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Unhappy Anniversary

I engaged in a delightful set of email exchanges with Christine M recently, firstly advising me it was an anniversary for her slave-husband David. It was imminently one year since his last orgasm. I will set out the exchange below.

If you have not been following the accounts of Christine regarding adopting a maid’s outfit for David and the development of her chastity release spreadsheet, I suggest you type ‘Christine’ into the search box at top right and a list of relevant posts will be presented.

Hi Scarlet

Well David has gone just over 12-months since his last release! The good news, for him, is that on Sunday 7 March, he will get to draw for a release using our new Chastity Release Spreadsheet. I detailed this in an email a few months ago. Sadly, from his perspective, this allows for an absolute maximum of two releases in the year, and even if the spreadsheet selects a release, it can still be ‘lost’ if he should misbehave!

I have never seen him so desperate to come. He is permanently on edge and I am so enjoying teasing him relentlessly. Given there are only two releases possible each year, he is being positively over-optimistic. He seriously talks as though he will get a release in March! I think he believes I am going to show compassion for the fact that he has been so long without a release, and ‘fix-it’ so he gets one in March. His hopes are totally misplaced, I am as dispassionate as the computer is about his ‘plight’! The soulless, machine-driven, random computer spreadsheet algorithm will be the sole determinant as to when he will get a release.

Poor dear, given I am working him harder than ever and he rarely even gets an erection, (unless he has a meeting with Nurse Linnex scheduled, Nurse L,); I guess it is understandable he should be getting so excited.

I am so looking forward to seeing his look of despondency when he draws a blank!

All the best

Christine XXXX
Hi Christine
So hot! And so much for me to empathise with.
It is over 8 weeks since bitch-boy last came and it will be many more weeks yet! Although that is trivial compared to David’s plight, given up until last spring, bitch-boy used to cum every 10 days to 2 weeks, (subject to special periods), and with my new regimen, he has only cum twice since last spring, he is beside himself with frustration! I tease him almost every day and I have two or three orgasms on approx 5 days out of 7 days a week, mostly using my wand. This includes on days when there is no DS activity. Just because I am being so cruel and it is such a bitchy power-rush, I seem to be always turned -on!
He has been so close to tears during his recent teasings as I flaunt my body and caress my beasts and special places. I think I may actually get tears to flow without touching him! What a power rush you will get when David is so disappointed.
I also empathise with your absence of compassion as I feel exactly the same. It’s powerful to feel like that! What a decadent feeling it is, when they are at their wits end like it is the end of their world, and you are totally unmoved and unsympathetic. I adore that feeling.
Can’t wait to read about the big day!
Stay safe
PS. Oh, wish David a happy anniversary from me. I wish I could send him a card.

From: Christine
Sent: 01 March 2021 02:14

I will indeed, Scarlet!
You are so right about what makes it even worse.
The total disdain and disinterest I genuinely feel, leaves him feeling even more helpless, frustrated and ‘worried’.
Please feel free to share on your site if you wish.

Hi Christine

I am so looking forward to your account of his anniversary day!




Sunday, March 7 has come and passed. Since David was so excitedly looking forward to the day’s events, I made it a very special day for him! (Which also means I have written far more than I planned!)

He awoke early and was ever so anxious to both please, and later, with doleful eyes, trembling in anticipation, timorously ask about drawing for his release, using the spreadsheet. “Is it the seventh already?” I nonchalantly responded before disdainfully advising that his draw could wait until later; making it obvious it was an unimportant,  nothing matter to me. I was glowing from his ministrations, having had several orgasms, and taking pleasure in thoughts of our contrasting lives. I delighted in rubbing it in that I had just had more orgasms in the past hour, than he would get in the next year.

I continued, by noting he was already late in starting his housework. He was then told to get dressed and made-up, and start on his chores; and to ‘be quick about it’… unless he wanted a hurry-up from my cane! He managed to move with alacrity, though he was clearly inwardly seething at the injustice he perceived in his treatment.

While he applied his make-up, I remonstrated at his self-seeking attitude, mocking his pathetic need to cum; and reminding him that it was just a useless piece of gristle he had between his legs, that I had absolutely no need for it, that it would never ever penetrate me again, nor feel the caress of my hand. It would never even feel the touch of human flesh again!

I also poked fun at him, observing that, since it had been constantly locked up, I had noticed it was shrinking. I then taunted him by advising that we should start referring to it as his ‘teeny weeny winky tinky’. He was crimson with shame and ignominy as I derided him, genuinely fearing he was shrinking. After all, he never gets to see it erect. He has always basked in a little male pride, knowing that he was slightly larger than average. So, this is a much-feared fall from grace for him!

Once he was dressed in his maid’s outfit, I laughed at his feminised state as I curtly told him that I would see if I could squeeze in a couple of minutes for his draw in the afternoon; but he would have to ask me very politely, ‘…. if he might have a chance to play with his ‘teeny weeny winky tinky’, or the draw would be cancelled until next month!

Around two o’clock, he was doing the ironing, when I stridently called him into my office. I had his computer spreadsheet program open, and my iPhone on speaker. Showing complete disinterest in him, I ordered him closer and snappily advised “I’m on the phone to my sister, but she’s fine to hold for ½ a minute while we get your draw out the way,… so, quickly,…. What do you say?” Blushing crimson and cringing in disbelief at my callous indifference for both his dignity and the importance he placed on the event, he quietly stammered, “Can I please draw to see if I can play with my teeny weeny winky tinky?

Ignoring him, I asked my sister if she had heard him. He was devastated by being so publicly shown up. “You need to speak up David;” I continued, “A nice loud voice this time or I’ll assume you’re not bothered about a release!” He swallowed hard, tears welling up, the day was not going as he had dreamed or prayed for. “Christine, can I please draw to see if I can play with my teeny weeny winky tinky? Please?” He was shaking like a leaf, burning up at being so demeaned, yet still so desperate to cum.

With the sound of my sister’s laughter ringing in his ears, I curtly advised, “Take the mouse… click Apply…. Let’s get it over and done with!” He scurried to do as he was bid, lest I change my mind. As might be expected, the message, ‘Try again next week” appeared in the results box. With complete indifference and brevity, I calmly advised, “Fun over. Back to your ironing….” and returned to my conversation with my sister.

As he dithered, frozen in shock, I stormed “NOW!” He had so expected me to fix it so he had an orgasm, that he was stunned, rooted to the spot in disbelief at being both ridiculed and denied. The colour was by now draining from his face as the realisation sank in that he was not getting a release, even though 12 months had passed since his last. My sister passed a cutting remark about his lack of manliness and shrinkage, and we both laughed uproariously. He was crushed, overwhelmed, devastated and further, humiliated by our laughter.

Crankily shaking his head, stifling his tetchiness, he slowly trudged back to the laundry. About 15 minutes later, I quietly left the office, the phone still up to my face, and glanced into the laundry. He was back at his ironing, though he was moving far too slowly and sullenly for my liking. Amusingly, his face was red and slightly blotchy from having shed a few tears, and he was clearly distraught and angry, with a morose, long-suffering set to his jaw, his frustration and disgruntlement no doubt heightened by my coldness and his feelings of isolation.

I ‘woke’ him from his self-centred, misery-filled trance by loudly instructing, “David, unless you want me to give you something to very seriously cry about, I suggest you stop wallowing in self-pity right now, set a smile on your face and put some serious effort and zest into your ironing! You’ve still got plenty to do!” Instantly, I resumed my light demeanour, chatting happily to my sister as I strolled down the hall, laughing as he was again forgotten, a brief interruption, not deserving of my further attention.

I had very deliberately planned his draw to take place during a call to my sister, not for the humiliation, but the deeper message it sent. The chance to cum had become such an extreme focus for David, it was the most important thing on his mind, in his world. I was therefore showing him just how unimportant his release was to me. It was something to be squeezed into my day and quickly gotten out the way. What he saw as an extremely special and important event, was a nothing event for me, less important than a phone call to my sister, who I speak to every day.

I left him for about an hour, by which time I knew he should be just about finished on the laundry. The ironing was his final chore for the day, (though he would need to clean up the kitchen later); so he would have been expecting to be allowed to change back to his male attire and join me for the evening. Given his poor attitude and laziness with the ironing, this was no longer going to be the case.

He was indeed down to the last few items when I entered, hauling in an industrial size laundry bag. His face dropped and he turned ashen at the stern set of my face and the sight of his bag of punishment ironing. This is full of second-hand clothes from the local charity shop. These are items that I selected for their difficulty to iron and the way they easily crease. There are lots of pleated skirts and frilly blouses. It takes him about three hours to iron everything in the bag, hence his utter dismay! Once everything is ironed and neatly folded, he has to put them on a quick wash cycle, and then through the dryer, to ensure everything is full of creases again, before being crushed back into the bag for a future punishment session.

We have three of these bags and, depending upon the time he has available, the degree of my ire with respect to his ‘misbehaviour, or simply ‘my whim of the moment’; is how many bags he gets to iron. Since today was such a special day for him, and to remind him to avoid silly displays of self-interest… I returned a few minutes later with the other two bags. His spirits visibly sank further, he looked so forlorn.

Because it is punishment ironing, and following the advice of others on your site, he has to change into a pair of high-heeled shoes in which small marbles have been firmly glued onto a sole insert. The shoes are also a size too small, making them most uncomfortable to wear. And he would be standing in them for over 9-hours! No wonder he looked abjectly heartbroken; he was certainly ‘enjoying’ a memorable day!

It was around midnight, having missed out on dinner, that he finally joined me. I then lost count of how many orgasms he gave me. I had him moisturise my body with fragrant oils, while I used my wand, showing him, I didn’t even need his tongue! Needless to say, I also constantly teased him about how I couldn’t see what he was so upset about, he’d gone over a year without coming, what was the big deal if he had to go a few weeks more, or even months?

He snuggled close that night though, after I teased his nipples in bed for a good ½ hour, driving him insane with desire and frustration. His tears of disgruntlement replaced with tears of divine frustration. He was in awe and rapture, and I feel certain that he was in a state of blissful contentment when he fell asleep spooning me.

Christine XXXX

Part 2: Yes they are truly cruel! And more!

You may recall  my first post a month ago providing a REAL LIFE account of Joe and his on-line enslavement to the cruel, dominant women of a femdom video and  photoshoot business.  That post proved very popular. I can guarantee this account is all 100% true. I have seen videos, facetime type exchanges, IM exchanges, photos, emails, and the video sales site involved, all proving  the validity of Joe’s account. Most of them are staggeringly beautiful. Understandably Joe wants total anonymity for himself and the women.

I begin this second account with a summary from Joe and then examples of the email exchanges. There will be a third and final account from Joe covering when this stage of the domination became too much and how the domination and exploitation instead moved to in person, 24/7/365 exploitation and domination.

The  nature of the email exchanges are the drug that Joe became hooked on and the cruel, pitiless young women involved know he is a true submissive and is hooked and they exploit him beyond all reasonableness! But he is getting the excitement and submissive bliss of being under their total power and suffering their pitiless cruelty, and Joe cannot give that up. It is a long read, and it is fascinating.

I often make the point that Dommes do not need to be young or beautiful in any way, to ensnare a true submissive; who is 100% contented if he is nothing more than helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel, dominant woman. But the fact that these very cruel dominant women are all young and beautiful, and sexually active, while Joe is older and average and suffering extremes of sexual desperation because of the chastity regime imposed on him, creates a chasm of status difference which makes the out-of-his-league young beauties all the more awesome to Joe. And he is easily replaceable too. The perfect storm which they exploit.

But I was elated to notice there is a new development of mainstreaming femdom within the emails.  Apparently a new and growing social media phenomenon. Beautiful young women, who know nothing at all about BDSM or femdom,  exploiting men called ‘simps’.

These women expect cash, or helpful tasks like homework done, or simply amusement from their exploited, online simps and the simps indulge them. It is clear many of the young women involved in this phenomenon, without knowing it, are dipping their toes into the warm pool of DS relationships and it must be inevitable that at least some of them will relish the warm water of exploiting cruel power and want more of it; and become dominant wives in due course. They will not be put-off by the often fatally misleading internet representation of femdom – leather, PVC, dungeons, bull-whips, corsets and thigh boots; and pandering to men’s fantasies. For them it will begin as part of normal life.

How on earth can we promote the simp phenomenon????? I cannot deny becoming quite a-glow reading  in the emails the brief glimpses of the use of Joe as a simp by the girls who do not know there is a femdom situation. Their arrogant, entitled, carefree and unsympathetic exploitation of Joe. His status in their minds of being no more than a drone utility object to be exploited and freed of some of his cash for nothing more in return than the privilege of serving them. The genuine expectation he should thank them for serving them. Yes; How on earth can we promote the simp phenomenon!

This is a post update as there have been some surprisingly judgemental comments, (glass houses),  questioning why I have published this post.

In my judgement, the value in posting is:
1. To highlight the importance of being careful what you wish for, and avoiding passing blackmail type material over unless the probable results are what you wish to experience. I believe  I should be posting this, as a warning about where things can go.
It seems from some comments that some would rather I present femdom as risk free fantasy and sweep real life accounts under the carpet they find uncomfortable reading. I believe I should be prompting submissives to stop and think before embarking down a course of action on-line. I think it is the responsible thing to do

2. To make people aware of the wonderful simp phenomenon and the probability this will result in the being more dominant women around to help balance the excess of submissive males. Women who do not think they have to be and act like Dominatrices.
3. To bring fascinating reading material to the many males who wish they could experience a bit of what Joe did.
4. To tell Joe’s story; which he wants me to tell and publish, and without this instalment, the third and final ‘rescue’ installment would make little sense. You wish to oppress Joe

Summary from Joe

Mistress Scarlet attached is an account of how I was commanded to serve as a homework slave for the Femgang girls’ girlfriends, as well as a curator and internet auditor for their Femdom video and Image business. None of the girls I served as a homework slave were officially Femgang Girls. They did not film videos or own slaves or even necessarily know about femdom. They were just girlfriends of the actual Femgang Girls and, without knowing anything about the femdom world, were being introduced indirectly to how they could get certain men to do anything they wanted.

I think it was at least in part an attempt to recruit them as future Femgang Girls. There is today I think a new kind of “femdom” that is less about leather and bondage and more about attractive women using and exploiting weak men for their own benefit.  There is even a new slang term for it called “simp”.  On social media young women now make fun of guys and brag about them being their “simp”.  Meaning they can get the guy to do anything for them and don’t have to do anything in return, or certainly nothing sexual. 

This update is mainly about the homework slave part. I will send you one final update soon about the real life, in person servitude that replaced the life that overwhelmed me laid out in these emails. Looking back I have no idea how I was able to manage this crushing level of work and stress for as long as I did, and why I put myself through this ordeal. I feel like I was brainwashed by my addiction to the Femgang Girls and the constant chastity combined with their messages training me to be obedient and always follow orders without thinking. Also, they did order me to film myself, face showing, jerking off, chanting humiliating slogans, and eating my own cum and made me send them the videos. So they had compromising information on me along with a copy of my drivers license and personal information. 

More from Joe after seeing some of the comments on this post : I’ve long known my fetishes are not main stream so I do not seek approval.  In fact I fully expect most people to not understand what it is I got out of this and that is perfectly fine with me. The only thing that bothers me is some commenters accusing Mistress Scarlet of being complicit in some kind of abuse for merely posting an accurate account of a true story.  Any such a suggestion is ridiculous. I appreciate the concern but I’m a grown man and more than capable of taking care of myself.

Serving a group of ultra demanding cruel young women was a dream come true! I work a boring white collar office job and receiving daily messages, pictures, and assignments added so much excitement to my otherwise humdrum life.

To me the Femgang were like famous celebrities. I owned many of their videos from over the years and always dreaming about serving them for real. Every time I heard the alert sound notifying me I had a new message from the femgang my heart would start pounding with a combination of excitement and yes a bit of fear. I’m not going to lie I dreaded some of the assignments but that was part of the thrill! It was a true love hate, better be careful what you wish for situation, but it was also very exciting!!!

Also the emails don’t include all the personal messages, texts, phone calls, and videos I received. In addition to the admin emails I also received direct communication and photos from all of the primary girls so there was plenty in it for me besides just grueling work.  As for the money sending a couple $25 gift cards a week was not in anyway a financial burden.

Also from a submissive mindset it really turned me on that I was being used for something that clearly benefitted them while having nothing to do with my own fantasies. I liked it when they rubbed it in my face pointing out very directly how they were using me and making no effort to hide that fact. Flaunting their power over me was a form of humiliation that really got my submissive side going. Ive never enjoyed the idea of a Dom catering to my fantasies. I much prefer the idea of being cruelly used for the doms own benefit. And the more they used me selfishly and strictly for their own benefit the more exciting it was!

Yes at the height of things it may have gone a bit to far. Safe to say I got more than I bargained for! Reading all of these messages again for the first time in a couple years even I cringe at some of my over the top groveling and pathetic behavior. But that brings up one last important point. This is not a story. If it was written for entertainment I would have made everyone involved look better and added more action. Its simply a true factual account of what actually happened warts and all.

Finally, as will be revealed in the final update I did eventually get to serve in person and ended up establishing a real life 24/7 DS relationship that continues to this day.

In fact as soon as I finish typing this messsge I’m headed directly to the bed room to massage the Queens feet!


Example email exchanges and the inevitable ‘progression’!

