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Miss Anne’s, worm’s and mother-in law’s – lockdown life. Pt 1.

Another update from the wonderful Miss Anne. This is a link to the last post that featured Anne. And another link to the post before that. What follows next is part 1 of her account:


For 6 months now I have been living in strict lockdown with my beloved mother and my slave-husband, “worm”, in a single-family house that provides perfect privacy. In this private environment, I can enjoy many BDSM activities with my slave during the day and at night. The power and control over the slave have become tighter and I really wonder where he finds the stamina and courage to endure this highly unforgiving, pitiless and humiliating daily routine.

It is clear that what dear Ms. Scarlet often blogs about is true, the more severe, harsh, and unforgiving I become towards him, the more awe he feels for me, the greater becomes his submission and blind obedience to my cruel will and whims. Allow me to review since I haven’t blogged about my life and experience with the slave in a while. Of course, he always wears a tight and short chastity belt that really limits his ability to get an erection to a minimum, and to put it elegantly it is a totally uncomfortable cage for his cock.

His last orgasm was in January 2020. Yes, you read that right ha-ha, the poor boy hasn’t emptied his swollen and aching balls in 15 months. No ruined orgasm, no prostate milking, no other drainage for his balls. Just constant and relentless teasing for the slave, he hasn’t even experienced an erection in all that time. If it gives him any pleasure, the only pleasure is to remove his chastity belt for 5-10 minutes at the end of each month, provided he is extremely obedient, humble, hardworking, and demonstrates exemplary behavior suitable for a slave for the entire month. When the chastity belt comes off, his hands are tied behind his back, I place an ice cube bag around his testicles, and in this way, I prevent any erection, hence any pleasure he might feel.

For him of course, even so, even for 5 minutes without the chastity belt is 5 minutes in comfort and bliss. Poor little slave… How can he take such abuse? How can he stand to live in this misery? Is the mind and soul of a submissive man an abyss after all or is it not? I sense and have discussed it with him and he confirms that he would not change this life for all the gold, luxuries, and comforts of the world!

Another aspect I want to raise is this. I don’t know what is in place in your countries and how married men think. In my country, most married men often complain or curse or hate their mothers-in-law and think that they stand in the way of their happiness and a harmonious marriage and that they influence their wives. This is not the case with my husband. I swear, you will not find another man in the whole world who adores his mother-in-law so much, so incredibly and indescribably! Ha-ha-ha-ha! You will not find another man who obeys his mother-in-law so blindly. You will not find another man who takes such great and good care of his mother-in-law. You will not find another man who shudders in fear when his mother-in-law simply pouts or much more raises her tone of voice; ha-ha.

Of course, my mother also takes good care of the needs of her son-in-law and slave. There isn’t a day that she doesn’t impose educational punishments, various humiliating tasks, and instructions, advice, and orders.

We are a happy family living in perfect harmony, without friction and quarrels. All this would not be possible if we did not live in an FLR marriage. I am lucky and grateful to my slave who introduced me to this wonderful life and believe me: I would never go back to my previous life, I could not last an hour in a vanilla relationship.

I once again express my thanks to Ms. Scarlet and all the wonderful dominant women on this blog and to some kind and conscientious subs and slaves who participate here and with their writings have helped me to strengthen and deepen my dominance over my slave. As I am not fluent in the English language, I am not able to write long messages. This takes up a lot of my time and energy. If there is interest I could continue, describing some moments from our daily life in lockdown.

NOTE: My mother is 20 years senior to the slave. The life I describe is real and not a fiction story. That means there is no sexual service of any kind from the slave to my mother. I would not allow, nor would she tolerate, such a thing.

Of course, it is an intimate relationship as the slave performs maid duties in my house giving her body and feet massage, take care of her feet and hands, comb her hair, and similar maid services. He helps her to take her bath and in dressing her but the slave is always blindfolded in these situations. When he lived with us only as a slave, before we were married, I speculate that there may have been more intimacy between them, I never asked or discussed this with my mother for obvious reasons.

My mother, despite her age, is still a charming woman, but clearly an elderly woman. I don’t know if the slave finds her attractive or not, I don’t care, and nor does it matter.
He is a slave and will serve her to the last moment of her life.

Making Comments on this post: Comments do not appear on my blog until I have moderated them. Comments that insult anyone will not be published, nor will aggressive comments. A wide range of views is truly welcome, we all have things to learn, however comments will not be published that take a contrary or critical view to any aspect of the post, but fail to explain why this contrary view is held, or fail to address the reasoning set out in the post to which the comment relates. (Such unexplained comments are simply boring.)

Plenty of submissives?

