Mistress Carla – pussie’s punishment reading

Another delightful account from Mistress Carla about punishing her slave-husband, pussie, who, we must never forget, asked his wife to dominate him as a lifestyle, and now he is a cuckold sissy. Always be careful what you wish for little subbies!

Carla’s latest account

I would like to share an update to pussie’s reading of Madame and Petticoat Discipline letters you posted a link to on you blog.
As you may recall, from the earlier blog post,  I had pussie read each of the Madame and Petticoat Discipline letters you posted, dressed in a sissy outfit. I also attached a heavy bell to the sissy’s little wee-wee which it had to ring by doing a dance at the beginning and end of each letter even though it was locked in a spiked chastity cage. After the first few days I put the reading sessions on Zoom so my sister and a few others could join in the entertainment.
One of my girlfriends who participated on Zoom suggested that I should add some weights to pussie’s balls. She suggested we add a one kilo weight ( 2.2 lbs) for the first 30 minutes of the reading, and then add a second kilo weight for the rest of the reading. I thought that a great idea and did so. The poor thing’s useless wee-wee was already red and sore from the chastity cage spikes digging into the shaft each time it had to ring the bell. There was such horror on the sissy’s face when I showed it the two weights.
When I clipped the first one on, I purposely just let it drop, yanking on pussie’s balls. The sissy begged me to take it off saying it hurt “like hell”. About 30 minutes later I showed pussie the second weight. Oh my Scarlet, such pleading, groveling and begging. When I clipped on and let the second weight dropped , the sissy screamed like a little girl begging for mercy.  None of course was given.
Now the useless sissy had the weights pulling down on its little balls constantly as it read. And those weights just added to pussie’s misery as it danced and rang the bell before and after each letter it read out.
pussie actually had the nerve to complain and referred to my friend as a”bitch”.   I, as any true dominant woman, could not allow such talk from the sissy. I shared pussie’s comment with my friend and asked her to suggest a proper punishment. Her suggestion was twofold. First,  she wanted pussie to write two pages of punishment lines and then a thousand-word essay apologizing for the sissy’s insolence and expressing gratitude for her even paying attention to the sissy.
pussie wrote the lines ” I am a sissy bimbo with widdle widdle peanut balls” in alternating ink colors. To make sure pussie took the proper time to write the lines, I made the sissy wear thick woolen mittens. As bad as the weight were, I believe pussie hated the writing punishment even more. I mentioned that I had the sissy wear thick woolen mittens when writing, ensuring that it would take hours to complete the task. What I did not mention is that pussie had to write both the lines and essay while in the hot smelly dumpster area. I mean where else would one have a sissy  do its punishment writing.
I waited about 90 minutes or so after pussie starting the lines to have him hand the first completed page to me. No way was I going into the dumpster area, which as your readers can imagine, is especially malodorus in the hot summer days. I took the page, looked at it for a few seconds, and then slowly ripped it up right in front of the kneeeling sissy. I told him it was sloppy and he needed to do it again. The startled look of despair on pussie’s face was priceless. The sissy was confused at first,and then began actually crying, saying how long it had taken to do that page, how hot and miserable it was, and why was I being so mean? I will say pussie’s misery just got me excited!! Then the sissy wrote the most groveling humiliating essay you could imagine.
It took almost 5 hours to complete the punishment tasks.
 As a final part of the apology, punishment, pussie was paddled on Zoom for everyone to watch. I do not think the sissy will ever backtalk to me or one of my friends again!
I believe having others participate in pussie’s punishment both adds to the sissy’s misery and intensifies its humiliation. I also find it makes for a more obedient sissy. I wonder if you and the other women who participate on your blog agree.
I would have to completely agree Carla, bitch-boy is utterly subjugated and affected for days after he has been punished, when I have one or more women with me assisting in, and often choosing and administering the punishments. And I do so love the scenario. I adore to stand to one side, or sit and relax, getting a huge power rush watching as a cruel and pitiless woman is enjoying punishing my poor puppet, while he pleads and begs. 

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Real life, long term FLRs

I have noticed that a lot of blog followers really enjoy accounts of REAL LIFE, LONG TERM Femdom relationships. That had me thinking about the email interactions I have had in the past years with Dommes in a real life, long term, relationship. I have enjoyed many interactions over the years. They usually begin with the Domme seeking a little advice, there is a few weeks or months of exchanges, (usually fascinating for me), and then the interaction drifts away and ends. I sometimes would love an update but I never seek one. I am content that people move on.

I provide a link below to some exchanges I posted in 2014, as I am sure many of you were not reading my blog then and so are unlikely to have read this material. It goes without saying that I would love an update from those involved six years on. I guess by posting this I have opened the possibility.

Link to my blog post of 2014

The two reasons I began this blog were 1), I wanted to facilitate more women creating symbiotic and hugely pleasurable relationships with  males who were true submissives. And 2), I hoped, as I have had over the past year, the privilege to be able to publish true accounts of real life, long term DS relations, provided by WOMEN.

In my formative period of becoming a Domme, I had two sources of such real life accounts written by women; The hardcopy Madame magazines and the website Petticoated.com. The former disappeared. The latter evolved into a forum for male cross dressers. (Although I have provided a link to an archive of the original femdom letters in an earlier post.)  So I started my blog to fill the void.  I am so pleased and privileged to now have so many wonderful real life, long term Dommes contributing to my blog.

