The most provocative images (Part 2)

A sad thing dawned on me as a result of my recent blog post on provocative femdom images.

First, thank you to all the submissive males who commented and confirmed the type of images I suggest, are very affecting for them.

Second, the point of this post: It is almost certainly true and so quite sad, that the overwhelming majority of femdom images on the net probably put off novice women , who might otherwise consider dominating their male.

These potential domestic Dommes not being attracted to, or being able to, imagine themselves dolled up in PVC, a corset, and thigh boots or imagine themselves having access to a well equipped dungeon, while looking like a Miss World. But that is what the overwhelming majority of femdom images on the net would have the uninitiated believe femdom is all about.

Whereas, were they to mostly see femdom images depicting women of any age and attractiveness, relaxing on a sofa or comfortable armchair or sun lounger,dressed in marginally sexy clothes or just everyday clothes. And these women watching TV , or doing a craft – like knitting, or reading a book, or chatting on the phone, or enjoying some social media time, while their submissive endures a torment, perhaps they would be attracted to, and see themselves in such a role.

Or of course, seeing the males providing the relaxed females with many huge orgasms with zero demands on the females to reciprocate.

I would invite a submissive male to find for me an existing blog or site, or begin themselves, a free blog, or perhaps a BDSMLR site, of curated images of the type I describe.

This idea does worry me though. (I am so hard to satisfy!) The innate male toxic competitive drive tends to mean most male managed image sites are full of barely relevant images to their theme. The males seeming much more intent on obtaining the MOST images, (like its a competition), rather than focussing only on truly relevant images.


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UK Porn blocker law scrapped!

I posted in April 2018 that  in the UK, a law was soon to be enforced requiring anyone who wants to view adult material online, to register with their ISP some serious form of identification such as passport data or a credit card. NO ID, no access to adult material.

The law was for several reasons quite ludicrous at a practical level. It got watered down as to what constituted an adult material site. My blog would not have been. Several deadline dates were set and missed.

Yesterday it was announced the law had been scrapped. Absolutely wonderful news for those like me pushing for liberation of one sort or another. In my case, for submissiveness to be recognised as a sexuality like the status of being LGBT or Q. A hurdle being constructed but now gone.

If you have not got a copy of my BDSM manual or one of my later journals, (Volume 11 and subsequent volumes), or were not following my blog in 2015, you may not have read my position on this issue.



Forgetting his birth defect is caged.

I know it makes me sound awful, but despite the terribly frustrating torment bitch-boy endures almost constantly by having his birth defect double padlocked in a chastity cage 24/7/365, I often forget all about his predicament.

I am fully sexually satisfied and I love my vanilla life as much as my depraved femdom life, so there is too much great stuff on my mind to always remember. This is a problem because the more often I remember, the more often I tease. And when I tease, bitch-boy becomes more deeply in awe of me and even more subjugated to my will; and I get lovely bitchy pleasure while teasing. Often, ironically, leading to an orgasm for me I would not otherwise have enjoyed. I have cruelly put this right at one time every day.

Every morning bitch-boy has to rise before me from my bed. Often two hours before me. He has his frustrating  BDSMLR duty to do, he has his replenishment duty to perform and many other things I insist on, on an ad-hoc basis.  It is cold in the mornings now, so bitch-boy wears a fleece dressing gown as I do not allow him to switch on the heating until half an hour before the time I have instructed him to wake me.

As he must, he wakes me gently and serves me tea in bed. He wears his dressing gown so I do not see his chastity cage and, given I am thinking of the delights the forthcoming day holds, I forget he is wearing his cage. But now I have him use two safety pins. Large pink baby, diaper, safety pins. One holds his dressing gown closed above his caged genitals, one holds it closed below. Between the safety pins, humiliatingly exposed and sticking out, is his caged birth defect and balls, all nicely shaved of course. So every morning I am reminded of his terribly frustrating predicament, which is also very humiliating for him.

