Tidied him away in a cupboard or wardrobe

I recently received the comment in the paragraph below. Given tidying away my puppet in a wardrobe or cupboard is a HUGE favourite of mine, I thought I should post on my experiences and techniques.

This is really true in submissive men we have many fantasies, and for me the one that always drives me “crazy” just imagining it would be being tied up inside a closet, or in a box.
I think a Mistress who locks her subs in a closet and goes out to have fun, so cruel, even more than sending him to work cleaning the house or doing something else, less than a human a mere object.
Mistress Scarlet, do you usually apply this kind of punishment to your slave? leave him tied up for long hours or stuck somewhere?

A hotel room wardrobe

My most common use of this technique is when we are away from home staying in a hotel. There are a considerable number of things I might wish to enjoy while staying in a hotel for which my bitch is not needed. An hour or two in the hotel spa, the gym, the swimming pool, a relaxing bath or long shower in the room, the sun-deck, taking a nap, reading in a comfy armchair, a pre-dinner drink at the bar, some shopping , etc. Should I wish to enjoy one or more of these, what should I do with my puppet to have him humiliated and miserable while I enjoy myself? (Thereby enjoying myself even more!)

Tidying him away in the wardrobe of my hotel room is a favourite. Leaving him in bondage under a sheet on the bed is another, but there is something weirdly bitchy about leaving a sub stored away. (Which is why, I guess, it is a fantasy of many submissives.)

There are some practicalities. He must be able to escape in the event of a fire. He should urinate before being stored away so he could go three hours or more before needing to urinate again. As a minimum he must be in some bondage so he cannot touch his little birth defect, or in an inescapable chastity device, (which bitch-boy of course, always is, 25/7/365), or both.

I like to tell him what I will be doing so he can contrast his humiliating tedium time with my very pleasurable time. Whether the door is hinged or sliding, once he is shut inside, I rest a pen or pencil upright against the door.

If I return and the pencil is laying on the floor, his current denial period is increased by at least a month, as he knows it will be if the pencil has fallen. If he were to come out and then get back in, there is no possible way for him to place the pencil upright, leaning against the closed door. I put the, do-not-disturb sign, on the room door handle when I leave so hotel staff will not enter the room.

Sometimes, in addition, he will find himself in, (or remaining in the wardrobe of the hotel room once I have returned), while I am taking a long shower or bath before getting ready for going out to dinner. (Often a noisy orgasm on the bed happens between the bath and getting ready). Sometimes he stays in the wardrobe while I get dressed and do my hair and make-up. (Although I quite like standing in front of the mirror and doing my hair and make-up with my foot pressing on his throat.)

A cupboard or wardrobe at home

To begin with, he gets to have to think about what is imminent for him, when I instruct him to go upstairs and remove hanging clothes on their hangers from one end of the wardrobe, to create enough floor surface for him to be tidied away, sitting on the floor of the wardrobe. The clothes removed, on their hangers, are hung on the bedrail.

Pen lent against the door, as with the hotel scenario, he is told that if the pen falls, because he tries to open the door, one month minimum will be added to his current orgasm denial period. Once he is in, I almost always begin with laying on the bed and enjoying a loud orgasm.

I then leave the bedroom to get on with whatever I want. It is a lovely warm, dominant feeling enjoying my leisure time always aware, at least at the back of my mind, my little puppet is tidied away in the dark of the inside of the wardrobe; bored and humiliated. When I go up to release him, I am usually aroused enough with how cruel I have been, to lay on the bed first and enjoy another loud orgasm. Once I have recovered, I open the wardrobe door, and in a cold tone utter the single word, ‘Out!’ As he stiffly extracts himself and stands, in the same tone, I ask, ‘What do you say maggot?‘ He looks so humiliated as he says, ‘Thank you Mistress‘. I usually chuckle mockingly and then walk off, leaving him to return the clothes on hangers to the wardrobe……… until the next time.

A collapsible dog cage at home

Although I rarely use it now I do have a collapsible dog cage I used to put him in quite often. When I did, I sometimes used it as a tidying my puppet away option when he was locked in the cage, by simply throwing a large, heavy blanket over the entirety of the cage, leaving him int he pitch black and with sound greatly muffled.

One distinct advantage of the dog cage though, is the plastic tray that forms its base. Once your puppet is locked inside, a jug of urine can be tipped over the poor submissive creature before the blanket is pulled over the cage and you exit the room for an hour or three. Obviously if you are to leave the building, a disposal uniquely numbered plastic padlock is utilised in case of emergencies. When I used to subject my puppet to all this in the dog cage, I would silently lock him in, silently and slowly pour the contents of the jug all over him and then pull the blanket over and walk out. Not a word from me throughout; and he would have no idea how long he would be locked inside his dark and ‘scented’ containment, dripping with my slowly drying nectar.


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The easy, ultimate source of power

A commenter quoted a sentence of a previous post of mine and then commented, as follow;

My sentence: “I have recently given him the choice, domination my way, or I am happy to stop dominating him altogether. As I knew he would do, he chose my domination.” The commenters comment: I think this is the most fantastic and terrifying thing You have ever written! I’d love to read more about it if You feel there is a blog post in there?

I do think this topic is worthy of a blog post because I hope embryonic dominant women, or unfulfilling wives and girlfriends of submissive men, read this post, and it might help them get to where they need to be.