Many of these wonderful Dommes push the limits, mainly it seems to me, because they have little interest in vanilla time with their sub. I KNOW if I had little interest in vanilla time with bitch-boy, my regime would be off-the-scale pushing the limits! And I could end up going that way, if I met the right woman, and I would be exhilarated to go that way.

But for various reasons, I do enjoy a fair amount of vanilla time with him, so I think I do not push the limits as much as others. I can’t say all aspects of my regime are 24/7 like other Dommes can. (Although during our DS time, I certainly do push the limits and almost always there is desperate, heartfelt pleading and there is sobbing. And when I want vanilla time to watch a movie or go to a fine dining restaurant or travel, I TELL bitch-boy I am about to USE him for his vanilla company. MY CHOICE, MY USE of him.)

Anyway, the point of those rambling two paragraphs is a request, in this rambling paragraph. There may be Dommes who read this blog but who do not contribute because they consider their regime does not push the limits enough to be worthy of publication. If that is the case, please by assured that I would love contributions from ALL Dommes in long term, real life relationships, limits pushed or not. Or any real life relationships that involve a submissive male being dominated by a woman. Perhaps a boss or other work colleague, perhaps a neighbour. My dream is to provide accounts of, and learn from, every sort of femdom relationship, whether or not limits are pushed.



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Lady Jessica, chains, drinking trough and more

Another delightful update from Lady Jessica. I need say no more!


My dear Mistress Scarlet

How lovely to see from your blog that ladies all over the world are maintaining standards for their male charges, even in the present conditions of lock-down. Mistress Francesca seems like a delightful person. How very lucky sissy slave M must be: so many males struggle to control their baser urges, but he has someone willing to take on the task, on his behalf. I have to say, he does not sound quite as grateful to be relieved of that responsibility as one might expect in such circumstances, but perhaps he is still learning.

Chez Lady Jessica, life has settled into a comfortable routine, as far as I am concerned. Now, as the legal and health restrictions start to ease here, as in most places, I believe we all have an obligation to ensure that no mis-placed notions of ‘freedom’ are unduly applied to those lucky males for whose welfare we have taken responsibility.

The lock-down for me has brought a refreshing and exhilarating opportunity to increase the oppressive nature of the regime I apply to skivvy, as I have written before. His hair is now delightfully long, with the end bleached and dyed a pale pink, and when he is not teleworking it is arranged in various plaits, pig-tails and bunches. My favourite just at the moment is a ludicrous arrangement in which some of his hair is neatly tied out in two side pigtails but with a third bunch taking in as much of his hair as can be grabbed, and flopping forward: straight over his face in a loosely-ribboned plait before ending just below his nose in a bow over 30 cm wide, (1 foot), which obscures and flaps all over his silly face.

He has not worn any item of adult male clothing below the waist since the lock-down started, although to go out and about, he has various pairs of shorts that could just about be considered to be male attire, as long as the male in question has no fear of appearing effeminate. Skivvy has such a fear, (oddly enough: you’d really think he would be used to it after all these years), and so finds these outings excruciatingly embarrassing. But someone must do the shopping and it will not be me. We have a strict division of labour when it comes to the shopping: he does groceries and other such items, following my list and retaining all receipts for inspection if required (I don’t check everything but occasionally I do and woe betide any skivvy who cannot account for every centime!). I buy all the clothes and indeed everything else of any value or permanence, although obviously I don’t carry the bags.

When he does go out, of course, he is masked. His sewing skills have come on well, so he ran up a few home-made masks quite early on in lock-down and we have added to his collection since. They say any reasonably close-weave cloth is effective, so his masks all have an inner lining made of my used panties (during my time of the month, always the period-stained ones), or worn out stockings or socks, especially those I wear for exercise. I went to the considerable inconvenience of wearing the same nylons around the house for over four days to provide the gauzy interior for several of his masks, so I hope he is grateful. The outer layers of the masks feature flower or fairy patterns – I have some Tinkerbell cloth on order, for his next one.

I have also instituted the principle that everything he eats or drinks must be in some sense second-hand or rejected by me. To forestall your readers with an over-excitable disposition and little grasp of reality: I do NOT mean that he drinks nothing but my pee. That would be impractical and biologically impossible. No: I merely mean that his drinking trough is filled with water collected from my bath and that a good proportion of the food he eats is the liquidised leftovers from my own meals. There is obviously a significant exception: he eats all manner of stuff that I would not dream of allowing on or near my plate. I have no intention of pushing a pile of dog food around with a fork just so we can say it is part of my left-overs! So we have a different system: any such ‘food’ is simply emptied out into the rubbish bins as soon as it is opened. Every few days, skivvy is handed a bucket and told to retrieve whatever he can. I typically make sure he has not eaten for at least 16 hours beforehand, to give him every incentive to scrape up every morsel.

He recently asked whether we could discuss this system, so we discussed it very extensively yesterday evening, and I’m glad to say that by the end of the discussion we were in perfect agreement on how lucky and very grateful to me he was, for taking such care with his diet.

I have also taken the opportunity – although why I did not do so before I have no idea – of implementing a clear physical reminder of the control under which he lives his life: he is now always chained, when at home. I discretely installed steel rings, firmly fixed to the wall in various out-of-the-way places around the house and in the garden. He has various lengths of thin chain and is always -without exception – attached to one or more. The chains can be hidden away when visitors are present (but they are rare in lock-down, except for a dear friend who is aware of our little arrangement) but normally must be carefully arranged along the bottoms of walls, so that he can reach the end of – for example – the chain for my bedroom, at the top of the stairs, while still attached to the chain anchored in the downstairs hall.

