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Another suggestion from Lady Jessica

Another comment from the wonderful Lady Jessica I have posted here as I know many blog followers do not read comments on posts.

The concept of a naughty subby having to take a guess at what punishment he is due, with significant consequences for guessing low, I think has been mentioned before on my blog, but as you might expect, Lady Jessica uses this technique exquisitely and cruelly!

And I certainly get a warm feeling knowing Lady Jessica is now adopting a minor technique of mine. It is a favourite for me when dominant women share ideas to keep their males deeply subjugated and themselves pleasantly amused.


My dear Mistress Scarlet

You really are too kind: to me, that is. I was touched by your very complimentary words on my modest contribution and those of the many contributors in the comments. Making my own skivvy suffer is of course its own reward but how lovely it is to think that his regime brings pleasure as well to so many strangers on the Internet.

And as for this post, Mistress Scarlet! Well, to think that I might have contributed in some small way to increasing still further the misery of bitch-boy’s existence brings on a physical shiver of pleasure! How lucky all our boys are not only to have women who bring purpose and structure to their lives, but also to be part of a global community that takes such delight in their pain and humiliations.

It is an inspiring thought that around the world, right now, there may be computers and phones abandoned displaying this page of your blog, while in a neighbouring room, after a pause for the shrieks to die away, a soft feminine voice gently asks “Do you think you have had enough to be deterred from disobedience, maggot?”.

I shall certainly be trying it.

One little twist I enjoy (and, you know, I have been reading your blog for so long my dear, that I do not even recall if it originally came from you, so do forgive me if this is old hat), is to allow skivvy to set the parameters of his punishment. I believe that if he himself takes some responsibility for determining the consequences of his behaviour, it will focus his mind more closely upon the sins he committed. So, for example: following some moderate failing on his part, such as… oh I don’t know, hanging my ironed blouses in a different order from the way I like them, then I might inform him that a caning is due. Not the worst error perhaps, but imagine how cross I would be if I reached into the cupboard without looking carefully and pulled out a different garment from the one I was expecting, just because my lazy skivvy had not bothered to check the sequence! Skivvy would then sit down and write a short essay – no more than 2000 words, say – on the importance of good order in domestic chores, or perhaps more philosophically on why he seems unable to carry out even the simplest tasks adequately. Then he will bring me the essay, for me to check or to discard as the mood takes me.

And then I will ask him to suggest an appropriate number of strokes. I place the cane on my desk, in full sight, to help him concentrate and I place as well a piece of paper on the reverse side of which I have previously written my own estimate of the appropriate punishment. Then he must request whatever number he thinks suitable. How many strokes, skivvy? Hmm?

I give him time to decide. He is usually shaking in fear at this point, so I am in no hurry to move on: it is one of my favourite times of the day. But he must choose: asking me politely for the number of strokes that, in his considered opinion, he deserves.

There is a bit of a twist. Once he has announced his own punishment, I turn over the card, so we can compare our estimates. I do not cheat: my own number will be written there clearly. If we agree, then that is how many strokes he will receive, and we proceed to that stage of the process.

If he should have chosen more than I awarded… well, after he had so long carefully to consider the matter, who am I to argue? ‘You want 18 strokes, skivvy? Do you know, I was planning on only 12? Oh well… I suppose I could manage an extra six without too much difficulty if that’s what you really want. Let’s get you over the block.”

But if he should choose a lighter punishment than I had envisaged… well, that is a more serious matter, Mistress Scarlet, as I think you will agree. Obviously, in those circumstances the little worm has utterly failed to appreciate the seriousness of the situation, or to empathise sufficiently with the trouble to which he put me with his thoughtless approach to hanging blouses, the selfish beast. My estimate prevails – obviously – and to it, we add three times the difference between the estimates. Thus, if I had chosen 12 strokes and he estimated merely eight, he receives my 12 plus three times four, for another 12, making 24 in all.

In practice, I tend not to choose such nice even numbers, as I do not think the challenge should be made too simple. I might choose 11, or 15 or 23, for example.

The scoring is thoroughly asymmetric. Quite deliberately. If he over-estimates how many strokes he needs, well: that is unpleasant for him as he could have had fewer but no real harm is done. And possibly some good. Underestimating, though, requires immediate correction, so the three-times multiple is very fair.

It does admittedly put him in the difficult situation of having quite a strong incentive to go high rather than low. He knows very well that the three-times rule can lead to a breathtakingly agonising experience. Once, for example, he completely misunderstood my mood and decided he deserved eight strokes when I had him down for 25. So, after a little practice with the 17-times table, he received 25 plus 51 = 76 strokes. He was quite dehydrated from crying when I had finished, but of course I let him have some water as soon as he had finished the post-caning corner time and the few chores he was yet to complete.

Although I enjoy thrashing him severely like that, though, the psychological torment when it goes the other way is a more subtle but equally delightful pleasure. Terified of repeating an experience like the one above he dare not choose too low a number! On occasion, I have had him down for a mere four stroke reminder and the silly skivvy has asked for 18 – which of course, I am only too pleased to hand out. The look on his face when I turn over the card in such situations is a treat, it really is. And of course – bringing the topic back to your so sweetly malicious post, Mistress Scarlet – in such circumstances I will always pause after stroke number four to remind him that if it were up to me, this would be the end of the unpleasantness. But as he asked so nicely, there’s still 14 to go! By request, so to speak.

Yours in sincere sisterhood

Lady Jessica

Kind to be VERY cruel ; The Amazing Lady Jessica

I received the comment below and I found it so affecting I had to make it into a blog post.

The theme is I think identical to that in my post of January 2018 but Lady Jessica and I  arrive at the same outcome via somewhat different psychological techniques. I do note that in order to succeed Lady Jessica’s technique requires a continuing regime of very harsh endurances for her skivvy , but there is nothing wrong with that!


Dear Mistress Scarlet

I am so pleased you managed to retrieve my previous message and I am flattered to honoured to see it featured on your wonderful blog. I do hope that whatever male (or “male”) creature was responsible for its deletion was soundly thrashed. Even if BB was nowhere near your computer at the time, his sin of omission in failing to prevent you from deleting it was surely a grave one. It is always a male’s fault, I find, don’t you?

Your latest post made me think, as so many of them do. I would like to put in a few words in favour of a somewhat neglected trait I believe a domme should display: the willingness to be merciful. Kindness, my dear Mistress Scarlet, is under-rated in the world of female domination.

I myself occasionally take pity on my little skivvy and I show him the true quality of my mercy, with an act of kindness. On my way up to bed, I might, for example, pop into the study where he is hunched over his desk, writing lines in a task that he knows will keep him up until 3am at the earliest (with chores to do from 5.30 the next day, as every other). Asking him how many he has done, and observing his wretched face as he tells me he has not yet reached 200 of the 500 assigned, I might take pity and smilingly declare that he can reach the 200 and make an early night of it – or even just tell him, he can put his pencil down then and there. The relief, joy and gratitude on his face is a tonic, it truly is.

