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BDSM manual

A lovely snippet of generous praise for my: Gratifying Domination – Submissive Contentment Manual. ………………………….  And “A Guidance Manual” is the best work I have read on this diverse multi-faceted topic.   THIS LINK TO PURCHASE

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Maximising the effect on the submissive

I am interested in comments from true submissives on the following: (I define true submissives as those who recognised their submissiveness before they reached puberty; before the age of say 11, and who have desired domination ever since.) Recent experiences … Continue reading

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More Pain, by Accident

There is an issue of a little complexity about dealing with pain caused to your sub by accident, or by your clumsiness while dominating. Firstly, I believe that subs want to have the image of their Domme as living breathing … Continue reading

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