Mother-in-law inherits son-in-law sub

In my post of 11 March 2018 I said I would write more on this delicious topic. Just to remind you,

One twist to this issue I have read about so many times over the years is the transfer of a husband sub to his single mother-in-law. I do find these accounts delicious. In these accounts, many of which I do not doubt for a moment are true, a sub becomes cuckolded and his Domme then falls in love with her cuckolding partner and the partner becomes live-in. And rather than divorced, the sub is ‘adopted’ by his single mother-in-law, (a widow or divorcee). Often in the marriage the sub was initially abusive or an alcoholic, but has been totally conquered to a sub role and once the cuckolding turned to love, passed on to be a 24/7/365 slave to his mother-in-law – who can NEVER forgive the sub’s previous treatment of her precious daughter. And us ladies can find it impossible to let go of a grudge! Lip-smackingly delicious.

Well I have so far found one relevant reader’s letter. I would not be surprised if it is from the late seventies, early eighties. Here it is:

Dear Madam,

As I have written before, my husband became abusive and impossible to live with and with the help of my mother we took him in hand. Here is an update. His minimum shame attire was for him to wear, over his trousers, one of six  very pretty pinafores, and if I were to  tell you that they are so frilly and Feminine that I doubt any sensible women would want to wear them,  them I do not exaggerate.

There are masses of frills, flounces ribbons etc, bizarre connections of humiliation! The materials range from nylon to taffeta, and are guaranteed to reduce him to a wimpering welp. The pinafore the dressmaker made for him to her design is fabulous, and is based on a Victorian childs pinny but more so. It is so elaborate and well made that he could almost wear it as a dress with petticoats under it. She had it so well designed that it takes nearly 10 minutes to put him in it, as it fastens with buttons and ribbons at the back, the material is paper nylon stiffened in sugar, and the frills and huge skirt fairly crackle as he walks.

I insist that he answers the door to all callers whilst pinafored, and to add  to his humiliation, I add pink rubber gloves, and frilled mop cap to his ensemble. He has had many funny remarks made about his condition, the funniest being some years ago when he was asked if ‘the husband was in?’ Two course, older  teenage girls stood taking the mickey out of him for ten minutes, and his training to be courteous to females prevented him from closing the door.

Things have moved on well over the years, he now works again, and is dressed in maids attire every evening, and naturally at weekends. He hands over every penny to me, and I give him £2 a week pocket money. I realise this is too much and my mother says I ought to cut it back, perhaps I will.

He is sober, dare he be anything else, and obviously does not gamble any more.
He can do all the chores, and is spared no mercy, every task has to be done by him and to a ridiculous degree of perfection. I do not touch the housework at all. He has no sex life, being allowed to masturbate only once a month. My mother supervises how many strokes it takes to bring himself off, and if he has not performed in at least 20 downers then it’s a point for the forfeit book.

His relief is controlled by the enforced wearing of a device purchased by my mother in Hamburg. I have the only key and he is re-fastened  straight away after masturbation. Self abuse, a problem with him once, is now impossible.

He is constantly monitored and controlled by my mother and she undertakes his continued training. He is at present undergoing a refresher course on washing and ironing, and for the next month is doing the washing etc. for my friends as well! For instance, last Tuesday he did six hours solid ironing, and then scrubbed two floors, TWICE! He was absolutely knackered when mother dressed him for bed.

Both mother and I bind and cane him for the slightest infraction and most days he will get at least one session of 6 strokes. We also make sure there is a ‘reason’ to give him a severe, very tearful thrashing at least once a week. My female acquaintances who are ‘in the know’ are very hard on him, remembering how he abused me, and are making work for him, as they turn out their wardrobes. One of my friends has four daughters and she enjoys bringing along all their school blouses, dresses etc. for him to do. The idiot has seen enough of pleated skirts and frilled blouses, but we keep piling it on him. The ironing board is set up in the middle of the lounge, facing us, so we can supervise him as we watch T.V.

As mentioned earlier, we have the occasional ‘forfeit’ evening when the penalty points have gone over the top, and these are really opportunities to have a drink and a good laugh at his expense. Preparation for ‘forfeit evening’ is always done by mother, and she takes him off to her room for sometimes hours at a time. But, when she has finished with him he always looks a ‘real burk’. He is always dressed in his party frock, but mother often varies the under pinnings and accessories. Mother plasters his face with cheap make-up, and be-decks his hair in various wigs and ribbons. And soaks him in the cheapest  teenagers’ perfume. When all the guests have arrived he is made to come downstairs and stand behind the closed lounge door.

