do not want on video? Or do they have a vanilla male because they get all their sadism and dominance out when making femdom videos?

Just something I sometimes ponder on.


Below I provide details of my new guide for beginner Dommes. Linked to my alternative blog and, possibly unique, as it is specifically written to avoid frightening a vanilla wife or girlfriend away from trying an FLR relationship.