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Single subs making it worse

I know I am tilting at windmills here, and covering old ground. I apologise, but is there nothing that can be done about submissive males simultaneously despairing about how few dominant women there are compared to submissive men, while posting and sharing images that contribute to keeping the number of dominant women as low as it is.

Somehow the concept of Female Led Relationships, (FLR), needs to be seen as totally separate from, and completely different to, Femdom Porn. ‘Relationship’ being the key word. I will explain:

99% of vanilla women, (possibly even ‘curious’ vanilla women), do not want to wear thigh high boots, PVC or rubber, corsets, or shoes with heels more than four inches high that do not have a platform sole. These women do not want to visit a dungeon, they don’t want to use a bull-whip, they don’t want to use needles or electrics, or have a dungeon in their house. They probably don’t like the thought of their male dressed as a maid or other female character. They also do  not think women are born to rule and men are born to serve. They all know at least one woman who you would not want or trust to rule a pet hamster, let alone rule another human being; and they probably now some amazing men. They do want to know that if they did end up as the dominant partner, their male would not be weak and submissive in the vanilla times with any problems they face as a family. (I wish sub men would stop posting their memes like ‘women were born to lead, men are born to follow.’ I understand sub men truly feel this, BUT non-submissive men think its mental, as do vanilla women! It is not the case, stop writing it! I guess it would be fine to post, ‘Women are born to lead submissive males, who will worship and protect them.’)  Also, 99% of vanilla women do not look like supermodels. It does not help that so many dominatrices do.


My ranting point is that the output of the profit based femdom industry which includes dominatrices and photo and video makers, is almost all, very likely to put off vanilla women from trying dominance, even ‘curious’ ones. I do not want to criticise these industries though as they do play an important role. My criticism is how the same sub males that are despairing about how few dominant women there are, of how they can’t tempt their wife or girlfriend to try it, post and share these images and videos that put off vanilla women from having a try.

In my BDSMLR site, I do try to include many, many images of domestic FLR. I do also have a few images of dominatrices in action because I adore the featured activity in which they are partaking. But then I am not a submissive male despairing about how few dominant women there are, and my BDSMLR site is not intended to attract vanilla women to try dominance. It is simply for my pleasure. I have, with help from a few others, put together my Alternative Blog and my Manual for Beginners for the purpose of attracting vanilla women to try dominance. And produced pages on this blog as advice to sub husbands and boyfriends.

I guess I am wondering if there could be, whenever people are labelling images or videos, or writing on the internet, a clear distinction between FLR and femdom porn.

One of my favourite genres of image on BDSMLR is the ‘while doing something else’ activity. It epitomises REAL FLR. The male is at his chores, or tethered somewhere, or performing shoe worship or cunnilingus say.  And the wife/girlfriend, almost certainly dressed in vanilla-ish clothes, is watching TV, or on the phone, or reading, or sunbathing. While doing something else activity plays a big part in a FLR.  Once a vanilla woman has had a try at real domination and experiences her first REAL power-rush, things can move quickly to bullwhips and cages and all the other femdom porn paraphernalia, but we have to get them to make that first step.


I dream of there being two very distinct Femdom internet genre; Femdom porn and FLR material.

So I will now step down from my soapbox and I apologise for my rant on an unrealistic dream.


I have mentioned in the past that I like to cook and bake from time to time and I have also mentioned that bitch-boy has to get up early enough EVERY morning to return the kitchen to an immaculate state before I get up, whether I have cooked or, as is more normal, he has.  It is very enjoyable to cook and bake with no regard to clean-up afterwards, knowing you have a little kitchen slave to do that.

The other evening I was cooking for fun. When I had finished, I required bitch-boy for his vanilla company to watch a movie and then to come up to bed with me. The next morning, the kitchen greeted him looking like a bomb damaged conflict zone! And in particular, this greeted him.

Before I started cooking, the immaculately clean grill tray had been lined with aluminium foil which I had removed at the commencement of my cooking exploits, just for the subjugating effect that would have on my kitchen-slave.

He found next to the grill tray a little note on which I had written. ‘Clean this disgusting item until it shines! I removed the aluminium foil because I am a bitch and last night in bed, thinking about that, made my orgasms more intense.’