I read a post on Facebook from a very good lifestyle Mistress but it did not sit well with me.

It seemed she had made an offer to the submissive males, all we such women are contacted by, who contact us to plead to serve us in ANY way and wish to suffer the most amazing things. Her offer was that they could be domestic cleaners for her and mostly her friends. Only one male took up the offer and succeeded for, I think, three months. I got the impression there was no coercion involved, and no punishment for inadequate performance. The offer was basically to be a cleaner.

The lifestyle Mistress took from this test of the males that there are not, as I and others often claim, many, many more submissive males than dominant females. And in fact, it is the other way around. I gave this some thought and I had to reject her conclusion.

I believe that submissives, to gain contentment, must feel that they are helplessly in the control of another and enduring things they do not really like. I think in her test, the males could volunteer of their own freewill, leave the test anytime of their own freewill and were free to clean to a standard they themselves felt to be adequate.

So, despite doing something tedious, I could not see that the submissives would ever feel that they are helplessly in the control of another, and enduring things they do not really like at all  – BECAUSE OF THAT HELPLESSNESS.

So on reflection, although this is one very fine lifestyle Mistress, I have to reject her test as a valid way to establish the ratio of submissive men to dominant women.

I imagine if say, the work was inspected on a random basis and punishment for imperfection was meted out, linked with a promise of more substantial slavery in the future, then she may have had more volunteers.

I also imagine if say, blackmail material was required of the subs and once engaged in the role they could NEVER leave that role unless the mistress agreed they could leave it, then she may have had more volunteers. Volunteers who would have felt helplessly in the control of another and probably regretted what they had wished for!

I must point out of course that blackmail is a criminal offense and I do not condone it. :-)

And then there is the very large number of well paid and busy professional dominatrix. A very considerable client base who are unable to find a dominant woman of their own.


For info on my BDSM manual, click on an image below.


The Sinner and Slutever / S**tever

A series on Netflix at the moment, The Sinner, (which is pretty good), has a few minutes in most episodes of VERY ACCRATELEY DEPICTED, sadistic female domination and submissive male addiction to that. Especially in the first two episodes. I think it may be the most accurately depicted I have ever seen in a mainstream TV programme or movie.

The housewife sadist in The Sinner is played by the actress Meredith Holzman and wow! she captures sadistic dominance with serious realism. I wondered about her real life personality! It got me to thinking, are there any mainstream contenders I might not know about? I recall an episode of Sherlock Homes, Series 2, – The Iceman, The Virgin and The Dominatrix, in which Irene Adler does a fantastic job playing the dominatrix, but this does not really compare with the scenes in the episodes of The Sinner.

An astute blog follower has also advised me of a programme which is on Vice in the UK, perhaps also on a Channel 4 channel, called Slutever. I have only seen episode 1 so far.

It is a documentary and I  felt the motivations of submissives was very poorly described. Even by some submissives in the programme who seemed to fail to understand their own deepest motivations; but this is normal for many humans. A lifestyle dominant sadist in the programme is however breath-taking in her dominance and unashamed sadism. I look forward to episode 2.  A point to note if you seek out the programme is that some platforms  seem to coyly label the programme, ‘S**tever’. The word,’ slut’ apparently being too offensive to have on the screen menu!

Can anyone suggest other mainstream contenders to compete with the brief scenes in the early episodes of The Sinner?



Maximising the effect on the submissive

I am interested in comments from true submissives on the following: (I define true submissives as those who recognised their submissiveness before they reached puberty; before the age of say 11, and who have desired domination ever since.)

Recent experiences and some reading lead me to be convinced that the submissive’s PERCEPTION of the dominant’s cruelty is key to maximising effect. I highlight perception because it is more important than the cruelty itself. I stress cruelty is TAKING PLEASURE in inflicting discomfort. To give a real example:

On any full-on domination day, bitch-boy will find himself in total sensory deprivation bondage (TSDB) for between one hour and six hours. (Up to six hours if I have a female submissive here for using and abusing).

I could simply put him into the bondage and then eventually release him without talking about what I get out of it. The TSDB would effect his submissive soul a fair amount and he would probably make assumptions about what I get from it. But the effect can be increased 100 fold if I advise him that I adore getting on with whatever I want while he is in TSDB. That it turns me on. That I love thinking about my power and decadence and his misery during the TSDB. That I love causing him to be so miserable. Having spoken these words, he is now CRYSTAL CLEAR that I am being cruel to him during all future sessions of TSDB. (I am being a sadist.)

