Parallel paths for Christine and I

I received the delightful comment below from Christine regarding my post before last. I think it needs no more introduction. (I have included an image that IS NOT DAVID but I thought it might amuse Christine.)

I love this CGP post. It says so much about the commonality of the situation for both BB and David. I had not considered the sexless/celibate aspect of his existence, but yes, this is so true. He is permanently locked, erections and releases limited to just two brief occasions in a year (at most), with his period of stimulation for those releases limited to no more than one minute, though he usually spurts well within that time frame, given his denied and frustrated status. So, yes, sexless/celibate.

Then, he is attired as my maid most evenings, complete with carefully applied make-up.

He wears ladies lingerie, always, including under his male attire for work or when joining me for social events; and due to his tiny chastity cage preventing urination when standing, he must sit like a lady, which is often very inconvenient for him. So, yes, genderless.

This year is a special year of anniversaries for us. David will celebrate his fortieth birthday, I will celebrate my fifty-fifth, and it is our fifteenth year of ‘marriage’. You have inspired me to further ‘clamp down’ and provide him with more restrictions and suffering!

Opportunistically, crystal is the tradition for a 15th Wedding Anniversary. I am thinking that when we go out for our anniversary dinner, I might gaze into ‘my crystal ball’ and flag to him that he, like BB, is facing a very limited, finite number of future releases.

I am considering that I might inform him that, when I turn 60, which is just five years away, I will ‘semi-retire’ from providing releases, providing just one release a year thereafter; before I permanently retire from providing releases when I reach sixty-five.

Depending upon whether he draws his releases before each of my above birth dates, will be whether he has 12 or 14 releases left before being permanently denied and truly subject to zero sexual compensation, beyond extreme teasing, for his continued subservience.
Just thinking about telling him how, before he even turns fifty, his releases will have ended for ever, is making my juices flow. So, I am thinking this is going to be his reality! He will of course continue to serve and please me for so long as I desire, which will certainly be for many years after my sixty-fifth birthday!

14 thoughts on “Parallel paths for Christine and I

  1. Ms Christine and you should meet with your two pets for a week. You could write an entire book about it. Just start a GoFundMe to pay for airfare and travel expenses. For me, my wife has no interest in continuing, but she has a certin level of kink she likes and thats enounf for me. I can always fantize reading your true blog. Thank You for continuing to share.

  2. Dear Ms. Scarlet,

    May i first say how much i love reading your blog. i keep coming back to it and evertime i think things can’t get worse for bb, they do! i think even for subs in long-term chastity it must be frightening to know how few releases they are likelt to have for the rest of their life. In David’s case it sounds like he might not even have 15 minutes worth of releases left!

    i have mixed feelings on bb/David’s fortunes. On the one hand i think they are so lucky to have such wonderfully-cruel Mistresses to put them through their paces, on the other hand i’m not sure if i could cope with the amount of extreme punishment they go through!

    Look forward to reading future posts.

  3. Mistress Scarlett, How can i bring up Your post from March 7th?
    i would appreciate any help You can give me
    Thank You

      1. i found it Mistress Scarlett.
        Thank You.
        LOVE Your blog.
        i’m in the category of wanting more. But not sure How much i can handle.
        Best of Luck to You bb, Ms Christine and David.

  4. MISTRESS SCARLETT. It must be difficult for the slave not its owner which is all that matters. Not that it matters MISTRESS SCARLETT but this is the first comment this male has submitted to YOU.

      1. i am so sorry MS SCARLET. Chastity and normal/abnormal male brain makes it hard for 1208 to think sometimes.

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