Indeed the previous night when I had summoned him to bed with me to lick me to a couple of orgasms, thinking about what a bitch I had been and how he would feel the next morning greeted by the tray and note, as well as my usual thinking about his defect all locked away and his orgasms being so scarce while mine are so frequent, my orgasms had been seriously enhanced!


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Unhappy Anniversary

I engaged in a delightful set of email exchanges with Christine M recently, firstly advising me it was an anniversary for her slave-husband David. It was imminently one year since his last orgasm. I will set out the exchange below.

If you have not been following the accounts of Christine regarding adopting a maid’s outfit for David and the development of her chastity release spreadsheet, I suggest you type ‘Christine’ into the search box at top right and a list of relevant posts will be presented.

Hi Scarlet

Well David has gone just over 12-months since his last release! The good news, for him, is that on Sunday 7 March, he will get to draw for a release using our new Chastity Release Spreadsheet. I detailed this in an email a few months ago. Sadly, from his perspective, this allows for an absolute maximum of two releases in the year, and even if the spreadsheet selects a release, it can still be ‘lost’ if he should misbehave!

I have never seen him so desperate to come. He is permanently on edge and I am so enjoying teasing him relentlessly. Given there are only two releases possible each year, he is being positively over-optimistic. He seriously talks as though he will get a release in March! I think he believes I am going to show compassion for the fact that he has been so long without a release, and ‘fix-it’ so he gets one in March. His hopes are totally misplaced, I am as dispassionate as the computer is about his ‘plight’! The soulless, machine-driven, random computer spreadsheet algorithm will be the sole determinant as to when he will get a release.

Poor dear, given I am working him harder than ever and he rarely even gets an erection, (unless he has a meeting with Nurse Linnex scheduled, Nurse L,); I guess it is understandable he should be getting so excited.

I am so looking forward to seeing his look of despondency when he draws a blank!

All the best

Christine XXXX
Hi Christine
So hot! And so much for me to empathise with.
It is over 8 weeks since bitch-boy last came and it will be many more weeks yet! Although that is trivial compared to David’s plight, given up until last spring, bitch-boy used to cum every 10 days to 2 weeks, (subject to special periods), and with my new regimen, he has only cum twice since last spring, he is beside himself with frustration! I tease him almost every day and I have two or three orgasms on approx 5 days out of 7 days a week, mostly using my wand. This includes on days when there is no DS activity. Just because I am being so cruel and it is such a bitchy power-rush, I seem to be always turned -on!
He has been so close to tears during his recent teasings as I flaunt my body and caress my beasts and special places. I think I may actually get tears to flow without touching him! What a power rush you will get when David is so disappointed.
I also empathise with your absence of compassion as I feel exactly the same. It’s powerful to feel like that! What a decadent feeling it is, when they are at their wits end like it is the end of their world, and you are totally unmoved and unsympathetic. I adore that feeling.
Can’t wait to read about the big day!
Stay safe
PS. Oh, wish David a happy anniversary from me. I wish I could send him a card.

From: Christine
Sent: 01 March 2021 02:14

I will indeed, Scarlet!
You are so right about what makes it even worse.
The total disdain and disinterest I genuinely feel, leaves him feeling even more helpless, frustrated and ‘worried’.
Please feel free to share on your site if you wish.

Hi Christine

I am so looking forward to your account of his anniversary day!




Sunday, March 7 has come and passed. Since David was so excitedly looking forward to the day’s events, I made it a very special day for him! (Which also means I have written far more than I planned!)

He awoke early and was ever so anxious to both please, and later, with doleful eyes, trembling in anticipation, timorously ask about drawing for his release, using the spreadsheet. “Is it the seventh already?” I nonchalantly responded before disdainfully advising that his draw could wait until later; making it obvious it was an unimportant,  nothing matter to me. I was glowing from his ministrations, having had several orgasms, and taking pleasure in thoughts of our contrasting lives. I delighted in rubbing it in that I had just had more orgasms in the past hour, than he would get in the next year.

I continued, by noting he was already late in starting his housework. He was then told to get dressed and made-up, and start on his chores; and to ‘be quick about it’… unless he wanted a hurry-up from my cane! He managed to move with alacrity, though he was clearly inwardly seething at the injustice he perceived in his treatment.

