Praise indeed

I finally have a review of my BDSM manual on the Amazon United States site. And it is 5 star and very kind indeed! I am so pleased and very grateful to this Amazon Customer.

Amazon Customer

This is the best book ive read about how to embrace domination, and it is very practical as well.

 Wow. I have several books about domination, and Ive been practicing the lifestyle for several years, and this book is still amazingly helpful for me. It is very practical and real. I love the perspectives, the dinamics and the psychology. Im loving it.


Link to My published BDSM Manual

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‘lesbian’ cuckolding

Labels are a problem.

I wanted to post on the subject of a Domme wife or girlfriend of a male sub and the Domme wife or girlfriend cuckolds her male sub through a relationship with another woman, involving sex. And the male is in chastity, does not get a full orgasm often and never gets to have sex of any sort with his wife/girlfriend. I think the label of cuckolding properly applies, but either one or both of the women can be bisexual instead of lesbian.

So, labels aside, hopefully you know what I am describing. You understand the scenario. It is my favourite thing in the world and I get disappointed by the limited amount of relevant material there is on the internet. At one end of the spectrum, simply two women watching TV, hand in hand, or hands at the top of each others’ thighs while there is a male in the room, naked but for a chastity device, facing the wall, or in a sissy maids uniform with chastity device on, awaiting a command, or ignored and in bondage and recovering from a recent serious caning.

Or at the other end of the spectrum, two women naked on a bed making love and the male tied to the bed rails by his balls with wrists secured behind his back and enduring a tearful, sobbing torment of a recent application of Linnex to his cock.

My Tumblr site has a few images and videos, (possibly all that can be found on the net?), the wonderful blog of the wonderful Mistress Rebecca features this cuckolding as does this blog, but compared to other femdom stuff, there is very little around. I wonder why because the impact on the poor male sub is off-the-scale. Sexually so desperate and seeing his wife or girlfriend more intinmate with the ‘other woman’ than he is ever allowed to be. Doing things to his wife/girlfriend he is never allowed to do, his wife/girlfriend doing things to her lover she never does to him. Delightful. Not a male getting any pleasure in sight. No male bull!

This scenario does feature in most of the later of my journals and I devote a chapter to cuckolding of every variety, (including faux cuckolding), in my BDSM manual.


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Pitiless Robot Domme

I watched a TV programme on the development of sex robots yesterday. Trailer here. Robot dolls that among other things, can engage in interactive conversation, use facial recognition to differentiate between people they ‘know’ and display distinct emotions through expressions in their facial ‘muscle’ movements. In time, the dolls will be amazing I have no doubt. The developers were focussing on doll personalities that would be highly sexual, wanton and lustful in nature. BUT……….

I immediately thought about how beneficial they could be as robot Dommes for submissives who cannot find a real life Domme. I thought about how I would love to provide the programs and phrases the robots could use in various scenarios. To start with tease and denial.


I imagined the robots could be remotely programmed by me. Holding in their memory the combination of a key safe which holds the key to the chastity padlock. Programmed to add a day to the relief period, each day, if one hour’s begging at the feet of the doll was not performed each day. 100% sure the doll would never show mercy and relay the combination of the key safe before the LONG DENAIL duration had been met. And they could insist the submissive spend a long time taking in all those perfect feminine shapes. Mocked for knowing it has a functioning cunt and mouth, but never ever being allowed access to them.

I also thought about them overseeing the submissive writing hundreds of lines or overseeing the submissive playing with dolls. The punishment period would be implacably enforced while the doll sat and watched, occasionally verbally humiliating the submissive with phrases written by me. The doll asking the submissive if it is a pathetic maggot or pin dicked sissy, and following up with more verbal humiliation when the submissive answers.

Immediately my mind moved on to what great helpers as babysitters they could be to a real life Domme like me, used in combination with a camera, the output of which is accessible to me via a smart phone anywhere in the world. I could sit in a girlfriend’s house and bitch-boy, alone at home with the doll, would have to perform a little girl dance for the sitting, smirking doll, which my girlfriend and I watch via the camera. At the end he must ask the doll if it was sissy enough dancing, the doll would be programmed to respond, ‘NO! Do it again.’ Perhaps programmed to respond that way, five times consecutively before finally saying, ‘Sissyish enough maggot, now get to colouring-in with your dolly for the next two hours.’  Poor bitch-boy having no option but to take instructions from the robot with me watching and chuckling.

