Dickie-Discipline To Endure

I have to give my HUGE thanks to Christine M for introducing me to Linnex Heat Stick. (I think poor bitch-boy is rather less thank full.) It was quite hard to get hold of but it seems to provide as uncomfortable a ‘burn’ as any Deep Heat product but seems to also last much longer.

I think over the Xmas break, Nurse Nasty will have to run a very ‘scientific’ experiment to compare how long a Linnex stick application lasts compared to an application of the Deep Heat Muscle rub.  Bitch-boys sobbing seems the same with either so the experiment will be about duration. My guess at the moment is the Linnex stick lasts two to three times longer.

I provide very detailed accounts of Nurse Nasty sessions in my published Journals, volumes 1, 3 and 11.

The product reminded me of a letter I read many years ago in a Madame magazine. A young woman seemed to have an objective to have as many of her girlfriends’ boyfriends in chastity and suffering dickie-discipline as she could; as well as her own poor boyfriend of course. She visited one such girlfriend, and the boyfriend was bound and helpless and free of his chastity device. The young woman in question produced from her handbag, where she always kept it, a Ralgex stick. She calmly ran the flame of her lighter over the head of the stick before applying a very thick coat of the now softened Ralgex  to the males dickie; and many tears and much sobbing was the result. Of course, the Ralgex stick is no longer available but the Linnex Stick appears to be its perfect replacement.

My thanks again to Christine M.



20 thoughts on “Dickie-Discipline To Endure

  1. I would be very interested to know the results of your experiments.
    Could you tell me where you brought?
    I received an email on Monday from my-steel saying that the chastity belt has been despatched.
    Hopefully it will arrive before Christmas .
    If it does I may take one of your ideas and wrap it in newspaper and give it to sissy on Christmas morning.
    We do have our daughter staying but he might be able to wear it under his trousers but we will see.
    May I ask have you finished work yet to devote more time to Bitch Boy?

    1. I will publish the results of the experiments on this blog. However, the later comment from Rhoda on Nature Knows Best Chilli Muscle rub sounds interesting. Although it sounds possible that it is actually too strong!
      I can’t wait to hear how a week in in his belt affects him.
      I am finishing work very soon and I now realise, having begun my plans for my new life, that I will be publishing a Volume 12 of my journals as it is going to be a considerably new chapter in bitch-boy’s subjugation.

  2. I have Nature Knows Best Chilli Muscle rub-available from Am*z*n.
    Cheaper, hotter-read the reviews! Strongly suggest use gloves and have anaesthetic cream cream as antidote
    Most importantly -no “heat rub smell”, almost no smell at all, so no problem “away from home”

  3. Mistress Scarlet…by coincidence, only this very day, Mistress Serena put me through possibly the most excruciating TSD/Nurse Nasty session i have yet experienced. She had promised a severe session as recent weeks have been busy and W/we had lapsed a little in O/our FemDom roles, so it was time to make amends.
    After placing me in TSD bondage, with the White Noise turned up a tad louder than previous, She removed my CB6000s and gave my clit a thorough cleaning…very hot flannel, exfoliating gloves, toothbrush, ruler and wartenburg wheel. After applying the funnel gag She concentrated on the (greenhouse) nettles. Oh my !!!! Is it really December ? They were agony, relatively small stems, but fresh growth from the main plant. Serena said She has never known me cry and moan as much as i did today. This was followed over a three hour period by Deep Heat Muscle Rescue, candle wax, and an array of scrotum & nipple pegs, aside repeated applications of nettle & muscle rub.
    Following the conclusion of my session, ( not to mention the paddling & cropping that ensued) i was put back in chastity and have spent the past seven hours doing my duties and serving my MistressWife, whom i adore. my clitty looks so, so sore and raw.
    She read this post (Dickie-Discipline to Endure) with great amusement, and has set me about the task of seeking out a Linnex Heat Stick.
    my thoughts and concerns go out to bitch-boy, and hope knowing he is not alone in his suffering may be of some comfort.
    Mistress Serena send You Her seasonal greetings, as do i.

    1. I am not surprised you adore Serena. Her approach is pure and undiluted. I love that after all that abuse your dicklet went back into chastity. I am sure you mean well over bitch-boy’s plight, but I doubt that the fact that others suffer like him helps at all with his own suffering.