While he applied his make-up, I remonstrated at his self-seeking attitude, mocking his pathetic need to cum; and reminding him that it was just a useless piece of gristle he had between his legs, that I had absolutely no need for it, that it would never ever penetrate me again, nor feel the caress of my hand. It would never even feel the touch of human flesh again!

I also poked fun at him, observing that, since it had been constantly locked up, I had noticed it was shrinking. I then taunted him by advising that we should start referring to it as his ‘teeny weeny winky tinky’. He was crimson with shame and ignominy as I derided him, genuinely fearing he was shrinking. After all, he never gets to see it erect. He has always basked in a little male pride, knowing that he was slightly larger than average. So, this is a much-feared fall from grace for him!

Once he was dressed in his maid’s outfit, I laughed at his feminised state as I curtly told him that I would see if I could squeeze in a couple of minutes for his draw in the afternoon; but he would have to ask me very politely, ‘…. if he might have a chance to play with his ‘teeny weeny winky tinky’, or the draw would be cancelled until next month!

Around two o’clock, he was doing the ironing, when I stridently called him into my office. I had his computer spreadsheet program open, and my iPhone on speaker. Showing complete disinterest in him, I ordered him closer and snappily advised “I’m on the phone to my sister, but she’s fine to hold for ½ a minute while we get your draw out the way,… so, quickly,…. What do you say?” Blushing crimson and cringing in disbelief at my callous indifference for both his dignity and the importance he placed on the event, he quietly stammered, “Can I please draw to see if I can play with my teeny weeny winky tinky?

Ignoring him, I asked my sister if she had heard him. He was devastated by being so publicly shown up. “You need to speak up David;” I continued, “A nice loud voice this time or I’ll assume you’re not bothered about a release!” He swallowed hard, tears welling up, the day was not going as he had dreamed or prayed for. “Christine, can I please draw to see if I can play with my teeny weeny winky tinky? Please?” He was shaking like a leaf, burning up at being so demeaned, yet still so desperate to cum.

With the sound of my sister’s laughter ringing in his ears, I curtly advised, “Take the mouse… click Apply…. Let’s get it over and done with!” He scurried to do as he was bid, lest I change my mind. As might be expected, the message, ‘Try again next week” appeared in the results box. With complete indifference and brevity, I calmly advised, “Fun over. Back to your ironing….” and returned to my conversation with my sister.

As he dithered, frozen in shock, I stormed “NOW!” He had so expected me to fix it so he had an orgasm, that he was stunned, rooted to the spot in disbelief at being both ridiculed and denied. The colour was by now draining from his face as the realisation sank in that he was not getting a release, even though 12 months had passed since his last. My sister passed a cutting remark about his lack of manliness and shrinkage, and we both laughed uproariously. He was crushed, overwhelmed, devastated and further, humiliated by our laughter.

Crankily shaking his head, stifling his tetchiness, he slowly trudged back to the laundry. About 15 minutes later, I quietly left the office, the phone still up to my face, and glanced into the laundry. He was back at his ironing, though he was moving far too slowly and sullenly for my liking. Amusingly, his face was red and slightly blotchy from having shed a few tears, and he was clearly distraught and angry, with a morose, long-suffering set to his jaw, his frustration and disgruntlement no doubt heightened by my coldness and his feelings of isolation.

I ‘woke’ him from his self-centred, misery-filled trance by loudly instructing, “David, unless you want me to give you something to very seriously cry about, I suggest you stop wallowing in self-pity right now, set a smile on your face and put some serious effort and zest into your ironing! You’ve still got plenty to do!” Instantly, I resumed my light demeanour, chatting happily to my sister as I strolled down the hall, laughing as he was again forgotten, a brief interruption, not deserving of my further attention.

I had very deliberately planned his draw to take place during a call to my sister, not for the humiliation, but the deeper message it sent. The chance to cum had become such an extreme focus for David, it was the most important thing on his mind, in his world. I was therefore showing him just how unimportant his release was to me. It was something to be squeezed into my day and quickly gotten out the way. What he saw as an extremely special and important event, was a nothing event for me, less important than a phone call to my sister, who I speak to every day.

