4 March 2023 – 4 years

Kelly kindly pointed out to me that, as of 4 March, it was 4 years since my little puppet had an orgasm in any way other than under the sole of my shoe. How time flies.

There is not much else to say really, other than I did make an event out of the anniversary, which obviously did NOT include him getting out of his little chastity tube at all. And I did make clear just how amazingly satisfying and sensual my sex-life is, including having some lovely, erotic orgasms in front of him. Poor puppet. He should have been careful what he wished for!

15 thoughts on “4 March 2023 – 4 years

  1. It has been over 10 years since I was allowed inside my wife’s pussy. Since I am her slave, she limits my orgasms to no more than 3 per year. About every 4 months, but if I have displeased her in any way, or have not done my housework to her very high standards, I lose my chance for an orgasm.

    My wife has said many times that she cares less and less about me having an orgasm. She forbids me to do it myself saying that any pleasure I receive will come from her left hand and not me. When she feels it is time for me to cum, I will lay on the bed in my panties and will say I have either one minute or two minutes to cum. She will prop herself up next to me and then check her e mails or text someone while she rubs me thru my panties with her left hand. She is totally disinterested. I almost always cum, she then just stops and keeps texting or reading an e mail as if nothing happened.
    If I don’t cum, she may give me another chance in a week or two, but I have also lost my chance for another four months.

    I have really forgotten how it feels to cum inside a pussy and my wife says it I will never experience that again. Too great a privilege for a slave she says.

      1. Miss Scarlet,
        I am responding to your question about my wife’s sexual satisfaction. She will tell me she is a little horny and that “a wife is never horny, only a husband”.

        About two to three times a week I will give her orgasms by licking her and then also using one of her many vibrators. After I lick her to a few orgasms, I will pat dry her clit with tissues and then apply a stimulating gel. Then I massage her legs while the gel makes her clit very sensitive. Then. I use the vibrator and she usually will cum another ten to twelve times, about one every two minutes.

        Then when she is finished, I will massage her legs and back with lotion . If she has been pleased with me she will allow me to also caress her breasts and play with her nipples. Naturally she is naked for these sessions and I am only wearing my panties with a panty shield inside to absorb the pre cum from being so excited. My wife will then tell me to lie back and she will stroke me thru the panties and shield and edge me. No orgasm, I must remain very very horny and wait for the chance to cum when my four months of wait time is completed

        When she does allow me to cum, as I have mentioned above in my prior comment, she lies on the bed fully clothed while I am only wearing panties. No visual stimulation for me. She will check her Apple Watch and tell me “you have two minutes (sometimes one minute) to cum, you have my permission to make a mess in your panties”. Then she will rub me while she checks e mails or reads from her phone. Totally disinterested. No verbal talk for stimulation, and as mentioned since she is fully clothed no visual stimulation for me. So I watch her left hand rubbing my cock thru my silky panties, focusing on how good it feels and hopefully I cum.

        Sometimes I cannot cum in the one or two minutes she allows me. Then she will berate me, saying “ I gave you permission to cum and you didn’t. I guess you really didn ‘t want to cum after all”. So you will not care about waiting another four months now”.

        There have been times when she tells me “you better cum in two minutes or else”. Real pressure. Most times I have, but I did not cum once when she said that a time last year. When the time was up, she said “you disobeyed me and you know that is never allowed. Now you will be punished every day for a week”. Lots of extra housework, doing the same jobs over and over again, and tied up time in her walk in closet with my hands tied high above my head wearing only a diaper (nappy). Corner time with her worn panties between my nose and the wall. Even a day or two where she only feeds me baby food, and I have to drink from a sippy cup. During the entire week I kept thinking how I wished I had been able to cum in that time . Not only the pleasure but no punishments. Just an extra few seconds would have done it, but now I am having a full week of punishments from her instead.

        Sometimes when I cum in my panties, my wife will tell me I may not clean up or change my panties. I will have to put on my babydoll nightie and begin doing my housework chores still wearing the very wet panties. Since nylon does not absorb cum very well, I have to be so careful not to drip on the floor as I do my housework , always watching whereI have been standing. But the one or two minutes of stimulating pleasure followed by an intense orgasm has been worth it.

          1. Yes Miss Scarlet, she is fantastic. Very dominating but not too cruel. Of course I would like to have more orgasms, but I am not even allowed to ask. If I ask, I lose my next chance, which will make it eight months wait time. My wife made it very clear to me many years ago that I am never allowed to ask or beg for an orgasm. And I better not whine or complain. I never do. She decides when and she doesn’t want to hear anything about it.

            We live in SE Florida, US. My wife is out golfing with her friends today and then they stop and have drinks and lunch. I did our laundry , ironing and general housework this morning and have some free time to myself now. But I must remain in the house.
            When she comes home she will be tired and may want to go on her raft in our pool to float around. I must be in the water and keep a large golf umbrella over her at all times to protect her from the sun. This will be an hour to two hours and my arms are so tired after an hour. She pushes off the side of the pool and I must keep the umbrella over her, she likes to make it difficult for me. She is wonderful! And beautiful!

  2. I admire your way of life, Madame, and I’m sure you celebrated this amusing anniversary as it deserves.
    But I can’t help but have a sympathetic thought for your little puppet. Doesn’t he sometimes weep from frustration, against your legs?

  3. Dearest Mistress Scarlet,
    Please allow it to congratulate You on this momentous milestone you have reached in Your relationship. This event is truly a testament to the awesome power and control You possess as well as an achievement to Your commitment to the dedication You have undertaken to effectively extract such a high level of subservience and subjugation of Your property.
    Congratulations once again and may Your wonderfully pleasing level of orgasms serve as a most deserved reward.
    With humble reverence,

  4. semi related to this post but i was wondering if you could put a link on your site that would take the reader back to the start of your posts. i have read most all but would like to go back to the beginning and re-read them
    thank you for your time

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