Tempt her to try dominance

This area of the blog is divided into 2 pages and you can get to each using the drop down menu on the tab for this page or using the links below. Choices are:

Yet to approach her about it

Approached her before but no success

What to do and what not to do.

What not to do

Do not do anything that is not founded in empathy. Think about her current mood. Is she happy or sad, is she tired or feeling energetic, id she busy or has some time on her hands. Her mood needs to be right for her to be receptive and if you get that wrong it simply shows you have no empathy, which will make this very difficult for you. If you are low on empathy, you need to change that.

You also need to be empathetic about her personality. Is she bold or cautious, does she like to try new things all the time or prefer things be the same, is she confident about the relationship.

Do not show her this blog or anything else on the internet pertaining to female domination of the male.