I have been researching the minds of submissive males for over a decade. Probably over a hundred submissive males, in addition to my own puppet, through intimate Q&A sessions. The most important element I established was, a linked pair of phenomenon. Firstly, simply through logic and reasoning while looking at the facts, meant I had to reject every single explanation I had ever read as to what was at the core of submissive males, and secondly, that left me with what WAS at the core of submissive males.

What is at the core of submissive males is the definition I set out in my previous post. Submissive males have a craving above all else for: A life of being helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel, dominant woman.

As I began to experiment with my own dominance and pitiless cruelty, and found pleasure in these things, I evolved and moved forward in these areas until, perhaps only 18 months ago, (I wasted so many years!), I reached the point when my puppet no longer hinted he needed me to be more pitilessly cruel or more dominant, those two boxes were PROPERLY ticked! That left ticking the box, helplessly in the power of. So many submissive males contrive all sorts of fantasy scenarios to tick this box. Being blackmailed with no way out. Being financially trapped. Being sickly ill and helplessly in the power of a dominant nurse. Being in a prison run by sadistic female warders, etc. I thought about the whole issue and landed on the associated key fact.

The number of submissive males exceeds, perhaps by more than 100 to 1, the supply of dominant women able to tick the two boxes of pitiless cruelty and dominance. So the source of my power, my absolute power, was simply; the submissive craving of my puppet. I gave him a choice. Accept my dominance my way, allowing me the power to do whatever I wanted to do with him and to him, OR, there would be no domination at all. He knew what he craved and could not do without, so he chose to accept my dominance, my way. So the third and last of the boxes, him being helplessly in the power of, is ticked.

He now has the life he craved for. A life of being helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel, dominant woman. And together we have perfect symbiosis. He hates a great deal of what he endures at the time he endures it, and hates his chastity and denial regime constantly, but he can fall asleep every night contented, safe and secure that his life’s craving is met. And he cannot help himself but be in awe of me and to worship me.

There was an extra matter that assisted me, but I do not for one moment believe it is essential. But in my case, I further skewed the supply and demand issue in my favour because I am so much younger than him and I keep my body in a very good shape. (Well, HIS favourite female body shape anyway.)

A body just like mine although I have slightly smaller breasts.
Me outdoorrs on a sunny day.

So to help him make his choice, I not only pointed out the difficulty he would have with finding and attracting a woman who was as pitilessly cruel and as dominant as me, but also, as comparatively young and beautiful. He is a very intelligent and wise man with excellent judgement. He could only choose the choice he has made.


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The First Review

5.0 out of 5 stars   A must read for every any women wanting to start a FLR.

Reviewed in the United States on February 20, 2020Verified PurchaseOr any submissive man wanting to give their wife guide to help them get a good start. Ms. Scarlet knows what submissive men want and need and how women can use that knowledge to create a symbiotic relationship that is off the scales. It’s the best $5 you’ll ever spend. Highly recommended.

Another Review

Hi Scarlet,
A month ago, i bought your ‘Beginners Guide’ on amazon.

It is unbelievably good. I have been trying for almost a decade to convince my wife to be my mistress, with little success.(i now understand, it was because of my expectations) Since i have read your ‘Beginners Guide’, i learned that i did everything wrong, while i was trying to teach my wife how to be a mistress.

Now that my wife has read just the first section of your ‘Beginners Guide’ and is experimenting with it, she is really, really enjoying the dominance. The big change is that she can get into this new dynamic in our relationship at her on pace.

We are only a few weeks in so far with some DS time and mostly Vanilla time, but i am already scared of what she is going to do to me in the future, because her eyes tell me that she really likes this new dynamic now.

I would like to say a lot more, but my English is not good enough to explain everything i want to say.

So thank you very much for writing this book.

Some of my footwear

My Ugg boot slippers. The main reason for this post.

Worn as part of my everyday vanilla-day wear. . As a request was made on my last post, asking what boots I was wearing when I told bitch-boy to kiss my boots, and I have never shown them before, I thought I would show them now. A picture paints a thousand words. I have an indoor pair and an outdoor pair. They are the footwear I usually wear when I am in my swing seat and I press the left one down on his throat to rock my swing seat, while he lays on the floor in front of the chair, making a fuss of retching and whimpering as I do, for an hour or two. Which I ignore of course, even though the chair session may last such a long time. I have done this for many, many hours over the last year or so and he has survived undamaged, so I am totally unmoved by his pathetic noises. And realistically, I don’t completely ignore his pathetic noises and considerable discomfiture. Every now and then, his noises break through the concentration I am giving to the magazine, book, social media or craft work on which I am focussed. I then get a lovely power-rush and sense of my unashamed cruelty, which is why I have to keep my Lelo wand by my side to use every half hour or so, while I continue rhythmically pressing on his throat to facilitate my rocking.


Though I say so myself, my humble slippers worn with skin-tight, thin-fabric leggings and a cropped top, do seem to get, enduringly orgasm denied bitch-boy, into a bit of a state; both when he has a view of my butt or of the slight camel toe that usually shows. (I have no shame! And I note males feel no shame when displaying an outline of their nasty defects.)

Other footwear

I know a lot of submissives have a thing about shoes and boots and so, as I felt I should, as requested, provide an image of my Ugg boot slippers, I thought I would bring together in this post, two other footwear items I wear very often.

