Screen-saver Torment

Blog followers may recall the kitchen photo collage I described in an earlier post. I have amended it yet again and I so liked the increased frustration-causing and humbling effect on bitch-boy, of the amended version, I thought to myself where else does he spend a lot of time? The answer was, in front of the desk top PC. So the PC screensaver came to mind. Given the screen is a very wide screen, that has meant the collage I have produced can contain even more images and text than the kitchen ‘photo collage’!

I should start by describing the latest version of the kitchen photo collage. Section 1 is a little image of his defect, double-padlocked into its chastity cage. Next to the image are the words, ‘Mistress’s Little Masturbation Helper; 4 or 5 times max a year for him.‘ A reference to the amount of times he is likely to get an orgasm, (which is always under the sole of my shoe). The remainder of Section1, is a very large photo of me naked, laying on my back, eyes closed, having just had a massive orgasm. (And looking VERY HOT, if I say so myself!) And under the image, the words, ‘Now fuck-off back to your chores’.

A body that is almost identical to mine except my breasts are slightly smaller

Section 2 has the same images as the old version, but with the following words, ‘The rest of your life: NO hand-jobs. NO getting sucked, NO fucking. Spurting – only ever under the sole of my shoe.‘ (The images are: 1. A hard, erect cock just entering a cunt that looks like mine. 2. That cock all the way in. 3. A hard, erect cock getting a lovely hand-job from hands that look just like mine. 4. A hard, erect cock getting a lovely blow-job in lips that look just like mine. 5. A picture of bitch-boys clitty, squashed under the sole of my shoe. 6. A photo of my face looking utterly cruel and pitiless.

So for the screen-saver, there is the above described kitchen collage but added to that, two more images of me naked but for heels, looking VERY, VERY HOT indeed, an image of bitch-boy’s butt and backs of thighs well marked with wheals from a recent serious thrashing, and an image of my hands holding one of his spiked cock-straps.

I am not technically minded but I have had bitch-boy set various modes so the screensaver appears when the PC is switched on, and it appears after two minutes of inactivity on the PC. It ambushes my poor puppet many times a day and I find, when I see it myself, I get a little thrill of bitchy-power-rush run through me every time; it is that affecting! I sometimes stand with bitch-boy as he boots up the PC and when the image appears I like to have him stare at it while I remind him, that I am a totally heartless bitch and I have zero pity or guilt and there is no going back ever. I remind him I take great pleasure from my cruel controls over his existence and if things change for him, they will only be changing in one direction; worsening. And I mean that, and he knows I mean that.

No more …… this year

We are just about in that date zone where it is so easy for a Mistress to say, ‘no more ….. this year.’

  • No more orgasms this year.
  • No more penetration this year.
  • No more contact with my body this year.
  • No more time out of the chastity cage this year.
  • No more erections this year.
  • No more licking me this year.
  • No more caressing my butt this year.
  • No chance of caressing my breasts this year. (This is slightly different wording as it is over a year since he was last allowed to caress my breasts. But I have not prohibited it for ever, and I do dangle the carrot of the possibility in front of him from time to time.)

And although perhaps duplicitous and somewhat syntactically perverse,

  • No more full-on DS days without using Linnex this year.
  • No more full-on DS days without drinking undiluted nectar this year.
  • No more full-on DS days without being pissed on in the walk-in shower this year.
  • No more vanilla days without at least six with the dressage whip this year.

But it is a Mistress’s prerogative to be duplicitous and a submissive’s role, (and perhaps) joy to simply take duplicity on the chin. Arbitrary prohibitions decided on a whim – delicious.

The announcement

I find simply advising my little puppet that we have reached this, no-more-this-year, date zone makes every waking minute of every day just that little bit more frightening for him, and makes him just that little bit more in awe of me every waking minute of every day. And makes me feel just that little bit more powerful and bitchy every waking minute of every day. Every waking minute of every day, up until about 14 December, by when the threat fades as it becomes no more than a 14 day prohibition.

And the mind-fucking beauty of announcing we have reached the, no-more-this-year, date zone is I notice activities once in the zone, I never even thought about including at the time of announcing the zone has been entered.

This morning, I got out of bed naked and slipped on my bedroom high-heeled, platform mules. I had bitch-boy kneel before me. I stood back a couple of paces so he could take me in, top-to-toe. I stretched like a cat and spoke in relaxed, sleepy tones while he pretty much sobbed with his sexual frustration gnawing away at his soul, just from ,looking at me. ‘Little bitch, we are in that date zone now where it is so very easy for me to say, no more this year.’ It took a couple of seconds for the penny to drop and then his face collapsed into a grimace and he emotionally shook his head from side to side. I imagined, as he was still torturing himself by looking at my body, he was thinking about the rare licking and the rare touching he might get prohibited from for the rest of the year, on my capricious whim. I felt my cunt moisten, he was so visibly upset and distressed. So visibly upset and distressed over such a short sentence from me! The arousing glory of capricious, unfettered POWER. Power to be effortlessly used unfettered by fairness. I had two agendas that moment, to have him stew over his lot, and to have a suddenly much needed orgasm. I spoke again, still in relaxed, sleepy tones. ‘Pass me my Lelo wand and then fuck-off and start the laundry.‘ Life is so, so, so, very good!

