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Journal 16 is Published

My 16th journal is now published.

This Journal is all about what goes on under my roof, or at least within the boundaries of my property! It will shed more light on my last post about how I have jumped another step change in cruelty which I mostly put down to having so much time on my hands and also having come to the conclusion that bitch-boy truly is unbreakable! Within a day or so of some significant use and abuse over many, many hours, he is back to normal.

Journal 16 is available as paperback and ePub as an eBook, both on LULU.com and also available on Amazon KINDLE.

KINDLE by country.   US   UK    DE    FR   ES    IT   NL    JP    BR    MX    CA    AU   IN

In time it will be available on NOOK, KOBO, Scribd, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc. I will let you know when it is. I will also then provide a Universal Book Link from Books2Read.

Dickie-discipline on erect or flaccid

My last post got me thinking about how the pleasures are different, but of almost equal magnitude, when applying dicki-discipline to a fully erect and straining penis compared to a soft and flaccid penis.

So my dominant sisters, do you agree with my thoughts below?


The erection can be induced by combinations of a long period of denial of sexual relief, by a Cialis pill, by him seeing my partially clad body, by his defect being touched erotically with my skilled hands; so rare for him.

The dickie-discipline cruel pleasure comes firstly from the  constant tease. Oh how he would love to cum. But although he is hard and teased relentlessly, it is pain and discomfort, not cumming, that he gets. The pleasure also comes from being able to be so unfair as to tease him verbally about how he must like the torment he is suffereing as the little defect is so hard and standing up asking for more. So it would be wrong of me not to give it more of what it’s asking for. Whether this is a very, very hot flannel wrap, stinging nettles, Linnex embrocation cream, smacks with the 12 inch ruler, etc.

Then, with things like stinging nettles or a very, very hot flannel, there is the pleasure of the defect’s increased size. More flesh to aim at and more to wrap ones hand around with the flannel, (although as I understand it the pain is the same – hard or soft.) Also when it is hard the marks from spikes of penis collars show deliciously.

Finally there is a pleasure from how vulnerable and helpless the defect looks when hard and being punished. Standing up, so exposed and so vulnerable.


The biggest cruel pleasure when tormenting, with Linnex embrocation cream or smacks of a 12 inch ruler, a flaccid birth defect,  is that there is ZERO sexual arousal/pleasure for him. No erotic pleasure, FOR HIM at all!

He is a true slave being tortured for his owner’s pleasure and he has no eroticism at all for compensation. It is all about MY power rush and my sexual arousal from my ownership of him, my tyranny. That is exhilaratingly decadent and hedonistic. My heartlessness itself is also exhilarating. I can revel in how BAD I AM!

And there is the very stark contrast of the magnitude of my pleasure, especially sexual pleasure contrasted with his physical misery and mental feelings of despondency. He is suffering because he is the play-toy of a cruel Mistress who has no mercy, no sense of fairness and he has no escape. And his owner will never get bored of what she does. Year after year after year.



For info on my own BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.

A deeply shaming video

You may recall my previous  two posts about the amazing Mistress Carla.

Well she has sent me a very shaming video of her cuckold slave husband,  pussie for me to publish the video on BDSMLR; which I have done. The pansy’s outfit has to be seen to be believed!

pussie was required to come up with a shaming cheerleader chant, (or cheer), with actions, and perform it in front of Carla and her sister. The rendition was videoed and sent to me. (pussie was given a VERY significant dose of the paddle afterwards as the cheer was deemed inadequately shaming.)

pussie was ordered to make up the sissy cheer using some of the things Carla makes it do. For example the second verse refers to pussie being ordered to go out for walks, ‘sissy parades’, in a girly sweater, maybe pom-pants, or just regular pants but with the fly wide open, balls and wee-wee pulled all the way out and covered only by the sweater, with bells tied to a coarse twine tied tightly around the balls and hanging down between the legs so they jingle as the sissy walks.
The third verse is about the fact that pussie is never allowed to use the front door, but instead must go in the rear basement door. Adjacent to that door is where the trash bins are kept. So pussie must always crawl into that area first, lick up any dirt on the floor around the bins, then  stick his tongue on the wall and wait for someone to let him in the basement door.