I left him for about an hour, by which time I knew he should be just about finished on the laundry. The ironing was his final chore for the day, (though he would need to clean up the kitchen later); so he would have been expecting to be allowed to change back to his male attire and join me for the evening. Given his poor attitude and laziness with the ironing, this was no longer going to be the case.

He was indeed down to the last few items when I entered, hauling in an industrial size laundry bag. His face dropped and he turned ashen at the stern set of my face and the sight of his bag of punishment ironing. This is full of second-hand clothes from the local charity shop. These are items that I selected for their difficulty to iron and the way they easily crease. There are lots of pleated skirts and frilly blouses. It takes him about three hours to iron everything in the bag, hence his utter dismay! Once everything is ironed and neatly folded, he has to put them on a quick wash cycle, and then through the dryer, to ensure everything is full of creases again, before being crushed back into the bag for a future punishment session.

We have three of these bags and, depending upon the time he has available, the degree of my ire with respect to his ‘misbehaviour, or simply ‘my whim of the moment’; is how many bags he gets to iron. Since today was such a special day for him, and to remind him to avoid silly displays of self-interest… I returned a few minutes later with the other two bags. His spirits visibly sank further, he looked so forlorn.

Because it is punishment ironing, and following the advice of others on your site, he has to change into a pair of high-heeled shoes in which small marbles have been firmly glued onto a sole insert. The shoes are also a size too small, making them most uncomfortable to wear. And he would be standing in them for over 9-hours! No wonder he looked abjectly heartbroken; he was certainly ‘enjoying’ a memorable day!

It was around midnight, having missed out on dinner, that he finally joined me. I then lost count of how many orgasms he gave me. I had him moisturise my body with fragrant oils, while I used my wand, showing him, I didn’t even need his tongue! Needless to say, I also constantly teased him about how I couldn’t see what he was so upset about, he’d gone over a year without coming, what was the big deal if he had to go a few weeks more, or even months?

He snuggled close that night though, after I teased his nipples in bed for a good ½ hour, driving him insane with desire and frustration. His tears of disgruntlement replaced with tears of divine frustration. He was in awe and rapture, and I feel certain that he was in a state of blissful contentment when he fell asleep spooning me.

Christine XXXX

DELIGHTFUL Partial Ignoring

One of my favourites from TUMBLR is this very brief video. I adore so much about it! I provide the GIF and I have had bitch-boy create the image below from screengrabs to depict the my favourite attributes of the GIF. Although I am always terribly cautious about getting my website banned by WordPress for showing nakedness, I thought this image is safe as no genitals are shown. Perhaps ironically on that matter, one of the assumptions I make when viewing the video is that the male is in an inescapable chastity device. bitch-boy when in his dog cage certainly always is.
















I love that the slave, or husband, or boyfriend, is naked while she is dressed in everyday clothing. I love that the video begins and ends with him all alone and totally ignored. I love it is a little used area of the home, tucked away. I love that he gets no more from her than a momentary glance and that her satisfied, mocking smile plays on her lips for only a second; then he is pretty much forgotten about again as she gets on with her day. But not completely forgotten about, oh no. If she is like me then;

……. every now and again, she will remember her chaste toy locked away, in a dog cage, lonely, bored, deeply humiliated and totally subjugated. Every now and again she will become aroused with her power-rush and feelings of decadence, bitchiness and pitilessness and she will apply her wand to herself and hope, or ensure, her screams of ecstasy, (during yet another orgasm), work their through the building to his ears.

He will think about the unfairness of how, on so many individual days, she gets more orgasms than he gets in a whole year. And she will think of him thinking that, and a new power-rush will envelop her. And she will leave him there; perhaps for many, many more hours getting her kicks, and in the knowledge that, because he is a true submissive, when all that misery is over, or even during the misery, he will be in complete awe of his mistress-wife and his souls will be filled with submissive deep contentment. He is in no doubt that he is privileged to be helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel, dominant woman and that is all that counts!

And she will exploit that for her own benefits and the perfect symbiosis will continue.


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Wonderful Femdom back in Billions??