As a punishment

No-more-this-year, can also be used as a punishment, so the stakes are raised for even minor infractions by my little puppet.

‘You forgot to replenish my sodas in the fridge this morning. I always want at least six in the fridge at the beginning of every day, AS YOU KNOW; NOT FOUR! So no more licking me this year. Go and add two more, now!’

Would you like to ask if you may……………………………

Such a favourite of mine, as I have made clear on this blog, it so powerful and amusing.

After a few minutes of me teasing him with my body I might ask, ‘Would you like to ask if you may caress my butt little puppet?‘ In the months up until October, the room crackles with emotion whenever I use this phrasing. As though all the world’s riches rest on my answer. He timidly, hopefully asks the question. He knows the usual answer is, ‘No maggot, don’t be so ridiculous. Now fuck-off and get on with your chores.’ But he also knows that although it is rare, I sometimes say, ‘Yes‘.

But now October is here and we are in, that date zone, the room doesn’t just crackle with emotion whenever I use this phrasing, it becomes VERY TENSE INDEED. Because, he knows, my answer might not just be ‘No.’ My answer might well be, ‘No maggot, don’t be so ridiculous. That won’t be happening today, or any time this year!’ Now, fuck-off and get on with your chores.’


For info on my BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.

Greatly ‘improved’ disciplinary ironing regime

In a post not so long ago, Christine mentioned a revised punishment ironing regimen that David has to endure from time to time. A number left comments asking for details. The details are below:

Christine’s ironing punishment

I promised some time ago to inform regular readers of my greatly ‘improved’ disciplinary ironing regime, and following a recent reminder, I am pleased to detail my new approach. When we met, David was fascinated by Victorian era disciplinary regimes, so I thought he would really appreciate it if I created a Victorian ironing experience for him. I suspect his enthusiasm for the Victorian era is waning with each new experience I develop, especially since my liniment! What actually prompted me down this track was advice and ideas from other contributors to your Blog.  

After some searching, I found a set of three ‘sad irons’ in an antique shop. These are from the early Victorian era and each weighs about 11 lbs (5 kg). They used to be heated on a roaring coal stove. We simulate this by using an electric hot plate, on which is placed a large cast iron pan. This can be easily set up in the laundry. He turns the stove onto high and the irons are placed on the pan. The Victorians typically had two irons heating, while a third iron was in use. This meant there was no ‘downtime’, as once the iron in use cooled, the next in line could be employed, and one could continuously iron.  

Ironing was a very hot and unpleasant affair in those days, due to the need for the roasting fire nearby. So, since we don’t have a coal fire in the laundry, to replicate the era for David, he has to turn the laundry heater on to its highest setting and switch on a room humidifier. (This is only for when he does disciplinary or punishment ironing.) This warms up the room and the high humidity makes for a most unpleasant work environment, just as would have been ‘enjoyed’ by many a Victorian scullery maid. 

He also has a separate uniform for disciplinary/ punishment ironing. He replaces his nylon stockings with 110 dernier woollen stockings. They are very thick, very itchy and most unpleasant to wear. His legs get very hot in them. He changes his corset for a stiff whalebone model that is very much tighter laced. Then, instead of his usual maid’s attire, he wears an ankle-length, rather heavy, coarse woollen skirt with a cotton Victorian style blouse. The blouse has a high collar, which he is required to keep well-starched, making it ‘a little’ uncomfortable. The sleeves are puffed out from the shoulder to the elbow, leading to tiny pintucking on the lower sleeves of the blouse, which are formed tight against his forearms. Beautiful cotton clunky lace adorns the front of the blouse. He also wears a pair of three-inch-high heels! A mop cap completes his look.

This makes the disciplinary ironing experience very much more ‘authentic’, not to mention tedious, challenging and unpleasant; and greatly more exhausting and painful. I might also clarify here what the difference is between a punishment ironing session and a disciplinary ironing session. A punishment ironing session is awarded when he has been naughty and is being punished. A disciplinary ironing session is awarded simply to give him ‘something to do’.

I am pleased to advise it is far more time consuming and challenging than when he used his modern, top of the range, steam iron. It used to take about 3-hours for him to iron all the contents of one of his laundry bags. Now it takes well over 4-hours! It’s also very much more physically demanding due to the heavy weight of the irons, the physical challenges of using them and the fierce heat in the laundry. I find it too hot just standing in the doorway! 

