More mainstream, realistic dominance and submission

Below are two clips from the current SKY series Succession, which shows the submissive relationship between the character of Roman, a rich young man, with an older woman who works for his dad’s company. The only way the man appears to be able to “get off” is through massive verbal humiliation. It is great and KEY to see the older woman enjoying dominating and humiliating him.

In the first clip, 12:00 minutes onward,

In the second clip, from 13:20 to 15:15 minutes.

From the perspective of wanting a society where more men are submitting to a dominant wife for their lifetimes, it is much more valuable that, in this mainstream material, we see the woman enjoying dominating and humiliating the male, than that we see a male who is submissive. There are endless examples of submissive males in the mainstream but they are almost always dominated either by a professional dominatrix, or by a woman who is not at all enjoying her power and meanness. I don’t think any vanilla women question that there are submissive men out there, but vanilla women seem to have no idea that it can be beneficial and a serous pleasure to be properly in charge and mean. This is the phenomenon that is so rarely shown.

These three mainstream examples are also great because the women are dressed in everyday clothes and not in latex/rubber/leather/corsets/thigh boots or and other dominatrix uniform styles. And thirdly these women do not have amazing body shapes or facial beauty. They are everyday women.

But now we have Succession, On Becoming a God in Central Florida, and The Sinner

On Becoming a God in Central Florida
The Sinner

Are there other mainstream films or TV that show everyday women getting benefit and serious pleasure from being properly in charge and mean?

5 thoughts on “More mainstream, realistic dominance and submission

  1. Don’t know the exact episode (it’s one near the end of the series), but there is what I thought a pretty neat ‘femdom’ scene in the Series Tehran:

    A female mossad-agent has developed a ‘source’ in Iran and has engaged in a sort of relationship with the resource, at one point she playfully tells him to get on his knees and then tells him to bark like a dog and circle around and then instructs him to stay there. It’s quite lighthearted, but nevertheless there seems to be some sternness within it. It shows the power a woman can hold over man, once she realizes this and knows how to utilize it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn intelligence agencies use this particular dynamic to seduce, manipulate or otherwise engage with potential targets. If nothing else it’s a good show (especially if you are into the genre).

      1. You’re very welcome Ms Scarlet. It was my pleasure to be able to share it here. I only hope it doesn’t disappoint you

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