Or I might perhaps pause during a thrashing and ask the sobbing wreck strapped so tightly over the whipping bench, whether he is truly sorry. On being assured that he is, I might perhaps declare that I will let him off the remaining strokes, as he seems so sincerely contrite, and put the cane aside before loosening his straps and allowing the thankful skivvy to stagger off to resume his duties, stammering out his gratitude and his appreciation of his kind, merciful Mistress.

Why do I act in this soft-hearted fashion, Mistress Scarlet? Well, let me quote John Cleese’s character in the film Clockwise: “It’s not the despair, Laura. I can take the despair. It’s the hope I can’t stand.”

You see, Mistress Scarlet, there will be other occasions on which skivvy is sitting at his desk, facing a numbingly tedious written imposition stretching impossibly late into the night. Many, many other occasions. His hand aching, his buttocks numb from sitting on the hard stool, his mind a whirl with the humiliation of being unable to escape this mind-numbingly tedious and thoroughly pointless task. And he will hear me walk past the door of the study… perhaps I will come in. Or perhaps he will simply be listening intently, trying to decide whether I have already gone up to bed and left him to his task, or whether he still has hope. Because, thanks to my occasional acts of kindness, he does always have hope. And that hope, my dear, transforms what might be merely a tedious and unpleasant but inevitable night of discomfort into something quite unbearable. Into torment. Because he can never resign himself completely to the inevitable while hope remains.

Of course, that hope rests on the most slender thread imaginable. His heart may leap when I enter the room, only to fall into despair when I pick up some item or other and leave him to his fate. He knows in his heart of hearts that this is the most likely outcome. Perhaps, after asking how far he has got, I will casually double the lines he must write, or pick up the sheaf of scribbled papers and tear them up, instructing him to begin again in a colour more to my liking. These are both much more likely than an act of mercy on my part – and he knows it. But while he still has hope, there is always a chance for him to pray for silently, and the crushing of that hope when I dash it, Mistress Scarlet, more than makes up for those rare occasions when I have to act against  my nature and extend the little swine any mercy.

Consider the skivvy strapped across the whipping bench, receiving a good dose of the cane. I ask if he is truly sorry. If I am simply to carry on regardless of his answer, then some formulaic sobbed “I’m so sorry Mistress” might be as good a response as any other. But he knows I can be merciful, he knows I can be kind. And oh! – how desperately he pleads, how he shrieks for that mercy he knows I can so very easily bestow, remembering those vanishingly rare occasions on which the flogging ceased as a result! How much more he screams when the whipping simply resumes after his desperate begging, or is doubled or tripled at a whim. And yet, later in the punishment, his breathing hoarse as he has little left from screaming, I might ask him again and his heart will leap anew at the thought that I might yet let him off even the few remaining slashes from that dreadful cane and he will beg and plead for me again.

Of course, he knows the chance is always vanishingly small. He must tell himself repeatedly not to get his hopes up: that silently wishing and praying for mercy is almost certain to be ineffective against my stern resolve to enforce my regime. But he can’t help himself, can he? Try as might, he cannot help thinking that this latest unbearable slash of fire across his throbbing backside will be the last, that the remaining strokes that he can hardly imagine ‘taking’ might not have to be taken at all. Please? And then the whirr of the cane through the air and the crack of the latest outrage on his poor abused flesh and the scream that follows a thousand shrieking nerves reporting pain receptors ablaze across his rump. And then, once again, as the pause before the next one lengthens: that unbearable glimmer of hope.

Hopes dashed, Mistress Scarlet – so much more unpleasant than hopes never entertained at all. Don’t you agree? Daily, I inflict pain and suffering on skivvy’s body, of course, but the greatest pleasure of all is to crush a soul, to break his spirit. And hope is like a drop from the fountain of youth: it rejuvenates and restores his spirit, enabling me to crush it once more. To crush it, break it, annihilate it… and yet it comes back for more pain and humiliation (and more there will always be), thanks to hope.

Without hope, I believe, I would have a shambling zombie of a servant to abuse – shambling from chore to punishment and back again in a constant state of degradation and defeat. With it, I have a human being: beaten and subjugated, to be sure, not much of a human being, but as there is always that glimmer of spirit, there is a spark of humanity there. A human being longing and praying that things might turn out not to be as bad as his fears… and vulnerable to the misery when those fears are realised. To be plunged into despair: again and again and again and again. Delightful!

They say sometimes one must be cruel to be kind, my dear Mistress Scarlet. But only the sadist knows that to be cruel – to be truly cruel – one must just occasionally be kind.

Yours in sincere sisterhood

Lady Jessica

Early results – The ‘S’ word and the ‘C’ word research

Well early results of my research are interesting. (see previous post).

Firstly a huge thanks to all the Dommes to have so kindly left comments and please, please, to those who do not like the sadist label, do not take my responding challenges or questions as disrespectful or ungrateful in any way. Each of you are amazing and awesome women I hold in the highest regard. I am though simply trying to understand why there is resistance to being labelled a sadist when, by the normal application of the dictionary definition………..

Other Domme respondents, like me, are happy / proud however to be labelled a sadist.

As I mentioned in my last post, I used to have this resistance to the label and now I do not and I am not sure what happened enabling me to lose my resistance. But it was and is liberating and empowering and perhaps even erotic and arousing for me to have done so.

But now I come to the nub of my interest in this issue. To summarise results so far, 100% of the submissives who responded confirmed that:  if a woman introduces herself to them confirming that she is a sadist, the woman is instantly put on a pedestal, held in awe and considered very special.

You may ask, why is this important to me? Well,  as you all know, my goal is to play my small part in having more women become dominant and take possession of one of the many, many spare submissives out there. And by so doing most likely bring them both to the most contented and stable relationship anyone can enjoy. And particularly thinking of young women, they do need to know that the evidence is that, if they have a sadistic side they should very early on, tell this to any submissive male suitor.

They should not be coy or reserved on this matter. To confirm they are a sadist or sadistic , the evidence suggests, will help to immediately have the male addicted to them and holding them in awe. And what better way to start their relationship could there be.

A novel humiliation – no hope for the subby

Below is a great comment left by Lady Jessica which seemed to go straight into my trash and then get deleted!  I managed to recover it and I post it here as it is so novel and the poor subby really can’t avoid punishment. Delicious! Lady Jessica is a fantastic Domme with a wonderful style of dominance.

My dear Mistress Scarlet

You are indeed dear to me, as I have been an avid follower of your blog and indeed of your methods for several years. I so much admire the delicious cruelty with which you treat bitch-boy – this post and the previous one being perfect examples of the rare skill with which you so precisely set his conditions of existence., My own skivvy, who used to be Steve but now has no particular fixed name as there is rarely any doubt to whom I am referring, has learned to spot and dread your blog updates, as he knows full well that the same treatment may well be meted out to him in due course.

I have been meaning to write for some time now. One of the very, very rare techniques for humiliation of the sissified male that I have not seen discussed on your blog, dear Mistress Scarlet, is the use of balloons. Have you ever treated bitch boy to the delights of a packet of party balloons? I have found several uses for them.