His ironing board is set up about 5 m from where the irons are heated. Each iron loses its heat within 5-minutes, so he has to walk over to the heating element and change irons at least once every 5-minutes, in his heels!  

It’s hot, exceedingly arduous work, and he is soon sweating profusely. He looks ready to drop long before he has finished ironing one of his laundry bags. At the end, his clothes are so soaked in sweat they have to be taken off in the laundry before he heads for a shower. He is allowed to drink as much water as he can whenever he needs to.

He suffers greatly from the dreariness and strenuousness of the chore and every muscle in his body is soon smarting distressingly. On camera he can be seen wincing as he moves stiffly around. He advises me his calves start to ache first, due to wearing heels. It is then not long before his shoulders and arms are throbbing from the weight of the irons, and then his neck and back start to ache. On top of all that, he is sweltering hot and sticky, his legs are itching and feel like they are roasting, his breathing is constricted by the corset and his neck gets itchy from the high, stiff collar of his blouse. 

He uses a cloth, which he soaks in a water and white vinegar mix, to wet the fabrics and help him get perfect creases. He also has to keep his irons immaculately clean, sand-papered and polished. They need regular but light greasing to avoid rusting. He uses beeswax to prevent the irons sticking to the cloth. The beeswax ‘advice’ came from Victorian periodicals I sourced. It is applied very lightly to the iron. This is done only after he has finished the day’s ironing, and then every couple of weeks for ‘maintenance’, if they are not being used. This keeps them well-cared for and free of rust. Prior to actually using the iron, he gives the base a polish to clean it of any residues. Caring for the irons is a weekly chore now, part of his laundry duties. 

If the irons get too hot, he risks scorching the clothes, so he has to carefully check the temperature of the irons, by splashing water on them! He has been warned, that if he scorches any items, not only will he be very soundly caned, but each damaged item, will be replaced with five similar items! To date, I have only set him sessions with a single laundry bag of ironing, but I have guaranteed him, there will come a day when he gets to do all three bags. I laugh at his look of sheer dread when I mention this, and rhetorically enquire as to the state he’ll be in after 14 or more hours of Victorian ironing!
Lots of fun
Christine XXXX

By the way Scarlet, I loved your comment on providing plenty of rules. I do this too. He even has spreadsheets set with KPIs. etc!

The ultimate default rule?

I think most Dommes have default rules that their subs must follow. Some are 24/7/365 but some are exclusively for DS sessions. At least, I have both types. I impose a great many 24/7/365 default rules bitch-boy has to follow!

These include making sure he wakes before me every singly day and, by the time I awake, the kitchen, sitting room and dining room are in an immaculate state. The rules also include a long list of things that must never run-out because he is continuously making sure they do not. Five different types of drink that must always be chilled in the fridge for when the whim takes me to have one. Other things like ample toilet roll and kitchen towel always on the dispensers, his clothes put away the moment he removes them, my Lelo wand always fully charged, etc, etc, etc.

But I also have a number of DS session time default rules: Examples include that he must always curtsey on entering or leaving an occupied room. He must lisp his ‘s’ sounds by replacing them with ‘th’ sounds. If passing something to me, or taking something from me, he must always use both hands at once. (A Japanese sign of respect that is remarkably affecting.) If I send him to the kitchen to make my lunch, or prepare the evening meal, he must always ask if he may listen to the radio, so I can say, ‘No‘.

a bent-over-and-bound punishment

When I have finished a bent-over-and-bound punishment, and have removed his gag, he must always say, ‘Thank you for helping to make me a better sissy slave Mistress.‘ To which I normally reply in a harsh tone, ‘I should think so maggot!

So, all I have written above is background that leads me onto what I am contemplating as a new DS session default rule; but is it too cruel? In order to elucidate I must explain that I have currently perfected perhaps twenty different cruel activities, from which I like to pick three or four to enjoy during a DS session. (My DS sessions generally last between four and nine hours.) I have actually written checklists for each of these twenty or so activities, so I do not forget any element of the activity.

Some elements in an activity are new and I will use a new one as my first example of the ultimate default rule. Very recently I decided that unless an activity is for dickie-discipline, bitch-boy’s birth defect must always be locked in its cage or, while flaccid, be tightly padlocked in TWO spiked cock straps.

spiked penis strap

There are many activities to which this new element applies. A bent-over-and-bound punishment. When I rock on my swing seat with my boot on his throat. When he has to colour-in with dolly. When he is Mistress’s-Little-Masturbation-Helper. Etc. Now in my haste to begin my enjoyment of one of these activities, I may forget to look at my checklist and so forget to padlock bitch-boy’s birth defect in a cage or with spiked straps. The new default rule I am contemplating, is bitch-boy must politely interrupt at the end of the activity preparations, and remind me that I like to have his birth defect locked, and should he fetch the spiked straps? Another example is his tedium-humiliation, (which can last several hours), of colouring-in with dolly. The main elements of colouring-in with dolly, are sitting on a little chair with pens and two minute egg timer and dolly and colouring-in book, and entering into verbal exchanges with his dolly and colouring-in.

