Stinging nettles trimmed for ‘application’.

I thought I would show how I currently like stinging nettles prepared for use for dickie-discipline. Currently, my favourite routine is to have bitch-boy gagged and secured, helplessly and vulnerably, to the BDSM bed with his thighs secured wide apart in the gynaecological stirrups. I then stroke and tickle his perfectly shaved genitals advising him that if his birth defect remains ridiculous, and soft and flaccid, it will not have to endure the nettles. But if it stands up all hard and erect I will know it is asking for a nettle whipping.

The last time, a few days ago, it had been over 11 weeks since his last orgasm, I was very provocatively dressed and I had already been in full-on DS day mode for about three hours. My hands were expertly stroking and squeezing and tickling; and I had made him take a Cialis pill first thing that morning. I am afraid his defect did not remain ridiculous, and soft and flaccid. So I told him as the object was standing up erect and hard and asking for a nettle whipping, it was only fair that it would get what it was asking for. I became very aroused at this point I have to say; partly because of the unfairness of the ‘choice’ I had given him and partly in anticipation of how ‘bad’ I was about to be. I pulled my above the elbow, red leather gloves on. There is a sneak peek of them in this book cover image.

I pulled the nettle blanket over his defect so it poked up through the hole, like this dildo does in the image below.

Some Mistresses strike all at once with nettles , the thighs and belly and balls; as well as the defect. I think this is a mistake. I know how precious males think their silly defects are and how sensitive the defect is to nettles, especially the head; so I want all of bitch-boy’s focus to be what is happening to his defect. No nettle tickles anywhere else on his body!

So back to how the nettles are prepared. I like a short stem I can hold like the handle of a little whip and a crown of leaves to be making contact when I whip and whip and whip. The strokes are not so hard as to break the stem, the strokes are somewhere between firm tapping and whipping. I like three stems prepared just in case one is a ‘dud’. I start with whipping the shaft of the defect and after a while, and lots of pleading and whimpering from bitch-boy, I induce some lovely sincere pleading when I ask if I should whip the defect’s so very sensitive head. I prolong that pleading with phrases like, ‘Oh should I, or should I show some pity today, I just can’t decide?‘ I am amazed he continues to emotionally plead as I never show pity, NEVER! But his fear and hatred of the head being whipped overrules his common sense and he pleads and pleads.

Eventually I become bored of prolonging the pleading and I begin to whip the head to a serenade of serious, emotional sobbing and whimpering. I think the cacophony is so emotional because he knows that, as well as the pain he is feeling at that point, the discomfort of the stinging is likely to continue for up to four hours after I have stopped.

I do have to stop after a short while to ‘see to myself’. (It was the sixth time I had seen to myself so far that day.) A second whipping can then be applied if I wish, once I have satisfied myself. A second whipping makes for an ‘exciting’ double-down experience for bitch-boy to leave him in no doubt he is; helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel dominant woman. When he pleads and pleads I like to say, ‘Your voice is pleading no, but your defect is standing up all hard and erect, saying, yes please.’

And yes, it is bitch-boy who must prepare the nettles to my specification. Failure to meet my specification is not even worth him contemplating! And no, he did not get to cum that day. I did though of course, nine times.


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48 thoughts on “Stinging nettles trimmed for ‘application’.

      1. i think it’s just the way you describe his pleading and your taunting. i’d love to hear the cruel melody of your voice as you take pleasure in his abject vulnerability. But i also want to feel his desperate need for you. To stop. To continue. i want to hear him plead. And the “serenade of serious, emotional sobbing and whimpering” you so lovingly detail.

      2. For a sub like me the audio of this would really arouse me. The sounds of the nettles whipping into the naughty dicki and his corresponding pleading, screaming, moaning and blubbering would drive my desire to be his to the maximum!

  1. Jesus that seems so cruel. You are so cruel. It lasts for hours after you do it to him? What does he do during those hours? Is he back in his cage? Don’t nettles leave big swollen sores? God that gotta be awful for him. This is all just for your fun? This isn’t a punishment for a bad behavior?

    1. No, European stinging nettles DO NOT leave big swollen sores. Yes, I am unashamedly and unsympathetically cruel and pitiless.
      But what a drama queen you are. LOL. I suggest a simple idea to bring you to a semblance of realistic awareness. Get a nettle stem and sting your birth defect. Then you will have a gauge as to what it is all about. Let me know of your findings.

      1. Lol. I can’t do that. There’s no way I could do that. I wouldn’t even know where to find nettles and I’ve been stung on my hands and legs before as a kid. Maybe US has a more dramatic effect.

  2. BB is so lucky!

    He must be REALLY looking forward to Sunday’s fun femdom frolics you have planned for him!

  3. Hi M Scarlett,
    I also use nettles but I think I am even more cruel, but it is as punishment.
    First, they must be as fresh as possible, so cucu must grow a small square in the garden and he is the one who picks them with his bare hands.
    First I start with a good friction with a very dry horsehair glove until it is really red and then I apply the nettles.
    I do it sheet by sheet, everywhere, penis and balls, of course I insist on the head until there is no longer a piece of unmarked flesh. I use the rods to rub the meatus. It doesn’t happen without crying bet squealing, but the worst is yet to come, because to finish, I apply a good coat of your wonderful Linnex all over.
    Then return to the cage under a diaper and thick rubber panties and facing the wall for a long time without moving.