From: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com>
To: “joe77@yahoo.com” <joe77@yahoo.com> Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2016, 04:56:46 PM CDT

Yeah, not sure who assigned this task to you but just read the latest
writeup and it was good! Especially since that fucking new slave SUCKED-
and you were like honest about it in the writeup. Which is cool. You
might actually be a useful piece of shit for us to use for this?? There
was a shoot yesterday so you will probably get more work sent
to you soon! LOL

Hear you took too long last time to get your descriptions back to us
though, slave. When you get our clips sent to you, you should fucking
drop to your KNEES and THANK us (just by praying to us lol- don’t actually
bother us!) then IMMEDIATELY watch ALL the clips and get your writeups to
us by the VERY NEXT MORNING!! We don’t even care if you are fucking late
to work or whatever either. YOU WORK FOR US NOW! (WE are your main
bosses!! Especially M xxxxx!!) ;)

-The Femgang

From: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com> To: “joe77@yahoo.com” <joe77@yahoo.com> Sent: Tuesday, June 7, 2016, 02:19:10 PM CDT

Slave I have 7 clips form the last shoot that need write-ups. another
slave wrote an outline we used for shooting I want you to take it, view the
clips and embellish what has been written as appropriate. some of these
need more work than others, its your assignment to make these ready to
post on our website so we can make lots of money. We want to use you as
our bitch to make money off your ass so you should be thanking us for it.
Your work thus far is acceptable so don’t be stupid and blow it now. so
get to work slave we want these back by Thursday night.

-The Femgang

From: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com> To: “joe77@yahoo.com” <joe77@yahoo.com> Sent: Wednesday, June 8, 2016, 11:19:58 PM CDT

Hey u piece of shit don’t you owe us some clip writeups or something?? Or
did you already send those in and maybe someone else got them already?

-The Femgang

From: Joe77 <joe77@yahoo.com> To: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com> Sent: Wednesday, June 8, 2016, 11:40:47 PM CDT

Yes, seven of them. I was given a deadline of Thursday night. I’m working on them now and will have them all done tomorrow night. Hopefully that’s OK I’m really hoping to get permission to cum it’s been 8 days since my last permission.

From: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com> To: “joe77@yahoo.com” <joe77@yahoo.com> Sent: Thursday, June 9, 2016, 09:46:29 AM CDT

haha not sure who wrote u last night but ok! You have a deadline, SLAVE!
You better make it or you will probably not cum for another WEEK!!!

-The Femgang

From: Joe <joe77@yahoo.com> To: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com> Sent: Friday, June 10, 2016, 02:54:35 AM CDT

Please see the attached 7 completed writeups. Hopefully they are acceptable and I can have permission to cum! I know I’m so pathetic begging to cum but I’ve locked myself in the chastity tube wating until one of you gives me permission and I’m getting desperate now going on 9 days!

From: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com> To: “joe77@yahoo.com” <joe77@yahoo.com> Sent: Friday, June 10, 2016, 02:51:59 PM CDT

We are glad you locked yourself up loser, now we can really control you
like we want to. This is a good job on the write ups but we still want you
to wait to cum and stay locked up for us, we still want to use your sex
drive to get even more work out of you so you just have to wait. We will
take a vote and see if you have a release date cumming for you in the near

BTW we have been only giving you some of the write up from the shoot like
6-7 clips but we usually shoot 10-12 in a shoot and we are going to start giving them all to

-The Femgang

From: Joe77 <joe77@yahoo.com> To: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com> Sent: Friday, June 10, 2016, 03:20:07 PM CDT

I will do however many clips you send me. I just might need a few extra days to complete them that’s all. I don’t want to rush them and hurt the quality. I hope I don’t have to wait too much longer to earn a chastity release my blue balls are killing me??? But I have to admit it’s probably a smart move because I’m so sexually frustrated right now that serving is basically the only thing I can think about. What else can I do to make the vote go my way?

From: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com> To: “joe77@yahoo.com” <joe77@yahoo.com> Sent: Friday, June 10, 2016, 03:44:58 PM CDT

We had a shoot yesterday with 12 clips with M xxxxx. we will send the videos to you with
the outline like last time when our editing slave is finished. so just stay locked up for us and wait! Don’t even THINK about touching your cock yet. Stay locked up in your chastity device til we say you can cum. your work on this will determine if we let you out.

-The Femgang

From: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com>
To: “joe77@yahoo.com” <joe77@yahoo.com> Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2016, 01:06:45 PM CDT

when will you have these write-ups done slave?

From: Joe77 <joe77@yahoo.com> To: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com> Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2016, 01:25:14 PM CDT

I have a deadline at work that has me swamped today and tomorrow so realistically probably Thursday night. If that won’t work I’ll stay up all night or figure something out but I don’t want to rush them and do a crappy job.

From: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com>
To: “joe77@yahoo.com” <joe77@yahoo.com> Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2016, 01:53:30 PM CDT

You will drink coffee and stay up all night watching our videos and
WORKING FOR US, SLAVE!!! WE come first!! You are lucky we don’t make u
go in to your “other” job and tell your boss that you work for US!! (And
that you work like a dog for us for FREE, haha!!!!) So work HARDER, slave!!
That is what slaves DO. You work as hard as
possible for your MASTERS.

Because we will have MORE for you to do by Thursday night, slave!!

-The Femgang

From: Joe77 <joe77@yahoo.com> To: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com> Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2016, 03:21:21 PM CDT

I’m locked in chastity right now going on 14 days! So I’m super motivated to get these write-ups done ASAP hoping you will grant me permission to unlock the chastity tube.

Two weeks without relief for a former daily jerkoff addict is driving me crazy! When I watched the first xxxx video I actually whimpered out loud in frustration! Yes I have a key but I leave it at work in a time lock safe so I don’t have access to it when I’m at home. No easy access to the key and the fact that I’m addicted to feeling owned and controlled by the Femgang keep me from cheating.

From: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com> To: “joe77@yahoo.com” <joe77@yahoo.com> Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2016, 04:03:49 PM CDT

You should mail the key to us, slave. You know it would be better for you anyway…you would work harder for us and be better at sex if u ever get a gf. (LOL yeah, RIGHT! like THAT
would ever happen for a loser SLAVE like YOU!)

Get our clips done for us, slave!!! ASAP!!

If you send us your keys we promise to release you EVERY time you send us
a bunch of REALLY good writeups! LOL! That should be
like..hhmmm….every other week or so! Or at LEAST once a month! LOL

You should be thanking us and BEGGING for that kind of opportunity, slave.
M Xxxxx will PERSONALLY hold your keys for you. Isn’t that NICE??
Can u imagine how LUCKY you would be!!??

-The Femgang

From: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com>
To: “joe77@yahoo.com” <joe77@yahoo.com> Sent: Friday, June 17, 2016, 12:22:58 PM CDT

Haha you are fucking PATHETIC.
we may have a small house meeting to discuss how we can best put you to
work doing whatever the fuck else we want to use you for…but for now, u
may get a short break once these descriptions are completed. Do u realize how
fucking lucky you are just to work for us???

From: Joe <joe77@yahoo.com> To: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com> Sent: Friday, June 17, 2016, 08:56:44 PM CDT

Please see attached the final 4 writeups completed for the M Xxxxx shoot listed below:

I hope you find all of them acceptable and up to your standards. I don’t want to be a pest but if they are all well done can I please, please, please, have permission to get out of chastity and be allowed to cum. I’m 100% sure that none of you have any idea clue how long it’s been since one of you last gave me permission to cum but I sure do! It was the day after memorial day so 18 days now. I know I don’t deserve it but I promise I will continue to work just as hard no even harder if you grant me permission. I’ve never gone close to this long before and I’m seriously going crazy and on the verge of tears from the constant frustration. I know I could always do even better but I have worked hard so can I please have permission to cum???

From: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com>
To: “joe77@yahoo.com” <joe77@yahoo.com> Sent: Friday, June 17, 2016, 10:10:54 PM CDT

Wait….a few text messages need to be sent one of us will get back to
you. So give us an hour or so. You will hear from one of us by
This is fucking hilarious. and PATHETIC. SO glad checked this email
before going out..
You need to wait until you hear back from one of us slave!! By like
midnight prolly.

-The Femgang

From: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com>
To: “joe77@yahoo.com” <joe77@yahoo.com> Sent: Saturday, June 18, 2016, 01:44:20 AM CDT
Subject: Re: Chanel Last 4 Writeups

we took a vote and decided you have to stay locked up for us. If we let
you out now your write-ups will not be as good, plus you owe us the rest
of the write-ups so there is no way we can allow you to cum right now. if
you behave we will let you out soon. BTW we have another shoot to send you
when you are done so you have more work slave no time to cum anyway loser.

-The Femgang

From: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com> To: “joe77@yahoo.com” <joe77@yahoo.com> Sent: Saturday, June 18, 2016, 02:17:27 PM CDT

Just seeing some of these messages. Fucking hilarious. Looks like nobody
even got back to you to by midnight to give you permission to cum last
night? LOL. Whoever it was probably just went out to party and forgot
all about you loser. Haha. How does that make you feel? You are
literally like a piece of shit to us. Are you STILL willing to work for
us even though we are literally TELLING you that you mean nothing to us
and we literally laugh about you and mock you for working so hard for us
while we just keep your little dick LOCKED THE FUCK UP the whole time??
LOL Seriously, we think its fucking pathetic. Oh wait was there a vote?
I didn’t get that text. hmm…maybe I would have voted to let u cum and
that would have swayed the decision? Awww….poor little locked up slave.
Oh well. LOL

btw not sure who told you “Wed” would be ok for these latest writeups??
FUCK that. Get this shit done by TONIGHT loser. We don’t care if you
have to stay in all night and miss your Sat night. (While we are all out
partying- we can assure you! lol) A loser like you shouldn’t be going
out anyway. It will save u $ u would probably just spend on beer or
drinks for girls that don’t really want to talk to you anyway. (Hell,
with the $ we save u, we should start making your ass PAY US just to let u
work for us! LOL)

but tell u what, loser…and this will be put in writing right here: If
you get these writeups done and sent to us before 2AM tonight (your time-
wherever the fuck u are, loser) you have our permission to unlock yourself
that very second after you hit the “send” button on the email to us- and
then cum while watching one of our most recent videos. Kk?

Now THANK us!!!
-The Femgang

From: “admin@pFemganggirls.com” <admin@pFemganggirls.com> To: “joe77@yahoo.com” <joe77@yahoo.com> Sent: Monday, June 27, 2016, 09:23:30 AM CDT

We DO know EXACTLY what we are doing to you, SLAVE!! (Well, some of us
more than others…lol.)
Anyway, we do NOT care about you at ALL- or how much you SUFFER. All we
care about is torturing you from afar until your frustration and horniness
turns you into a mindless, obedient work-zombie for us!! HAHAHAHA

That is honestly all we care about- that you WORK for us like a SLAVE
24/7!!! And if you are “uncomfortable” and in agony while you do that –
but it makes you work HARDER for us – all we care about is that you are
working HARDER! LOL! We could not care less about your suffering.

So go find more of Our clips, slave. And I heard there is a shoot on
Thurs so that will give you even MORE work to do for us! LOL. But it may
give you the opportunity to earn a release this upcoming weekend…

-The Femgang

Homework is added to Joe’s load

From: “admin@Femgang.com” <admin@Femgang.com> To: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Thursday, February 2, 2017, 05:31:51 PM CST

Subject: Re: Drone Slave Check-In

SLAVE!!!!!!  We have an URGENT assignment for you!!!  And you BETTER get this done- by midnight tonight, your time!!  Or we swear to God we are locking your little cock up for like 6 fucking months.

We have a GF of ours that has a writing assignment due tomorrow.  And she asked if she can use one of our “losers” (basically a drone-slave like u is perfect) to write it for her.  She lives in Xxxxx and goes to XXXX.  And your ass is gonna write it for her, got it??  (btw way she is super hot too, obv.)  If you do a good enough job for her, you may even become her personal Home Work slave lol.  Do you want to become a 19yr old sorority girl’s personal HW slave??

And no one has been using you much lately, right??  So you better take all that pent-up slave energy and put it into this!!  Now, CONFIRM RECEIPT OF THIS EMAIL, SLAVE!!!  And the actual assignment will be coming in a follow-up message.

You better impress our GF with how we can USE YOU FOR ANYTHING WE WANT.

Yes I’ve got it now. I will get working on this ASAP. Thank you. Is midnight a strict deadline or is early tomorrow morning ok?

Hmmm…good question.  if it is early AM like as in 2 or 3 am, its ok slave.  But just keep in mind that for every hour past midnight it goes, that will equal 1 week in chastity.  So if it’s like 3AM when it is delivered to our inbox, that mean you will be locked up for 3 weeks. LOL

That’s a GREAT reward for writing her paper for her, isn’t it??  And we aren’t sending you her picture until the paper is in AND you are locked up.  (If it gets to us after midnight.)

And we don’t think you will want to get this in to us at 8am, now will you slave??  HAHAHAHA  that would be 2 months in chastity for you!!!  LOL!!!!


btw she just made us aware that is a 2-parter assignment, slave!!  So read the whole directions page!!  So you have a minimum of 3 pages to write for her for each part of the assignment And they better be good!  But its only 6 pages total so that’s not much haha.

Also she said any references need to be “cited”.

And maybe if you do a good job we might even be lenient on you with your chastity time…lol.  Like maybe if you BEG to do more papers for her, you can earn “time off for good behavior” and get an early release for doing more work for her LOL…

Omg I have to do both parts! I didn’t even get the directions until now and it’s already past 9:00 PM my time and I’m mentally exhausted from working a 12 hour day!

I feel so owned right now cause I really really don’t want to have to do this by tonight.  If only I could just have until tomorrow afternoon it would be so much easier. Please is there any chance I can have until tomorrow 10:00 AM my time?  If it absolutely all has to be done tonight I’ll do it cause I’m such a wimp I can’t say no to super hot Femgang.

She will NOT accept some loser refusing to work all night long for her!!!!
You should be fucking THANKING US for LETTING you do this for her, slave!!
While she is probably sleeping comfortably in her bed…lol  Knowing that she will wake up to a WELL-WRITTEN paper in her inbox tomorrow morning written by some no-name loser for her just because she is hot and shouldn’t have to do any work.

Drink a cup of coffee and WORK you FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!!  Do your job!!!  YOU ARE A FUCKING DRONE SLAVE!!!  DRONE SLAVES DO NOT NEED SLEEP!!!!



Our whip would be literally cracking on your back as you type all night if we were there, slave.

………………….. Completed Homework attached ……………………………………….

Wow slave….you may just avoid chastity altogether!  VERY good job, you fucking piece of shit!  What a good drone you are!  Haha

Oh and – we are going to lock you up anyway.  But only for one week! so THANK US, you stupid fucktard.

Make sure you are locked up good n tight tonight- and then send us a nice, pleading message in the morning BEGGING us to send you a pic of your new 19yr old sorority homework taskmaster.  LOL

As ordered I’m locked up tight in chastity.  A dated proof pic is attached.  As you can see the tube is really small and tight.  May I please, please, have a picture to worship of the beautiful sorority M who is making me do her homework.  Please send me her picture and let her know I will do all her homework and anything else she commands.

Hey did anyone get back to you on this yet, loser?  Hope you realize that you mean like literally nothing to us- no matter how much work you do for us or any of our friends.  You will always have the significance of like a bug crawling on the floor lol.  Hope that doesn’t hurt your little slave-feelings too much?  Or did you already know that u don’t mean shit to any of us and we just LAUGH about all the work we make losers like you do for us??

And are you really locked in chastity right now? LOL
If you are and u respond quickly enough, will see if we can send u that pic.
Although a little more begging wouldn’t hurt either lol.  You don’t sound like u want it bad enough yet.  Unless maybe you want that fucking chastity period doubled to TWO weeks???  LOL!!!!


Just seeing this!  OMFG!!!!!!!!!  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Its literally the size of a fucking chapstik!  OMFG!!!!  You should just stay locked up FOREVER anyways if your dick is that small!  Its like fuckin useless anyways! LOL

Ok loser, we guess you’ve earned this.  Here is her pic!  btw, we cropped out her sorority sisters n stuff.  So it’s just her.
You can start drooling now lol.

btw did anyone tell you she’s in like the hottest, most popular sorority on campus? AND she’s a cheerleader. AND she’s only 19.  but she is like TOTALLY spoiled.  (She grew up super rich.)  So she just kinda expects people to do whatever she says.  She like literally thinks nothing of using the slave we gave to her.  (Although she doesn’t even know he’s a “slave” lol.  She just thinks he’s some old fucking loser that will do whatever she wants cuz she’s hot.)

Enjoy staring at this pic while you are IN CHASTITY for a fucking WEEK, loser!!!   You better not unlock yourself and cum over her pic until NEXT SATURDAY at midnight, freak!!  And we will let her know about you doing all her homework for her.  Maybe you should beg a little more to do that for her….REALLY convince us of how DESPERATE you are to do her HW for her!  LOL cmon slave…how BAD do u want to do ALL her HW for her???  HAHAHAHA

Ok, since you begged, here is her IG:  @xxxxxxxxx
Now you can go drool over her, pervy loser lol.  (u will need to request her on there we think.)
btw, AGAIN, do NOT mention Our site to her!!!  Or ANYTHING about femdom or  “slaves” or any of that “weird shit”!!  Got it???  She does NOT know about that!!!  And do NOT under ANY circumstances write any weird comments on her IG!!  In fact, do not write anything on there at ALL!!  Understand???

When she contacts you, you are SIMPLY to tell her how HOT she is and that you are DESPERATE to do ANYTHING for her- including doing her HW/papers for her.  And you will literally BEG her to let you do any and all hw assignments and papers she will dump on you- just to receive ANY interaction from her whatsoever.  She will think its pathetic AF, but she won’t think it’s that “weird”.  (She actually told us that she had “some loser” in HS that did all her HW for her.)  So she realizes how hot she is and that there are pathetic fucks out there like u that will do anything for she says just to be merely aknowledged by her.

We will give her your email addy and she will contact you whenever she feels like using you.  And you BETTER not make us look bad!  You are a fucking DRONE SLAVE and you WILL perform like the fucking PROPERTY that you are- GOT IT???

Also, good news for you, slave!  She wants you to do the same assignment you did for her but this time for her boyfriend!  HAHA.  And YOUR ass is gonna do it FOR her!!!  And more good news- its not even due to her until Wed morning!  So u have like a whole 2 1/2 days to do her boyfriend’s paper for her!!  Aren’t you LUCKY??? THANK US, bitch!!!

