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Stinging nettles trimmed for ‘application’.

I thought I would show how I currently like stinging nettles prepared for use for dickie-discipline. Currently, my favourite routine is to have bitch-boy gagged and secured, helplessly and vulnerably, to the BDSM bed with his thighs secured wide apart in the gynaecological stirrups. I then stroke and tickle his perfectly shaved genitals advising him that if his birth defect remains ridiculous, and soft and flaccid, it will not have to endure the nettles. But if it stands up all hard and erect I will know it is asking for a nettle whipping.

The last time, a few days ago, it had been over 11 weeks since his last orgasm, I was very provocatively dressed and I had already been in full-on DS day mode for about three hours. My hands were expertly stroking and squeezing and tickling; and I had made him take a Cialis pill first thing that morning. I am afraid his defect did not remain ridiculous, and soft and flaccid. So I told him as the object was standing up erect and hard and asking for a nettle whipping, it was only fair that it would get what it was asking for. I became very aroused at this point I have to say; partly because of the unfairness of the ‘choice’ I had given him and partly in anticipation of how ‘bad’ I was about to be. I pulled my above the elbow, red leather gloves on. There is a sneak peek of them in this book cover image.

I pulled the nettle blanket over his defect so it poked up through the hole, like this dildo does in the image below.

Some Mistresses strike all at once with nettles , the thighs and belly and balls; as well as the defect. I think this is a mistake. I know how precious males think their silly defects are and how sensitive the defect is to nettles, especially the head; so I want all of bitch-boy’s focus to be what is happening to his defect. No nettle tickles anywhere else on his body!

So back to how the nettles are prepared. I like a short stem I can hold like the handle of a little whip and a crown of leaves to be making contact when I whip and whip and whip. The strokes are not so hard as to break the stem, the strokes are somewhere between firm tapping and whipping. I like three stems prepared just in case one is a ‘dud’. I start with whipping the shaft of the defect and after a while, and lots of pleading and whimpering from bitch-boy, I induce some lovely sincere pleading when I ask if I should whip the defect’s so very sensitive head. I prolong that pleading with phrases like, ‘Oh should I, or should I show some pity today, I just can’t decide?‘ I am amazed he continues to emotionally plead as I never show pity, NEVER! But his fear and hatred of the head being whipped overrules his common sense and he pleads and pleads.

Eventually I become bored of prolonging the pleading and I begin to whip the head to a serenade of serious, emotional sobbing and whimpering. I think the cacophony is so emotional because he knows that, as well as the pain he is feeling at that point, the discomfort of the stinging is likely to continue for up to four hours after I have stopped.

I do have to stop after a short while to ‘see to myself’. (It was the sixth time I had seen to myself so far that day.) A second whipping can then be applied if I wish, once I have satisfied myself. A second whipping makes for an ‘exciting’ double-down experience for bitch-boy to leave him in no doubt he is; helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel dominant woman. When he pleads and pleads I like to say, ‘Your voice is pleading no, but your defect is standing up all hard and erect, saying, yes please.’

And yes, it is bitch-boy who must prepare the nettles to my specification. Failure to meet my specification is not even worth him contemplating! And no, he did not get to cum that day. I did though of course, nine times.


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Nurse Nasty’s new brush

17 April 2021

Following a tip from a fellow Domme, I saw this advertised in a magazine and immediately thought it may be a particularly effortlessly effective tool for Nurse Nasty to use during cleaning phases of naughty, little, stiff birth-defects.

It arrived; and holding it in my right hand and using a light scrubbing motion on the underside of my left forearm, certainly gives me the feeling I was right when I saw it. The bristles are quite sharp and It will indeed be a particularly effortlessly VERY effective tool for Nurse Nasty to use.

The underside of my left forearm is where I try most new toys to be used on birth-defects. It is sensitive skin, but perhaps not quite so sensitive as the skin of a birth defect; but I get a good gauge. It’s a while since a fully restrained and gagged bitch-boy, (with legs secured wide apart in the gynecological stirrups), and he has endured a thorough clean and treatment session from Nurse Nasty. And after the thorough cleaning, as the nettles are now at their most stinging this time of year, I think, to start, a herbal, organic nettle ‘treatment’ will be very thoroughly applied after the cleaning; followed by a skin invigorating ruler smacking, then a ‘soothing’ Linnex moisturise. Of course, pleading for the treatments to stop will not be of value because, as we all know; NURSE KNOWS BEST!