I might, most mornings, without thinking, raise my arms above my head as I sit up topless, and run my hands through my hair. I know how sexy I look while so doing. Now, having been reminded of his terribly frustrating predicament, I do this but – lingeringly and provocatively. I see the pain of sexual frustration and helplessness flash across bitch-boy’s face and I smile and coo. ‘Poor puppet.’ And  the theme of the morning is usually underway! (Although sometimes, I find it amusing to simply ignore his predicament all together. This seems equally cruel, so he really is between a rock and a hard place, AGAIN!)


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The most provocative images

The femdom area of the internet is full of photos and drawings of apparently dominant women. But my favourite images are rather rare. My favourite images relate to my previous post on Enduring Domination Sessions .

These are photos and drawings of a women who look as though they could well be dominant, but are relaxing on a sofa or comfortable armchair or sun lounger. No dungeon, no PVC clothes, no thigh boots or corsets, etc, etc.

Any age, dressed in marginally sexy clothes or everyday clothes, possibly some nice heels that would be comfortable to walk in. And what is she doing? Perhaps looking into the camera, but the target of her momentary gaze is not her main activity. She is watching TV , or doing a craft – like knitting, or reading a book, or chatting on the phone, or enjoying some social media time.

She could not be any more relaxed and contented and is fully and happily occupied. And within her field of vision, or perhaps in another room – possibly under the gaze of a baby monitor, is her puppet.

Wherever he is, he is writing lines, perhaps while dressed as a schoolgirl, or dressed as a little girl and  colouring-in with dolly, or playing a Disney Princess board game with dollies, or locked in a tiny, sound proofed and pitch black cupboard, or bound in sensory deprivation bondage, or cleaning a floor with a toothbrush. He has been at this an hour or more and will be for an hour or hours to come.

And as I wrote in that other post, the activity will not be a one-off. He knows, not just today will he endure those hours! He will do the next day, or two days next week, and the week after, and will be doing so for years to come! The sense of miserable helplessness cannot be moderated by thinking, ‘just get through this and I’ll never suffer this again’. Oh no!

This is serious and real domination that many of us are lucky enough to enforce. No PVC or corsets, no dungeon. Profoundly intense feelings for him and for her. When I see such an image of the woman I have outlined, I imagine the pleasure she and I would enjoy either at her house or mine. But in vast femdom area of the internet, WHERE ARE THESE IMAGES!!

I am not even so ambitious as to have such images that also include the suffering male. That would be too much to ask. (The wonderful, now defunct for many years, hard-copy Madame magazine did sometimes have such images. I guess because in the main it catered to Dominant Women as much as to submissive men. )

I do apologise if my theme is repetitive this month, or over the years, but I remain perplexed at the paucity of images, videos and content covering the depraved, potent leisure time theme I make reference to. Submissive males; how do you feel about this issue?

A photo of his reins with cuffs

It dawned on me that despite using bitch-boy’s adult sized baby reins on him for so many years, I have never provided a photo of them. I put that right with this post.

There are several things to observe. One is that I have put my 12 inch ruler in the photo for scale. (This is the ruler that has smacked thousands of times on bitch-boy’s birth defect over the years and will do so thousands of times more!)

You will also see in the photo, the padlocks in the buckle hasps of the reins. I think the effect of the reins is doubled or trebled when bitch-boy sees and hears the padlocks clicking closed. Securing him helplessly into the reins for as long as I see fit.  You can clearly see the wrist cuffs at the front of the reins. Recently, for certain activities, I have been putting the reins on him, back to front, and then his wrists get cuffed behind his back.

You will also observe how I mark my padlocks and their keys with one or two spots of nail varnish so I know which keys to use for which padlocks. I have two sets of four padlocks employed with the reins. Each set of four use the same keys.

I hope this post was of interest.

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Enduring domination sessions

I have noticed one quite distinct difference between domination sessions that by necessity must be relatively brief and sessions that can regularly go on all day and night, or longer. I know some couples have children at home and or other vanilla things that prevent sessions being for longer than say a couple of hours. And also many sub males visit Dominatrices, again most often just for an hour or two.