-The Femgang

Hey she says she wants amazon GCs from you, loser.  But don’t send them here.  She will write you from her email addy when she wants one and you can send it directly to her.

And you BETTER thank her for letting you have the privilege of doing her HW for her EVERY time you pay her, loser!!!

Thank you for arranging this and please find even more ways to continue using me including loaning me out to your girlfriends. 

You are WELCOME, piece of shit drone-bitch!  LOL!  We LOVE loaning you out!  It’s like we are letting one of our GFs borrow an old pair of shoes or something- that is how little you mean to us, bitch.  You are a fucking object to us.  An object that WE OWN- and therefore we can use you however the fuck we want.

And you damn well BETTER appreciate this and BEG to pay her when you get the chance!!  We will pass your paper on to her for now, however.

-The Femgang

From: Student friend 1<xxxxxx.edu> To: “Joe@yahoo.com” <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Wednesday, February 8, 2017, 12:01:15 PM CST

So I read your papers and they were ok I guess.  You will do.  And so you are going to basically just do whatever the fuck I say then?  So like, if I order you to do any of my assignments, you will just do them?  That was what I was told anyways.  And that is EXACTLY what I want.  And I want you to pay me for the privilege of doing my HW too.  You saw my pics on my IG, right?  I want $25 per paper sent to me for every paper I assign to you.  And I want to be paid in Amazon GCs sent to this address. 

I had some nerd in High School that was like obsessed with me and he did a lot of my schoolwork for me before I graduated.  And so I was really looking for one of those that I could use to do my papers n stuff here but it’s harder in college.  So I’m glad I actually have a couple of you now that I can use to do my shit work for me.  It’s going to be great to basically be able to get a degree without having to do any of the boring shit work LOL.  Not to mention getting paid for it.  I fuckin love it haha.  Get back at me ASAP with that GC

From: Student friend 1 <xxxxxx.edu> To: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Thursday, February 9, 2017, 04:23:11 PM CST

Subject: Re: My Pic

I need you to write the same paper you wrote for me and my bf for my sorority sister and write it asap.

OMG, Miss Student friend 1 is now making me do the same paper again I already did for her and her boyfriend but this time for her sorority sister! 

For someone who does not know about “slaves” she has no problem ordering me around at all! Of course I thanked her so much for giving me another paper to do. And every time she sends me a new paper to write I have to pay her. I think you’ve created a monster! She is going to work me to death!!!!

We told u she is a total spoiled brat!  LOL
And you BETTER do whatever the fuck she tells you to, retard!  NO MATTER HOW HARD SHE WORKS YOU!!  Even if she has you doing papers for ALL her GFs and makes you pay HER just for the privilege of doing all of them!!

And keep reporting in to us about how much she is using you.  We all find it pretty amusing.  You DO realize how pathetic you are, right??  LOL

-The Femgang

From: Student friend 1  <xxxxxx.edu> To: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2017, 10:53:03 PM CST


i need you to write two essays for me by noon tomorrow the directions are attached.

Yes Miss Student friend 1.  Just curious have you received any grades on the other papers yet?  Probably only fair if I pay some penalty fee if you didn’t get at least B’s. 

yeah i can send u screen shots so far it hasnt been too good.

on the history part 1 paper got a 45/50

and part 2 got 42/50 

I’m sorry I’ll try and do even better. But just checking 45/50 is 90% isn’t that an A? And 42/50 is 84% so a solid B? 

Is that correct or am I missing something? 

yeah but i need straight A’s duh

Yes Miss Student friend 1 I’ll try harder. Sending $25 gift card now for the B. 


 From: Student friend 1<xxxxxx.edu> To: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2017, 05:14:44 PM CST

get this done by Thursday.  (History Essay Instructions attached).

get this done by friday. these are the directions  (journal Instructions attached).

From: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> To: “admin@Femgang.com” <admin@Femgang.com> Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 03:29:20 PM CST

Subject: Re: I Hate This

Yes I’ve been in chastity and will be until the safe timer runs out this Saturday at midnight after two weeks. Please please please don’t cancel this Saturday’s release I’m truly sorry for my earlier comments. If I add two more weeks on that will be a month! 

Before you decide please know I already sent Goddess Xxxxx a new piracy report and I just today I completed two more new homework assignments for Miss Student friend 1 that aren’t due until Friday.

Also Miss Student friend 1 got her grades back from two earlier papers I did for her last week and she got an A on one and a B on the other. Both papers were 4 pages long and she sent me the assignments at 11:30 at night and needed them done by noon the next day. I didn’t even have the text book available and the directions said we had to mention specific examples from the book! 

Under those nearly impossible circumstances I think earning an A on one paper and a B on the other were very good. But Miss Student friend 1 said she needs straights A’s so without any complaining I apologized for getting her a B and paid her a penalty fee. In fact from now on any assignment I do that doesn’t get her an A I have to pay her double the homework fee! 

So please as you can see despite one comment I deeply regret making I have been doing all my drone work as best as I possibly can. Please don’t cancel Saturday’s release I’m so incredibly desperate to get out of chastity! 

From: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> To: Student friend 1<xxxxxx.edu> Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2017, 09:56:20 AM CST

Subject: Homework Assignments Completed

Good morning Miss Student friend 1. Attached are the completed history homework assignments due for this Thursday and Friday.  The reading comprehension worksheet and the essay on the Washington Post story regarding the Michael Flynn resignation.  I hope you find them up to your standards.  Since that’s two more assignments I owe you another $50.  An amazon GC is on the way.  BTW, if prefer PayPal or some other form of payment please let me know.  Thank you! 

From: “admin@Femgang.com” <admin@Femgang.com> To: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2017, 11:16:54 AM CST

Subject: Re: I Hate This

Hmmm….we haven’t heard back from everybody on this yet.  We will let you know tomorrow about this, slave.  One single day BEFORE you are supposed to be let out….is the suspense killing u, slave???

Haha too bad. You deserve everything u get for the way we heard u acted recently.  We will teach you to ALWAYS be on your best behavior from now on…and NEVER question us!!!  You will become the BEST SLAVE EVER- whether u really “want” to or not!  LOL!

In fact, we want you to respond to this email ABSOLUTELY BEGGING for further punishment, slave!!!  DO IT NOW- THAT’S AN ORDER!!!

-The Femgang

I’m so sorry to all the Femgang! I worship the ground you walk on and it’s an honor to do ANYTHING I’m told. I’m sorry I spoke out of turn the whole idea of a slave complaining doesn’t even make any sense. 

I deserve to be taught a lesson so please please punish me in anyway you see fit. I’m begging you to punish me so I can learn how to be the best slave possible! Thank you Femgang! 

Awwwwwww…..poor slavey, slavey…LOL.
You lost a lot of points around here with your little outburst.  And the consensus is that you basically need to be “taught a lesson”.

But it looks like based on your last message that you totally agree with that!  So that is great!  You will be happy to hear then that we have decided to CANCEL your release that was scheduled for tomorrow!  Aren’t you HAPPY about that??  This way you will be able to REALLY focus your efforts on writing Student friend 1’s papers for her!  (AND for her BF if she tells you to! Hahaha!!!)  And it won’t matter if she texts you at like 3AM for a paper that she wants written for her BF that is due at 8AM THAT SAME DAY- your ass will get out of bed and DO it and THANK her for it!!  AND you will deliver an “A” for her!!!  Your chastity should ensure that!  LOL

AND btw, we are adding TWO MORE WEEKS to your chastity!!  So you can reset that timer thingy on your safe like RIGHT fucking now, bitch!!  So during that time you are 100% focused on getting Maddy and her BF straight fucking “A”s!!!

now THANK us!!!  Oh, one last thing- if u get her ANYTHING less than an “A” on ANY of Student friend 1’s papers that she assigns you, you will get ONE MORE WEEK OF CHASTITY ADDED ON!!  Haha.  So u better do a damn good job for her loser- or u may never get out of that thing!  And you will end up a permanently chastized & cuckolded homework bitch for Student friend 1.  While she is out having fun for the next 3 years, your bitch ass will be at home, LOCKED UP and doing all her homework for her AND her BF in state of constant frustration!  (And getting them straight “A”s and a college degree in the process!)  HAHAHAHA!!!!  While the two of them are fucking like rabbits and writing NONE of their own stupid, boring papers!

-The Femgang

Thank you Femgang for helping me to learn my lesson. No more outbursts ever again!  I’m soooo lucky to be locked in chastity for a minimum of a month straight. Getting to stay up late doing Miss Student friend 1 and her bf’s homework after working 13 hours at my day job so they can go out and party and get straight A’s without having to do any boring work. 

The chastity frustration is already unbearable! I was on the verge of tears just now as I added two more weeks to the safe timer. But I know it’s all for my own good because the Femgang are the best slave trainers in the world! I know that whatever you command me to do is only to make me a better slave. 

I’m sure the chastity will help me to focus on what’s really important doing an amazing job for Miss Student friend 1 and all the Femgang. So thank you so much for helping me to be a better slave! I’m so extremely lucky to be owned by the Femgang and I love it! 

From: “admin@Femgang.com” <admin@Femgang.com> To: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Thursday, March 2, 2017, 08:39:25 AM CST

Subject: Re: Fw: First Email From Miss Student friend 1 2/8/2017

OMG not sure who told u to send all this shit, but it is fucking hilarious!!  So u are doing all her homework and all her papers for her AND her BF and anyone else she tells you to??  AND you are paying her for it too??  OMFG.  She must be hot AF.  And you must be the laughingstock of her sorority at this point LOL.

Do u have any assignments due for her that you are working on right now, homework bitch-boy?  Haha

Yes, I have two assignments I’m working on right now for her.  I have to write a 3-4 page research paper on the role of Disney M and women’s body images due Monday and another project for her nutrition class due Tuesday. 

Miss Student friend 1 is working me very hard and as you can see from the messages all I ever do is thank her for the privilege and beg her to give me even more work.  Thank you Femgang for training me so well. Please keep my good behavior in mind when my 30 days in chastity are up Saturday March 10. I’ll do anything not to have my release canceled again like last time.  I’m working so hard to be the perfect slave for Miss Student friend 1 and all the Femgang. 

Hahahaha!!!!!!  That is literally perfect!!  And hey bitch- you better BEG her to do MORE work for her as soon as you turn that research paper in to her!  Like we want you to seriously thank her for letting you have the PRIVILEGE of doing her homework and then BEG to pay her and beg her to do more work for her!!

And BCC us in on it so we can all read it and laugh at you!!  And you better make it sound convincing, bitch!!  Like it better sound like doing her assignments for her is the greatest thing to ever happen to you and you are like in extacy as you do them.  Haha.  Like u LOVE doing her homework and u LOVE paying her.  And u better tell her that it is because she is so hot that she is simply too hot to ever do ANY of her own work.  And we want u to thank her even for letting you do her BF’s HW!  LOL!  Talk about how u hope they can spend more time together as a couple by having u do their papers for them.  LOL!!!!

OMFG u are so fucking pathetic.   Oh, and if your message to Mads isnt good enough to convince her that your entire LIFE is literally dedicated to being her “HW bitch” and that she is so hot that she is entitled to having her papers written for her, we will add another week to your “chastity sentence”!!!!  Haha.

You are allowed to tell her how pathetic you feel for working like a bitch for her though.  And you may even beg for a picture of her in your message.

-The Femgang

I have now been serving as Miss Student friend 1’s homework bitch for a little over six weeks and in all that time I have completed every assignment she has given me on time and to perfection with the exception of one “B” early on.  I apologized for getting her a “B” and paid her double the usual homework fee.  I’m currently caught up on all her homework and have nothing pending.  Please Femgang have mercy on your humble groveling slave and allow me to cum tomorrow night when the time lock safe is set open 1 day 12 hours and 34 min from the time of this email.  Please Femgang I haven’t cum since February 11 and despite being a pathetic loser I’m still a red blooded male filled with testosterone and a strong sex drive and I just need to cum soooo bad! Please, please, please, may I have permission???   

From: “admin@Femgang.com” <admin@Femgang.com> To: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Saturday, March 18, 2017, 02:51:31 PM CDT

Subject: Re: Chastity Release Request

Haha I don’t get on here often but this is the most pathetic thing I have ever read.  Has it really been that long for you, slave?  Like we don’t even care.  Do you know that?  Like it must mean the world to you, and we just don’t even give a shit about your orgasms.  They mean nothing to us except a way to have ultimate control over your every thought and action.  How does that make you feel? LOL

We will think about it.  But guess what?  If you do not hear back from us with specific permission to cum by the time that safe unlocks, then you will NOT have permission to cum and you are hereby ORDERED to simply close the “safe” of yours back up and re-set it for another week of frustration lol.  Oh, and you will have permission to cry all night after you set the lock too.  Are we reaaally mean to you?  LOL

But you might still get permission!  You never know…we’ve heard you have been very obedient and you did send a GC?  Are your hopes up slave?  We just are concerned that no matter what you say, you may slack after your release…and that would just not be acceptable to “Miss Student friend 1” and her BF.  They simply cannot go back to doing their own HW after owning a pathetic bitch like you.

Where are u with their latest assignments, bitch?

Miss Student friend 1 wanted $100 for the 4 new homework assignments she has just given me.  Attached is a screenshot confirmation I just sent her the $100 fee. Since Feb 9 I have now paid her a total of $650 for the privilege of doing all her homework. 

Miss Student friend 1 just texted me that she has told some of her sorority sisters about me and she’s going to start sending me their homework and papers to do now.  I of course thanked her so much!  A screenshot of the text she sent me is attached. 

Please Femgang don’t cancel tonight’s orgasm on me as you can see I have nothing but hours and hours of hard work ahead of me.  I work a busy full time job with 12 hours days and then I have to do all their homework and research papers on top of that. If it was just Miss Student friend 1 that would be difficult enough but I also write her bf’s papers and now her sorority sisters. Please don’t I deserve at least some kind of reward for being such a hard working obedient slave???? 

From: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> To: “admin@Femgang.com” <admin@Femgang.com> Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2017, 09:08:49 PM CDT

Subject: OMG Please?????

Please Femgang I only have 2 hours left on the safe timer and I haven’t heard from anyone yet to approve my release tonight. I’m worried you might have forgot all about it? 

I know different people read these messages but I was told unless I got permission tonight before the timer runs out I have add another week. Please please don’t make me add another week it’s been 35 days today and I have been a perfect slave I’ve done everything I’ve been told. 

Please is there any Femgang Girl out there who will approve my release! Please I’m running out of time only 2 hours left now and I’m in a full panic!!!! Someone please have mercy on me and let me cum ‘ll be the best slave ever I promise.

The time has passed and no one ever got back to me. My hand was litterally shaking and I felt like a was going to throw up when I had to add another week to the timer.

I want to go off on an emotional rant right now but I know if I say what I’m really thinking I’ll be punished for it.  So instead I’m just going to say thank you Femgang for giving me another week in chastity. Six weeks in chastity will certainly help me stay focused on all the homework and papers I have coming up so thank you. 

Pics are attached of me in chastity and of the safe timer reset for another week. 

From: “admin@Femgang.com” <admin@Femgang.com> To: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2017, 01:34:34 AM CDT
Subject: Re: Chastity Release Request

Did no one ever get back to u with permission, slave?? Awww….
There are like a LOT of msgs from u tho. And they are all fucking
hilarious af.
And Mads is like loaning u out to her sorority sisters now as like “here,
feel free to use my personal loser homework bitch whenever u want” like
she is letting them borrow a pair of her shoes or something. That is the
funniest one. And she just doesnt give a fuck.

It sounds like u have too much shit to do anyway now, slave. So u SHOULD
be thanking us for keeping u locked up!! You need to stay 100% focused on
working for Mads an her man. And they SHOULD be relaxing and getting paid
and eating filet n lobster while ur bitch ass is doing their papers for
them. Let us know when u get alll that work done for them bitch. And then
we will MAYBE see about letting u have like literally a 1-minute release
haha. But dont worry, either way spring break will be here before u know
it! Haha

Oh and someone suggested an awesome idea. You are hereby ORDERED to
suggest to “Ms. Student friend 1” that she CHARGE her sisters for using u to write
their papers for them! That way u do all the work, but SHE makes $ off
loaning u out! AND u will still need to pay her for it too. So she will
double her $ for doing nothing LOL. And u need to suggest it in the most
humble, pathetic way possible. Like telling her how hot she is and how she
should profit off of u in any way possible. lol!

And no bitching slave. This is for the best and u know it. And we might
even give u an early release if u get all your bitch work done and Mads
ever gives u a break! LOL! So THANK US, BITCH!!

-The Femgang

From: Student friend 1 <xxxxxx.edu> To: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Friday, March 24, 2017, 09:48:01 PM CDT      Subject:

this is a research paper due for one of my friends get it back to me due next saturday, her name is Gigi Xxxxx.

From: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> To: “admin@Femgang.com” <admin@Femgang.com>

It’s already been 6 weeks and Miss Student friend 1’s friend hasn’t even given me the topic for her paper yet so I can’t even work on it right now even if I wanted to. I’ve asked her to send it to me for the last two days and nothing.  Plus once she does send it I can’t do a 10 page research paper in 2 days that’s like 15-20 hrs of work.

Please now is the perfect time while there is a quiet in the storm of work to let me out for just 5 min please please please!!!!

Tell you what, slave.  We are going to be soooo nice to you right now.  But only because you are working soooo hard for Student friend 1 and begging soooo hard for a release.

Here is what we will allow:  when the safe opens, you have permission to take the chastity device off for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES.  During that time you have permission to like wash your little cock or something lol.  You can even play with it a LITTLE bit while you are kneeling and chanting about how you were born to serve “Miss Student friend 1” and her BF.  But you are NOT allowed to cum!!!  Understand???!???