During this first treatment session, Nurse Nasty will no doubt have to sit and rest several times, with her Lelo wand in hand, such will be the patient’s whimpering and pleading and sobbing, she will HAVE TO satisfy her own resultant symptoms! While the patient is suffering the Linnex and feeling so very, very sorry for himself, he will be told he is to get a rest of half an hour, to an hour, and then treatment session two will take place; exactly the same as treatment session one. (I do think double-downs are so good for submissives that need to be left in no doubt they are: truly helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel dominant! It helps them sleep so soundly at night.) And bitch-boy is SOOOOO lucky to have all this free private health care!

[The double-down concept is included in my published, Addendum No.1. Simply put, a double -down is when a sub is just finishing enduring a particularly tough time and is feeling VERY sorry for himself, the Domme immediately announces there is forthwith to be another very horrible thing for him to endure. No sympathy, no pity – The Double-Down. Regular blog readers may have noticed Christine M frequently uses double-downs and sometimes even triple-downs!]

Making Comments on this post: Comments do not appear on my blog until I have moderated them. Comments that insult anyone will not be published, nor will aggressive comments. A wide range of views is truly welcome, we all have things to learn, however comments will not be published that take a contrary or critical view to any aspect of the post, but fail to explain why this contrary view is held, or fail to address the reasoning set out in the post to which the comment relates. (Such unexplained comments are simply boring.)


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Experiences of 24/7/365 caged males

By cages I mean chastity cages and this post is a follow up to my post on the 27th April. On the 27th, I posted about how the 1st May would be the one month anniversary since bitch-boy was last out of his double padlocked chastity cage and had an erection. (He did not get any sexual release that last day out of his cage. That was a week or so before that.)

There were several comments on my last post which I imagine many of you did not read. Posts detailing the experiences of males and Dommes involved in such a 24/7/365 cage regime. (I understand many of you do not read comments because there is no threshold day on which all comments on a post might have been made. I sometimes get an interesting comment on a post several months after the post was published! A shortcoming of the blogging platform for blog followers.)

First I will give you the results of my interrogation with bitch-boy on how he has felt during the month and how he feels today. (I have edited it somewhat.)

I feel on edge thinking about the future because I fear Mistress Scarlet adores the regime so much, she may make it permanent. But although the risk result would be appalling, I think the risk chances are very low as Mistress knows, I know, that she adores very, very much indeed – dickie-discipline applied to my hard on. The lock down has meant the few occasions of several hours  each week that I would not be in chastity, (although monitored), for various reasons, do not occur. I have been locked inside the cage 24 hours of every day.

Day to day, moment to moment, I feel like my penis has been removed. I feel just as Mistress wants me to feel, because the truth I have to accept is – Mistress has absolutely zero interest in my penis other than in torturing it. There can be no imagining anything different. I can see Mistress’s  cruel and deep satisfaction seeing the cage when I am naked. I can see Mistress’s sense of absolute ownership of me. Like I am a piece of farmyard livestock she owns and fetters as she wishes.

When I am given the privilege of licking Mistress to orgasm I am presented with Mistress’s beautiful, amazing body, that image is combined by the communication in her expression, that Mistress is amused by my new cockless status and has zero guilt or pity. All the sensory inputs leave me feeling the very deepest submissive feelings as I set about my privilege and duty. 

Such is the sense of utter helplessness and loss of freedom and of profound constraint from NEVER having an erection that, given the choice between never being free of the cage, or being free, only for my penis to be tortured, I would choose the latter.