The first is simply to make my skivvy look more ridiculous than usual. A balloon attached and dangling from some body part or other somehow manages to make even the most careful and humdrum movement laughably inept. Helium-filled balloons of course dangle upwards and a pair attached on short strings one to each ear conveys a delightful impression of some kind of giant toy donkey. Balloons without helium dangle down. A large balloon attached at the nozzle with masking tape to the forehead will dangle and flap around in front of the eyes, boffing gently against the face endlessly, in what must surely be a maddeningly irritating fashion to any skivvy forced to attempt his busy schedule of chores in such a condition.

Yet it is when balloons are combined one with another, Mistress Scarlet, that things really begin to amuse. A balloon tied to the wrist is an encumbrance to the tasks that I expect and require my skivvy to carry out. Two balloons more than doubles the encumbrance but with three, four five all tightly attached to the same wrist… well, the hapless skivvy finds himself wearing a sort of bracelet of inflated latex of clashing cheerful colours. Can you imagine, my dear, how the routine tasks of scrubbing floors, washing dishes or handwashing clothes are hampered by such a bracelet around the wrist? Or by such a bracelet around each wrist? The skivvy can barely even see the task on which he is engaged and is therefore even more likely than his natural incompetence would warrant, to commit errors and fail in his appointed task. It is disappointing when this occurs of course, as his zeal to serve me should allow him to rise above such trivial hindrances to achieving the perfection I deem to be adequate. Fortunately, the cane is always available to assist in developing his skills.

Of course, Mistress Scarlet, balloons can be fragile things. They can be popped deliberately -amusing to sneak up in stockinged feet behind a skivvy intent on some menial task, and suddenly – BANG! – pop one of the balloons dangling from the back of his collar. But balloons also pop ‘accidentally’, do they not, and a skivvy who allows a balloon that his Mistress has kindly awarded him to pop is in for a most testing time with the cane, most testing indeed. The skivvy festooned with balloons, trying desperately to complete tasks to time and the required perfection faces a hard challenge indeed – and one that he has never been known not to fail. Of course, there is no concealing the fault. The sound can be heard throughout the house and the sad little rubber remnants, the pathetic little rag hanging deflated from the wrist, collar or genitals, is almost like a ready-made entry in a punishment book, betokening an inevitable caning.

And so, dear Mistress Scarlet, as I sit here finishing this letter that I very much hope will meet with your approval, my skivvy is decked out in a complete packet of party balloons. Ears, neck, wrists, elbows, waist, knees and ankles are all festooned with gaily coloured rings of waving, rustling and squeaking balloons. Between his legs, two particularly over-inflated pink balloons give an entirely misleading impression of the shrivelled organs to which they are attached. “Birthday girl!” proclaims one, while the other is decorated with sparkly unicorns. There are forty in all – three of which, I regret to have to report, have already popped, so I am afraid the birthday girl will be receiving three sets of ‘birthday bumps’ from my cane for that. Skivvy is currently on all fours, very slowly picking and eating fluff from the floor – so slowly, indeed, that I fear he will not have completed half his task in the requisite time and therefore will earn a still more generous dose with the cane when I come to review his performance.

Oh – and another balloon gone! I fear I am in for a busy afternoon, Mistress Scarlet, so I will sign off now with my very best wishes to you and my thanks again for your inspiring work.

Yours in sincere sisterhood

Lady Jessica

Being a Domme

I was asked the following question:

You have published detailed descriptions of the lifestyles of a number of dominant women now, who are (or were) clearly very dedicated to what they do – Pamela (Candyfloss), Geena P (Suzette), Mary from Maxstoke, Carla, and Christine M; as well as your good self and bb. Obviously they are all individuals whose practices differ, but I wondered if you have any thoughts on what (you and) they have in common. In other words, what are key characteristics, behaviours, or mindsets of highly-committed Dommes?

Here is my answer:

I would be pleased to learn from other committed Dommes where I am wrong or have left  omissions in my views on this. I would list the characteristics, behaviours, and mind-sets of highly committed Dommes as follows.

Firstly it is the strength of mind to reject three of the constraints of  some of our societies’ morals and rules. Our societies would have it that women are the weaker and submissive gender and, that it is wrong for people to be cruel and unfair to others, and certainly people should not take pleasure in being cruel and unfair to others; sadism.

Obviously there are many truly submissive males who are very weak and submissive when confronted by a dominant woman. A matter of simple fact. And these males are only truly content when they feel they are helplessly in the power of a dominant woman.

So, far from it being wrong to be cruel and unfair to these males, it is in fact a kindness. In order that these males are comfortably without doubt that they are helplessly in the power of a dominant woman, things must happen they truly do not like. This might simply be many hours of chores, it might be deep humiliations, it might be physical punishment and pain. But when these things are all over, and these males settle down to sleep that night, they sleep deeply contented sleep, safe in the knowledge, and with no doubt whatsoever, that they are helplessly in the power of a dominant woman!

The next characteristic, behaviour or mind-set is  decadence and hedonism. Dommes have to be able to be unashamedly decadent and hedonistic. They have to be comfortable and relaxed taking pleasure from the situation. LOTS OF PLEASURE! It is amazing how many people don’t commit, without guilt, to spending time on pleasure. I will make a link here with my view, I have expressed often, that sadism is a natural trait in humans inherited through evolution, as a means of clarifying relative statuses in a pack of mammals. It’s form in humans is taking pleasure in inflicting  physical and/or mental pain. It took me a number of years to accept having the word applied to me although there was NEVER any doubt I was a sadist. Now I treat it as a badge I am proud of. It takes independence and strength to reject the behavioural shackles of society to the extent of acknowledging one is a sadist.

Although there has been much coyness on the evidence for sadism being natural,  I am about to mention, recent posts and comments from Dommes have revealed that, like me, Dommes become very physically sexually aroused when being sadistic. Physical sexual arousal takes place in our genitals and orgasms are quick to arrive and huge and frequent. If sadism was not natural, how could it cause physical changes n our bodies over which we have no control????

The next characteristic, behaviour or mind-set is ruthless, pitiless, guilt free determination. The relationship will be set up how the Domme wants it to be, whatever that entails for the submissive male. This often means there are hurdles to overcome and solutions to problems to find and objections from the males to be ignored or crushed with ruthless determination and NO PITY! And in my experience, over the years, how the Domme wants the relationship to be set up will evolve to become more extreme and so there always remains the need  for objections from the males to be ignored or crushed with ruthless determination and NO PITY.

And no guilt either. The male needs cruel dominance to be contented at the deepest level. The Domme must be allowed to gift him that in whatever way she pleases. He gets his deep contentment but the Domme decides how. Her whims, her selfishness, what gives her pleasure, what makes her life easy. It is the Domme’s right to exploit the situation for her benefit, not satisy the fantasies of the male. There can be some small compromise here as another benefit of being a Domme is to have another human in awe of you and addicted to you. Powerful stuff believe me! This may mean doing things to obtain that awe and addiction that one would not have thought of without hearing of the male’s fantasies. NEVER though, doing anything one does not thoroughly enjoy!

So in summary:

  • strength of mind to reject three of the constraints of  some of our societies’ morals and rules,
  • to be unashamedly decadent and hedonistic,
  • ruthless, pitiless, guilt free determination.