Then when your prescious 5 minutes of “freedom” is over, you are to LOCK YOUR COCK RIGHT BACK UP!!!  AND you are to now lock the safe up with your key in it and set it not to unlock until FRIDAY at 11:59pm!!!!  Do u still want to argue with us, slave??  Do u want MORE time added to the safe???  Look, We promise you will get a real, nice, looong release- eventually.

AND we want this 5 minutes filmed tonight so we can all laugh at it LOL!!!  Now THANK US, bitch!!  You know this is for your own good.  It will keep you “primed” and ready to work EXTRA hard for Student friend 1s and her GFs!

-The Femgang

From: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> To: P Femgang <admin@Femgang.com> Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 05:44:29 PM CDT

Subject: Miss Student friend 1 is a Heartless Slave Driver

So Miss Student friend 1 just gave me two more 8 page essays to do this week for her AND her boyfriend. When I signed up for this I knew I was going to be Miss Student friend 1’s homework slave and I was ready for that BUT I didn’t realize she would be making me do all her boyfriends papers too!  It’s not just that I don’t get the same excitement from doing a guys work (yuck) but it’s doubling my work! As soon as I get done with an 8 page paper which is a lot of work I immediately have to get busy doing a second one!  Things would be so much better if I only had to do Miss Student friend 1’s homework and not her boyfriends.  Oh and if that’s not enough she’s making me do her girlfriends papers too! 

You have trained me not to complain so no matter how much work she gives me to do all I ever say is yes Miss Student friend 1 thank you so much Miss Student friend 1!  But I just wanted to give you this example of how heartless she is. Miss Student friend 1 told me to have her girlfriends 10 page research paper done by this Saturday. Now a 10 page research paper means I have to spend hours and hours just finding and reading sources before I can even get started writing the paper.  Then I have to developed a well thought out thesis and argue convincingly in support of that thesis and back it up with statistics and scholarly citations from academic journals. This project is easily 15-20 hours of work!  Now remember she also just gave two 8 pages papers to do for her and her boyfriend this week that are probably 6-8 hours each so another 12-16 hours of work! Once again I work 50+ hours a week at my job!

So given the overwhelming amount of work I have to do I was really happy when I noticed the instructions for her girlfriends research paper said it was just a 3 page rough draft that was due this week and the actual final 10 page paper isn’t due until April 25!  So I texted Miss Student friend 1 excited to let her know that her girlfriends paper isn’t actually due for like 3 more weeks and the only thing due this week is the short draft and since I’m going to be really busy with her and her boyfriends papers would it be OK with her girlfriend if I just did the draft this week and finished the full paper next week. 

Attached is a screen shot of her response to my request!  She has not one bit of concern about how I’ll have to struggle to get this paper plus two more major papers done this week. All she cares about is her girlfriend will get a tiny little bit of extra credit if it  is done early. So now I have to have this 10 page research paper done this week even though it’s really not due for 3 more weeks! She wouldn’t want her girlfriend to miss out on that extra credit. 

From: “admin@Femgang.com” <admin@Femgang.com> To: Joe@yahoo.com <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Saturday, April 1, 2017, 04:37:10 PM CDT

Subject: Re: Cola Final papers

Oh, well we have more bad news for you, loser.  :(

Some of us were noticing that you didn’t thank Student friend 1 enough in your last email for letting you do those papers for her and her BF.  You also didn’t tell her how beautiful she is.  So we decided some additional chastity time is definitely needed for you.  We don’t think you will dare to disagree with that, would u?

Move it back AGAIN, bitch.  To Wednesday.  Same time.  Make sure you get that done before you go ANYWHERE for the weekend!  And THANK US for it!

-The Femgang

From: “admin@Femgang.com” <admin@Femgang.com> To: Joe@yahoo.com <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Thursday, April 6, 2017, 02:14:01 PM CDT

Subject: Re: GF Research Paper

Haha this is fucking hilarious.  Not only is she using you to do her papers, but also her boyfriend‘s papers, and her GF’s paper, AND even making your ass do “extra credit” for them!  like, she doesn’t even have to do those extra credit papers, but she’s just like “WTF, why not just make my homework bitch do them for me?”  LOL!  We hope she makes your bitch-ass PAY her even for doing the extra credit work for her!  We love her.  Like, she is working you to death already- and then just dumps more work on you just for extra credit anyways just coz she doesnt give af about you.

We heard she has some loser paying for her date with her BF tn too.  lol and she still doesn’t even know what a “slave” is- even though she is totally using u idiots like slaves without even giving it a second thought.  If she didn’t come from so much money in her family we would totally ask her to shoot with us and become a Femgang Girl.

Anyways, regarding your chastity.  Yeah, it sounds like you have a lot on your plate now.  And we don’t want you to lose your focus while you are doing Student friend 1’s paper, her boyfriend’s paper, her sorority sister’s paper, her extra credit…lol.  But we WILL still allow you release this Fri nite, slave!  Isn’t that NICE of us???

-The Femgang

From: “admin@Femgang.com” <admin@Femgang.com> To: Joe@yahoo.com <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Thursday, April 6, 2017, 02:36:49 PM CDT

Subject: Re: GF Research Paper

Oh regarding your release on Fri, slave.  We are still allowing it.  That is the good news.
The baaaaaad news is….it is only going to be for ONE MINUTE.   LOL!!!

So here’s what you’re going to do.  You are going to use a watch or a clock to time yourself and you are going to have a bucket of icewater ready on the floor in front of you.  Like in the bathroom floor or whatev.  make sure it is filled up almost to the very top.  Kneel in front of the bucket of icewater.  From the second you stick your key into the lock of your chastity device, you will literally have ONE MINUTE to get that cage off and jerk yourself all the way to completion.

If you do not cum by the time your 1 minute is up, you are ORDERED to IMMEDIATELY dip your cock n balls into that bucket of icewater for 4 minutes!!!  Then pull your shriveled, tiny little cock out, LOCK IT BACK UP, and toss the key back in to your safe!!!  You are to film this and send us the video proof!

Then set the timer on the safe for whenever the last due date is for all of Student friend 1’s assignments that she has given you.  Haha now that should leave you in agony and desperate to do as many papers as she wants for anyone she tells you to!  LOL!!!!

-The Femgang

Omg I’m not sure I’ll make it in time! Especially under “pressure” Unfff if that happens it’s going to be so frustrating!

Please tell me that sometime soon if I keep doing everything I’m told I’ll be allowed out for more than a min. My last release was only 4 min so this will be a total of 5 min out of chastity in 8 weeks! 

We don’t WANT you to cum!  Seriously, we all hope you CAN’T- and you have to dunk your junk into cold water and lock yourself back up!!  Hahaha!!!!! In fact, we want you to film the whole process, loser.  So we can pass it around, watch and laugh at you. But don’t worry.  We will give you a nice long release when Student friend 1s goes on spring break.  Like maybe for a whole 10 minutes LOL.  JK

Enjoy your 60 seconds of frustration tonight, LOSER!!!

-The Femgang

I sent the video via wetransfer.  I really didn’t want to send this video its soooooo embarrassing. I was so nervous and panicked about having only 60 seconds and the fact I was filming it there was no chance I was going to be able to cum! I sent the video of the whole process including locking back up, putting the key in the safe, and setting the timer. At least you can see that the safe is real and that I’m an obedient slave. Thank you Femgang for keeping me super frustrated in chastity so I can stay motivated to serve!

OMG that was PATHETIC!!!  How did
that feel to get unlocked just to be locked right back up again, loser??

Oh and some bad news for you..Student friend 1’s spring break is apparently this week
so it looks like you may be locked up throughout the whole thing haha.
Haha if we tell Student friend 1s about that cage your little cock is locked up in, she
would probably NEVER let u cum!  LOL like she seriously won’t care either.
So u better consider yourself lucky u got to cum once in 9 weeks, slave.
It must have been reeeaaally frustrating to only be free to jerk for a
minute and then hafta lock urself back up without cumming, huh??  LOL!!!

-The Femgang

From: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> To: admin@Femgang.com <admin@Femgang.com> Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2017, 08:57:37 PM CDT

Subject: Re: Friday Chastity Release Video

At first I thought it might be exciting to have her be in charge of my chastity but after working for Miss Student friend 1 these last couple of months I’d prefer she not find out about the chastity cage. Now that I know how she operates I’m sure if she thought there was even like a 5% increase in my productivity she would just leave me locked up basically forever. 

It’s just like her ordering me to write those two extra credit research papers for her and her bf even though they are already getting A’s in the class! If she thought there was even the slightest benefit to her she would keep me locked up for sure. Plus I sometimes have a few normal conversations with her and she might not always see me as completly 100% pathetic? But if she found out about the chastity that would probably change especially since she doesn’t really know about slaves and stuff. It would be super embarrassing having a non Femgang Girl know about that. 

Haha!! EXACTLY!  LOL so what’s the problem, loser??  You just Student friend 1e it sound like a GREAT idea to US!!   LOLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!  She will literally work u to DEATH and NEVER let you out of chastity!  and she won’t give a fuuuuuuck…..

-The Femgang

I wish I was only doing Miss Student friend 1s assignments things would be so much easier. The thing that is killing me is doing her gf and bf homework. My typical day right now is 12 hours at work then another 6 hours each night working on he GIRLFRIENDS 10 page research paper so I’m working 18 hours a day! Subtract out commute time and dinner and I have maybe 5 hours to sleep at night but I’m litterally so horny that I can’t fall asleep so I’m getting like 3 hours of sleep a night. It also means I have litterally zero free time I’m doing nothing but work and homework. Like I said if it was just Miss Student friend 1s homework that would be one thing but this entire week of 18 hour days has all been just for her gf paper!

I’ll have her gf’s paper done by tonight or tomorrow afternoon. But then I have to do 2 more 10 page research papers for her and her boyfriend. I’d say these will take about 30 hours each which means another 6 hours per night after work every night for an entire week just to finish one of them. Then as soon as that one is done I have to immediately get started on the next one for her bf which means another 30 hours and another week of nothing but 18 hour days. Then on top of this she wants me to write two more extra credit research papers for her and her bf. The two extra credit papers are due by the 17th and the two 10 page research papers are due by the 25th. I also have 3 chapters of her nutrition homework to complete this week. 

When I willingly signed up to do Miss Student friend 1s homework I was never told that I would also have to do all her bf’s papers and assignments plus a major research paper for her gf. How does someone with a full time job also do the work of three college students?  Can you see how hard my life is right now? All I’m asking is to get to cum so I can at least clear my mind and get a good night’s sleep so I can power through the next 10 days and get all of this work done without having a nervous breakdown. Please Femgang I’m begging for mercy! 

Good!  We hope she works you even HARDER, you piece of shit!  Its what slaves like u were born for- to be worked to death by your MASTERS for their benefit!  You should be sending her messages letting her know how much work you are putting in for her and her BF- and then fucking thanking her for it!  In fact, we think Student friend 1 should make you thank her BF directly.  LOL that would be hilarious.  AND you should beg her to do more extra credit for her and her BF so they can be sure to get them both the best grades possible.  While they spend all their time fucking each other while your ass is doing their stupid boring papers for them lol.

Buuuut…..if you get her GF’s paper done by the end of the day tomorrow you may get a nice reward, slave…

We better see that email to Student friend 1s telling her that her GFs paper is done by the end of the day tomorrow…even if you have to take a vacation day from work to do it!  Because your REAL “job” is getting Student friend 1 and her BF straight “A”s!

-The Femgang

From: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com>To: Student friend 1 <Xxxxxx.edu>Sent: Friday, April 14, 2017, 07:15:46 PM CDT

Subject: GF Research Paper Completed

Miss Student friend 1 attached is the completed research paper for your girlfriend.  It is 11 pages long plus 3 additional works cited pages. While not required it was suggested to add a picture or graphic to the paper and to tie it into local events so I did both of these things. I ended up doing a lot of my own research and I cited 17 different sources all from news, scholarly journals, or academic publications. I spent a ton of time on this paper probably at least 30 hours!  That is why your professors give you like a month or more to work on these because they take forever! This is supposed to be the one big assignment of your freshmen year!  But you gave me 3 of them to do!  One down 2 more to go!  I would guess that’s another 60 hours of work for me in next 10 days.  Since I have a full time day job with 12 hour days I will basically be spending 18 hours a day for the next two weeks doing nothing but working at my job and writing you and your boyfriends research papers at night!  But it is all worth it because you are so amazing beautiful I love doing whatever I can to benefit you.  I’m so happy that you are able to relax and enjoy your spring break hanging out with your friends at pool parties and don’t have to stress out over these papers! Thank you for letting me do these for you! And your boyfriend! And your girlfriend! 


 Your personal homework bitch.    

From: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com>To: admin@Femgang.com <admin@Femgang.com>Sent: Friday, April 14, 2017, 07:50:07 PM CDT

Subject: Re: Friday Chastity Release Video

Please if there is any Femgang Girl out there seeing this message I finished Miss Student friend 1’s girlfriends research paper. May I please please please be allowed to use the key tonight when the safe opens at midnight????? Please I promise I will work like crazy over the next two weeks to finish the 2 remaining research papers due by the 25th.  I’m soooo horny and frustrated and sleep deprived I need to cum sooooooo badly please!!!!!  And if you do allow a release may I please go to sleep tonight without having to lock the chastity tube back on? Just for one night. This way I can recharge and get a goods night sleep. Otherwise I will wake up at 4 in the morning from trying to get hard in the tiny 2 inch tube that leaves no room to grow at all. This happens to me every night! I can’t control it I’m sound asleep and morning wood kicks in and wakes me up every time.  A good nights sleep for her homework bitch will benefit Miss Student friend 1 because it will help me write A quality papers for her!  Please Femgang it’s been 3 weeks now since I was last allowed to cum and 6 weeks before that! So I’ve only cum once in over 2 months! I know your going to want to make me wait until after the 25th but please have mercy on me! I know adding another 11 days is like nothing to you but it would be absolutely crushing to me!  Please Femgang!!!!!! 

OMG just seeing this.  Did no one get back to you, slave?  Hopefully u realize that its a holiday weekend and none of us really gives a fuck about you or your orgasms anyways lol.

But guess what?  The answer to your request is…NO!!!!  You can NOT cum yet!!  (Awww…is that like suuuper mean to do to u on Easter??  LOL!!!  We don’t care!)   Plus, weren’t you told to get Student friend 1’s GF’s paper done by FRIDAY night???  And it looked like it came in like on Saturday morning or something!  Like soooo not acceptable!

So NO, NO, NO you can NOT cum yet!!!!  And what is happening on the 25th?  Is that when Student friend 1s and her BFs papers are due?

As of right now, add 3 more days to your chastity safe, slave!  AND we also want you to write another email to Student friend 1 telling her that you skipped out on seeing your family on Easter so that you could stay locked up in your pathetic little hole you probably live in and work on her & her BF’s papers on Easter sunday for them!   AND you need to tell her that you have come to the realization that you literally WORSHIP HER as like your religion now and THANK her for the opportunity to spend your easter sunday working for HER!  Also, you have our permission to beg her for pictures of her while she is all dressed up and enjoying HER easter with her family while u work on her papers- like she deserves.

Oh, and you should also BEG her to do ANYTHING u can to make her trip as enjoyable as possible for her and her BF the next time they come to chicago.  Haha.

and lastly, THANK US for even getting back to you on Easter- even if it IS just to add more chastity time for you!  LOL!  And you BETTER not have cum without OUR permission you worthless little freak!

-The Femgang

From: “admin@Femgang.com” <admin@Femgang.com>To: Joe@yahoo.com<Joe@yahoo.com>Sent: Sunday, April 16, 2017, 03:44:10 PM CDT

Subject: Re: Unnnnnnf!

That’s a good bitch.
Now send the messages to Student friend 1 that we COMMANDED you to send to her!
And what is the 25th, loser??
And add those extra 3 days to your safe too!  NO CUMMING YET FOR STUDENT FRIEND 1’S HOMEWORK BITCH!

But ya know what, loser?  We WILL let you jerk off today!  Just not with the chastity device off LOL.  You can kneel before your computer watching our videos and stroking yourself with your cock cage STILL ON while chanting “i am a loser that was born for the sole purpose of doing Miss Student friend 1 and her boyfriend’s homework so they can laugh at me and live a leisurely life at my expense.”  And you should have a picture of Student friend 1 up on your computer screen while you do it too.

You can spend 1 hour doing that- and THANK US for it!  And then its back to work writing papers the rest of the night for Student friend 1, BITCH.  Happy easter, homework bitch-boy! Haha

-The Femgang

—– Forwarded Message —– From: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> To: Student friend 1 <Xxxxxx.edu>

Sent: Sunday, April 16, 2017, 07:12:31 PM CDT

Subject: Happy Easter

Happy Easter Miss Student friend 1! I just wanted you to know that with the clock ticking on both of your research papers I skipped out on seeing my family on Easter so that I could work on you & your BF’s papers instead!   

I’d rather serve you than do anything else! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to spend my easter sunday working for you! 

Oh, and next time you come to Chicago please let me know ANYTHING I can do to make your trip and stay as enjoyable as possible for you and your boyfriend. I love being able to serve you in any way I can!

From: “admin@Femgang.com” <admin@Femgang.com>To: Joe@yahoo.com <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Sunday, April 16, 2017, 08:08:37 PM CDT

Subject: Re: Unnnnnnf!

GOOD, slave!  We WANT you completely broken!  You were born to WORK and do as u are told!  and u NEED to be completely broken down into the piece of shit SLAVE that u are in order to accomplish that goal!

but we saw that you came to your senses and wrote to Student friend 1 anyway- haha.  and she just literally LAUGHED at you for spending your Easter writing papers for her and her BF!  OMFG that was absolutely priceless.  Like she seriously doesn’t give a fuck about you, and her and her BF literally just LAUGH at you for all the work you are putting in for them!