But there are lovely additions to the basic activity. One is a malevolent smacking of his hands with a twelve inch ruler before he starts, ‘to help his hands warm to the task‘. Another is to have him sit on coir matting for ten or fifteen minute periods during the colouring-in session. I usually set the timer alarm on my smart-phone for 20 minutes after he has started so, when it goes off, he is full of fear. When it has sounded, I might decide it is time for a coir matting period to begin, and/or a fresh hand smacking, ‘to ensure you don’t get cramp. pansy.‘, or, he should drink some of my barely diluted urine from his sippy cup; or I might simply do nothing, other than reset the timer for another 20 minutes.

Now, in my haste to get the tedium-humiliation underway, I may forget his initial hand smacking or I may forget to set the timer. The new default rule I am contemplating, is bitch-boy must politely interrupt at the end of the preparations, and advise me I like to smack his hands before he starts and/or to set my timer alarm. ( I use this timer alarm technique with all the tedium/humiliation activities I have him endure.)

So the essence of the new default rule is: bitch-boy must prompt me in a timely way, should I ever forget an element of one of my DS session activities. If he does not do so, and, as is quite possible, I realise during or after the activity I have forgotten an element, he is awarded a dire punishment. Given all elements he might remind me of add to his woes, this new default rule would of course be very unfair and quite humiliating for him to comply with. Between a rock and a hard place, where all subs should be as often as possible! (It’s so good for their submissive souls!) I almost think though I am going too far. I wonder if other Dommes apply such a default rule, or would contemplate so doing. But as I next explain, there is a problem.

Making sure a punishment is ‘dire’

I posted in August my view that a perfect DS relationship symbiosis requires the sub genuinely fearing punishment for rule breaking. I stick by that, including fearing breaking default rules. So linked to the above, ‘ultimate default rule‘, is the issue of what constitutes a, ‘dire’, punishment. I am an unashamed sadist and so bitch-boy can expect to be thrashed, bound-and-bent-over, two or three times during every DS session. The first thrashing will always be labelled by me as ‘a deterrent punishment’ to ensure he complies with instructions and rules during the session. Subsequent thrashings are for rule breaks I have noted in the previous few days and saved up for this DS session, but quite often he also receives separate thrashings, just because I can; because I am a sadist.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is slide1-low-memory-copy.jpg
punished bound-and-bent-over

So, recently I have noticed a problem that will be amplified if I adopt the new, ultimate default rule. As things stand, on a vanilla day I notice bitch-boy has committed an infraction, normally there are no more than one a week, I record it in my smart-phone notes and during the next DS session, one of the thrashings he receives is for the infraction. BUT, as I usually like to give three thrashings during one DS day, and as sometimes I give him a thrashing, just because I can, I think he knows that whether he commits an infraction, or not, he gets just about the same intensity of thrashings the next DS day. So I am failing to follow my own principles as set out in my post of 8 August. And perhaps my logic in that post over using DS day thrashings was flawed.

The status quo is I have either been using one of the DS session thrashings, a thrashing there and then, (that is very often impractical), or adding two or three weeks to his current orgasm denial period. It is clear I am right about the above reasoning as bitch-boy seems very much more frightened of extensions to his current denial period, than of a DS day punishment thrashing. So I will use denial period extensions more often, as for him for him they are the ‘nuclear option’. BUT, it does not suit my idiosyncrasies to continually be adding weeks, so he never gets to cum.

I need other punishments that he will genuinely fear. I welcome suggestions, but over recent days I have been thinking of punishments that also increase my pleasure during DS days and DS sessions. One I am very attracted to, is to apply some Linnex or Deep heat to his clitty, (despite it already being in its two spiked straps), five minutes or so before he is used as Mistress’s-Little-Masturbation-Helper. I THINK he will be able to concentrate adequately in his helper role, but he is sure to be whimpering and sobbing throughout the activity which will intensify my orgasms. Another idea was to use a roll-on Extra Strength Deep Heat applicator to his butt after a bound-bent-over thrashing, before I release him from his bent-over-bondage. I am sure this would seriously burn for a good ten minutes after he was released. (Or Linnex which may burn for 40 minutes!)

There is a HUGE flaw with such ideas though! If, as I imagine, I thoroughly enjoy these new ‘punishments’ because I am an unashamed sadist, will I adopt them as the norm and so be back to where I started; with bitch-boy not trying to avoid such punishments as he is likely to get them anyway! I guess it requires will-power on my part to exercise self-denial. But should a Mistress be having to exercise self-denial?????? With tongue partly in cheek, I must state: It feels so wrong!

