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Innocent Images (2)

It seems fun to post some more following my last such post on 28 March 2020. Not everyone got the final image on my last post. But many did. (A  hot wife getting ready to go out on her date, from the POV of her sexually desperate and denied, cuckolded husband-slave; kept in 24/7/365 chastity.)

Images like these I hope invoke BDSM femdom thoughts in us, while a vanilla person would see nothing to do with serious eroticism. Obviously bitch-boy’s sexual desperation is made worse as he produces these images to my specification, as does his curation of my BDSMLR site, also to my specification. Poor puppet!

The first six of these images are a slave’s POV on a very favourite pastime of mine. I dedicated a post to Partial Ignoring in 2017. You may wish to read this 2017 post if you have not before.

















































For info on my own BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.









Experiences of 24/7/365 caged males

By cages I mean chastity cages and this post is a follow up to my post on the 27th April. On the 27th, I posted about how the 1st May would be the one month anniversary since bitch-boy was last out of his double padlocked chastity cage and had an erection. (He did not get any sexual release that last day out of his cage. That was a week or so before that.)

There were several comments on my last post which I imagine many of you did not read. Posts detailing the experiences of males and Dommes involved in such a 24/7/365 cage regime. (I understand many of you do not read comments because there is no threshold day on which all comments on a post might have been made. I sometimes get an interesting comment on a post several months after the post was published! A shortcoming of the blogging platform for blog followers.)

First I will give you the results of my interrogation with bitch-boy on how he has felt during the month and how he feels today. (I have edited it somewhat.)

I feel on edge thinking about the future because I fear Mistress Scarlet adores the regime so much, she may make it permanent. But although the risk result would be appalling, I think the risk chances are very low as Mistress knows, I know, that she adores very, very much indeed – dickie-discipline applied to my hard on. The lock down has meant the few occasions of several hours  each week that I would not be in chastity, (although monitored), for various reasons, do not occur. I have been locked inside the cage 24 hours of every day.

Day to day, moment to moment, I feel like my penis has been removed. I feel just as Mistress wants me to feel, because the truth I have to accept is – Mistress has absolutely zero interest in my penis other than in torturing it. There can be no imagining anything different. I can see Mistress’s  cruel and deep satisfaction seeing the cage when I am naked. I can see Mistress’s sense of absolute ownership of me. Like I am a piece of farmyard livestock she owns and fetters as she wishes.

When I am given the privilege of licking Mistress to orgasm I am presented with Mistress’s beautiful, amazing body, that image is combined by the communication in her expression, that Mistress is amused by my new cockless status and has zero guilt or pity. All the sensory inputs leave me feeling the very deepest submissive feelings as I set about my privilege and duty. 

Such is the sense of utter helplessness and loss of freedom and of profound constraint from NEVER having an erection that, given the choice between never being free of the cage, or being free, only for my penis to be tortured, I would choose the latter.


That is his collection of feelings. It is true to say I am VERY CONFLICTED now. Having accrued a month I feel it would be such a shame to waste all those consecutive days. Knowing every extra day or week keeps the period going, keeps his and my intensity of feeling at an affecting high. Whereas one day of his birth defect out of the cage, or even an hour out and then back in, means, really, it is all back to day 1. The whole accrued period is lost. But as I mentioned in my previous post, of 27 April, and as he knows, I really miss holding that rock hard object in one hand and abusing it in various ways, or stomping on it under the sole of my shoes. WHAT A DILEMMA! Perhaps  I could/should maintain the regime to the end of the lock down, but that could be weeks or months and is arbitrary in relation to my pros and cons.


Comments from blog readers

3 years for Sissy Devina

Congrats! It’s day 1035 for me :))))      By now it’s become very much routine. Once the mental barrier was broken that I simply didn’t need to cum any longer and that Lady Diva Cane’s satisfaction and pride in my devotion was more important and more rewarding, the urges to revert to the filthy male habits slowly dissolved. Some days I am in full lockdown, others it’s simply mental. I supplement daily with high doses of Shecock images and TGirls, and even now experience only semi turgid responses from my sissy-clit. Sissy leaks are the way my body clears itself of certain fluids, and lately the mental stimulations have almost resulted in what could be best described as an almost Womanly like mental orgasm which has caused involuntary twitching of my sissy-clit, but as of yet not a wet one. It’s been a fascinating journey as 3 years is on the horizon.