He knocks and asks in his best ‘little girl’ voice, can come in, and the reply is always  ‘Yes’. The girls are hardly able to wait to see what mother’s done to him this time. The playacting then takes a different turn, as mother throws open the door and drags him behind her. He is then pushed into the centre of the circle for inspection by all present. The roars of laughter have to be heard to be appreciated, as they point and jeer at him. It always intrigues me how us girls can be so cruel when we have a male cornered.

Mother has done her usual job and turned him into a weeping ‘powder puff, this time preferring to put him in three extra petticoats, thus flouncing his tiered party frock out into a ludicrous knee length crinoline. A pretty fancy pinafore sits crazily over his frock, there are frills everywhere, on bending down frilly panties, along with an obvious nappy and plastic pants are exposed. When he tries to sit, petticoats cascade around him,
reducing him to a truly penitent parody of a little girl. His pinafore mocks his every attempt at control, huge frills at his puff sleeves set off his helplessness. His hair is adorned with a ringlet wig and ribbons. He talks in a lisp, and walks most awkwardly. He is our own ‘Shirley Temple’ for the night, and we proceed to put him through his paces for several hours.

When he is allowed to crawl away he is truly repentent. I have known some of the girls actually reduced to tears of laughter as they make him ‘perform’, and some of the ideas they come up with are very bizarre. He obviously absolutely hates these evenings and works like a beaver to avoid forfeit points and the resultant punishment.

The following day is called ‘mothers day’ and my dear mother has him completely to herself. Mother’s day often gets stretched out to three days. He is so humiliated from the forfeit night that he is especially docile. Mother usually keeps him in his party frock as she makes him perform endless menial tasks for her. I can ensure you after several days in that dress he is glad to get back into his maid’s uniform. On average I would say he experiences ‘total humiliation’ on forfeit nights about twice a month.

My two lovers are aware I petticoat my slave/male but are not allowed to see him fully dressed.  (They have to be obedient to me to remain my lovers). The right to humiliate and inflict strict petticoat control is one only women can administer and should not involve the male, apart from the ‘victim’ of course.

My satisfaction is reached when my slave/male witnesses my uncontrolled love-making as he stands pinafored at the foot of the bed, as he is to remain passive and merely watches
as I am sexed by 15 stone of blonde male.

When we have both fulfilled ourselves he is allowed thank me for the reminder of what he will never ever deserve to have again. Mother is always telling him what a great ‘pansy’ he is, and how she has never seen her daughter more content! And she is right!

One must remember he is only allowed to masturbate for sex, during which he is very strictly controlled and degraded by my mother during his monthly ‘treat’. Proper satisfaction is not allowed, and my chastity belt I had purchased specially for him makes sure no ‘hanky panky’ goes on, if he tried to get an erection wearing it, I am sure he would
castrate himself, so well fitting is the cage and straps.

Some of your readers may find my ideas difficult to comprehend, but they must realise that for years I was humiliated by having an abusive lush for a husband who squandered money. Now it is my turn to humiliate him.

My methods are extreme but they work. He knows who the boss is now and has done for some years, he wears petticoats to remind him of his position and to emphasise his
punishment for what he has done to me. They also prevented him originally from leaving the house to return to drink binges and I believe to certain early death. I admit I get pleasure from seeing him put to work and rendered submissive, but I know he deserves all he is getting, and indeed what he is to get, as I have not finished with him yet. It is my intention to carry on with petticoat control for his life-time, I do not intend to ever let him adopt the role of a true male again, I do not ever wish to return to the position of  housewife and chattel. That is HIS role!

My mother and I intend to add to his wardrobe this summer with two new outfits. One designed on traditional ballet lines, i.e. very fancy tu-tu in pink net and nylon, and a the second, a replica Alice in Wonderland style costume. Both dresses to have full underpinnings and accessories. The three dresses he wears now are still in very good condition, and bear testimony to the dressmaker who fashioned them.

One can safely assume that this is one female who does not intend to bow the knee to any man, and as my mother is only in her mid fifties my slave/male can assume he has many
more years in front of him, dressed in his ‘frilly pretties’.

LINK to my published journals.

LINK to my published BDSM manual.


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47 Responses to Mother-in-law inherits son-in-law sub

  1. shirley says:

    Miss Scarlet:

    Wow! That was quite an intense posting to even read. Beads of sweat appeared on my brow as I was picturing in my mind what that poor bloke had to endure. I suspect though that the abusive arsehole was getting his just desserts. Turnabout is fair play. And let the punishment fit the crime.