I can see that in 5 years from now, if not sooner, the possibilities will be endless. I wonder of I could get a job as a developer of Domme Dolls, rather than the slutty submissive dolls currently in production?

LINK to my published journals.

LINK to my published BDSM manual.


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Another Mistress quickly evolving

I posted about the wonderful Mistress Rebecca a couple of months ago. She continues to evolve at a rapid pace. And documents that evolution in her fantastic blog.

If you failed to note my link to her blog before, do so now!

Mistress Rebecca’s blog.


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Alone and helpless

One thing that has changed since I gave up work is poor bitch-boy finding himself home alone in extreme bondage rather often. I am amazed over how many hair, nail, beauty and other appointments I attend each week. Some last half hour, some last three hours. The appointments were beginning to infringe on the number of consecutive days each week I wanted bitch-boy to be subjected to ‘full-on’ domination. (No vanilla life distractions.)

My solution has been to leave bitch-boy in ‘cotton bondage’ while I attend appointments, rather often. I describe cotton bondage in my published manual in some detail. In a nutshell it is bondage from which he is only allowed to escape if there is a fire or a burglar.

It is such a pleasure now while I am planning the following months diary dates and blocking out the ‘full-on’ DS days, to see I have an appointment which conflicts, and I just think to myself; cotton-bondage.

I am surprised by the extent of the lovely warm feeling of power and decadence and heartlessness I get when I am attending such an appointment and I remember poor bitch-boy is back home in helpless bondage – gagged, blindfolded, unable to move an inch and not knowing whether I will be back in 10 minutes or 3 hours. Poor, poor bitch-boy.

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Epitome of attitude and demeanour

Both darkhorsesub and slave helpfully commented on my last post that the Domme in the video is known as Obey Melanie (formerly Barefoot Princess). I have seen many of her videos and as far as I am concerned she exhibits the perfect attitude and demeanour of a perfect Domme. I am not a huge fan of some of the things she inflicts on her subs BUT I am a HUGE FAN of her perfect attitude and demeanour. When I thought about writing this post, I began to realise it might be difficult to put into words what her perfect attitude and demeanour display.

To begin with there is ABSOLUTE PITILESSNESS. She is going to do exactly what she wants to do and is not at all restricted by how much her slave is suffering. There is an ABSOLUTE ABSENCE OF SELF CONSCIOUNESS either over her pleasure from inflicting misery or her sexual arousal from doing so. There is her STATE OF TOTAL RELAXATION. She is completely relaxed as she torments, even if her slave is at the point of tears. Finally there is her TOTAL CERTITUDE THAT HER SLAVE IS NOTHING MORE THAN A TOY FOR HER TO ‘PLAY’ WITH. He has no rights, no safe-word, he can set no limits or boundaries.

Have I missed anything???

I believe I completely share her attitude, I hope that is displayed in my demeanour to ensure bitch-boy understands his situation, and my depravity.



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Rotary Misery

Many of you will know all about the Rotary Clothes-line Duty I have bitch-boy endure in the summer months.

I read the weekend supplements in the conservatory overlooking the lawn on which the rotary clothes line is located. Him blindfolded and gagged, his posture collar secured at the back to one of the three spars of the rotary clothes line. His wrists padlocked into the cuffs at the front of his reins. And he slowly walks in a circle, the same circle, again and again, endlessly turning the rotary clothes line. Blind, silenced, frightened and enduring tedium. (See Volume 5 of my journals). His only contact with me is when I go out every twenty minutes or so, to cane his butt to encourage him in his task.

Well this link appears to show some fantastic Domme somewhere has created an indoor equivalent. I am assuming the human animal is blindfolded and has ear lugs and is gagged. She can sit and relax and watch TV make phone calls, etc. and he must never stop his pointless circling or he will feel the whip.

LINK to my published journals.

LINK to my published BDSM manual.

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