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Dickie-discipline on erect or flaccid

My last post got me thinking about how the pleasures are different, but of almost equal magnitude, when applying dicki-discipline to a fully erect and straining penis compared to a soft and flaccid penis.

So my dominant sisters, do you agree with my thoughts below?


The erection can be induced by combinations of a long period of denial of sexual relief, by a Cialis pill, by him seeing my partially clad body, by his defect being touched erotically with my skilled hands; so rare for him.

The dickie-discipline cruel pleasure comes firstly from the  constant tease. Oh how he would love to cum. But although he is hard and teased relentlessly, it is pain and discomfort, not cumming, that he gets. The pleasure also comes from being able to be so unfair as to tease him verbally about how he must like the torment he is suffereing as the little defect is so hard and standing up asking for more. So it would be wrong of me not to give it more of what it’s asking for. Whether this is a very, very hot flannel wrap, stinging nettles, Linnex embrocation cream, smacks with the 12 inch ruler, etc.

Then, with things like stinging nettles or a very, very hot flannel, there is the pleasure of the defect’s increased size. More flesh to aim at and more to wrap ones hand around with the flannel, (although as I understand it the pain is the same – hard or soft.) Also when it is hard the marks from spikes of penis collars show deliciously.

Finally there is a pleasure from how vulnerable and helpless the defect looks when hard and being punished. Standing up, so exposed and so vulnerable.


The biggest cruel pleasure when tormenting, with Linnex embrocation cream or smacks of a 12 inch ruler, a flaccid birth defect,  is that there is ZERO sexual arousal/pleasure for him. No erotic pleasure, FOR HIM at all!

He is a true slave being tortured for his owner’s pleasure and he has no eroticism at all for compensation. It is all about MY power rush and my sexual arousal from my ownership of him, my tyranny. That is exhilaratingly decadent and hedonistic. My heartlessness itself is also exhilarating. I can revel in how BAD I AM!

And there is the very stark contrast of the magnitude of my pleasure, especially sexual pleasure contrasted with his physical misery and mental feelings of despondency. He is suffering because he is the play-toy of a cruel Mistress who has no mercy, no sense of fairness and he has no escape. And his owner will never get bored of what she does. Year after year after year.



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Spikes got longer!

You may recall my post about my purchase of the item below (LINK).

If he is fully erect, the spikes screwed all the way in do appear to be quite agonising! But, as you all know, bitch-boy’s birth defect is a little under average size.

On top of that issue he is sometimes so fearful of the lovely spiked collar that his erection begins to diminish when he sees me approaching with the collar.

It seemed to me that, were the grub screws to be a bit longer, the device could be well employed on a less than fully erect birth defect.

A little technical research on the internet led me to discover that I could buy stainless steel, M5, cone tipped grub screws in a number of lengths; and so cheap!

Here is the result.

On the left you can see three grub screws in a line. At the top, an original length grub screw. Below that, the two sizes of longer grub screws I have purchased.

Obviously the very longest screwed in too far would cause damage, but I can assure you that from now on, even a half erect birth defect will be feeling suitably, painfully skewered!

I must publish a disclaimer with this post. I have created a mechanism that could cause serious harm. Do not copy me unless you are confident of using it without causing serious harm.

In my next post I will discuss a related issue: – With all types of dickie discipline, the different pleasures when applied to a very hard birth defect, versus a very soft and flaccid birth defect.


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Mistress-Wife Rita – torture THAT object.

I continue with the, so far very popular, posting of delectable comments I have received on posts on this blog, which most of you, it seems, will not have read.

The short but delicious comments of Rita, who, like me, adores making her husband rather regret he  was born with a ‘ male birth defect’ between his legs. Hours of endless fun! Rita has been leaving comments on my blog for 8 years. I guess her husband’s little defect has been suffering for all that time and most probably longer, juts like bitch-boy’s.

Where it may be needed I have. in bold, added the title of the relevant blog post.


I have found a that giving his penis a thorough spanking with a ruler before using the nettles really makes him squirm.

Which is the best embrocation cream?

I haven’t noticed any difference in his reaction to Ralgex or Deep Heat cream, although Tiger Balm is a bit better but is more fiddly as it needs to be warmed up first. I have yet to find anything that beats the (sadly discontinued) Ralgex Stick. Just the lightest smear on his knob would have him moaning for at least 10 minutes.


