Submissives’ Fitting Thank You’s

In a couple of posts not long ago I discussed curt instructions. This seriously struck a chord with many submissives who read my blog. Such a response from submssives means it is an IMPORTANT technique for any Domme’s arsenal who wishes to have her submissive addicted to her. It is well worth exploiting, especially as it is so simple and easy.

I did include in the posts how having the submissive say thank you when having carried out an instruction of the Domme further enhances the affect on them. Well this leads me on to the topic of submissives needing to say thank you in other circumstances, which I believe is also very affecting for them. In addition to having obeyed a curt instruction, let me give you some other examples in bitch-boy’s life.

When I sit on the sofa and I have pointed to the floor between my splayed thighs and given the command, ‘lick me to orgasm’, I delight in saying, once he has knelt in position and is about to begin, ‘What do you say?’ Given the beauty of my soft skin,  slim athletic thighs,  flat stomach and pretty cunt, it is unsurprising he genuinely and emotionally answers, ‘Thank you Mistress.’  But the status implications of this thank you are huge. He is denied sexual relief, he is never allowed to fuck; but he is genuinely thanking me for the privilege of being allowed to lick ME to a delightful orgasm. And it will be one of many orgasms that day, despite his current prohibition of proper orgasms himself. His correct grasp of the concepts of fairness and grounds for gratitude driven from his mind by his submissiveness and my cruel dominance.

Another example is when I have finished a punishment of him. A punishment gagged and bound, bent face down over the dining table. Caned, strapped, paddled, tawsed and whipped. His gag is removed and, often still whimpering or sobbing, he says, as he knows he must, ‘Thank you Mistress for helping to make me a better slave.‘ He has learned to his cost that should he forget to thank me, he goes straight back over the table.

Another example is when I have him kiss my footwear. This he has to do whenever I, or we, are leaving the house, leaving a bedroom in a hotel or leaving a bedroom in which we have stayed overnight as social guests. He must kiss my footwear for as long as I talk at him about how lucky he is to have such a cruel and beautiful Mistress wife and how there are a hundred submissives to take his place in a moment, should I wish to replace him. I have always ended my lecture with the words, ‘You may stand.’ But recently I have followed those words with, ‘What do you say?‘ As he is rising to stand he says, with genuine feeling, ‘Thank you Mistress.’  Again, his correct grasp of the concepts of fairness and grounds for gratitude driven from his mind by his submissiveness and my cruel dominance; particularly as I may be wearing dirty snow boots or well-worn gym shoes.

My final example is a new thank you occasion and has arisen as a result of my new contraption. Once:

  • I have lifted my shoe from his clitty after his horrible, disappointing, spoiled orgasm has ended,
  • and his semen pools in a food container, shortly to have water added, (and or my nectar), and become an ice chink for his funnel gag,
  • and I have shown off my body during the process and talked about how he will never, ever get to fuck that body,
  • and I will have had between 7 and 11 massive orgasms by this point in the day,

I say, in a mocking and unkind tone, ‘What do you say?‘ He answers, ‘Thank you Mistress.’ His tone this time is not so genuine, but it is extremely poignant and sad and respectful. My question is truly powerful and affecting for him. Expecting him to thank me for inflicting such unfairness and misery. But he is deeply subjugated and would not dare do otherwise than thank me. I get such a power rush from having just been such a cruel bitch and then asking him to thank me, and hearing his submissive, obedient, poignant and sad thank you, that I am close to requiring a supplementary orgasm for the day!

Once he has thanked me then I give him a curt instruction in a very cold voice to get everything cleaned up and then I walk off.


For info on my own BDSM manual, click on an image below.



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Xmas Stinging Nettles??

Well new mild weather records continue to be set in my region of the UK in 2018. Still only one heavy frost so far and the stinging nettles sheltered under the trees continue to survive AND GROW!

It looks like bitch-boy will be experiencing a few more 2018 nettle whippings of his clitty in its nettle blanket in 2018, especially as Mistress Nicola is visiting next week, (and she is wonderfully, SERIOUSLY EVIL AND SADISTIC with the nettles!).  I also hope he will experience an Xmas clitty-stomping from my new wedges while his clitty is in a sunglasses pouch full of stinging nettles. (Long time followers will know I like to make the Xmas holiday an especially miserable time for him which means I have an especially orgasmic holiday time; which I think I deserve! Even though I have given up work now and bank holidays are hardly different from any other day.)

Below is a picture of the nettles blanket with a dildo poking through where bitch-boy’s clitty pokes through when the blanket is in use. I provide this as I previously provided a photo on Tumblr and Tumblr is ending adult content on December 19th as you all know.