I must mention one more important, related issue. I have found there are two types of DS relationship. The first type, like mine, is where the Domme still finds a great deal of pleasure in the vanilla company of their sub male. Watching a great movie, fine dining, travel, etc. I use bitch-boy, (and I tell him so), in his vanilla mode often on such occasions. The second type is where the Domme has lost all interest in the vanilla company of her sub male. The second type is always MUCH, MUCH MORE EXTREME! No let up on the male for one second.

Well these are my thoughts. I would love to hear from others on this topic.


Name to shame : Part 2

Well first of all, thank you to all of you who responded to my last blog post. Amusing and fascinating.  The responses made me realise that I should have set out the criteria by which I was to choose a name for the thirteen inch double ended dildo used for having bitch-boy endure deep throat cock suckling practice.

  1. The name had to allow for a queue or stream of a large number of well hung clients for him, (in the unlikely event I would need him to earn me money in the future this way), so the name of a specific individual or singular male does not work for me, although there were some very clever ideas!
  2. The name had to make reference to his forced sissified status and if possible his born again virgin status.

Given these criteria my list to choose from remains quite small and I would be very happy for more suggestions.

Mistress Rain’s suggestion to use a name I could shorten to a few initials is fantastic! I get to use a mouthful of a name, excuse the pun, but for my convenience I can just use a few initials most of the time I use it. Bearing this great idea in mind:

Deep Throat Reamer- the DTR,      Sissy Tonsil Trasher – the STT,      Sissy Throat Blocker – the STB,       Sexless Sissy Skewer – the Triple S,      Virgin Sissy Skewer – the VSS,      BAV Sissy Skewer – the BSS,     Pansy Piece Plugger – the Triple P,     Sissy Slut Skewer – the Triple S.

Not that I have decided on BSS, but as an example, I can just imagine the scenario of a delightfully malevolent female visitor at my house, bitch-boy in his whore outfit with chastity cage on display, and how I could begin the shaming.

ME:     ‘bitch-boy, go and get the BSS, so we can show our guest how I have trained you to perform like a whore for money.’

THE GUEST, chuckling, :   ‘The BSS, what on earth is the BSS?

ME:    ‘Tell Governess Neeta what BSS stands for then bitch-boy. And in fine detail!

bitch-boy, trembling and dying of shame:   ‘The B thtandth for Born Again Virgin, which ith what I am. The Eth Eth thtandth for Thithy Thkewer becauth the B-Eth-Eth ith a thirteen inch long dildo which my Mithdreth pusheth down my throat tho I will be able to earn money ath a deep throat cock thucker if my Mithdreth ever needth me to.

ME:   ‘I am sorry Neeta, the sissy lisps pathetically all the time, as you just heard, so its description of the BSS might have been difficult to follow. ‘The B stands for Born Again Virgin, which is what the sissy is. It never ever has sex with anyone and it never  ever will. The SS stands for Sissy Skewer because the BSS is a thirteen inch long dildo which I push down its throat, skewering the sissy, so it can practice being able to earn me money as a deep throat cock sucking whore, if I ever need it to or if I just want the amusement.’

Name to shame

Well those of you who have read my Journal No. 14 will know, among other things, bitch-boy’s training is continuing as a deep throating, cock sucker, money maker, whore. I am training him so that should I ever need him to earn money for me through this activity he is ready to hit the ground running! And I am also training him because it is very pleasurable for me to train him and very shaming and quite physically distressing for him! (Although his progress is good past the gagging point.)

I want to give the thirteen inch double ended dildo, you will have read of in my Journal No. 14, a suitable name to make it easy to refer to it. ‘Go and get the thirteen inch double ended dildo….’ is a bit of a mouthful; excuse the pun.

A photo of the is the item to which I refer. An obscene object I know!

13 - Copy

I have several names I have thought of but I wondered if sissy male followers and my wonderful Domme blog followers could either or, suggest even more shaming names, or advise me which of my names works best.

Deep Reamer, Anaconda, Dicktator, Tonsil Trasher, Throat Blocker, Throat Thruster, Sissy Skewer and Pansy Plugger.

Thank you in anticipation.


The Amazing Domme, Carla

Well I continue with the, so far very popular, posting of delectable comments I have received on posts on this blog, which most of you, it seems, will not have read.

This time, let me know if you like this post. 6000! words of comments from one of my very, very favourite contributors, Carla.

I post some photos from her here that are relevant to some of the comments that follow. Also within the text below there is a link to my BDSMLR site of a photo from Carla involving male genetalia. (I never feature genitalia images on this blog, for fear of being closed down.)

















Carla’s comments – oldest first

Hello Mistress Scarlett,
Like you, I my husband (actually second marriage but that is long story) is now my total sissy maid/slave-by his choice I must add. My boyfriend, who my sissy husband must also serve, discovered your website and through it your publications. We have read 2 volumes of your diaries. We have found them both great reads as well as instructive in ways to further degrade, humiliate and make the sissy’s life even more miserable, much to our and our friends amusement and entertainment.
I would be happy to share some of the ways I use and abuse pussie ( sissy’s name) and I have
a few pictures ( no faces) I could share if you are interested. If so please let me know.

Carla Thomas

Hello Ms Scarlet,
Sorry it has taken me so long to respond- I wrote you a few weeks ago offering to provide pictures and information about how I humiliate and punish my sissy husband if you were interested. You responded saying yes.

As way of background my sissy husband, who I call pussie, found your blog and showed it to me. I have made him purchase 3 volumes of your diaries which I love to read.  You have given me a number of wonderful ideas about how I can use, abuse and degrade pussie for my and my friends entertainment and amusement and the sissy’s misery.

I have two suggestions/ ideas you might enjoy. First while I love the petticoat punishment outfits you make bitchboy wear, I note that all of the outfits focus on humiliation but none on making the sissy miserably uncomfortable. pussie had a sweater fetish, while at the same time being very sensitive to itchy wool himself. So almost all of pussie’s outfits are made of horribly hot itchy wool-mohair, lopi and even sheeps wool.

You often describe in detail the sweaters you and your guests wear , not to mention pansie boy’s woolen mittens, so I am guessing you know that many have a sweater fetish. Add that fetish to the misery of wearing hot itchy wool girly-sissy outfits and you can imagine how miserable and frustrated I can make pussie. So pussie has a number of school girl uniforms, all of heavy wool flannel for the skirts and dresses, and itchy wool sweaters ( jumpers as you say) to wear right against the sissy’ skin over a bra. pussie also has a pink thick wool knit cheerleader outfit, and a woolen romper to do chores and get punished in.

My second suggestion is a wonderfully cruel punishment for pussie using a toilet bowl brush which is described below. I am sending you two pictures of my sissy husband pussie. The first shows pussie in his maid’s scrub outfit. It consists of a teenage girl red and white wool dress- way too small and super tight fitting on pussie over a bra, and then a wooly pink mohair sweater. I took this picture after pussie finished cleaning the kitchen and before the sissy was off to do the bathrooms. What you can’t tell from the picture is that this was taken on a 90+ summer day!

