Specifically depictions of female sadism

Further to my last post, on which I have received a number of interesting comments. I think I failed, in my last post, to accurately specify why the brief scenes in the first few episodes of The Sinner are so significant. I will now bang on!

It is about a depiction in a mainstream fiction programme or film of female sadism by an everyday female. She taking pleasure in inflicting pain, just for her pleasure – her sexual pleasure. Enjoying her dominance for her sexual pleasure. Not for revenge or power or money. Not a dominatrix.

There is and always has been so much in mainstream fiction programming depicting males doing this. But I think The Sinner may be the very first showing a female indulging. Not a lifestyle documentary, not masked by comedy or farce, not a woman controlling a man for financial reasons or political reasons, not a revenge tale where there is cruelty but no sexual pleasure. It is, and always has been, just fine for everyday males to be shown indulging. But clearly, it has been just too socially offensive to think everyday females could ever have these desires. As though everyday women are too weak or too unsophisticated or too boring or can only be nurturing or are too passive.

By mainstream I am excluding films intended for the BDSM market such as Venus in Furs, My Mistress, etc. I am also excluding documentaries.

Can anyone point to another example in a TV or movie mainstream work of fiction  – of an everyday wife or girlfriend indulging? And indulging with an addicted submissive male who when not being dominated is assertive and successful in his life. Billions came close but there was no real sadism like that shown in The Sinner. If a submissive man is shown as addicted to a female, he is nearly always depicted as a sad loser.

It is important to me because if more dramas and thrillers unashamedly and explicitly showed such women and showed the addiction to these women submissive (and successful) men feel, then perhaps more women might think it acceptable to try it. This is always my aim. To have more women enjoying the life it can bring, and more submissive men living their dream life with them. Helping change the apparent balance of 100 submissive men to each dominant woman.

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The Sinner and Slutever / S**tever

A series on Netflix at the moment, The Sinner, (which is pretty good), has a few minutes in most episodes of VERY ACCRATELEY DEPICTED, sadistic female domination and submissive male addiction to that. Especially in the first two episodes. I think it may be the most accurately depicted I have ever seen in a mainstream TV programme or movie.

The housewife sadist in The Sinner is played by the actress Meredith Holzman and wow! she captures sadistic dominance with serious realism. I wondered about her real life personality! It got me to thinking, are there any mainstream contenders I might not know about? I recall an episode of Sherlock Homes, Series 2, – The Iceman, The Virgin and The Dominatrix, in which Irene Adler does a fantastic job playing the dominatrix, but this does not really compare with the scenes in the episodes of The Sinner.

An astute blog follower has also advised me of a programme which is on Vice in the UK, perhaps also on a Channel 4 channel, called Slutever. I have only seen episode 1 so far.

It is a documentary and I  felt the motivations of submissives was very poorly described. Even by some submissives in the programme who seemed to fail to understand their own deepest motivations; but this is normal for many humans. A lifestyle dominant sadist in the programme is however breath-taking in her dominance and unashamed sadism. I look forward to episode 2.  A point to note if you seek out the programme is that some platforms  seem to coyly label the programme, ‘S**tever’. The word,’ slut’ apparently being too offensive to have on the screen menu!

Can anyone suggest other mainstream contenders to compete with the brief scenes in the early episodes of The Sinner?



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Journal 13: The Institute, now published

You might recall a number of highly appreciative comments on the very last entry in my previous volume, No.12. That entry being about Governess Malice at The Institute.

Well this new Journal No. 13 is about nothing else but the Institute. It is also my longest journal ever at 70,000 words.

Available on Amazon Kindle, and from Lulu.com in ePub format and paperback. Very soon –  Nook, Barnes and Noble, Kobi, iTunes etc.  I hope you enjoy it.

Here are some of those comments about the last entry in the previous Volume No.12 to which I refered above.

