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The wonderful Dommes’ comments

Further to my post on 9 July 2019, when I set out that my survey revealed that the vast majority of dear blog followers do not read many of the comments to my blog posts, I will now repost an old blog post once a week or so, and on that post I will include all the most delicious comments received in the following three weeks since it was posted.

These will mostly be from other real life Dommes, although occasionally from the long term subs of real life Dommes. So many of these Dommes, and the things they get up to, are simply amazing! Sometimes as in this first case, I will include other comments from a particular Domme to add to the description of her character and activities.

Please let me know if I should continue with this concept.

I will start with a fantastic Domme who is recent to my blog and has only commented a few times. (Some have been with me for years and I will think about how to handle that.)

ORIGINAL POST               Best cock stomp vid – at the hairdressers  

I doubt I have posted enough to fully explain my pleasure from how much I love stomping on bitch-boy’s cock when it pokes through the stomping stage to which he is bound. Stomping, squashing, kicking, pressing and twisting. I really could do it for hours.

And the fact that the only way he has been allowed to come since early March, is with me on the stage and rubbing his birth defect under the sole of my footwear, simply increases the cruel decadence I feel!

I do love videos of this activity and particularly those videos when the stomping Domme is almost ignoring the male while his cock is squashed and tortured under her shoe; while she gets on with something else. Me kissing and caressing my girlfriend as we stand on the stage while one of us has bitch-boy’s birth defect under a pressing and twisting shoe is certainly an example of that delight!

Well this short video is a FANTASTIC example of that phenomenon!

I particularly love squashing the object when it is flaccid for two reasons. One is that it can be almost squashed flat and it can be grotesquely deformed in the most bizarre ways; especially the head. The second is that the male is not sexually aroused while being abused so.

And well, could female supremacy be better portrayed in a single image, than an image of a flaccid cock grotesquely flattened and deformed under the sole of the shoe of a woman?


“And well, could female supremacy be better portrayed in a single image, than an image of a flaccid cock grotesquely flattened and deformed under the sole of the shoe of a woman?”
I just adore you words! So true, the very essence of female dominance!
I also love to squash his flaccid cock under the sole of my riding boots but since he still manages to have some kind of erection, just by looking at me, when he gets out of his cage only for a few minutes, once or twice a year, (for the prostate gland’s health reasons) I lash his cock and balls with my quirt, and then, when his pathetic little thing is all black and blue for the relentless whipping, I roughly rub and press the soles of my boots on his rather swollen, pain-ridden clit, inducing a painful, ruined orgasm. Then he washes himself and gets back in his cage for months and months… But this way I get my own, intense, beautiful orgasms!

[This is also very nice – LINK] and quite similar to what I do to my boy…

……………………… I guess I forgot to add that he’s also in lifetime chastity, that is, except a few times a year, when I let him spurt (for health reasons) freeing him of his cage and adding pain by rubbing hard his now tiny cock (just like a girl’s clit… lol) with the sole of my riding boots, so he doesn’t get any pleasure out of it.
But I do, seeing how frustrated he is!..


ON the post about orgasms and faithfulness for Dommes

That’s absolutely true: at my age (now I’m over 60) a vanilla woman could be pretty sure of being substituted for a younger woman, or, if married, cuckolded. That was the case with at least a couple of my lady friends.
But a dominant, sadistic one can be pretty sure that will never happen, because her slave is completely and utterly taken not only by her beauty (that can linger also at a mature age) but by the irresistible charm of her cruelty!
My slave was just 18 y.o. when I collared him, 20 years ago, and he’s still madly in love with me, loving every minute of the tortures and punishments I inflict on him to get my delicious orgasms and I’m rather sure he’ll continue on worshiping me even when I’ll be an old lady, like the legendary Catherine Robbe-Grillet…
Warm hugs to you, my dear soul sister!