The first Sky Atlantic  season of Billions did include some enjoyable, (mainstream helpful)  scenes of female domination, but the female domination faded away by the second season and I stopped watching the series.  But this GIF on TUMBLR, posted below, has seriously wetted my appetite to watch Billions again! Does any blog follower know which season/episode this is from? And is the Domme a new character that features often? It is so helpful when female domination is presented in the mainstream in a way that more accurately represents our community.

bdsmlr-433793-PXxgBe2EwD - Copy

I think the scene in the GIF is potentially a bit of a copy of a scene in season 1 of the great series, The Sinner, on Netflix. But I will not complain about that at all as ALL realistic mainstream  Femdom must be applauded.

A crueller style?

All I write in this post is in the context of my definition of a submissive:’A submissive cannot be wholly content unless they feel helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel dominant.

I have been in comment exchanges with Tinyman about his Mistress’s style of domination because I was intrigued by an aspect that I have never used. I wonder if others have views or relevant experiences. (The key comment exchanges are at the foot of the post.)

One aspect of my style of dominance is to be amused by, and exploit, any aspect of the degradation or physical torment of bitch-boy that results in concurrent SEXUAL arousal. I accept given his long periods of denial, forcing him to take a Cialis, and using my beautiful body visually, or skilled hands manually, it is not surprising he gets erection at times, even though nastiness is in play or on the horizon. There are lots of examples, but two that immediately come to mind are firstly when I am pressing down with my shoe on his defect while I am on the stomping stage. I love to squash it while flaccid but I love to ridicule him when he gets hard. ‘Could you be more pathetic? Getting hard while I squash your defect under the soles of my boots , and I kick it this way and that. What a little pervert you are. Woeful pervert and certainly not a real man who gets hard as a prelude to fucking.’  The second example is when I allow him to lick me, (he is VERY REVERANTIAL), with ‘foreplay’ of kissing my thighs, my stomach, my labia etc. ‘Oh such a special and rare treat for you little bitch. Getting all emotional and aroused simply from being a slave. Being used, despite you knowing you will not get any reciprocal activity in return. Pathetic!

I think this style ticks bitch-boy’s submissive boxes and leaves him in awe of me, which I want. By my response, he is in no doubt ‘….that he is helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel dominant.‘ And I get very, very enjoyable amusement when I ridicule him.

Well, Tinyman’s Mistress has another style. Any degradations or physical torments that concurrently sexually arouse Tinyman become prohibited. But Tinyman finds he is deeply affected when he REFLECTS on the pitilessness of his Mistress’s regimen, rather than becoming aroused concurrently with any act she is doing to him in real time. In this specific way, he is in no doubt ‘….that he is helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel dominant.‘ Especially cruel! And his Mistress gets great pleasure from each prohibition.

The Comments Exchange 

Dear Mistress Scarlet,

I’ll try to avoid this response meandering as much as possible. But my wife is highly dedicated to removing all forms of pleasure for me. In the early days, she created “unpleasant” punishments for me such as cleaning her sweaty feet with my tongue, armpit worship, and ingesting a lot of her spit.

However, as a sub I think I’m not alone in being very able to fetishise the conventionally unpleasant. My wife started to realise this and started to swiftly remove things I’d clearly started enjoying. This would include asking me to kneel and asking if I liked her spit. I’d reply “yes mistress” and she’d ask me to open my mouth. She’d act as though she was about to spit and would then note my erection and say “you enjoy this slave don’t you.” When I replied I did she would say “then you’re never getting it again.”

When she gets in from a run she would put her arms above her head and say “time to clean me slave.” I would lick her armpits. Then one time as I went to lick her armpits, she pulled away at the last minute. She said “you’re erect, you enjoy this, you will never touch my armpits again.”

This was likewise for feet. I;m no longer allowed to smell or kiss them. She gets me to beg but always refuses. The exception is I’m allowed to massage her feet with oil. She got me a massage course for my birthday along with a massage table so I’m now quite adept at this.

She loves to flaunt herself in front of me when naked, when she sees me swell, she simply laughs and says “never again!”

She enjoys honour based chastity as she loves me feeling the swell and frustration and also enjoys being able to see it herself

In reply to Tinyman301.