I know such sessions can be intense and rewarding but for those of us, (and there are quite a few who make contributions to this blog), who have the opportunity of regular sessions lasting several days and nights,  it seems universal that a torment technique becomes a key part of the regime that can only be enabled by having hours and hours of time. The Humiliation/Tedium torments.

The sub must write lines, perhaps while dressed as a schoolgirl, for literally hours and hours. The sub is dressed as a little girl and must colour-in with dolly, or play a Disney Princess board game with dollies, for literally hours and hours. The sub (in chastity) might be locked in a tiny, sound proofed and pitch black cupboard for literally hours and hours. The sub might be bound in sensory deprivation bondage for literally hours and hours. The sub may have to clean a floor with a toothbrush and then re-clean and then re-clean again and again for literally hours and hours.

And very importantly, the chosen activity will not be a one-off. The sub will know, not just today will he endure those hours! He will do tomorrow and the next day, or two days next week, and the week after, and will be doing so for years to come! The sense of miserable helpnessness cannot be moderated by thinking, ‘just get through this and I’ll never suffer this again’. Oh no!

And the Domme will get the most divine, complex feeling of serenity, power, pitilessness and arousal. Arousal that will usually be satiated by masturbation many times in those hours. And as well as the orgasms, there is truly relaxing; – watching TV, or making phone calls, or reading or doing a craft activity, or sunbathing, or shopping, or gym, or sleeping.

It is often mooted that getting older, and also retiring, can be a bad thing. I guess my point is, if you are a Domme currently fettered by circumstances like say, children at home, or you and your sub are both working long hours, then think ahead to when it will just be you and him, day after day after day. One HUGE compensation for thinking about growing a bit older, for children leaving the nest, for retiring; is you have the DIVINE FEELING to look forward to that I have described above!


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It only takes a moment!

With my life being split between days of DS and vanilla days I do occasionally end up with a number of successive vanilla days . It is important to me that a succession of vanilla days does not result in a reduction of awe of me in bitch-boy.

Of course him being in chastity 24/7/365 as I wrote about in my previous post, plays a massive part in achieving the constant awe I like. Especially if I am having the odd orgasm on a vanilla day. But on vanilla days, I also use very brief moments to secure the level of awe I want to be there constantly.

There were three successive vanilla days recently because we had vanilla guests staying. On the morning of day 2, I was in my Ugg boot slippers and expensive, fitted fleece dressing gown. I found bitch-boy in the bathroom and I undid the dressing gown and I stood with my hands on my hips, holding the dressing gown behind my hands and arms. So the front of my very firm naked body was on full display. He looked at me with such desperate longing. I whispered.

‘This is why I have power over you bitch……. Unless, whenever I want, you endure all the nasty things I put you through that you hate, you will NEVER EVER get to see this amazing body AND you will never get to be dominated at all, in any way.‘ I watched his eyes roam over my perfect B cup breasts and down my flat stomach and across my slightly protruding hip bones and to my pretty cunt with its perfect, narrow Brazilian strip. His eyes radiated, defeat, submission and deep yearning. I closed my dressing gown and whispered again. (I like the end of ‘the moment’ to be unambiguous.)

‘What do you say?‘ He answered. ‘Thank you Mistress.‘ I responded, ‘I should think so.’ I walked out of the bathroom.

It only took a moment, but that moment would be submissively recalled by him over and over during the vanilla day. (And I enjoyed a great deal my moment of being a tyrannical bitch!)

The next day we were out walking in the countryside with our vanilla guests. I was wearing my black leather, flat heeled, faux riding boots. I noticed grass cuttings and some mud was soiling the boots. I bided my time and quite naturally a moment came when my puppet and I were parted from our guests by a dozen paces. I spoke quietly.

‘Tomorrow will be a long, full-on domination day pansy. You see the muck on my boots? You will be cleaning those tomorrow and I will then test they are clean by having you lick the soles.’ I paused and then continued. ‘What do you say?‘ He answered. ‘Thank you Mistress.‘ I responded, ‘I should think so.’ I turned from him, called out to our guests, and walked over to them.

