Club Fem Chastity device

One of my email slaves was required to buy this chastity device. He has provided a review of it which I thought may be of interest. (It reminds me of the infamous KTB, Kali’s Teeth Bracelet.)

Review of the Club Fem device.

It is relatively expensive for what it is, a simple plastic strip with spikes on the inside and slits for a tie to thread through. However, in the world of Chastity devices it is inexpensive. Club Fem are easy to deal with. slave Genie (s.genie) responds to emails promptly and follows up to ensure the device has arrived.

Full instructions on how to fit and wear it are given on the Club Fem website, which are essentially thread it with a binder, wrap it around the flaccid penis and fasten it. Once fastened, if positioned correctly it is uncomfortable to remove and impossible to replace without cutting the tie. Replacement tie wraps can be purchased from a local hard ware store. The key is to find the right setting which is tight enough to be secure without causing problems with the spikes. The spikes can be filed down if causing too much sensation however this does reduce the security element. I found a metal padlock as a fastener to be effective. This is not included from Club Fem.

Wearing it takes some getting used to. The spikes cause a heightened awareness of the penis and a slight prickly feeling. Of course, the tighter you wear it the more intense that sensation becomes. Having an erection whilst wearing it is painful. Worn whilst flaccid it is uncomfortable but bearable for extended periods. From a safety perspective, the manufacturers recommend changing where the device is work on the shaft so the points are not consistently in the same place.

It gives easy access to the shaft for application of Deep Heat treatment and the balls to tie laces or other stretching tools. It is a good accompaniment for your instructions, combined wearing an anernos and clothes pegs on the nipples.

I have not attempted sleeping in it but on the basis of wearing it during the day for several hours at a time would recommend it for day wear.

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