My ‘bedroom’ slippers, to which I refer often as they form a very regular part of my tease regime for my enduringly denied puppet. They are kept in my bedroom and often when naked, having just risen from bed, or in the process of getting changed or dressing, while naked, I will pop on the slippers and call my puppet to me. Then throw poses for a few minutes, touching myself in various places, like a lover standing behind me might. As I have written often, this reduces my poor puppet to a whimpering, distressed, pleading jelly of unrequited sexual desperation and frustration.

A body just like mine although my breasts are slightly smaller.

My stomping stage wedges. Worn when I am on the stomping stage abusing his stiff little defect, (when it is sticking through the hole in the stage under which he lays). Wedges were not a favourite of mine until I got the stomping stage. But the joy of the wedges is how one does not need to put any effort into aiming, when pressing down with these rock hard soles. There is no gap between heel and sole for his defect to escape into and me to have to pay attention to avoiding.

I am a high-heel shoe and boot fetishist myself and so I have about 6 pairs of boots and probably over 30 pairs of high-heeled shoes. I love the shoes and boots I wear and, as bitch-boy definitely has a fetish for seeing me in high-heeled boots or seeing my pretty feet in high heeled shoes, it all works out very well for me, and rather distressingly torturously for him, while I feel so very powerful. Yet another element of our perfect symbiosis.

Below is a typical view my puppet might have on a sunny day when I eat outdoors. My scraps get dropped down onto the patio. They get spat on. They get squashed by my shoes. He then gets to eat those scraps and then lick the soles of my shoes spotlessly clean. I usually read a book or magazine while he cleans them.


For info on my BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.

That 24/7/365 collar

Thank you so much to everyone who left comments on my previous post. These were very useful and so have helped me know exactly what I want in terms of a tightened up specification. I don’t rule out 2 or 3 collars I change on him at my whim from most comfortable to least comfortable.

  • 100% waterproof so it does not have to be removed for bathing or for sweaty exercise.
  • OK to sleep well in, even if it takes a few nights for him to habituate to it.
  • Not so bulky that it can’t be hidden by a polar necked sweater. Hopefully hidden by a thin rolled necked top.
  • Utilitarian and basic rather than pretty.
  • Not costing thousands!
  • Not bespoke as though he is something deserving of the effort and expense of custom made. He has to understand that he deserves only off-the-shelf.
  • Not so heavy and rigid that sores develop. His current rubber collar is of a very thick gauge of semi-rigid rubber and coming close to failing this criterion.
  • Capable of being locked by a standard padlock or a plastic, disposal, uniquely numbered padlock.

Regarding the last point on padlocking. I want him to be able to remove it in the event of an emergency, when I am not around . The key thing is avoiding a difficult situation from a surprise visit by vanilla neighbours/friends/relatives, a medical emergency, etc. I cannot see his thick polar necked sweater being feasible in the summer.

One commenter mentioned collars he could remove if he really wanted to, came nowhere near to having the effect on him as a collar he could not remove in any circumstances; which he has been now wearing permanently for many years. I do completely understand this, but it comes down to how each submissive’s mind works. And while all submissives seem to all be the same on the issue of craving above all else: A life of being helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel, dominant woman, how they get to feel helpless can depend on the submissive. For bitch-boy, if I utilise a uniquely numbered plastic padlock he can break if he likes, he still feels as profoundly dominated as if it were a brass padlock. This is because of two things.

Firstly, were he to break the padlock without a well proven, to me, reason I agree with, he knows the punishments would be truly terrible for him. And he knows I am well capable of enforcing punishments that are terrible for him. And he knows some of the punishments would not last just a day; there would probably be a year without an orgasm or longer, a year without ever seeing me naked or touching me in any way, etc, etc.

Secondly, he knows I could invoke the worst of all punishment; no domination of him at all for, say, a year. A totally vanilla life for a year. I could find a submissive female or use one of my email slaves to get my face to face DS kicks. He and I have already dealt with how much he needs my domination because I have become so terribly mean over the last 18 months, that he absolutely hates many of the things he suffers and would be truly happy if I never did a lot of them ever again. But I have recently given him the choice, domination my way, or I am happy to stop dominating him altogether. As I knew he would do, he chose my domination. (Which has rather given me free reign! We couldn’t be further from ‘safe-word playing’.)

So I am still looking for one or two collars that meet my specification. Even a heavy chain is worth an experiment I think. That would be a cheap experiment, and I could change the padlock at my whim to a very, very heavy padlock. But I like the idea of a solid collar too, so maybe I find a much lighter rubber collar than the heavy rubber collar I am using now. Certainly that still gives me the choice of changing the padlock at my whim to a very, very heavy padlock. Perhaps even adding a bell from time to time. And I may go with a selection of collars and I choose from the selection at my whim on any given day, but I am currently minded to prefer it to be a collar that almost NEVER comes off! One that comes off only for a few hours perhaps every three weeks or so and only in relation to our socialising with vanilla neighbours/friends/relatives, a medical emergency or examination, etc.

Two things

1. A collar to be locked on 24/7/365

In my new year’s resolution post, I expressed a desire and begun to implement having a collar locked onto bitch-boy 24/7/365. Two helpful blog followers have kindly each made a suggestion for collars and I show each suggestion below; both of which are interesting in different ways. I am though actually, I think, looking for a stainless steel rigid collar, like this directly below. I have seen such things in the past. But I think before incurring a serious expense, I would like to test the concept of bitch-boy sleeping without a problem in a rigid steel collar; and I would want one of the exact size required.

