Cruel Christmas


29 November 2014 As has been the case for the past few years, bitch-boy will be suffering a very cruel Christmas this year. Obviously part of that is presents for him. These are either things I want for me – such as expensive underwear, which is a present for him because he gets to see me wearing it, even though his penis is restrained and he does not cum often, so its rather bitter sweet! Or the presents are to make his slavery more miserable in some way.

Among the things I have purchased are a pair of fingerless white lace gloves for when he is a sissy-maid-serving. His current pair are at the end of their life and I think fingerless will be better for when he is serving food.

Much worse I think, I have bought him 6 identical copies of The Girls Fairy Colouring Book. He already has one copy. It has 64 pages and it takes forever to colour-in one page! I have already shown him this present of the 6 books before wrapping them in old newspaper (how all his presents are wrapped). I have explained that he can be in no doubt he has years and years ahead of him, when dressed as a little girl, colouring-in with the help of his dolly Suzette Simperkins – the same little girl, fairy themed pages, again and again and again, while I and any guests enjoy grown-up pursuits. Oh he looked so forlorn and helpless and wretched when I showed him his 6 new books. He knows I am giving up work in the not too distant future when I will require him to cut back greatly on his business. Then he will have time for his sissy maid chores AND hours each day dressed as a little girl, doing little girl things with his dolls. He will need all those colouring pages!

11 thoughts on “Cruel Christmas

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  2. The tediousness and repetitiveness of the coloring is a very humbling task. It’s something that only a true submissive can understand and even though they detest it, gain an appreciation for it. Most can’t understand, some might say the do, but could never follow such orders. Excellent post.

    1. I would split hairs and rather than say ‘find an appreciation for it’ I would say it causes them to be subjugated and feel owned and controlled and helpless – thus satiating their submissive cores.

  3. Yes MsScarlet that hair splitting by you is most accurate in describing the core of a genuine deep submissive/slave male….feeling owned/controlled/helpless and so feeding and satiating their submissive cores and souls is an insightful way to describe it.

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