L’october chastity month

Well L’october chastity month is upon us again. Obviously for many puppets, like mine, it is an irrelevance. But for those submissives whose female partners have been playing at using a chastity device for a while, it is a possible chance to persuade her to try it more seriously, or at least for her to be informed about how many dominant women are rather stricter than she. And it is also a chance for the submissive to see if the reality is rather tougher than the fantasy. If any submissive successfully uses L’october to move their hesitant Domme forward, please share how that was achieved.

Returning to the issue of my puppet, I actually allowed him an orgasm under the sole of my shoe on Sunday. That was 12 weeks since the last orgasm and the pervious gaps, counting backwards, were 18 weeks and 17 weeks. There is a phenomenon I would like to share. My puppet in the last 10 days or so, was pretty much in tears each time I teased him with my body.

Not my body, but pretty much identical although my breasts are slightly smaller

He was far, far more frustrated and tortured than at the end of the previous two periods of denial. I wonder if this is because as we know, each orgasm after such a denial period, does not ‘clear the pipes’ so to speak. I am assuming something the hormone build-up is so great, one orgasm does not totally clear the build-up. He is fully submissive, like he did not cum, within 30 seconds of his orgasm. for an unedited photo.

It might instead be that I have become so very, very cruel and heartless over the last 18 months, somewhat blurring the boundary between DS time and vanilla time, that his feelings of submission to, and awe of, me evaporate any post orgasm loss of submissiveness. There has been discussion on this topic of post orgasm loss of submissiveness for some, on my blog in the past.

I let him cum earlier than the previous two times, because I want his pleading and begging and hopes during denial periods to be genuine, and if I simply kept increasing the periods, he would see little point in pleading earlier than the duration of the last denial period. And I would not wish to miss out on all that, near tearful, pleading, or the pleasure of leading him on a bit and then dashing his hopes. It was also a chance to check he now gets no submissive down-time at all after orgasm. As soon as he had stopped ejaculating, I looked into his eyes and told him what a filthy, disgusting creature he was making such a huge and vile mess, and to clean it all up and then kneel before where I sat and get his cage locked straight back on while I was bringing myself off, YET AGAIN. All I could see in his eyes was submissiveness and awe. I asked a couple of questions about how lucky he was to get to cum and how lucky he is to have me, given he is out of my league, dominate him, even though he now suffers so much. All I could see and hear was genuine submissiveness and awe.

Once I had had my sixth huge orgasm of the day, and he was all locked up, and I set him off on a few tasks, he meekly asked me if I was still persisting with the six week minimum denial period. I told that of course I was and the only way it will change is by being increased, which it will be sometime. It will never be reduced. The ratchet only works one way; like it has over the last two decades. He fell silent, obviously fearing another word might mean the increase happened there and then. Poor helpless puppet.

I was recently discussing this in my comments section with eric, who wrote: ‘…… But yes, an unerotic but full orgasm which removes all submissiveness and then continuing with the treatment without mercy is extremely cruel. Because as I said it feels if you really do not want this and you ask yourself how you landed in this nightmare. You feel like a completely different person and think only idiots would allow this. But then it is too late and you cannot do anything about this, which makes you kind of feeling angry about the other person and very sorry for you. Because immediately following an orgasm, you do not even have left your fetish for dominant women. However, later, if the submission builds up again, these memories are more intense than the other things you really do not like, but could at least “enjoy” with your submissive attitude. And as said before it happened to me the first time I could not even imagine of such a possibility. I also only know two accounts writing about this. One is your linked post and the other I cannot find again, but I know I read about it once elsewhere. So it does not seem to be a common practice……’

I think there is an irony with bitch-boy that from his recent experiences in the past, the fact that I am doing something dominant immediately after he has cum when I know he could have lost his submissiveness, AND THAT I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THAT, or even, that I AM ENJOYING THAT POSSIBILITY, engulfs him in submissiveness immediately, rather than, as is eric’s experience, the phenomenon eventually has him seriously in awe of his Mistress, but only after his submissiveness returns in a few days. If bitch-boy’s awe and worship does come, in part, from my total indifference as to whether he is feeling submissive during these moments, perhaps I should get crueller immediately after he has cum. The possibility it would be a lot for him to endure does of course attract me and my sadistic drives too. There is only one way to find out!