I like your style, an easy way of increasing the torment is to put a hot flannel on his stiff little red object before using the Deep Heat as this will open up all the pores and increase the effects of the cream!


Remote controlled shock device

I like your style, an easy way of increasing the torment is to put a hot flannel on his stiff little red object before using the Deep Heat as this will open up all the pores and increase the effects of the cream!


Another way of preventing him enjoying the occasion is to ruin his orgasm. All you have to do is stop pumping as soon as he starts to cum so it just dribbles out, he still gets relief but most of the pleasurable sensation is removed!


If you really want to make his eyes water when you next use lemon juice try putting the bandage inside his penis and then rolling it between your hands to ensure the lemon juice penetrates deep down inside.

Spikes are fun aren’t they! Can you combine your spikes with his regular chastity device or do you have to remove it first?

I couldn’t agree more about the quality of Lady Carole’s work, most inspiring. I’ve been a fan for years and have recently joined her yahoo group:


Is it as easy to use as a Ralgex Stick and more importantly is it as potent!



A Great Success in Convenient Punishment

Thanks again for this letting me know about this most useful product, we really must spread the word about it.
I can vouch for the ease of use and the gentle scent it has is an unexpected bonus as it made it easier to “surprise” him. His whining and gyrations confirmed its potency!


Was your decision to give him extra coats of Deep Heat due to the ease of use with the applicator? Its certainly encouraging me to use more cream!

Intimate photos of bitch-boy’s chastity

On the contrary, IMO it is a most efficient solution to the problem of a male playing with himself. It also leaves plenty of flesh exposed to be teased or tormented depending on your desires. Congratulations on fitting him with such an elegant device.


I was wondering if Governess Lexi has her own ruler for dickie discipline, if she does when the 2 of you are attending to his needs you could ask him which one bb prefers. The beauty of that game is that until he makes up his mind you can both spank him and once he decides he can’t complain when he is being spanked as he said he preferred that ruler.

A good quality leather bookmark can also be useful as a penis whip.

The Smack Tease

Such a lovely game, I have played it on a number of occasions but had not thought of adding stinging nettles or embrocation cream to the smacks. I am sure my husband will be delighted by your suggestion. lol


I would suggest hard enough to hear clearly and make sure you only use the flat surfaces, never the edge. As I favour a wooden ruler, I have my husband prepare it by sanding the edges until they are nice and smooth. Make sure you are both comfortable, I like to secure my husband spread-eagled on a bed. He can remain in that position for as long as required and I can sit on him or the bed so I am comfortable and can take my time teasing and smacking his naughty object.


I have certainly never placed a limit on the number of smacks I ca`n deliver in a session, or kept count. As to how long a smacking can last I guess the answer is when one’s arm or wrist gets tired. I have certainly never placed a limit on the number of smacks I ca`n deliver in a session, or kept count. As to how long a smacking can last I guess the answer is when one’s arm or wrist gets tired.


Huge Ribbon Bows

Perhaps another bow on bb’s genitals might add to your fun too.


I like to look in my husband’s eyes when teasing him to a full erection either when he is wearing a Kali’s Teeth Bracelet or to make it nice and smackable for my wooden ruler.




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Innovation prevents mercy for bitch-boy

Well, yesterday, it was almost a month since I had allowed bitch-boy to spurt and if he did not get to spurt yesterday, for various reasons it would be  at least another week before I would be at home to facilitate a spurting.

My concern over his prostate health meant I really wanted his spurting to be yesterday, BUT, I had a minor injury and having him spurt under the sole of my shoes was not possible. But I had not used my hands since the 4th March and I had no intention of him having that pleasure after being denied it for so long. All his spurts since then had been under the sole of my shoe. I was not going to let him touch himself, or for instance fuck the gap between my boots as I stood with legs together. No touching, no thrusting (like a man) ever! And always bound and gagged.

I had a brainwave. A little tool I’ve had for three years.

The bristles are REALLY sharp!

After a thorough dicki-discipline session with the ruler that went on for rather a long time and did mean the nasty rock hard birth defect was all sore and red, I squeezed the brush end together so it gripped nicely and, to the sound of miserable panicky whimpering and squealing, I pulled the brush down over the sensitive head and to the sore shaft and began to wank the object.

What was most amusing was the squealing turning to heavy breathing after a few minutes, but sprinkled with squealing too. And then he spurted. And as soon as the euphoria was over there was much whimpering and sobbing coming through the gag. Sexual release, but degradation and terrible soreness. Poor puppet.