Half way through a 90 day lock-up for sissy Martha

Dear Ms Scarlet,
When Mistress Linda put me in chastity the first thing I missed was the erection. I love to get an erection, to feel it swell, to just know I can get one. There is nothing more manly than an erection, big, intimidating, strong. After a week or so without an erection I no longer feel like a man. I may be male but I become non man. Mistress Linda knows this and reinforces this with clothing requirements and grooming. Mistress shares my situation with trusted friends the humiliation and embarrassment of not having erections adds to my non man status at home.
I have been in chastity for 47 days of a 90 day sentence.


A comment from the wonderful Miss Anne

Hi Scarlet
Very nice topic and let me share my own experience.
At first as gepetto wrote, for a man it is a torment to denied to touch his useless birth defect. For a reason I can’t understand all males from their childhood touch and play with it and as they grown up older, believe their penis is worthy for affection and priceless lol.
Touching of his small piece of meat is strictly forbidden to my slave. I didn’t notice any harm in his brain or lack of focussing to my needs and his tasks.
Back to the topic again.
I firmly believe that touching, play, edge and eventually deny the slave is somehow pleasurable for him. He gets pleasure even if there is no ejaculation at the end. Of course it is also a pure torment to him.
At my home and slavery regime his erection is listed as a reward in my list of rules. This way the past few years he maybe is rewarded a few minutes out of chastity and at the same time touching to edge, every month, provided that he behaves and works hard.
He of course must beg for this great reward.
In my list the highest reward is orgasm, then milking, then erection, touching and last be out of the cage for a little.
What did I notice after the first months of denying him the erection?
Well it gave him one more motivation to work harder for my easier life and behave accordingly to his status.
In his mind the erection became a new target, a new goal in his every day life. So he has been more docile, subjugated to earn an erection as he must earn the milking and the orgasms.
The ironical thing is his current status itself. He became a slave to serve in order to get pleasure emotionally and physically. I am sure he gets a lot of submissive emotional pleasure but I don’t think he physically gets the pleasure he had in his mind. But as you have written again and again he was in pure awe and adoration of me when I announced my new rule to forbid even his erections…
Good boy…


Finally in one comment I was pointed to this blog, A Dominant Wife, purportedly written by a woman who follows the 24/7/365 regime for her husband. With a quick scan of the blog I failed to find details of her regime. But the blog may be of interest to you all. It seems very well written and I will spend longer on it myself.


Below I provide details of my new guide for beginner Dommes. Linked to my alternative blog and, possibly unique, as it is specifically written to avoid frightening a vanilla wife or girlfriend away from trying an FLR relationship.


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One month caged 24/7

The lock-down is an opportunity for some experiments. One experiment has had me take advantage of the fact I am no longer leaving the house for lunches with friends, yoga, clothes-and-shoes shopping, etc.  An experiment of consecutive long days of humiliation / tedium. I am working on the long journal entry on that three day experiment for a Journal I will publish in a few months. (No. 17).

Another experiment which is the point of this post. On the 1st May, it will be the one month anniversary of a second experiment. On that date it will be one month since bitch-boy last had a full erection. He has been double padlocked in his chastity cage since 3rd April. (He has not had an orgasm since 28 March. But the experiment is not about orgasms it is about erections.  (The gaps between the bars of the cage are wide enough for him to clean himself without its removal. And he can even do a pretty good job of shaving his crotch and balls.)

He normally gets to have an erection, even if there is no orgasm, every time we have a full-on domination day. I love to play-with-his-boy’s-bits on the sofa for at least an hour on a domination day. He is edged and rock hard the whole time.  I love to use the stinging nettles and use ruler smacking on his rock hard erection when indulging in dickie-discipline. But for the experiment I have, at great personal cost to me, foregone these pleasures! Yes, I have had to make terrible sacrifices! (As I commented in the previous post, there is something difficult to describe that is so arousing and erotic when tormenting the birth defect when it is remaining rock hard. He might be whimpering and pleading, but his defect remains hard and strains at inviting more torment.)

The effect on bitch-boy has been quite devastating it seems. I tease him at least once most days and his birth defect strains against the bars but is nowhere near fully hard. I have orgasms just about every day most often using his tongue. He actually feels I literally own that part of his body. I guess I do. It is attached to him but owned by me! And as its owner I have decided, on a whim, it does not get to be hard. I am sure he actually misses being edged for an hour or more and perhaps even misses being hard as part of dickie-discipline.

The inequity of my frequent, languorous orgasms and him never being out of the cage, even for a moment, is subjugating him in quite a profound way. I get the most wonderful feeling of power and especially ownership, every time I see him naked. It is arousing and deeply satisfying. I feel contented, depraved and pitiless, and absolutely powerful.

I will probably end the experiment not long after the one moth anniversary so I can indulge in the pleasures I have been missing out on, but if I do, that little birth defect may well find itself 24/7 caged for another month, or more.