When the video was sent to me, Carla felt pussie’s voice should be edited out so he could not be recognised. I had bitch-boy do the grunt work for this editing, leaving only the sound at the end of the video, of Carla’s delightful, mocking laughter.

HOWEVER, Carla has now said if female Dommes leave comments on this post asking for the volume to be restored for the WHOLE video, then she will give permission for me to do that; as female Dommes wishes should always be obeyed. pussie knows this and is very miserable over this post and profoundly fretting over the next potential posting.

Here are the lyrics of the cheer.

Mistress Carla’s slut sissy that is me
Mistress Carla’s slut sissy, my name is pussie
i must parade all about
with my fly wide open
my wee-wee and balls hanging out
i must never use the front door
i must crawl into the dumpster
licking the walls and the floor
my widdle wee-wee is kept red and sore
then rubbed with capsaicin 
to make it burn more
Mistress Carla’s slut sissy that is me
Mistress Carla’s slut sissy, my name is pussie
yea pussie

So, dominant sisters of ours, what do you think?


Mistress-Wife Rita – torture THAT object.

I continue with the, so far very popular, posting of delectable comments I have received on posts on this blog, which most of you, it seems, will not have read.

The short but delicious comments of Rita, who, like me, adores making her husband rather regret he  was born with a ‘ male birth defect’ between his legs. Hours of endless fun! Rita has been leaving comments on my blog for 8 years. I guess her husband’s little defect has been suffering for all that time and most probably longer, juts like bitch-boy’s.

Where it may be needed I have. in bold, added the title of the relevant blog post.


I have found a that giving his penis a thorough spanking with a ruler before using the nettles really makes him squirm.

Which is the best embrocation cream?

I haven’t noticed any difference in his reaction to Ralgex or Deep Heat cream, although Tiger Balm is a bit better but is more fiddly as it needs to be warmed up first. I have yet to find anything that beats the (sadly discontinued) Ralgex Stick. Just the lightest smear on his knob would have him moaning for at least 10 minutes.


I like your style, an easy way of increasing the torment is to put a hot flannel on his stiff little red object before using the Deep Heat as this will open up all the pores and increase the effects of the cream!


Remote controlled shock device

I like your style, an easy way of increasing the torment is to put a hot flannel on his stiff little red object before using the Deep Heat as this will open up all the pores and increase the effects of the cream!


Another way of preventing him enjoying the occasion is to ruin his orgasm. All you have to do is stop pumping as soon as he starts to cum so it just dribbles out, he still gets relief but most of the pleasurable sensation is removed!


If you really want to make his eyes water when you next use lemon juice try putting the bandage inside his penis and then rolling it between your hands to ensure the lemon juice penetrates deep down inside.

Spikes are fun aren’t they! Can you combine your spikes with his regular chastity device or do you have to remove it first?

I couldn’t agree more about the quality of Lady Carole’s work, most inspiring. I’ve been a fan for years and have recently joined her yahoo group:


Is it as easy to use as a Ralgex Stick and more importantly is it as potent!



A Great Success in Convenient Punishment

Thanks again for this letting me know about this most useful product, we really must spread the word about it.
I can vouch for the ease of use and the gentle scent it has is an unexpected bonus as it made it easier to “surprise” him. His whining and gyrations confirmed its potency!


Was your decision to give him extra coats of Deep Heat due to the ease of use with the applicator? Its certainly encouraging me to use more cream!

Intimate photos of bitch-boy’s chastity

On the contrary, IMO it is a most efficient solution to the problem of a male playing with himself. It also leaves plenty of flesh exposed to be teased or tormented depending on your desires. Congratulations on fitting him with such an elegant device.


I was wondering if Governess Lexi has her own ruler for dickie discipline, if she does when the 2 of you are attending to his needs you could ask him which one bb prefers. The beauty of that game is that until he makes up his mind you can both spank him and once he decides he can’t complain when he is being spanked as he said he preferred that ruler.

A good quality leather bookmark can also be useful as a penis whip.