Double padlocking the chastity cage

One thing I never get bored of seeing, is my poor puppet in his double padlocked chastity cage. There is something about the clarity I see of the ABSOLUTE INESCAPABILITY and also my sense of TOTAL OWNERSHIP of that controlled part of his body. I OWN IT! I decide what happens to it and when; not him.

(The lower padlock runs through the cage bars and his frenum piercing.)


Of course if I am sashaying about in my see-thru, sheer dressing gown and six inch heeled platform mules while he looks on in despair and desperation, all the better.  And if its been a loooong time since he has cum and I have been having many orgasms every day, even better still. The power and the meanness; just from walking about!

This is not me in the image. I do have a smaller waist and slimmer thighs and my very narrow Brazilian strip is always on display – never panties. (She is very beautiful though.)


More eye to eye torments!

First, a quick question to my wonderful blog followers. Do you read all the comments on each post of my blog?

The reason I ask is simple. When I publish a post, like the last one on, eye to eye tormenting. I quite often get great comments sent to me with delicious ideas and depraved practices of how to use and abuse a sub that I have never thought of or heard of before.

I am then wondering. Should I post again on the initial subject but updated with the cream of the comment material? Or do I assume my wonderful blog followers read all the comments on each post of my blog and so I would be publishing duplication? I would hate for any of you to miss out.

As an example; activities from comments, I obviously had not included in my original post on eye to eye tormenting include:

  • Ball squeezing in the hand.
  • Tease talking while using a pin wheel on a cock bursting to get out of, but inside a chastity cage.
  • The long conversation of mocking and pitilessness, )and the responding desperate tearful pleading),  just before applying a TERRIBLE coating of Linnex to his penis.
  • While strapping palms and fingers held very still.
  • While kneeing the in the balls.
  • While spoon feeding him an awful ‘food ‘.
  • Pressing in riding spurs.
  • Missionary position pegging with a too large or beaded butt dildo.
  • While the Mistress masturbates to orgasm and the male is in chastity, and he has not cum for weeks and will not be cumming for a many weeks yet.

There are no straight women

I know this post may annoy some women blog followers, and I apologise if so. (It may annoy some male blog followers but it is absolutely none of your business is it?)

Let me start by setting out why I have published this post. Although it is marginal, lesbian and bi-sexual women can more easily have power over males than straight women and probably more easily maximise ALL pleasure sources. What is not marginal is that they can much more enjoy double domming a male that involves orgasmic intimacy between them.

(The exception is a straight woman who enjoys cuckolding her sub male with another male. But these dynamics can be very risky and are much harder to manage. Furthermore many of us Dommes  are females supremacists and do not want to have sex with any male.)

On 12 November 2015, I posted about a scientific study  that suggested ..‘Women Are Bisexual Or Gay, But Almost Never Straight.’

My own experience supports this position in so far as, almost all the lesbian and bisexual women I know, started out thinking they were straight and started with males, then later moved onto females. This compares with all the gay men I know, all of which knew by puberty they were gay, even if some, for appearances sake, began by dating women.

Well a new scientific study has been published stating that bisexuality among women is statistically on the rise. Since 1972, social scientists have studied the General Social Survey to chart the complexities of social change in the United States. In 2008, the survey started including a question on sexual identity.

In the 10 years that the General Social Survey has included a question on sexual identity, rates of identification among gay men, lesbian women and bisexual men in the U.S. haven’t changed much.

Bisexual identifying women, on the other hand, account for virtually all of the growth among those who say they’re lesbian, gay or bisexual. Of all of the women who responded to the 2018 survey, more than 1 in 18 identified as bisexual. One decade ago, only 1 in 65 did. Full Report BY TRISTAN BRIDGES & MIGNON R. MOORE here

I wonder if the more sexuality of all types is accepted in society, the more women will be prepared to confirm their bisexuality or lesbianism?

So given the science, and my experience, my view is that the first study was right; that all women have the capacity to be bisexual and many to become lesbian. If you are a female supremacist and you want to maximise your power over your male sub, double-domme him with a female sexual partner! When this is combined with enforced chastity for the male and a forced Born Again Virgin status for him, the power dynamic is simply awesome!