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Thank you

Many thanks to all of those who provided suggestions for a replacement to Tumblr. It seems that  is the best option at the moment. I will explore it.

Thank you again dear followers.

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Replacement for Tumblr

As most of you know, Tumblr is prohibiting adult content from 19 December 2018. A sad goodbye from me to nearly 19,000 followers.

Has anyone got a good suggestion for a replacement site on which I can both discover and have posted my favourite images and videos?

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Shoes for cock stomping.

Part of my learning curve for my new method of milking bitch-boy, [Saturday’s post], was shoe style. A search of internet femdom videos immediately pointed me in two directions; both of which are a delight for me. Wedges and gym shoes. No need to put effort in on carefully locating the heel or sole on the clitty. There is no gap between heel and sole so its simple and easy for me to apply pressure; just press down! And my ease is what counts after all.

On-line I soon found a pair of wedges I considered ideal.

And although, I have not yet, I will be using my gym shoes from time to time. I love the thought of subsequently going to the gym and looking down at my gym shoes and thinking about how they have been used on poor bitch-boy’s clitty. And of course the fact that, (A), they are not sexy and, (B), before abusing his clitty with them, I have walked about outdoors in them makes it even more degrading for him.

From the videos I watched I realised, almost always, in the videos a cock box is used.

A wooden platform supported either side of the prostrate slave, with his cock, or cock and balls, poking through a hole in the platform.

Is a cock box my next step? One video I watched (which I can’t now find, before you ask for the link), had a woman standing on slave’s flaccid cock, squashing its head and some shaft totally flat while, according to the subtitles,  she looked in the mirror putting on her make-up before going out on the town. She twisted her shoe clockwise and anticlockwise now and again. When ready to leave, the subtitles informed us, that the slave would now be put in chastity while she was out – probably cuckolding the slave I thought.

So is a cock box my next step? A cock box would be a big storage issue, but the thought of squashing bitch-boy’s flaccid cock flat and absentmindedly twisting my footwear while putting my make-up on before going out, or doing my hair, or talking on the telephone, and the visual imagery – well; its hard to resist.





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New Cruel Contraption

I am feeling rather proud and ingenious. I have invented a Femdom contraption I do not think I have ever seen, either used or sold, on the internet. It is a bit of a long story though; apologies about that. It came about because of two things. First, I saw a cock crushing video online with the slave cumming as a result of Mistress’s shoe rubbing his cock shaft, after some mean cock crushing. I love how it feels to crush a cock under the sole of your shoe. (What better demonstration of status differential. Looking down as I do, makes me feel so powerful and mean and him and his sexual organ so insignificant to me, which it is. And given my high heeled shoe fetish and my pretty feet, what better visual image!) Seeing this video COINCIDED with a new way I was having bitch-boy orgasm when allowed. The second thing.

I have, for now at least, stopped giving him an intimate and skilled hand-job when I allow him to cum. And instead press his hard little clitty object hard against a massager vibrator head, on full power. This used to be with my hands while he was bound on the BDSM bed. Holding his stiff cock upright with foreskin pulled hard back and then pressing the head of my massager wand, on full power, very hard against the shaft. Squeezing the vibrating head and the shaft together so hard in my hands that the cock is flattened a little. Within about 20 seconds poor bitch-boy cums. Nothing he can do about it. And it is so cold and lacking in intimacy or real pleasure for him. Especially if I spoil it by releasing my hands as soon as he starts to cum. I just LOVE IT! Its cruelly lovely as by that point in the day, I will have had between 7 and 11 relaxing, gorgeous, pampered, huge orgasms.

BUT NOW – As I love having him cum through massager stimulation, AND I love seeing his cock being crushed under the sole of my shoe, I wondered; could I combine these two things? Vibro-orgasm and shoe sole pressing?

First attempts began with having him sitting on the floor wrists tied behind back and leaning against the wall, legs wide apart. A folded towel on the wooden floor on which went my mains powered massager, with its handle section tucked under his thigh. (A small plastic food storage box, (the size of a pack of cards), under the tip of his cock to catch the semen to make a semen/water ice chunk after.) Then get him hard, press my foot hard down on his cock shaft onto the vibrating massager head and within 20 seconds the shameful spurting. SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After almost 20 years, a new, AND MY FAVOURITE EVER, way to have him endure a miserable, degrading release of his filth.

