Serious Bondage

It dawned on me last weekend when I had both of my slaves in sensory deprivation bondage at the same time, each in a different room, that I should mention the joy of an expensive and properly made posture collar.


First, to those new to my blog or published journals, let me expand on a typical weekend day. bitch-boy is placed in TSD bondage around 11:00am and I leave him and pick Play-toy up from the station. Once home with Play-toy, I use and abuse her for around 5 to 6 hours, all the while bitch-boy is left in his TSD bondage. Because of the white noise he can hear nothing of what I am doing with Play-toy, my female slave. Always at some point in those 5 or 6 hours, I feel like some very relaxing me-time. Then I place Play-toy in TSD bondage too. Normally for an hour or a little longer. I then move downstairs to the sofa. The feeling of relaxation, decadence and power is IMMENSE. I relax and read or watch TV and my mind turns to my two poor slaves, each suffering their sensory deprivation and immobility. Each knowing release from that bondage will mean more use and abuse for them. I usually have to see to myself with my Magic Wand massager during that hour-plus of me-time.

For poor bitch-boy, his ordeal is far from over when the TSD bondage ends. At that point I will have decided that Play-toy can transform herself into Governess Lexi and she and I then cuckold and double-Domme bitch-boy for 3 to 6 hours. Oh my, she does love being very cruel to bitch-boy!

So here is the point of the post. During TSD bondage and at other times, I employ a posture collar on a slave. A good one, with a leather encased metal bar at top and bottom, is expensive but believe me, worth every penny. The slave cannot move their head in a nodding movement, but also, cannot move their head to the left or the right. The cylinder shape of the encased metal bar ensures comfort if the slave keeps its head still. For me it is visually appealing because it is so obvious that the slave’s head movements are completely restricted. (I know slaves’ little submissive souls are also affected by the serious constriction of movement.) I recommend every dominant purchases a properly made posture collar if considering long periods of bondage for their submissive.

Full details of my weekend days are to be found in my published journals and the distribution channels for these are at the link below.


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Stinging Nettles Expertise (Photo)

This post is not solely about the use of stinging nettles on the tender portions of a slave but is also about the optimisation of nettles in climates like the UK which have a winter season when the wild nettles disappear. Both myself and Governess Lexi ADORE using nettles on bitch-boy’s cock. REALLY ADORE IT! So October is a sad time which usually means the first frosts and this means the end of wild nettles until the following spring. What follows is a summary of what I have learned though this Summer and Autumn which you may find useful. I have provided a link to a pic of bb’s little cock with stings on while in his nettle blanket in response to a request to do so. His cock is already wilting, just from the first swipe of the nettles. There were many, many more swipes from Lexi and I on that occasion!

What I have learned.

The nettle stings are most potent on stems that have not flowered. As well as the intense immediate sting, the sting lasts for about 4 hours. Stings on stems that have flowered and gone to seed (so have gone a bit grey) do not sting so much and the sting only lasts about ten minutes. (The flowers are tiny green balls in bunches like tiny grapes.) Cutting the stem below the flowers as soon as they start to form appears to prolong the intensity of the sting from the leaves that remain and the bright green side shoots that subsequently grow from that stem, which sting a lot but the sting only lasts around half hour.

So bright green stems without flowers are the best.

Obviously the solution to the stings not lasting so long this time of year, it to make the first application VERY THOROUGH and then apply top-up stings every half hour.

This winter, like a few of my followers, I will be growing nettles in a large pot in a green house and see if I can get new bright green shoots all through the winter. Using the nettle blanket, (or the sunglasses pouch), a stem only needs to be the length of a pen to be perfectly adequate to use. And as few as two such stems can be VERY EFFECTIVE!

 For those that like nettles torment and have not read my published journals, you can find detailed accounts of this organic, natural treatment starting in the very first journal.


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Worse than CFNM or CDNS

About a month ago, I published a post on CFNM. Or as I like to call it CDNS. (Clothed dominants naked submissive).

Well I meant to add to that post that humiliating as CDNS is, with a lonely, vulnerable naked submissive as the centre of attention in front of a small group of disdainful clothed dominants,  it can be far worse – as in bitch-boy’s case. I have no doubt he would adore simply being naked when he is ‘displayed’ rather than in the parody of a little girl outfit I have him in.

0000000000000000 copy - Copy          294293412 copy

The left hand image shows his actual dress, bought from Birchplace, but he wears no underwear and so his shaved genitalia are fully on display as is his red and marked butt, as in the right hand image. He does also have to wear the huge pink bow in his hair. Oh how sooooo much he hates that bow!!

He physically trembles when I have him with me, waiting for a moment outside the door of  the room in which my guests wait expectantly. The power rush is huge seeing him physically trembling.

Yes, I am sure, bitch-boy would adore being naked in preference! My published journals detailing my life.

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Real Life Femdom Accounts

Those of you that have been with my blog for a few years will know that I began writing and publishing my journals because I lead such a wonderful and contented life dominating my submissive husband that I hoped other women, on reading REAL LIFE details of how I live, might decide to live the life as well. Being clear on the huge number of submissives who are out there desperate for domination, then if I could convince some women to become Domestic Dominants  I would be bringing deep contentment (although challenges to endure!) to a number of the unfulfilled submissives too.