There is a great deal of ‘mess’. His filth builds up and he releases a lot of it! I don’t think I can wait until all is cleaned up, that might be too late for me to be sure he gets not even a moment of loss of submissiveness. So, it will have to be something to do with his head before I have released his hands. I am open to suggestions. At the moment I am thinking, while I am berating him for his filth mess, and instructing him to clean himself off and then to kneel at my feet to lock his cage on while I masturbate;

  • slapping his face, and / or,
  • pressing my wedge shoe down onto his throat, and / or,
  • dropping a very large mouthful of spit onto his face or into his mouth, and/or,
  • perhaps my favourite, carefully tipping my neat urine from a jug into his mouth. (I will have to remember to put an old towel under his head at the outset. It could get messy), and / or
  • probably the worst, but it may be difficult, using a large spoon to collect his filth from the surface of the platform and feed it to him. (So cruel, so it is my favourite option.)

Now we come to a downside for me of my current regimen. I will have to wait SIX WEEKS minimum, and probably somewhat longer, before I can try this out! Us poor Dommes really do have to endure endless irritations!

The shopping slave trip

Well the shopping slave trip took place a few days ago with one of my email slaves who had pleaded and pleaded to see me in person. I bestowed this treat upon him as he has been very loyal and obedient for a number of years.

I have to say I had a great time and judging by his email afterwards, he was off-the-scale affected. I am writing up a full journal entry on the trip but thought I would mention some of the activities that took place.

He had been over 11 weeks without orgasm. He was in his chastity cage and handed me the keys to it when he arrived. From start to finish I treated him as I treat any submissive male with whom I am face to face. Like he was the dirt on the sole of my shoe. There were many rules he had to learn beforehand about his conduct and behaviour and he complied impeccably with all of them. This did mean not speaking unless I spoke to him and walking two paces behind me carrying my bags. I wore very tight jeans tucked into high-heeled boots and a bolero jacket and another rule was he had to stare at my butt and boot heels when walking behind me. He has reported how desperate this made him, poor slave. In several shops I took off the jacket to try other jackets on and so he got to see I was wearing a very small and tight cropped top displaying my flat stomach down to my protruding hip bones above my low cut jeans.

My top was rather smaller than the one in this phot.o

I had told him to wear lace up shoes which he did, and he knew, on my command, ‘laces‘ he was to drop to one knee and re-tie one of his laces and then press the palm of his hand on the floor. I had him do this several times between rows of hanging clothes, and each time, pressed the sole of my boot down on his hand with all my weight. I do not weigh much though but it did cause him some distress which I enjoyed very much. I am a sadist after all.

Each time I stopped for a coffee, I gave him my order and went and sat down. He had to queue and pay and bring the tray over to my table and then I dismissed him out of the coffee shop to stand where I could see him and he could see me. Obviously he got nothing to drink or eat during the trip.

To his very considerable humiliation, that I found very amusing, I had him choose some nail varnish for painting on his toe nails when he got home; for the event of him being allowed to play-wankies-with-willikins. I will very deeply shame him now, for my and other Dommes’ amusement, by advising all the other Dommes reading this that my shopping slave is even more sadly endowed in the birth defect region than bitch-boy! Oh dear.

He stayed in a cheap local hotel the night before and I had him write 300 lines while he was in his room. He has subsequently reported it took him over 3.5 hours to complete the lines. When we were close to a litter bin, I asked him to give me the lines which he clearly thought I would waste my precious time on, checking them over; naive little subby! I ripped up the lines and threw them in the litter bin without even looking at them. Delightfully amusing.

I could see he was a bit embarrassed from time to time fearing that me not engaging with him at all, apart from curtly bossing him around and handing him things to pay for while I walked away, was causing some shop staff and other shoppers to find our relationship and conduct rather odd. I very much enjoyed his discomfort and I couldn’t care less what anyone else thought. (I did not involve anyone else in any way. I would never involved third parties who have not consented.) I will happily report though, that just like when I treat bitch-boy in a similar way while shopping, (although I confess not so blatantly or with such extremes), some of the female shop workers, as on this trip, do give me a smile of admiration or amusement. It does make me wonder, (A) just how many women act so dominantly in our shopping malls; is it ‘a thing’? and (B), are there lots of women who wish they could have their males seriously under-the-thumb when they witness seeing a male being treated so?


A link to all my publications HERE, including:

Bound physically or by fear

I’m interested in Dommes views as well as sub’s on this issue.

Let me explain fully. Up until quite recently I would always have bitch-boy very securely and helplessly bound, (and gagged), for serious canings, whippings, paddlings, etc. I love his total helplessness as I am free to do whatever I wish, and be as sadistic I wish, and there is no action he can take to minimise my ‘zeal’; except to plead.

However, as you may have read in recent previous posts, I have begun giving him 12 or 18 very painful dressage whip strokes while he simply holds his ankles. No physical bondage at all. He is still bound, but not physically. He is bound by his fear of what would happen to him were he to fail to hold his position. (These punishments are given on ostensibly vanilla days, simply to stoke my arousal before I play with myself.)