I soon started pulling my dress up to my waist while using this milking method and mocking him. ‘Look at these amazing legs and my flat, firm stomach and my pretty cunt and perfect butt. I could be letting you cum by fucking this amazing body couldn’t I. It would be so easy for me to allow that. But that will never, ever happen will it!  I get so much more pleasure by having you cum like this. The dirty sole of my shoe pushing your cock against against a cold, hard vibrating machine. All over in less than twenty seconds. What a pathetic creature you are.’

It was all a serious faf though – on the floor. Really quite hard to get the penis shaft properly located on the massager head while stopping the massager vibrating out of position, etc. So I thought about in what way could it all be easy and seriously pleasurable? After a lot of thinking, this is the result.

A wooden board which is placed on the little, low chair bitch-boy has to sit on when colouring-in with his dolly, and my rechargeable massager vibrator. The board has an indent to keep the vibrating dildo in place and even has an indent for a small food container to catch the semen. bitch-boy then has to kneel with wrists secured behind his back and his cock resting across the vibrator, and I press with the sole of my shoe when ready and mock him while I am pressing down hard. FANTASTIC!!!!!! And as there are no power leads, it can be done anywhere.  Certainly in front of my full length mirror so I can be narcissistic and look at myself as I do it. And of course he can longingly and unhappily look at my body as I do it. Other places in the future? Perhaps outside when its raining? (In the image, I have put a tiny vibrator where his clitty goes.)

I even realised that before the vibro-milking, I can have the board the other way around on the chair for some lovely cock crushing. Things like a sheet of very course sandpaper or a few nettle leaves under the cock should be delightful when crushing! Perhaps with his cock inside a nettle pouch or spiked sleeve?

I ought to patent this contraption!

Of course, bitch-boy had to actually make the contraption. Motivation of him was easy. For the last two weeks, he is already on a prohibition of no proper orgasm until Xmas. (Thanks to a whim of Mistress Nicola). So I told him that unless he built the contraption to my functional specification, within a week, his prohibition period would be extended by at least a month, perhaps more.  That certainly got him motivated! Its a good job, for him, he is so clever and ingenious.

In my next post I will be discussing the best shoe type for cock stomping! A new shoe type for me to wear.

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So Curt Is Good!

It seems yesterday’s post really struck a chord with a number of submissives. (See quotes at the foot of this post.) And I can attest to its considerable effectiveness with bitch-boy. I think this makes ‘curt instructions’, a TOP TIP! For Dommes it is a very  special delight when an activity:

  • provides pleasure to them,
  • subjugates the submissive to be more in awe of the Domme,
  • has no cost involved,
  • has no effort involved like dressing up or bondage,
  • can be undertaken during vanilla times,
  • actually takes less time than not undertaking the activity!


Submissives’ Comments.

Certainly Madam understand the submissive psyche in ways that few do. Your methods are awe inspiring Ms Scarlet…thank You for sharing Your lifestyle.

Feeding our submissive souls – curt commands, humiliations & discipline – you are so, so accurate MsScarlet!

You are absolutely correct, the issuing of orders in a vanilla situation and leaving no one in doubt that you are to be obeyed is thrilling. Even now in the supermarkets when being asked if help is needed at the checkout, my wife will always answer,” no he will do it, he’s been trained”. Or if her mother is visiting, ask me things like, have I ironed a particular dress or cleaned a pair of boots……………

My Mistress of days gone by issued very short and curt orders to me. Down Boy meant get my tongue busy on her pussy, knees, get down fast and kneel…… Out in public she used hand signals to give the same orders as well as using soft commands that could be overheard by nearby persons, to cause me much humiliation, and i loved her so much for it.

I like curt because it makes it so clear what I need to do to please and I over think things. Getting over my tendency to over think things and doing a better job of responding inmediately is one reason discipline is so important to me. Letting go of thinking for myself and handing over the power to a loving authority is very fulfilling. Empties my crowded brain

You are very right Mistress Scarlet. MK uses curt commands constantly during the day. “Get this for me.” “Put this away..” Sometimes she uses one word with a harsh voice. “Water.”

I believe she takes special pleasure asking me to do something when I am busy with something I am doing such as filling up the dishwasher. I have to stop immediately and do what she has commanded.

Mistress enjoys handing me her handbag while we walk so her hands are free. “Take this,” she says as she shoves the bag into my arms.

And, there are consequences if I do not respond immediately. IMMEDIATELY. MK is a very experienced with hand spanking. She works out at home and in a gym so she is strong and very fit. Her hand spanks hurt. When she is very angry, I am caned with hard strokes.

MK LOVES watching me jump to her commands.

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