The cane or other impact implement

Just something I was musing over. So many photos of Dommes on the internet show them holding a cane or crop up in front of their chests and bending it, when they are not using it. My muse was that this pose is rarely adopted by Dommes in my experience in real life. I guess such a pose can demonstrate to a sub that the implement is very bendy and therefore likely to deliver a considerable sting, but I have quite a bit of experience of two or more Dommes taking turns using canes or crops. The Domme at rest and watching invariably adopts one of three poses. (A) Lightly tapping the implement against her hip and the side of her thigh. (B) Holding the implement in both hands, one hand at either end with the implement horizontal behind her, just below the buttocks, (C) Holding the implement in both hands, one hand at either end, with the implement horizontal in front of her, at the top of the thighs. These three postures look very relaxed and comfortable. (It is not relaxing or comfortable to stand holding a cane in a bent shape in front of your chest.)

I therefore find images where the Domme is holding a cane or crop up in front of her chest and bending it, much less engaging than when the Domme is adopting one of the three poses I have described above. There is little point in showing how bendy a cane might be, if the caning is imminent because the sub will almost immediately be finding out just how much it stings! I guess if the caning is postponed and the sub has never experienced that particular cane, then the demonstration of bendiness might fill the sub with dread while awaiting the caning – which is always delightful, I admit. However, for me, observing that the Domme is utterly relaxed, calm and physically comfortable while she awaits delivering a spiteful caning, properly demonstrates her status, dominance and cruelty. Especially if the sub is being punished by another Domme and crying out and wriggling in his bonds all the while she patiently waits. (A scenario I am very experienced in!)

So, just a muse. I hope my blog followers do not find this post too boring.

PS. An extra comment. Holing the cane or crop between the lips! Why????????????????? I have never seen a Domme do that in real life.

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Fabric collars with no holes for the buckle prong?

Several years ago, I purchased from a pet shop a number of identical pet collars, I assume designed for cats or small dogs. They are a soft, strong fabric and have no holes for the buckle prong because the buckle prong pushes through the fabric wherever you want it to. This makes them perfect for multi-purpose, quick, effective, tight, inescapable bondage. They can be kept in a handbag (purse/pocket book) without any bulk.

I am assuming that they have been banned on the grounds of cruelty to pets because I cannot now find any new ones to purchase. Does any blog reader know where I can purchase these items. I can promise no cruelty to cats or dogs – but there may be cruelty to my human pet!

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Full control of his little penis

Well Cialis is a great success. (Viagra substitute) Like Sildenafil, it still needs about half an hour to become effective but it does not seem to matter whether the stomach is full or empty. I had bitch-boy take a 10mg pill in the morning while I laughed, telling him how much I love that I can even control the extent of erections of his little clitty. The Cialis lasted over 24 hours! (Sildenafil lasted about five hours)

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Curtseying to shoes

Presentation1A small amusement I have made reference to in one of my journals, I thought was worthy of a mention in my blog.

The context is that if bitch-boy is dressed as a sissy maid, or little sissy girl, or schoolgirl, there is a default rule that he must curtsey to me whenever entering or leaving a room I occupy. However I sometimes utilise his curtseying to even further remind him of his inferior status.

I will set a pair of my shoes by the wall at the entrance to the room I am likely to be occupying for some time. bitch-boy is then reminded that, as a pair of my shoes has a higher status in the world than he does, then – as well as curtseying to me whenever entering or leaving the room, he must also curtsey to the pair of shoes by the wall, whenever entering or leaving the room. So, on entering the room, he has to turn to the side and curtsey to the shoes, then turn to me and curtsey. And on leaving the room he has to turn to me and curtsey and the turn to the side and curtsey to the shoes. He does find this very humiliating and I find it particularly amusing. Obviously if I have a female guest present, he finds it even more embarrassing!

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bitch-boy’s new shaming dress

He has a new little girl dress which, by good fortune, arrived just in time for Mistress X’s visit in October. It was made to measure and cost a lot of money. As you may have expected it comes down only to his hips. bitch-boy is forced to wear it with a pink baby’s bonnet or huge pink ribbon bow in his hair, white frill topped ankle socks and pink Mary Jane shoes which are designed to be locked onto his feet with padlocks. A huge pink ribbon bow tied very tightly around his shaved genitalia and sucking his cock pacifier. Its fun to use the paddle or tawse to get his arse to match the colour of the dress. The dress even has a padlock at the neck at the back so once in it, he stays in it until I choose otherwise.

IMG_8819 copy

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Torment uses of Kitchensafe

I requested readers of my blog to provide suggestions for use of the Kitchensafe product. Below are the ones I deem the best.