I have found I like this phenomenon too of him being ‘bound by fear’. I like that he is so frightened of me and so subjugated to my will, that despite very considerable pain, his fear enables him to control himself and take the whip strokes without moving. These fear bound punishments are brief, whereas his physically bound punishments last a minimum of 20 minutes. So I am considering seeing if there is a limit to his self control while only fear bound.

My recent step-change in drastically increasing his denial periods without any guilt, or pity, or sympathy does provide one threat I know would be very effective, along the lines of, ‘If you fail to hold your position or make more more noise than is acceptable, your current denial period will be set to a minimum of four months.’ (Or I might threaten six months or longer). And of course there is the threat, ‘If you fail to hold your position or make more more noise than is acceptable, I will simply secure you and gag you exactly as I do on a DS day for your deterrent punishment, and then continue the thrashing for at least an hour.’

I wondered though, what are the habits of other Dommes on this issue of having their submissive during punishments physically bound, or bound only by fear?

On the same theme, I have recently taken to smacking his flaccid defect with a ruler while he stands in front of where I sit, (blog post of 24 Nov 2019), but I always quickly secure his wrists behind him to do so. But writing this post reminded me of a Domme I read about who, in front of her friends, used to have her sub hold his flaccid defect out to her and present it for smacking. She would have him turn it this way and that so she could direct smacks wherever she wished. Another example of a submissive bound only by fear!

And if he became erect, she would continue for much longer and he would still have to move his defect with his hand, this way and that, on her instruction, so she could smack every possible surface of his defect. Her threat should he fail to obey, or move away or dodge a smack, was that she would bind his hands behind his back, apply a nasty embrocation product to his defect and then hold him securely by his balls and carry on smacking and smacking!

A few times a year….

I hope I am not boring everyone with occasional updates on bitch-boy’s current regimen which is a very large step-change from how it used to be just over a year ago.

bitch-boy’s pervious denial period was 18 weeks, (over 4 months) and his current one is 10 weeks and counting. (over 3 months). In May, I introduced a new rule that he would never have an orgasm within 6 weeks of the last. That is the most generous orgasm frequency. I have made clear that if the default 6 weeks was to change, that would be increased. It will never be decreased.

As I have written above, despite the 6 week minimum he has gone 18 weeks and now 10 weeks and counting, up to this point; and yesterday we had a full-on DS day when I informed him at the outset, he would definitely not be cumming, but he might be cumming today which is to be another full-on DS day. He pleaded to me to please guarantee it, please not just a maybe; he couldn’t take being so frustrated. He was close to tears. I informed him I could not guarantee it because I may not be in a generous mood. This turn of phrase brought him to a new low of mood and after some thinking time, in a very respectful voice, which he endorsed by dropping to his knees, he said, he did not think I understood what was happening. That he used to cum every 10 days to 2 weeks, barring special denial periods, and in the summer I had moved the minimum denial period to a 6 weeks; but that had so far ended up as 18 weeks and now 10 weeks at least. He continued, saying, carrying on like this would actually mean he would only be getting to cum, a few times a year.

It is funny how putting things different ways can cause erroneous assumptions and miscommunication. The colour seemed to drain from his face when I, in all honesty, explained that was how I had seen the situation and that, ‘Yes. A few times a year. That is how it is now. You get to cum a few times a year, at the most. The only way that changes is that gets reduced yet further, eventually to never.’ He silently shook his head from side to side and stared at the floor. His breathing became slow and loud through his nostrils. The silly creature thought he would be getting to cum pretty much every 6 weeks, so 8 times a year. I’m sure we both interpret the words, ‘a few’ to mean 3 or 4.

His silence continued for a while longer. He was being careful. He was obviously thinking to say more might mean, there and then, there would be a change; and the frequency would get reduced yet further with immediate effect! Still looking down at the floor, he whispered, ‘A few times a year is a third of the orgasms you have in any average week.’ I was getting rather aroused; enjoying a huge power-rush and a hot feeling of decadent sadism. I removed my top and so stood topless before him in only thin, skin tight leggings and my Ugg boot slippers.

A body almost identical to mine, but my breasts are a little smaller.

‘Look at me.’ As he looked up I began to alternately caress my breasts and stroke my labia over my leggings, as I continued. ‘I can see there was a miscommunication wasn’t there puppet. I can see how utterly devastated you are. So this is an important time for me to make clear that I feel zero sympathy for you, even right at this moment. ZERO. I just feel like a total bitch and I love feeling like that. It turns me on. I don’t feel sympathy. I don’t feel guilt; I just feel powerful and bitchy and aroused. I admit I did change in the summer. I am truly, truly, very cruel now. You really do have to get your head around that.‘ He winced as though in intense pain as he watched my hands on my beautiful body. His sexual frustration seeming to be more than he could bear, weighing heavily on his now accurate understanding of his likely orgasm count per year, at best. He began to sob.