I have never needed to ‘seduce’ a female Domme while double domming a male with her. A hand slips around a waist as she and I stand side by side watching the male suffer; faces become cheek touching cheek while both spitting in his face; hand holds hand or a hand drops to the other Domme’s thigh while sitting on a sofa, putting the male through miseries. And before you know it there is kissing, caressing and later, full-on lesbian sex.

Each time this has happened, when a woman who thought she was straight ends up in full-on sex with me, there has been no overt or covert seduction. Simply a natural progression of steps initiated by her as much as me. You would almost think it was the natural way of things!


New Chastity Cage

I recently realised I had not posted about bitch-boy’s latest chastity device.

Here it is with the link below this paragraph. It is a bit of a tight squeeze, but how could one resist getting a model labelled as EXTRA SMALL! I use a padlock in the device as shown in the picture and another one through the ring of his frenum piercing. Zero possibility of escape, including no escape by pull-out.


Obviously given even my casual gear, he finds his enforced chastity rather tough. So no surprise when released, (and made to take a Cialis pill), it is easy to manipulate him to full erection even though he knows nettles, or the ruler, or the sole of my wedge shoe will be causing him sorrowful anguish. My high impact boxing gear. A good activity for maintaining muscle mass and bone density in preparation for growing older.


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New Cruel Contraption

I am feeling rather proud and ingenious. I have invented a Femdom contraption I do not think I have ever seen, either used or sold, on the internet. It is a bit of a long story though; apologies about that. It came about because of two things. First, I saw a cock crushing video online with the slave cumming as a result of Mistress’s shoe rubbing his cock shaft, after some mean cock crushing. I love how it feels to crush a cock under the sole of your shoe. (What better demonstration of status differential. Looking down as I do, makes me feel so powerful and mean and him and his sexual organ so insignificant to me, which it is. And given my high heeled shoe fetish and my pretty feet, what better visual image!) Seeing this video COINCIDED with a new way I was having bitch-boy orgasm when allowed. The second thing.

I have, for now at least, stopped giving him an intimate and skilled hand-job when I allow him to cum. And instead press his hard little clitty object hard against a massager vibrator head, on full power. This used to be with my hands while he was bound on the BDSM bed. Holding his stiff cock upright with foreskin pulled hard back and then pressing the head of my massager wand, on full power, very hard against the shaft. Squeezing the vibrating head and the shaft together so hard in my hands that the cock is flattened a little. Within about 20 seconds poor bitch-boy cums. Nothing he can do about it. And it is so cold and lacking in intimacy or real pleasure for him. Especially if I spoil it by releasing my hands as soon as he starts to cum. I just LOVE IT! Its cruelly lovely as by that point in the day, I will have had between 7 and 11 relaxing, gorgeous, pampered, huge orgasms.

BUT NOW – As I love having him cum through massager stimulation, AND I love seeing his cock being crushed under the sole of my shoe, I wondered; could I combine these two things? Vibro-orgasm and shoe sole pressing?

First attempts began with having him sitting on the floor wrists tied behind back and leaning against the wall, legs wide apart. A folded towel on the wooden floor on which went my mains powered massager, with its handle section tucked under his thigh. (A small plastic food storage box, (the size of a pack of cards), under the tip of his cock to catch the semen to make a semen/water ice chunk after.) Then get him hard, press my foot hard down on his cock shaft onto the vibrating massager head and within 20 seconds the shameful spurting. SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After almost 20 years, a new, AND MY FAVOURITE EVER, way to have him endure a miserable, degrading release of his filth.

I soon started pulling my dress up to my waist while using this milking method and mocking him. ‘Look at these amazing legs and my flat, firm stomach and my pretty cunt and perfect butt. I could be letting you cum by fucking this amazing body couldn’t I. It would be so easy for me to allow that. But that will never, ever happen will it!  I get so much more pleasure by having you cum like this. The dirty sole of my shoe pushing your cock against against a cold, hard vibrating machine. All over in less than twenty seconds. What a pathetic creature you are.’