Of course, I have to be present as well, to unlock and reattach the padlocks, but that is an effort I am prepared to make for such an important improvement to both our lives. We try to schedule his chores so that he does not need to move often: most days, he begins performing his early morning chores on an upstairs chain, taking the greatest care not to clink unduly while I am still asleep!. I have installed a coffee machine and fridge so when I ring for him, he can bring me my morning drinks. After he has taken care of my morning routine, we attach him to a downstairs chain for the remainder of the day. So really, my dear, even though the locking and unlocking might seem something of a chore for me, rest assured I am not too fatigued by it. Anyway, we must all do our bit.

In the garden, we have a long chain on a rotating drum. This allows access to all points of the garden, when he is granted the liberty of its full extension – which he rarely is. It is close to the house, so even half of it is sufficient to allow him access to the kitchen to bring me drinks and anything else I should command, on the patio. That is where he is at present as I write this, as it happens: chained and on his hands and knees scrubbing away at moss and lichen which has grown up in the cracks between the patio tiles. He is using a toothbrush of course, specifically: his toothbrush (also recycled: it used to be mine).

He is wearing, underneath his faux-feminine clothing, a latex ‘gimp suit’. The weather is quite exceptionally hot here, and I find that he tends to sweat most unpleasantly, when working at any remotely acceptable pace. The gimp suit is the perfect solution. Of course, he does not sweat any less – rather more if anything.

He is allowed to drink from his drinking  trough as often has he likes – I know, Mistress Scarlet, I am just a big softie at heart, but it is so important to avoid dehydration, don’t you agree? And he does look terribly, terribly hot, kneeling there in the full heat of the sun, scrubbing desperately away at the baking ground. Poor thing, it must be simply awful. But there is a distinct tinge of green between the patio tiles, so it has to be done, and the faster he does it, the sooner he can have a lovely change by moving to the next task: watering the plants. I expect it will be quite soothing for him to watch cool, clear water from the hose spraying onto the parched soil, even although he is not himself allowed to drink any of it.

Which reminds me that my glass is nearly empty and I must have it refilled with a wine spritzer – with plenty of ice this time. Skivvy!

Yours in sincere sisterhood

Lady Jessica

Mistress Francesca – cuckolding

Another insight into the life of the wonderful Mistress Francesca. There are previous insights HERE and HERE. I do not often  post about cuckolding involving a male ‘bull’ because it is not something I would ever do. When reading about or looking at images of cuckolding involving a male ‘bull’, in my mind, I like to replace the male’bull’ with a female lover. Cuckolding bitch-boy with a female love is something I TRULY ADORE! Especially if the lover has a nice cruel streak aimed at bitch-boy.

However, I think a full insight into the life of Mistress Francesca and sissy slave m is fascinating and arousing, hence this post.


Dear Scarlet,
Sam is one of my recurring lovers. He is a true tireless stallion and, although he is not very much in to BDSM, he enjoys dominating sissy slave m with me.

Being exposed and submissive to my lovers is the thing that sissy slave hates most of all and when I announced that Sam would come to see me, I saw on his face and in his eyes, the true, deep and indelible despair; a mixture of terror and discouragement and imploration and resignation; and this excited me enormously!

Thursday, Sam’s arrival day, I had the slave take the day off work and, from 6:00 in the morning, I used it to polish the house to perfection from the attic to the basement used as a dungeon, and to prepare dinner.

He brought breakfast to me in bed at 9:00 am and his appearance excited me incredibly.
You know, Scarlett, what a power rush it is to be awakened in bed with a splendid breakfast by a devoted sissy slave who has been working as a servant for hours, just to prepare the evening for the Mistress and the her lover. The look of sissy slave m already tired and pleading, and at the same time adoring, immediately put me in a good mood and I masturbated with my vibrator to a very strong orgasm.

I then wandered around the house before washing and getting dressed while the sissy continued her work. At around 12:00 the sissy had finished the preparation and I was ready to go out for lunch with my sister. I closed sissy slave m in the dark broom closet with hands tied behind his back, on his knees and with a short chain attached to the collar and a cock gag in his mouth. I looked him in the sad and pleading eyes and spat straight in his face
“You are just a useless miserable subspecies of sissy slave and your only role in the world is to suffer and be submissive!” Another spit in the face, followed by a five light kicks to his balls and I closed him inside, excited by his sad sighs of despair and his sobs of humiliation but, I’m sure, also of desperate and frustrated excitement.

I returned home around 03:00 PM, satisfied and excited, waiting for my bull but, first, I pulled my poor sissy from his closet. What an exciting and decadent vision Scarlet! The sissy had a desperate look, totally defeated and subjugated for the three hours closed and in chains, for the hours of work in the morning and for what still awaited him! Yet when I took the gag from him, his thanks and his oaths of love and obedience were sincere and very truthful!

Seeing him in that state made me completely wet and I had to masturbate again. I let the sissy lick my shoes, including the soles, and adore and worship me, before bending him on a stool and whipping him with the belt of my pants, for no reason but the fact that I wanted to. I gave my golden nectar to the sissy to drink, for which he thanked me with great emphasis. Then I brought it to his dressing for the evening.

