Not firm-but-fair, its firm-AND-UNFAIR in my household

There is the disproportionate punishment. The sub is sent to tidy the kitchen. The tidying is done and I am feeling like being a bitch so an inspection of the ‘tidied’ kitchen  is undertaken. In reality it is perfect, but I behave with incredulous annoyance. although I am acting, my voice carries controlled irritation. ‘Look at the third mug down on the mug tree, you slovenly slut, it is facing a different way to the other mugs; get over the dining table now!‘ A caning follows. It is excessively disproportionate to the crime; and all the more arousing for me for being so; and all the more subjugating for the sub for being so. (And a sub is never more content than when feeling subjugated.)

There is the deterrent punishment. I am about to begin a long day of full-on domination. One tribulation after another for my sub, for my perverted pleasure. I am bathed dressed and ready. My sub, as so often, hears the fateful words. ‘Get over the dining table pansy-piece, we are starting with a serious deterrent punishment. I want to be sure you know what will happen if you are disobedient today.’ It is unnecessary and gratuitous. He already knows exactly what will happen. But, it begins my arousal in earnest – half because it is so unfair and thus a clear indicator of my (sexually stimulating) power, and half – because inflicting pain and listening to whimpering and begging is so arousing. Again, subjugating for the sub because of the unfairness and again, a sub is never more content than when feeling subjugated.

Finally there is the just-because-I-can punishment. I have noticed it is a firm favourite of guests of mine when asked to babysit bitch-boy. I will have returned home and the babysitter has been thanked by bitch-boy and has departed, and I ask bitch-boy what he did wrong to deserve the caning he obviously received in my absence. (Obviously, because of the puffy red and striped flesh of his butt.) He answers mournfully.  ‘Governess xxxx announced she was going to punish me just because she can and so she then caned me for a long time Mistress.

So NOT firm-but-fair in my household. Why would it be fair if I want a contented sub and I want the feeling of absolute power. Yes power corrupts – it has certainly corrupted me!

Link to my lifestyle BDSM manual.

Link to my journals detailing my day-to-day DS  life.

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8 Responses to Not firm-but-fair, its firm-AND-UNFAIR in my household

  1. Christine M says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet
    I so agree with the firm and unfair rule! Much as I love my husband, my sexuality is excited when I see genuine tears. My little boy is just finishing an overseas business trip where he has been three hours behind my time zone. As you know, he is strictly watched by modern technology on such trips, and I set him lines to write most, well nowadays, every evening, even if it is only an hour or so.
    Well this trip he has been busier than most. He arrived on the Saturday evening at 4-00 pm in his hotel, so he had close to 8 hours of lines that night. I selected a convoluted passage from Gray’s Anatomy, lots of lengthy Latin names for various nerves and blood vessels. It took him about one hour to write ten ‘lines’, there were about 90 words in the line.
    On the Sunday, he had two meetings and was finished by 2-00 pm, so he spent nearly ten hours writing lines, and was feeling very sore when he was dismissed for bed.
    After a just a couple of hours each on Monday and Tuesday night, along came Wednesday. He had a very big day. He started at 5-00 am, with an early flight, then a full day’s work and finally, another evening flight. So he did not check-in to his hotel until very late. In fact it was about 10-00 pm when he called me on Skype, dressed in his school uniform with the remote security camera also set up. Usually when he calls we have a pleasant chat for 20 – 30 minutes whilst we share our days, before I set him his disciplinary lines. This is all very friendly, after all, this is not a punishment, it is just my way of taking care of him and making sure he does not get bored in his hotel room.
    Well Wednesday went a little different. When he called it was 1-00 am my time. I very firmly scolded him for waking me up and asked him why he was so thoughtless. Poor dear, he didn’t know how to cope as he is required to call regardless of his check-in time. He apologised and started to explain how very tired he was after such a big day, (and I knew he had another big day coming up).
    I simply cut him off and, in my most severe voice, I curtly advised him, “I am not interested. I had a cocktail party to attend at the Gallery this evening, and I have a luncheon appointment with my sister tomorrow; so don’t trouble me with your schedules. Now, I am rather sleepy, and not feeling up to supervising your line writing….” (As I wrote before, usually he does not know his quota, instead I call him for his breaks and finish time.)
    I am certain he thought this meant he would be excused his written assignment. Instead, I sharply announced, “So, same exercise as before, fifty times, then you can go to bed!” His face was ashen, a picture of misery and shock as I immediately hung up. I continued to watch him on the security camera, he was literally on the verge of tears, stunned at my severity and indifference. I smiled as I thought, he really needs to get writing, he has at least five hours of work, which is a 3-00 am finish! As he wiped the tears away, I drifted off to sleep and left him to his misery.
    I woke again at about 3-00 am with a warm tingle in my loins, rolled over and checked the video feed where he was toiling away at his imposition, and clearly not very happy. I was thrilled and called him on Skype. He connected with alacrity, no doubt thinking I had had a change of heart and was going to end his toil. I told him, “Sit up straight and place your hands on your head.” I then turned on my bedside lamp so he could see me better, reached for my vibrator and told him, “You can watch me pleasure myself.” After my enormous climax, I lapsed back in relaxed contentment, thinking of his turmoil and dozed off, while he remained with his hands on his head, watching me sleep, no doubt wondering when I would remember him and dismiss him.
    In my contented gratification, it was nearly 4-00 am before I stirred and turned to look at him, smiled dreamily, and advised, “Oh my, that was wonderful….. just wonderful…. How many lines have you completed?”
    “Nineteen, Ma’am” he stammered, clearly very tired and frustrated.
    “Oh dear,” I smiled, “you still have plenty to go, you’d better get writing hadn’t you? Oh, and since you really should have managed twenty copies by the time I called, I will be setting a punishment quota on top of tomorrow night’s allocation!” And again, I simply clicked Skype closed, and languorously drifted back to sleep. It would now be gone 4-00 am before he finished!
    I cannot imagine how he must have felt, such hard, mindless toil, utterly frustrated with his william locked tightly away in its plastic shell. He is currently in a six month extended period of chastity. Needless to say, I pleasured myself again in the morning as I thought of his plight.
    Yes, definitely unfair… he works to support me, he is locked-up at my whim, and after a long day, he is left writing hours of boring lines…. But definitely firm!