The Smack Tease

Such a lovely game, I have played it on a number of occasions but had not thought of adding stinging nettles or embrocation cream to the smacks. I am sure my husband will be delighted by your suggestion. lol


I would suggest hard enough to hear clearly and make sure you only use the flat surfaces, never the edge. As I favour a wooden ruler, I have my husband prepare it by sanding the edges until they are nice and smooth. Make sure you are both comfortable, I like to secure my husband spread-eagled on a bed. He can remain in that position for as long as required and I can sit on him or the bed so I am comfortable and can take my time teasing and smacking his naughty object.


I have certainly never placed a limit on the number of smacks I ca`n deliver in a session, or kept count. As to how long a smacking can last I guess the answer is when one’s arm or wrist gets tired. I have certainly never placed a limit on the number of smacks I ca`n deliver in a session, or kept count. As to how long a smacking can last I guess the answer is when one’s arm or wrist gets tired.


Huge Ribbon Bows

Perhaps another bow on bb’s genitals might add to your fun too.


I like to look in my husband’s eyes when teasing him to a full erection either when he is wearing a Kali’s Teeth Bracelet or to make it nice and smackable for my wooden ruler.




For info on my own BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.


Attention to detail inescapable chastity


I was very much taken by this video on BDSMLR. I love that the chastity cage is truly inescapable and that it is so small there would never be even a beginning of an erection for the wearer. I love the psychological effect it would have on the male seeing the cage was secured firstly by his Prince Albert piercing, AND  the key is then used to close the lock, AND THEN the belt and braces, of a uniquely numbered padlock that has to be destroyed to be removed to gain access to the keyhole! Three levels of wonderful attention to detail security.

This is one male who will not be having even the slightest embryo of an erection until the Domme has decided to allow that. VERY HOT!

Two things……… 1. Does anybody have a link to a copy with the sound audible. I would adore to know what the Domme is saying.

2. My second point is that, as there was no sound, I had immediately imagined the nature of the relationship and what she was saying!

‘So sissy, the first day of your early retirement. The time has come for a new regime. No erections for you ever. Not ever. Not one. You’re my toy and I want a sissy toy that has no gender. Not a man, not a woman, no sex organ.

You will always be shaved from the neck down and you will always be in one dress or another that comes down only to your hips. I will see your caged defect, as will you every time you pass by  a mirror. And we will both know your erections are a thing of the past. I love the thought and after all these years of my increasingly ruthless regime, this is the next logical step. It’s no good sobbing.

You will be released from the cage for thirty seconds once a week for cleaning. With your hands secured to your collar,  I will sit you in a bath of freezing water up to your naval for twenty minutes until you are completely numb. Then I will unlock the defect, spend 20 seconds giving it a thorough wash, 10 seconds washing out the cage, and then the cage will go back on. We know from experience don’t we, that you find it impossible to even begin an erection after you have been sat in a bath of freezing water up to your naval for twenty minutes.

Without removing the chastity cage, I will watch you give yourself a prostate milking once a fortnight just before your bath time .

Now while you sob you can watch me bring myself off yet again today. It turns me on so much making you cry and having TOTAL control over you with zero pity.  You got yourself into this all those years ago, introducing me to femdom. You only have yourself to blame. The thought of the weeks, turning to months, turning to years of this new regime has me soaking wet little sissy!


My recently published Journal. Click on this link for details.


Photos – Lady Carla and pussie









You may recall my long blog post regarding the amazing Domme Carla, (and her sub pussie). Well the, obviously beautiful, Carla very kindly sent me some photographs. As well as those above, THE MORE EXPLICIT PHOTOS have been posted on my BDSMLR site. Carla’s description for those on my BDSML site:  # pussie with my favorite toilet bowl brush chastity device. # My hand in one picture holding on to a piece of rope with little bells attached. (I do so love the bells as with every step pussie takes the bells tingle at bit calling attention to the sissy.)