    I know that I could not endure anything close to what was described in that message….especially the corporal side of it….I suspect I would just have to quietly crawl into a corner and cry myself to sleep and pray for some relief.

    But I do have some personal experience with petticoat punishment. In fact, as I pen this note, I do have a petticoat on underneath the skirt of my dress. It is fairly normal for me to be in feminine attire in our home….a method for keeping my male ego buried…..but a long glimpse at a well turned leg beneath a short skirt, of a Woman that passed by our restaurant table last night, “won” me a full day in a petticoat as well.

    Of course a petticoat is considered these days as only the province of “girly” girls; and as such I am not only a little red faced but considerably less vocal than normal. It is quite humbling.

    And perhaps the most disturbing part is that I must be very careful when using the commode; to sit carefully making doubly sure to gather up all the material before I do any business. The petticoat turns a simple everyday occurrence into quite the process for someone like me.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. K says:

    Is this in bitch-boy’s future, in some form?

    • No. He is my toy and my pleasure to use and abuse; but any and every opportunity will be taken to have him ‘babysat’ or skivvy for other women with me not present. And if that can be for several consecutive days or a full week when I am otherwise engaged, that will happen.

      • K says:

        Will the other women be friends and acquaintances who know about his full-time servitude or will they be your more “professional” contacts? I am wondering how extreme his treatment will be in your absence – better, or worse!

        • Whoever I could get. If they were professionals I would explain his full-time servitude.

          I am imagining his treatment would be worse. For a start 24/7 every day, zero vanilla time. And a bonus or extra fulsome praise for causing tears to flow.

          • K says:

            Your post and the reactions to it (which must please you!) have me wondering what it is about the mother-in-law scenario that horrifies subs so especially. I wonder if it’s because subbing for a private (or professional) domme can allow the sub to “hide” behind a role or assigned personality whereas submissing in front of a relative of the Mistress – your sisters, for example – forces the submissive to expose itself to the “real” world, truly stripping away all dignity and pride.

            • I have thought about this as the reaction has been so strong.
              I think you are right that there is no pretending its just a game. I also think the following.
              It is more powerful than sisters-in-law because a MIL in this role is likely to be a widow or divorced and may well have no interest in meeting a new male vanilla partner, meaning they can focus on their new hobby (of making their SIL miserable for as many of his waking hours as possible) without any distractions. Given they may well be retired too, they can indeed become engrossed in their new hobby, it giving them more pleasure than any vanilla hobby and them having 24/7 spare time to do so.
              MILs can be extremely defensive over their daughters and if a male has hurt a daughter in some way are likely to hold a very serious grudge for years and years and have no pity in extracting revenge and judicial punishment for hurting their daughter. On the same theme MILs are likely to encourage their daughter to cuckold the male and do anything else for the daughter’s pleasure at whatever expense to the male. Their daughter’s happiness being all they would think is important.
              Finally the daughter/wife may well be very attractive while the MIL much less so, but the male may have to perform intimate services for the MIL. Another ‘injustice’.


              • K says:

                This is a perspective I had not considered: the scenario of the veangeful MIL – that the MIL wants to punish the sub as much or more so than her daughter. That’s even more frightening. The bond between MIL and Mistress could not be broken: the sub would always be the weak point in the triangle.

                The notion of having to perform “intimate services” is equally sobering. My Mistress’s humiliation of me as a rent boy has included this but she sensed I was coming to enjoy it so it was discontinued.

  3. shopslave says:

    This story may also be of interest . file:///E:/1/stor/Owned%20by%20the%20Mother-in-Law%20%20%20GaggedUtopia’s%20Story%20Archive.htm

  4. Matilda says:

    This whole story is totally fascinating.. I have had a break from here but constantly review your blog and it just keeps getting better and better. Your book, Gratifying Domination and Submissive Contentent: A Guidance Manual is a fantastic read and such great value for money. I love it. In my opinion the best ever that deals with the subject I love. Female Domination. It truly stands alone in its field and covers so many topics, it’s brilliant as are all your journals and I love their diary style entries. I have nothing but praise for the Manual and everything You do. You have become the Grand Master on the subject. Or in this case the ” Grand Mistress of Femdom.”