Even if administering a punishment, (see previous post), I now make sure I am clear on my pleasure. I am likely to use words with the effect of the following, during my leisurely, extensive punishment session:

‘Poor bitch-boy. I do enjoy causing you pain like this. I will never get bored of doing so. IT TURNS ME ON and I get a lovely power rush. Obviously even if I did not enjoy it, you would still be enduring punishment, because you committed an infraction and all infractions must be punished. But I do enjoy it, so it’s a lovely win-win. Deserved punishment for you, to deter infractions; and pleasure for me while punishing you. While hurting you. And this is your life now and forever. There is no escape. You are my puppet and I will never let you go or become less cruel.’

As I set out in my published manual, my theory is that true submissives need to feel helplessly under the power of another to sleep well and feel contented. So while a bossy, overbearing person who is a control freak may produce some submissive satisfaction, they will not produce the contentment that a bossy and CRUEL person will.  Why? My theory is that being subject to simple bossy control does not infer as much helplessness as being subjected to wanton, unnecessary physical or mental discomfort; because wanton unnecessary physical or mental discomfort infers, or even requires, even more power; even more helplessness. (Not an easy phenomenon to describe!)

I therefore suggest, if you are a dominant, you make absolutely clear the pleasure you get from each and every slice of adversity to which you subject your submissive. You can’t be shy about being cruel, about being a sadist. You must be bold about this. Make sure some adversity is simply for your pleasure and nothing more. Your submissive will be further in awe of you if you do. Your submissive will feel even more helplessly under your power.

Do true submissives agree with me?

Submissive by parasite

I read a fascinating news item this week. Many humans are made submissive by being infected, for life, with a parasite of cats, Toxoplasma gondii. In a nutshell, when this parasite infects mice in nature it causes the mice to go towards what they fear – prey animals like cats. They get a hit of dopamine (the pleasure chemical), when moving towards what the fear and what induces helplessness. So the cats get food and the parasite of the cats gets plenty of future well fed hosts.

I immediately imagined a fantasy world where all males were purposely infected when young, so as to be submissive to females throughout their lives. Would that be a bad thing??? I wonder how many submissives in the world  had cats when children?

My published journals here.

Domination Manual – decisions

Given the comments I have received, I have decided to write a manual. I received one suggestion which was on a topic I continue to struggle with. Should there be two manuals – one for beginners and one for the experienced. Otherwise, if a single manual is for both beginners and those with experience, will ‘extreme’ sections of it scare the beginners away from domination, and sections for beginners bore the experienced?

Well although two manuals sounds like a great idea in theory, I have tried it and I have found it does not work in practice. For two reasons:

Firstly, activities from the mild to the ‘extreme’ run on a spectrum At what point on this spectrum can one draw a line and say everything to the left is for beginners and everything on the right is for the experienced. Clearly there is no obvious or practical demarcation line on this spectrum.

Secondly, I have met a few ‘beginners’ with very bold personalities and a voracious hunger for life experiences. A bit like extreme sports addicts but there focus comes to BDSM. These type of people can count as beginners but quickly need to move to more ‘extreme’ activities.

So, I am working on how to structure or sign post my single manual so that ‘extreme’ sections of it will not scare the beginners away from domination, and sections for beginners can be skipped  by the experienced, so as not to bore them.

On a related topic, I would be grateful for additions to my list of fetish items/objects. Wool, leather, high heeled shoes or boots, flat heeled shoes or boots, a pony tail,  hair tied back, tight clothing, long finger nails, bare feet, shaved genitalia, heavy make-up or lipstick, anklets, body chains, corsets, balloons, fur, satin.


Time-lock box use

I received this comment on Fetlife. I thought his use of a Time-lock box (mentioned at the end of his comment) was very amusing!

Just to say, found you blog online the other day, loved it. I’m now working my way through your kindle books. I think they are great, even if some things scare me; nettles especially, canes, sitting on Coir matting and the funnel gags to say the very least.

I have to say, reading you blog and books have helped me to think more about my submissive side. I’ve always thought of myself as more of a switch but after reading your book I see a lot of things that I have in common with bitch boy. I really connected when you mentioned how he made sure you were nice and warm in the pub and how he makes you the centre of his world. I realised that I have always been like that, but just thought of myself as being polite.

But actually thinking about it, in past relationships I have always enjoyed making their last easier, whether it was ironing my girlfriend’s clothes for her when she was at work, cleaning her flat, wanting to satisfy her first, making her breakfast in bed. I thought this was just how you should behave to the one you love, however, now I realise I was just expressing my submissiveness.

Just like to thank you for taking the time to write your blog and create your kindle books (far too distracting when I’m meant to be studying – I actually ordered one of those Timelock safes to put my tablet in the other day because of your books!!).