Carla’s descriptions of the photos above:
The first shows my hand grabbing pussie. In this instance pussie was wearing a girly icelandic ski sweater and mittens. I had tied the rope with bells to its wee-wee and was pulling down its fly and pulling out the wee-wee, and pushing in underneath the sweater. I was sending pussie out to take a nice long walk to my sister to pick something up and bring it to me. Of course I could have driven over myself, but so much more amusing to make the sissy do what I call a sissy parade, walking out in a girly sweater with its wee-wee pulled out and covered only by the sweater. This way pussie has to take very small sissy like mincing steps  to keep from exposing itself. So a walk that may take you or me 15 minutes takes pussie almost 45 minutes, each way:):)!!.
The second photo shows pussie in more hot itchy woolies. I just love the pink mohair pom-pom pants. I took these pictures just before giving pussie a sound paddling. While the thick mohair provides some protection, I am pretty good with the paddle and I can assure you the sissy was crying and begging for me to stop in the most demeaning way after a long and hard paddling. Also I often send pussie out to do errands in this outfit. It is just hilarious to see the sissy walking down the street in pink wool pants with a big pom-pom hanging down between its legs, not to mention just how hot and itchy the outfit is to wear.
The third picture shows the neck of pussie’s pink pvc maids dress. Note the hessian (burlap) lining inside the neck. As I mentioned to you when describing the kitchen scrubbing, the entire dress is lined with that hessian. You can imagine how miserable it is for pussie to have to wear that dress while doing the drudge housework-especially when it is warm.




Published – Journal 15 – The Institute Revisited

My 15th journal is now published. (The Institute Revisited)

More of the activities, described in fine detail, that take place at The Institute. My Volume 13 on the same topic was very much appreciated, so it would be wrong of me not to detail yet more of the tribulations visitors endure at The Institute.

‘Clients’ who have little choice but to attend when summoned, thanks to the clever way the Governesses exploit the clients’ addiction for very strict discipline, ruthless control, deep humiliations and dire degradations.

Governesses, like me, who show zero pity and enjoy inflicting a wide range of activities on their clients. The clients ‘enjoy’ very little of their visit time and dislike a great deal of their suffering, but such is the paradox of the minds of true submissives, that when they have returned to the safety of their homes, they wait with mixed emotions and submissive awe for the next summoning to attend. They cannot live without feeling pitilessly dominated and there is no other entity in their lives to give them this feeling.

Journal 15 is available as paperback and ePub as an eBook, both on LULU.com and also available on Amazon KINDLE.

KINDLE by country.   US   UK    DE    FR    ES    IT    NL    JP    BR    MX    CA    AU   IN

In time it will be available on NOOK, KOBO, Scribd, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc. I will let you know when it is. I will also then provide a Universal Book Link from Books2Read.

Below are some of the comments I received on my last journal regarding The Institute:

Loved your latest journal, No.13! I read it over two days and savored each horrible/ thrilling punishment and torture of each slave. I found myself going into a form of subspace just reading it! Your best book !

I immediately purchased Journal 13 as soon as I read it was available. I have just completed only a few dozen pages, and I believe it may be one of your best. Thank you for creating the best writings for the BDSM community.

After your most excellent last Journal 13 I am very much looking forward to the new Institute Manual.

Just finished this wonderful journal and forwarded to my Mistress. She was very intrigued with the extremist nature when I told her of some of the scenarios in the volume and wanted to read it for herself.

Oh wow! Just WoW!! Purchased & read avidly in one day. This boy would so like to endure the ‘Slug’ like experience… Simply magnificent femdom – thank you for sharing your bank holiday weekend.

The Institute is a most intriguing read. Ashamed to say that despite having the print version for a fortnight, i have been unable to read page by page. i have found it so arousing (within my chastity) i keep jumping from chapter or part chapter to the next…and back again. The Institute represents all i have long embraced in a FLR/FemDom lifestyle and appreciate all the respect the submissives involved have for their superiors despite the pain, shame and debasement. A most inspiring read for both my Mistress & i.


Lady Jessica has upped my meanness (Part 3)

Well in my last post, I stated that if  there is interest in the rather ‘technical and systems’ aspect of:         applying dashing hope principles to the activities to which I subject bitch-boy, that are mainly about the combination of humiliation and tedium,            I would post again. There was interest, hence this post.

I did write in my last post that as a result of the analysis and application of the Lady Jessica dashing hope principles, options of physical pain have now been added to the activities that, before, were almost exclusively about the combination of humiliation and tedium. Poor bitch-boy.

I will use as an example, an activity my blog followers know well. bitch-boy having to spend an hour or three colouring-in with the aid of his big dolly Suzette Simperkins. Given the routine he must follow it is staggeringly humiliating and at the same time mind numbingly tedious. I will not describe that activity further but move straight to the new dashing hopes aspect it now involves.