That is his collection of feelings. It is true to say I am VERY CONFLICTED now. Having accrued a month I feel it would be such a shame to waste all those consecutive days. Knowing every extra day or week keeps the period going, keeps his and my intensity of feeling at an affecting high. Whereas one day of his birth defect out of the cage, or even an hour out and then back in, means, really, it is all back to day 1. The whole accrued period is lost. But as I mentioned in my previous post, of 27 April, and as he knows, I really miss holding that rock hard object in one hand and abusing it in various ways, or stomping on it under the sole of my shoes. WHAT A DILEMMA! Perhaps  I could/should maintain the regime to the end of the lock down, but that could be weeks or months and is arbitrary in relation to my pros and cons.


Comments from blog readers

3 years for Sissy Devina

Congrats! It’s day 1035 for me :))))      By now it’s become very much routine. Once the mental barrier was broken that I simply didn’t need to cum any longer and that Lady Diva Cane’s satisfaction and pride in my devotion was more important and more rewarding, the urges to revert to the filthy male habits slowly dissolved. Some days I am in full lockdown, others it’s simply mental. I supplement daily with high doses of Shecock images and TGirls, and even now experience only semi turgid responses from my sissy-clit. Sissy leaks are the way my body clears itself of certain fluids, and lately the mental stimulations have almost resulted in what could be best described as an almost Womanly like mental orgasm which has caused involuntary twitching of my sissy-clit, but as of yet not a wet one. It’s been a fascinating journey as 3 years is on the horizon.


Half way through a 90 day lock-up for sissy Martha

Dear Ms Scarlet,
When Mistress Linda put me in chastity the first thing I missed was the erection. I love to get an erection, to feel it swell, to just know I can get one. There is nothing more manly than an erection, big, intimidating, strong. After a week or so without an erection I no longer feel like a man. I may be male but I become non man. Mistress Linda knows this and reinforces this with clothing requirements and grooming. Mistress shares my situation with trusted friends the humiliation and embarrassment of not having erections adds to my non man status at home.
I have been in chastity for 47 days of a 90 day sentence.


A comment from the wonderful Miss Anne

Hi Scarlet
Very nice topic and let me share my own experience.
At first as gepetto wrote, for a man it is a torment to denied to touch his useless birth defect. For a reason I can’t understand all males from their childhood touch and play with it and as they grown up older, believe their penis is worthy for affection and priceless lol.
Touching of his small piece of meat is strictly forbidden to my slave. I didn’t notice any harm in his brain or lack of focussing to my needs and his tasks.
Back to the topic again.
I firmly believe that touching, play, edge and eventually deny the slave is somehow pleasurable for him. He gets pleasure even if there is no ejaculation at the end. Of course it is also a pure torment to him.
At my home and slavery regime his erection is listed as a reward in my list of rules. This way the past few years he maybe is rewarded a few minutes out of chastity and at the same time touching to edge, every month, provided that he behaves and works hard.
He of course must beg for this great reward.
In my list the highest reward is orgasm, then milking, then erection, touching and last be out of the cage for a little.
What did I notice after the first months of denying him the erection?
Well it gave him one more motivation to work harder for my easier life and behave accordingly to his status.
In his mind the erection became a new target, a new goal in his every day life. So he has been more docile, subjugated to earn an erection as he must earn the milking and the orgasms.
The ironical thing is his current status itself. He became a slave to serve in order to get pleasure emotionally and physically. I am sure he gets a lot of submissive emotional pleasure but I don’t think he physically gets the pleasure he had in his mind. But as you have written again and again he was in pure awe and adoration of me when I announced my new rule to forbid even his erections…
Good boy…


Finally in one comment I was pointed to this blog, A Dominant Wife, purportedly written by a woman who follows the 24/7/365 regime for her husband. With a quick scan of the blog I failed to find details of her regime. But the blog may be of interest to you all. It seems very well written and I will spend longer on it myself.


Below I provide details of my new guide for beginner Dommes. Linked to my alternative blog and, possibly unique, as it is specifically written to avoid frightening a vanilla wife or girlfriend away from trying an FLR relationship.


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bitch-boy suffers through Coronavirus

No! bitch-boy has not contracted the virus. We are both safe and well. (Perhaps it is wrong to say safe in bitch-boy’s case; as he is not safe from me and my depravities!)

