Xmas pressies for my submissives

I did buy lockable pacifier straps for each of my submissives. bitch-boy’s is exactly as shown in this post. Play-toy’s is plain pink. I can report my submissives each HATE their pacifier straps; so they are a great success.

I must admit the Linnex stick was meant to be an Xmas present but I did not have the willpower to wait until Xmas to use it on bitch-boy. (I will be reporting before the end of the week on my experiment.) Play-toy however has yet to experience the Linnex applied to her nipples, but her time will come.

I bought bitch-boy a new set of felt pens for his colouring-in with his dolly. This is his third set and his first colouring-in book is still a few pages from completion. I dread to think how many hours he has spent colouring-in this first book with the help of his dolly. Such a distressing combination of deep humiliation and terrible tedium. It must be literally hundreds of hours so far and as soon as it is finished, he will be starting on the next of the other six identical books I have bought him. It must be awful for him to know there is no end in sight for literally years to come. This prospect must be strengthened in his mind by my recent utterly uninhibited masturbation while he sits on the floor at my feet and colours-in. When he has been at his colouring-in for an hour plus, (particularly if it is the second or third day of it),  I get overwhelmed with arousal at the extent of my power and cruelty and, sitting on the sofa, I pull up my skirt, pick up my massager, and bring myself off; while he sits on the floor continuing his colouring in as though nothing is happening – which he knows is what he must do.

And of course, adding to my arousal, I know this perverted, decadent, exhibitionist act also sends him the distressing message that I have no need of him for my sexual release. (He knows that over the last couple of months my orgasms, through masturbation, have reached new heights of amazing intensity. I am not sure why but I think it is my evolution to a state of zero inhibition and zero guilt at how I behave. I am guessing that, although I did not realise it, there were some fragments of inhibition and guilt holding me back; but they have now gone!)

I also bought some Salivax pastilles which I have yet to try but I have been assured while I  suck them will produce large quantities of spit, for me to deposit in bitch-boy’s or Play-toy’s open mouth. Or perhaps dropped onto my boot to be licked clean, (and the floor should it drip there).

Finally I bought some itching powder. I have read that pulling back the foreskin, liberally applying a generous quantity of the powder, and then returning the foreskin over the knob-head induces a miserable state of distress in a male whose wrists are bound and who cannot touch the offending item to provide some respite. Another experiment I will report on. Play-toy will also experience some application to the nipples or perhaps the crack of the butt.

Isn’t Xmas such a wonderful time!


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19 Responses to Xmas pressies for my submissives

  1. y_e_s_m says:

    Wow, it is breathtaking to hear how Mistress Scarlet continues to increase Her pleasure and arousal further still and at the same time bb’s life continues to become far worse and miserable day to day than he ever thought possible.
    My Mistress and i were just today discussing how many of the activites most symbolic of power exchange were the ones least ‘bdsm’ in the traditional sense. There is nothing erotic about colouring in, but what it represents brings on so much more pleasure for the stronger Dominant than any physical bdsm/vanilla ‘sex’ act that the weaker inferior slave might be capable of, so to speak.
    Hope this makes sense.
    May this slave ask what is going to happen to the precious book once it has been all coloured in?

    • It does make sense.
      I am not sure yet what to do with the first book once completed.

      • Bob says:

        It doesn’t seem there are any limits to your cruelty and deviousness towards bitch boi. Not sure how much the poor (or lucky) sub can take. You have mentioned that he is unable to escape your clutches even if he wanted to. How did and do you ensure his permanent capture?

        • I think the fact is, he is addicted. He is innately submissive. He needs to be dominated to sleep with complete contentment and he knows this. So he copes with my cruelty to get what he needs and he could not bare to be without me. Possibly he could find another Domme who is less cruel, but he might not, and even if he did, would she have my attributes? It is fair to say that he thinks I have an amazing body, (I am much younger than him) and an amazing mind. So he manages to cope

  2. Fluffy says:

    Such lucky bitches you have Ms Scarlet

    I hope they write you suitably grateful thank you letters

    Respect from fluffy

  3. humble says:

    A wonderful blog. I just became familiar with your blog and have started reading it. I look forward to reading your past blogs and all your new ones and getting to know you. Thank you.

  4. Mistress Scarlet Fan says:

    Merry Christmas mistress please is there anyway i can be your sub or assistant or aid you in anyway please i am a great follower of yours.

  5. sissy jamieanne says:

    Happy belated Christmas Ma’am! I always enjoy reading of your special Christmas presents to bitchboy…He and play-toy are both quite fortunate that you put so much loving thought into ensuring their gifts will be humiliating, tedious, and painful! I’m sure they both feel loved!

  6. tiffanymaid says:

    Mistress Scarlet, may i ask, are the lockable pacifier straps applied in “little girl” scenario, or applied at any given time ?

  7. Ace says:

    Been s follower of your blog , very Arousing and tittalating …is there any photos of yourself in your blog or tumblr ms Scarlett?

  8. peter7447 says:

    I am a big fan of your books and your website. Thanks for sharing your dominant genius with us, Mistress Scarlet. I am wondering where I could buy a doll exactly like bb´s doll. Could you please point me in some direction? Thanks a lot.

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