    On a personal note, .i have had a change of ownership recently and my new Mistress is even stricter than my previous one. When She realised I had left my previous owner She put forward Her proposals and I accepted them and started a two month trial contract. This has now been extended and has no official termination date. I visit Her for five or six days at a time wherein my Service is 24/7. I work eighteen hour days and I do everything that She requires and expects to Her exacting standards. We have lots of rules and schedules and a signed contract giving Her total authority to do as She pleases. I have to keep a daily Service Record diary which she validates daily also. There are prices to be paid for any infractions etc which are noted in my Service book and are dealt with during and at the end of my visit. I live in, sleeping at night on an air bed on the kitchen floor. It is comfortable enough for my maid is how she refers to it. I am Her house maid but like bb I am sometimes required for vanilla duties. I.e. Chaufering and escort to dinner and other occasional functions. When I return home I am instructed to write up a journal of my full time in service to Her. My last effort was about thirty pages long.
    That all for now Mistress Scarlet. I am a big fan of your blog site and love all that you do Ma’am .
    Yours respectfully maid matilda ( uk )

    • Thank you for the kind words about by journals and BDSM manual.

      It sounds like your Mistress is fantastic. I would love to hear more about your time with her. Some questions if I may.
      Are you in the UK?
      What is a journal of my full time in service to Her? I don’t understand how it can be 30 pages long?
      How are you punished for infractions?

      • Matilda says:

        I live in the North West of England. I have now swerved three Mistresses in this way as a live in 24/7 housemaid usually in full black and white uniform. I have over fifteen variations which are mostly quite similar and a lot are hand sewn by me.
        I had a varied upbringing with lots of sisters and was taught housework along side of them for most of my childhood, sewing knitting household duties hand washing and general laundry including ironing. Et. I can sew but have forgotten how to knit. I was okay as a child. I also led a vanilla normal boys life. Playing fottball and rugger for school.
        Re my journal, I write the whole story the best I can to tell all the details of my Service to Her. A day by day diary but with all details. I type it up on my computer. Then print it off and then post it to Her when it is is them marked for grammar and spelling mistakes etc and notes are made by Her for when I visit again!
        Before I describe the punishment routine I would just like to tell you about my shame and humiliation. Three visits ago it was suggested that I could buy a session. My Mistress gave me three options.
        1/.A sesion as a schoolgirl in class.
        2/. A session in a dance class.
        3/. An hour or so as Her secretary.?
        After a few days to think about it I chose number two, and decided to have a ballet lesson. Things have gone off the wall with this as I now know the first five ballet positions on which I have been tested three times. I have real ballet shoe tights and leotard with a fabulous tutu. My second lesson was to learn twenty French ballet terms by heart . Every mistake I make is punished severely by my Mistress. On my last visit I was taught a review of four selections to an eight bar piece of music. I have two months to rehearse before I am tested by Her in the company of some of Her pals. I am absolutely dreading this as to be honest I never ever expected this to happen. The music is the moonlight sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven. Its amazing beautiful piece of music and I love it but to be told I have to perform it in front of other Superiors has blown me away. So shameful. I am not of slight build Ma’am I average size 18 uk . Can you imagine how embarrassing this is going to be. When I said, no way Mistress . She hit the roof and brought out the sjambok. It seems s a deadly implement but thankfully I was only given six strokes.
        I have gone on a bit again. Sorry Mistress Scarlet!
        Yours with total respect maid matilda
        Ps. I did send comments to You last year describing my thrashing with a leather Tawse to my hands. That was by my previous Mistress. Thank you for replying to me Ma’am !

        • I am confused. First you say you live in 24/7. Then you say you post your typed up journal to your Mistress. You also mention buying a session. Is it actually the case that you visit a professional Dominatrix?

  5. Matilda uk says:

    Sorry I’ve amended the last entry due to some typo’s. Sorry Mistress. My Mistress is not a professional . I visit Her as her submissive house maid about five times a year. When I am in service to Her it is as 24/7. However as the terms of our contract state I am Her contracted maid. If I want to vary from the agreed format I am allowed to buy Her time for a certain period of time at a set cost. We call it the session!
    I hope that clarify’a the picture. It works very well for us both. In between visits we keep in touch by social media and I have tasks to do for Her . Essays, line writing, cartoons & art work . Poems & limericks to keep Her amused. I am at the moment being punished by being ignored for a length of time because I disagreed with something she had set for me to do. Her response was! ” Big mistake.” Five days ago.. I really hate this punishment. Respectfully matilda

  6. Matilda uk says:

    I hope You don’t think me rude but in my very first reply I thought I had explained the situation pretty thoroughly. If you wish to reread it Ma’am . I hope you don’t take it the wrong way Mistress Scarlet as I hate to be thought of as cheeky. Especially to a True Superior as Yourself.
    Respectfully matilda.

  7. mistressmargret says:

    Hello Mistress Scarlet.
    I must say I did enjoy that letter.
    Would you be posting any more
    letters involving mother in laws ?