My 16th journal –  LINK



While doing something else

What was one of my favourite site themes on Tumblr has now appeared on BDSMLR, I am so pleased to say.  while-doing-something-else.  bitch-boy informed me he found it while he was doing his BDSMLR tease chore as he knew the theme is in my top 3.

It so sums up, I think other Dommes will agree, the atmosphere of REAL LIFE, long term, live-together,  Domme/sub relationships. So much time is spent with the Domme enjoying whatever she wants, excluding the sub, while the sub toils  in the background on chores somewhere or toils between her thighs, or while she sunbathes, or he is a foot-rest, or his face is a seat. Particularly while the Domme is; applying make-up, drying/fixing hair, talking on the telephone, watching TV, reading a book or magazine, eating a meal, doing one’s nails, on social media, engaged in a pleasant craft activity, chatting to a visiting female guest, ‘who is in the know’.

I have of course had bitch-boy re-blog many of the images to my BDSMLR site.

So different to the majority of Femdom images on the net where the Domme (usally a professional dominatrix), is having to focus all her attention on the male sub. Not that I have a problem with the dominatrix profession. Wonderful women!

Obviously I have to ignore the images of fucking and cock-sucking and male climaxes on this site. A girl can’t have everything!

On the topic of my BDSMLR site I now have 4,800 followers. Nowhere near the 20,000 on my old Tumblr site, but it grows steadily which I adore. I adore because so many people share the REAL LIFE tastes I have.

Almost no PVC or latex, or warehouses or dungeons or abandoned buildings. Domestic scenarios in the main, and only the women getting the pleasure and the thrills. Of course the males getting their submissive contentment when their head hits the pillow every night, even if there is little or no sexual satisfaction in their lives.

Teasing Speech Vignette

An almost non-DS day yesterday for various reasons of domestic trivia. Over three weeks since bitch-boy last came though. So, so sexually desperate. Not out of his cage for one second of those three weeks. (His current cage allows for satisfactory hygienic cleaning without the cage being removed.)

In my bedroom I was dressing. I pulled on a thin, SKIN TIGHT pair of Yoga leggings; extreme camel-toe. They fit every part of my body like a second skin. I sat on my bed to pull up the leggings. My six inch heeled platform mules were on the floor at my bedside as they always are. So were my Ugg boot slippers. I smiled to myself as I put on the mules!

Wearing nothing but my SKIN TIGHT leggings and high heeled mules, I went to bitch-boy who I knew was at the desk-top PC sourcing and ordering non-food essentials I had listed.

I approached him, my hands already at the back of my neck and my exposed breasts thrust forward a little. He saw me and in an instant miserable pain and unrequited desire filled his face. The miserable pain of deep, gnawing sexual frustration. And UNREQUITED desire obviously.

‘Am I making you all desperate again bitch-boy. Such a provocative outfit isn’t it; only half dressed for the day.‘ I thrust out a hip, then the other, I slowly circled 360 degrees and ran my hands over my butt when it was thrust toward him. I moved very close to him and cupped by breasts and smoothed my hands down to my camel-toe. Then they came to rest on the backs of my hips, my breasts and hips jutting forward again. I watched his ardent, tortured eyes roam all round my body; each new area of scenery a new torture. Why does he torture himself so? Silly ridiculous males; helpless to evolution’s drives and hormones. My flat stomach was inches from his face now. I felt totally powerful and totally cruel.

‘You can touch me if you like.’  He put the flat of his hand to my stomach; reverentially and sensually.

‘You can stroke me. All the way up to just below my breasts and all the way down to just above my cunt.‘ He began to do so. Seriously torturing himself now! My so very soft, frequently and expensively, moisturised skin, athletically taut across my stomach muscles and ribs.

‘But you don’t get to touch my breasts or my cunt with your hands do you. You NEVER get to do that do you. Like you never get to fuck this amazing body. No bitch. Only my lovers get to touch my breasts and my cunt with their hands, don’t they.‘ He continued stroking in the areas allowed and he sighed emotionally and seemed close to tears even. I allowed him to torture himself for a while longer. I smiled broadly. I felt like a goddess being deferentially worshipped by a loyal, respectful devotee. This submissive creature that I OWN! That I can torture for my amusement. Then I stood back.

‘Get on with your chore bitch.‘ I turned and walked away making sure each foot landed on my centre line so my hips swung provocatively. He would be watching me sashay away, no doubt!

Back in my bedroom I used my massager wand. The only sound in the quiet house. Soon, my cries of orgasm reaching into every corner of the house. I did not go back to him. I felt utterly contented and a totally powerful, utter bitch!  I went off to the sitting room to read.

