Gender variable domination and submission

I have committed to publishing my manual in March entitled: Gratifying Domination and Submissive Contentment: A Guidance Manual.

The cover is also likely to include words to the effect of the following text:

Not just guidance but a myriad of ideas, techniques and inspirations as well.

  • For beginners and for the experienced.
  • For submissives who want to persuade their partner to become a dominant.
  • For partners of submissives who want to learn to adore dominating their partner.
  • For dominants who want to maximise their satisfaction and ability to subjugate.
  • Nailing that tricky balance between domination time and vanilla time.
  • Applicable to every gender.

The point of this post is to seek advice from you, dear followers, on the issue of the manual being Applicable to every gender. That is any gender of dominant with any gender of submissive. So where might I publicise such a book? This blog is 95% Female Dominant -male submissive and 5% Lezdom. How to publicise to very other gender combination is my conundrum.

If you have read this far you deserve what I hope is a reward! Two excerpts from the draft manual.



If for instance, the dominant is on occasion clumsy and;

  • pokes the submissive in the eye with the cane, or,
  • is negligent and causes the submissive to become very, very cold when that was not the dominant’s intention, or,
  • agonisingly pinches some skin with a buckle but did not intend to,

it is important to understand that the submissive is very unlikely to find that arousing. Quite the opposite. The submissive almost certainly wants to think of their dominant as perfect and flawless; so an accident or some negligence damages the image they want to hold of their dominant. However, accidents will happen, misjudgements will be made. A submissive already on emotional limits, when he or she is the subject of an accident or a misjudgement may react unfavourably – losing their submissiveness. When I have perpetrated a misjudgement or had an accident, I always use a phrase, with words to the effect of:

                ‘That was unfortunate slave; but these things will happen as I spend so much time dominating you. Accidents are an inevitability of my domination time of you. So you just have to accept these mishaps as best you can, don’t you.‘ Although I am simply bringing the truth of the matter to the situation, the phrase seems to right the wrong. So it should, as it IS the truth and also, I think, it causes the submissive to understand that I feel no shame or guilt at the extra, accidental, suffering I have caused. It is simply part of the price the submissive must pay for the privilege of being my submissive toy. The world is set to rights. Equilibrium is restored.




Example 3

As a female dominant, two weeks into a month, you tell your slave that if they are really good all month, they will get to actually put their penis inside you and fuck you on the 1st day of the following month. On the 1st day of the following month, your slave is naked and you are naked apart from a pair of boots. You sit on the edge of the bed, thighs splayed wide apart and he kneels with the tip of his hard cock at the entrance to your cunt. His wrists are bound behind his back. You keep him there for a while, toying with his cock and then have him look into your eyes and you spit in his face, push him to the floor with the sole of your boot, and tell him you have changed your mind and he will not be enjoying penetration tonight, and possibly not ever again. You lean over him, resting a boot on his hip as you release his wrists and tell him to get his chastity device on and go and clean the toilet; and that you will be on the bed bringing yourself off while he does so.  

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Hollywood Whipping

I came across a clip from the camp, dated, 1980 movie Flash Gordon recently. It reminded me of the BDSM bits of the film which hint that the director may have been seriously ‘in the know’.

The outfits and cruel face of Princess Aura.


And here is a clip of her momentarily leading her ‘pet males’ on leashes, among other things, (within the first 30 seconds of the clip).

Then we come to General Kala.

. zzz14614239_oojlz-copy

Here is a clip of her whipping Princess Aura, among other things, (within the first one minute of the clip). So camp! In the film there is also a Lezdom scene of Dale Arden being erotically dressed against her will. I have to say that apart from the BDSM scenes the film is otherwise VERY BAD! But these BDSM scenes and moments, for a few seconds, really capture domination, sadism and submission.

A WARNING if you decide to purchase a copy. The scene of General Kala whipping Princess Aura has been removed from most versions, certainly those shown on UK TV.


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More intense dickie-discipline

So interesting that I got three comments on yesterdays post and each comment mentioned the same thing. Using a condom after the application of the Linnex Stick to make the ‘burn’ more intense.

And one comment from Pat, who I must thank for her contributions, for the suggestion of experimenting with Capsaicin Cream which may ‘burn’ even more than the Linnex Stick!