It was all a serious faf though – on the floor. Really quite hard to get the penis shaft properly located on the massager head while stopping the massager vibrating out of position, etc. So I thought about in what way could it all be easy and seriously pleasurable? After a lot of thinking, this is the result.

A wooden board which is placed on the little, low chair bitch-boy has to sit on when colouring-in with his dolly, and my rechargeable massager vibrator. The board has an indent to keep the vibrating dildo in place and even has an indent for a small food container to catch the semen. bitch-boy then has to kneel with wrists secured behind his back and his cock resting across the vibrator, and I press with the sole of my shoe when ready and mock him while I am pressing down hard. FANTASTIC!!!!!! And as there are no power leads, it can be done anywhere.  Certainly in front of my full length mirror so I can be narcissistic and look at myself as I do it. And of course he can longingly and unhappily look at my body as I do it. Other places in the future? Perhaps outside when its raining? (In the image, I have put a tiny vibrator where his clitty goes.)

I even realised that before the vibro-milking, I can have the board the other way around on the chair for some lovely cock crushing. Things like a sheet of very course sandpaper or a few nettle leaves under the cock should be delightful when crushing! Perhaps with his cock inside a nettle pouch or spiked sleeve?

I ought to patent this contraption!

Of course, bitch-boy had to actually make the contraption. Motivation of him was easy. For the last two weeks, he is already on a prohibition of no proper orgasm until Xmas. (Thanks to a whim of Mistress Nicola). So I told him that unless he built the contraption to my functional specification, within a week, his prohibition period would be extended by at least a month, perhaps more.  That certainly got him motivated! Its a good job, for him, he is so clever and ingenious.

In my next post I will be discussing the best shoe type for cock stomping! A new shoe type for me to wear.

The DENIAL calendar

I remember reading about a woman who strictly controlled when her husband was allowed orgasms. They lived somewhere very hot; New Mexico or Arizona I think.  The method of controlling WHEN an orgasm was allowed was unusual and delightful. The method of chastity control was not special however. A chastity device made 100% secure with a penis piercing. But her husband had to carry on him, AT ALL TIMES, a thick, red maker pen. The sort of pen used on a wipe board. And in their kitchen hung a calendar. One very large page for each month. Big square boxes for each day. Each day box, half the size of a playing card. They were on their third calendar at the time of reporting on the regime.

Were you to have visited on the day of reporting their life, on the 15th of the month,  you would have seen that for the current month displayed on the calendar, red crosses were struck through everyday from the 1st of the month, through to the 19th. What the previous page for the previous month looked like we do not know. A red cross struck through a day meant no orgasm. What we do know is that Slave husband had obviously not had an orgasm for at least 15 days and would be going through at least a 19 day denial period before having an orgasm. The first day clear of a red cross was the 20th.

Slave husband was waiting hand and foot on his cuckolding wife and aspiring to total obedience and servility, WITH GOOD REASON. His queen wife was however empty of mercy but brimming with meanness.

‘Get my lunch slave, a sandwich.‘ He rushed to the kitchen and made a sandwich and brought it in to his queen wife. She was naked except for golden high heels, a gold waist chain, gold bracelets and a gold necklace. His terrible denial meant he could barely look at her beauty but, being a weak male, he could not help himself, thus harshly torturing himself.

He set the plate with the sandwich down before her and she stared at it for a moment. Then calmly she spoke.

‘Get the calendar.’ Slave husband’s face fell and he looked so sad. He rushed to the kitchen and returned to his queen and handed the calendar and red pen to her. She struck through the 20th and 21st with thick red crosses. She spoke calmly again as she did so.

‘Crumbs on the plate cuck-maggot. You wipe around the plate before serving me.’ He pleaded his apologies but was sent back to the kitchen to hang the calendar in its place on the wall…………………………………..