Bearing in mind my definition of a submissive being; someone wo can only be truly content when they are helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel dominant, it is an interesting and novel form of domination. As I understand it, your Domme stops using a degradation if or as soon as soon as it brings submissive arousal to the you. I am thinking this makes you contentedly submissive and in awe of her because it is sooooo cruel and you are helplessly in her power! It does beg a question though. Do you no longer endure any degradations at all?

(The usual state of affairs is the submissive truly dislikes the degradations they endure at the time of enduring them, but when they are over, helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel dominant because of being subjected to things he does not like at the time he endures them.)

Dear Mistress Scarlet

I endure degradations but ones I’m by nature not able to fetishise. I am absolutely not a “pain slut” and as such whippings etc have increased

Additionally tedium and mind numbing tasks I am not able to make into a turn on (for instance 3 hours of ironing)

Removal of all pleasurable experience and sensation is her priority. So if I suddenly make that submissive development where I learn to enjoy something previously seen as unpleasant then it is immediately taken away

Another example is using my fetish against me. I used to be made to smell her panties whilst in honour based chastity. I love the smell and even the partial release of an erection without orgasm was nice so it was stopped as an activity

However, my wife used to make me bring her to orgasm whilst she was wearing her panties. Then she would put them on my nose with the leg holes hooked over my ears and instruct me I couldn’t take them off

She immediately then fell into a post orgasm sleep whilst I lay there in a tortured aroused state but being unable to touch myself meaning I was lying there for some time unable to settle which she enjoyed asking me about the next morning

So sometimes things that give me pleasure are cruelly turned against me to further increase submissive suffering.

For info on my BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.

Visual teasing

I have mentioned I am working on an Addendum to my very popular BDSM manual. The addendum covers new activities and techniques I have come across and technology that has been developed in the 4 years since my BDSM manual was published. One small section of the Addendum No.1 is on visual teasing.  I have not  devoted many words to this topic in my BDSM Manual as I frequently stress that having a great body is totally unnecessary for creating a perfect symbiotic dominant/submissive relationship; but a good proportion of dominant women have a great body or a spectacular body part, hence this post.

So this post is for research; asking about experiences involving Dommes using their body or a specific body part, or indeed a submissive’s visual fetish, to visually tease their, locked in chastity, sexually desperate, submissive. Most males are deeply affected by visual stimulation! I am interested in experiences of Dommes or subs.

I have refined what I do as a visual tease by watching bitch-boy’s pained, frustrated reaction to things I have tried. I now use two or three specific poses and a routine where I pretend to myself that my hands belong to  a lover pressed into my back behind me, who is reaching around me and caressing my breasts and cupping and sometimes fingering my most special item. I have been close to having bitch-boy in tears with this honed and refined routine and I aim to actually have him in tears. That would be so amusing!

Slightly related to the thrust of this post, I will mention something that very much amused me I remember reading about; perhaps 25 years ago. A very dominant  older Domme, with  a very average body who married a much younger submissive, found he had a stash of Playboy magazines, purchased before he met her, and was secretly jerking off to them. She instituted a chastity regime with a waist and gusset chastity belt which was all that was available then. The submissive found himself, for the first time, suffering weeks of sexual denial which he seriously struggled to cope with. To ram home her position, once or twice a week, she would have him kneel at her feet where she sat on the sofa and she would go through his Playboy magazines, page by page, pointing out the various assets of the naked beauties, comparing beauties, asking him which he preferred, which butt and why, which breasts and why, driving him crazy with unrequited lust.

Such was her pleasure with this, punishment fits the crime, that she actually took out a postal subscription for the monthly magazine so she could bring new beauties into the punishment each month so he did not become habituated to the repeated views of the same beauties.

Prompted normally refused requests…

I have mentioned I am working on an Addendum to my very popular BDSM manual. The addendum covers new activities, techniques and technology that has arisen in the 4 years since my BDSM manual was published. Some of the Addendum is simply on the power of adding words and phrases to whatever one already does. Simple, easy and quick and can be very effective for optimising and increasing the Domme’s pleasure and increasing the effect of the domination on the submissive.