The second picture [LINK TO THE SECOND PICTURE] shows what pussie is made to wear while cleaning. It is a wired toilet bowl scrub brush. The wooden handle goes straight up with coarse twine threaded through the handle hole and tied just under pussie’s chest so that the wire brush part hangs down between pussie’s legs with the brush bent slightly inward toward the crotch. Twine is tied to the bottom of the brush and a second length of twine is tied around pussie’s wee wee. The twine tied to the brush is pulled back between pussie’s legs , up through his rear cheeks ( the twine is very coarse) and tied in back to the twine around his chest. Then I take the twine tightly tied just behindthe head of the wee-wee and pull it through the bristle brush yanking the wee-wee through the bristles until the brush is back as far as it can go on the shaft. To make sure the wee-wee slides easily through the brush I first coat the wee-wee with extra strength icey hot or something similar ( Tiger Balm is even more effective).

It does not take very long for pussie’s wee-wee and inner thighs to be very red and sore- poor thing walks and crawls soslowly when wearing the toilet bowl brush :). You can just imagine how sore pussie is after just a few hours with the brush on- and it is always on for at least 7-8 hours. Poor pussie’s wee-wee is soooo sore the sissy does not want to touch it even if I tell him he can play with himself to get relief- something that happens very rarely :-). I do give pussie prostate massages every few weeks for health reasons. I also shave pussie’s balls and genital area front and back at the same time as the milking- the pubic hairs and his milky substance make a delightful meal for pussie, which the sissy must lick out of its pink doggie bowl!!


Hi Carla

It was a pleasure to receive and read your email. I hope it does not offend you if I write that you seem to be as mean to your pet as I am to mine, and have complete power as I do. Not so many dominant women are really like us, so I feel we have significant attributes in common. I guess you are in the States. What a shame we cannot get together.

I love the toilet brush torment.

I am afraid that bitch-boy does not have a wool fetish although the sight of a tight-fitting soft mohair sweater on a good female body is something he finds very arousing (frustrating given his denial). He does have a high heels shoes and boots fetish though, and a fetish for my feet when wearing high heeled shoes. This is wonderful because I adore wearing high heels. An easy and powerful tease when he is locked in his tube and he has been denied for a few weeks.

He does have a pair of hessian knickers (purchased from the web) which I occasionally make him wear when doing his chores but I don’t think these are as uncomfortable as I require. His Christmas present of lockable 5 inch heeled, pink ankle strap shoes are however very, very uncomfortable for him. I currently fix him by his posture collar to a beam in the ceiling of my sitting room, with his wrists bound, gagged and blindfolded – in his hated shoes. I am training him to wear them for extended periods. I watch TV. He has to remain silent for the duration. He is currently up to 25 minutes. It is a delight to watch his legs tremble and him fruitlessly shift his weight from one foot to the other during the last few minutes.

Another discomfort is his square of coir matting. It is 12 inches by 12 inches. He has to kneel on it while sucking his stick-on dildo, stuck to the wall. He has to sit on it on a chair at the dining table when he is a schoolgirl writing lines. He has to sit on it on his little girl’s chair when he is playing with his dolly or watching his Disney princess DVD. It leaves lovely marks on knees or bottom and he groans deliciously when lifting his weight from it and the new pain bites.

I hope these simple and inexpensive torments give you some new ideas with which to torment your sissy.  I would very much enjoy exchanging ideas with you in the future. By sharing the torments that we put our sissy subs through we can double both their misery and our pleasure.
Best wishes,


Hi Scarlet,
I wanted to drop a note and thank you for taking the time to share with me some of the
ways you torment Bitch boy. I had pussie order Volume 3 of your diaries so we now have a complete set.

[LINK TO ALL 14 VOLUMES OF MY JOURNALS], Now I have taken to having pussie, dressed in one of his wooly sissy school girl outfits, read the diary entries to me a few nites each weeks. It is very entertaining and amusing for me, and any guests who might be at the house ( more about that later). pussie does not find it at all fun since the sissy must read in its sissy voice, and where you have bitch boy lisping, pussie must read the text in exactly the same way!

When pussie reads he must stand with perfect posture, no slumping shoulders or bent legs, his sweatered 38DDs thrust out. One hand is held in behind in the small of his back, the other holds the book. pussie may use the hand behind his back to quickly turn the page but then it goes right back behind. I added your requirement that the sissy stand with its toes pointed out and heels together -what a wonderful detail! Sometimes, if pussie is being punished, I will have him stand in the corner facing the wall and read- which means the sissy has to speak even louder. I often quietly leave the room to do something else, but pussie can’t see if I do, so the poor thing may spend an hour reading to the wall:)

Other times I will allow pussie to sit- but he is never allowed to use the furniture in the house for any reason. Instead pussie has a pink three legged stool which is the only thing in the house he may sit on- easily taken from room to room or outside. It is not very comfortable ( an understatement) as it is so low to the ground that pussie must sit with his knees up by his chest. Again the sissy must sit perfectly straight, boobs out, heels together, toes pointing out, hand at his back. With no back on the stool, I am sure you can imagine how uncomfortable pussie gets after a short while. The stool is made of hard oak, but I took another one of your ideas, and had pussie cover the seat with rough outdoor matting material- You are right that the material is so prickly and firm so that after only a few minutes poor pussie is squirming in pain. Of course it is even more miserable after a hard paddling, canning or spanking. One additional suggestion you might consider- I had pussie drill a hole in the middle of the seat and cut a hole in the covering through which I can insert a nice big vibrating dildo from the bottom. This way pussie can be made to sit on the vibrating dildo- you can imagine how cute that is- of course pussie is in chastity so there is no chance of his getting off.

Oh my, I did not mean to go on as long as I did- I know you are busy and I am sure you gets lots of emails. I do have more to share with you but another time, again only if you are interested.




Hello Ms Scarlet,
I wrote to you last year, sent you a few photos my sissy husband, pussie, and some suggestions you might choose to use on Bitchboi. I smiled when I read about your use of a version of my toilet bowl chastity/punishment use in Volume 5, but I admit to being disappointed that while described how you applied it to BitchBoi, you did not go on to describe the results.

I did mention to you that I love to make pussie wear sissy clothing that is not only humiliating but horribly uncomfortable to wear- specifically I make pussie wear heavy, itchy, woolly girls ( not womens, but no older than a teenage school girl and often younger ) outfits. Ok Even if you are not into woolly punishment outfits, you could line some of bitchboi’s sissy dresses with burlap ( I think you refer to it as hessian fabric). I have done that with a maid’s outfit I had made for pussie- so miserably scratchy and itchy LOL!

Another new item I have just had made is a hobble skirt- made out of an  old pink/white checked  really scratchy wool blanket but with the entire rear end cut out so pussie’s rear is on constant display. I had him chain sew in the hem just below the knees, which I can pull tight and lock, forcing pussie to take little mincing sissy steps . Put the sissy in 5″ heels , the poor things rear end is swishing back and forth for everyone’s entertainment. And of course it makes paddling that much easier.
Sorry to take so much of your time but I thought you might find some of the above entertaining.
Please keep writing.