Later that day, she was getting ready to go out for an overnight stay with her bull. Slave had been given his huge chore list for while she was gone and was helping his queen with dressing. As she dressed, his queen talked about how she would be fucked with a big cock all night and all the sexual acts that would take place with her lover. Finally she was ready to leave. As always he had to kneel and kiss her feet before she slapped his face, spat in it and walked out of the house.

He knelt and began to kiss. All his passion and desperation flooded out of him as he had the joy of his lips touching the soft, perfumed, skin of her beautiful foot. She looked at herself in the mirror as he did so. Then, suddenly, she pulled her foot away. She spoke in an annoyed tone now.

‘Cane and calendar!’ Slave husband was almost in tears. When his queen was annoyed  it was BAD! She first took the calendar and pen from him. Rapidly, she struck through days with red crosses. Fourteen red crosses. Tears welled up in his eyes. She threw the calendar to the floor and took the cane from him. Thirty- six very hard strokes of the cane were delivered. One stroke for each word. She spoke very slowly.

‘How      many    times     have    I    told    you.    Dry    kisses!   I    do    not    want    to    feel    the    coldness    of    your    slobber    on   my    skin.    I    want    dry    kisses    when    you     have    the    honour    of     kissing      my     feet.‘ Slave was crying like a little girl from the seventh stroke to long after the last stroke. After the last stroke, she dropped the cane to the floor and walked out to her rendezvous with her lover. She felt alive and a million dollars.


Link to my Journal No. 12.



This or that? This then that!

Something I read years ago in one of the good old Madame magazines, was perhaps the best example of the hottest Domme sub dynamic I know of. The ‘rock and a hard place’ choice.

A girlfriend had her boyfriend in long term  24/7 chastity and from time to time would have him helplessly strapped down and naked on a bed. The purpose of the activity was straightforward. Torturing him to scratch her sadistic itch, and reinforce her power over him. She would remove his chastity device and tease him to hardness and then smack away with a twelve inch ruler. Medium smacks with perhaps one in three smacks being  very hard smacks. She would work her way around his shaft until it was red all over. He would be close to sobbing at this point. Then the GENIUS! She would say to him.

‘When you want me to stop smacking little puppet, just say so and I’ll stop and apply some lovely soothing cream.’ (He knew by, ‘lovely soothing cream‘, she meant extra strength, nasty Ralgex embrocation cream). On hearing this, he would hold out for a while but begin sobbing because of how unfair the ‘rock and a hard place’ was. Eventually he would ask her to stop and a generous application of Ralgex was rubbed into the already very sore shaft. Proper little-girl-tears and wailing followed, and the Domme playing with herself for multiple orgasms while she listened.

Another example, again from the good old Madame magazines was about a Domme and her sister and friend and a boyfriend in long term 24/7 chastity. The first time he was locked up she explained that soft, floppy penises were nice and sweet BUT stiff, hard penises were bad and naughty and had to be punished.

Two or three times a week, or more often for the fun of it, she and her sister would bind the boyfriend and then remove his chastity device to ‘wash’ the little object. Warm soapy hands would get to work,while he was told, in no uncertain terms, that if it was naughty and became hard, it would get smacked and then creamed. Of course, it always became hard and was always smacked severely and then creamed with a nasty cream before being locked back up. And there was no mercy or pity as he sobbed, while he was told he knew very well that hard penises were naughty and he was simply being defiant and disobedient.

Perhaps my submissive blog followers could comment on the following question. Is the rock and a hard place dynamic one of the most affecting dynamics there is, causing high levels of awe for the Mistress involved?


For info on my own BDSM manual, click on an image below.

How long for orgasm denial?