Tell bitch-boy I am placing the key to his chastity device in the safe and when it opens he can have sexual release. Then ‘accidently’ set the timer so that it does not open until after some vanilla guests are due to arrive at the house. On their arrival, inform him that the sexual release is cancelled.

When I am out for the day or an evening and bitch-boy has chores to do, lock the remote controls for all devices and the WiFi router in the safe, with the timer set for when I return home.

The last 4 ideas would be especially good if I was cuckolding him with a lesbian lover for the night.

Show him the keys to some padlocks and put the keys in the safe. Set the safe timer for two or three hours, or more. Padlock him into total sensory deprivation bondage using the padlocks. He then knows that even if I were to change my mind about the duration of the bondage or he was to have a panic attack, he would still be staying in the bondage for the duration. (Probably, secretly have some spare keys which could be used in the event of an emergency like the house catching fire.)

Dressed in his little girl attire. Chain him up outdoors at night, say at 9:00pm, to a tree. Put the key to the padlock in the Kitchensafe which he has next to him. Set the timer on the safe for say 5 hours. Have my baby monitor aimed at him (it has night vision). I can then go to bed at around 11:00pm and go to sleep. He cannot come in until 2:00am.

Two ideas involving diapers
ONE. Using his lockable plastic panties, padlock him into diapers and the plastic panties at around 6:00pm. Set the timer for 4:00pm the next day. (22 hours). The following morning, give him a laxative and set off for work. He has to remain in the nappy which will already be wet and will also become SOILED until 4:00pm when he can remove it and he has to clean himself up before I get home from work at 6:00pm.

TWO. Using his lockable plastic panties, padlock him into diapers and the plastic panties at around 6:00pm. Chain him to the guest bed and put him down for the night at around 7:00pm with the Kitchensafe in bed with him. The keys to the plastic panties padlock and the padlock securing him in the bed, are in the Kitchensafe which is set for 6:00am. He has to stay in the bed in his wet nappies from 7:00pm until 6:00am the next morning. At 6:00am the next morning he can release himself from the nappies and the bed and can either do chores (without waking me) or write lines, as I have directed the night before, until he can wake me with tea at 8:00am.

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Viagra helping to abuse him

I am becoming an expert in the use of Viagra – or more precisely, the cheaper substitute I have begun using – Sildenafil. It takes 30 minutes to kick-in on an empty stomach and around 55 minutes on a full one. It lasts about four and a half hours from the time it kicks in. For those Dommes who have not used them on their subs, I will take this opportunity to explain the effects I have found drugs like Sildenafil actually have.

I will first destroy a myth. The fact is that if there is no arousal stimulus, there is no erection!

If you have read any of my later journals, you will have come across my description of the phenomenon I refer to as beast-of-the-farmyard behaviour. This is a reference to how male farmyard animals will become aroused when faced with an arousal stimulus despite whatever else is involved in their circumstance. The beast-of-the-farmyard phenomenon has always amazed and disgusted me in equal measure. In a typical demonstration of it, bitch-boy may have been sexually denied for 10 days in the run-up to it, he may have my slender, cool fingers expertly tickling and teasing his sensitive, shaved balls and clitty, I may be dressed very provocatively, and so he becomes erect although he knows the result will be some pretty extreme penis torture or other. Perhaps nettles in a pouch or Deep Heat embrocation cream or multiple smacks with the ruler, (or more likely a combination of these things!)

So why do I bother with Sildenafil at all? Three reasons. Reason One – there is a limit to the beast-of-the-farmyard phenomenon. If his little clitty has already been made dreadfully sore, he can fail to become erect despite the other stimulating factors. In addition, if his humiliation is at a profound level, he can fail to become erect despite the other stimulating factors. What drugs like Sildenafil and (I assume) Viagra do is to greatly increase the response to arousing stimuli. So the balance of arousal versus disincentive, is tipped very much further into arousal. So with the use of Sildenafil, the beast-of-the-farmyard phenomenon overcomes more disincentives to arousal than it otherwise would.

Reason Two – Because the drug’s action, once there is arousal, is to open FULLY the blood vessels, the erection becomes absolutely granite rock hard! 100% rock hard, which overlaps with reason Three.

Reason Three – a wonderful feeling of extreme control for me that even bitch-boy’s little clitty becomes hard on my whim and he can do nothing about it – even in the absolute worst of circumstances for him, when, without the drug, he may manage to remain flaccid.

A note of caution. I did make bitch-boy go through a prescription process (although his was online) with a doctor from a reputable company. I think it is a bad idea to just obtain these drugs without having gone through the proper medical checks!

I most recently used Sildenafil when Mistress X visited. One thing we did was use a pouch full of stinging nettle leaves. It was amusing that his little clitty was so very rock hard at the moment the pouch was pulled over the clitty and the drawstring tied home at the base of the clitty.

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