As you all know neither him nor I work and my home is in the deepest countryside. Coronavirus is spreading fast now in the UK and I have decided we shall self isolate for a few weeks. I will not allow bitch-boy to leave the home at all, (I am so protective of him), and I will not socialise other than by phone and I will do all my yoga and exercise at home.

What this means is day after day, I will be full-on dominating my poor puppet. No respite from my presence. Far from being a miserable, boring incarceration for me, it is a little adventure for me, an opportunity, and for him! All those hours, day after day! Imagine the durations of sensory deprivation bondage possibilities. Imagine all those hours and hours of games that he will play with his dollies. And it is so good that the stinging nettles have just had their first use of 2020; and there are huge patches of young shoots on the surrounding land. Imagine my orgasm count!

So it is certainly the case that my very fit and healthy little puppet will be suffering as a result of Coronavirus!

Oh he so HATES being set off on two hours of colouring-in with dolly. Imagine when that is day after day after day, no days off while I am out anymore. Or not being set off on two hours of colouring-in with dolly, but five hours, or eight hours! And the same again the next day. ( It has been fascinating in the last few months to learn that all Dommes in long term relationships relish enforcing the misery of tedium on their puppets. It may be endless chores, or endless writing lines sitting as a desk dressed as a schoolgirl,  or sent out to do a menial, degrading job to earn a little extra money, to be frittered away in seconds by their Domme on some decadent treat.)

And its not just colouring-in, there is Dolly Potty Time, Reciting nursery rhymes with actions to his dollies, playing outdoors with dollies in the pushchair, Potty /Heels dilemma time, etc, etc,

And the terrible burdens of choice us poor Dommes must cope with! If I have him in sensory deprivation bondage for five or six hours:

CHOICE 1; do I have him in his penis restraint and diaper him with lockable plastic panties over the diapers, (with lots of ‘liquid’ and piss ice chunks to be consumed, and perhaps tip a jug of my piss into his diaper before I secure it.


CHOICE 2;  do I leave his birth defect exposed so I can visit from very hour or two to apply nettles or Linnex? And then listen on the baby monitor downstairs to the miserable whimpering?

The tough choices us poor Dommes have to make! Really! How do we cope?


My 16th journal –  LINK


Mistress-Wife Rita – torture THAT object.

I continue with the, so far very popular, posting of delectable comments I have received on posts on this blog, which most of you, it seems, will not have read.

The short but delicious comments of Rita, who, like me, adores making her husband rather regret he  was born with a ‘ male birth defect’ between his legs. Hours of endless fun! Rita has been leaving comments on my blog for 8 years. I guess her husband’s little defect has been suffering for all that time and most probably longer, juts like bitch-boy’s.

Where it may be needed I have. in bold, added the title of the relevant blog post.


I have found a that giving his penis a thorough spanking with a ruler before using the nettles really makes him squirm.

Which is the best embrocation cream?

I haven’t noticed any difference in his reaction to Ralgex or Deep Heat cream, although Tiger Balm is a bit better but is more fiddly as it needs to be warmed up first. I have yet to find anything that beats the (sadly discontinued) Ralgex Stick. Just the lightest smear on his knob would have him moaning for at least 10 minutes.


I like your style, an easy way of increasing the torment is to put a hot flannel on his stiff little red object before using the Deep Heat as this will open up all the pores and increase the effects of the cream!


Remote controlled shock device

I like your style, an easy way of increasing the torment is to put a hot flannel on his stiff little red object before using the Deep Heat as this will open up all the pores and increase the effects of the cream!


Another way of preventing him enjoying the occasion is to ruin his orgasm. All you have to do is stop pumping as soon as he starts to cum so it just dribbles out, he still gets relief but most of the pleasurable sensation is removed!


If you really want to make his eyes water when you next use lemon juice try putting the bandage inside his penis and then rolling it between your hands to ensure the lemon juice penetrates deep down inside.

Spikes are fun aren’t they! Can you combine your spikes with his regular chastity device or do you have to remove it first?

I couldn’t agree more about the quality of Lady Carole’s work, most inspiring. I’ve been a fan for years and have recently joined her yahoo group:


Is it as easy to use as a Ralgex Stick and more importantly is it as potent!