  8. mirandabirch says:

    What a fascinating letter! Thank you so much for sharing it.

    I would wager that part of what would so enthral a male confronted with a dominant Mother-in-law would be the echoes, perhaps unconscious, of his own first exposure to female authority: to whit, his own mother. This would be likely to render him more pliant and docile, especially if much of the power was, unknown to him, coming from his own unconscious.

  9. Matilda uk says:

    I don’t understand the confusion ! In my first response I said I visit Her for five or six days at a time. I am not 24/7 for 365 days. And I never said I was . You make it seem as though I am not telling the truth. Obviously that is Your choice Ma’am . But I can assure You that everything I have written is the absolute truth….. Yours respectfully maid matilda
    Ps. My journal lists everything that i do for the whole day starting when I rise until I retire late at night Covering any punishments, assignments and tasks! I somedays even cook three meals a day and this can sometimes include a three course dinner !

  10. Matilda uk says:

    My dear Mistress Scarlet . If i have spoken out of turn please forgive me. i am not that kind of person . i only wished to clarify how my submissive life is structured. i am very Sorry Ma’am if i have offended You at all. As i said about You being “The Grand Mistress of Femdom.” i truly admire You and have done for many years. i have purchased many of Your journals and have explained how much i love your recent ‘ manual ‘ i can only hope You will believe me when I say sorry.
    I am not having a good day as my Mistress has just trashed my first 250 lines of 500 and told me to start again using a ruler as guidance. She has said i will have to do them again and again and again until they are absolutely perfect!
    Please say i am forgiven Mistress Scarlet. Sorry maid matilda ( uk )

  11. Matilda uk says:

    Thank You Venerated Mistress 🙏🏻 Happy maid matilda ( uk )

  12. wayne says:

    You didn’t write that haha this is an old story from petticoated .com

    • Are you just pretending to be a moron or is it how you are all the time? I begin the piece by stating: ‘…..Well I have so far found one relevant reader’s letter. I would not be surprised if it is from the late seventies, early eighties. Here it is:….’

      Thus making clear I did not write it.

      • wayne gilby says:

        Sorry Ms Scarlett I’m pretty sure when I’m asleep I’m not as much of a did state that and I was completely wrong and I apologise I’m sorry.

  13. Robert says:

    Is this real? The poor man I’d want to die bring under their control they are making his life a living hell poor man

    • Yet many, many truly submissive men crave the life he leads.

      • Wayne says:

        So do I I dream of it exactly like that

        • Wayne says:

          Where can I find it do women like this exist?

          • I am not sure what your questions is??

            • Wayne says:

              I wish I had his life I crave it as well every minute I wish I did not but I do,I wonder at what point any woman decides she wants to do this? When does she decide it’s better for her? Does love guilt or anything come into it?just curious thankyou

              • I have noticed two types of wife/slave husband relationship. Those like mine where the wife does get pleasure from the vanilla company of the husband so although domination times can be frequent and extreme, there is also vanilla time. The other type of wife/slave husband relationship is where the wife gets no pleasure from the vanilla company of the husband. In these relationships it tends to end up like the relationship to which you refer in your comment. Relentless, exploiting, extreme, pitiless, ruthless, every single minute of 24/7/365, constant, dehumanising and remorseless.

                • Wayne says:

                  Wow amazing,the mind of a woman like this is quite something ,how does she think of all them things to do,in that story if he became ill for examplessake would she abandon him or care? do you think the male cannot leave because he knows he will never get it again no matter how bad it is? Thankyou for your replies I am genuinely interested in people’s minds and what goes through them!

                • wayne gilby says:

                  Wow I’d like the latter one butbil never find it,dies this go from vanilla to that one day she decides she wants that? Or does he ask for it is it even possibly to go from a normal marriage to that life overnight? When at what point does a woman decude she wants that is it if it’s a failing relationship? It’s soninteresri g this topic and what goes in in people’s minds thankyou for all your replies mistress Scarlett.

                  • I believe he was a drunk gambler wrecking their lives, so with her mothers help, they coerced him into slavedom and then, having resented him for years, they took pleasure in making him miserable every day just as he had made them miserable every day. Their power over him, perhaps blackmail?, meant no escape ever.

                    • Wayne says:

                      Thankyou and good morning Mistress Scarlett,Wow lol I don’t know what to say to that,i think that’s a subs problem your have to act like a complete …… To get this or would be thought of an undeserving and so nice ,they can’t win!!

                    • Wayne says:

                      You make it sound so easy so matter of fact

  14. Wayne says:

    He’s lucky I wish I had that life,how do I find it it’s impossible

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