Ok, slave.  You have finally earned it.  We all finally believe that you truly are a completely broken piece of shit now haha.  And because of that, we are going to finally allow you out of your little cage for an entire night.  The next time your safe unlocks, you hereby have our permission to take off your cock cage and jerk off ALL NIGHT LONG to our videos!  And you need to have Student friend 1’s pic up on your screen too while you do it.

But in order to earn that, all you need to do is:

1) send another email to Student friend 1 begging for pics of her AND her BF together.  (Tell them how superior they both are to u and how lucky you feel to do all their work for them!)
2) send US another email THANKING US for granting you this permission
3) send US an email APOLOGIZING for your little outburst and humbly begging for forgiveness.

Thats it!

-The Femgang


From: “admin@Femgang.com” <admin@Femgang.com> To: Joe@yahoo.com <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 12:00:36 PM CDT

Subject: Re: Research Paper Update

We can’t believe Student friend 1’s sent you that pic of her and her BF after they fucked!  (That is noooot like her!)  Ok, we like HAVE to tell her about your chastity device now!  Because that is fucking hilarious that your little dick is LOCKED UP while you work your ass off on their research papers for them AS they are fucking each other- and literally bragging to you about it!  LOL she probably thought you were going to jerk off to that shit.  OMG she will probably send you like 10 times more shit like that if she knows you literally CAN’T jerk off to it!  HAHAHA!!!

Once Student friend 1s finds out about why you are working so hard for her, she may NEVER want you unlocked again! LOLLLLL

-The Femgang

From: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> To: P Femgang <admin@Femgang.com> Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 12:04:01 PM CDT

Subject: Omg You Told Miss Student friend 1!

Miss Student friend 1 just texted me she knows about the chastity tube! She ordered me to send her a picture. I can’t believe you told her. Why did you tell her now and what was her response? Am I still getting unlocked tonight???? Please you promised this time was for real.

Haha she texted u already about it?  OMG!  We will try not to tell her that you are scheduled for a release tonight, slave lol.  Because she will prolly wanna put a stop to that if her & her bf’s papers aren’t done.  but it should be alright. It looks like you put a looot of work into them already.  How close are u to being done?  And they are due on the 25th, right?  Unless maybe u wanted to reeeeaaally impress her and BEG her not to release you until they papers are done?  Hmmm…  Boy, that would be impressive, slave!  If you were scheduled for a release tonight and you TOLD Student friend 1s about it, and then BEGGED her not to allow it until BOTH papers are done for her and her BF!  LOL
Coz we didnt tell her that u were scheduled for a release tonite.  So if u don’t tell her, we will allow it to happen, Kk??  Up to you….

But boy, Student friend 1’s would probably love that if u told her and then gave up your orgasm for her. But either way, we better not regret letting you out tonight, slave!!

-The Femgang

This will sound self serving but I really need to cum tonight to do the best job possible on the research papers. Like if I was a slave that had to work all day scrubbing toilets or something menial I probably could just stay locked up forever cause I wouldn’t need to think. I’d be miserable but I could still get the job done. 

But academic research papers are really difficult I need to be able to think clearly and logically and organize everything just right. I haven’t cum for almost a month straight and only once in 10 weeks that’s two and a half months! I can hardly think straight anymore and I can’t concentrate on anything. I’m so desperate to cum I’m a nervous sleep deprived wreck and nothing else but finally being allowed to cum will work. There really is no substitute for an orgasm nothing else in the world is the same as that feeling and the relief it will bring. Once I’ve cum I’ll get the best night’s sleep I’ve had in months and with a clear mind I’ll kick ass on those research papers. 

Okaaaaay, slave…well we hope Student friend 1s doesnt deprive u of it then. She
prolly won’t unless u tell her about your scheduled milking and beg her to
stop it.  We are kinda disappointed in u though…we all kinda get
entertained by your frustration haha.  And it would be like sooo cool for
Student friend 1s to hear that from u. You would look sooo pathetic haha. Besides, its
only like what, 6 more days? And think about how much BETTER it will be
for u if u wait even LONGER and get BOTH of their papers done for them
before u cum!

But u ARE gonna like cum in some milk or something n drink it right?? Heard
somebody told u to do that. If u DO cum u better do it that way and film
it for us!!! Or should we COMMAND u to tell Student friend 1s about tonight and BEG her to delay your release until her papers are completely done? Hmm…

No please I don’t want to wait “only” 6 more days! I’ll drink my cum! Plus Miss Student friend 1 just gave me 3 more chapters of her nutrition homework today due by this Friday! She needs that done before the research papers so she pushed the due date for the papers back to April 30. And I’ll need all that extra time so that would really be 11 more days! 

I don’t think I can do it plus I don’t want to feel like I’m pushing a chastity fetish on Miss Student friend 1 if she’s not ready for that. But if it’s a DIRECT ORDER from the Femgang I’ll beg her not to let me cum until the papers are done. But I’ll seriously be crying if that happens as I just can’t stand the frustration any longer and 11 days would feel like a year! But the Femgang always know what’s best. 

Yeah, we all think u should tell Student friend 1. And let her make the decision.
And u better explain it to her like should u let it unlock and spend the
nite jerking off, or should u move it back to Friday when her nutrition hw
is done for her!! You never know slave, she might let u cum tn! Haha. Or she mite deny you. AGAIN. But its just like 2 more days and some
nutrition hw, so…

In fact, consider that an ORDER, bitch-boy. Text her and BEG her not to
release u til her nutrition hw is done for her. LOL

Ugghhh, ok this so so hard but if it entertains the Femgang and Miss Student friend 1 then it’s worth it even though its KILLING me. Plus she told me this morning to text her a pic of me locked up so I have to do that anyway.

OMG u havent done that yet?? WTF slave??!?  Just for that, u better BEG
her to deny u an orgasm tonight!! Do u understand? U will BEG Student friend 1 to
keep u locked up til Friday!! And u will tell her that the longer u are
kept locked up, the harder u will work for her and her bf, got it bitch??
Tell her that otherwise, u will just be jerking off to pictures of her all
night instead of working on her hw and papers. Haha! That should for SURE
make sure she keeps your little dick locked up! And it WILL entertain the
fuck out of us, slave! So make sure u “BCC” us on that message! Hop to it,
homework bitch!

I texted her the pic and asked her for permission to unlock. I might not have exactly begged but I explained the slight chance of loss of motivation and as predicted she ordered me to stay locked up! I’m not really sure when I’ll be getting unlocked now! Pics attached.

From: “admin@Femgang.com” <admin@Femgang.com> To: Joe@yahoo.com <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 10:00:17 PM CDT

Subject: Re: Omg You Told Miss Student friend 1!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!  That was like perfect, slave! You were like sooo
trying to get her to unlock u but we know Student friend 1’s amd she like seriouly won’t
give a fuck if it risks affecting her papers at ALL.  Oh well.  It Student friend 1e us laugh
our asses off. And oh btw she thinks u are like SOOO pathetic. btw she
like can’t even believe this shit exists. You have no idea how bad she is
laughing about u to all of her friends. You are seriously like the “hw
bitch laughing stock” to the entire xxx sorority at xxxx right now.

But just for being such a good little bitch with your texts to her, we
will seee if we can get her to let u out on Fri. Hahaha

-The Femgang

I’m sooooo excited Miss Student friend 1 said I can unlock myself on Friday! Obviously I need to have all three chapters of her nutrition homework done first. I will have it all done by Friday for sure I’m not taking anything for granted. Thank you Femgang so much this is going to be such an amazing Friday night and I hope you agree I’ve finally earned it. I can’t even count the number of assignments and total hours I’ve spent working for Miss Student friend 1 over the last two and half months. I feel a real sense of slave pride thinking about all the work I’ve taken off her and her boyfriend’s hands and I owe it all to the Femgang! Thank you! 


She said I can unlock Friday.

Haha you’re WELCOME, loser!  OMG do u even realize how lucky you are to be owned and used by Student friend 1?  And don’t worry, we will keep you informed as best we can about all the shit she talks about you to any of us.  Plus she has a couple other losers she is using now too.  btw are u the one she said something about her and her bf “using some bitch loser” to work for them when she gets back to chicago?

As for your Friday release, we are still going to have some fun with you haha.  here’s the deal- IF you get all her nutrition hw done, you have permission to take your cock cage off when that safe of yours unlocks and jerk your little dicklette silly.  Kk?  BUT someone said something about you cumming into a glass, right??  We still want you to do that!  AND you are to jerk off while kneeling in front of a shrine you Student friend 1e of Student friend 1 (even if its just on your computer screen) and chanting “My only purpose in life is to do Miss Student friend 1 and her boyfriend’s schoolwork for them!  Miss Student friend 1 is the most beautiful girl in the world and i’m a pathetic loser so I need to do WHATEVER she says so that she will keep me in her life.  I am lucky just to be used by Miss Student friend 1 for anything she wants!”

Then you will cum in the glass.  AND we want it all filmed!  AND we want you to send a message to Student friend 1 letting her know about it and asking her if she wants to see how you used your time to jerk off to her beauty lol.  Then if she says she wants to see it, you can ask HER if she wants to make you drink the glass from the video lol.  So maybe u can keep it in the fridge or something idk.  OMG that will be fucking hilarious.  But don’t just send it to her.  She may freak.

Oh, and also, you need to like explain to her in detail about your safe and how it works n stuff.

Also – and you better REALLY appreciate this, loser! – we are allowing you to KEEP your chastity off until Sunday morning and spend as MUCH time as you want jerking off to our videos like alll day Saturday!  Then you better lock your little dick back up and send a video of THAT to Student friend 1s too!  (And in that video you better set the safe to 11:59PM on the 25th and explain to her that u will be locked up the entire time that you are working on her and her BFs papers until it releases you!  (Oh, and you should BEG them to tell you about all the fun & sex they are having while you are locked up! LOL)  That should make you sound pathetic af and make them laugh their asses off at you.

Now THANK US and show your appreciation bitch!!!

From: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> To: Student friend 1 <Xxxxxx@gmail.com> Sent: Tuesday, May 2, 2017, 10:49:52 PM CDT

Subject: Videos

Miss Student friend 1 attached is the download link for the second video of me drinking the glass of my own cum after worshipping you as shown in the first video. Also it shows how the chastity keys goes into a time lock safe so I can’t unlock until the timer runs out.  Please don’t watch the videos if you think you will be too grossed out!

OMG she is sooo gonna watch that!  LOL!  How could you NOT??  You are seriously SO fucking pathetic.  Her and her BF are probably both gona watch thet together and laugh their asses off at you.  And we all know you deserve it.  She NEEDS to know how much of a pathetic loser you really are.

Miss Student friend 1 and her boyfriend just watched the videos I sent them! OMFG I’m sooooo embarrassed. You guys know I tried to get out of sending them I didn’t want her to see just how pathetic I was. She didn’t say anything but I’m sure they were laughing their asses off. There is no way to watch that without thinking what a total fucking loser! Ugghhh if she says anything about the videos to whoever talks to her please let me know what she said. 

From: “admin@Femgang.com” <admin@Femgang.com> To: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Saturday, June 3, 2017, 02:36:00 PM CDT

Subject: Re:

Oh and btw one of our other GFs may want to use you for a summer class she is taking. She is up in fresno and doesn’t know Student friend 1. (She is kinda like her tho in that she doesn’t know about femdom or slaves either.) She just agrees with us that most men are pathetic and is kinda spoiled.

I’ll admit I was thinking it would be nice to have a little summer break from being a homework slave as I’m sure Miss Student friend 1 is going to continue to fully use me once school starts up again. But the choice isn’t really up to me. I’m so whipped and under the thumb of the Femgang that I just do whatever I’m told now. So if you order me to start doing your other girlfriends homework then of course I’ll do it. And just like with Miss Student friend 1 I’ll thank her so much for allowing me to do it that she’ll be totally convinced doing her homework is my favorite thing to do in the whole world! Thank you Femgang for training me properly so hot girls can use me for anything they want 100% guilt free!

Its for our GF Ava in Fresno.  She just doesn’t want to be bothered with it.  But she still wants an “A”- even if she doesn’t do any of the work.  So we told her that is totally possible and we could help her with that! LOL.)  If anything, you may still just get an assignment here and there.  But we know we could make you do the whole class for her if we wanted to…

From: “admin@xxxxxx.com” <admin@xxxxxx.com> To: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Wednesday, June 7, 2017, 11:54:36 AM CDT

Subject: Re: Meeting Last Week

Well we may give you to our GF Ava to use, bitch.  She wants a 6-page biology term paper written for her.  And if that’s gonna be “hard” for you- boohoo too bad.  We COMMAND it!

But she is another one that doesnt know about Our site.  She just thinks there guys out there that are SUCH losers and SO desperate to get a hot girl’s attention that they will even do their homework and write papers for them.  She has  been using guys her whole life, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise to her, tbh.  She was just concerned that you may think doing this for her will entitle you to some sort of “connection” with her, like you would think that she would fucking date you or some shit.  We assured her absolutely NOT! LOL!

If fact, when we told her she could treat you like absolute DOGSHIT the entire time you are doing her paper for her so you don’t get any “ideas” about her wanting anything to do with you other than literally fucking using you as nothing more than her personal paper-writing BITCH she like literally laughed her ass off.  She was like “And he will STILL write it for me? That’s fucking pathetic.”  LOL  (We told her she could literally TELL you that directly to your face- and you would fucking thank her for her honesty and work even harder for her! LOL!)

Her picture is attached.  And she would not be opposed to sending you more pics, as well as talking to you on the phone or texting you about the assignment and making sure you do it right.  She is actually a pretty boss bitch lol.

Now, BEG US to literally GIVE you to her to USE for her paper!!!  You are being sent to attend “summer school” now by The Femgang, SLAVE!!  Haha!!!  (You better beg and THANK Us!)

-The Femgang

Please Femgang give me to your hot girlfriend to use.  Please please please let me write her term paper for her so she can stop worrying about it! It would be such an honor to be allowed to work for someone as hot as her! I understand my role is to serve as her homework bitch and nothing more! I would be totally greatful if she would give me her social media (that I would never comment on) and maybe text me a couple selfies for motivation but that’s up to her. Thank you Femgang! 

OMG u are like SOOOO pathetic!!!  LOL!!

K, loser.  You can write to her and literally BEG her to write her paper for her because she’s fucking hot.  Oh, and you will beg to PAY her for the privilege too lol.  She may or may not use you.  We have no idea.  She has another bitch she is using that one of us gave her we think.

And you can ask her for more pix and give her your number.  If nothing else, she may use your ass for something else if you are convincing enough with your begging.  A girl can never have too many servants lol.

Here is her email:  Xxxxxxx@aol.com
Her name is “M Ava” to your inferior ass, got it?
Oh, and just like Student friend 1, do NOT mention slaves or Our site to her!!!
But you can BCC us on your email so we can see how pathetic you are and make sure you express to her that she is too hot to do any work herself and that she deserves to be worshiped and catered to by losers like you.

From: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> To: Ava <Xxxxxxxx@aol.com> Sent: Thursday, June 8, 2017, 03:32:10 PM CDT

Subject: Homework Bitch

Hello M Ava,

I was told you may be looking for someone to write your biology term paper for you.  I saw your picture and you are so incredibly hot please do me the honor of letting me write your paper for you.  You are way too hot to have to bother with doing boring work like that yourself. Please let me write your paper for you so you can relax and have fun and enjoy college without having to do any of the tedious work.  

I would love the chance to serve as your homework bitch and write your papers and do anything else you tell me to do! You are so hot I’ll do anything you command if you would just send me a few pictures for motivation and let me follow you on social media.  I’m sure you have lots of other guys begging to do your homework so I have provided a reference from someone I served before to show I do quality work.

The attached is from a girl I was serving last semester.  Not only did she have me writing all her papers but she also Student friend 1e me write all her boyfriends papers!  But the important part is you can see that I got both of them “A’s” on their term papers.

M Ava if you pick me I promise I will work super hard and get you straight A’s. Please M Ava I’m begging you to allow me to write your paper for you, do all your homework, and serve you for anything else you need! Getting chosen to write your paper would be the most exciting thing in the world! Please pick me M Ava!  Please text me xxx-xxx-xxxx.  Thank you so much for considering me for this task.    

 From: Ava <Xxxxxxx@aol.com> To: “Joe@yahoo.com” <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Friday, June 9, 2017, 02:24:28 PM CDT

Subject: Re: Homework Bitch

The only social media you get from me is Snap, which I’ve already added. Yes, 6 page paper for Micro and next semester I will have Poli Science papers……..I prefer communicating via email or snap JOE.

Yes M Ava you make all the rules! Please forward me the information for the assignment ASAP so I can started and have enough time to do an excellent job for you. Thank you M Ava!

From: “admin@xxxxxx.com” <admin@xxxxxx.com> To: Joe@yahoo.com <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Saturday, June 10, 2017, 12:52:29 PM CDT

Subject: Re: Homework Bitch

Haha you are sooo fucking pathetic.  BTW Ava will probably treat you worse than Student friend 1.  She is a REAL bitch towards men and loves basically just using them.  Student friend 1 is more just like “whatev”.  Anyway, Ava would probably hold your keys too and be more responsible with them.  Too bad you don’t live near her!  You should move, loser.  LOL

BTW did you give your keys to Student friend 1 yet?

-The Femgang

No we are meeting later tonight. I’ll have to beg her to hold them then but I’m not sure she will even be willing to do it.

Haha well you can always mail them to Ava. She would for sure “hold” them- for like a long, looong time! HAHA! She is super responsible but pretty heartless and selfish too. She DEF will care more about her papers getting done than your stupid little insignificant orgasms LOL.

But let us know how it goes, loser.

-The Femgang

Yes, I’m talking with M Ava on snap and she has already has plans for me after the biology paper. She told me she is taking a poly sci class next semester and I will be writing every paper and doing every homework assignment for that class as she doesn’t want to have to do any of it. She didn’t “ask” if I could do it she just “told” me I will be doing it! I of course said yes M Ava!