A Great Success in Convenient Punishment

Thanks again for this letting me know about this most useful product, we really must spread the word about it.
I can vouch for the ease of use and the gentle scent it has is an unexpected bonus as it made it easier to “surprise” him. His whining and gyrations confirmed its potency!


Was your decision to give him extra coats of Deep Heat due to the ease of use with the applicator? Its certainly encouraging me to use more cream!

Intimate photos of bitch-boy’s chastity

On the contrary, IMO it is a most efficient solution to the problem of a male playing with himself. It also leaves plenty of flesh exposed to be teased or tormented depending on your desires. Congratulations on fitting him with such an elegant device.


I was wondering if Governess Lexi has her own ruler for dickie discipline, if she does when the 2 of you are attending to his needs you could ask him which one bb prefers. The beauty of that game is that until he makes up his mind you can both spank him and once he decides he can’t complain when he is being spanked as he said he preferred that ruler.

A good quality leather bookmark can also be useful as a penis whip.

The Smack Tease

Such a lovely game, I have played it on a number of occasions but had not thought of adding stinging nettles or embrocation cream to the smacks. I am sure my husband will be delighted by your suggestion. lol


I would suggest hard enough to hear clearly and make sure you only use the flat surfaces, never the edge. As I favour a wooden ruler, I have my husband prepare it by sanding the edges until they are nice and smooth. Make sure you are both comfortable, I like to secure my husband spread-eagled on a bed. He can remain in that position for as long as required and I can sit on him or the bed so I am comfortable and can take my time teasing and smacking his naughty object.


I have certainly never placed a limit on the number of smacks I ca`n deliver in a session, or kept count. As to how long a smacking can last I guess the answer is when one’s arm or wrist gets tired. I have certainly never placed a limit on the number of smacks I ca`n deliver in a session, or kept count. As to how long a smacking can last I guess the answer is when one’s arm or wrist gets tired.


Huge Ribbon Bows

Perhaps another bow on bb’s genitals might add to your fun too.


I like to look in my husband’s eyes when teasing him to a full erection either when he is wearing a Kali’s Teeth Bracelet or to make it nice and smackable for my wooden ruler.




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Lady Jessica has upped my meanness (Part 3)

Well in my last post, I stated that if  there is interest in the rather ‘technical and systems’ aspect of:         applying dashing hope principles to the activities to which I subject bitch-boy, that are mainly about the combination of humiliation and tedium,            I would post again. There was interest, hence this post.

I did write in my last post that as a result of the analysis and application of the Lady Jessica dashing hope principles, options of physical pain have now been added to the activities that, before, were almost exclusively about the combination of humiliation and tedium. Poor bitch-boy.

I will use as an example, an activity my blog followers know well. bitch-boy having to spend an hour or three colouring-in with the aid of his big dolly Suzette Simperkins. Given the routine he must follow it is staggeringly humiliating and at the same time mind numbingly tedious. I will not describe that activity further but move straight to the new dashing hopes aspect it now involves.

Before there were dashing hope aspects, bitch-boy would simply have to colour-in with his dolly until I decided the activity was over. usually between an hour and three hours. Now after perhaps forty minutes I go through the following routine for the first time, and then repeat the routine every fifteen minutes or so after that.

‘Do you think Suzette Simperkins has had enough colouring-in time pansy ‘ Obviously he  answers, in his lisping voice, ‘Yeth Mithdreth, I do think Suzette Simperkins has had enough colouring-in time. ‘ Then I answer,

‘Well I’m sure she hasn’t. Why don’t you ask her?’ He then asks her and answers, pretending to be her, that, she has not had enough. (He would not dare have her answer otherwise, as I had said, I was sure she had NOT had enough.) Then I respond,     ‘Well as she has not had enough yet, let’s give her another thirty minutes. (Instead of thirty minutes, I may say, ‘an hour’ or  may say, ‘a couple of hours’.)

