Submissive male needed for long term commitment

A Domme friend of mine has recently parted ways with her submissive and seeks a replacement. She is looking for a long term commitment. She is VERY dominant and experienced.

If you are interested in seeking to become her slave and sub, leave a comment on this blog. I will not publish your comment. I will pass your email address and comment onto her.

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11 Responses to Submissive male needed for long term commitment

  1. Cap26 says:

    I assume she is in the UK.

  2. Cain says:

    Doubt she’s down south !

  3. sissy4domme says:

    is Mistress looking for an online slave only, or is She looking for a RL eventually Miss?

    I would be very interested in knowing more please Miss

  4. Curious says:

    Will be ok to ask why did she parted ways with her last sub, since that might help in gauging one’s own limits before I making any formal request

  5. Mistress Sonia says:

    How rude!

    Mistress Sonia

    (Just to clarify I did not ‘break’ him, no visits to A&E were required!!)

  6. punkahwallah says:

    A lovely thought, but ! am way too far away. I do hope She gets the ideal person, She should be very fussy though.

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