Carla Thomas


Hi Ms. Scarlett,
I realize that while I have written a few emails directly to you, I was not using your blog site. My apologies. You are of course, welcome to put my previous emails to you (and the photo of my sissy husband) on your blog.
I want to respond to your point about the hessian bloomers. I am an interior designer by trade, so I am familiar with fabrics. I also saw the hessian bloomer on the superdress website. Hessian ( or burlap as we call in the Stares) is often used as fabric for chair or sofa covering, or even window treatment. However that fabric, while some what rough, is not really scratchy. I think ( though I am not sure) the hessian used for the bloomers you purchased for bitch-boi, and the lining they suggest for various punishment outfits is this less coarse fabric. Also the bloomers look quite loose and baggy, not skin tight.
The truly coarse miserably scratchy burlap is the kind you will find at a garden store- used for bags of fertilizer or dirt. The coarse burlap, because it is such a tough fabric, is often to use to cover the bulbs of plants or young trees, or wrapped around the tree trunks to protect the tree from bugs etc. This coarse burlap is often available for sale by the yard (meter) just like you would buy any other fabric.
It is this tough coarse burlap which is perfect for making punishment clothing for a sissy ( or even a female slave but that is not my thing 🙂 ). Use it to line maids dresses, panties, etc – I like to double it up in the gusset area which forces pussie ( my sissy husband) to walk with his legs sllighty bent and apart- sort of a baby waddle -because the burlap is so scratchy and irritating. I can assure that a full day in burplap lined panties or a burlap lined maid’s dress, doing housework or yard work, will leave one miserable sissy- and lots of entertainment for anyone watching the sissy squirm and writhe in itchy misery!

Hope this is useful to your blog readers.


Love your post training suggestions! I find making my sissy husband beg for and then have to redo whatever menial chore the sissy was doing is a great way to increase the sissy’s humiliation and misery. Another way is when the sissy is finishes and has no more chores have the sissy go to its punishment corner or into the playpen and have to play with itself- which is also so frustrating as the sissy is in chastity can cannot get relief. And playing with its widdle wee-wee when I have guests reinforces its sissy status even more:)


Hi Ms Scarlet,

In response to your post, Nurse Nasty has a new device, a smaller version of the toilet bowl brush which I slip over my sissy husband’s little wee-wee ( I sent you a picture a while ago). The one advantage of the toilet bowl brush is that with the longer handle pushing up into pussie’s belly the poor thing cannot bend over so the brush serves as a posture discipline device as well. Also as suggested by a friend, you can use a second toilet bowl brush down the backside so that the two brush heads come together in the very sensitive area between the sissy’s legs- and the harsh bristles of the second brush are just so comforting to pussie after a good hard paddling or just making the sissy have to sit on a hard stool with one set of bristles on the wee-wee and one under the rear end .

Best wishes,



I love your cruel creativity and have adopted many of your ideas to use on my own sissy husband. One suggestion regarding bitch-boy’s coloring book torment for your consideration. I now make my sissy wear thick girls woolly mittens while coloring his fairy coloring books. The mittens are out of a thick wool and have no separate thumb so the sissy’s entire hand is encased in the mitten. Having to wear the mittens just makes the sissy’s task that much more difficult and assure plenty of reasons for the sissy to be punished for being sloppy 🙂 The mittens have pink and white tassels to which I had the sissy sew on some little bells so as the sissy colors the bells will tinkle-that way I and any guests know the sissy is busy doing the mindless, and indeed, horribly boring task.



Ms Scarlet,
It does not matter what brand of capsacin creme you. You should also know, that like Deep Heat, there is a regular and extra strength capsacin creme. I have found that either version results in intense suffering for my sissy husband-pussie. I have also found that capsacin causes more intense pain and last longer than other similar products such as Deep Heat ,BenGay or Icey Hot. A friend of mine brought Raglex from England a few years ago. While I found it most effective in causing pussie to suffer, capsacin is still the winner -ok winner from my view, I know pussie does not agree.
One additional thought. I have written to you about my use of a toilet bowl brush to punish pussie’s wee-wee. Well first applying a coat of capsacin on the wee-wee and balls, and then pulling the wee-wee through the coarse brush bristles adds to the suffering. It is just so amusing to see pussie dancing around, waiving its so sore wee-wee in the air to cool down the capsacin caused burning which only results in the brush rubbing against the shaft and balls creating even more discomfort. What a fun predicament to watch.

as always,


Hi Scarlet,
I just love how you describe your husband’s yard work. I also make my sissy husband, pussie, do all of our yard work-and yes we in the United States use the same term. My home is on a half-acre lot, most in the back. pussie mows the lawn using an old manual mower. As I have written to you in the past I like to make the poor sissy wear hot itchy wool outfits. For lawn mowing pussie wears a thick pink mohair body suit ( think of a dancer’s leotard in wool) with matching wool legwarmers, and thick woolen mittens on his hands. I tie his hands to the handle bar of the mower and also tie his ankles together so his can only take small mincing steps. There is a button fly on the body suit so I can unbutton the fly and pull out the sissy’s little things. I use coarse rope and tie a ten pound concrete brick to the ring of pussie’s chastity device, pull the rope between his legs so he has to drag the brick with his wee-wee as he mows the lawn. And just to make sure pussie stays focused on his work, I make him wear a thick icelandic wool balaclava with small eye openings so he can only see what is right in front of him.
I and my friends can sit on the screened -in porch or around the pool relaxing while pussie mows the lawn. It takes him over 3 hours with the old small mower to mow the lawn and I have to say it is quite amusing to watch the sissy struggle with pulling the heavy brick between his legs:).
And when he is done mowing he gets to use a very small rake to rake up and bag all the cut grass.
Sorry this is so long but I hope it may give you some new ideas:))


Hi Rhoda,
Just read your comment.Actually the body suit cost under $150 US so not as bad as you suggested. Also I recover the cost by renting pussie out to friends as a menial maid to do their house work at a rate of $1 hour, which they pay only if totally satisfied with the maid’s work. pussie had to do the house cleaning for over 200 hours to pay me back for the mohair body suit.:)) It took the poor sissy almost a year.


Hi Scarlet,
In response to your post, Alone And Helpless, I love your idea of leaving bitch-boi bound, helpless and, I assume, extremely bored, while you are out enjoying life. But might I suggest that you make sure the sissy is also miserably uncomfortable when bound that way. I put my sissy husband into itchy scratchy woolen outfits from head to toe before putting the poor thing in tight uncomfortable bondage when I go out or when I just do not want the sissy around. Just something for you to think about.


I find that capsacin ,or if pussie has earned some very severe punishment or I am in a really cruel mode, extra strength capsacin, causes intense pain and agony for the sissy. I like to irrriate the penis and balls first by rubbing the penis and balls with coarse sissel rope. Just as Chrisine M describes, I find that f binding the balls with scratchy twine before throughly coating the penis an balls with the capsacin helps to intensify pussie’s response.I have also found that coating the shaft causes more discomfort than the balls.
I enjoy slowly and methotically applying the first coat and then watching as pussie squirms and dances around hoping that by shaking his junk in the air will cool the burning heat. Then after 10-15 minutes I show pussie the tube of capsacin and suggest it is time for another coating.

Lastly I have a special chasity pouch that was made for pussie. It is pink satin with white ribbons on the outside- lined with burlap on the inside! So after a second coat of capsacin is throughly applied, I slip the pouch over pussie’s so irriated and sore balls and wee-wee, tie it tighly ( the sack was made purposely small to that it will fit very tight and squash the wee-wee) so that he is constantly feeling the burlap. I sometime make the sissy play with himself with the burlap sack on- no relief but lots of suffering LOL!!
sorry to go on so long.