While I am very grateful for these suggestions and will bank them in my ‘future ideas store’, I have to say, given I like to have escalation potential when dealing with a submissive, I currently have plenty of escalation potential with the Linnex Stick; given how small the area of application was in my experiment and how distressing bitch-boy found it. I know the threat of an identical application will have him begging with all his heart, (pleasurable for me but for him pointless), and still then, there is the escalation available.

  • Covering a much, much greater area of the shaft,
  • Applying it to the head of the penis,
  • A second application, 40 minutes after the first,
  • An application just before he is released from bondage to do colouring-in with his dollies, while it ‘burns’. And having to try to maintain a semblance of composure for his forced role play activity. (If he finds it impossible to maintain a semblance of composure and engage in muted, tranquil verbal exchanges with his dolly, then perhaps I will have him in silence, colouring-in, while padlocked into his pacifier strap.)

The first draft of my Manual is now finally complete! 110,000 words. Below is the short section in the Manual on Escalation Potential for those followers who do not know what that means.

Escalation potential is essential in a long term relationship because submissives learn to cope with things if the ‘things’ stay the same. For instance, early in the life of a submissive being dominated, a two minute bare hand spanking may be more than they think they can cope with. But after say, twenty such spankings, they will have learned, (at least subconsciously) that they do not break, that they quickly recover, that the discomfort is soon over; and a two minute bare hand spanking no longer meets the requirement of being more than they think they can cope with. So escalation is required. In this example the spanking must become of three minutes duration, or a hair brush is used instead of a bare hand.

Another reason escalation potential is critical is so that a SERIOUS punishment can be delivered if the submissive has committed a serious infraction and the dominant who needs to convey a considerable deterrent; needs to make a statement.

A third reason escalation potential is important is that it is critical to be able to provide an intensely emotional event from time to time. Intensely emotional for both the submissive and the dominant. Now and again, I will push one of my submissives well past what they think they can cope with. A LONG, LONG WAY PAST! The result of this level of cruelty is usually very considerable arousal for me and, once the event is over, the submissive holds me in awe and feels a compelling need to worship me. Perfect symbiosis. And they probably sleep more soundly than ever in submissive contentment.

If all torments and punishments are at the maximum, there is nowhere to go to deal with a really serious infraction. In addition, the opportunities are reduced to have a submissive beg with all their heart repeatedly as the dominant, just for fun, moves up the escalation steps one step at a time, over a few hours or a day or two.


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The dickie-discipline experiment by Nurse Nasty

I mentioned in a previous post, my huge thanks to Christine M for introducing me to the Linnex Heat Stick. Poor bitch-boy is rather less thankful! LOL. I promised that over the Xmas break, Nurse Nasty would run a ‘scientific’ experiment to compare how long a Linnex stick application lasts compared to an application of the Deep Heat Muscle rub roll-on.

I ran the experiment over two separate days just to be sure that the one embrocation product did not piggy back on the effects of the other. Bitch-boys sobbing / whimpering was of the same intensity during both experiments and I have concluded the ‘burn’ sensation is just about the same with either product. HOWEVER the durations of effect are quite different.

I applied each product to the same areas of the shaft. One product on one day and the other on the next day. I lightly rubbed into a area about the size of a large postage stamp on the top surface of the shaft and on the underside of the shaft. The Deep Heat Muscle Rub roll-on took about one to two minutes to begin its ‘burning’. The burning lasted about ten minutes. I tried the Linnex stick on several consecutive days. The Linnex stick took about five to seven minutes to begin its ‘burning’. The burning lasted about thirty to forty minutes! With either product the ‘burn’ seems to fade quickly at the end over about one to two minutes.

On another point of interest, Christine has informed me that applying a little heat to the Linnex stick just before use, enables the option of applying a thicker coat of the product. Given the small area I covered compared to what is possible, I have given myself plenty of escalation potential with bitch-boy. To quote Christine, ‘…..I apply a very liberal coating all over his shaft and knob. I take a few minutes, relishing the apprehension in his eyes as I rub the stick round and round, and up and down, all over the shaft; then round and round the knob, ensuring the entire appendage is thoroughly coated with many layers of the nasty salve.
I can then sit back and enjoy the consequences. Those first moments when there is no pain, and regardless of past experiences, he still hopes nothing will happen. Then after a few minutes, the first signs of discomfort as the burning slowly creeps upon him, the fear appearing in his eyes; then the writhing commences……‘ So bitch-boy is in for a ‘very significant emotional event’ should he ever transgress badly, or should I wish to demonstrate my utterly pitiless sadistic streak to its maximum. (The problem for bitch-boy when I do behave so is that, despite the terrible nightmare he endures during the event; when it is all over; he is even more in awe of me. Poor submissives really have no hope of escaping either their suffering or their addiction to their Mistresses do they!)

