My BDSM Manual

My BDSM guidance manual is now published as an A4 paperback and in ePub format and on Amazon Kindle, Nook, iTunes, etc. This is for more experienced people. (For beginners there is my Beginners Guide, aimed at persuading vanilla women to give dominance a try. )

Amazon Customers of my BDSM Manual
This is the best book I’ve read about how to embrace domination, and it is very practical as well.
Wow. I have several books about domination, and Ive been practicing the lifestyle for several years, and this book is still amazingly helpful for me. It is very practical and real. I love the perspectives, the dynamics and the psychology. Im loving it.
Packed with useful advice and suggestions for establishing and evolving a mature and satisfying D/s relationship from someone with long real life experience. Her often fiendish, and yet thrilling scenarios for controlling and subjugating a submissive partner are imaginative and inspiring. As a submissive male with an inexperienced (but determined!) dominant Wife, we are finding much material in the manual to help us on our journey to Her stated intention of absolute control of me. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone on this path……….
March 2020. To all Dommes & submissives who may be considering any/all the above, i hope the following comment will be of interest.
My MistressWife, Serena and i have led a FemDom lifestyle in varying degrees for 30 years. Serena isnt a natural Domme, but experienced and more than efficient. i have been submissive since early childhood.
We have all of Mistress Scarlets Journals, and Her superb BDSM Manual. i can say without fear of contradiction that all have been of immense interest and have enhanced our relationship beyond expectation.
We have been following MsScarlets blog for approximately 6 years or more, and likewise subscribed to the above publications, and our D/s lifestyle since, has never been more rewarding.
We thank Her often, but can never thank Her enough.


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My manual, of over 115,000 words, is for both beginners and for the experienced. (166 – pages at size A4.) This manual will work for any gender of dominant with any gender of submissive.

In section 1 you will find: # A chapter for submissives who wish to find a dominant partner or to influence their existing partner to become dominant. # A chapter for people who have a submissive partner and wish to tentatively explore dominating that partner. # A chapter for dominants, including the very experienced, who wish to maximise the pleasure and benefits for themselves and at the same time, maximise the contentment of their submissive. # Advice on managing that tricky balance between vanilla activity and domination activity.

In section 2 you will find a myriad of ideas, suggestions and techniques to explore and enjoy, including: # Advice on the use of different punishment implements. # Advice and suggestions on a multitude of physical torments, and humiliation and degradation activities. # A multitude of tips and ideas to incorporate in each of the five most popular enforced role plays.

I have also published a number of journals describing in fine detail the day-to-day perversities in my life.