Slave Husband Mistress Wife Roles Defined

Well I read the definition and thought to myself, ‘With just the smallest of tweaks, its perfect.’ It read :

‘Coercive and controlling behaviour can include the abuser preventing their victim from having friendships or hobbies, refusing them access to money and determining many aspects of their everyday life, such as when they are allowed to eat, sleep and go to the toilet.’

I thought – just amend it to read (as follows) and it will be perfect. ‘Coercive and controlling behaviour can include the abuser preventing their victim from having friendships, hobbies, free time and a normal sex life. Refusing them access to their genitals and money, and determining many aspects of their everyday life, such as when they are allowed to eat, orgasm, sleep and go to the toilet. Constantly humiliating them and often subjecting them to hours of sensory deprivation bondage, AND keeping their little submissive souls thoroughly contented.’

The original definition comes from the UK’s new addition to domestic abuse definitions so that they now go beyond violent physical abuse to cover psychological and emotional abuse. Of course, I thoroughly support this change in the law – EXCEPT where the ‘victims’ are submissive males who got themselves into their situation by requesting experimentation with their own fantasies!

The whole thing reminded me of something I read sometime ago, written by a Domme. She set out a descriptive list of abuses at Guantanamo bay produced by amnesty international, and her comment – ‘Hmmmm, sounds devine’!

No doubt, I will now receive abusive comments branding me a hypocrite and much worse. AS IF I CARE! I always respond to criticisms of me over the lot of bitch-boy in the same way. If the commenter is so concerned about the rights of others then stop reading my blog and start taking global action over female genital mutilation, forced marriages, the right of all females to be educated and the starvation of children through the unequal global distribution of wealth and assets.

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iTunes Book Store now has Volume 8

Amazingly quickly compared to past publications , I can advise that the iTunes Book Store now has Volume 8 of my journals.


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Mistress X is visiting again, this weekend

Mistress X, (or Mistress Jane for those of you who have bought Volume 8 of my journals and read the final entry) is visiting again this weekend. Poor bitch-boy is fretting delightfully and with good reason. Mistress Jane is wonderfully haughty and disdainful towards him, shows zero mercy and is quite the sadist. I am looking forward to a very thrilling and enjoyable time.

It has been three weeks since bitch-boy last had sexual release so once I have had him take a Cialis pill, I predict his little clitty will be rock hard repeatedly and it will be so sore as he regrets what happens to each erection. Of course I also predict that his striped red arse will be very sore as well and his humiliation will be very deep. I doubt even sucking on his cock pacifier and cuddling his favourite dolly, as he stands in front of us will mollify his suffering.

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Link to a video

Yesterday, on my Tumbler site, bitch-boy reblogged a video. It is one of my absolute favourites on all the net!

Her absolute power over him, her utter pitilessness. The tone of her voice. Her relaxed, amused style. Just fantastic.

Although I have no link, there is out there somewhere a video of her whipping his cock with a leather strap and another of her masturbating him with a harsh bristly toilet brush.

Perfect relaxed sadism and wielding of absolute power.

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Volume 8 is now published

Volume 8 of my journals is now published:

on as a paperback and an ePub book.

For Kindle on Amazon
UK     USA      IN     DE     FR    ES     IT     NL    JP

BR     CA      MX      AU

I hope all my submissive followers enjoy its contents and it might enhance their Christmas break. More importantly, perhaps a few dominant women will take new ideas from it and it will enhance THEIR Christmas break (at the cost of their submissive)!


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Favourite Femdom Tumbler Site

You may recall from an earlier blog post that each week I set bitch-boy a target number of images he has to post on my tumbler site that week. Not one more, not one less. I check these images and if there are any he posts which I do not find arousing, he is punished. Given his cock is locked in its tight tube and his sexual releases are quite rare, he finds this weekly task rather frustrating! LOL. Well he brought to my attention a site this week that he thought more closely aligned to my particular turn-ons than any site he had ever come across before, (Obviously not CUM across!). He was right. The site is entitled Gynarchy / Gynarchie / Female Supremacy / Femdom.

It caused me to analyse why I liked it so much. The main reason is that the Dommes depicted on this Tumbler site are not naked, in fact rarely even in underwear. What this evokes is 24/7 real life domination. During most moments of domination under my roof, I am fully clothed, (albeit sometimes in provocative clothes and footwear) – because I don’t walk around all day naked or in just my underwear, but domination does go on all day.

The Dommes depicted on this Tumbler site are almost never in leather or PVC. This means there are very few images depicting dungeons of Dominatrix. I have said before that I fully applaud the profession of Dominatrix, but a Dominatrix tableau does not really evoke real domination. It evokes a male client who sets the limits and leaves when he wants to. (I know there are some Dominatrix who have a true domination relationship with a few of their clients – but this is rare.)

Another outcome of the Domme being dressed in the images is CFNM. I love Clothed Female Naked Male! I must stress I love to see a timid, embarrassed, naked male in front of one or more dressed, relaxed, mocking women. (I hate it when, under the banner of CNFM, one finds a depiction of a muscle bound, big cocked male loving being the centre of attention – showing off in front of a group of fawning, dressed women!!!!)

The men depicted in the images of this Tumbler site are almost always suitably helpless or used. Helplessly bound, or caged and/or being used as ashtrays or boot sole lickers, or lamp stands, or seats or working on chores or being led on a leash, etc. etc.

Bitch-boy’s find means that until he has exhausted the entire site archive, he has plenty of images to re-blog onto my Tumbler site in order to meet the targets I set him. That alone is his reward.

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Cruel Christmas


As has been the case for the past few years, bitch-boy will be suffering a very cruel Christmas this year. Obviously part of that is presents for him. These are either things I want for me – such as expensive underwear, which is a present for him because he gets to see me wearing it, even though his penis is restrained and he does not cum often, so its rather bitter sweet! Or the presents are to make his slavery more miserable in some way.

Among the things I have purchased are a pair of fingerless white lace gloves for when he is a sissy-maid-serving. His current pair are at the end of their life and I think fingerless will be better for when he is serving food.

Much worse I think, I have bought him 6 identical copies of The Girls Fairy Colouring Book. He already has one copy. It has 64 pages and it takes forever to colour-in one page! I have already shown him this present of the 6 books before wrapping them in old newspaper (how all his presents are wrapped). I have explained that he can be in no doubt he has years and years ahead of him, when dressed as a little girl, colouring-in with the help of his dolly Suzette Simperkins – the same little girl, fairy themed pages, again and again and again, while I and any guests enjoy grown-up pursuits. Oh he looked so forlorn and helpless and wretched when I showed him his 6 new books. He knows I am giving up work in the not too distant future when I will require him to cut back greatly on his business. Then he will have time for his sissy maid chores AND hours each day dressed as a little girl, doing little girl things with his dolls. He will need all those colouring pages!

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