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I have always had on my blog a link to the website currently called Petticoat Discipline Quarterly.

Many, many years ago, together with letters in Madame magazines, the letters published on the 2nd of each month on the Petticoat Discipline Quarterly site educated me on the art of petticoating, shame dressing and shaming rituals. I have to say though that over the last year, until this month, the letters have not been useful – mostly being from sissy males who want to be dressed as sissies and be treated as a happy little girl or baby. For me, this is NOTHING to do with Female Domination. However, this month’s edition seems to be a wonderful throwback to how the content used to be. Several letters detailing Domestic Female Tyrannical regimes where the male does not want to endure the shaming or do the chores or be in chastity but has no option. I really hope the site returns to publishing letters with this content each month.


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The cruelty of not laughing

There is an interesting dilemma when putting a slave through a terrible humiliation. For example, having bitch-boy dressed as a parody of a little girl with a dress coming down only to his hips, shaved genitals on display, huge ribbon bow on his head and with a lisping voice – performing a nursery rhyme with childish actions to the words. In front of three very cruel and heartless dominant women. (As will be happening this weekend.)

Does one laugh or just stare with an expression of contempt? Generally my friends and I laugh and find ways to make the humiliation yet more amusing for us, and we laugh more. BUT, it does seem that it is even worse for bitch-boy when we are not amused, when there is no humour. When he is looked at with contempt and derision as he performs. When he is partially ignored during his routine while we chat about something other than him. Just the odd glance in his direction indicating his unimportance and our disdain for him and our power over him. Is it more cruel to not display mirth, indicating that his profound shaming provides our pleasure without it needing to be funny?

To laugh or not to laugh, that is the question.

Governess Lexi enjoys not laughing. When she babysits bitch-boy she will often have him begin his rendition of ‘The wheels on the bus’, and then she will read a magazine or a book. When he is finished, without even looking up, she will utter one word, ‘Again.’ And bitch-boy has to repeat the rendition. Again and again with only the occasional glance of mocking contempt from Governess Lexi.

To laugh or not to laugh, that is the question.

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Cruel presents from Governess Lexi

Governess Lexi just cannot stop buying presents for poor bitch-boy. Just about every time she visits there is another present for bitch-boy to receive on his knees and then give heartfelt thanks for. And then he gets to use the gift to provide amusement to his superiors. Below is a photo of some of the gifts.

IMG_0777 - Copy

He has yet to learn to play a tune on his Disney princess recorder. But it is so amusing to have him attempt to, just like a little girl. He will learn a tune though. I am hoping to find a Youtube recorder lesson for a simple child’s tune. We also like to blow bubbles towards him using the Disney princess bubbles and, kneeling, he has to hold his big dolly Suzette Simperkins in front of him and pop the bubbles with Suzette’s hands.

The other items are little girl’s Pom poms used when doing little girl dances, a ‘cock-mug’ and make-up. On the latter, Governess likes her helpless charge to be thoroughly covered with foundation before the other make-up is added. I had not used foundation before. He hates it which is delightful. His Governess spends ages applying make-up. He is her human doll and she shows no mercy ever. Isn’t he lucky to have a Governess less than half his age with absolute power over him. Next week, she is babysitting him for a few hours while I go out to a Spa. bitch-boy is petrified at the prospect of being home alone with his strict heartless Governess. So he should be! She alternates between forcing him to adopt a little girl role to perfection and heartlessly punishing him with tawse and cane – again and again. (I should add that she also gives him a thorough golden shower before dressing him.)

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Fretting Pose

Well my post below has caused a number of followers to ask. ‘What is the Fretting Pose?‘ Those of you who have read my most recent journals will know that the Fretting Pose is something I have introduced to deeply shame bitch-boy when dressed in his little girl outfit and when he is not needed for a few minutes. I will instruct him to adopt the fretting pose if Governess Lexi and I are about to embark on some extended kissing and caressing in front of him, or she is about to lick me. Or I have him on my own and, for instance, I receive a phone call. I will curtly instruct – ‘Fretting Pose pansy-piece.

He must then stand, as he has been trained to do, with the toes of his Mary Jane shoes touching but the heels wide apart. His right hand must hold his right ear lobe by finger and thumb, his left thumb must be sucked in his mouth with his fingers in a fist. And there he stands, in his little girl outfit, utterly humiliated and looking profoundly ridiculous. (If he has had thick lipstick applied, which is often, he must simply hold his left thumb very close to his parted lips as though he is sucking on it.)

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An update on Mistress Sonia’s search for a slave

Mistress Sonia has been having great fun whittling down the huge number of potential slaves who have contacted me for a full time slave position with her. Her exacting initial email to each applicant, requesting a naked photo etc. certainly sorts the wheat from the chaff. Applications from teenagers and from those over 70 have all been received. An amazing number offer immediately to hand over all their assets and pay their wage or pension into her bank account.

Mistress Sonia has one or two real favourites so far and they have suffered a great deal by SKYPE in order to prove their suitability. She has recently reduced one to tears when he had to consume his own ejaculate and then close to tears when having to adopt the Fretting Pose. I find it to be a fascinating exercise to be updated on!

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Make the true submissive truly content

When it comes to spanking, make the genuine submissive deeply content by following this golden rule.

A meaningful spanking only truly begins, when the recipient is TRULY desperate for it to end.


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On Barnes and Noble and thoughts on writing journals

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Volume 10 of my journals is now available on Barnes and Noble which I think is for Nook Book readers. It is still not available in the Apple iTunes book store. I have no idea why.

It remains available on as an ePub or as a paperback.

And on Amazon Kindle. US. UK. DE. FR. ES. IT. NL. JP. BR. CA. MX. AU. IN.



Volume 1 continues to be the subject of kind comments like the one below. I had no idea when I began to document my life by writing Volume 1 that I would be publishing Volume 10 in due course and have requests for Volume 11 (which will be published soon).

I too go back to volume 1, where you had your sister Sandra, babysit bitchboy for the week. I found the incident when she left bitchboy locked in her utility room to carry out an ironing task. Simple in its concept but fascinating in her attention to little but imaginative details to make bitchboy’s task so much more onerous. The dilemma of ironing quickly to get the task done before she returned against the risk of creases and consequent punishment, the fact that he was chained to the ironing board and the ceiling so he could not sit down when finished, the requirement to turn off the light when finished and the fact that she woud check the temperature of the light bulb to ensure that he did not switch it off the moment he heard her return and of course finally the choice given to bitchboy regarding checking for creases or accepting 25 cane strokes, which ultimately became 50.
I love the small day to day incidents described as we learn more about bitchboys descent deeper under your control, the little examples of you devious imagination, an example the use of cotton bondage, so obvious if broken and impossible to struggle against.
In the future I would love it if you could include photographs respecting of course privacy issues but one for example that I would love to see would be a long shot of bitchboy doing his rotary drying exercise!
I look forward also to seeing how things develop once you have left work and can devote more full time subjugation of bitchboy.


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