Easy chastity cage adjustment

It took a number of false starts before I had found the chastity cage I wanted, that bitch-boy currently has double padlocked on him 24/7/365. Lots of access for my finger tips, my finger nails and the Linnex applicator wax; and stinging nettles and for good cleaning without it being removed. (Click on the highlighted text above for a photo).

It is however just a bit longer than I ideally wanted; perhaps an inch longer. I came up with a simple solution. I now drop a very large children’s glass marble into the cage tube before he must push his birth defect into it. The glass marble is hygienic as it is easily cleaned and non-absorbent. The cage is now about an inch shorter when it comes to bitch-boy’s sorry attempts at erection when I tease him. No feeling of even half an erection for him.

Lots of vulnerable flesh bulging through the cage wires though. All that bulging flesh so vulnerable for a coating of Deep Heat or especially Linnex.


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Forgetting his birth defect is caged.

I know it makes me sound awful, but despite the terribly frustrating torment bitch-boy endures almost constantly by having his birth defect double padlocked in a chastity cage 24/7/365, I often forget all about his predicament.

I am fully sexually satisfied and I love my vanilla life as much as my depraved femdom life, so there is too much great stuff on my mind to always remember. This is a problem because the more often I remember, the more often I tease. And when I tease, bitch-boy becomes more deeply in awe of me and even more subjugated to my will; and I get lovely bitchy pleasure while teasing. Often, ironically, leading to an orgasm for me I would not otherwise have enjoyed. I have cruelly put this right at one time every day.

Every morning bitch-boy has to rise before me from my bed. Often two hours before me. He has his frustrating  BDSMLR duty to do, he has his replenishment duty to perform and many other things I insist on, on an ad-hoc basis.  It is cold in the mornings now, so bitch-boy wears a fleece dressing gown as I do not allow him to switch on the heating until half an hour before the time I have instructed him to wake me.

As he must, he wakes me gently and serves me tea in bed. He wears his dressing gown so I do not see his chastity cage and, given I am thinking of the delights the forthcoming day holds, I forget he is wearing his cage. But now I have him use two safety pins. Large pink baby, diaper, safety pins. One holds his dressing gown closed above his caged genitals, one holds it closed below. Between the safety pins, humiliatingly exposed and sticking out, is his caged birth defect and balls, all nicely shaved of course. So every morning I am reminded of his terribly frustrating predicament, which is also very humiliating for him.

I might, most mornings, without thinking, raise my arms above my head as I sit up topless, and run my hands through my hair. I know how sexy I look while so doing. Now, having been reminded of his terribly frustrating predicament, I do this but – lingeringly and provocatively. I see the pain of sexual frustration and helplessness flash across bitch-boy’s face and I smile and coo. ‘Poor puppet.’ And  the theme of the morning is usually underway! (Although sometimes, I find it amusing to simply ignore his predicament all together. This seems equally cruel, so he really is between a rock and a hard place, AGAIN!)


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The wonderful Dommes’ comments

Further to my post on 9 July 2019, when I set out that my survey revealed that the vast majority of dear blog followers do not read many of the comments to my blog posts, I will now repost an old blog post once a week or so, and on that post I will include all the most delicious comments received in the following three weeks since it was posted.

These will mostly be from other real life Dommes, although occasionally from the long term subs of real life Dommes. So many of these Dommes, and the things they get up to, are simply amazing! Sometimes as in this first case, I will include other comments from a particular Domme to add to the description of her character and activities.

Please let me know if I should continue with this concept.

I will start with a fantastic Domme who is recent to my blog and has only commented a few times. (Some have been with me for years and I will think about how to handle that.)

ORIGINAL POST               Best cock stomp vid – at the hairdressers  

I doubt I have posted enough to fully explain my pleasure from how much I love stomping on bitch-boy’s cock when it pokes through the stomping stage to which he is bound. Stomping, squashing, kicking, pressing and twisting. I really could do it for hours.

And the fact that the only way he has been allowed to come since early March, is with me on the stage and rubbing his birth defect under the sole of my footwear, simply increases the cruel decadence I feel!

I do love videos of this activity and particularly those videos when the stomping Domme is almost ignoring the male while his cock is squashed and tortured under her shoe; while she gets on with something else. Me kissing and caressing my girlfriend as we stand on the stage while one of us has bitch-boy’s birth defect under a pressing and twisting shoe is certainly an example of that delight!