A typical ten minutes in my life at home.





My naked body?

I was fascinated to see this image as the woman has a body almost  identical to mine, even down to the style of my Brazilian strip! There are so very many ways women’s bodies can differ, but there are only the very tiniest differences between she and I. Perhaps her breasts are a tiny bit larger, and my stomach has slightly better defined musculature, and the space between my thighs is a little larger, but the likeness is amazing. The tiny waist, the size and shape of the Brazilian strip, the flat stomach, the slim arms …………………..

And the caption is very, very close to the sort of speech I make while naked and ‘fiddling’ with my hair behind my head in front of bitch-boy, (almost every day, often more than once). Except poor bitch-boy did not ever ask for chastity. Chastity was my idea. My imposition! And his orgasms are RARE!

I do not identify this image to show off in any way and I know many males much prefer a fuller figure anyway. But for those males that do prefer a figure like mine, as bitch-boy does, you will be able to empathise with the extent of his sexual frustration as I walk about almost naked, often in 6 inch heeled platform mules and nothing else!

And on the same BDSMLR site, there is also this image. Has someone been reading my more recent journals? Perhaps, my accounts of training my puppet with deep throat video compilations, before I train him physically? Probably not. Probably just a coincidence.

Returning to the issue of cruel teasing and 24/7/365 chastity, I do have some practical advice. I have given it before but that was some time ago……………..To avoid chafing and sores, the best product I have come across is Baby Oil Gel. NOT simply Baby Oil, but Baby Oil GEL. Applied to the device where it might create chafing and sores. Baby Oil Gel is also very good for easing discomfort where scrotal skin bunches up and is pinched against a ring of the cage.

The second product, if there is a sore, is Sudocrem antiseptic healing cream. It heals and it lubricates the cage where the sore is.  And what better than a baby diaper product for babies who will not stop playing with their little toy unless its locked away!

I want my puppet to be focussed 100% on his sexual desperation, not be distracted from that somewhat by soreness of any kind!


My 16th journal –  LINK


Record starts and stops!

The recent post from Lady Jessica prompted me to write this blog post as I have historically,  seriously erred and I hope other Dommes will avoid my mistakes.

My advice to avoid my mistakes depends on what regime changes you may contemplate for the future for your submissive. The advice is: to keep records of dates of events.

Prohibiting Things

For instance; if you are thinking one day, you will decide he no longer ever will be allowed to penetrate you, then write down the date of each time he does. Why? So that when the last time happens, you will have a note of the date of the last time.

I don’t even know the year, let alone the date! If I knew the date, I could hold a little anniversary ‘party’ each year to celebrate when bitch-boy first became a born-again-virgin (BAV).  And I could taunt him from time to time over how many years it has been. Alas I only know it is in the region of 14 to 16 years. At the time, I did not know the last time was the last time. I had not planned to make him a BAV at that time, I just prohibited it for longer and longer and longer and all of a sudden I chose for it to be a lifetime prohibition.

You may be contemplating banning your sub from all but spoiled orgasms for the rest of his life. Write down each time he has a full one, as that may turn out to be the last time and you will have the date.

So I guess I am suggesting; Dommes keep a sex and dominance diary. (Or they instruct their sub to.)

There are so many things! Last : penetration, full orgasm, orgasm of any kind, day free of a chastity device, etc, etc, etc. (Please comment with suggestions of other significant ‘events’ that should be recorded.)

Starting Things

So far I have only discussed stopping things. There is also, starting things. On 4 April 2020 Lady Jessica started having her skivvy write lines on each sheet of her toilet paper, for the rest of his life. I hope, (and I am sure she will), record the date that regime started! So useful to be able to ‘celebrate’ each anniversary date, year after year after year.

I luckily have the date I last gave bitch-boy an orgasm using my skilful hands and began the regime of his ‘orgasms’ only happening either, under the soles of my shoes or, (if I have a relevant exercise  injury),  inside the sharp bristles of his special toilet brush. I only have the date because of this blog! So I can celebrate the anniversaries and taunt him over them. (I don’t have the date of the first time I cuckolded him, and he became a cuckold!)

In fact having the date of such things, hardens my heart, (as if needs hardening!), to maintain the regime 100%!   No rare, ‘one-off’ kindnesses as it would be such a shame to ‘restart the clock’.

Obviously if a regime start date is planned, that is no problem. BUT, if you begin a regime because it creeps up on you; because it slowly evolves to become a regime, you will only have the start date of that regime if you record all that might become significant on an ongoing basis.


My 16th journal –  LINK




Lady Jessica – saying NEVER!

Lady Jessica provides another delicious, delightful comment with a superb sting in the tail!