On the way to his room, he looked at me imploringly, terrified of the kind of outfit I would impose on him. Terrified with reason! I decided for a particularly humiliating outfit, in a splendid pink PVC. I had him stripped naked except for the chastity cage and I started dressing him:
Pink corset, very tight closed, delightful pink PVC Panties, with a rear open welcome-hole and an opening at the front to let the chastity cage pass and make it evident. Special suspender straps start from the panties to which I hung her shiny pink PVC stockings
So her pink pvc maid uniform with cute, short, puff-ball sleeves, and with wide lace trim.
The dress is elasticated just under the bust, which gives it a typical prissy sissy look. With a full skirt, which has wide contrasting, lace trim at the hem of the skirt. the full skirt sits on top of a beautiful little underskirt that has layers of netting that pushes the skirt up and out, and every layer is trimmed in lace. On top, a white PVC apron. All so short as to leave the chastity cage partially uncovered. On the feet are a pair of shoes with 15 cm heels and 3 cm platform in pink color that on the top features a frilly lace design.

So the bondage: wrist cuffs in shiny PVC pink color with a wide lace trim at both ends of the wrist and cute satin bows, at the ankles, instead, a sexy pair of wide ankle cuffs shiny PVC that have an adjustable buckle strap that goes under the heel and ensures that shoes cannot be removed. A high pink PVC collar with wide lace trim at both ends.
On the head there is a blonde wig with a permanent 50s housewife style and a pair of long false eyelashes.

So I joined the anklets with a chain of about 30 cm and I did the same with the wristbands, which I then joined to the collar so that the hands could not go under the waist. Throughout the dressing, the sissy trembled with despair and tried to beg me not to impose that type of clothing on her, yet every time that, insulting him and slapping him, I ordered him to keep quiet, I saw his chastity cage jump because of a desperate erection attempt .

Wonderful creatures are the slaves! They are about to be subjected to what much more they hate in the world, and yet their body reacts with incredible excitement to an insult or a cruel gesture from the Mistress! I find it beautifully exciting!

Seeing herself in the mirror, the sissy sighed subdued, and she kept repeating obsessively “please Mistress no! Not so Mistress! Pity Mistress! “, and I, delighted, started another mind fuck, which I love. I told him how ridiculous and pathetic he was dressed that way to wait to serve his Mistress and her lover, how inferior was his condition compared to mine and how much that his life was destined only to become more and more harsh and humiliating 
To every affirmation he answered with a sigh and with a convinced “Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress”

My excitement was now beyond the guard level and I therefore decided to secure the sissy for the wait and go to get ready. I took the pathetic sissy back to the closet and made her kneel. I stuck a big fake cock with a sucker on the wall and I ordered him to hold it in his mouth and to remain so until my return. To his submissive “Yes Mistress! Thank you Mistress! “, said with a look full of desperate humiliation. I closed the door and went to get ready, not without having first masturbated for the third orgasm of the day.

I washed and perfumed myself and wore a pair of black mules with a 15 cm heel and 5 cm  platform, black lace underwear and, above, a black silk dress, with suspenders and just five or six centimeters below my cunt. My long loose black hair and sexy but not excessive makeup. Once I was ready, it was now 18 and the bell rang, Sam had arrived.

We hugged and kissed with passion and desire and, rubbing against him, I felt his erection. He held me in his arms and, with one hand, he held my butt getting more and more excited, just as I was very excited. He left me a beautiful bouquet of red roses (I love them) and immediately asked me where my sissy husband was. Amused, I took him to the closet and together we opened.

At the sight of the pathetic sissy on his knees, Sam started laughing out loud telling me how diabolical and terribly exciting I was! I, jokingly but not too much, warned him not to provoke me because a mistress like me could subdue even a man like him! So, laughing, we brought out the poor slave sissy, trembling and desperate.

Sam slapped him for not paying him homage immediately and the slave, with real tears in his eyes, prostrated himself to kiss the shoes of the man who was about to fuck his wife! A terribly humiliating and exciting thing!

Obviously, I was not satisfied with the humiliation of my slave and therefore I demanded that he devoutly lick Sam’s shoes and soles, in the meantime thanking him for such honor.
I swear to you Scarlet, when I hear him say, between the sobs of humiliation, “Thank you Master Sam for the honor of licking your shoes by this pathetic sissy”, I had to take Sam and drag him to the bedroom immediately!

From the stairs, I ordered sissy to prepare dinner for two and to put his bowl with yesterday’s leftovers on the floor near the dining table. Now beyond all humiliation, the sissy replied “Yes Mistress” and started in the kitchen while Sam and I went up to the bedroom!

I missed it Scarlet! I love dominating the sissy and I cum immensely from doing it but, from time to time, I really like a good fuck and in this period I really missed fucking! First, I made Sam kneel to give me a light kiss to my shoes and feet (after all I am always the Mistress) and then he went up to lick my pussy. Then, I made him put, with his surprise, the condom and we start fucking!

I had two orgasms practically simultaneously because while I was just diminishing the first one I had the vision of sissy slave m. in the kitchen alone humiliated and desperate and, immediately, I had another orgasm! So we went on until Sam reached a very strong orgasm which caused another one to me too! Satisfied for the moment, we rinsed and we got off, not before I had removed Sam’s condom and kept his seed.

We went down to the room and were greeted by the sissy with a curtsy. We had dinner served and, between courses, I announced to the sissy that Sam had a surprise for her and I emptied the condom on the pathetic leftovers from the day before they made up the sissy dinner. With a desperate sigh of humiliation sissy slave m. saw that I was emptying Sam’s condom on his leftovers and, resigned, humbly thanked my lover.

We then watched laughing at the sissy meal which, between sobs of disgust and humiliation, still had to eat to the last crumb and thank his superiors. So Sam and I continued our splendid fish dinner served to perfection by the sissy, which we totally ignored except for cold orders and, once we had finished dinner, we retired to the living room, where we ordered the sissy to join us. Here the real game started!