As always you are so creatively cruel! If I may , let me share how I deny my sissy slave husband , pussie, relief. First recognizing that a male must be able to release every so often for health reasons, I give pussie a prostate massage once a month. This means having pussie down on all fours, skirt pulled back so I have easy access. I put on a coarse woolen glove , and I put pussie’s doggy bowl under his little thing and the rub away until the poor suffering sissy dribbles his stuff out and into the bowl.

I always check and shave pussie’s clit area before the prostate massage, with the pubic hairs going into the bowl. Along with the sissy dribbles and pubic hair, I will add some spittle, or maybe some of my golden nectar. Often I have friends or even my boyfriend over to watch, and they will add more spittle,, pee or, in the case of my friend, I have pussie service him orally and spit the result into the bowl. What a yummy mixture for pussie to lick up after getting the relief a sissy deserves.
I also have a very special way to allow pussie to masturbate but I will save that for another time as this reply has gone on way too long.


Nettles on bitch-boy’s widdle wee wee for Christmas! So much worse than a lump of coal. I do hope you add some slowly and generously rubbed in capsacin or similar lineament so that bitch boy’s wee-wee will be hot and red for Christmas LOL.
Merry Christmas Scartlet:)
Carla Thomas


As always I love reading about how you treat bitch-boi. I do have one suggestion ( in addition to the wonderfully creative and cruel suggestions you have already received) as to how to make bb’s vile tasks of cleaning out the trap and other menial tasks even more uncomfortable for the sissy and more enjoyable for you and anyone who you invite over to watch bb slave away. And just so you know this is something I do regularly with pussie-my husband sissy maid.
I suggest using a “humbler” device. You may be familiar with this but if not let me describe it for you. The humbler consists of testicle cuff device that clamps around the ball of the scrotum with the cuff mounted in the center of two bars that pass behind the thighs at the base of the wearer’s rear end. The humbler forces the wearer to keep its legs folded forward, as any attempt to straighten the leg to stand, even slightly pulls hard on the balls, causing considerable pain ( I have taken this description from Wikipedia- you may google “humbler device” to see pictures.)
Using the humbler forces pussie to say on its knees or all fours while scrubbing floor, toilets bath tubs and showers, or just when I want to leave pussie somewhere knowing he will not be able to stand up:). Another advantage of using the humbler is that it leaves the sissy’s balls and wee-wee beautifully exposed for smackings and easily available for a through application of capsaicin or a similar substance. Being forced to say on its knees with burning balls and wee-wee is a wonderful to keep pussie reminded of its status as nothing more than a menial maid who exists only to suffer for others amusement.
Happy New Year Scarlet!!


New chastity cage, Nice choice!! I am sure it is quite entertaining for you to see bitch boy denied any chance of release and pleasure without your express permission. But I do have to ask, have you given thought to a chastity device with spikes which not only deny any chance of pleasure but will punish the sissy for having an unauthorized erection. I have been using a Kali’s teeth device and have to say that watching pussie writhe in discomfort as the sissy’s little thing tries to get erect is quite entertaining.



Can’t help you with possible UK sellers. I am from the US and purchased the Kali’s Teeth bracelet at a store in L.A.. There are many versions of the device with some made of plastic with little plastic nubs to those made of a heavy steel with nubs to longer spikes pins. The longer spiked pins look to me as if they would cause an unacceptable amount of damage. The one I purchase has shorter rounded nubs which cause much misery but will not break the skin. I do recommend spending the money to get a heavy steel device as the weight alone makes it most uncomfortable to wear as it pulls the little thing straight down between the legs.And as the ring only fits around part of the shaft, there is much exposed area on the head, shaft and testicles to apply for creme and/or nettles

warmest regards,


Good Morning MsScarlet,
I was immediately excited about your shoe stomping method of milking bitch-boy when you first wrote about it. But you know me- I like to make life even more miserable for my sissy husband pussie:). So let me share how I took your wonderfully cruel idea and , at leaat to me, made it even more amusing.

First , any milking pussie receives is always proceeded by a shaving of the genital and rear areas, with the public hairs being collected by the sissy and placed into its doggie bowl ( also used for most meals). Then rather than having pussie put its little wee-wee on a wooden board, I make him kneel, and place the appendage on a very coarse outdoor mat. Thus as I rub the sole of my shoe on the wee-wee, it is also being rubbed against the very coarse, scratchy mat assuring a very very red sore little thing. And if I am so nice as to rub till pussie spurts, the sissy must quickly gather up all the sissy dribbles and place then into the doggie bowl with the pubic hairs. I then add some additional ingredients to the bowl – my spittle, golden nectar, hot sauce, castor oil-whatever strikes me. pussie then on all fours gets to lick the doggie bowl clean-I do meant until the bowl shines!

I allow pussie the “pleasure” of these milkings no more than once every few weeks, if that often. It is amazing to me to see pussie getting so excited when I let the sissy know it will be getting a milking, knowing the experience will be degrading and most uncomfortable and not even result in sissy dribbles.
Wow way to long-sorry about that but I hope you find this entertaining and that it may give you some new ideas. One last note- this is even more fun with an audience to watch and jeer.



Hi Scarlet,
I loved you dick-stick idea but I made some modifications for pussie that I thought you might enjoy knowing about and maybe using. As you write, I pull pussie’s wee-wee as far as I can so it is stretched and very thin ( it is not very thick even with a “normal erection ‘). Then I take burlap and tightly wrap it around the wee-wee. I first coat the inside of the burlap( that which will lie right against the skin of the shaft) and thoroughly coat it. with liquid extra strength icy hot.

After tightly wrapping the wee-wee with the coated burlap, I then tightly wind duck tape over the burlap covered wee-wee. Just as you have wth bitch-boi, pussie’s has a bound stiffy, which is burning and sore from the coated scratchy burlap from which the sissy cannot get any relief. Also as you suggest the taping leaves the wee-wee head exposed and I enjoy taking a wire brush to scrub the head followed by applying a nice soothing capsaicin cream.

I have left pussie in this state for up to two hours, both on the sissy’s potty seat ( an idea I took from your suggestions,, as well as corner time. Love to watch and have others watch as pussie squirms and writhes with no hope of relief.
Hope all is well with you,


Hi Scarlet,
I did know that burlap is known as hessian in the UK. In fact pussie has the most adorable pink vinyl sissy long sleeve maid’s dress lined entirely in hessian which I custom made in England.
No I have never heard of burlap tape, I just wrap the coated burlap fabric around poor pussies widdle wee- wee then tightly wrap the tape around the burlap.
Hope you try this sometime-I would love to get your reaction:)


Hello Scarlet,
I have to say I was at first taken aback by your comments and questions regarding orgasms. I mean I consider that so very private and personal. But your comments intrigued me, as your comments and experiences almost always do. I decided that you have provided me with so many great ideas, not to mention the support I get from knowing I am not the only woman who gets off on seeing my sissy husband suffer misery and degradation. So I thought I did owe you a response.

