Rubber band tormenting his hardness

A great implement for hotel rooms and other places where quiet torture is required is the humble rubber band.

I had bitch-boy with his wrists bound to a collar in a hotel room very recently. He had not cum for sometime. Sitting between his legs I touched and teased and he became so hard, (and desperate – poor boy), I then looped the rubber band, I had brought with me for the purpose, over his little erection, pulled one side of the loop as far away as it would go from the sensitive tube of flesh and then released it. An almost silent nastily stinging contact was made!

I repeated and repeated until the hardness was going. I stopped with the rubber band, teased and tickled until the full hardness returned, and then back to work with the rubber band. Sometimes I pulled the loop away from the underside, sometimes from the upper side. Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, again and again. There was much whimpering and a very sore little clitty by the time I had finished enjoying my sadistic game!

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Seeking playmate(s)

Well I have all this extra time available now, including weekdays. Do any of you lovely followers of my blog know which are currently the best contact sites for all gender BDSM or lesbian BDSM UK contacts? I used to use and I will probably pay to do so again. I am on Collerspace. I am on Fetlife but cannot see a way to use it for searching.

I am seeking only females. A long term relationship or one-off experiences. These females may be straight, bisexual or lesbian; dominant, submissive or switch. The scope of their possible pleasure preferences that would suit me is huge, for example – but not only:

A lesbian who never wishes to meet bitch-boy but with whom I can cuckold him. Single, (or a couple), of man-hating lesbians who would enjoy abusing bitch-boy but are not interested in being intimate with me. Straight/bisexual women who would enjoy abusing bitch-boy with me, with or without intimacy with me. A dominant women who has her own male or female slave and would like to visit me alone to double-domme bitch-boy and, in reciprocation,  I would visit her alone to assist her in double-domming her slave. A submissive/switch lesbian/bisexual for me to dominate who would also enjoy double-domming bitch-boy with me when in her dominant mode. A woman with aspirations to be a dominatrix who would like to visit to practice whatever she wants on bitch-boy. A woman who is not sure about BDSM but would like an introduction, aligned with her fantasies – involving bitch-boy or never, ever meeting him. A couple of submissive lesbians.

When it comes to activities with another dominant or submissive I have to say I am very accommodating because my tastes are soooooo varied and eclectic.



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Serious Control Technology

I have been looking at burglar alarm camera systems to monitor my subs, (see the perverse details below). I would like advice. It seems the following specification is possible, but IS IT?? Please only leave a comment on this if you are sure.

SPECIFICATION. Cameras (vision and sound and night vision)  – perhaps one in bedroom one and another in bedroom two. One in the bathroom, one in the kitchen, one in the dining room, one to move about on a table stand and two outdoors. Cameras which are battery powered and wireless broadcast to a receiver App. A receiver App on a smart phone on which I can easily switch from one camera to another to observe activity in the desired room or outdoor area.

This would allow me to do any of the following.

  • A sub in each bedroom in sensory deprivation bondage – monitored for safety reasons and monitored for the pleasure of seeing them while I relax on  my sofa or sun bed and they suffer their extreme bondage and blindness listening only to white noise – for so, so long.
  • A sub undertaking rotary clothes line duty while I am elsewhere in the house than my conservatory. Occasionally observing them to check they never stop their blind, slow shuffling around and around and around for an hour or two.
  • While I ‘entertain’ a female in my bedroom or lounge having bitch-boy do colouring-in with his dolly in another room. Occasionally observing him to check at least every two minutes he is engaging in a verbal exchange with his dolly about the colour to use.
  • A sub, dressed and treated as a parody of schoolgirl, in the dining room toiling away on two or three hours of detention line writing, while I relax in the lounge or on the sunbed. Occasionally observing them to check they never take a rest for a single moment and never look up from their pad of paper and perpetually moving pencil tip.
  • At the end of an evening, the receiver Smart phone connected to ear buds in bitch-boy’s ears and him in his bedtime bondage, (including chastity of course), while I make noisy love with a woman in my bedroom and he can fitfully, eventually fall asleep listening first to his wife having sex with another, and then the cuddling and sleepy sweet nothings until she and I fall asleep. And he can think about how he NEVER has sex with his wife, (or anyone else!), and has been denied sexual relief for quite sometime.

Very detailed accounts of such events are to be found in my published journals.


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The little things

Sometimes its the little things that give such pleasure.

A) I am exercising a lot lately and in these summer temperatures, rivulets of sweat run down my flat stomach. Its a little thing, but when I have finished my exercise for the day, I adore having bitch-boy kneel for 30 seconds and lick all the salty sweat from my stomach.

B) One of the nettle stems I used to whip bitch-boy’s hard little clitty with yesterday delivered AMAZINGLY painful stings. That was obvious! Just a delight that out of the blue, I had an especially spiteful piece of mother nature to apply. (It seems the particular nettle was a new growth on an old stem that had itself been cut before flowers formed.)

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Does the job? Third and last on this!

Thank you to all those still commenting on this issue and I apologise if you have made a comment that I have not taken on. Obviously, in the end, I have to go with my gut feelings and research. However I am seriously grateful for every comment, a huge thank you to you all. I am sure I am wearing thin your patience so this is the last time I will post on this subject and below is the manual cover I think I am settling on.

If we can facilitate one non-dominant, (partner of a submissive), become a dominant partner of that submissive, we will have made the world a better place.




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Does the job? part 2

Firstly a huge thank you to all those who left a comment on my previous post. So wonderfully helpful, I thank every one of you. And thank you to those who have generously offered to help. I may yet take up such a offer. I have not published any comments as some requested I did not do so.

For the record, nothing in the image in the last post was photo-shopped. It was a boutique hotel room with my BDSM equipment and my shoes and one of bitch-boy’s older maid’s outfits. HOWEVER the image is DUMPED! Those who commented that the equipment could scare away a novice dominant and also the setting was fantasy and not a real home, so again could mislead a novice dominant, were 100% correct.

I must also add that I am not seeking an aesthetically pleasing cover. Its purpose is not to be beautiful, it is solely to communicate the contents. Any human characters shown must also be androgynous. So I am thinking along the lines of this.

Further comments welcome.

(I should add I have sat in many meetings with top written media communications consultants and they have always been clear that interesting fonts are irrelevant to the general public, as is an appearance of beauty in a written communication and if the first half a dozen words grab attention, they will read all the rest.)


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Does the job?

Here is an idea for the cover for my shamefully overdue manual, which is receiving its final proof reading at the moment. (The manual is of over 115,000 words. Over 160 A4 pages, font size 10.)

I am, dear blog followers, looking for constructive comments on the cover. I fear the cover is quite important.

Link to my already published real life journals and short stories.

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