It only took a moment, but that moment would be submissively recalled by him over and over during the remainder of the vanilla day. (And I enjoyed a great deal my moment of being a tyrannical bitch!)

While I am at this, I will recap the other quick things that can be done in vanilla time to maintain levels of subjugation.


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L’October – chastity month cruelty

I see quite a few references online to Loctober. It seems submissive males who are in chastity must be locked for the month of October and I am assuming; without being allowed any orgasms during the month.

Firstly, am I right as to my interpretation of ‘Loctober‘?

Secondly, what about those submissives who are always locked, EVERY month, and are not allowed more than one orgasm per month anyway, or no proper orgasms ever? Will they be suffering in additional ways to normal in October? If yes, in what ways?

(In case you missed it, in this previous post about bitch-boy’s chastity I did include a couple of photos of his birth defect confined in its double padlocked cage.)

By coincidence I did decide to write a journal entry all about bitch-boy’s chastity regime for the next journal I am already working on. Here is an extract from that draft journal entry, (it is not yet proof read).  I hope it is of interest. 


So, he is in his double padlocked chastity cage every hour of every day except when it is removed because I wish to be humiliating him or teasing him and such like. Or when I have him wash and shave himself, with the cage removed three or four times a week. I think it is CRITICAL that these are not times for him to get hard briefly and play. He has to feel my regime is 24/7/365 and that there are absolutely ZERO moments of freedom. He does not own his birth defect; I do! I know this is the most subjugating and affecting style of chastity control. I have three routines for the cleaning.

Two are mundane. One is I either sit and read a book in the bathroom while he does so, or, two, I set up the baby monitor in the bathroom and can relax elsewhere in the house with the monitor screen and he is, or knows he might be, being monitored. Should he get an erection of any sort, in either scenario, he is punished severely. I do not tease him to promote an erection and he never gets one.

The third cleaning routine is rather a trial for him! It does not involve shaving. I sit him in an empty bath with his ankles secured together with a braided pet collar and his wrists secured to the D-ring on the front of the rubber collar around his neck with another braided pet collar. I can well recall the last time I did this about three weeks ago. I had him so bound. I was in everyday wear. He began to whine and plead and looked so upset when I had finished binding him.

                ‘It’s no good whining like a little bitch is it? It’s going to happen because it amuses me I’m afraid. And we do need to keep your little birth defect nice and clean don’t we. But we don’t need it getting all hard do we! Like, no doubt, it used to every single time you washed it, before I took control of it.’ He stopped his pointless noise but looked at me with sad, pleading eyes. Just that look wakens my cunt. I love it; especially when I ignore it and carry on. It was a breezy cool morning which was great.

I reached for the cold tap and he pleaded briefly as I turned the tap, (faucet – USA), and the cold water flowed into the bath and began to cover the bottom surface. he made a noise of sorrow. The tap was only open a little. I spoke in a matter-of-fact tone.

                ‘There, not too much at once. We don’t want you suffering thermal shock do we.’ I walked over to the window and opened it wide. The cool breeze entered the room. He let out a long sigh that ended with a sort of sob. My cunt was getting wet!

Of course, I did not open the tap fully to avoid thermal shock. I opened the tap only a little to drag out the misery for my puppet. The cold water slowly, slowly rising up his legs and butt. Slowly working its way up and up. And all the while, the gusts of cool breeze making it worse for him. I stood and looked at him with my hands on my hips and a mocking, amused smile on my face.

                ‘Poor puppet. Your Mistress is so mean to you isn’t she. But that’s your life isn’t it.’ He simply stared up at me with his sad, pleading eyes, occasionally whimpering as though I did not know what he was enduring. I spoke brightly.

                ‘I’ll see you in fifteen minutes or so little pansy.’ I walked out. I had not had any intention of masturbating but this activity is soooo mean…………..

