bitch-boy’s listed torments

In a day or two, Play-toy is coming over for a day. I asked her if, once I had finished abusing her and she had transformed into Governess Lexi, there was anything in particular she would like to do to bitch-boy – while she and I double-dommed him and also left him in no doubt as to his cuckolded status. Well here is an excerpt from the email I received in reply. As you will imminently read, she has become very sadistic and her freedom to treat him so, certainly leaves him in no doubt that he is at the very lowest of the pecking order. Lexi may be my slave, but she is a million miles higher in status than, bottom of the pile, bitch-boy. (Obviously she is my lover and girlfriend too)

One thing is he would have to ask me to pleasure you by putting a finger or two inside you and ask if we would be so kind as to let him watch while I get to feel a part of you that he will never get to enter in any way. I can always make comments on how tight it is, and how much he must be desperate to feel his cock penetrate, even if just momentarily – but that will never, ever happen. How humiliating for him!

How would you feel about me pissing on bitch-boy, face up, on Sunday? I have only pissed on him when he has been kneeling face down so far. I want to look down at his broken expression while my piss runs across his head, nose and watch it trying to enter his lips! I also want to use the baby monitor pointing at us in the bedroom then. And leave the receiver in the bathroom with him. I would like to do this while he is drenched in piss so he can hear you being pleasured, be able to listen to his cuckolding!

He hasn’t had his pushchair out in a while, have you still got it? If so I think he should use that around the living room, pushing his Likkel Dolly. LOL

I have a pair of brown boots that I have been wearing the last couple of days. Every time I have put them on I have been meaning to remember to message you as I want to bring them next time for bitch-boy to clean for me. I thought why should I do it myself! I want to see him beg me to allow him to clean them.

I am keen to see the interdental brush being used in his little clitty. I am sure this is something that I haven’t seen yet.

We never did get around to seeing him do tinkles on the potty, I guess he will have to have quite a lot of fluid beforehand though. (It doesn’t necessarily have to be water either lol) if we timed it right with him doing tinkles then we could get the potty and tip it on him right before I piss on him.

This would probably be very cruel but I love the thought of him suffering, LOL, we could get some sweetcorn, as he hates it so much, leave it in the tin after it’s been drained and use a syringe to add piss to it. A nice concoction for him. I would want to hear a ‘hmmmm’ of how much he is enjoying it, after every spoonful I feed him.

I will carry on thinking as these are just a few off the top of my head. And I have not forgotten that when he has to put his big dolly, Suzette Simperkins, to bed he has to cradle her and sick Rock-A-By-Baby to her. He had better have learned the words as I instructed him on my last visit!








I will get back to you if anything else springs to mind which no doubt it will.


14 thoughts on “bitch-boy’s listed torments

  1. What a joy you have found in Goveerness Lexi Scarlet!!

    I’m so pleased for you, and bb of course. What a lucky little girl!

    Mistress Hannah x

  2. Between Mistress Sarah, Mistress Sandra, Governess Lexi, and all the other Women who show an interest in bitchboy’s suffering he must truly feel loved and cared for!

    1. You are correct! Although Sandra is not involved now, having moved some distance away and having her own ‘special’ relationship, and Sarah visits rarely for family reasons. But his weekends (and some evenings) he is kept very occupied regularly with Mistress Jane and Governess Lexi and also the more one-off type visits from the like of the wonderful Mistress Justine and wonderful Mistress Sonia.

  3. Do you or have you ever pegged bb? I searched your site, but couldn’t find a reference other than when you make him kneel and service a dildo. It’s seems that he’s suffered every other humiliation except that. I would think that never being able to penetrate you, but being routinely penetrated by you and your gf would not only deepen his frustration but be terribly humiliating as well. Great blog!

    1. I used to peg him but it dropped off my favourites list. However Governess Lexi loves us to spit roast him and that has happened to him the last two times she has stayed overnight. I think she intends it to be a very regular occurrence. I have detailed this in two journal entries in the yet to be published Volume 11 of my journals but I did not think to publish a blog post about it.

  4. To play toy or Governess lexi: Here is another cute thing you can do to b.b. ,if M. Scarlet ok’s it. Wear a pair of panties for an extra long time. And when you tied up b.b. put the foul panties in his mouth for a gag. He”ll have a tasty treat as you and M Scarlet play.

    1. I have already done this, the last time I was there I believe. Bitch-boy got to taste my knickers and watch while I tasted his wife! He is so lucky!

  5. BB is going to hate this, but I just have to share it, out of respect and appreciation for you.
    For years now, on advice of my doctor, I have been swallowing an over-the-counter (non-prescription) fish oil capsule every day, to help with my cholesterol. The other day I discovered how the oil actually tastes, as the jel covering that surrounds it had broken. No wonder people swallow the capsules without tasting them – the taste is monstrous! I hope I NEVER have to experience it again! How amazing that a substance can be so repellant, yet so good for our health!

    1. Yes I did use cod liver oil on him in the distant past. It appeared it was very disgusting, going on his reaction. Rather worse though, is the fluid one can purchase to paint on fingernails to deter a fingernail biter. It is REALLY, REALLY bitter and has the advantage of forming a long lasting film on lips and/or teeth, so it lasts literally three or four hours!

  6. You might wish to try Linnex Heat Rub on his “William”. This is a stick type rub that is every bit as fierce as the old Ralgex. It burns more intensely and for longer than Deep Heat. My boy dreads it. Please let me know if you do and how you rate it after observing its effects. Christine

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