  4. wonders if it was Madame in a World of Fantasy by Swish publications that you are referring to Ms Scarlet? I recall discovering that title in the early 90s in Feltham, and thus discovering the wonders of femdom and thus becoming a rather sheepish twentysomething frequenting certain newsagents at the approximate time of each new issue coming out

    i even visited, again sheepishly, their shop on Greek St in London, where it seemed a slave served and a more varied range of genre magazines were stocked – all gone now but I am forever grateful for having discovered femdom through them :)

    respect from

  5. Dear Mistress Scarlet
    I am so pleased to hear you were able to obtain the Linnex and give it a try. A wonderful Xmas present for bitch boy I am sure! I had to smile when you mentioned, ‘as uncomfortable a burn…’.
    My little boy must be far less stoic, or you relish the ‘art of understatement’. I suspect the latter, and have just advised david he might be feeling a little uncomfortable later. He is terrified of Linnex.
    He does far more than sob when he ‘enjoys’ a Linnex treatment. He positively screams, writhes, groans, cries, grimaces, bucks, so much so that he simply has to be restrained, often with several layers of plastic wrap… All his histrionics are to no avail of course, Mr Linnex is quite unforgiving.
    I find it burns fiercely for about 45 minutes. After this time his cries start to diminish, though the burn clearly remains ‘unpleasant’ for a while longer. I can extend this by ensuring a thorough coating by gently warming the stick first, I like to do this by rubbing it in my hands or placing near a heater as he watches on in dread; and/or by applying heat to his little appendage, which an be done with a hair-dryer or heat wrap that goes in the microwave, or simply hot flannels. And I have been known to apply a second coat after an hour!
    I would personally recommend avoiding chillies as these can cause allergic reactions similar to an asthma attack. Even someone who is OK with a chilli treatment, can react badly to a different type of chilli.

    1. Oh Christine I do love how pitilessly cruel you are. Delicious!
      Perhaps bitch-boy has been stoic because so far I have just applied small amounts of the Linnex to his shaft. So plenty of escalation potential to work with!
      Thank you for your valuable input.

  6. You need to be more generous with him :)
    Whilst for a very minor offence I might just run the stick around his knob, mostly I apply a very liberal coating all over his shaft and knob. I take a few minutes, relishing the apprehension in his eyes as I rub the stick round and round, and up and down, all over the shaft; then round and round the knob, ensuring the entire appendage is thoroughly coated with many layers of the nasty salve.
    I can then sit back and enjoy the consequences. Those first moments when there is no pain, and regardless of past experiences, he still hopes nothing will happen. Then after a few minutes, the first signs of discomfort as the burning slowly creeps upon him, the fear appearing in his eyes; then the writhing commences; then his eyes open wide in terror as the pain builds to its full fury. This takes about 6 – 8 minutes.
    Such a simple procedure and such prolonged agony.

  7. I have followed the discussions on ‘dick discipline’ with considerable interest. I have advocated for many years that discipline of males should always focus and be concentrated on their penis rather than their buttocks or other areas of their anatomy. The male’s penis is particularly adept for punishment as it is both sensitive yet resilient, being able to absorb a considerable amount of abuse and punishment as any Mistress may decree. Additionally, most males will also dread the possibility of anything painful being done to their precious dicks.
    The application of Linnex to a boy’s penis, particularly to the glans, seems most suitable, but I would warn Mistresses to be careful when applying such products and would advocate the wearing of disposable gloves when doing so to prevent the possibility of any such substance coming into unintentional contact with the Mistresses own hand or the like.
    Keep such compounds of their dicks only, liberally and regularly!

    1. Oh Foxy, I hope and assume you are female. I could not agree with you more. You are spot on!

      I agree that the Mistress must be very careful not to get these substances on their own fingers which might later be transferred to their own precious, sensitive places. This is why I recommend either the Linnex stick or the Deep Heat Muscle Massage roll-on applicator. I do sometimes still use kitchen tongs when using such an applicator during a particularly heavy application.
      (The photo in the link shows the old Deep Heat Muscle Rescue product, but the aforementioned Deep Heat Muscle Massage roll-on applicator is far better!)

  8. OMG! I have loved reading this article. I clearly remember reading that letter from Madame magazine – in fact I think I have a photocopy of that particular edition. Yes I also remember the Ralgex stick it was deadly! I contacted the manufacturers – apparently they couldn’t get the raw ingredients to manufacture it.

    If any subs say Deep Heat is super painful then they haven’t experienced Ralgex or possibly this new Linnex stick!

    A lady that I used to be involved with (sadly passed away) used to love using it on me. I used to tell her only one light coat required. Oh no she applied 2 or 3 thick coats – I vividly remember the painful burn lasting hours. But she was quite right it totally prevented unorthorised masturbation!

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