My dear Mistress Scarlet

What a lovely recent series of posts! Your confinement seems to have made you still more creatively wicked. How lucky bb must consider himself to have such undivided attention!

I feel much the same. Skivvy’s continuous domestic presence is a foretaste of what awaits him when finally he can give up the pretence at being an autonomous adult human that he has to adopt to go to the office – in normal times. That time is not far off, economy permitting, as his age and the money I have accumulated through his hard work make retirement quite possible.

I quite agree, my dear, in the value of ‘zero hope’, just as much as in other circumstances I delight in raising hopes and dashing them again. One of the words that it is a true pleasure for a dominant to pronounce is ‘never’. Like you, I have made clear that skivvy will never again have actual sexual intercourse with any female, for example. There are some more minor ‘nevers’ in his life too – he does not own and will never again wear an item of male underwear, for example.

When finally he does retire, this list of nevers will multiply as fast as my whims dictate, since he will have no opportunities for mischievous behaviour. He greatly enjoys his cup of coffee in the morning, for example. I occasionally deny him it, but I know that I cannot forbid it completely or on working days he could probably find some way of getting some, despite my tight financial controls.

So, one morning, when he is retired, I will announce that I’ve decided he has stopped drinking coffee. And that will be that. He will carefully number all the capsules, which he will need for making my coffee, so I will know if he takes one and I will impose fearsome sanctions for attempting to consume any dregs or spillage. And that will be that: one of life’s little pleasures, gone. Why? Because I say so.

And he knows this will happen. Don’t you, skivvy? Because you read this blog. One day, you’ll have a rather underwhelming little gathering at your office, making embarrassed small talk over tepid wine with your soon to be ex-workers, and then to everyone’s relief the two of us will come home and you, my little toy, will enter the final stage of your degradation. Do you feel oppressed now? Oh, just wait, you delicious little morsel, until I have you securely locked behind these doors for ever. Dreading it, skivvy? Perhaps with a little thrill of anticipation? It really doesn’t matter what you think does it? You’re not going to rebel, so it’s quite inevitable.

Yes, there will be many nevers. Perhaps one day I’ll decide he’ll never have hair again. Or warm showers. And of course, one day there’ll be the best ‘never’ of all, won’t there skivvy? Perhaps I won’t tell you that one… just leave you waiting and wondering, for ever. Wondering if perhaps today might be the day when you discover that it is not quite final, not yet. A reprieve. With just a little hope, ever-diminishing towards infinitesimal levels, but never quite, absolute zero.

Which would you find more unpleasant, skivvy? Knowing an orgasm would be your last? Or not knowing? Not that it matters what you think: my decision.

One final thought, for skivvy, especially for him. When you’re thinking about what will happen should I decide to keep you locked forever without telling you, when you’re imagining how it might feel day after day to wonder whether you will ever again experience release, thinking back longingly to your last distant orgasm, trying to supress the feelings of rage and frustration… when you think about how you’d feel if I imposed that indefinite chastity on you, think of this:

What if I already have?

Mistress Scarlet, your blog continues to shine as a beacon of sanity and joy, in a mad and msierable world. I hope you and bb are both well, you to continue your evangelising mission and he to suffer the consequential miseries for decades to come.

Yours in sincere sisterhood

Lady Jessica



Total denial for the over 30s?

Well my post of 23 March raised the question of whether total denial of ejaculations has an adverse effect on prostate health, or is it simply a widely repeated myth. I included excerpts of two research reports which were ambiguous on the matter. There were quite a few comments on the post including one which supplied another research report.

TO ME, THE MOST INTERESTING ISSUE COMING OUT OF ALL THREE REPORTS was; it seems that once a male is over 30, ejaculations may well no longer be relevant to a healthy prostate, (even if ejaculations earlier in life may be).



Many of us Dommes have subs who are over 30, over 40, over 50, or even over 60! Is the ejaculation future rather bleak for them now? It would be wonderful to find yet more research reports that cover the issue of ejaculations for males over 30 years old having a benefit, or no benefit, to prostate health !

Below are summaries of the three research report extracts.

……………The studies ………. both report that a high frequency of ejaculation early in adulthood has the greatest [beneficial] impact on [lowering] the risk of prostate cancer decades later, they call attention to the role of events early in life, when the prostate is developing and maturing…………

…………………. a 2003 study from Australia found that males who frequently ejaculated when they were younger appeared to have a reduced rate of prostate cancer later in life…..

A report from the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study [found]  ………………… the incidence of prostate cancer was significantly reduced for men having more than 21 ejaculations per month between the ages 20 to 29 years [old] ……………..