Sam and I started kissing and touching each other on the sofa, while sissy slave m had to stand at our feet to lick our shoes. We commented on the absolute power that we could exercise on my poor slave, destined to a whole life of total submission and frustration in the face of the total pleasure that we drew from dominating him!

When we had warmed up enough we decided it was time to get serious.
I tied sissy slave M. with legs upwards, so that his head and shoulders touched the ground and I positioned myself behind him with the cane in my hand. Sam instead sat on a stool at the height of the slave’s face and placed his shoes on his face. So I ordered the slave to lick the soles of Sam’s shoes with devotion while I started hitting his sissy butt with increasing ardor as growing was my excitement! I don’t know how many blows I gave him, certainly not less than thirty and, judging by the implorations of the sissy, they were very strong blows. Then, we untied the sissy and took it to the bedroom where we made him kneel and started fucking again.

After cumming for the first time in the missionary position, while the slave licked my feet, I put on doggy style and I had the sissy placed with his head under my pubis to watch helplessly Sam who fucked me and who, after another my sensational orgasm, cumms inside me. I had the sissy clean Sam’s cock and, therefore, I made him swallow my cream pie. So Sam and I rested a little while the sissy, defeated by fatigue, humiliation and frustration, sighed desperately on her knees at the foot of the bed.

By now we were exhausted! We then went to the bathroom where I used the funnel gag to use the sissy as a toilet and we took a shower, then went to sleep, not before I sent the sissy to fix the kitchen and not before I ordered him to wake Sam up at 7:00 AM the next morning. I saw sissy slave m come out of the room and look at me pleading and destroyed to complete his long day.

The next morning, therefore, I just saw the sissy waking up Sam, as ordered, at 07:00 AM then the slave got dressed to go to work. When I woke up I was in total ecstasy, completely satisfied both from the sexual point of view and, and more importantly, from the point of view of my total sadism and domination.

Sam sent me a message to thank me for the wonderful evening. As for sissy slave m, Upon returning from work, having given up his male costume, he literally threw himself at my feet swearing his eternal and unconditional and absolute love …

Truly a glorious day and night for me and in perfect symbiosis with my sissy husband!
Thanks for your patience Scarlet!
A big hug
Mistress Francesca


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New punishment position!

Well; over the dining table for deterrent and for deserved punishments has become a thing of the past I think.

After seeing a photo of a dominatrix in her dungeon relaxing on her chair between spells of caning her client, I thought I would like some of that! Both, me being able to sit for a rest, (and use my massager wand on myself), and also for the imagery and practicality of the punishment position my puppet would be bound in. It is so advantageous to live in a house with some large original ceiling beams in the sitting room!

I had bitch-boy create the image below, which took him quite some time – to my satisfaction, which meant while he worked on the image, he could mull over the position he will now so often find himself in.

I did indeed, the very first time I used this punishment position, have to sit on my sofa and use my massager wand half way through his punishment. When my massager wand was applied, it was so erotic to see him in his new punishment position, and hear him still whimpering from the last few strokes. My eyes quickly fluttered shut though, as the physical sensations overwhelmed me.

And then the decadence of resting, relaxed on the sofa, then rising and returning to using my dressage whip on my helpless toy.

I have been so kind to my puppet as to include a large bondage belt to support his weight at the chest and a chain from the collar to support the weight of his head. Of course, this does mean there is no limit to how long I can keep him in the position. Perhaps I will watch an hour long TV programme and rise from the sofa and pick up the cane during each advert break?

Because I love to have a female submissive over from time to time, and have bitch-boy in sensory deprivation bondage while I ‘entertain’ her, (often for 5 or 6 hours),  I have more than one set of wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs and more than one bondage belt. So, once I had padlocked the chains at appropriate lengths, the whole  arrangement could be removed and reapplied very quickly by leaving the chains as they were and simply unbuckling collar, cuffs and bondage belt. And I still had my usual cuffs and a body belt available for other bondage fun.

To retain this convenience, I will have to buy extra gear though, if I start having a new submissive female visiting to be ‘entertained’.



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Two have arrived!

Following my post, ‘Make the humiliation worse’, of 17 June 2020, TWO of the oversized pacifiers have arrived.

Not just one as I expected. Here I picture them, together with a ball point pen to show exact size.

They are a little smaller than I expected, but when he is in his full-on parody of a little girl outfit, one pacifier pushed into the mouth of my puppet to be held there and sucked on, will still do the job of adding considerably to his humiliation I think. And of course, as soon as I saw TWO of them, I knew where the second one will be inserted after the first one is inserted into my poor puppets mouth!

I may need some sort of harness to keep the second one in place. Perhaps, ironically, adapting one of my strap-on harnesses will do the job. With the pacifier pointing inward in place of a dildo pointing outward.

And simply day to day, when otherwise normally dressed, my puppet can be sucking on his new pacifier while maintaining my garden and doing other chores. I did also think that as they are slightly smaller than I imagined, I can make sure my submissive sucker has an extra miserable experience from time to time by liberally coating the one for the mouth with a wet bar of soap, or even use my little bottle of the fluid used to paint the fingernails of people trying to give up fingernail biting. That is terribly tasting stuff indeed!

When it comes to wonderfully humiliating, cock shaped paraphernalia for our hetero puppets, hen/bachelorette party accessories are soooo good! And so cheap! Below is his original cock pacifier and also his cock-straw which fits into his sippy cup outlet hole and he must suck through the cock-straw whatever ‘cocktail’ I have put in there. 





