Licking the soles clean

Something I really enjoy is spitting out half chewed food and then squashing it into the surface of the floor with the sole of my shoe or boot before my human toy has to consume the food. The human toy must lick the sole of the shoe or boot clean at the end of the meal.

Licking a sole clean is such a perfect indication of the chasm in status between the human toy and the Mistress. And the footwear can be a high-heeled, very sexy boot or shoe; or can be a much less erotic item of footwear. The effect and messages are the same, or perhaps even more rammed home, if the footwear is a track shoe, plain shoe, or flat heeled boot or Ugg boot.

It is probably not a coincidence that two of the most cruel and naturally dominant visitors of whom bitch-boy suffered the cruel attention, within five minutes of each of them arriving, had him licking the soles of their shoes clean while they chatted to me and we casually discussed the forthcoming afternoon.

There is no skin contact, the toy can be mostly ignored, (apart from the occasional curt instruction for more diligence), the sole obviously can be dirty from every source of detritus imaginable, yet not a moments thought is given to hygiene for the toy. The message is that they do not deserve any thoughts about hygiene. And the almost pointless extreme cleanliness of the sole of the Mistresses’ shoe sole is so, so much more important than the self respect or health of the toy. Delightful!

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15 Responses to Licking the soles clean

  1. Simon says:

    Thank you for your powerful post, I have read both instances you refer to in your journals and also from your older journals, seemingly it is almost the default welcome for your sister Sarah.
    Please may I ask your thoughts on the health risk associated with that? Is there a risk of potentially severe, albeit unintended, consequences? Or is that risk so minimal as to be reasonably discounted? Are there any mitigations or precautions you take before or after having your bb do that?

    • I am assuming there is a risk but I have always considered the risk so minimal as to be reasonably discounted. Babies eat dirt/soil almost always and more than once. The exit handles in toilets are absolutely germ ridden, yet in a restaurant, we open the exit door by the handle, AFTER we have washed our hands and then we go and use our hands to eat all sorts of foods like fries.

  2. petevans69 says:

    Mmm my idea of heaven licking up half chewed food that’s not only been spat out, but also squashed into the floor by a Dominant Lady. Or indeed licking the soles of Her shoes clean.

  3. Cuckslave says:

    MsScarletetuk. I couldn’t agree more. One of my most submissive actions was licking clean the sole of a Dommes gym shoe. It was sexy or a turn on for me But let me know how insignificant I was only being used to clean Her dirty shoe. After it was spotless I was required to thank Her and was sent on my way!!! Thank You again Good to know I’m not the only one used this way.

  4. nealdownnow says:

    wonderful, perfect and fitting.

  5. robby says:

    My wife, and long term owner has had me cleaning a pair of her shoes nightly for a couple of years now. She leaves out a pair and expects them cleaned. It was taken to a new level recently when out for a walk she spotted a giant slug in our nearby park. Without a second thought she went over and squished it flat. Needles to say licking that pair was probably one of the most humiliating experiences ever… But still I worship her!

  6. robby says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet ,

    I read you blog faithfully and it is wonderful (thank you)…

    For a long time I have enjoyed being my full time slave, in my marriage she rules over me in all things. Humiliation has been a corner stone. One of our favorites (perhaps more for her) has been licking shoes, the whole shoe including the heel. Each night I am tasked with licking a pair of her shoes (especially the soles) to a shine. She took this to a new and ultra cruel level recently when we went walking after a rain storm. She was wearing a nice pair of, comfortable leather boots. The kind you would enjoy for a casual walk.

    She spotted on our path up ahead a long yellow banana slug… In a flash she walked over to it and crushed it with abandon beneath her heels. Grinding her foot in circles until satisfied. She then checked up an down the pathway to ensure we alone. Which unfortunately for me was the case, then she pivoted her foot towards me. Lick, slave… and to my shame and humiliation I did. The taste was putrid, the smell was worse and my shame complete.

    Once I had cleaned her boots we continued our walk and nothing more was said…

    With care,

  7. If a dominant wishes to have a go at having the soles of their shoes tongue cleaned but is paranoid over the potential risk to health. Preparation as follows may help. Find a pair of your shoes with smooth soles. Wipe the soles clean with antiseptic wipes. Wipe the floor clean with the same wipes where the action will take place. Prepare fresh food. Use the fresh food, half chewed, spat on the floor you have cleaned, squashed with the sols you have cleaned. The tongue cleaning of the floor and soles can begin.

  8. Boot gimp says:

    I am a massive fan of your blog Mistress Scarlet and this topic is something that symbolises my submissive nature in its entirety. My submissive side and subsequent Female led relationship have grown from my foot and footwear fetish.

    Although not a 24/7 slave shoe worship can be done in seconds and has one of the largest impacts on me. For example we could be at a friends house and be left alone in a room literally for 30 seconds and my Mistress will click her fingers ( which is a non verbal order to kiss Her feet) I will hen literally have enough time to kneel and kiss both feet and get back to my chair. .mistress finds this totally amusing as she knows I will have an involuntary and throbbing erection instantly making for a very uncomfortable situation for me.

    As a lifetime submissive I find licking the sole of a shoe the most rewarding. It is where I feel the most at the level I need to be. This has also become an indicator of the level of sub space I am at. mistress noticed how the eagerness I lick soles changes depending on how deep I am. While I always love licking footwear, if I am not far into sub space I will not be so keen on very dirty soles. When deep into sub space, after prolonged denial I actually seek out the dirtiest areas with my tongue in an attempt to show that I know my place. After making this realisation Mistress often plays games with me like making me lick dirty soles when she knows I don’t want to. She uses this as a yardstick for my level of obedience.

    We always discuss the things we do in order to feedback to each other. We discussed the idea of licking muddy shoes. So we had a walk in the woods and I was in awe of the effort Mistress made in finding mud to stand in. I had no idea how muddy she had decided to get the boots. On arriving home I was hog tied in the kitchen and made to work. As I was deep in sub space I did what I was told and spent around half an hour licking the caked on mud. It became obvious that it is impossible to actual lick muddy boots clean. You end up just moving mud around with your tounge. This amused Mistress as it gave her an opportunity to punish me for failure. I was cropped severely before being released to clean the boots properly with my cleaning kit. I was not allowed a drink or a wash of my mouth and face until the boots were spotless. So far I have not been made to clean such dirty boots but I often get fed crushed food off a freshly cleaned floor.

    Despite not being the life time Domme, my Mistress always seems to come up with a wonderful twist. About two months ago She decided that when I worship her shoes I was not only to thank Mistress but also thank the shoe or boot. I must address the shoe as Superior Shoe or Superior Boot. If she is not wearing it I am to hold it up above my head in two hands and look up to it as I thank it. Mistress demands that the thank you be sincere. Is she is not happy I will continue to thank the footwear until she is happy that I mean it.

  9. sissy jamieanne says:

    A wonderful post, Mistress Scarlett! I love the “scenes” in Your journals in which Your guests arrive and stand with a hand on the wall and a shoe/boot raised for bitchboy to properly clean…this is a very real example of the Superior/slave differential, and clearly demonstrates his VERY low status, and I’m sure keeps him in proper awe of You and his other Female Superiors.


    sissy jamieanne

  10. matt bettell says:

    Oh wow! my greatest love is eating spat out food from the soles of a Mistress’s shoes/boots. i wish it could somehow be arranged that such a meal would be the only way i was allowed to eat.

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