pansy-piece photo

Well recently it was the birthday of Mistress Nicola’s husband-puppet, pansy-piece. As an aside I will mention Volume 12 of my journals, which is nearly finished now, includes an account of what happened to pansy-piece before, during and after Nicola and I took the poor thing to a restaurant for his birthday meal.

I also subsequently visited to see what presents Mistress Nicola had bought him. In the photo you can see some of the presents. The pansy bonnet, the baby reins, the false eyelashes and the sweet sissy shoes. How ridiculous does he look! The shame annihilated him when we had him look at himself in front of a full-length mirror in his pansy finery, while we stood arms around each others’ waists,  and we verbally abused him for being among other things, a born again virgin, sissy, pansy- piece, cuckold.


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6 Responses to pansy-piece photo

  1. K says:

    This looks wonderful, especially the shoes and his hairy legs! His mistresses are perfect towards him. Is there a full diaper beneath?

    • Not at that point but there was later.

      • K says:

        I look forward to purchasing your latest journal to learn more. Controlling a sub’s toilet habits is such a strong expression of a Mistress’s power.

        • K says:

          (There is no sexual pleasure to be had from induced incontinence, no frisson, only awful degradation, relief from which is 100 percent controlled by Mistress. The humiliation robs the sub of the last scraps of dignity.)

  2. fluffy says:

    Vol. 12 – woohoo! Wasn’t expecting that.
    great news, can’t wait! How far away is it please Ms Scarlet?
    Here’s hoping for lots of rotary-dryer drudgery, inter-dental brush and lots of stinging nettle CBT action for BB’s little appendage and more!
    Oh and any chance of a return of your magnificently cruel & mean sister, Ms Sarah? Her casual, in and out (not only the inter-dental brush plunging) visits to humiliate BB, are wonderfully scary updates.

    massive respect from

    • Probably a month away.

      The things you hope for are there, plus much more.
      Both my sisters now live quite away from me with very busy lives. So I am not sure Sarah will appear. But never say never.

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