My new guide to entice beginner dominants

In response to requests, I have written a guide for beginner Dommes and it is now published. By beginner I include those women who have NEVER DONE ANYTHING DOMINANT with their man. I am not sure there is anything else available like this guide;  specifically written to entice wholly vanilla women to try part-time or full time domination of a submissive male.

It was frankly tough to write to include all the benefits, and a good deal of the basics, but exclude EVRYTHING that might, to a novice woman,  seem scary or unpleasant or perverted or excessively demanding. I hope I have got the balance right.

The purpose  of the guide is to follow on from the content of my alternative blog, but the guide includes the main points from that blog; just in case a woman gets to the manual before reading my alternative blog.

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It will soon be available in iBooks, Nook, BArnes and Noble etc.


Some early feedback on the themes I have used

Ms. Scarlet, first I would like to thank you for the very long response to my questions in my comment. I read your response to my wife yesterday. The part that really hit home for her was where you said “…that she truly hurts you every single day because you are a submissive and she could so easily bring you, and her, an amazing life of joint contentment, but her not wanting to hurt you and her feeling guilty and deciding not to have you make her life easy, hurts you, every single day”. She said, ‘Oh wow! That was interesting. Never thought of it that way”. In fact the whole paragraph was an eye opener.

I did ask about her fear I would become more submissive in everyday life. She replied with examples of how I was actually more dominant since we started our FLR in everyday life. So this is inline with what you said about submissive men transforming into whatever is needed or wanted.

I decided to read your first manual. Your grasp of the submissive mind is beyond anything I ever read before. You were describing me in every detail. The feelings I was experiencing reading your book were the exact same ones I had all my life so I knew you were on to something.

I went to my wife and asked her to consider us starting a FLR.  I think she is coming around to believe that it is not a kink but who I truly am.

But also Ms. Scarlet, this also shows you that not only did you help me with your last comment to me, but also, your book, helped me understand my submissive self. I can never thank you enough for all that. My wife and I are on the right track, thanks, in large part, to you!

11 thoughts on “My new guide to entice beginner dominants

  1. Thank you for taking the time to write a manual like this.

    Would it be possible to get the name of the post of your response to him? I suspect it would be helpful to me.


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