However, the suggestions below are very interesting, although I think Celise collars are perhaps impractical for 24/7/365 wear, but perfect for a punishment period, perhaps linked to any infractions relating to a 24/7/365 collar.

So far my puppet has hated wearing a padlocked-on rubber collar 24/7/365. I LOOOOOVE seeing him naked built for the 24/7/365 padlocked-on collar AND the 24/7/365 tiny, pink, double padlocked-on chastity tube. Such a huge power rush and feeling of ownership / proprietorship. And after a couple of nights of habituation, he now sleeps without a problem. I glimpse him adjusting the collar throughout our vanilla day and I feel like I own him, I can do whatever I want with him, and I a pitiless bitch in my subjugation of him. Wonderful feelings to brighten up any day.

Celise torment accessories

Punishment collars and belts. Here is a link to the ETSY seller who is unfortunately taking short a break from selling at the moment.



Braided wire collar

Braided wire collars with an allen key fastening. It can be worn 24×7 including showers.

My main problem with this is the allen key locking mechanism. I would need to lock all bitch-boy’s similar sized allen keys in a box secured with a uniquely numbered plastic padlock to ensure that when I was out, he get to an allen key in the event of some emergency, but otherwise could not. But he could still surreptitiously buy an allen key. I am very attracted to this item though subject to the collar being the exact size I required.

2. Dismissed

Pointed out to me in a comment by Red , 15.5 minutes into the film The Big Short, is the end of a scene featuring Margot Robbie in a bubble bath. She dismisses the person who has served her champagne with the phrase, ‘fuck-off.’ It is a spookily identical moment and style to one of my deliveries of this dismissive and dismissing phrase. (My other style involves much less attention being paid to the person being dismissed, not even looking in his direction.)

I wonder what other examples exist in mainstream media of a calm and relaxed woman telling a subservient person to fuck-off. I personally think Margot Robbie is one of the most attractive women in the movies which meant I enjoyed the moment in the movie even more, but that is an irrelevant aside personal to me. The pleasure is, in mainstream media, a relaxed woman in power, of any level of attractiveness calmly telling a subservient person to fuck-off.

I know its not everyone’s’ cup of tea, but for those like me, (perhaps because I never normally swear), it is a pleasure to see and to do.

New year’s resolution

On new years eve I informed my little puppet of my new years resolution. I had only one. ‘To be more cruel and pitiless with him than ever before.’ He looked shocked. We were and are both very clear that my cruelty and pitilessness had jumped up a considerable step-change over the previous 18 months. I knew in some facets of my dominance and subjugation, he felt the cruelty was at the maximum he could take, such as his lengthy denial periods and constant teasing. Very respectfully he made that point. I shook my head before speaking.

‘What I have learned over the last year, little puppet, is that my increases in cruelty in so many areas of my dominance have resulted in more, and more intense, orgasms than ever before. And, I am afraid you have betrayed yourself maggot, because it has been obvious you have been even more worshipful and even more in awe of me than ever before. So I just can’t lose can I? You also have appeared as always a long way from being broken in any physical or psychological way. You recover in good time after whatever I have subjected you to.’ He looked a little sulky as he whispered about not coping with the tease and denial he is subject to. I laughed at him. ‘You are physically well. You are operating at your normal highly intelligent level. You sleep well. I consider you are coping, even if you don’t feel that to be the case.’

Poor, poor submissives, they cannot win. By their behaviours, they betray the simple formulae that applies to them. They can only be content when helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel woman. And when they are helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel woman, they are in awe of her and they worship her.

So just to give you a flavour, as well as wearing your tiny pink chastity tube, 24/7/365, and only being let out for teasing and dickie-discipline, you will wear a collar, padlocked on, 24/7/365, unless we are out socialising together. That includes that you will sleep and shower in your padlocked-on, rubber collar. Also, whenever you have a cold drink at home, it will be served with at least one ice cube made of my undiluted urine. Unless it is a period just after one of your rare orgasms. Then the ice cube will be made of your semen and some water. And I will be dropping spit into every single one of your meals at home. So, there’s just a flavour of the changes that start tomorrow. Also, you need to know, I will generally be upping my levels for inflicting pain too. This is perhaps more serious for you. The last year has seen my orgasm intensity increase directly proportionally to how much I hurt you. We can explore what limits on that interrelationship there might be.‘ He looked in shock. He looked into my eyes and clearly saw my ice cold pitilessness and my predilection for shameless pleasure seeking. I told him to kiss my boots and thank me for my new year’s resolution. Then I saw it, that betrayal of himself. A glance at me as he dropped down, his eyes filled with awe and worship, and then the boot kissing, just that little bit more fervent than normal.

I wonder if we will ever reach a boundary where my increases in cruelty no longer increase his awe and worship. Well, it will be fun discovering if such a boundary exists.

Personal Update

Just a little update on the recent goings-on under my roof for those that welcome such updates. Apologies to those that do not.