Yup, that’s her. LOL
She will use the shit out of you and treat you like absolute dirt. And she doesn’t know what a “slave” is either! She just thinks men are pathetic and knows that she’s fucking hot. You should hear the shit she’s had men do for her lol…

Well I exist to be used by hot girls. My only concern is Miss Student friend 1 and her boyfriend are going to pile the homework on me again and if I add M Ava I will be working night and day doing the homework of at least three different people. But I guess that’s why I’m a slave. Thank you Femgang for training me to accept my role.

Haha you’re WELCOME, bitch!!! Although those are some good points. We will see how it goes! LOL you just need to work CONSTANTLY as hard as you can – like a SLAVE – and always THANK all your superiors for EVERY bit of work they pile on you! And with enough chastity time, we are sure you will get it all done..or else you will just NEVER get unlocked! HAHAHA

-The Femgang

From: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> To: Ava <Xxxxxxxx@aol.com> Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2017, 08:55:42 PM CDT
Subject: Exam 1 Review Notes Completed

M Ava please see the attached 10 typed pages of review notes for exam number one. Thank you so much for allowing me to do this assignment for you. As this is my first assignment I hope you find it done completely to your satisfaction. Thank you M Ava I’m so lucky to get to serve you!

From: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com>
To: Ava <xxxxxxx@aol.com>
Sent: Monday, June 26, 2017, 06:30:39 PM CDT
Subject: Lab Review Notes

M Ava attached are 16 pages of typed answers to the review questions for your lab exam. Thank you for the assignment! I love getting to work for you!

From: “admin@xxxxxx.com” <admin@xxxxxx.com> To: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com>
Sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2017, 03:05:25 PM CDT
Subject: Re: Lab Review Notes

HAHAHAHAHA 16 fucking pages!!! Sooooooo fucking PATHETIC!!!!!!

-The Femgang

From: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com>
To: Ava <xxxxxxx@aol.com>
Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2017, 08:39:05 PM CDT
Subject: Microbiology Term Paper Final Draft

M Ava attached is a final version of the biofilm term paper including a works cited page with 11 different sources. I wasn’t exactly sure on how your professor wanted the in paper citations and works cited page formatted so hopefully this is acceptable.

If the paper is complete to your satisfaction tomorrow I’ll begin working on a summary outline of the paper for you to use in the oral presentation as well as a list of questions and answers for the class. Thank you Princes Ava for allowing me to do this assignment for you. You are so unbelievably hot I’m super lucky that you use me for whatever you want!

From: Ava<xxxxxxx@aol.com>
To: “Joe@yahoo.com” <Joe@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, August 14, 2017, 04:41:34 PM CDT
Subject: Poli Sci

Here is the login info you’ll need for my Poli Sci class.

My class link. Username: xxxxxx
Password: xxxxxx
Left hand side: PoliSci course tab——->assignments

That’s where you’ll find work to do. Small things here and there and maybe few papers. I’ll let you know which assignments to do. They will be weekly.

OK, I was able to log on.

By Friday a discussion is due. Youll log in and click the poli sci and then click modules and go to week 1. There you will find the assignment and directions.

From: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> To: admin@xxxxxx.com <admin@xxxxxx.com> Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2017, 06:07:57 PM CDT
Subject: Fw: Poli Sci

Femgang I wanted to let you know that M Ava has decided to make me her homework slave for another semester. She has informed me I will have weekly assignments to complete for her in addition to writing her papers. The first weeks assignment is due this Friday. Perhaps now that I’m taking on even more work as a homework slave maybe you would consider reducing the number of piracy links I have to send in each week to earn a chastity release?

Hmm…not sure. You don’t get released again until the end of the month anyway, right loser?? And when was the last link list u sent in to us???! Because we may NEVER release you at this point!!

TBH we would rather you search for our links than to do homework for her!!

-The Femgang

From: “admin@xxxxxx.com” <admin@xxxxxx.com> To: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2017, 12:49:14 PM CDT
Subject: Re: OMFG

Ok slave, so we have some good news and some bad news for you.

First, the GOOD news is that you officially have OUR permission to use your key to unlock your tiny little cock and play with it when the safe opens! Yay! Aren’t you just SOOO excited and happy!!! AND you will get to KEEP your little cage off for the entire weekend while you jerk off like crazy to all of Our videos!

Now THANK US, bitch!!! You better be grateful for that!!!

Now the bad news…

When you cum the first time, we want it on camera AND we want you to cum onto a peanut butter sandwhich! LOL!! (YOU will be making your own “jelly”! Hahahaha!!!) AND the whole time we want you chant about how small your dick is, how NO GIRL would want it, and how LUCKY you are just to WORK AS A SLAVE for us and any girl we decide to give you to!!! GOT IT, LOSER???

Oh and btw we may be giving you at some point to this other girl in GA: https://www.instagram.com/xxxxxxl/

Her BF may want to use you too. Haha and you are so fucking pathetic that we know you will do HIS HW too if she tells you to! AND you will also be required to pay her with Starbucks GCs for the privilege of doing her HW and papers btw. Now THANK US for ALL of this, you fucking piece of shit! We will let you know when we decide to give you to her to use. No slacking on Student friend 1s or Ava’s homework either slave!

-The Femgang

Yes Femgang I’m so grateful!!! Thank you so much for keeping me in chastity and almost never letting me cum. Thank you for training me how to be a better slave by only letting me out of chastity if I have been a perfectly, mindlessly, obedient, slave! And only when I have completed every task to your complete 100% satisfaction.

Thank you Femgang for making me into a cum eater! I’m sure a whole months worth of backed up cum in my balls is going to taste delicious on my peanut butter sandwich later tonight.

Thank you Femgang most of all for allowing me to work for you and anyone else that you command! It is such an honor and privilege to serve the hottest girls on the planet. I’m so lucky! I hope you find more and more ways to use me. Please give me even more work to do! Thank you Femgang!

Wow, now THAT is an obedient little BITCH! What a GREAT email! It seems like we have done a very effective job of training you haha. (At least those of us that vote to KEEP YOU IN CHASTITY AS LONG AS POSSIBLE and ALWAYS vote AGAINST unlocking you…EVER! LOL)

Anyways slave, we have MORE WORK for you! And you will do this ASAP and THANK us for it- even though you are not locked back up til Monday!

Someone sent us this site and it is infuriating us!!–> https://vk.com/xxxxxxxxx

We want EVERY single link sent to Us by Monday morning!!!! AND if any of these are downloadable, we want you to download the most recent one and we transfer it to us immediately! (Like if you find a clip that just went up on our members site or something.)


We don’t even know yet if our GF in GA (and her BF) will want to use you or not. But we want you available for US – or anyone else we decide to give you to – to USE.
And you better be grateful for being used by anyone we give you to, bitch. As well as be HAPPY to be locked up and completely controlled by us!

-The Femgang

Oh and btw our GF Jade may want to use you to work for her. But she laughed and said she may just make you pay her to do her BF’s hw for him. lol. She laughed her ass off when we told her you would actually do that if u were fucking commanded to. Like, she thinks its hilarious that she can just fucking use you like that.

-The Femgang

Maybe I’m only daring to say this because I was just allowed out of chastity but I HATE the idea of having to do her boyfriend’s homework. I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it of course I will but I only want to be serve hot girls! I’m not interested at all in serving some douchy guy! And I already have to do Miss Student friend 1’s boyfriends homework. I really hope that isn’t what ends up happening. Yes I’ll do it but it will be so humiliating!

Yeah, um, nobody CARES what you want, loser!! You are a fucking SLAVE and you will do as you are TOLD!!! And u will fucking THANK her BF and BEG him to let you do more of his work for him if she tells you to!!

And after you are locked up for a few MONTHS we are sure we won’t hear any more complaints out of you about it! HAHAHAHA!!!!!

Oh, and your video is one of the most pathetic things we have ever seen loser. You are so lucky that we even LET a cum-eating faggot freak like u work for us!! HAHAHA

-The Femgang

Ugh, I was really hoping you wouldn’t watch the video. I felt like maybe I was starting to gain some level of respect with the Femgang for being a good slave and being smart (getting all A’s on the HW assignments) but I’m sure that’s all gone after watching the video.

After a month in chastity I’m willing to do ANYTHING to earn a release without thinking about it but afterwards it’s so humiliating to have it documented on film. There is no way I can pretend to be anything but a total loser with the undeniable evidence caught on film.

Thank you Femgang for making sure I don’t have even have even an ounce of pride left so I can be an even better slave. I understand I have to do whatever hot girls command even if it involves serving their boyfriends.

Now THAT is a good answer, slave! You should have NO pride and serve ANYONE we tell you to! Even our BOYFRIENDS, and even if they LAUGH at you and call you a pathetic piece of shit to your face! You will fucking say “Yes Sir” and “Thank You, Sir!” LOL

It is amazing what just a couple days in chastity does to improve your attitude, loser. LOL

Oh, and no, NONE of us has any respect for you now! That video was fucking hilarious. But next time we want your fucking FACE included in it, loser!! One of us pointed out that you are probably intentionally cutting your face off of it- and that is NOT acceptable, freak! Next time we want a FULL view of you doing WHATEVER we fucking tell you to do!! In fact…do u want to cum again this weekend, slave??? Hmmmm??? Wouldnt that be nice of us to let u do that??

-The Femgang

I just realized the format of my email was a mistake. I was so excited when someone asked me if I wanted to get released from chastity this weekend I immediately responded yes! Without even thinking of the rule of having to ask what more I could be doing for the Femgang.

Please Femgang may I start begging your gf  Jade to do her and her bfs homework? May I send in more piracy links? Is there anything else I can be doing? Please forgive me for momentarily thinking so selfishly. I just got so excited at the thought of getting unlocked. Please accept my apology and the $25 GC I have sent. If I haven’t blown my chance I would love it so much and would be totally grateful if you would allow me out of chastity this weekend. Thank you Femgang!

From: “admin@xxxxxx.com” <admin@xxxxxx.com> To: Joe@yahoo.com <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Thursday, September 7, 2017, 02:48:22 PM CDT
Subject: Re: OMFG

LOL you are SUCH a fucking subhuman piece of worthless trash. You really are. Do u know that’s what we ALL think of you?? Now fucking THANK US for calling you a subhuman piece of garbage!! And ADMIT that you know that is what you are- but yet you STILL will literally BEG to work for Us!! Even though we treat you like total SHIT, lend you out to other people (even our GF’s BOYFRIENDS!) to use for whatever they want, and then make fun of you right to your face for doing it!!

So yeah, we could make it a LOT worse for you, loser. Except you were at least smart enough to BEG for more work and send us $$$!!!! You have no idea what you saved yourself from lol.

But here is what you ARE gonna do anyway:

1) Send us 100 MORE piracy links like PRONTO (by Sat at noon your time at the latest!)
2) BEG some more for us to let you cum when you send those links
3) Unlock yourself and stroke to Our videos ON CAMERA AGAIN
4) CUM into a large, clear shotglass
5) SHOOT IT DOWN ASAP and act like you LOVE it!!! (and LICK the fucking shotglass clean u fucking faggot!!)

But here is the fucking kicker, retard- We want you chanting “i love serving Femgang and live to obey their every command” the ENTIRE time…AND you WILL make sure your face IS included in the entire video the entire time you piece of human garbage!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND???

-The Femgang

I have always carefully avoided showing my face in any video because it scares the shit out of me! Once I send you the video you will have complete control over me for real because I will be terrified that you might post it on the site if I ever disobey a direct order. But I understand if I want to be allowed to cum I have to do it exactly as iI was instructed and show my face the entire time. Please Femgang let me cum and film it showing my face this time so you will have complete control over me! Thank you Femgang!
LOL OMFG someone told u to do that?!?? That is fucking hilarious! YEAH fucking SEND us that shit, loser!! Hurry the fuck up!!!
Yes I was ORDERED to do this! I really didn’t want to do this with my face showing!!!! I was so embarrassed doing this! My face is all red and sweaty during the video because I was in a panic! Even now I’m having second thoughts about sending this but I know I can’t disobey a direct order. Please I promise I’ll be such an amazingly good slave just please please don’t ever post this video anywhere! I would die of humiliation!!!!

HAHAHAHA OMFG just downloaded this!! WTF??!??? OMG you are SUCH a FREAK and a LOOOOOSER!!!! LOL!!!!!! This is SO gonna gets passed around TO EVERYONE!! And fuck only putting it on our site- we will post that shit to YOUTUBE if you EVER dare to fucking disobey any of us for ANY reason you piece of garbage!! Do u understand?? You will spend THE REST OF YOUR PATHETIC LIFE working your ass off for us and anyone else we decide to fucking give you to- got it???

You are WELCOME for your life of eternal slavery that we have so kindly given to you, piece of shit! LOL hahahaha!!!! And you better be locked up, u fucking loser! We want a solid 2 weeks of chastity for you right now!! So LOCK THAT SAFE!!

-The Femgang

From: “admin@xxxxxx.com” <admin@xxxxxx.com> To: “Joe@yahoo.com” <Joe@yahoo.com> Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2017, 02:09:30 PM CDT
Subject: hey LOSER!!!

We have REALLY good news for you, loser! Our GF Jade her boyfriend could really use some freak like you to write his papers for him! LOL! And if you do a good enough job for HIM and treat HIM with the respect he deserves (since HE is the one dating a girl way hotter than a loser like you could ever get!), then maybe she will even let you start doing her work for her! LOL isn’t that great news, loser? You can do ALL her BF’s hw just in the hopes of “graduating” to being used by both of them to do both of their work for them! LOL (She is like way more uptight and concerned about her grades than her BF is…like he just wants it “done” and to pass. but she wants straight As.)

So here is what u are going to do, loser. FIRST of all, are you LOCKED UP TIGHT right now?? You fucking BETTER be for this!! Anyways, you are going to send her an email and simply tell her how BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT she is, and literally BEG her to do ANY work she gives you! Tell her that she is simply too hot to do any work herself and that you actually feel like a loser like you was put on this earth for the sole purpose of serving hot girls like her hand & foot. Like you are willing to be nothing to her but a TOOL that she can simply USE to do her or her BF’s hw and papers. Tell her that you will do ANYTHING she says just because she is so hot. And you better lay it on thick loser, because she gets messages like this all the time. Shes super hot & she totally knows it lol.

In fact, we want you to literally BEG her specifically to do her BF’s papers for him just to try to earn her approval. (SHE will probably be the one sending you his assignments though, so you will get them directly from her…you better be grateful, bitch.) AND we want you to literally BEG SO HARD that you are actually begging to PAY her in Starbucks GCs just for letting you have the privilege of working for her and her BF! LOL!

You can also tell her how good you are at doing homework n papers n stuff. GOT IT, SLAVE???!??! Just tell her how beautiful she is, how she shouldn’t have to work, how pathetic losers like YOU should work FOR her since you would obviously never be good enough to date her or anything, and BEG just to work for her so you can at least be in her life in some small, pathetic way!

Here is her email : Xxxxxxxx@yahoo.com
And if you want, you can see that her actual email is listed on her IG account if you wanna go through that: https://www.instagram.com/xxxxxxx

She may even call your pathetic ass if you pay her enough and beg haha. Offer to send her a $100 starbucks GC just for a phonecall from her to talk to you about how she is gonna use you to do her BF’s homework loser lol.

-The Femgang

Omg, that’s such good news! Thank you so much Femgang. I’ll do exactly as instructed and I’ll write a great email begging her to please let me do her boyfriend’s homework.
Yes I’m still locked in my tiny chastity tube. My last release was on September 10th so I’m on day number 11 now and I’m horny af and desperate to get out! Especially after reading this email!

I want out of this Chastity tube right now so bad! I’m getting so excited thinking about serving a gorgeous new goddess like Miss Jade but I can’t do anything about it! The safe won’t even open again for 6 more days until the morning of the 27th. And that’s supposed to be only so I can take the chastity off temporarily for my doctor’s appointment.

Then I’m supposed to put it right back on with no relief and throw the key back in the safe for 2 more weeks until October 13th. Making it 32 days with no relief! But with this new news about Miss Jade I don’t know that I could stand it!

If I write a great begging email to her may I please please please be allowed to jerk off on the 27th when the safe will next unlock? I know I was commanded to wait until October 13th but this is going to be driving me more crazy than ever now that I have a new goddess to think about! The frustration will just be too much! Please have mercy!

omfg this is hilarious. BCC us on the email you send to her, loser. and if its good enough there may be enough votes from some of us to let you cum. MAYBE…lol.

But of course you realize that if its not good there is no fucking way in hell you are getting granted a release! LOL

Send her an email tomorrow (Friday) morning loser. And it better be accompanied by a starbucks GC for her so she knows you are fucking serious about wanting to work for her and her BF.

-The Femgang

From: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> To: JAde<xxxxxxx@yahoo.com> Sent: Friday, September 22, 2017, 10:39:20 AM CDT
Subject: Homework & Gift Card

Miss Jade are so beautiful I want to do anything that I can to make your life easier and better. I want to literally worship you like a goddess if you will let me. I was hoping that you might allow me the privilege of doing your boyfriend’s homework for him. Please please please let me do his homework! It would be such an honor for me to be allowed to do your boyfriend’s homework. And once you see what a great job I do on your boyfriend’s homework maybe you’ll even let me do some of your homework and write some of your papers.

I’ve done this before when I was lucky enough to get the chance to serve a few other girls and I always earned them nothing but straight A’s. In fact I even got one of the girls a Dean’s scholarship award! She was so happy because she was able to enjoy her time in college and spend more time with her boyfriend without having to worry about doing any of the boring busy work or stressing out over deadlines.

Please Miss Jade me serve you. You are so hot you should not have to do any work. I’ll do anything you say. You can make all the rules and I will follow them. You are so hot you can use me in any way that you want. Whether it’s homework or any other task you assign me I will gladly do it just for the privilege of being allowed to serve a goddess like you. You could randomly order me to go stand in the corner for an hour chanting your name the whole time just because you thought it would be funny and I would happily do it.