I wanted to post on one single Q&A technique I will be including in the Addendum. A technique that I have been using more and more and have in the past described my use of it in a couple of scenarios, but I have never laid it out as a technique applicable to a multitude of scenarios. I provide four examples below but there are many other occasions he hears the words, ‘Would you like to ask if you may……’

Prompted Normally Refused Requests

##  Ask him if he would like to ask to do x.

##  He asks.

##  (The majority of times) you say no.

##  You ask what he has to say.

##  As he knows he must, he says, ‘Thank you Mistress’.

Example 1

I have bathed, I am perfumed, I am naked but for platform mules and a gold waist chain. I sit back on the sofa, thighs splayed wide apart. He looks at me, in awe and drowning in his deep, gnawing sexual frustration, I speak. ‘Would you like to ask if you can lick me puppet?’ There is hope and joy in his eyes; but also uneasy apprehension.  (He so wants to put his lips to my inner thighs, my flat stomach, my protruding hip bones, my soft, shaved labia. When he is allowed to do so, he is in a heaven of pleasure, acting like a slow-motion drug addict injecting his heroin after a long, long abstinence.)

He asks. ‘Please may I lick you Mistress?’ Four times out of five, I answer, ‘No you may not.’  I enjoy the hurt on his face while I speak again. What do you say?‘ He answers full of sadness and humiliation, ‘Thank you Mistress.

Example 2

I am getting changed; and often while naked I take the opportunity to torture my poor sexually denied puppet. I slip on my platform mules and call him to me and I start the series of poses that I know send him insane! He whimpers and pleads that he can’t take anymore and is deeply emotional. Once I have exhausted my posing and,  he has by then normally dropped to his knees and is alternating between kissing my feet and pleading to be allowed sexual relief, I have kneel up and quite close to me. There is a significance ladder I employ at this point. The significance ladder order is. First – my flat stomach. Second – my thighs. Third – my butt. Fourth – my breasts. Fifth my cunt.

I ask him if he would like to ask if he can stroke my stomach, (the bottom rung of the ladder). In order that I can raise his hopes every time I go through this, I sometimes, (say once every ten times), allow him to do all but the final rung of everything I have asked. Normally though I say NO, long before he gets near the top rung of the significance ladder. A full explanation of this follows.

The likelihood of allowing him after he asks is approximately:

First –      my flat stomach. 95%. Second – my thighs. 75%. Third –    my butt. 20%. Fourth – my breasts. 5%. Fifth –  my cunt. 0%

Once I have rejected a request, anything further up the significance ladder is denied him.

Would you like to ask if you can stroke the soft skin of my amazing, athletic, flat stomach puppet?’ Of course, he answers yes, and so he asks. I usually allow this as it definitely makes the tease worse for him. (Sometimes though I will say no.  ‘No maggot! No touching me at all today. It’s a look-but-don’t-touch day. Just because I can.’)

Normally, after a few minutes of him reverentially stroking my flat stomach, like it is a solid gold rare and precious artifact, and he is the luckiest male on the planet, I ask my next question.

Would you like to ask if you may stroke my long, firm thighs now puppet?’ Of course, he answers yes and he reverentially asks if he may. I generally allow this. Sometimes though I will say no.  (No maggot! Just my stomach today. That’s easily spoiling you enough.’) Then normally, after a few minutes of him reverentially stroking my thighs, I ask my next question.

Would you like to ask to caress my butt puppet?’ Of course, he answers yes and he asks. I don’t often allow this, so the answer is usually, ‘No maggot! You’re a slave. You don’t get such treats even though it would be so easy for me to allow you wouldn’t it. It wouldn’t cost me anything and it would be such a treat for you. But I am a heartless bitch and a sadist aren’t I. So the answer is no. Back to your chores.’ 

At whichever rung I have said, ‘No’, I ask him what he has to say. And of course, he has to say. ‘Thank you Mistress.’ 

Example 3

You can ask about something for which the answer will always be no.

‘Oh, bitch-boy, my cunt is sooooo wet. Would you like to ask if you can put a finger inside me? (Inside my hot, tight, wet cunt)’ Although he is 99.999999999999999999% certain I will not allow it, he so wants that microscopically, wafer-thin chance to materialise, so he deferentially asks, ‘Please may I be allowed to put my finger inside you Mistress.’ My tone is scornful and mocking when I reply. ‘Of course, you may not you ridiculous creature! No part of your body ever gets to penetrate me does it, and never, ever will.’  Then comes the cherry on the cake; the coup de grace, ‘What do you say?’ He is deeply humbled and dejected as he answers, ‘Thank you Mistress.’