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More from Mistress Francesca

On the well rehearsed basis that many of you do not read the comments on blog posts, and I understand why, I set out below some comments that I found fascinating and hot!

Mistress Francesca

Dear Scarlet,
I had yet another confirmation of something I have always been convinced of and on which, I believe, you can agree. That is, the fact that my cruelty and ruthlessness towards sissy slave m has a twice beneficial effect.

The first, and most important, of course, about my personal satisfaction and my general well-being; the second also on the slave, who becomes better with the growth of the sufferings and humiliations to which he is subjected. Last night I had further evident proof of it.

Sissy slave m. he had, in the first days of this week, a couple of shortcomings in his service (which of course I immediately punished). When asked about it, he apologized and told me that he was having a very complicated week at work, with several issues of particular importance to be resolved under his full responsibility. Obviously, I did not accept his apology and punished him severely on the spot.

Yesterday, then, I realized that he had forgotten to sweep some crumbs fallen from his leftover bowl under the table. So I decided that a proper punishment was needed to put the sissy back in place. As soon as he got home and took off his ridiculous man clothes, I dragged him by the ear and kneeling in our dungeon and the party started.

First, I whipped him on the back with a painful single-thing rubber whip to the point of tears of despair. Then I made him take off his collar and, tied his feet. I caned again and again the soles of the feet excited by his pleading for mercy. All without any kind of semblance of eroticism and without restlessness. Simply a cruel punishment.

Then it was his thighs to be hit again and again with the cane and, to finish, his butt had  a mix of paddle, whip and stick like few other times. He was screaming desperately and writhing in his bonds as a few times before, while an incredible excitement grew in me.
So I took my beloved strap on with the double dildo.

It has a vibrating dildo that fits into my vagina, stimulates both from inside and outside, and then has a big and realistic dildo that I use to fuck the slave. I demanded then first a blowjob, receiving the first orgasm, and then I fucked the slave for a long time enjoying again and again and feeling him crying desperately and in tears.

I then spent the next hour alternating on his nipples, torture with clamps and wax and erotic stimulations with tongue and fingers leading him to the paroxysm of excitement and pain and frustration. Too excited by his desperation and imploring, I had to cum again before using him as a toilet and locking it for the night in a small cage locked with a timer lock.

For the entire punishment, few times so hard and ruthless and devoid of any empathy, the slave pleaded and pleaded. I know he is not a masochist and I know how much he actually suffered. But when he kissed my boots in thanking me before entering the cage, he had in his eyes a light of resignation and love, as well as fear of me.

When he left the house this morning I was still asleep but a little while ago he sent me a WhatsApp message in which he thanked me for the punishment received yesterday and apologized for his bad conduct and of the past few days. Then he advised me that today, at work, he has easily solved some problems that in the past few days seemed impossible to him and that he will probably have a reward at work. I am sure that he succeeded also and above all for the cruel hardness with which I treated him. In his enormous suffering, he satisfied his intimate nature as a slave and freed energies to give his best on the job.

In conclusion, I believe that the more the slavery to which these wonderful kind of men is hard and cruel and humiliating and inhuman, the better they work in the few activities that are required of them in the ‘vanilla’ world. And this is for the benefit of the slaves and doubly for the benefit of the Mistresses. So in conclusion, be as cruel and sadistic as you can and as much as you want! It is good for everyone!
I greet you with affection
Mistress Francesca


Wow Mistress Scarlett!
When I discovered your blog I immediately understood that you are an extraordinary Mistress! An example for all of us and constant inspiration! I’m sure your email BAV email slave is aware of his incredible luck and will never cheat on your rules!

I think I will steal the ideas of ​​the toilet girlfriend and of the orgasm under the soles and apply them to the pathetic poor sissy slave m. for when he’s lucky with the card game …
J, Q and K of hearts the toilet girlfriend and A of hearts the sole of my shoe …
I’m sure sissy slave m. will be affected …
I’ll think about the details … i have a lot of time to think… the next chance for sissy slave m. it’s September 2 …
With all my admiration
Mistress Francesca.


Next July 9 will be the 15th anniversary of my wedding with sissy slave m. and one of my favorite lovers should be in town that week …
Two great opportunities for fun for me and cruel humiliation for my sissy slave …
I thought I’d share these experiences with you and your readers if you like.
p.p.s. if you prefer that I don’t describe cuckolding with my lover just tell me!

Mistress Francesca.


As you may know, sissy slave m. wears a chastity cage 24/7/365 and his only release possibilities are through a card game. In summary, in a deck of 52 more wild cards, if a card of hearts is drawn between 2 and 10 the slave can have a spoiled orgasm, if the J, Q, K or A of hearts is drawn, the sissy can have a true orgasm, for all other cards no orgasm. The game details, according to the card drawn, after how long the slave can try again and what punishment he must receive.

Of course, I always have the right to refuse sissy to play, but usually I like to let him try.
Applying the rules of the game, the shortest period that the sissy can hope to see between an orgasm and the next try is a week if she draws the A of hearts (it has happened only three times since I began with these rules), otherwise it varies from 32 to 40 days.
The longest period that the sissy spent without a ‘real’ orgasm was 3 years and 3 months (August 2009 – November 2012) during this period, however, he had some spoiled orgasms. The longest period without even spoiled orgasms was 13 months.

Now his last real orgasm dates back to August 2018 (he had extracted a k of hearts on June 2 this year but he ‘voluntarily’ preferred to give up orgasm) and his last ruined orgasm dates back to November 2019. The next possibility to play his card game is scheduled for September 2.