I repeat this question and answer routine every twenty minutes or so, for as many hours as I want. Then when I am ready to end the activity, I go through the question and answer routine but at the appropriate point I say,   ‘Well I think you’re probably right and she has had enough. Why don’t you ask her?’ He knows he can then ask her, and answer pretending to be her that, yes she has had enough, and the activity is at an end.

So, with the new principles in operation, his hopes are raised and dashed a good number of times. I am embarrassed to say the pleasure/arousal is considerable each time I dash his tentative, desperate hopes.

Now, moving onto the matter of options of physical pain that were not before included in the tedium/humiliation activities.

At random moments of the activity, I padlock his wrists into the cuffs on the front of his baby reins and say:

‘The marks from your deterrent punishment have faded and you know how much I like to see them while you suffer your humiliating tedium. On your knees and forehead now!’ I then apply the cane and follow the deterrent punishment dashing hopes procedure while I do.

Or, I padlock his wrists into the cuffs on the front of his baby reins and say:

‘My pleasure would be increased if your birth defect was all burning and sore while you suffer your humiliating tedium.‘ I apply one stripe of Linnex to the object and then say, ‘Do you think one stripe is enough to give me my extra pleasure?’ Obviously, full of anxiety, he answers. ‘Yes Mistress.’ I then say, ‘Hmmm, I don’t think so.’ And I apply another stripe and then I ask again.

And so the routine continues until finally when he answers my question and I agree with him that, Yes, I too think he has had enough stripes to give me the extra pleasure my whim desires. By then he may have had anywhere between two and ten stripes of the nasty Linnex!

A dashing hopes routine is also used for how long I might have him with his dildo padlocked into place down his throat past the gagging point while enduring his humiliation/tedium activity , and for sitting on coir matting while enduring his humiliation/tedium activity. (If, submissives,  you have never sat on coir matting after a caning, I can tell you, going on bitch-boy’s reactions, that after the ten minute mark is passed, and on up to an hour or more, IT IS AGONY. And the moment he may be allowed to rise from it, the pain for half a minute or so, sometimes reduces him to sobbing. I do sometimes have him rise, and after thirty seconds sit down again, just for the amusement of that aspect.


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I hope you enjoy reading these fine detail accounts as much as I enjoyed the activities described.



The ‘S’ word and the ‘C’ word

I mentioned in my post on 21 August 2019 the term or label ‘SADIST’, along the lines of the following two paragraphs.

I have expressed often, that sadism is a natural trait in humans inherited through evolution, as a means of clarifying relative statuses in a pack of mammals. It’s form in humans is taking pleasure in inflicting  physical and/or mental pain. One must have power over the subject of ones sadism. (Be of higher status in the pack.)

It took me a number of years to accept having the word applied to me although there was NEVER any doubt I was a sadist. (My definition is someone who finds pleasure in inflicting physical or mental pain on another.) Now I treat it as a badge I am proud of. It seems it takes considerable independence and mental strength to reject the behavioural shackles of society to the extent of acknowledging one is a sadist.

One comment on that blog post re-confirmed that other Dommes have a problem with the word, sadist. I am really wondering why I too used to have this problem years ago, and so many other Dommes still do. I am fairly sure that if a Domme says to a sub male she meets, that she is a sadist, the sub male is instantly in awe of the Domme and instantly placed on a pedestal. So why the resistance of Dommes to the ‘S’ word; many of whom ARE happy to be labelled, cruel?

I should amplify that causing pain can by of the physical type; or mental pain through serious humiliation, degradation or tedium; or the pain of teasing and sexual release denial.

The definition of CRUEL from the MacMillan Dictionary:

– someone who is cruel, who enjoys causing pain to other people or animals, or enjoys making them unhappy or upset

The definition of SADIST:

– someone who gets pleasure from hurting or being cruel to someone else

I would be very interested to have comments from Dommes who are, and who are not, happy to be labelled, sadist, and why they feel as they do.

I would also be interested to have comments from subs confirming whether they find that hearing a woman is a sadist has an effect on them.


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Maximise the extreme

We all have different versions of extreme. When it comes to being extreme I am not near some of the activities of the fabulous Dommes who place comments on this blog, (Although others think I am very extreme.)