## Just got to the last entry of Volume 12, (Governess Malice, The Institute) – WOW – just WOW!

## The last entry was my favorite for this book and all of your books. Wow!!! bb must be petrified of The Institute. I imagine him fretting every day thinking about his next visit. Readers of your blog should buy your journal Volume 12 just for the last entry.

## Dear Mistress Scarlet:   I just wanted to write and recommend your Journal, Vol 12. This is well worth people reading, and it is so very different to earlier Journals; even if people have read a few before, this takes on a new edge. I don’t want to provide any spoilers, but the last entry alone, (Governess Malice and The Institute), is worth the cover price! 

To purchase Volume 13: The Institute, Click on any link below:

Lulu.com –

Paperback version,       ePub version,

Amazon Kindle –

USA,    UK, 

DE,    FR,    ES,    IT,    NL,    JP,    BR,    CA,    MX,    AU,    IN, 



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The story of Susette Faggott

I mentioned sometime ago that I had been gifted, although in a terrible mess of different media types, just about every letter Ms GP had published, in the long defunct Madame Magazine, about her extreme regime for her very long term slave-maid  Susette Faggott.

I have decided that while I cannot take bitch-boy away from his many duties serving me to put these in chronical order, I will have him convert them, all to be read on one long blog page. To this end I will be deleting my blog menu option of Q & A’s for bitch-boy, and replacing it with ‘Susette F’s life’. This page will be a randomly ordered compilation of all the material I have on the creature’s life.



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Intensity and Frequency

Many Dommes are unable to dominate their men every day. Stuff gets in the way. It is still good for Dommes in that situation however, to keep their sub in constant 24/7/365 awe of them. This does mean that when there is a domination weekend, or day, or evening, it is useful for the Domme to remember two determinants that generate constant awe of her in the sub. (And very importantly, are also likely to increase the arousal of the Domme!) Intensity and Frequency. If the domination session will be a special occasion because, for instance, a guest will be joining you, then these issues are not so important. But if it is to be just the two of you, well…………

Intensity is the easiest determinant to employ. If employed correctly, the sub will always have some genuine fear and trepidation when it is announced that it is Domination Time! That is the measure. If he does not have some genuine fear and trepidation, then the last domination time had insufficient intensity. Planning ahead, or while enjoying the domination time, the Domme can think about whether what she is doing is likely to have the sub fearful of the next Domination Time. Is the spanking or cock and ball torture generating genuine, heartfelt pleading? And if so, will it be done more than once in the session? Will the heartfelt begging be ignored for a good period time. Is the duration of sensory deprivation bondage long enough to cause some misery and fear for the next time. Is the tedium punishment long enough? How many hours of line writing, or colouring-in with dolly or locked in the dog cage in the garage? And as I mentioned earlier, increasing the intensity is almost guaranteed to increase arousal and power-rush for the Domme.

Frequency is the second determinant. The frequency of the domination sessions.  The ideal frequency is when, (although the submissive NEEDS to be dominated to be content and they know that), they nevertheless beg to be let off a domination session. Because it is the third consecutive day or the fourth consecutive night, etc.


For info on my own BDSM manual, click on an image below.


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The DENIAL calendar

I remember reading about a woman who strictly controlled when her husband was allowed orgasms. They lived somewhere very hot; New Mexico or Arizona I think.  The method of controlling WHEN an orgasm was allowed was unusual and delightful. The method of chastity control was not special however. A chastity device made 100% secure with a penis piercing. But her husband had to carry on him, AT ALL TIMES, a thick, red maker pen. The sort of pen used on a wipe board. And in their kitchen hung a calendar. One very large page for each month. Big square boxes for each day. Each day box, half the size of a playing card. They were on their third calendar at the time of reporting on the regime.