I actually let bitch-boy have an orgasm just before Christmas. It had been just over 11 weeks since his previous orgasm. The denial periods counting back before that, under this ‘new’ regimen were, just over 12 weeks, 18 weeks and 17 weeks. So in the last 58 weeks that is only 4 orgasms. That is in over a year, less than half the orgasms I have on any full-on DS day, AND less than a quarter of the orgasms I have in a typical week. As it happens, I had 9 huge orgasms on the day he had his one; (I was so VERY cruel all day I just could not assuage my arousal levels). I suppose also, it is not such a ‘new’ regimen now actually, given it is over a year old. bitch-boy has accepted the current regimen is for the rest of his life. The current or an even worse one, mentioned later in this post.

Wonderfully, the case remains, and is obvious to see, that his sexual desperation levels return to the absolute maximum possible within less than half an hour of his orgasm. The morning following the day of his orgasm, I visually teased him when I rose from my bed. My naked body stood in my bedroom, platform mules.

This is a body just like mine, although my breasts are slightly smaller. These are my bedroom mules and that is the tiny, pink chastity tube bitch-boy now has to wear 24/7/365. Too small for even the beginning of an erection and no way to touch that little birth defect of his that is forced into the tiny tube. I will take a photo of him wearing it and post it on BDSMLR as that will include the chains that run from his frenum piercing ring to the padlock which ensure ZERO chance of escape.

As a new and novel amusement for me, immediately after he had cum through rubbing of his defect under the sole of my shoe, and while he was still trapped under the stomping stage, I freed his hands and had him scrape all his ejaculate filth into a little glass with a silicone spatula. While he did this I sat in my bedroom chair, told him the filth would be going into an ice cube tray, and then had my last orgasm of the day.

For an unedited photo this link is to my BDSMLR site.

The following day we had some vanilla guests over. I told him, as a good host, I would be helping make drinks during the day. I would provide him with a drink from time to time and it would have exclusively semen/water mix ice cubes in it. It was VERY amusing watching him drink those drinks! I so enjoyed watching him drink those drinks, I somewhat regretted his minimum 6 week denial period had kicked in and I would have to wait at least 6 weeks before I could make and use such ice cubes again. But, my pleasure from his constant, off-the-scale sexual desperation has to come first! So, when the guests were gone, I led him into the kitchen and he watched me fill, from a jug, two ice cube trays with my undiluted urine. For good measure, I dropped large mouthful’s of spit into the trays before I popped them into the freezer. I spoke with a malevolent purr. ‘I am thinking those will be the only type of ice cubes that go into your drinks for the rest of your life when at home. So I hope you can get used to them bitch. Oh and I may place one atop your deserts as a lovely garnish 10 minutes before serving. It’s a new 24/7/365 default rule that you make sure those special type of ice cubes never run out. When one tray is empty you come and ask me nicely to replenish the tray with the special formulae.’ He sighed with great emotion. He knows when the ratchet clicks, it never unclicks!

So, I was teasing him, naked but for my mules, and he dropped to his knees, very close to tears, and began earnest, despairing pleading for me to abandon the 6 week minimum-period denial rule. He was SERIOUSLY upset. He kept saying he had never in all his life been anywhere near so sexually desperate as in the last year and he truly could not cope with it. I got a sense that the new tiny chastity tube with ZERO access for his finger tips had something to do with this emotional outburst. I stayed silent and was revelling in the power and sadism that coursed through me as he went on and on with his emotional pleading. Finally I ended his pleading in a very disinterested voice, by reminding him that that ratchet had been clicked for the rest of his life and if there was a change, it would be clicked to INCREASE the minimum period. I also told him I LOOOOOOVE how desperate and miserable he is and I sometimes have to have a vanilla day orgasm, just because I notice a moment of his extreme desperation when he gets to see my body, not only while I purposely tease, but sometimes just an accidental glimpse of my body.

I thought about the pleasure, AND AROUSAL, I felt from witnessing his long pleading outburst, and before I sent him out to his chores while I had an unplanned orgasm, I asked him if there was anything else he wished to beg for, explaining that as I had had such a good Christmas I was feeling generous. Well that allowed the dam to burst!

He looked like tears were very imminent as he began with, ‘Please, please, please Mistress may I caress and kiss your beautiful bottom for a few moments. I haven’t been allowed that since September.‘ I answered that perhaps I would allow that tomorrow, and then I asked if there was anything else. ‘Please, please, please Mistress may I caress and kiss your beautiful, beautiful breasts for a few moments. I haven’t been allowed that for over a year, probably two years.‘ He sobbed as he finished. I brought my hands to my breasts and caressed them like a lover standing behind me would. I spoke in an innocent tone. ‘You mean like this?’ He sobbed again and nodded like a hopeful, obedient and enthusiastic dog. I gave him my response. ‘NO! Anything else?‘ He stared at the floor. I had certainly properly upset him with that brief answer! He carried on with the list that was obviously in his mind most of his waking hours. ‘Please could we not have the kitchen collage up in the kitchen?‘ I laughed. ‘Oh dear! Is your frustration so bad and you are so weak, you can’t help but keep looking at the collage while you are at your chores, torturing yourself? ……………………………. No, that stays bitch. Anything else?‘ He paused and then he spoke quietly. ‘Please Mistress, please can you not tell me to fuck-off when you dismiss me?‘ I laughed again, a lot! ‘Oh poor little bitch-boy. I do see the brief grimace on your face when I do that you know. I love treating you so disrespectfully and dismissively. That will continue. I hope you are not one of those sexist males who think its only OK for men to swear. Anything else?‘ He fell quiet and stared at the floor.