So I was staggered, as I wrote on the 8th October, that it had become clear there were readers of my blog who did not know the details of the distribution of my published journals. The reader in question has now commented as follows:

Mistress Scarlet I want to thank You for giving me the link to Your journals. I have read two already and I confess I simply cannot put them down. Once I start to read them, I read them all the way through. Your Journals are so interesting and so eloquently written. I will continue reading each and every one.

For a while at least, I am therefore going to include a link to my Journals’ Page on most of my posts. I ask your tolerance of this if you are aware of my published journals and the distribution channels.


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Teased and humiliated at leisure

I mention often the activity of partial ignoring and there are some Tumblr sites which have some images broadly depicting this. (Please let me know if there are others.)


To explain more fully is like setting out a set dinner menu.

Choose something from list 1, and either the activity on list 2 , or something from list 3

List 1. The Domme’s activities during which the submissive is ignored apart from a disdainful glance and comment once every 15 minutes or so from the Domme. Smoking, on the phone, reading, watching TV, playing a computer game, putting on make-up, getting dressed, attending to social media on a device, sunbathing, relaxing in the bath, etc.

List 2.  The Domme teases the submissive physically by masturbating the submissive. BUT the submissive WILL NOT be getting an orgasm that day.

List 3. The submissive is doing one of the following. (This list could be endless but I provide examples.)    Cleaning the floor with a toothbrush.#    Providing a pedicure.#     Masturbating themselves, keeping their cocks hard, but not allowed to orgasm while allowed to gaze at the Domme or just allowed to gaze at the Domme’s feet / shoes.#    Providing the Domme with gentle analingis or cunnilingus, which she ignores.#    Kissing the Domme’s feet/ shoes.#    Sucking on a large dildo stuck to a mirror.#    Dressed as a parody of a little girl and playing a game with dollies.#   Doing a large pile of ironing.#   Dressed as a sissy and standing in the fretting pose or mincing pose.#   Dressed as a parody of a little girl and very quietly performing a nursery rhyme with actions, over and over again.#  Brushing the Domme’s hair.#    Etc!

(If you are watching TV, the submissive must not look at the TV screen and it can be beneficial that the submissive does not get to hear the TV, as listening to the plot-line may reduce the tedium/shame/concentration of the submissive. I suggest watching a foreign language, subtitled programme, or fitting ear buds in the submissive’s ears and playing white noise. If the submissive is in a parody little girl outfit, an adult sized baby’s bonnet can be used to hide the ear buds and maintain the maximum shameful appearance.)

(An extremely harsh form of Partial Ignoring broadly follows the above but the submissive is in a different room and is viewed by a video baby monitor. The submissive must perform as instructed but does not even know if ANY attention at all is being paid to them. But they are too frightened to cease their activity because, should they do so, at a time when the Domme is looking at the baby monitor receiver screen, very harsh punishment is dished out.)

I do provide a lot of detailed examples in the most recent four or five of my published journals because it is an activity I adore and so it happens often. It is SOOOOO relaxing, decadent and cruel.

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Degrading with urine – Literature

I received the comment below recently. It really surprised me that a reader of my blog had not seen the top tab linking to the distribution channels of my journals. It got me wondering how many other blog readers had missed this link / this tab.

Mistress Scarlet I dearly love how You and Governess Lexi derive such pleasure and amusement in disciplining bitch-boy’s little clitty. Also I love how both of You love to pee in his mouth. bitch-boy should consider it an honor and a privilege to drink Your Divine Nectar. I am curious Mistress Scarlet, do You and Governess Lexi and any of Your Dominant Sisters and friends ever make bitch-boy soak Your moist panties in his mouth before hand washing them? It seems only fitting doesn’t it Mistress Scarlet, since it was his fault the panties were soaked? Will You please tell me how I can receive Your Journals and any other writings of Yours? You are such a Beautifully Dominant Lady I really yearn to read more from You. Respectfully Your loyal fan.

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Nettles Whipping Apron for the Nasty Object

This link will take you to a simple and effective new addition to my arsenal of dickie-discipline equipment. I shaped a piece of leather to sit between the thighs when bitch-boy is secured on the BDSM bed with the gynaecological stirrups holding his thighs and ankles wide apart. The Nettle Apron ,as I call it, also has a hole in it through which bitch-boy’s little cock protrudes. Myself and / or Governess Lexi can (and do) then whip away to our hearts content with stems of stinging nettle leaves and all the stings are confined to bitch-boy’s little cock. No stings to thighs or balls or belly to distract him from the pain which is all focussed exactly where it should be.

We make his desperate little cock rock hard first and it is a very erotic picture because of the clinical helplessness and vulnerability. Wearing gloves, the little target can be moved this way and that during the whipping, exposing any areas free of stings and needing treatment.

I have written before that the stings on nettle stems which have flowered lose a great deal of their power which is the case. However it seems (from last Saturday’s evidence!) that new stems, which are still emerging from the ground, as we are having a very late summer in the UK, and new side stems on old stems which have flowered, are as stinging as ever! So until we get a frost, bitch-boy’s nettles treatments will be going on into October which makes Governess Lexi very happy. I am toying with an idea, practiced by tiffanymaid’s Mistress of having tiffanymaid keep some nettles growing in a large pot in a greenhouse so that she has access to nettles all through the winter.

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