Wives become dominant

Below are two wonderful, real-life accounts. They are wonderful as far as I am concerned, because my overriding goal from my my online presence and one of my publications, is to get more wives of submissive males to try REAL dominance. These two accounts are two of my successes. Most specifically by online presence, I reference: My alternative website, LINK 1, LINK 2, and this section of this blog LINK.

Account 1

Dear Ms. Scarlet,

First I must thank you for your “How to introduce your wife to femdom” articles. And I cannot thank you enough. I apologise for somewhat lengthy post but please allow me to give some background.

My wife and I have been married for 21 years. I’m 46, she is 47. I have been a submissive for as long as I remember but really got into the scene around 2008. I started visiting professional dominatrix in 2008 I’m Bangkok, Mumbai, Tokyo, Singapore, Toronto, Berlin…you get the idea. I have been in corporate sales for 20 years so I got a chance to travel. I am an extrovert, very Type An Alpha personality, usually the centre of attraction. My wife is exactly the opposite. Quiet, reserved and thanks to your blog, I now know she is a sadist who loves inflicting pain.

About 6 years ago, I actually asked her to be my KeyHolder as I started experimenting with chastity. We tried a few times in last 6 years to get to a Dome/sub dynamics but it would always splutter and stop.

One month ago we started seeing a Therapist on my insistence. The fact is that we love each other amd enjoy our company but sex, or lack there of, was becoming an issue. To cut a long story short, the visits helped us communicate and your blog helped me share by deepest desires to my wife. She was open and we tried to stay away from judging each other. I have now understood what FLR means. In the past I was topping from the bottom and therefore we never took off.

My wife has really taken to your blog and has been reading it regularly over last month. She helped me understand that I am a what you call a “born submissive “. We followed your advice on her asking, “How did it make you feel?” as opposed to “did you like it?”.

It turns out my wife’s favourite activities it seems are inspired by you. I am in a chastity cage, without knowing if and when I will be allowed a release. She loves caning and spanking. She wants to get to a stage of me sobbing and pleading. I have never reached there. I am not a masochist and while enjoy impact play, but not at the level she wants. I truly hate it in the moment, but love the feeling I get when later ,’my head hits the pillow’ :)

Yesterday she tried DeepHeat for the first time. I must say I have NEVER felt this kind of pain. As she used her hands in latex gloves to tease me after applying 2 coats on my head, I could see the twinkle in her eyes as I was begging her to not touch me. I normally call her Ma’am during play but I was calling her by her “love name” as I was begging for it to stop. It took about 20 mins and I HATED it, but I felt so so submissive. While having a whiskey later, we talked and we both loved it. She did because I felt real pain and she could see it in my eyes. She’s hooked and I am terrified of more Deep Heat discipline. I am now doing almost all the chores. I give her a foot massage every evening. She’s using her body to tease me a lot. I’ve never wanted her more. You are right in that a true submissive needs a pitiless domme who does not consider “if the sub likes it”. I hope my wife writes to you one day. We cannot thank you enough.

Best Regards,


Account 2

Sorry for the delayed response.

Our relationship was kind of boring and vanilla, we had a but of kinky fun but nothing more than a nylon hood or some under-the-bed cuffs. It was always her being the sub. Without divulging too many details, we both read your “tempt her to try” article and agreed that I don’t do enough housework. The next day she had ordered a maid outfit, butt plug and chastity device. Going for cheap options at first to see if her new “hobby” was a good fit.

Luckily for me, I am blessed in the trouser department, the chastity devices just would not fit, lube and coercion was not helping. So instead she makes me wear her knickers 24/7. When I am at work I am allowed to wear cycle shorts over them so no one else can see.

Then she finally found a device that would work. More of a steel pouch with a closable lid. The very moment the padlock clicked on she announced “I will NEVER be tied up again. You won’t ever tell me what housework to do. Outside you are your own man, but in this home YOU ARE MY BITCH, now go make me a cup of tea

I am now chaste, hardworking in the home, can actually give good head (before she lacked the confidence to tell me my skills were lacking – now she tells me exactly how to do it right) my screen time is now managed to “no screens when mistress is in the house”

Oh and the other day she was inspired by you to leave me in sensory deprivation bondage while she relaxed with a film. When the film was over she left me in silence and darkness for another hour while she played with herself in the next room.

The life you have built for your slave sounds far too extreme for me. I only hope my beautiful wife doesn’t becomes any more inspired by you and bitch boys antics!

Anyway, we are both much happier with the new arrangement, I am no longer lazy and she is no longer lacking self confidence. Both good things to have.

Thank you for your thoughts and reccomendations.

1 thought on “Wives become dominant

  1. Wonderful real life accounts of couples who have benefited by having the courage to explore their desires. Thank you for posting.

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