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My guidance manual is now published as an A4 paperback and in ePub format and on Amazon Kindle.


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This manual, of over 115,000 words, is for both beginners and for the experienced. (166 – pages at size A4.) This manual will work for any gender of dominant with any gender of submissive.

In section 1 you will find: # A chapter for submissives who wish to find a dominant partner or to influence their existing partner to become dominant. # A chapter for people who have a submissive partner and wish to tentatively explore dominating that partner. # A chapter for dominants, including the very experienced, who wish to maximise the pleasure and benefits for themselves and at the same time, maximise the contentment of their submissive. # Advice on managing that tricky balance between vanilla activity and domination activity.

In section 2 you will find a myriad of ideas, suggestions and techniques to explore and enjoy, including: # Advice on the use of different punishment implements. # Advice and suggestions on a multitude of physical torments, and humiliation and degradation activities. # A multitude of tips and ideas to incorporate in each of the five most popular enforced role plays.

I have also published a number of journals describing in fine detail the day-to-day perversities in my life.