I was taken by, and amused by, how his aspirations have been beaten down so very low. No requests to penetrate me, or have a blow-job like most husbands might request. Not even a request for a hand-job instead of cumming only ever, (and very rarely), under the sole of my shoe. My arousal jumped a notch as I thought about what a totally pitiless and cruel bitch I have been to drive his aspirations down to this point. I am a total bitch, BUT, I am feeding his submissive soul with my sadistic merciless behaviour and he has chosen this life over a life with no domination, so I feel no sympathy or guilt. He could opt for the no domination option at any time, but I know he never will; like a frog in a saucepan of water slowly being heated to boiling point. I lay down on my bed.

Bitch, you have been so pathetic with the marginal things you plead for, you have made me very wet. Such is my cruelty and pitilessness that I have driven from you any hope of a fuck or a blow-job like a real man would ask for. I feel no guilt or sympathy though, just so you are clear on that. You asked me to try femdom over 20 years ago, you have got what you asked for. And we both know I will continue evolving and making you more miserable still in the years to come. Thank me for subjugating you to your very, very pathetic and miserable situation.‘ He sullenly thanked me. I turned on my Lelo wand and pressed it to my clit and closed my eyes as I spoke. ‘Just to highlight my sadism and pitilessness, you should know I have already decided you will not be getting to touch my beautiful bottom tomorrow. Now fuck-off.’



Volume 18 of my journals is now available in most formats including  as a paperback in LULU.com.

(For anybody reading this post who does not know the purpose of the hole in the stage on which I stand, in the above journal cover image, follow this link for an explicit image.)

So far Volume 18 is published as an Amazon Kindle book, and an eBook and now as a paperback. In due course it will be available on iTunes Books, and Nook etc.

The eBook is also on Lulu.com. (Please note that if you are searching for my books on Lulu.com, you will need to tick the ‘explicit content box‘ to see all of my books.)


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Positive reviews of my recently published Journal; No. 18


Mistress Scarlet has done it again! Journals of Real Female Domination, Volume 18, is an exhilarating read from start to finish that chronicles the extraordinary life that she and her submissive husband enjoy. Written in her own unique style, this book transports the reader into the lived experience of lifestyle female domination in a way that captures the eroticism and complex mix of human emotions that very view authors manage to convey. Reading it is a visceral experience that sets the heart pumping and pulse racing. You may well find that it stirs emotions and desires that you have not perceived before. Whether you have read her previous journals and are aware of how her real life marriage has evolved or are new to her work you will find this an arousing and stimulating book. Once I started reading it I read it from cover to cover without putting it down.


BTW your Journal #18 is fantastic!!!


Hello Mistress Scarlet, I just finished and thoroughly enjoyed your 18th journal.
You are a very talented writer and it is always enjoyable to read in detail about your life with bitch-boy. It was nice to hear how affecting the photo collage is for poor bitch-boy and the resulting pleasure his suffering of being reminded of the pleasures he once had but will never, ever have again gives you. It must be difficult for bitch-boy knowing that future lovers you haven’t even met yet will be allowed to do all the things bitch-boy can only dream of doing with you.

First cuckolding humiliation

I asked a regular commenter on this blog to give me an account of how his fantasy of being a cuckold was made into reality by his wonderful, truly dominant and cruel wife. The account is below, but first, to provide extra context, some excerpts of comments received from him before the cuckolding account. For all his comments search, tecphobe.

It is the case that in this blog I rarely, if ever, make reference to cuckolding when a male is the third party. This is because I personally don’t enjoy males getting sexual pleasure, and as I have often confirmed, I cuckold bitch-boy with female lovers whenever I get the chance. However, I have to admit I adore the levels of humiliation of the male submissive that must be possible when a male is the third party. I will therefore begin to include this activity in my blog much more often.

Excerpts of previous comments

It seams that FLRs are always progressing and deepening . Your and bitch-boy’s relationship, is a warning, and an inspiration, to us all. Since we last communicated, I am now a cuckold and I am not allowed to touch my wife’s naked breasts, bottom or pussy unless I am in my chastity cage. I have been informed that I am getting a custom cage as a present for our wedding anniversary and that it will only be removed for welfare checks and cleaning by her, and when she wants to play with it.

One of my wife’s favourite daytime activities is have my hands cuffed behind my head while I’m in chastity and straddle my chest and use her magic wand on herself and have multiple orgasms while verbally teasing me. She will then uncuff my hands and come and rest her head on my chest while holding my cage and squeezing my balls until she falls asleep for a nap . I have to remain perfectly still until she wakes up . My cage has been upgraded since we last spoke I now have a steel one which seams to work much better and I’m spending more time in it.

My wife is seriously into her gym and fitness. With my help she is probably as strong as the average non-gym going male. I am significantly larger than her in height and mass but once she has manipulated me into a restraining/restraint position, she is capable of restraining me and obviously I am not to resist. A women who weight trains, if she gets a guy flat on his front, her body weight on top and his arms pinned – he’s not going anywhere without suffering a huge amount of pain or until she lets him go.