Were you to have visited on the day of reporting their life, on the 15th of the month,  you would have seen that for the current month displayed on the calendar, red crosses were struck through everyday from the 1st of the month, through to the 19th. What the previous page for the previous month looked like we do not know. A red cross struck through a day meant no orgasm. What we do know is that Slave husband had obviously not had an orgasm for at least 15 days and would be going through at least a 19 day denial period before having an orgasm. The first day clear of a red cross was the 20th.

Slave husband was waiting hand and foot on his cuckolding wife and aspiring to total obedience and servility, WITH GOOD REASON. His queen wife was however empty of mercy but brimming with meanness.

‘Get my lunch slave, a sandwich.‘ He rushed to the kitchen and made a sandwich and brought it in to his queen wife. She was naked except for golden high heels, a gold waist chain, gold bracelets and a gold necklace. His terrible denial meant he could barely look at her beauty but, being a weak male, he could not help himself, thus harshly torturing himself.

He set the plate with the sandwich down before her and she stared at it for a moment. Then calmly she spoke.

‘Get the calendar.’ Slave husband’s face fell and he looked so sad. He rushed to the kitchen and returned to his queen and handed the calendar and red pen to her. She struck through the 20th and 21st with thick red crosses. She spoke calmly again as she did so.

‘Crumbs on the plate cuck-maggot. You wipe around the plate before serving me.’ He pleaded his apologies but was sent back to the kitchen to hang the calendar in its place on the wall…………………………………..

Later that day, she was getting ready to go out for an overnight stay with her bull. Slave had been given his huge chore list for while she was gone and was helping his queen with dressing. As she dressed, his queen talked about how she would be fucked with a big cock all night and all the sexual acts that would take place with her lover. Finally she was ready to leave. As always he had to kneel and kiss her feet before she slapped his face, spat in it and walked out of the house.

He knelt and began to kiss. All his passion and desperation flooded out of him as he had the joy of his lips touching the soft, perfumed, skin of her beautiful foot. She looked at herself in the mirror as he did so. Then, suddenly, she pulled her foot away. She spoke in an annoyed tone now.

‘Cane and calendar!’ Slave husband was almost in tears. When his queen was annoyed  it was BAD! She first took the calendar and pen from him. Rapidly, she struck through days with red crosses. Fourteen red crosses. Tears welled up in his eyes. She threw the calendar to the floor and took the cane from him. Thirty- six very hard strokes of the cane were delivered. One stroke for each word. She spoke very slowly.

‘How      many    times     have    I    told    you.    Dry    kisses!   I    do    not    want    to    feel    the    coldness    of    your    slobber    on   my    skin.    I    want    dry    kisses    when    you     have    the    honour    of     kissing      my     feet.‘ Slave was crying like a little girl from the seventh stroke to long after the last stroke. After the last stroke, she dropped the cane to the floor and walked out to her rendezvous with her lover. She felt alive and a million dollars.


Link to my Journal No. 12.



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Tumblr site

Well it took a little less than 3 months for my Tumblr site to grow from 16,000 to 17,000 followers and it has taken the same time to grow to 18,000 followers. So a steady growth rate. When will it stop? When will the number of people affected by the images I am affected by plateau? (To follow the link, you have to log-on to Tumblr – when a site is in safe mode.)

One thing I would pay careful attention to if I were a femdom photographer is femdom themes that people have had to use Photoshop or drawings to create because photographs of these themes either do not exist or are incredibly rare. Surely that shows a market not being catered to? I find such drawn or Photoshopped images can be the most evocative!

Women AT HOME, in NON-FETISH CLOTHES, UTTERLY RELAXED, perhaps two or three women. More than one woman – chatting, or eating, or drinking, or lying in bed, making out. Women on their own – reading, or watching TV, or on the phone, or on a device, or sleeping.

And SOLO men,  in chastity devices if their hands are free, looking VERY UNHAPPY, naked, or in ludicrous shame outfits, or serving as a maid, or slaving away at some menial task, or in sensory deprivation bondage or filthy, degrading bondage – bondage that is lasting hours.


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