I received a comment on my last blog post along the lines of how I normally allow an orgasm for bitch-boy in the region of once every three weeks and, if I  ‘….ever decide to change it up a little bit and instead of letting him orgasm in this situation, make him wait an additional three weeks, will I kindly let my readers know how he reacts…

Firstly, to be precise, it is normally between ten days and three weeks denial period. This is to maintain prostate health. And of course this does not mean exactly three weeks. It is never exactly three weeks. It is sometimes three weeks and a day or three weeks plus two days, or minus a day or two days. But certainly there have been and will be, much longer periods than three weeks, as a special or as a punishment experience for him. But as the exception though and not the norm.

This is a VERY COMPLEX topic with several factors to be balanced and prostate health is only one of them. The first is the importance of irregularity. Those Dommes who say allow once a month release say, the last Saturday of every month, miss out on the pleasure of, and subjugation value of, having it beg with all its heart. No point begging before the last Saturday of the month because it wont be happening. And no point begging on the last Saturday of the month because its guaranteed. bitch-boy knows his denial period could be as little as five or seven days or as long as several months, so after only a few days the frustration has built and the heartfelt begging begins during teasing, often to be rejected of course. That begging with all his heart is VERY AROUSING to hear and, especially when rejected, gives him a 100% definite piece of evidence that he is CONTROLLED and has no power. So even if he has counted up three weeks, he does not know whether it might be much longer still.

Then there is the feeling of frustration. Chastised blog followers may wish to comment on this. In my experience there seem to be several step changes when frustration jumps to a new level. The first after around three days, the second after around ten days and the next after around three weeks to a month. BUT HERE’S THE THING, I am not sure the physical sensation of frustration is much different between say four weeks and seven weeks. So diminishing returns?

Associated with this point is the CONSANT FRUSTRATION I desire he feels. It does seem to be the case that if denial has been for say, a week or more, then one single orgasm for him, even a massive one, does not prevent the gnawing frustration from returning within a few hours, whereas two or three orgasms for him in a day, expels the frustration for a few days. I do not want that. Associated with this is the use of prostate milking and spoiled orgasms which most males report gives no pleasure but a small minority report quite a lot of pleasure. Followers of my blog will know that although I use this technique, I do LOVE to gift bitch-boy a massive orgasm quite often when I allow orgasm as he then knows exactly what I am capable of gifting him but so often choose to deny giving him. But it is fair to say that a regime of prostate milking or spoiled orgasms for prostate health with no proper orgasms ever is VERY CRUEL INDEED! Very subjugating. Particularly in tandem with cuckolding.

Then there is the pack mammal trait of competitiveness I have written about before. The drive shared with many social mammal species effecting in humans say, 90% of males and 10% of females. I think this is an obstruction in a Mistress slave relationship when the male is driven to want experiences of MORE, just to push things to satisfy the innate subconscious competitiveness drive. (It is subconscious, we not aware when we are motivated by our innate drives.)

More strokes of the cane in one session, more consecutive days of denial, more consecutive hours in sensory deprivation, more pegs on the scrotum at once, more, more, more. It is actually topping from the bottom and I have zero interest in doing anything to please my slave, including pleasing his competitiveness drive, (even though he does not know when he is being driven by this subconscious force). It is about pleasing me, not him. This subconscious force on most men would no doubt be a little source of satisfaction and pride, a little dopamine rush, when they think to themselves, I’m now enduring ‘more cane strokes than ever before’, or ‘more consecutive days of denial than ever before’, or ‘more consecutive hours of sensory deprivation bondage than ever before’.  Well I don’t want them to have that little rush of pride or dopamine on their terms, although it is from time to time inevitable when for my purposes ‘a slave’s personal record’ is broken.

Perhaps bitch-boy, when unknowingly affected by this subconscious drive, fantasizes about longer periods of denial, BUT it clearly becomes an absolute irrelevance to him if, as an example, as little as a week of denial has gone by, he has been watching my girlfriend and me kiss and caress and I have edged him four or five times. Well then he is driven to sincerely beg with all his heart for that precious, precious relief from the terrible frustration built up at that moment. Begging most often rejected.

A complicated topic!