  2. Sissy joanna says:

    There is nothing hotter and scarier than when your mistress starts to forget the cultural taboo that enjoyment of causing pain and humiliation is wrong. I guess that’s when the fun (misery) really starts. I remember early on my mistress kept asking as the punishment was underway “this is what you want isn’t it” and “you love this don’t you.” I did love it but actually I wanted more pain and she seemed to be holding back. Very early on she wouldnt even insult me. Later she didn’t need as much reassurance and instead of me suggesting punishments she would suggest that it was time for punishment. These days she is disappointed when she can’t raise a bruise or when the nettles don’t cause a proper rash. I see real pleasure when my limits are reached and I properly beg for her to stop and she doesnt. I am now often shocked at how far she can go, recently she asked for me to drink the contents of my enema and giggled when I gagged and choked on its contents. Its lovely to read how your punishment sssions exist purely because they are enjoyable for the women delivering the punishment and that the enjoyment of the male is not required or necessary indeed it is far more important that their absolte misery is visable to all.

  3. amazed slave says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet .. Yes, You have every right and punish your bb , regardless of intention or just for fun… ( below is what i found this under slave contracts. felt it was appropriate. )

    As always, I often wonder how bb continues to cope with the mindless , tedious task of miserable colouring in his dolly books. the summer has only really begun, and it must be mentally draining for him to contemplate the hours, days, weeks, months ahead of this meaningless task for him, but Huge Enjoyment for YOU, which You are so deserving of. It would be so cruel to get say 20 more, just for bb to look at the growing pile to be completed, if ever. !

    1. The SLAVE acknowledges that his performance will never be more than adequate and that The SLAVE will be punished regularly for his shortcomings. The OWNER will be required to punish The SLAVE severely for any lack of immediate compliance, lack of performance, or poor performance, or for any other deficiency in The SLAVE’s duties, or for no reason at all. Punishments will be administered mercilessly at least as severe as announced, and under no circumstances diminish a punishment threatened. The OWNER, however, has every right to enlarge any punishment in any way She likes. It is being agreed explicitly that punishment may even be out of all proportion with regard to the misbehavior of The SLAVE.

    2. It is up to the sole discretion of The OWNER to decide whether there is a case of no immediate compliance, lack of performance, or poor performance. In the opposite, such decision holds true even if not valid at all. Similarly, any allegation of no immediate compliance or lack of performance if claimed by anyone is to be taken as given. The SLAVE does not have the right to argue even the falsest allegation resulting in a severe punishment.

  4. John says:

    This is very accurate and very relevant to my lifestyle.

    To add to your comments on unfairness, my wife often likes to mix in periods of very nice treatment with the sole goal of messing with my head.

    When we are fully “in the zone” breaks in her cruelty and my predicament can be confusing for me. If she starts being nice or doing things for me I second guess her intentions and either are unsure if she wishes to use me for my vanilla company, or if she is being nice to make her impending cruelness even more shocking to me..

    She takes great pleasure in this, and really loves to keep me off balance so that the things I should enjoy are tainted with my fear and apprehension as to when the payoff will begin. She’s very good at this!

    Obviously what follows is a resumed period of cruelty with her added sweet smiles and comments of “but I was really nice to you why are you complaining?”

    It’s nice to be a contented sub 🙂

  5. Dominique You says:

    Dear Ms. Scarlet, You seem to be such a potent of a true “Mistress” that it speaks for itself. You lay down the law with your powerful womanly ways & subs drop to please you. How astonishing of supreme feminine majestic of a woman you are! Keep up the good work…

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