I provide very detailed accounts of Nurse Nasty sessions in my published Journals, volumes 1, 3 and 11.

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Femdom letters site steps up (link)

I have always had in my links section, a link to Petticoating Discipline Quarterly. A site which is updated once each month on the 2nd. Over the years the letters published on the site have been a huge source of inspiration to me for ideas of humiliation for bitch-boy. Up until this month, I have been disappointed with the content of the site for over a year but this month the letters are very enjoyable indeed. Worth a read I think.

Some of the significant ideas for me from the site have included;  mincing, the fretting pose, playing with dollies, sissy maids, having 7 identical colouring-in books for bitch-boy, etc. The list of very significant things is almost endless.

My published journals.



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Xmas pressies for my submissives

I did buy lockable pacifier straps for each of my submissives. bitch-boy’s is exactly as shown in this post. Play-toy’s is plain pink. I can report my submissives each HATE their pacifier straps; so they are a great success.

I must admit the Linnex stick was meant to be an Xmas present but I did not have the willpower to wait until Xmas to use it on bitch-boy. (I will be reporting before the end of the week on my experiment.) Play-toy however has yet to experience the Linnex applied to her nipples, but her time will come.

I bought bitch-boy a new set of felt pens for his colouring-in with his dolly. This is his third set and his first colouring-in book is still a few pages from completion. I dread to think how many hours he has spent colouring-in this first book with the help of his dolly. Such a distressing combination of deep humiliation and terrible tedium. It must be literally hundreds of hours so far and as soon as it is finished, he will be starting on the next of the other six identical books I have bought him. It must be awful for him to know there is no end in sight for literally years to come. This prospect must be strengthened in his mind by my recent utterly uninhibited masturbation while he sits on the floor at my feet and colours-in. When he has been at his colouring-in for an hour plus, (particularly if it is the second or third day of it),  I get overwhelmed with arousal at the extent of my power and cruelty and, sitting on the sofa, I pull up my skirt, pick up my massager, and bring myself off; while he sits on the floor continuing his colouring in as though nothing is happening – which he knows is what he must do.

And of course, adding to my arousal, I know this perverted, decadent, exhibitionist act also sends him the distressing message that I have no need of him for my sexual release. (He knows that over the last couple of months my orgasms, through masturbation, have reached new heights of amazing intensity. I am not sure why but I think it is my evolution to a state of zero inhibition and zero guilt at how I behave. I am guessing that, although I did not realise it, there were some fragments of inhibition and guilt holding me back; but they have now gone!)

I also bought some Salivax pastilles which I have yet to try but I have been assured while I  suck them will produce large quantities of spit, for me to deposit in bitch-boy’s or Play-toy’s open mouth. Or perhaps dropped onto my boot to be licked clean, (and the floor should it drip there).

Finally I bought some itching powder. I have read that pulling back the foreskin, liberally applying a generous quantity of the powder, and then returning the foreskin over the knob-head induces a miserable state of distress in a male whose wrists are bound and who cannot touch the offending item to provide some respite. Another experiment I will report on. Play-toy will also experience some application to the nipples or perhaps the crack of the butt.

Isn’t Xmas such a wonderful time!


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Shaming Those Genitals

One enjoyable pastime I have engaged in is adding colour to the submissive’s genitals. This can be the shaved labia or the shaved cock and balls. Stripes using Henna can be fun and lasts a number of days. I have also used washable felt pens and food colouring for stripes or a total colour change of the area in question. Red, green, blue or orange can be fun. However I have a question as all of the colouring materials I have used so far have one problem or another. Either too dull or they can come off and stain precious fabrics.

Has anyone used a bright product for colouring skin which does not have the potential to rub off onto precious fabrics and stain?

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