Photos of me, Nicola and pansy-piece

A delightful visit to the house of Mistress Nicola yesterday to humiliate and abuse her submissive pansy-piece.

As a Christmas prezzie to all followers I include some photos. Heavily edited I am afraid to obscure all distinguishable features. But I am sure you will get the gist and pansy-piece will be suitably humiliated as his Wife-Mistress desires. And of course they rub bitch-boy’s nose into his cuckolded status too.

An enforced tea party for his little toy friends while we sit on the sofa and chat. To start with, he has white noise ear buds under his bonnet.

An initially punished butt.



Relaxed pitiless Mistress-Wives.




A Happy Christmas.




LINK to my published journals.

LINK to my published BDSM manual.


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7 Responses to Photos of me, Nicola and pansy-piece

  1. tiffanymaid says:

    Thank You for this treat Mistress. Best wishes to You, Mistress Nicola, bb & pp for 2018

  2. subslaveuk says:

    My god 2 heavenly creatures indeed. What stylish attire, beautiful legs, pretty feet and classy shoes…. Oh to suffer for 2 such amazing Queens of sexual allure

  3. Baby Bobbie says:

    Is that a diaper under pansy’s ruffled little panties?

  4. Abido says:

    Have you ever thought giving your bitch boy a chance to be like a man again even for just a day?

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