The comment from the wonderful Domme, Chris M, on my recent blog post about, eye to eye contact while increasing the pain, got me thinking.  Her activity involved eye to eye contact BEFORE the ‘fun’ but still worked because the ‘fun’ was so EXTREME.

That got me thinking about how, if one is planning something seriously extreme with one’s sub, it should be milked for al its worth. I plan to do so in three ways:

  • The eye to eye preamble eliciting heartfelt pleading,
  • doing the ‘thing’,  and
  • having a loud orgasm while the suffering is ongoing.

The activity that is about to happen has to be extreme enough that your sub will be beside himself with fear. If it is not that extreme, my strategy will fail. The example from Chris M is perfect – a thorough coating of Linnex to his birth defect. I have thought of two others I would use.

  • A second nettle whipping to his birth defect when he has only just received a long and terrible nettle thrashing to it. But the second will be exclusively to the head of the birth defect.
  • A continuation of a SERIOUS deterrent punishment when he has been pleading with all his heart for some time and I pause; and he thinks it is all over.

For any of these three things, there is pleasure in simply doing each one. But there is the extra pleasure of listening to that heartfelt, emotional, hopeless pleading for a while before doing the ‘thing’. And there is having an orgasm once the suffering has truly kicked in; just to show what a depraved bitch one is. And show how his extreme suffering is not an impediment in any way to one’s very relaxed pleasure.

So before beginning the application of the Linnex, or the second nettle whipping or the resumption of the thrashing, comes the eye to eye talking. Explaining in great DETAIL what one is about to do, confirming the agony that he will be feeling; then listening to that delicious pleading; and eye to eye contact is maintained throughout. When this phase has been milked for all its worth, then do the ‘thing’.

Thing done and the sub in proper agony, a leisurely session of masturbation which even if he can’t see, he can hear when the cries of ecstasy fill the room.

Two added steps to the terrible thing. Both providing clear evidence of the nature of the relationship.

When it is all over and the sub’s head hits the pillow that night, he will think back to those eye to eye moments and the rest, and he will sleep the contented sleep of a truly dominated sub who is under the TOTAL power of a very cruel bitch!

Punishment that was happening anyway

It is only a little tactic but it can increase the subjugation of your submissive for virtually zero effort.

Convert something bad that you were going to do anyway just for fun, into a punishment.

I might have already planned that, at the end of the day, I would be bringing off bitch-boy under the sole of my shoe, instead of by any more enjoyable method for him. At some point earlier in the day, like yesterday, he commits a very minor infringement. (He forgot to lay out one of the three straps I use to bind him for punishment over the dining table). My response,

‘Well I was going to give you a special orgasm with my expert hands at the end of today, but for that infringement, it’s only going to be under the sole of my shoe.’  He now links his error with punishment, so he will try harder next time,  and also he thinks of me as tyrannically harsh and strict. Two things it is so good for his submissive soul to think. (A submissive thinking his Mistress spots EVERY SINGLE infraction,, no matter how small, and excessively punishes every single infraction, will be a well subjugated submissive who will sleep a submissive, contented sleep).

Another example is if I am thinking of an especially cruel thing I will be doing later ‘for a change of pace’, such as applying Deep Heat to his clitty immediately after a stinging nettle whipping of it. He commits a very minor infraction earlier in the day, or better still, the day before. My response,

‘Well tomorrow, I was only going to give your birth defect a nettle whipping, but for that infraction I will now be applying Deep Heat to your birth-defect immediately after the nettle whipping.‘ Again, he now links his error with punishment, so he will try harder next time, and also he thinks of me as tyrannically harsh and strict. Yet, unbeknown to him, I am not going to be doing anything I was not going to do anyway!

HOWEVER, (just to complicate things), it goes without saying that while inflicting some of the nasty torments I do, or, even better, a day of two in advance of inflicting some of the nasty torments I do, I have to make clear I am doing so just because I can, and simply because I am a pitiless, sadistic bitch! Just so he is in awe of my cruelty.

So to ensure you are able to re-label some torments as punishments and some are labelled ‘just because you can’, undertake plenty of torments!


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