Femdom image ticks a lot of boxes

When I see this image  I must say it ticks a lot of boxes for me. It’s one manifestation of how I like to see female domination. (For it to be ideal for me, I do imagine the slave is wearing a penis tube chastity devise and has been denied sexual release a long time .)

The first reason I like it so much is that she is not wearing PVC, or leather, or fancy underwear. No, she wears an outfit she might wear to a BBQ, or a wedding or to the races, or a day with her girlfriends round for a girly day of fun. Yet what she wears is an INCREDIBLE tease for the sexually denied male. Generating an agony of unrequited arousal. And the contrast between her casual outfit and his torturous one is wonderful.

Then there is her absolute freedom of movement and comfort to do what she wants when she wants, contrasted with his recent confinement in a cage and his Humbler, and ankle and wrist shackles. And, his leather hood covering his ears, mouth and eyes. Removing his vital senses and his means of communication.

Probably most importantly, her state of mind. Utterly relaxed and free of self consciousness or guilt, despite his extreme condition. And she is not angry or ill tempered. She is happy and content to be putting her slave through hell. It amuses and entertains her and arouses her. But although she is smiling, it is not just a big laugh to her. It remains serious stuff as she lets the sadist within her tease and seriously torture her slave. She wants to see suffering – and that is not to make her laugh. That is to feed darker, more visceral needs than simple amusement. And there is zero mercy; zero pity. She has none for her slave.


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Fem Dom in iTunes Book Store

Volume 11 of my journals is now available in the iTunes Book store. I have no idea how to provide a link.

Amazon V11 copy - Copy

It remains available on Amazon in Kindle format and on LULU.com in paperback and ePub format.

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Thursday – film showing on UK TV

Thanks to Sweep for pointing out that the film, ‘The Duke of Burgundy’ is showing on UK TV tomorrow on FILM 4.

My Review from a previous post.

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Strict Hotel Room Control

I received the comment below from Chris M. It is fantastic! What a perfect Mistress she is. Her toy is very lucky. The comment is in response to my post about using a GPS tracker for when one is parted from one’s slave. (Of course, I would have bitch-boy in a gymslip rather than shorts!)

These items are so good, well worth the investment as their use ever so strongly reinforces the fact that the submissive is under a regime of total control. My boy travels a great deal in his work. I have always had systems in place to ensure this did not mean he was out of my control, though I have little doubt that on occasions in the pre-internet technology days, he would take a little liberty in reporting his whereabouts in a timely fashion; now there is no escape!

 Previously he was required to report to me, by phone, dressed in his full school uniform, within five minutes of entering his hotel room. Whilst I am certain he was mostly honest in his reporting, there was the opportunity to ‘steal’ a few minutes of relaxation, especially if he arrived earlier than expected. Now his regime is far stricter, and nights away even more gruelling. After all, I don’t want him thinking a business trip is an excuse to relax, watch a movie, or enjoy a nice restaurant meal, whilst avoiding chores at home!

 With his tracking device, I can see where he is at any time, so he dare not take a chance. For your interest, now he is required to SMS me as soon as he arrives at his hotel. He would deeply regret my having seen him arrive before the SMS came in! He is then allowed 25 minutes in which to check-in, get up to his room, prepare same for the evening ahead, and dress in his full school uniform. Believe me, this means he has to move quickly, and he certainly won’t be discussing a room change if he is not happy with his allocated room.

 Once in his room, he is required to lock the door, close all curtains, cover all clocks, connect his iPad to the internet, and position it so I can see him seated at his desk, with a complete view of his posture. He then dresses in his school uniform, blazer, long sleeve white shirt, school tie, grey shorts, long grey socks with ribs perfectly straight and polished black, lace up shoes. He then gets out his writing pad, chosen text book for the week, ruler, and pens (blue, black and red). These are all positioned precisely on the desk. With everything in place, he then Skype video’s me. He knows the importance of everything being presented properly, as I will be inspecting him through the video feed.
After inspection and adjustment of the video feed, he is given his work for the evening. The text books I choose from vary, typical examples are the KJV Bible, Gray’s Anatomy, Virgil (in Latin), or a similarly dry text. He is then allocated his passage for the night. This is usually anything from 30 to 150 words in length. He is then curtly advised to start writing.

 He never knows when I might check in to watch. I therefore effectively have total supervisory control. He must write continuously, no pauses allowed; he must sit up straight with feet flat on the floor, no resting his chin on his hand or similar postural relaxations; no unauthorised visits to the toilet; no music – just his silent hotel room and his disciplinary lines. Note this is not a punishment, just my way of helping him to avoid the boredom of a lonely hotel room!

 I will arrange delivery of a suitable room service meal, usually boiled vegetables, which will be allowed to go cold before he gets to eat them. I will also advise when he may take a quick toilet break. Other than that he just sits and writes and, this is important, at this stage he does not know how many lines he is required to write.

 I usually require him to write continuously until about eleven o’clock, perhaps later, it all depends on my schedule, but he is potentially constantly supervised via the video feed. I will have set a target number of lines to be written, based upon his projected time of arrival. This target will have been realistically set for the time available, after all this is not a punishment. If he has arrived on time he should achieve his target; however, if his flight was late, or the taxi delayed by traffic, he may well struggle to reach the target. That is of no concern to me of course; he can write a complaint to the airline, or tell the taxi driver off, but if he has not reached his target, he will pay the penalty!

