BAV Register and Links

The BDSMLR SITE of Mistress Scarlet – website of letters from real dominant women who use petticoat discipline. The archive is great!

Femdom Resource

Mistress Rain Star – Awesome Domme, friend and writer

The amazing Club Pedestal

Femdom Dating

Mistress Cuckween

Mistress Rebecca’s Blog

Elise – longstanding real dominant woman’s website. – sissy and babyfication items. Check out the pink Mary Jane shoes. Poor bitch-boy now has a pair, how he hates them.

Lady Carole Art

Lady Governa & The District Reformatory As of 11 May 2012, this link is broken. I will leave it here just in case it works again in the future.

Domme Chronicles delightful, insightful, erotic writing

Denying Thumper

On Female Dominance 

Mount Latmus Blog

31 thoughts on “BAV Register and Links

  1. Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

    Very respectfully, there seems to be a problem with the link – Male Chastity Forum which results in :-

    General Error
    SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ]

    Access denied for user ‘xocaiuser’@’’ (using password: YES) [1045]

    An sql error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact an administrator if this problem persists.

    Unless of course its just my connection.

    On my knees Ma’am.


  2. I have a friend (girl) who is very submissive. I’m looking for a female dominant to guide her. Is that possible?

    1. Ask her. I have a routine with a new sub. Email exchanges, then a phone chat, then meet for a drink. If all that goes well, then………..

      If you send me her email address, I will not publish the comment so the email address will remain private to me.

  3. Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    As proud supporters of your blog site, The Woman First Institute has saught to feature your banner in our section – Those We Love

    We feel a natural affinity and would be honoured if you would give consideration to our inclusion on your Useful Links or More Links section. Interested parties include women with a curiosity in FLR’s and sexual promiscuity as well as submissive men who thrive on sexual jealousy, cuckoldry, humiliation, transvestism, domestic servitude, masturbation temperance, orgasm denial and the occasional, sound thrashing.

    IA simple link to is all we require. Happy to respond to any further requirements.

    Kind regards,
    Amanda Newman.

  4. I am so sorry for asking in this way, however in one of your posts you were asking for males to contract you who knew they were submissive from a early age and on. Like 11 or when puberty started. No body has wanted to hear about this before and I so would like to share this with you. Keep in mind I never heard about Dom or sub people before and at that time I do not think many people did and that is why it was taboo I guess.

    1. I am not sure what you are asking?
      However, thank you for providing another case study of a male who knew he was submissive before puberty. It is so often the case; and if you are like other similar males, you are what I term as a true submissive. Probably only able to achieve total contentment if you are living with and dominated by a cruel and ruthless, but caring woman.

      I don’t think any such submissive had heard of Dommes and Subs before discovering they are submissive. Whether that has changed with the amount of it on the internet I don’t know. But I suspect, even with that, the discovery of submssiveness comes before searching out material on-line.

  5. I’m 34 now and I’ve been a virgin my entire life.

    Similar to many here I was always painfully shy growing up and knew I didn’t measure up early on. I’m straight, but know I’m not good enough to ever penetrate a woman. I also struggle getting and keeping erections.

    I do think the cuck, chastity and femdom fetish is a coping mechanism for many worthless men like myself. Turning something emotionally painful into something pleasurable which makes sense.

    Accepting my white male worthlessness and letting go of anger and resentment was key for me. Accepting that women are superior to men, and that I’m not a real man has helped me embrace myself for what I am.

    I’ve been searching for a dominant woman or couple to serve either as a cuck in a FLR, or perhaps even as a live-in servant for the right woman or couple, but I have had no success after several years of searching.

    Sites like this give me hope and I appreciate your efforts greatly.

    If you would like to add my name to the list you have here of committed virgins looking for an owner please feel free.


    1. If you will allow me to suggest some modifications to your self appraisal you might consider:
      You are biologically a man, as much as is any other biological man.
      It is the case that in respect of intimate relationships, you are psychologically a submissive. It is not a choice you make or have made. It is how you are.
      Cuckolding and chastity like the rest of femdom, are not a fetish you have chosen as a coping mechanism. These things enable you to cope as they satisfy the craving you have because you are a submissive. That craving, that all submissives share just like you, is to be helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel, dominant woman.
      You are not worthless, you have as much worth as every other male, and you also have a craving non-submissives do not have. That craving does not reduce your worth though, unless you choose for it to by your vanilla conduct and behaviours.
      You share with ten of thousands of other submissive males, the problem that submissive males outnumber dominant females by at least one hundred to one.
      My alternative website might help you coax a woman into trying domination.
      I hope you are lucky, but like many, many submissive males, you may not be.
      Thank you for the kind words.
      Embrace and really enjoy the feelings you can get from indulging yourself with femdom material. Those feelings are powerful and are to be enjoyed! There is no need for guilt or for shame. It is how you are, and you cannot do anything about it, and it is is not a choice you have made.

      1. Thank you so much for you carefully considered and thorough response Miss Scarlet. I deeply appreciate your time and will bear what you said in mind. It’s good to know there are Ladies like you in the UK who are able to educate men and women to reality. As a fellow Brit it gives me some hope.

        By the way, would it be possible to be added to your list of virgins who are looking for an owner?

            1. Greetings Madame Scarlet’s, the transgender slave i am is trying this but not deserving Your Superior Control, but still, this painslave, beg You Madame, To Please Look my way, in the dream To Become Your 24/7 slave, with little hope but mush respect Madame?

      2. this explaine a lot to me Mistress, i am dangerous, you are right, and i am ready to be trained to understand to stay under the surveillence of a real evil Domina That Will cage my cock and make me suffer the little consideration i have for the Female Gender That is Superior to the male one Madame

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