Well this short video is a FANTASTIC example of that phenomenon!

I particularly love squashing the object when it is flaccid for two reasons. One is that it can be almost squashed flat and it can be grotesquely deformed in the most bizarre ways; especially the head. The second is that the male is not sexually aroused while being abused so.

And well, could female supremacy be better portrayed in a single image, than an image of a flaccid cock grotesquely flattened and deformed under the sole of the shoe of a woman?


“And well, could female supremacy be better portrayed in a single image, than an image of a flaccid cock grotesquely flattened and deformed under the sole of the shoe of a woman?”
I just adore you words! So true, the very essence of female dominance!
I also love to squash his flaccid cock under the sole of my riding boots but since he still manages to have some kind of erection, just by looking at me, when he gets out of his cage only for a few minutes, once or twice a year, (for the prostate gland’s health reasons) I lash his cock and balls with my quirt, and then, when his pathetic little thing is all black and blue for the relentless whipping, I roughly rub and press the soles of my boots on his rather swollen, pain-ridden clit, inducing a painful, ruined orgasm. Then he washes himself and gets back in his cage for months and months… But this way I get my own, intense, beautiful orgasms!

[This is also very nice – LINK] and quite similar to what I do to my boy…

……………………… I guess I forgot to add that he’s also in lifetime chastity, that is, except a few times a year, when I let him spurt (for health reasons) freeing him of his cage and adding pain by rubbing hard his now tiny cock (just like a girl’s clit… lol) with the sole of my riding boots, so he doesn’t get any pleasure out of it.
But I do, seeing how frustrated he is!..


ON the post about orgasms and faithfulness for Dommes

That’s absolutely true: at my age (now I’m over 60) a vanilla woman could be pretty sure of being substituted for a younger woman, or, if married, cuckolded. That was the case with at least a couple of my lady friends.
But a dominant, sadistic one can be pretty sure that will never happen, because her slave is completely and utterly taken not only by her beauty (that can linger also at a mature age) but by the irresistible charm of her cruelty!
My slave was just 18 y.o. when I collared him, 20 years ago, and he’s still madly in love with me, loving every minute of the tortures and punishments I inflict on him to get my delicious orgasms and I’m rather sure he’ll continue on worshiping me even when I’ll be an old lady, like the legendary Catherine Robbe-Grillet…
Warm hugs to you, my dear soul sister!

Double padlocking the chastity cage

One thing I never get bored of seeing, is my poor puppet in his double padlocked chastity cage. There is something about the clarity I see of the ABSOLUTE INESCAPABILITY and also my sense of TOTAL OWNERSHIP of that controlled part of his body. I OWN IT! I decide what happens to it and when; not him.

(The lower padlock runs through the cage bars and his frenum piercing.)


Of course if I am sashaying about in my see-thru, sheer dressing gown and six inch heeled platform mules while he looks on in despair and desperation, all the better.  And if its been a loooong time since he has cum and I have been having many orgasms every day, even better still. The power and the meanness; just from walking about!

This is not me in the image. I do have a smaller waist and slimmer thighs and my very narrow Brazilian strip is always on display – never panties. (She is very beautiful though.)


More eye to eye torments!

First, a quick question to my wonderful blog followers. Do you read all the comments on each post of my blog?

The reason I ask is simple. When I publish a post, like the last one on, eye to eye tormenting. I quite often get great comments sent to me with delicious ideas and depraved practices of how to use and abuse a sub that I have never thought of or heard of before.

I am then wondering. Should I post again on the initial subject but updated with the cream of the comment material? Or do I assume my wonderful blog followers read all the comments on each post of my blog and so I would be publishing duplication? I would hate for any of you to miss out.

As an example; activities from comments, I obviously had not included in my original post on eye to eye tormenting include:

  • Ball squeezing in the hand.
  • Tease talking while using a pin wheel on a cock bursting to get out of, but inside a chastity cage.
  • The long conversation of mocking and pitilessness, )and the responding desperate tearful pleading),  just before applying a TERRIBLE coating of Linnex to his penis.
  • While strapping palms and fingers held very still.
  • While kneeing the in the balls.
  • While spoon feeding him an awful ‘food ‘.
  • Pressing in riding spurs.
  • Missionary position pegging with a too large or beaded butt dildo.
  • While the Mistress masturbates to orgasm and the male is in chastity, and he has not cum for weeks and will not be cumming for a many weeks yet.