Before there were dashing hope aspects, bitch-boy would simply have to colour-in with his dolly until I decided the activity was over. usually between an hour and three hours. Now after perhaps forty minutes I go through the following routine for the first time, and then repeat the routine every fifteen minutes or so after that.

‘Do you think Suzette Simperkins has had enough colouring-in time pansy ‘ Obviously he  answers, in his lisping voice, ‘Yeth Mithdreth, I do think Suzette Simperkins has had enough colouring-in time. ‘ Then I answer,

‘Well I’m sure she hasn’t. Why don’t you ask her?’ He then asks her and answers, pretending to be her, that, she has not had enough. (He would not dare have her answer otherwise, as I had said, I was sure she had NOT had enough.) Then I respond,     ‘Well as she has not had enough yet, let’s give her another thirty minutes. (Instead of thirty minutes, I may say, ‘an hour’ or  may say, ‘a couple of hours’.)

I repeat this question and answer routine every twenty minutes or so, for as many hours as I want. Then when I am ready to end the activity, I go through the question and answer routine but at the appropriate point I say,   ‘Well I think you’re probably right and she has had enough. Why don’t you ask her?’ He knows he can then ask her, and answer pretending to be her that, yes she has had enough, and the activity is at an end.

So, with the new principles in operation, his hopes are raised and dashed a good number of times. I am embarrassed to say the pleasure/arousal is considerable each time I dash his tentative, desperate hopes.

Now, moving onto the matter of options of physical pain that were not before included in the tedium/humiliation activities.

At random moments of the activity, I padlock his wrists into the cuffs on the front of his baby reins and say:

‘The marks from your deterrent punishment have faded and you know how much I like to see them while you suffer your humiliating tedium. On your knees and forehead now!’ I then apply the cane and follow the deterrent punishment dashing hopes procedure while I do.

Or, I padlock his wrists into the cuffs on the front of his baby reins and say:

‘My pleasure would be increased if your birth defect was all burning and sore while you suffer your humiliating tedium.‘ I apply one stripe of Linnex to the object and then say, ‘Do you think one stripe is enough to give me my extra pleasure?’ Obviously, full of anxiety, he answers. ‘Yes Mistress.’ I then say, ‘Hmmm, I don’t think so.’ And I apply another stripe and then I ask again.

And so the routine continues until finally when he answers my question and I agree with him that, Yes, I too think he has had enough stripes to give me the extra pleasure my whim desires. By then he may have had anywhere between two and ten stripes of the nasty Linnex!

A dashing hopes routine is also used for how long I might have him with his dildo padlocked into place down his throat past the gagging point while enduring his humiliation/tedium activity , and for sitting on coir matting while enduring his humiliation/tedium activity. (If, submissives,  you have never sat on coir matting after a caning, I can tell you, going on bitch-boy’s reactions, that after the ten minute mark is passed, and on up to an hour or more, IT IS AGONY. And the moment he may be allowed to rise from it, the pain for half a minute or so, sometimes reduces him to sobbing. I do sometimes have him rise, and after thirty seconds sit down again, just for the amusement of that aspect.


My Journal 14 remains available as paperback and ePub as an eBook, both on LULU.com and it is also available on Amazon KINDLE.

KINDLE by country.   US   UK    DE    FR    ES    IT    NL    JP    BR    MX    CA    AU   IN

I believe it is now also available on NOOK, KOBO, Scribd, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc.

I hope you enjoy reading these fine detail accounts as much as I enjoyed the activities described.



Name to shame: Part 3 (with photo)

A huge thank you to all contributors on this topic. Just a brief post to let you know I have decided on the name for bitch-boy’s thirteen inch, deep throating, training dildo as — Sissy Slut Skewer. Triple S, for short.

My reasons are:

  • that it defines him both as a sissy and a slut,
  • the abbreviation of Triple S rolls nicely off the tongue,
  • and importantly, for my amusement and his humiliation, it has lots of the letter S, so when he explains to visitors what Triple S stands for, he will have to be lisping LOTS of S sounds, poor puppet. (Thithy Thlut Thkewer.)

Here is a photo of it all marked up with its measured graduations, the purpose of which is pretty obvious in the training context.