Please Miss Jade please allow me to get started doing your bf’s homework. I’m so excited I can’t wait to get started! As a first step in hopefully being allowed to continue to serve you I have just sent you a $50 Starbucks e-gift card to enjoy. Thank you Miss Jade.


Hmm..not sure about this, slave. Not sure its really good enough. May not
be enough begging and groveling. And u forgot to tell her that she so
fucking hot and u are so fucking old, unworthy, and pathetic that you will
literally PAY her just to let u do her BF’s hw lol. There is a meeting
tonight so a verdict will be sent to u prolly sometime tomorow, loser. As
always, your “orgasm fate” rests with US…and if we decide to NEVER let u
cum again EVER, u know that we have the power to do that!! So be fucking
grateful if we EVER allow it!! No matter how rarely it happens or how
humiliating we make it for you!!

Yes Femgang I understand you are in control and all I can do is beg to do even more work and hope that you will allow me a release. I really begged hard to do her boyfriend’s homework and that wasn’t easy for me. I worship beautiful women I don’t care about their stupid boyfriends. But I did it anyway and laid it on thick because that’s what the Femgang ordered! Also I sent her a $50 Starbucks gift card and I received email confirmation she opened it.

So please Femgang you can see I’ve been obedient. I begged to serve her and her boyfriend and I already paid her $50 just for the privilege of being allowed to beg to do their work. Please Femgang I’m horny AF and I’ll do anything to get unlocked! Thank you Femgang!

Yeah, that’s just toooo bad, loser lol. Because pretty much everyone thinks you should be punished for not explicitly stating to her that you are SO pathetic that you will literally PAY her EVERY time she gives you an assignment to do- even if it is for her BF.

So…sorry not sorry lol.

Here is what you are going to HAVE to do now, loser: You are going to write her ANOTHER email explaining that to her. (That you will PAY her EVERY time because it is such an honor to work for someone as hot as her!) And you are going to BCC us on it again and you are going to sound EXTRA pathetic this time, while telling her how beautiful she is and that people like you were literally put on this earth to serve beautiful people like her because beautiful women like her should be treated like royalty! And you understand that her BF is her “King”, so…he should get his work done for him too. (Whether you want to or not! LOL) They are entitled to using losers like you literally like fucking servants.

THEN, guess what? You are hereby DENIED orgasm privileges on your doctor visit day! You are to take your little key with you all the way to the dr office and NOT take your cage off until you are literally in the fucking parking lot and about to go into the office!! And will your safe travel with you in the car?? If so, you are to TAKE IT WITH YOU!!

Then when you come out from the Drs office you are to grab yourself by the base of your balls with one hand and PUNCH yourself right in the nuts as hard as you can with the other 10 TIMES while saying out loud “I am SO lucky to work for Femgang and their hot friends like Goddess Katerina!” Then when you have completed that, you are to literally PUT THAT CAGE RIGHT BACK ON AND IMMEDIATELY TOSS THE KEY BACK INTO THE SAFE AND SET IT FOR THE TIME YOU WERE PREVIOUSLY COMMANDED TO BY WHOEVER TOLD YOU TO DO IT LAST TIME!!! (What was that, like 2 more fucking weeks? haha!)

THEN you are to look at pictures of Jade on her IG – WHILE your cage is ON AND LOCKED UP TIGHT! – and send her an email BEGGING her to let you send her another starbucks GC so that she will let you do work for her!

That ALL needs to be done right out in the parking lot of your doctors office, bitch! You get NO breaks other than the time you are in that waiting room. And you know that is MORE than you deserve!!! So fucking THANK us for all of that, bitch!!!

-The Femgang

From: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com> To: katerina<xxxxxxx@yahoo.com> Sent: Monday, September 25, 2017, 04:54:02 PM CDT
Subject: Homework Servant

Goddess Jade I hoped you enjoyed the $50 starbucks gift card I sent to you last Friday. I sent it hoping you would see just how sincerely I want to serve you and do anything you say. You are such a beautiful Goddess and I’m just a pathetic old loser that was put on this earth to serve beautiful women like you! Goddess Jade if you will let me I will pay you every time you give me an assignment to do even if it is for your boyfriend. Every time you give me something to do I will send you a gift card because it is such an honor and a privilege just to be allowed to work for someone as hot as you! An old loser like me could never get the attention of a hot girl like you so all I can ever hope for is that you will allow me to work for you and to pay you for the privilege!

Please Goddess you can use me like a tool entirely for your benefit and ordered me around with zero guilt because you will actually be doing me a favor! There is nothing more in the entire world I want than being allowed to be your servant! Please Goddess Jade you can make all the rules and I will follow them no matter what they are. I understand my place in your life will be as nothing more than a lowly servant so If you want to make it a rule that I’m never to contact you unless I have a specific question regarding an assignment then you can make that a rule and I will follow it. All I want is for you to use me for your benefit exactly as you want with with no hesitation because the more you use me the more I love it! My only reward comes from knowing that in some small way I was able to make your life a little bit easier! It would be such an honor and a thrill to serve a perfect Goddess like you and treat you like royalty! And I understand that your boyfriend is your King so of course I will also do any of his work that you give me to do.

I’m so excited thinking about getting the chance to serve you! Please Goddess Jade may I start serving you today by sending you another starbucks gift card?

PS – If it is more convenient for you to communicate via text my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Thank you Goddess.

Wow! This was a REALLY good message to Kat, slave!!!

Hmm…guess what, you now only have to punch yourself in the balls THREE times before locking yourself back up in chastity! AND…we will even shorten your lockup time to ONLY 10 days after your Dr appt! Isn’t that SO much better than 2 weeks?? Aren’t you like sooo happy??? You better fucking THANK us, you ungrateful piece of dogshit!!! Because you are SO lucky to be locked up by us and put to work for Jade and her BF!

See?? If you are just mindlessly obedient, never complain, and do EXACTLY as you are commanded by your Superiors- you get REWARDED, slave!!

-The Femgang

From: JADE<xxxxxxxl@yahoo.com> To: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2017, 11:44:13 AM CDT
Subject: Fw: paper 1


Let me open with the fact that you are extremely lucky to be serving me. I usually do not respond to people; therefore, know that I am wasting my time responding to you. Each time you complete an assignment I expect a gift card. I have attached the rubric for my boyfriend’s paper due in 2 days. You will have to complete this paper in MLA format with proper citations and get it back to me asap.

Goddess Jade

From: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com>
To: Joclyn<xxxxxxl@yahoo.com>
Sent: Friday, September 29, 2017, 04:04:05 PM CDT
Subject: Paper #1 Completed

Goddess Jade please find attached the completed sociology paper for your boyfriend. The paper is 4 1/2 pages and over 1,300 words with three sources in MLA format as required. Thank you so much Goddess Jade for giving me this assignment! I’m so lucky I get to serve you! I can’t even believe how gorgeous you are it is a privilege just to be allowed to serve you! To thank you even more I’m sending you another starbucks gift card right now. Please Goddess Jade  can you please give me even more work to do? I love doing your boyfriends homework so much!

From: Jade<xxxxxxxx@yahoo.com> To: Joe@yahoo.com <Joe@yahoo.com>
Sent: Sunday, October 8, 2017, 11:21:50 PM CDT
Subject: Re: paper 1

Are you good at calculus?


Honestly it’s been a while but I did do all right in statistics and business calc. Please send me the link so I can do your calculus homework please! Thank you Goddess Jade.

Okay, well until I find more work for you to do I want another Starbucks gift card.


Yes Goddess Jade thank you so much! A $50 gift card is on the way! You are so amazing I’m very lucky to get the chance to serve you. Please give me more work to do! I love serving you!

From: Joclyn<xxxxxxxx@yahoo.com> To: Joe@yahoo.com <Joe@yahoo.com>
Sent: Saturday, October 21, 2017, 12:01:51 PM CDT
Subject: Re: paper 1

Do you know anything about Accounting? Also, I want another Starbucks giftcard.


Yes goddess Jade I majored in economics and business administration with a concentration in finance. I may be a little out of practice but I do know the fundamentals of accounting.

I’m so excited to have the chance to work for a perfect beautiful goddess like you. I hope you can find a use for me! Please let me do your accounting homework, your calculus homework, and write more of your boyfriend’s papers! I’ll do anything you want goddess Jade.

From: Jade<Xxxxxxxx@yahoo.com> Date: 10/28/17 11:39 AM (GMT-06:00)
To: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com>

I will have another paper for you to complete coming up. Also, I want another Starbucks gift card.


From: admin@xxxxxx.com  Date: 11/4/17 11:29 AM (GMT-06:00) To: Joe Thomas <Joeds@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Please is anyone there???

Aw…poor slave. Don’t you know we will all be busy on a Friday night? Like out on dates, fucking our boyfriends, etc…and that we don’t care about you? Like, AT ALL. No matter how much YOU suffer- it just amuses us.

Here is what we want you to do- you will send Jade a message and BEG her to do some work for her (OR even her BF!) and if she doesn’t give you an assignment, you can cum tonight. But if she DOES give you an assignment, you need to set your safe for the day the assignment is due for her, and NOT cum until it is done!!! Understand. loser???

Oh, and you better BCC us in on that communication (obv) and be CONVINCING!

-The Femgang

So I have to beg goddess Katarina to give me an assignment but if she gives me an assignment then I don’t get to cum!!! OMG, you are essentially making me beg goddess Katarina NOT to let me cum!!!  I’ll send her a convincing message begging her to give me a new assignment but I really hope she doesn’t give me one so I can cum tonight! I know it’s an honor to work for her but I really really really don’t want my release cancelled!

HAHAHAHA you are SO fucking PATHETIC!!! And YES, you are basically begging her to delay your release- and she doesn’t even know it! LOL! How hilarious is THAT??!

And we are hereby ORDERING you to set your safe back every day for an additional 24hrs each day until she gives you an assignment! (OR says “no i don’t have anything for you right now, loser” – which is probably what you are hoping for lol)

Just think of how HORNY you will be while you are desparetely working on the paper she assigns you! LOL

And if she DOES give you one, you better fucking THANK her profusely for it, loser!!!

-The Femgang

Goddess Jade can you please send me the paper you wanted me to write?
I’m so excited to get to serve you I can’t wait to get started writing it!
And of course I’ll also send you another gift card just for the honor of
allowing me to work for you as your little homework bitch doing anything
you command!

And if you don’t have anything for me to do right now can you please let
me know that as well so I can plan my schedule? Even if you don’t have a
new assignment for me right now I’ll still send you another Starbucks gift
card. Thank you Goddess!

Hahaha this is hilarious!!! What a great little begging email in hopes
that she says “oh that’s ok loser me n my man dont have anything for u to
do for us right now” and then he gets unlocked and is able to cum for like
$50! Hahahaha

Hope it works for him…or else he may be locked up for a loooong time LOL!

From: Jade<Xxxxxxxx@yahoo.com> To: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, November 6, 2017, 08:43:51 PM CST
Subject: Re: Begging for Homework

Yes I will send over the rubric once my boyfriend receives it. I think I’m also going to have you do a couple of my calculus assignments soon.


Here is the rubric for paper 2.


Thank you Goddess Jade I’ll get started on paper #2 for your boyfriend due by November 17. May I please ask what grade your boyfriend received on the first paper I wrote for him? I just want to make sure I’m doing a good job and your both happy with my work so far. Thank you Goddess!

Yes, he got a 94.

Oh that’s great. I’m so happy to hear the paper I wrote got him an “A”! Thank you for letting me know. I will keep trying me best to get you both nothing but straight A’s.

You can go ahead and send me another Starbucks gift card now.


From: Jade<xxxxxxx@yahoo.com> To: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com>
Sent: Tuesday, November 7, 2017, 03:24:47 PM CST
Subject: Re: Begging for Homework

Alright, I am going to explain how to do my calculus homework online.

1. Go to xxxxxxxxxxx
2. username: xxxxxxx@yahoo.com password: xxxxxx
3. You will see “current assignments” you can do all the chapter 5 assignments and the Chapter 5 quiz
4. If you come upon a problem you can’t do, do not try more than 3 times, there are a limited amount of tries before it is permanently wrong.
5. I am very particular about this homework so don’t mess it up


From: Jade<xxxxxxxl@yahoo.com> To: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2017, 03:19:52 PM CST
Subject: Re: New Paper

Where is the paper?

I’m almost done with the paper and will be sending you the final version later tonight. I spent a lot of time on this to make sure it is another “A” paper! Thank you Goddess for allowing me to serve you! I’m so lucky!

Goddess I sent you an email yesterday letting you know I couldn’t log in to do your calc homework. I’m not sure if you saw it as I know you get a lot of emails every day.

When I tried to sign in to xxxxxx it said I needed to link the account with an existing xxxxxxx account? I tried the username and password you gave me but they didn’t work.

From: Jade<xxxxxxx@yahoo.com> Date: 11/8/17 9:49 PM (GMT-06:00) To: Joe <Joe@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Calculus Homework

I saw the email, I will get back to you when I feel like it. You may NOT email me without first being spoken to. Learn your place.

Yes goddess I’m sorry. I just didn’t want to risk being late with an assignment. I’m sending you a gift card right now to makeup for my mistake.

From: <admin@xxxxxx.com> Date: Thu, Nov 16, 2017 at 1:29 PM

Subject: Re: English Thesis
To: Joe Thomas <Joeds@gmail.com>

Hey LOSER!!! Some of us were just talking about you!!! Did you get Jade’s BF’s paper done for him?? And is your little cock still locked up???!?? IT BETTER BE!!!

-The Femgang

I’m still finishing up the paper for goddess Jade’s boyfriend. It’s almost done and I will have it completed and sent to her today.

I would have finished it already if it wasn’t for the last min assignment Miss Student friend 1 sent me that was due last night. She gave me no advanced notice and it was due that same night, so I had to stay up all night working on it.

Please Femgang I promise I will have goddess Jade’s boyfriend’s sociology paper completed by today. When I BCC you on it proving it’s complete may I please please please have my release approved for this evening? I’m just so desperate! Please let me have a night or two out of this tiny chastity tube and I will be so grateful!!!

Hmmm…we will see slave. It all depends on how good your email is to her. Like if you thank her enough, etc. We will see how well you grovel, bitch.

But we CAN guarantee you ONE thing- if you DONT get that paper done, you will NOT be cumming for a LOOOOOOooooooong time!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

-The Femgang

From: Joe Thomas <Joeds@gmail.com> Date: Thu, Nov 16, 2017 at 9:52 PM
Subject: Paper # 2 Completed
To: Joclyn<xxxxxxxx@yahoo.com>

Goddess Jade, attached is the completed paper# 2 for your boyfriend. It covers the three major theoretical perspectives in modern sociology as applied to the issue of homelessness. The final paper is just short of 2,000 words and includes a works cited page in MLA format. Thank you so much Goddess for allowing me to work on this paper for your boyfriend.

I hope having a homework slave to do you and your boyfriends homework is allowing you guys to spend more time together as a couple since you don’t have to spend time worrying about writing papers and you can still get straight A’s. I love serving you so much Goddess Jade. You are so gorgeous it makes me feel so weak that I need to do anything you say! I hope you find lots more ways to continue using me and will order me around and keep giving me as much work to do as possible. I’m so lucky I get to serve you! Thank you so much Goddess!

From: Jade<xxxxxx@yahoo.com> To: Joe <Joe@yahoo.com>
Sent: Saturday, November 25, 2017, 08:32:54 PM CST 

This is for my accounting homework.

Go to the link: xxxxxxxxxxx
Username is my email: xxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com
Pass is: xxxxxxxx

Do not do the review quiz, only the other assignments.


From: Jade<xxxxxxx@yahoo.com>
Date: 11/30/17 10:24 PM (GMT-06:00)
To: Joeds <Joeds@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Fw:

I need you to write a 5 paragraph essay, approx 7 sentences per paragraph summarizing this article. And write the essay on “Everything to know about business law and ethics”

In your own words. Send to me by Monday.


Yes Goddess I’ll have this to you by Monday. Thank you so much for the assignment. You are so gorgeous I’m lucky to get to work for you. Thank you!

I want you to send me a Starbucks gift card right now.


Easy Spike Turning

[29 December 2020] I have posted about the ring of spikes a couple of times before. The last post was on purchasing longer spikes from an online hardware store. This post is for any Domme who owns a similar ring of spikes. While bitch-boy was working on some DIY the other day, I noticed in his open tool box an array of what I learned are are called hexagon driver bits.

I had the previous day been using the ring of spikes to my great pleasure and bitch-boy’s squealing and whimpering misery, but the one annoyance being the unhelpful, L-shaped Allen key that has to be used to twist the spikes inward and outward. Shown on the right on the photo below. 


After testing a few hexagon driver bits I found one that exactly fitted the spike orifice. Below is the bit and below that the bit in action. It is now soooo easy to twist each spike in or out, or in and in some more! No more grappling with the L-shaped Allen key!











A link to all my journals HERE, including:

Do you miss that puppet? Good!

The comment below was included in an account featured in my post of 5 December 2020.

She frequently asks me, ‘…. If I miss being inside her’; when I say ‘Yes’, she says ‘Good’.

I found the principle of this simple Q&A, to be rather powerful and it is something, with great pleasure, I have taken up myself. I realised there is a nice list of things I can ask bitch-boy; and then, once he has said, ‘Yes’, which he will,  I can enjoy saying, ‘Good!

Given his identical answer whenever, for years and to this day,  I have asked, ‘If there was one rule of mine you could change, what would it be’. He still does and has always answered, ‘To be allowed to penetrate your beautiful body Mistress.’ Given this, then my top pleasure comes from:

‘Do you miss penetrating my beautiful body with your stiff little birth defect puppet?’ ‘Yes Mistress.’ ‘ Good!’