On average, I think it that sissy slave m receives a ruined orgasm every 3/5 months and a real orgasm every 10/14 months. This chastity regime makes the sissy very frustrated and suffering. Consider that he constantly lives as my sissy slave and, being a true submissive, it creates constant and enormous excitement, frustrated by my chastity regime. At the same time, feeling frustrated and suffering makes her more obedient and focused on service.

In my experience, the peak of despair frustration is reached after 3 or 4 months while in the following period despair increases more slowly. This is why, as the abstinence period continues, I love to subject the sissy to long sessions of teasing and denial, torturing her poor sensitive nipples. As for the rest, sissy slave m. never becomes ‘whining’ although he sometimes begs desperately. I love these pleadings and I love, after having listened to them for some time, to deny him any mercy.
Mistress Francesca


Dear Scarlett,
it is obviously a pleasure and an honor to answer your questions.

No, normally I don’t give the sissy slave’s penis direct stimulation. His nipples have always been incredibly sensitive and even just touching them produces a devastating excitement effect in my poor sissy. He has repeatedly confessed to me that the stimulation of the nipples is for him a stronger sensation than anything he has experienced and is incredibly frustrating because the very strong erection that derives from it is confined by the chastity cage and because, however strong and growing the excitement, he can not reach an orgasm. In addition, this type of excitement develops in the slave the deeper fantasies which are, of course, those of ever more extreme submission.

Teasing him through the nipples is therefore the maximum. (to which is added the humiliation of knowing that his penis is NEVER stimulated by a human being …).
Because the sissy ‘voluntarily’ renounced her orgasm on June 2, he told you himself in a comment you posted about his strict regime.


In practice, while I was ready to let him masturbate while licking my shoes, my mother (who was present with my sister and two dear friends) suggested that it would be very selfish of it to cum immediately after the lock down, given the restrictions that I had to endure over my sexuality because I could not meet any lovers.

We all agreed on this and the sissy (and helped by the fact that I started licking his nipples, the sissy ended up begging to exchange its card for the worst card in the deck: 2 of spades, to show its subjugation to us.

As for cuckolding, there is no precise cadence. I go with other men whenever I feel like it and when I meet a man I think who’s worth it. I have some lovers that I see more regularly and others that are absolutely occasional maybe met on the same day. Let’s say that, pre COVID, I had a sexual encounter with lovers more or less every 10/15 days.
Obviously not all lovers are aware of the slave and / or participate in his domination, however I always try to introduce the topic and I would say that in the end almost all lovers come at least to see my sissy maid when they come to pick me up at home.
As I anticipated, one of my favourite lovers will be in town on Thursday … updates soon .


Sissy slave’s M account mentioned above.
‘………………….One after another they laughed at me, they had fun slapping me to tears, spitting in my face and mouth, before granting me, one after the other, the coveted permission to play.
The humiliation and anticipation, the pain of the recent punishment and fatigue of the long day of service had thrown me into a condition of total prostration and physical and mental suffering and, at the same time, of desperate excitement.
The Mistress, therefore, shuffled the cards, positioned the three chosen cards on a small table and invited me to choose.
With my heart racing, I chose a card and waited for the Mistress to turn it over.
K of hearts! My head exploded with relief and joy!
It meant being able to masturbate licking Mistress’s shoes! Heaven for every slave! I must do with the but plug in ad after I will receive, as per the rules, the due punishment! But nevertheless, it was an orgasm at the feet of my goddess! A real orgasm! Tears of joy have started to cross my face again!
The Mistress then moved away and returned, after a few minutes, wearing a pair of black patent leather slippers with 10 cm platform and 20 cm heels. The dream of every slave. My dream. In her hand she held the key to my chastity cage.
When she was about to put the key in the lock, however, my mother-in-law intervened. I can’t say if everything was planned or if it was a cruel inspiration of the moment.
My mother-in-law said hard and annoyed that it was incredibly selfish of me to accept that card! That it was inconceivable that an unworthy slave sissy like me agreed to receive an orgasm while his Mistress, for the previous three months, because of the lockdown, had not been able to devote herself to her pleasures and hobbies and, above all, had not been able to see her lovers!
It was an incredible proof of lack of training and insubordination on my part the fact of placing my pathetic pleasure before that of the Mistress!
Not only the Mistress had to give up an important part of her sacrosanct sexual pleasures, but now she also had to witness her pathetic sissy slave who masturbated with the most selfish of pigs!
The other ladies immediately agreed with my mother-in-law and, on the Mistress’s face, I immediately saw a sadistic smile light up.
I, devastated, had listened to my mother-in-law’s words, grasping their inedible cruelty and injustice (after all, the Mistress had always cums, even in these months, over and over again every day and at her complete pleasure while my last cum was rising months and years) and at the same time the words o my mother-in-law seams full of fairness! If the prolongation of my suffering and frustration helped the Mistress to better endure the limitations of the lockdown just finished and to resume her life with greater serenity, how could I be so selfish to accept an orgasm!
Yet my frustration was too strong.
The Mistress, amused, replied to her mother that it was true, that she was right, but that the rules were the rules … therefore, turned to me, she asked me what I thought of it.
Desperate, split in two, I began to stammer apologies about my despair and pleading for the card to be respected.
But she then decided to use her secret weapon. Started teasing me and licking my nipples.
Perhaps also due to the fact that my cock is always in the cage and is practically never stimulated, my nipples have become, over the years, ultra-sensitive. Real mini sexual organs whose stimulation produces a devastating, almost painful, and incredibly frustrating excitement given the presence of the chastity cage. Furthermore, it is a kind of excitement that further nourishes my submissive nature and makes me desire with every drop of my existence to be increasingly cruelly subdued by my divine tyranny.
Among the laughter of the other mistresses, therefore, the Mistress led me to a state of pain excitement in which my whole body trembled uncontrollably and wept with despair and mumbled phrases without complete sense.
When she thought I had reached the right cooking point, therefore, the Mistress returned to ask me what I thought of it.
And my slave soul, before my body and my mind could intervene, was licking the Mistress’ shoes and begging her with all the soul not to consider the card and exchange it with the 2 of spades (which means three months before the next attempt and a cruel punishment made of blows and bondage from immobilization).
With tears in my eyes, desperate but in love, I heard the Mistress agree among the roaring laughter of the others and, after the Mistress left me magnanimously licking her divine shoes for a long time, I immediately underwent the following punishment in total sub space and I spent the rest of the day and the whole night painfully in bondage until the Mistress released me this morning to send me to the office.’