You introduced me to femdom all those years ago. You made clear to me you needed domination to be contented. Well now you have it. You can’t expect me to do what you want instead of what I want because then you would be in control, and neither of us want that, do we? So no compromise from me maggot. I DO WHAT I WANT!’ I turned and started walking away as I continued. ‘I am going upstairs for an orgasm or two.’

Fuck, I felt exhilarated and aroused! He was devastated, but he would sleep a very contented sleep when his head hit the pillow, being absolutely clear he was helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel woman.

Brief descent to misery

I have found for bitch-boy and I that there are brief moments, perhaps lasting a maximum of 10 seconds, when very intense emotions are ignited for both the submissive and the dominant. For the submissive; the very intense feelings of total helplessness and profound despair, and for the dominant; very intense feelings of power and decadent pitilessness. These brief moments are when a terrible thing is imminently, almost certainly going to happen, and the submissive loses any last vestiges of dignity and begs and pleads as pathetically as he ever does.

I wonder, (A) do others feel these emotions in the circumstances I am about to describe, and (B) do others have examples of activities or moments I haven’t listed when the BREIF DESCENT TO MISERY phenomenon arises?

There is not always an actual verbal countdown but there is sometimes. I will give some examples.

Example 1

I have him on the stomping stage and he has not cum for weeks and weeks. I have my shoe in position for giving him an orgasm and I have told him all day that today he might get to cum. He MIGHT.

I begin the required backward and forward movement with his defect under the sole of my shoe. It is not the most arousing feeling in the world for him and it usually takes around a minute before he cums; if I have decided to allow that. The BREIF DESCENT TO MISERY phenomenon begins if, after perhaps only 10 or 15 seconds, I begin to shake my head slowly and pull an expression of reluctance to continue. Then he begins continuous, panicky, utterly sincere and respectful pleading and I keep moving my shoe back and forward while I verbalise that, NO, having reflected on the matter, there will be no cumming today. It’s not going to happen. Amazingly the continuous, panicky, utterly sincere and respectful pleading becomes even more panicky until I stop moving my shoe. But the emotions for both of us are so intense from the moment he has perceived I have decided not to let him cum. Deliciously intense for me.

Example 2

A common occurrence for me is when I have the Linnex applicator in one hand and bitch-boy’s stiff little defect in the other and he is very securely and helplessly bound. A stripe of the nasty Linnex wax takes about four minutes to begin to start the burning sensation. Despite his continuous panicky pleading, I give one generous stripe of wax to the shaft and then I ask if I should give a second.

It is fair to say I almost never give just one stripe, but that doesn’t stop more continuous panicky pleading from him. After I have ‘mulled’ the decision over for a short while, (savouring his pleading a great deal), I decide, YES, a second stripe is to be applied and I apply it. Now comes the most intense emotions when I ask him if it should get a third stripe. I do not always apply a third stripe. I do perhaps on 75% of occasions. His continuous, panicky, utterly sincere and respectful pleading is off-the-scale, I string out this phase, umming-and-ahhing, and then my body language and demeanour indicate there will be a third stripe. (This will increase the burning pain over the next 40 minutes by 33%.) He and I both know I have made my decision but for the 10 or so seconds before I apply the third stripe, he continues his panicky, utterly sincere and respectful pleading and in those moments of around 10 seconds for both of us, things are REAL; REALLY REAL! The BREIF DESCENT TO MISERY phenomenon. (A fourth stripe or the dreaded knob-head coating, is sometimes added after the third stripe.)

Example 3

Not something I do anymore, because I am afraid bitch-boy only ever gets to cum under the sole of my shoe now; but the previous regimen for his orgasms was by using my skilled hands while he was bound helpless on the bed. I would always start by giving him the impression he was going to get to cum, but around 50% of the times, I would suddenly announce, NO, not today and I would start a verbal countdown; usually from fifteen down to zero. The BREIF DESCENT TO MISERY phenomenon was then in play as he would begin his emotional, continuous, panicky, utterly sincere and respectful pleading all the way to zero when I would stop wanking him. and release my grip. What a gloriously intense fifteen seconds.

Example 4

There are several videos on Pornhub showing orgasm denied males given the chance to cum by fucking a blow-up sex doll within a time limit. When the countdown timer has about 30 seconds left of the allowed period, the Domme pulls the plug valve plug from the doll and the doll begins to deflate. Despite the male trying even harder than ever, the outcome is clear to him and the Domme. The BREIF DESCENT TO MISERY phenomenon is now in play for 10 or 20 seconds, as he is trying so hard in the quickly inflating doll until the Domme finally pulls the flat polythene doll from the bed, and from the sub’s defect.


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