… She asked me a question ” How many times do you think I have told you in the last few years that I will let you inside me, or said I’m going to suck you?” I thought about it and answered “Lots; maybe three figures.” . “And how many times have I?” The answer was 6 and 0. She then explained that for her letting me think I was going to get lucky and then denying me was a massive sexual rush. That I may or may not be a BAV for the rest of my life, but she won’t tell me as she wants me to always have a tiny hope that she can use against me. But that she reserves the right to ad me to the BAV register if and when she so chooses, and if she so chooses it would be in my full and know name. She found the BAV tattoo interesting, as she discussed with me having me marked in a similar manner . She is working on the design herself. She is favouring a design which is essentially a combination of two keys entwined with roses with a heart with a lock in the middle . It would cover the entirety of the front of my pubis. I have been put on a diet and exercise regime so that it looks attractive rather than awful.

The account

This will be a long comment as their is a lot of detail. Initially, like a lot of relationships it was my kinks and desires which lead us into our FLR. However over time it has become more a reflection of what we both like. B absolutely loves tease and denial, ruining my orgasms and making me come in really humiliating ways . However she has always freely admitted that she absolutely loves to get fucked; which she felt conflicted about, as she also loves denying me penetration. I said that I would be ok with her finding penetration elsewhere and that maybe I’d like to watch, etc. She was dead against this for a number of practical reasons; logistics, living in a smallish community. etc. So I came up with the solution of a realistic vixskin dildo (made by Vixen creations), with a harness, and me in my cage. She frequently told me it feels better than mine ever did. She absolutely loved roleplaying that I was someone else, while I fucked her with the Vixskin; ‘….so much better than my husband‘. Her enjoyment meant she had me servicing her with the Vixskin 3-4 times a week, for a an hour hour and a half each time. So problem solved of her denying me penetration but her getting penetration. She still plans to allow me access on special occasions, but I feel I may end up on your BAV list at some point.

2-3 times a year we attend horseracing, November Jan and march. We go for between 2-4 days stay in a hotel. While we enjoy the races, it allows for a level of debauchery not normally possible when you have relatives in the house. When I attend the race, underneath my clothes I will be caged, plugged and wearing a pink diamante collar with the tag, bitch, on it. Depending on the temperature, I will either have a body stocking or panties and some type of boi-lingerie. The point being, it’s play time away from home, and by the time we go home I’m normally striped up from b’s schooling whip and very ‘stretched’ in the boi pussy.

We attended the winter meeting this year, stayed in a lovely hotel and arrived on the Thursday, racing was Friday-Sunday. The first duty for me was to carry the huge amount of luggage up to the third floor room. Standard procedure is B gets the key, opens the door and sits down and relaxes while I fetch the cases. So brought the cases in and she told me to remove my outside clothes. A bit of boot worship was followed by a schooling session with the dressage whip. Then some tedium as her foot stool, while she had some nibbles and a glass of fizz. I was Told to shower , and that we were going downstairs for a light tea and a few hours of couple time, but I was expected to be on best behaviour and that includes in my chastity cage, pantied and not to get too drunk.

So we went downstairs, ordered some food and drink. We chatted about the following day’s races plans. People from other tables were talking to each other in a very nice atmosphere. I struck up a conversation with a gentleman at another table and, the three of us then chatted about the races for a couple of hours. Due to an early start, and the alcohol, I was tired by 10:00. I’m going to call the gentleman Mike not his real name for obvious reasons.

Mike was not be the most attractive of men and is probably about 8-10 years older than myself but he was charming, funny and hugely charismatic and engaging to talk too. B is never one for wanting to leave a party early, so I was kind of dreading telling her I needed to go to bed. I told her that was I knackered and she said ok no worries, you can go to bed. Before you go, get me a drink . So I went to the bar got her a drink and as I brought it back to her, I noticed Mike’s hand on her leg under the table, and her laughing a little too much . I brought her drink back and she pretty much dismissed me, although in a subtle way others would not pick up on. When I got back upstairs, my phone beeped. It simply said “put your butt plug in, and don’t wait up.”

About 6:00am the following morning, I was awoken by a kiss. ”Good morning cuck I made your fantasy come true.” She sat on my face had me eat her. I could tell she had had sex and was wet but there was no cum, (she told me later, he used a condom). Then she unlocked me from my chastity cage and edged and teased me while telling me the full details of her night. B then put on her strap-on and fucked my butt, ‘showing me’ how Mike had fucked her. She made sure I had an orgasm. The she teased me and told me I just came from being fucked up the ass, and thinking about another man fucking your wife. Afterwards she told me that she had told Mike all about what we get up to as he was worried that I would get aggressive with him. She told him there was no need to worry at all and that in fact, he could fuck her in front of me and that I would say thank you, and go down on her licking her clean. Which is what happened the following evening.

My wife had me lie on the bed sucking her nipples, while she got fucked from behind and this time I ate a lot of cum. Mike sat in a chair masturbating, while he watched my wife fuck me with the strap-on doggy-style. She did not let me cum. B then asked him to put his dick in my mouth. Thankfully for me, he said that wasn’t his thing. So he stood and came over her breasts. B made me lick her breasts clean. She made me thank him and shake his hand for doing what I’m not allowed to do .

Tecphobe’s postscript.