Carrying a large jug, and with an extra sweater on, I returned to him after about fifteen minutes and after a glorious orgasm. The bathroom air was now cold and the cold water was just above his naval. I turned off the tap. He seemed on the point of shivering. I felt like such a bitch. Delicious! I scooped the jug into the water and poured its contents over his head to be sure he would be very cold when he stood. In shock, he let out some very quick, hard breaths. I put the jug down and freed his wrists and ankles. I passed him the nail clippers.

                ‘You can cut off the plastic padlocks bitch and remove your cage and wash yourself.’ He did as I had instructed him. He was so cold and his genitalia were tiny. I again stood and looked at him with my hands on my hips and a mocking, amused smile on my face. He washed his genitalia with soap and water. He was quick. He wanted his miseries to end. I had other ideas and I waited for him to look up at me indicating he was done. He did so. I spoke with a little irritation.

                ‘Sit back down then. You can’t rinse your VERY little birth defect up there can you.’ He looked so sad and took a moment to summon the will to sit in the freezing water. But he did not test my patience and so he did. He made noises of misery once sitting down. My tone changed to heavily scornful.

                ‘Well you’re always hinting at the wish to be free of your cage to play with yourself aren’t you. You can now. Go on, play and make it all hard. I give you permission to do whatever you want. Bring yourself off; I won’t mind.‘ He did not move. We both knew he was so very cold and his defect so shrivelled and numb that an erection would be impossible for him. My tone was disdainful with an amused edge.

                ‘Go on play with it. Tickle your balls at the same time. You have begged to be free of your cage so often. Now you are and you can play. GO ON!’ He began to tug and squeeze at himself; full of misery and shame. I chuckled derisively.

                ‘Is that it? So pathetic. So it would be pointless me giving you freedom from the cage to play wouldn’t it. I have done so now; and you can’t even get the little thing hard. Get the cage back on!’ He did so and I handed him two of the uniquely numbered plastic padlocks I had brought with me in readiness. As soon as the second padlock had clicked shut, I walked out.


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Photos – Lady Carla and pussie









You may recall my long blog post regarding the amazing Domme Carla, (and her sub pussie). Well the, obviously beautiful, Carla very kindly sent me some photographs. As well as those above, THE MORE EXPLICIT PHOTOS have been posted on my BDSMLR site. Carla’s description for those on my BDSML site:  # pussie with my favorite toilet bowl brush chastity device. # My hand in one picture holding on to a piece of rope with little bells attached. (I do so love the bells as with every step pussie takes the bells tingle at bit calling attention to the sissy.)

Carla’s descriptions of the photos above:
The first shows my hand grabbing pussie. In this instance pussie was wearing a girly icelandic ski sweater and mittens. I had tied the rope with bells to its wee-wee and was pulling down its fly and pulling out the wee-wee, and pushing in underneath the sweater. I was sending pussie out to take a nice long walk to my sister to pick something up and bring it to me. Of course I could have driven over myself, but so much more amusing to make the sissy do what I call a sissy parade, walking out in a girly sweater with its wee-wee pulled out and covered only by the sweater. This way pussie has to take very small sissy like mincing steps  to keep from exposing itself. So a walk that may take you or me 15 minutes takes pussie almost 45 minutes, each way:):)!!.
The second photo shows pussie in more hot itchy woolies. I just love the pink mohair pom-pom pants. I took these pictures just before giving pussie a sound paddling. While the thick mohair provides some protection, I am pretty good with the paddle and I can assure you the sissy was crying and begging for me to stop in the most demeaning way after a long and hard paddling. Also I often send pussie out to do errands in this outfit. It is just hilarious to see the sissy walking down the street in pink wool pants with a big pom-pom hanging down between its legs, not to mention just how hot and itchy the outfit is to wear.
The third picture shows the neck of pussie’s pink pvc maids dress. Note the hessian (burlap) lining inside the neck. As I mentioned to you when describing the kitchen scrubbing, the entire dress is lined with that hessian. You can imagine how miserable it is for pussie to have to wear that dress while doing the drudge housework-especially when it is warm.