For info on my own BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.







My BAV email slave

A few people have noticed that, as well as my puppet husband bitch-boy listed against my name on the BAV register, an email slave of mine, slut-boy, is also on the register. And I have been asked to provide details of that situation. So here are the details.

I began dominating slut-boy by email almost three years ago. He is very, very loyal and obedient and sometimes helpful as well. None of these virtues result in any mercy from me, as you might expect. That is the unfairness that true submissives end up enduring; but it is good for them. It is what they need and I love to be unfair so it is wholly symbiotic. When I first started my email domination of him, which he had to ask for very nicely, he had already been a BAV for about three years. Of course, I required he remain a BAV. He has had no human girlfriend in that time but he has had a non-human girlfriend I selected for him.

Our ‘relationship’ evolved as DS relationships do. The current state of affairs is he gets a spoiled orgasm around once a fortnight and a ‘proper’ orgasm around once a month. Has to provide me with a gift before he is allowed a ‘proper’ orgasm. I looooove that he has to do this despite that his ‘proper’ orgasm is deeply humiliating and degrading. He has to write a full report on each spoiled orgasm and on each ‘proper’ orgasm.

If you can count fucking a toilet girlfriend as a proper orgasm! But it is the best he EVER gets. Yes, slut-boy’s only girlfriend, he gets to fuck twice a month, is a toilet. Each two weeks he alternates between having to cease thrusting the moment before spurting begins for a spoiled orgasm, and he is allowed to thrust to completion for a ‘proper’ orgasm. I do spoil him! He fucks the gap between the cold porcelain rim and the underside of the seat, he presses down on his birth defect.

I do vary my requirements. Usually he has to apply lipstick to his slut lips and then kiss the toilet lid, seducing his girlfriend and leaving shameful sissy kiss marks on his girlfriend. Sometimes he has to lay a stem of stinging nettle leaves on the toilet rim before placing his birth defect down. Other times a little Deep Heat rubbed into the shaft before he begins. (He should not have whined that the rim is VERY cold!

After he has finished he has to wipe his lips and then his birth defect with a sheet of toilet paper and then eat that sheet of paper. Poor slut-boy does not like the taste of his own semen, but that is the point.

You may be thinking, how do I know he is not having orgasms apart form those I allow. Well I cant be 100% sure, but I have asked for various photos so I know he does fuck his toilet girlfriend, but also, on the journey to his now much restricted orgasm frequency he whinged about his frustration making him feel bad tempered and resentful. This is a stage denied submissives usually experience and had he not been complying with my regime, I do not think he would have known of these feelings. Reality is not fantasy, even with denial.

I told him, as I told bitch-boy many, many years ago, as soon as those negative feelings begin instantly think about, as a true submissive, how lucky he is to have a cruel, pitiless Mistress and covert that visceral effect of his denial to feelings of gratitude and an appreciation that he is suffering REAL domination, and this is what that feels like and IT IS NOT A FANTASY any more. As with bitch-boy, he has succeeded in that switch of reactions.

The other ways I am helped to be convinced he is complying with my regime is because he knows I will dismiss him instantly, severing all contact forever, should I ever form the opinion from his emails that he is not complying with my regime. Any little slip up and that is the end.

And in the early days of his training, he sometimes in his reports of spoiled orgasms, revealed he did not stop thrusting quite early enough. A long period of denial always followed such an admission. Which that also gave me a sense of his honesty with me.



Below, for those who have not seen it before, I provide details of my new guide for beginner Dommes. Linked to my alternative blog. It is possibly unique, as it is specifically written to avoid frightening away a very vanilla wife or girlfriend from trying an FLR relationship.



Make the humiliation worse?


All the way back in 2013, I posted about this cock pacifier. I had purchased it from an on-line hen party store. I do not know what the term is in the USA for a hen party?

It was pretty much made redundant though when I came across and purchased the Disney Princess Pacifier that could be strapped, and padlocked, into place.





But recently the original cock pacifier came back into use for a specific recurring activity, as I set out in my latest, soon to be published journal, No. 17.

What a coincidence then, that within days of the original cock pacifier coming back into use,  that I see on BDSMLR, this cock pacifier.

If anyone can advise me where I can purchase this new beauty, I will be able to make bitch-boy’s discomfort and shame rather worse for the recurring activity and thereby my pleasure and amusement will be increased. I have my fingers crossed that someone will be able to help me!



My 16th journal.

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