I’m going to provide some context for this. My wife and I have been together 11 years married 5 . It is truly like Scarlett says be carefully what you wish for. The activities described were hugely intense and satisfying for all parties. We had a really long conversation after this because I was gobsmacked by what happened. Monogmy has always been a hard limit for my wife, so while I went with what was happening at the the time I was confused by it. B explained to me that we had talked about and the though of arranging something of the internet or some one from near who might know people we know left her cold. But when a charming man who didn’t really know either of us hit on her with the wine and everything she decided to go with it. She told me that she was really proud of me and that i had put her first and swallowed my massive ego ( it’s true I can be a swaggering proud idiot) . She asked me a lot of questions how did it feel watching etc. And I was honest, that it was hot watching and essentially being reduced to a mouth to service her nipples and that by the time she was fucking me that their could of been 40 people in the room and I wouldnt of cared. She asked me if I would of actually of sucked a dick for her (she’s evil she stroked my dick while she asked me that) and I answered honestly that I would of in the moment but regretted it afterwards. She explained to me that she found the whole thing really hot especially the spontaneous nature of it. That if we bumped into Mike again she may do it again or simply smile and blow him a kiss. That on our jaunts away if someone catches her eye I might be going to bed early alone. But that on a day to day level that she was perfectly happy with her husband and his replacement cock while reserving the right to change her mind at a later date and winked at me .

Spikes in the chastity cage

When I got out of bed yesterday morning, I was briefly teasing my little puppet by posing naked but for my seven-inch heeled platform mules that I keep in my bedroom.

Of course, while he stupidly tortured himself, by closely watching my hands roam over and caress various parts of my body, I had the pleasure of listening to his desperate heartfelt whining and pleading.

A body just like mine!

How he JUST couldn’t take it! How he had never in his life been so sexually frustrated and desperate. I simply continued and his face cracked into a grimace, close to tears. As always his defect grew as much as it could in its cage and bulged through the bars. A sudden cruel thought crossed my mind. Some back ground first.

A few years ago I moved my puppet out of his CB6000 plastic chastity tube and into his double padlocked cage of metal bars.

The reasons were firstly, because he can wash while in the metal cage so it can stay on, a loooooong time, (six weeks without a break, as I write this). And secondly, a second padlock could easily be fitted through his frenum piercing ring. The metal-bars cage is considerably bulkier than the plastic tube, which in lockdown hasn’t mattered much, but as we re-emerge into the world, it is a little ‘apparent’ at times when he wears his most fashionable trousers. And I like him to wear his most fashionable trousers when he accompanies me.

But here is the main reason for the post: As I saw his flesh bulging between the bars, I was reminded that the old CB6000 came with three optional spiked inserts, each insert having a different length of spikes. I remembered how he used to try so hard to avoid attempted erections at all costs, when a spiked insert was fitted; ESPECIALLY the insert with the longest spikes.

Well back then, he was nowhere near as sexually desperate as he is, every single day, now. The thought of the teasing I was engaged in as these thoughts filled my mind, with him wearing his tube with the longest spikes, was a very attractive thought indeed! I also considered that the piercing ring he has is now such a large and heavy one, I could almost certainly thread a small chain through it and padlock that outside the tube, to maintain my predilection for double padlocking. He would be allowed out of it for cleaning, but I could always use the cold-water system for that or a baby monitor if I wished to be elsewhere. To add to all these considerations, I had the previous day been thinking of the number of overnight stays at others’ houses currently planned over Christmas when I would want him in his most fashionable trousers.

So, as you may have guessed, it has all come together. Until after the new year, at least, he will be double padlocked into his plastic tube from now on; double-padlocked with the insert with the longest spikes added.

He can wear it 24/7 during overnight stays at others’ houses and when visiting others, I will be teasing him a lot when we have retired to our bedroom. And a Cialis pill lasts a full three days so I will have him take one before we go away for an overnight stay. This will mean my teasing more easily brings him to an erection attempt inside the tube.

When it is just the two of us at home. I may even tickle his perineum a bit during momentary pauses of my visual teasing. Just to make sure he is bulging to the maximum against the spikes. And I imagine that when he is performing his role as Mistress’s Little Masturbation Helper, {LINK}, he will have to use considerable willpower to prevent an attempted erection.

Having made my decision, I further considered that with the metal cage, as he could wash with his fingertips between the bars, he could probably get a little thrill when out of my observation, at times throughout each day, giving his little defect a quick finger-tip rub between the bars. Far from satisfying of course, but contact of some sort, and a sexually, extremely desperate submissive will get up to all sorts of nonsense to try and appease, at least a tiny amount, that constant gnawing torment. With his plastic tube there would be absolutely ZERO touching contact with his defect.

My final thoughts were on aesthetics. His old chastity tube is see-though plastic. It does not really stand out when he is wearing it. But I know that such devices come in all sorts of colours. I would get a new one, hopefully shocking pink will be available. Then his attention, and mine, would be jolted to his locked away little defect whenever in our peripheral vision.

And if he does get hard and bulge and the spikes dig in: Will I feel pity? Will I feel guilt? Will I feel any sympathy? OF COURSE NOT! If he gets hard that will be because he can’t control himself. His remedy is within his power; stay tiny, and stay soft! If he does not, he will only have himself to blame.

So, I am seeking suggestions for the best chastity tube that meets my specification of; zero fingertip access, a deep pink if possible, spike inserts, and something I have not mentioned so far in this post, a built-in electric shock facility.