Yes I do have a number of very intense orgasms putting pussie through its paces, watching the sissy suffer and enjoying the laughter and comments of friends who know about and see the sissy mincing around, or more often crawling. I cannot quantify the number of orgasms I have in response. If I am around pussie all day it could be 10-12, but even just watching the sissy lick my bathroom floor and toilet for 15-20 minutes can result in multiple orgasms. On the other hand,if I am distracted or focusing on someone or something else, I can be around pussie all day and not have a single orgasmic response ( which does not mean I am not thoroughly enjoying pussie’s suffering).

To be honest I have never discussed the number or intensity of my orgasms with friends, whether they are also into domination or vanilla. I will say that my boyfriend has commented more than once, that it is obvious to him that when I abuse the sissy in front of him, I do get very very excited.

Finally I have been married to pussie for 25 years, and of those we have had a 24/7 Mistress/sissy slave relationship for almost 20. I can say without any qualification that the thrill and fun of having a total sissy slave has not lessen one bit in all that time ( ok and yes the intensity of my orgasms 🙂 ).

Hope this provides you the type of information you want.

By the way have you given any thought to getting a really hot, itchy outfit for your sissy to wear this summer??? I can assure you your friends will find it most entertaining!!



Good Morning Scarlet,
I also loved your eye to eye tormenting blog. But what I am enjoying even more are the wonderfully cruel and creative suggestions from your blog readers. I think these responses are a testament to your blog.

Unlike almost everything else one reads on the net about female domination, you provide realistic and honest descriptions of your activities. And at the same time you challenge your readers to really think about what female domination involves. Of course you also provide some absolutely wonderful ways to torment, tease, and abuse a sissy:)).
Please keep up the great work.


Hi Scarlet,
I so enjoyed reading about Christine M’s stern treatments of her sissy husband. As you may recall from my earlier replies to your blog, I am also a firm believer cruel,harsh punishments so that my sissy, pussie, always knows that it must be totally obedient and will be severally punished for even the most minor failure to do as told-and that means by anyone!

I was jealous of Christine M’s use of Linnex which seem such a wonderfully cruel instrument of punishment. It also seemed to truly add to the amusement and entertainment for myself and anyone watching as the Linnex is applied to the sissy’s ridiculous, useless male parts.

I found that Linnex is not available in the US. Upon further research I was most to find out that the primary ingredient in LInnex is capsaicin. Capsaicin creme,both regular and extra strength is widely available at any drug store here is the US and is what I use on pussie!!

And as Christine M describes, just showing pussie the tube of capsaicin will result in pussie begging me to do allow it to do the most degrading things rather than having the creme applied. Poor stupid sissy – I accept its offers to do degrade itself and suffer other miserable punishments, and still apply the capsaicin. No matter how many times we have gone through this routine, pussie still begs for some other treatment hoping against hope that I will not use the burning creme.
Thanks to Christine M for sharing her views and for your publishing them.



Hi Scarlet,
I am happy to share with you and your readers examples of what pussie begs to do to avoid having me apply capsaicin to the sissy’s little wee-wee and balls. First I should clarify the context in which pussie begs. It is not a question of pussie somehow agreeing or suggesting to do something which I otherwise could make my sissy do. Rather what pussie will say when it sees me taking out the capsaicin or a similar liniment such as extra strength Tiger Balm or icy hot, is wouldn’t doing X entertain or amuse me more than applying the liniment.

So I ask pussie to tell me exactly what it thinks will give more pleasure. Of course the result of pussie’s suggestion is that I almost always, end up making pussie do what the sissy suggests while still applying capsaicin or something else either before or more often after. However every once in a while I do decide to not use the liniment, and it those few times that gives pussie hope.

Some examples are as follows:
lick clean all of the toilets with my tongue.
scrub the garage floor with a tooth brush, When I suggest this is not as amusing as applying the capsaicin, pussie added it would then lick the floor with its the tongue.

eat dog food that day- Again when pressed by me, pussie adds it would eat the wet dog food and suggest doing so for three days rather than just one.
sleep in the outdoor dog house for one night-extended to up to a week. Oh and dog food. Again when pushed by me, the sissy added it would do its business outdoors in the woods that back to the house.
parade down the street in a sissy outfit consisting of a cropped very thick, itchy lopi pink and white wool sweater with bows , a matching very short pink and white wool skirt with a big bow on the rear, matching leg warmers and mittens.
or parade down the street in a sissy romper outfit consisting of very tight pink/white thick itchy woollen bottoms attached to a white heart shaped mohair top with “sissy” across the top which attached to the bottoms with two straps which go across the shoulders and attach to the rear of the bottoms with big white buttons, again with matching leg warmers and opera length mittens.
Wearing one of the sissy outfits walk to my girlfriends house ( about two miles or so) and offer to clean her house
Be a fluffer or toilet when my boyfriend next comes over – I suggested this would only work if the sissy agreed to be both!!
Wear the punishment chastity device all day. (OK this needs some explanation to understand. I keep pussie in a pink plastic chastity device that keeps its wee-wee small. It is uncomfortable and restricts any erection but it not otherwise painful. The punishment chastity device is a a set of connected rings about 5″ long which slip over the wee-wee. Inside the rings and at the top are barbs which will jab into the wee-wee as soon as it tries to grow. The brilliance of this device is that there is room for the wee-wee to become erect, but any such erection is painfully punished by the barbs. Wonderful cruelty.
The device is made of heavy metal so when locked on, it will pull the wee-wee straight down, and even with the slightest motion, the wee-wee will be jabbed by the barbs ( not sharp enough to cause puncture to the skin, but just enough to cause pain and misery.)

Ok this is getting way to long. But hopefully this gives you a good idea of what pussie is willing to do and endure in order to avoid having capsacin applied. I am sure you can appreciate how much fun, not to mention arousing it is, to just hold a tube of capsacin and watch pussie beg and plead in the most servile terms to degrade itself. And knowing that the sissy will get to do what it suggests while still subjecting its wee-wee and balls to a very through application of the cream.



Those mean wedges!

Well I don’t know if any of you noticed that I was wearing my stomping wedges in the cover photo of my recently published 14th journal. And you may recall these became bitch-boy’s new girlfriend in early March.

I can report that since the 4th March bitch-boy’s only sexual releases have been when his birth defect has been under the sole of one of my shoes while I am on the stomping platform and his defect is poking up through the hole. So in just over a month it will be the six month anniversary of him only ever cumming under my shoe. Poor puppet.

I have not been a fan of wedges before but when stomping, they make life so easy as there is no need to concentrate. There is no gap between heel and sole in which the defect can find refuge from being squashed. So any pressing down of the shoe ALWAYS FINDS IT’S TAGRET! These wedges because of the narrow heel and middle section allow for considerable pressure to be applied per square inch, as it were.

Journal 14 is available as paperback and ePub as an eBook, both on LULU.com and also available on Amazon KINDLE.

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In time it will be available on NOOK, KOBO, Scribd, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc. I will let you know when it is. I will also then provide a Universal Book Link from Books2Read.

I hope you enjoyed reading these fine detail accounts as much as I enjoyed the activities described.