Born Again Virgin Register

This is a register of males who will never, ever again, for the rest of their lives, be allowed to penetrate a woman. They are BAVs and the register includes the date each became a BAV.

Miss Anne slave worm NAVirgin from birth. Will die a virgin.
Mistress Sonia MelonislaveboyNAVirgin from birth. Will die a virgin.
Mistress Francesca sissy slave M 8 Jan 2001Has never penetrated his Mistress, heavily cuckolded with forced bi.
Alectosubmissive simpering “Sissy slut”2002It is a massive turn on being in control of ssss ‘ orgasms and he is much better behaved. I have no need for his defective clit . It reminds him of my control of him and is just another evolutionary step in our relationship.
Mistress Serenatiffanymaid27 May 2004Repeated failure to perform, and the penchant to femininity & submission, Mistress took a male lover and sub was rechristened Tiffany and placed in chastity thereafter.
Un-owned slave sindee 9 April 2005Was owned but owner left him 12 years after
making him a BAV on her 50th birthday.
MD Dianesissy hubwife TerrieMarch 2005In chastity since 1/1/2015, she’ll remain lovingly locked and a born again virgin forever.
Mistress Scarletbitch-boycirca 2006Cuckolded with other women. Only form of relief is under the sole of footwear.
Mistress Corine and Mistress CarmenslaveAug / Sep 2009Divorced by his wife so she could marry her lesbian lover. Constantly locked in a chastity device. Never allowed any sort of orgasm at all.
Princess Paulacuckslave21 October 2009Told i will NEVER penetrate a pussy again. BAV and cuck.
Mistress MirandaSlave GarethJanuary 2010 Mistress did not want to be considered a wife. Permanent piercings used to prevent the slave’s birth defect from penetrative ability.
Un-ownedbutwhatamiFeb 2010
Mistress LindamarthaJune 2011martha unsure if it is cuckolded.
Mistress RitapeterJune 2012subjected to very regular dickie-discipline
Msitress JbrenttSeptember 2013Penetration is too great a privilege for a slave-husband. 24/7/365 chastity. Allowed relief only 2 to 3 times per year. “.. a horny husband is a good husband….”
Miss Bdoggy-bitchOctober 2013 a 24/7/365 chastity cage with sharp pins inside, so his focus is constantly on her desires.
Mistress Scarletslut-boySep 2014An email slave. Only form of relief is fucking the gap between rim and seat of its toilet girlfriend.
Christine MDavid2015To strip him of his masculinity and provide pitiless, cruel pleasure.
Mistress Goddess Alannaslave-caged 4 January 2015BAV status is permanent because it pleases Mistress as is enduring denial. Made more frustrating by butt plugs/strap-ons.
AngelSesla22 March 2015Permanently caged and denied orgasms because Sela’s wife Angel concluded there was more harmony when ejaculations are prohibited.
Madame Ssissy nancyJuly 2015Madame S decided sex was over due to my under
performance and sissies shouldn’t have sex like a man.
Mistress Tsissy cindy lynnAugust 2015Its sissy wee-wee didn’t do anything for her, it’s way too short.
Mistress CarlapussieJanuary 2016Deeply humiliated, multiple Dommes and cuckolded.
Mistress Rebeccapathetic virgin justin2017Sissies with useless clitties don’t deserve to penetrate. Mistress has lovers for that
Mistress JessieSissy jordanNov 2017In chastity 24/7, cuckolded by females, no orgasms since Oct 2018. Will never be allowed inside my pussy again!
SuperiorsillymaidJune 2018a decline in interest of my penetration that has led to
BAV linked to my sterlisation at my superiors insistence.
FantasiaHelenaAugust 2018Husband renamed Helena on becoming
a BAV for being unable to satisfy.
Un-ownedfluffyOctober 2019
Miss HeathertonSissy-girl laurenNovember 2019In long term 24/7 chastity for 4 months now (27 OCT 2020) without orgasm. This past weekend Miss H decided that it will spend at least a year locked without release and this may possibly become permanent, the clitty never seeing the light of day again; locked away almost permanently to reinforce her sissy status and inferiority to women.
Mistress Brigite jMay 2020To take away any privilege of still feeling like a (husband) man. Deprivation of “masculinity” because he is required to feel and live more and more like a woman subjected to all Mistress’s whims.
Mistress CSissy Maid Sonya16 August 2021Its locked-away penis is not useful in any way to Mistress who enjoys controlling access by keeping it locked up, and denying it penetration forever more.