The following are examples of questions I have been asking. He always answers, ‘Yes’, (usually sulkily and wistfully), And I always respond to his yes, with, ‘Good!’ Which gives me a lovely little thrill of gratuitous spite. And sometimes I add, ‘And that will never, ever happen again will it maggot?

Do you miss cumming every 10 days to two weeks like you generally used to before lock-down?

Do you miss running your hands over this beautiful body, caressing me just however you wanted to?

Do you miss your birth defect being free of its cage when you washed before the lock-down regime?

Do you miss getting to cum by me using my skilled hands instead of only every under the sole of my shoe like now?

Do you miss me skillfully sucking your stiff little birth defect like I used to?

This little pleasure is such so enjoyable and sometimes even arousing that as well as using one of the half dozen questions above every two or three days, I am wracking my brains to think of other things he might miss.

Mistresses’ variations of: The most-powerful-cruel-clever-chastity-scheme-ever

[24 September 2020] Well, THE SCHEME I was advised of, and posted about,  The most-powerful-cruel-clever-chastity-scheme-ever, has prompted many, many responses and was generally received with the admiration and wonderment I felt; and foresaw from others. As many of you understandably do not read comments on my posts, (as there is no threshold moment when a post has accrued all of its comments), I set out below comments from people who have now adopted THE SCHEME, with Mistresses’ own individual variations, (including mine), and those that have modified existing schemes to incorporate elements of THE SCHEME.

‘Distasteful’ stockingette Gloves

17 September 2020 I wished to make bitch-boy’s use of his extra large pacifier, (I posted about previously) distastefully’ demeaning as well as humiliating. I am writing up a journal entry for my next Journal that includes all the fine details but I thought I would include an image and mention just how cheap a bag of cotton stockinette gloves are, and when a cut-off finger is stretched over an item, how they can absorb a ‘liquid’ quite effectively; and can then be re-dipped in the ‘liquid’ to freshen up the flavour every now and then.

What is also helpful with this activity, and also very cheap, an adult bib with food catcher, designed for dementia sufferers.

The bib with food catcher is mentioned in my recently published Journal, No. 17, so I thought a photo of that might be useful to all those who now possess a copy of my Journal No. 17.

THE FIRST REVIEW OF No.17  (On Amazon Kindle US)

Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2020

Verified Purchase

Journal 17 is available on Lulu.com as a paperback and as an eBook.

It has been available for some time on Kindle. Kindle links below for the various countries Amazon serves directly.

US       UK       DE      FR       ES     IT      NL     JP     BR       CA      MX     AU      IN

Hopefully soon it will be available hard copy and electronic versions for other devices in other outlets including Barnes and Noble, Nook and iBooks. (But Lulu.com, the distributor has had a disastrous distribution module  relaunch and I cannot promise further distribution of electronic versions other than the options above.)


Remote monitoring of tiffanymaid

[2 September 2020] Following on from my last post about a recent endurance by tiffanymaid, his Mistress now has a camera linked to her smart phone so she can monitor her maid when she is out of the home. It is fair to say this development has made things somewhat worse for tiffanymaid and added considerably to Mistress Serena’s dominant pleasure. I provide an account below.

Mistress Scarlet curtsy… a brief update. “You and your blog, (MsScarlet),  have quite an influence on the activities Mistress Serena imposes!”

Mistress, in the past week, i have been subject to

  • my schoolgirl line writing (3hrs),
  • Path of Humiliation (3hrs)…which was so hot in my pvc/hessian uniform we had to pull & peel the uniform from my body when finished, and,
  • even more relevant we purchased a rubber paddle! ( Which as you pointed out to “Aunty” Joyce…does hurt intensely.

However, what has made the most major impact to O/our D/s, FLR has been a new camera monitor that is connected to Mistress Serena phone. In the three days since purchase, Mistress Serena has controlled me remotely from various locations, including when out on Her daily runs. She has embraced this development more than anything that has gone before, and finds it both arousing and a power rush. In turn, i am now “on duty” for longer periods and attentive at all times.

You are aware that I am cuckolded. Friday afternoon, Mistress left me a list of instructions before leaving to spend the evening and overnight with Her lover. 

  • 16.00 Maid uniform, housework.
  • 17.30 Schoolgirl uniform, line writing
  • 20.00 Dismissed (meal break)
  • 21.30-23.00 Gag, blindfold, sissy attire. Kneeling hands on head.
  • 23.00 Instructions to be relayed for tomorrow, before dismissal.

I was already resigned to Mistress Serena spending the night with Her lover, and expected to be assigned household duties, however my heart sank when She presented me with Her/my schedule. Realising my entire evening was to be spent serving and monitored, I pleaded with Her to reduce the time, even if only by an hour or so. Her reply was instant “One more word out of order and it will be extended”. Again, my heart sank as I lowered my eyes and submitting to Her command, and thanked Her for Her kindness.

Mistress Serena displayed Her pride in Her plan, presented as She was preparing for Her date. She observed me in Her mirror, as i knelt, reading the schedule. She verbally reminded me of both my status and of Her evening ahead. “You will be humiliated and spend many tedious hours while I will be wined and dined before I get the pleasure I desire and you cannot supply”. My brief glance at Her in Her mirror, displayed what i took to be a smile, or smirk.

Trying to buy favour, I then set about preparing the attire and items required.

I recall two hours into my two and a half hours line writing, I was dismayed, subdued and my hand ached. “sissy schoolgirls must learn to respect their Mistress” was the line I had to repeat over and over. On the occasions I glanced at the clock, I wondered what my Mistress was doing, and indeed where She had gone for Her evening’s pleasures.

Mistress Serena told me that while she was away, she looked at the monitor four times. Twice during my line writing, twice early on during my kneeling tedium. She didn’t check thereafter, and my tasks for the following day where sent by text.

Mistress Serena has disclosed to me that the app has given Her an intense feeling of power and makes Her feel most aroused. The app allows conversation, Her words were short and direct. “Straighten up bitch” on one occasion, followed later by “I am watching you” and (laughing) “I have better things to do.”

For info on my BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.

pipsqueak becomes a cuckold

It has been sometime since I last provided an update on the continuing evolution of a Domme fairly new to domination, the wonderful Samantha. But Samantha has continued to evolve at a face pace! As pipsqueak has learned to his cost – or is it his cost? The paradox and symbiosis readers of this blog are familiar with are both strong.
The paradox; pipsqueak is a true submissive and so he craves to be helplessly dominated by a cruel, pitiless woman who puts him through things he truly does not like. But from this he gains true contentment that he cannot happily live without. (Like all true submissives including my bitch-boy.)
The symbiosis; Samantha is now a cruel, pitiless woman who puts the helpless pipsqueak through things he truly does not like; and she gets huge pleasure from doing so. So the relationship a perfect symbiosis.
I have in bold highlighted some text in the account below that I found particularity hot! Enjoy.
Dear Scarlet,

It’s been a long time since we last communicated and I thought I would give you an update.  The past 4 ½ months have been rather busy and extremely enjoyable. pipsqueak is very content despite my further progress in making his submission and life harder than ever most of the time. In our case we have found that an occasional relaxation of the regime works best for us (more in a moment).

Perhaps the most important change has been that pipsqueak is now a cuckold. I worked hard on my exercise, diet and appearance between March and May and finally felt confident enough to take the plunge. It would be nice to say that I have found the perfect lover but that would be an exaggeration. However, I have been on quite a few dates and have had sex with two men so far (including ‘masked sex’ on one occasion which was hilarious if not conventionally orgasmic).

The first time I cuckolded pipsqueak was at the end of June. I’d been chatting with a man online for a while. He lives an hour away so not ideal but I agreed to drive to his house (he’s separated). Sex wasn’t guaranteed but it was on the agenda. In the end we both wore masks, obviously didn’t kiss and had very mechanical and hilarious (safe) sex. The most important thing for me was that it was done. I was a cuckoldress.

 Pipsqueak had no idea. I was away from mid-morning to 4 p.m. I didn’t explain my absence and he of course didn’t ask. (He would not dare!) I’ve been increasingly going out during the day since lock-down regulations eased. Later he told me he hadn’t a clue which was delicious. I made him perform orally for me on the same night and my orgasm was special. For 72 hours I basked in the afterglow of what I knew and he didn’t.

 Four days afterwards, I told him matter-of-factly that Lockdown’s easing allowed me to cuckold him and I intended to do so soon. He uttered his usual noises about it being ‘my right’, etc. Then I laughed and told him I already had. His expression was a picture. He didn’t know whether I was mind fucking him or not. I said that’s where I’d been for 5 hours the other day and showed him my photograph of me half-dressed in a man’s bedroom. The penny dropped.

 I made him lick my pussy again, there and then, while I continued talking. I said I would never have told him if I hadn’t enjoyed it. It would have remained a one-off he never knew about. But I’d enjoyed myself immensely and it will no doubt be much easier and better in future. I told him to kiss my bottom instead, as his contact with my pussy will be even more restricted in future.

 In that moment, I think he was partly turned on and partly too shocked to compute. But over the next day or so, he went through some denial, a touch of resentment that I’d actually done it, but mostly acceptance. We’d been talking about it for so long that I think he’d discounted the actual event itself, so to speak. I adopted a caring attitude of reassurance combined with my blunt stance and some mischievous teasing. He hadn’t had an orgasm for over a month and he told me later he expected me to ‘seal the deal’ of his compliance by at least letting him masturbate or fuck his rubber sex doll to orgasm.

 Whereas I did allow him to edge a lot but not to cum. I said he must never see things as some kind of trade off or bargain between us. I will never ‘pay for’ my own fun by allowing him some of his own. His orgasms have to be earned by what he does, not what I do.

The second time I cuckolded pipsqeak was very different. I didn’t slink off unannounced. I did it blatantly. I’ve been on a few socially distanced, outdoor dates when the weather permits. Sometimes I even go for a drive and walk on my own just to get out and leave pipsqueak toiling. I have got to know a local-ish man who’s not ideal for a couple of reasons I won’t go into. But he is interested in no-strings sex, as am I.

 Pipsqueak was sweetly brave as I left the house, wishing me a good time. I told him to shut up and get on with his list of chores. I said that sex wasn’t guaranteed and he mustn’t think as if I do this to any kind of set routine. It may or may not happen. I’m simply an independent and mature woman who can make up my own mind at the time whether to have sex or not.

 When I returned it was, of course, very different too. I was glowing. The sex wasn’t perfect but it was conventionally better. I summoned pipsqueak to follow me up to my bedroom. I undressed and let him see my rather red and swollen labia. We had used a condom (two, actually) so there was no evidence for him to clean except my engorged clitoris wanted more attention.

 I lay back on the bed, my legs splayed wantonly over the side, and stared up at the bedroom ceiling, while pipsqueak licked me in his apron and spike lined chastity tube. Neither of us needed reminding it was now over seven weeks since he’d had any kind of orgasm. After I’d climaxed, I let him unlock his cage. I love the tiny red dots the spikes leave when he’s aroused. I said he could put his erection inside me for five super-slow strokes.

 He groaned with desperation as he eased it inside me bit by bit, in and out. While he did so, I talked to him. I asked if my pussy felt different? He gasped no. I told him that his cock did feel different. It felt smaller, thinner, second-rate. He whimpered. I instructed him to pull out after only four strokes as I was disappointed.

 I sat up propped on my elbows and said he could wank himself while I watched. I continued to chatter, while he frantically fisted his shaft. I asked him, one final time, if he regretted our new relationship and my freedom to date other men. His eyes were gazing into mine. No, he gasped. I said I want to see real enthusiasm for my sexual progression and his further demotion over the months to come. He nodded, unable to speak.

 I snapped for him to stop! He somehow tore his hand away and his glistening erection bobbed between us. His expression was a picture; of awe and adoration, deference and desperation.

 And then I smiled. I love acting the bitch but I’ll always struggle to be heartless. I reached out and started rubbing his cock. I’m very out of practise. He has this adorable look of alarm on his face that I’ll stop at any time or at least ruin his orgasm. I did it for a bit and then told him he could finish himself. I said he should aim his cum at my waist and that he could enjoy a full orgasm for once and to make the most of it.

 It only took him about 30 seconds and he spurted an impressive amount of semen on my tummy, thighs and mound. His knees were buckling and he was almost crying with relief. I blew him kisses. In our relationship there are moments for ridicule and moments for bonding. This was one of the latter.

 That’s not to say that he didn’t then have to suck up every drop of his mess. And five minutes later we were back into our roles. Over the next few hours and days I was extremely demanding and mocking. I called him ‘cuck’ quite a lot, even though I have no plans to  adopt that name (I find it too much of a cliché).

 I make no bones about my intention to find a proper boyfriend with whom I can conduct a proper affair; discreet but much more than just one-off or casual sex. Pipsqueak is daunted and excited at the same time. That would be the culmination of the journey we’ve been on for approaching two years; one slow and quite mild year, then this second, very unusual and fast developing eight months.

My goal remains to find a man with whom I can have a proper sexual and, to an extent, romantic relationship who can be integrated into my lifestyle with pipsqueak. I’m impatient but not in a rush, if that makes sense? Pipsqueak has taken well to his new status. I think both of us were concerned – deep down – that the reality could affect our marriage in a way that fantasy obviously didn’t. But by the time it happened I think he’d become so used to the idea of me cuckolding him he was mentally prepared.

 Since Easter I have been even stricter about his orgasm denial. He has a total love-hate relationship with it. He loves me imposing it. He enjoys the intensity of frustration and how ‘alive’ (his word) he feels. His fetish is the contrast between us. But he hates the actual reality of being denied any kind of release for weeks on end.

 His Steelwerks cage has proven the most wonderful training tool. Mostly because it’s wearable 24/7 and hygienic and comfortable so long as he’s soft (less so when he’s aroused and occasionally at night). I make him tighten the spikes each morning and loosen them overnight. However, I like the spikes fully extended when he’s performing orally. Making him control his erection while he’s focused on me is absolutely one of my favourite things!

 I recall that I was still inclined to indulge him when we last communicated. After a few weeks I’d still feel sorry for him. I even used to enjoy his groaning, pent-up orgasms when we started. But that’s no longer the case. He can still have orgasms but they have to be earned. And when I say earned I mean it! The price now is increasingly outrageous and still going up.

 Away from the sexual side of things, I have very much focused on his monotony and drudgery. He will not be returning to the Care Home job any time soon. But I plan for him to work backstage in a busy pub doing washing up, that kind of thing (NOT behind the counter serving pints). When pubs open properly and safely again, I want him to work weekend nights in particular – say Thursday through Saturday – when I can be out on dates, that kind of thing.

 At home, I control every minute of his day for three weeks out of four. A combination of housework, garden work, monotony and sensory denial from dawn to late. The weather has mostly allowed him to work naked in the garden since Easter. Or in a diaper. I am brutally strict about bladder and bowel control. If he needs to go while he’s tending the lawn with nail scissors, he must hold it in, or fill the diaper and face the consequences.

 We also practise TSD (total sensory deprivation), in the garden. We have a double sun-lounger made of that wicker you can leave outdoors. I let him unlock and remove his Steelwerks and then tie him naked and spread-eagled on the lounger. When he is secure, I blindfold and funnel-gag him and put the Bose headphones over his ears. If it’s sunny I put some sun cream on his body and limbs but not his cock and balls.

 His lounger is near mine, so I can relax while keeping a close eye on him. I love to study his face when he’s completely unaware I’m watching him listening to porn. I don’t allow his genitals to burn but I like them to get a bit red. If he gets aroused – I coat his erection in Deep Heat blended with sun cream. I love to urinate into his funnel or, borrowing your idea Scarlet, melting piss ‘pyramids’ of ice in it.

 We now possess a full size rubber sex doll. It’s particularly fun outdoors to allow pipsqueak to ‘make love’ to her on a humid, sunny day while I watch. There’s no need to worry about the mess. I coat her in baby oil so she’s super slippery combined with pipsqueak’s sweat. They fuck on the grass. But his cock is coated in Lidocaine (numbing cream) and he’s forbidden to orgasm without permission (almost never granted). It’s for the doll’s and my pleasure, not his.

One week in four, nothing fundamentally changes but I relax my regime. He needs this space and TBH in a way I do too. He’s still chaste, obedient, that kind of thing. But he’s much more my husband than my slave-sub. We chat more, discuss, even argue about news items, watch TV & Netflix, etc. He does the housework but not (well, rarely) any mindless tasks or TSD. It’s really just switching down into a lower gear for a week. But we never actually ‘stop’ as we’d find it too weird now not to be Mistress and slave. I just become more benevolent for a while.

 I could go on but hopefully this update is of interest.


Journal 17 now published

My Journal No.17 is now published. It contains more words than any previous journal. 

It is quite amazing that I have been publishing journals since December 2010, but there is still a strong appetite to read in detail about the activities I pursue in my depraved life. I guess there are three reasons for this.

1. Because I, like all lifestyle dominant women, evolve. I have become more cruel. Even during lock-down I can confirm my cruelty has significantly increased in a number of activities. (And amazingly after all these years,  my pleasure increases, as my cruelty does.)

2. New activities arise. Either as a result of circumstances, like lock-down, or I read of what another Domme does that I have never done but want to try out, or new technology opens a new avenue, and;

3.  Women collaborators in my life come and go. New women join me in double-domming as others drift away for various reasons, (usually house moves or domestic private life circumstances).

So the domination activities and intensities do not stay the same even if the core principles do.

THE FIRST REVIEW (On Amazon Kindle US)

Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2020

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Journal 17 is available on Lulu.com as a paperback and as an eBook.

It has been available for some time on Kindle. Kindle links below for the various countries Amazon serves directly. 

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Hopefully soon it will be available hard copy and electronic versions for other devices in other outlets including Barnes and Noble, Nook and iBooks. (But Lulu.com, the distributor has had a disastrous distribution module  relaunch and I cannot promise further distribution of electronic versions other than the options above.)

I hope you enjoy Volume 17.