Poor Helpless Puppet

I love this image from the wonderful Sardax which I think really sums up how a Domme feels owning a submissive who is helplessly addicted to his Domme, despite (or because of), all the terrible things he must endure to retain his privileged position. (I do assume there is a chastity device under his thong.)

A helpless puppet who can be picked up, used and abused, and put back down, all on a whim.

I often look at bitch-boy and see him as my puppet, a human doll, a human pin cushion, a whipping boy, available at my whim, to be tormented for my depraved satisfaction. And UTTERLY helpless and trapped – NO ESCAPE.

A power rush, a sense of proprietal ownership and a feeling of extreme decadence and contentment.


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4 thoughts on “Poor Helpless Puppet

  1. Which is more satisfying: having a puppet restrained so that the puppet cannot physically resist your toying, OR having a puppet that is so mentally addicted that the puppet cannot resist your whims mentally (free will is gone)?

    1. I think they are both equal.
      Having bitch-boy absolutely helplessly bound on the BDSM bed, his legs wide apart in the gynaecological stirrups, absolutely helpless and vulnerable with a fearful expression in his eyes is always mouth watering and a turn on. Thrilling.

      While say, having him sitting on his little chair facing me on the sofa, hating to have to play with his dolly while I watch TV for hours, is profoundly relaxing and a serious and arousing power rush at the same time.

  2. Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a some time now with both astonishment and fascination. I don’t know if You have told this somewhere and I have missed it, but I’m curious about how exactly BB is trapped by you. So, if he felt that he can’t take Your regime any more and rather walks out than stays, what would the consequences actually be? Could you deprive him from his assets, wealth, business? Or would you expose him as a sissy bitch to the whole world so destroying his public image? Or is the actual prison only in his own mind and you wouldn’t actually move against him if he expressed his wish to separate with you?

    The other thing I’ve been thinking is what’ll happen when BB ages and can no longer be used as a drudge and can no longer endure the physical torments like now. Will you “let him go”, ease your regime or be his “Nurse Nasty” for the rest of his (mostly bed-confined) life? Or is that just a river that you’ll cross when the time comes?

    I have a wonderful Mistress and I absolutely worship and adore her. We’ve been talking about these things and also about what will change when we both age (we’re both quite young still, but also very sensible and thoughtful persons who like to plan ahead and think about possibilities well in advance). She has stated expressly that I have to continue submitting into Her power voluntarily and the moment I claim that she tyrannizes me against my free will she’ll banish me from Her presence. A frightful thought! And there would be no further punishment via financial penalties and/or public humiliation, so I am not coerced to give my consent.

    Also, I have to point out that our relationship is very much different from yours in most aspects. She has stated that She’s not a sadist, but rather a disciplinarian and “control freak”, so She takes Her pleasure from my obedience and servitude, bossing me around, making rules and “putting me into my place”, not particularily from my pain or humiliation.

    1. bb is trapped in a number of ways but one is simply that he knows he is deeply submissive and he knows that he is unlikely to find another Domme like me, were he to think of leaving. (Particularly given there seems to be about 100 submissive males for every Domme woman). Combine that with the amazing body I have and he chooses to endure all the things he hates for the contentment of being in a very dominant relationship. Obviously there are the other things you mention too.

      Just as you write – ‘………….she’ll banish me from Her presence. A frightful thought!’ Of course you are coerced to give your consent. The coercion is: accept how you are treated now, or have zero ‘treatment’. Much like bb.

      I am keeping bb very fit and healthy. All the age impeding science I can find. Beyond that we will have to wait and see.

      How does your wonderful Mistress ensure you comply with all the rules?

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