Focus the pain

I wonder if submissives can comment on this post for me. As always I am keen to continue to learn.

I will present as a primary example my nettle blanket use, as it has come in for so much use this summer! I believe that a submissive is more affected when certain tortures are very keenly focused on a particular body part rather than be generally struck over many body parts at the same time. The difference between a scalpel and a spade or the difference between a sniper rifle and a shotgun.

For example I use the nettle blanket when applying stinging nettles to bitch-boy’s clitty so the stings are exclusively on his clitty. Not his stomach or thighs, just his clitty. He seems very affected by this. There seem to be more Dommes online using nettles in photos and videos lately, which I welcome, but I notice they almost always use a very large bunch of nettles and as well as the male’s clitty getting a few stings, his thighs and belly are inundated with stings.

I would think surely this would reduce the impact of the stings to the clitty and so be less scary and affecting?

I also use the nettle blanket when applying my mini whips to his clitty. Again his stomach and thighs are protected and all the pain is felt in his clitty. Is this more affecting than if his stomach and thighs were also being whipped at the same time? I have to say bitch-boy’s reactions in each scenario suggest my theory is correct. Do other subs agree?


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Bondage, Bisexual women, Poly household, True Story

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women [2018]

This movie is NOT a superhero movie and is really interesting. No special effects or superheroes. It does show the 1950s prejudice against bi-sexual women, poly-households and bondage.

The eroticism is well done but those scenes are brief. I found it a good movie with a BDSM theme, which is quite rare.

Its about the writer of the original Wonder Woman comics and his love life. And its a true story!




For more info on my BDSM manual, click on an image below.

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Favourite Tumblr Image

Following on from yesterday’s post, This Image is possibly my favourite Tumblr image of all time. It certainly reflects the themes of much of my relaxation time!

She in everyday clothing. Him naked and shaved genitalia. (She has no intention of dressing to satisfy his potential fetishes and thereby minimise the CFNM humiliation). She utterly relaxed and comfortable, a glass of wine in hand. Him gagged, in extreme bondage and suffering intermittent electric shocks to genitals and butt. She taking no more than mild amusement from his, extreme discomfort, uncomfortable helplessness, intermittant pain and fear. She likely watching a flat screen TV on the wall above him. Engrossed in the movie and forgetting him from time to time, reminded of him only by his pleading whimper at the surge of yet another pulse of the electricity. Her eyes stay fixed on the TV though.

An advert break in the movie, her attention is drawn to him. In total relaxation, she twiddles a knob a little and the electricity increases in power for each surge. The gagged whimpering becomes desperate and distressed. She allows the desperation and state of distress to continue for a couple of minutes, smiling, mildly amused. Adoring her feeling of power and heartlessness. Then the advert break comes to an end and she twiddles the knob back down to its standard, but taxing level. Her attention is again wholly with the movie……………

Link to my journal 12.





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Less than three months

So in less than three months, follower numbers of my Tumblr blog have grown from 16,000 to over 17,000.

As I wrote before, I think this does show the gap between what the femdom porn industry and many Dominatrices provide online and  what submissive males are actually affected by. My Tumblr site almost never features dungeons or warehouses or women in PVC or women in uncomfortable underwear or corsets. It mostly features women in comfortable clothing, sometimes sexy too; but nothing a woman would not wear in a vanilla situation. Women, often relaxing and focussing on what they get out of domination, not what the male might fantasise he wants.

My three biggest peeves!

# Mentioned before, are the videos which focus in tightly on the topic of the video and thereby fail to show the expression on the face of the  dominant woman. Acts of CBT, pissing in the mouth, forced oral worship, licking spit from the floor or boots, licking boots and shoes clean of food or detritus, spoiled orgasms, caning, paddling, cuckolding, etc. etc.

# There cannot be a much more crass thing to do than add a music track to a femdom video; like some trashy 1960 porn film.

# Amateur videos, (probably my favourites because they are so REAL), BUT hugely spoiled because the TV is on somewhere in the background and the volume is high! Sometimes so high you cannot hear the dialogue. And so often the video does not depict a spur of the moment activity but rather something that has involved some preparation.

Does anyone disagree about these peeves?

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A feeder bottle for my little lamb

So are there any of my followers who are farmers?

By accident I came across feeder bottles for lambs. I do think of my puppet husband, bitch-boy, as my little lamb sometimes, in so far as his helplessness. Although rather than melting into goo as I do when I see a real lamb, with my husband-lamb my reaction is very different. If he is dressed in infantile shame clothing or is in very strict bondage, or both; well those sights of my helpless lamb-husband bring out very different emotions to feeling all gooey, emotions more like bullying, sadism and abusing power.

Anyway, the lamb feeing bottles! Feeding with a real baby’s bottle does take rather a long time even if one cuts the teat, and if the bottle is upside down, it leaks. So here are my questions to experts.

With a lamb feeder bottle, is my assumption correct that, if the bottle is upside down, no liquid escapes unless the teat is sucked?

Are different teats available that allow a greater flow and others a lesser flow?

I can see these bottles are very cheap and can be boiled for sterilisation. I guess if I have no farmer blog followers to answer my questions, I will just buy a few and experiment. My imagination is working overtime with the possibilities!


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Awesome Tumblr images

An awesome  Tumblr site, Amores Atados has been brought to my attention. Albeit, images that have been ‘photoshopped’, but with great talent. I particularly like two types of images that can be found. (And all of these I like will be located and reposted to my Tumblr site when I instruct bitch-boy to do the grunt work of finding and reposting them.)

The first type are images of very relaxed and casually dressed females in the vicinity of seriously beleaguered males – blindfolded, abused and in serious bondage. The second type has the males in similar misery but with two females apparently intent on mutually rewarding lesbian sex. This latter type obviously reminds me of my own wonderful life.


Link to journal 12.





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Don’t ignore the ears

The truly awesome Margot is one devotee of abusing ears. The ears in question belonging to Louis, her cuckold, chaste husband. (She is so sexy and classy and bitchy too!)  Whether using one ear as a handle to pull her husband along, or twisting and squeezing those ears to let off some steam.

The ears are quite sensitive. Pulling a male along by his ear is both painful and considerably humiliating, especially in front of female friends. Pain and humiliation, always a delightful combination. And prolonged twisting and squeezing leave a soreness lasting quite a long time. An enduring physical reminder that he is of lower status than the ear abusing female in question. Clothes pegs and similar spring clip items can be attached to ear lobes too.

The ears are also always readily available and so ideal for semi public punishment or fun. A quick squeeze in a quiet corner, or in the car, and he is reminded of his status with a lasting soreness and perhaps embarrassing redness too.

I had not thought to include ear abuse in my BDSM Manual, so for those of you who have purchased a hardcopy version, you may wish to pencil in a note on the following pertinent pages:  Page 92, in the introduction on page 109, page 141 and 159.

For more info on my manual, click on an image below.


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