 If he has arrived early, to keep him on edge, I usually increase the quota, but not dramatically.

 The reason for all this is to ensure he is fully occupied, writing quickly and diligently all evening. He has no idea of the time and must simply keep writing. If he knew his quota, he might stop early, or at the very least, slow down once it was achieved; this way he is never sure.

 There is also a further dilemma for him. Let’s say his quota was one hundred lines, and he has written one hundred and ten. Well since he has reached his quota, he can prepare himself for bed… unless he has earned a punishment! If for example I noted a posture lapse at any stage, well, that means a punishment, but his punishment allocation is only set now…. Those extra lines he wrote earlier, well of course they do not count towards his punishment lines.

 Of course, if he has not reached his quota, he will be punished now for his laziness. He will have to continue writing until he reaches the quota originally set, but he will also be allocated additional punishment lines, typically enough to keep him writing for at least another two hours. So if he had been an hour or even more late to his room, he might have three or more hours of lines still to write! On occasions this has meant him having to write until three, four, even five in the morning; though if he has an early start, I may defray some of the lines to another evening. Of course in return for my moderation in such circumstances, he does get a ‘loading’ of extra lines when they are defrayed to another night.

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Ideas for control and punishment

tumblr_o5d6y6KAGQ1te7yyro1_500 - Copy

Three things. —- First, above, a pic I love, and one that exactly represents exactly what occurs in my house from time to time. Although I only say what is at the top of the pic. What is at the bottom is just silent fact.

Second, – I read recently of key fob sized GPS trackers that can be slipped into the pocket of dementia sufferers so that they can be found if they get lost. The carers can log into a 3G signal on a smart phone which shows the tracker location on a map on the phone, and updates every 4 minutes. I have thought I might padlock one onto bitch-boys penis restraint and then imagine the control he would feel as I could monitor his location to within 3 metres wherever I was, 24/7/365. Delightful!

Third,  – Like me, you may have all the corners of all the rooms in your house blocked by furniture. So I cannot send bitch-boy to stand nose pressed to the corner after a punishment, or when he needs stowing away. (Or so I thought!) He normally has to stand nose to the wall which I don’t think is quite as good as a corner. Well I saw a Tumblr pic recently where a naughty slave had been sent to stand nose pressed to the corner, half way up the stairs, where the stairs turned at 90 degrees. So many of us do have a corner we did not know was empty! I may put bitch-boy (or Play-toy) in my new found corner this weekend. I will secure their wrists behind their back and the miscreant will have to use their nose to hold a pair of my soiled panties against  the junction of the walls, so it will be bondage as well as shaming and tedious.




Not yet available on iStore

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Torture video goggles

s-l1600 - Copy

I saw, on the Brat Princess Tumblr site the use of video goggles in a DS session. This ignited my perverted imagination.

One problem I have with my BDSM bed with the gynaecological stirrups, is that when my victim is helplessly bound with legs secured wide apart, the victim is flat on his or her back. So bitch-boy gets to feel the pain of the ruler smacks or nettle pouch on his clitty, or the pegs being pulled from his scrotum, BUT he does not see this happening. How much better if he could see all the preparations and action, (or worse for him!), if he could see his clitty being made hard, see the pouch full of nettle leaves approaching and see it pulled over that stiff little clitty. And then while he squeals and whimpers with an amusing tone of panic, see a cruel, eager hand squeezing and moving all around and squeezing again and again to maximise the leaf to skin contact points.  I have no doubt this would deepen the victims suffering, and awe of his/her tormentor.

I have noticed that very well equipped dominatrix actually have a camera and flat screen combination to overcome this. I think the goggles are better than that. They ensure the slave is not distracted looking elsewhere.

I am assuming the goggles can be connected to a camcorder. I am thinking if I go ahead with a purchase of goggles, I will set the camcorder zoom to be able to take in the face of the tormenter as well as the genitals of the tormented. I think seeing the relaxed, merciless, sadistic bliss on the face of the tormentor as well as the activity of torture, will be ideal. I also know that would mean bitch-boy would see Governess Lexi and I passionately French kissing while, for instance, the pouch is on the clitty. As we always do.

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Femdom Literature

Well I have published Volume 11 of my journals due to popular demand. It is It is available on Amazon Kindle in the following territories. It is by far the most hefty volume, containing far more words than any other volume.

US    UK    DE    FR    ES    IT    NL    JP    BR    CA    MX    AU    IN

It is available as an ePub or a paperback on LULU.COM

Amazon V11 copy - Copy

One of the reasons this is the most hefty volume is that it is very likely to be the last Volume I publish. Taking account of the new routines described in this volume, I seem to have reached a point of profound contentment with my domestic female tyranny. I cannot think of how I can make bitch-boy’s shaming more humiliating. I cannot think how I can more enjoy his total sensory deprivation, or his torture when on the BDSM bed, (legs secured in the gynaecological stirrups), or his cuckolding with my girlfriend. So having something new to write about from now on is only likely to be marginal.

There are very, very recent things that do not appear like bitch-boy having to perform ‘tantrums’, (Thank you Christine M for the fantastic comment) or the way Governess Lexi is continually honing the use of the pouch full of nettles encasing his hard little clitty, but these new things make up only perhaps 10% of the time spent.

Here is a link to my other published journals.

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