 Example 4

Whenever I want bitch-boy to do chores of any sort in the kitchen, I have a routine I follow and he has been trained to always play his part, as follows: To begin with he must fetch his see-thru plastic apron, and his Disney princess, strap-on pacifier. I tie his apron into place. Then he knows, before I padlock his pacifier-on-a-strap into his mouth, he must ask, ‘Please may I listen to the radio Mistress.’ It is a rule he must always ask this. I always answer, ‘No you may not!’ Then I ask him, ‘What do you say?‘ He always looks so hurt and sad as he answers, ‘Thank you Mistress.’ Despite that I must have gone through this routine with him over a thousand times over the years, I never fail to get a delicious little thrill of power and bitchiness, and I am very sure he always feels an affecting stab of unfairness and submission.

Butt plugs, gags and spacer bars

Brigite commented on the most recent post from Corrine which I felt appropriate to be part of this blog post. (Brigite’s comment is at the foot of this post).

(I will also mention, in rsponse to a request, that I have also grouped all of Corrine’s contributions under the tab, Domme’s letters. Hover over the tab to see the contents.)

Like Brigite and Corrine, I too like to have to have my puppet plugged both ends during various scenarios, including doing chores. And of course in his chastity cage. My preference for a butt plug is an inflatable one, (more on that later), and for a gag either inflatable, or a 5 inch dildo type.

I don’t know if other Dommes feel the same as I do, but a lovely warm glow of power ignites in me, seeing my puppet walking or sitting, looking like he is in minimal bondage, but I know, out of sight there is a dildo gag down his throat, an inflatable dildo deep in his butt and a chastity cage encasing his birth defect. There is just something so ‘complete’ about that trio and it all being hidden away that somehow makes it very amusing and neat and cruel.

I do wonder if I could be helped though with the sourcing of an inflatable butt plug exactly to my requirements.









I cannot seem to find a butt plug with a sturdy base plate and most importantly, one where the narrow portion DOES NOT inflate. I have bought several and in each case the narrow portion inflates, so the limit to inflation inside bitch-boy  is set by how much he can take of the inflation of the narrow portion. And just to be clear, I do not want to stretch him there. What I want is to have him feeling the length and width right inside him growing and growing.

Anyway enough on my ‘issues’. Below is the comment on Corrine’s post  from Brigite:


Thank you M Scarlet and Corinne for this interesting testimony of practices that are also my favorites. Making my sub’s life miserable is one of the most fun things I know. I present to you a small anthology of my practices. I have almost the same practices as Corrine, with a few variations.

I rarely use a ball or dildo gag, I’m afraid he’ll choke on it, so I prefer rings or dental gags.
As for the fetters, sometimes I swap the chains Corrine uses with long bars with various length  combinations. I also like to tie a hand to his back, or tape his thumbs.

I also like chained dumbbells (i did not find iron balls) on her wrists and ankles which makes her job very tiring and risky because the dumbbells can swing and break things. Imagine how tiring and risky it is to raise your arms to wash the windows with dumbbells (from 2 to 5 kg) which swing from the wrists .

For the shoes, I totally approve of Corrine’s options, I just regret that you cannot use the ballet boots, poor cucu tell’s me its a real torture. A little idea you may have had is to have him wear a flat shoe on one foot and a high heel on the other, this makes the walk very amusing for me.

To make her cleaning painful, I use a spiked and weighted parachute around her balls.
Another technique I use is to reduce his field of vision using blinkers which makes his vision even more difficult.

The ultimate goal being to make his work humiliating, painful and exhausting for my greatest pleasure. I love your idea of the heavy iron with no steam, I’ll try to find one. Is it electric Corrine?

Kisses Brigite

One thing I will mention Brigite, is wrist and ankle weights, ideally with some bells attached. There is no swinging of the weight, which would have me worrying something precious could get broken. But there remains the extra fatigue.


For info on my BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.