    1. Wonderful Brigite. I especially am amused that cucu has to stand facing the wall for a long time without moving while enduring the discomfort within his cage and diapers.

      1. I have undergone nettle punishments at the hands of my mistress and while the pain is no where near as excruciating as a severe caning or strapping it does cause a lot of discomfort for many hours. I have been rolled in a bedsheet full of fresh nettles and been sat on while in this predicament. Afterwards the stings were applied to my cock and balls and leaves forced between the cheeks of my bottom, which is very uncomfortable. I was left with a bumpy white rash of stings covering every inch of my body from the neck down that lasted a good few hours. As the pain from the stings subsided l was left with an intense, burning tingle that persisted until the next day, and a lingering soreness lasting a few days. As usual l was put in a disposable nappy and rubbers as soon as the session of discipline was over. The heat from this really did intensify the discomfort around my bottom and boy bits.

  4. You are such an amazing woman. Bitch boy is so lucky to have you in his life. I love how you never show any mercy and the fact this arouses you is amazing, I can only imagine how powerful and wonderful your orgasms are!

    1. The joy of symbiosis. If I were to show mercy I am sure he would not sleep such contented, submissive sleep every night. And for the avoidance of doubt, and symbiotically, as far as I know all Dommes who have realised their puppets do not break when one shows no mercy, have many, many amazing orgasms.

      1. Do you allow him to do submissive tasks he loves, for instance i love to lick boots and be kicked by them. It would be just as painful not to be kicked by you than the actual physical pain of the kick . I just love your supreme power!

        1. There are some submissive tasks he loves, like licking me, which I ration and he has to earn and then also suffer for having had the privilege. Then there are other tasks I think make him feel very submissive, that I allow, but I would not say he loves them.

  5. Ms. Scarlet,
    Hi. Yesterday I saw this blog address on Twitter and after going there I thought you might like to see the post on stinging nettles. This guy brings his own stinging nettles to his dom and he says he likes them being used on him. He says this: “I was extremely turned on by the whole thing, and loved the feel of the nettles. “ What do you think of that? Do you think bitch boy secretly likes the stinging nettles being used on him?

    I actually bought stinging nettle seeds off of Etsy this spring. Sadly, they didn’t grow. I guess people grow them for “medicinal” uses. Where did you get your nettles? Did you get them from the wild? I think we have stinging nettles in the wild here in the states but I haven’t found any. Thank you for a great blog, journals and manuals.

    1. No blog address from twitter.
      In northern Europe there are wild stinging nettles pretty much everywhere. Outside Of Europe, be very carfeful with the first go. I think Australia have sting nettle trees that can be deadly!

  6. I am relaxed, smiling contentedly as I write this, sipping on a small glass of fine sherry, having just read your post on stinging nettles. Prior to this, I spent a pleasant hour or so in our lounge room, laughing and chatting amiably with friends on the phone. I am dressed comfortably, though far from glamorously, in my nightdress, a white towelling robe, my hair in curlers and wrapped in a towel, and sheepskin slippers. David is lying down beside me.
    I so wish I had access to nettles for him! I think you wrote that BB finds the Linnex more painful, but the nettles cannot be far behind in their initial pain intensity? You mention the effects last for 4-hours, is this 4-hours of intense pain, or mild discomfort? I must see if I can buy nettle seeds, as mentioned by Triott! I’d love to find something to provide intense pain for 4-hours!
    I must also say, it seems that Brigite’s slave is made of far sterner stuff than David. With Linnex alone, he is in near hysterics and absolutely needs to be tightly secured. Even then he writhes and bucks! I could not imagine him standing against the wall not moving. Brigite, if you read this, do you apply the Linnex to his balls too, as you do the nettles?
    As I mentioned earlier, David is lying down beside me… far from relaxed! He is in the care of his new ‘behavioural therapist’. He has been there for well over an hour and, despite him being ever so tightly secured and gagged, there is a great deal of whimpering, groaning, squealing and muffled shrieking going on; not to mention the bed is creaking and clanging from his gyrations.
    His defect has been coated with a concoction based on a recipe I found in an old Victorian text on ‘cures for masturbation’. David reckons that the searing pain that this ‘Victorian Remedy’ imparts, is at least ten times more severe than Linnex. Whilst I am sure that is an exaggeration, it is very obvious that it takes scorching torments to greater extremes, which it maintains for 2-hours or so!
    To his chagrin, I whimsically reminded him of how he had requested, when we first met, that I develop a punishment that was so fearsome that he would do absolutely anything to avoid it. He should be so frightened of it that, no matter what was asked of him, he would be compelled to do it. To his great angst, my Victorian Remedy has more than delivered on this prior wish of his!
    I wear rubber washing up gloves when applying it. Since the Remedy is a liquid, I pour it onto a cotton ball and rub it in that way. Once I am satisfied that his defect is well ‘lubricated’, I use my rubber gloved hand to knead it well in. Then, to protect his testicles from the embrocation, I pull on a Rubber Delay Condom. This is thicker than a normal condom and fits very tightly, so it also serves to trap the heat better! I chose a nice red colour!
    It takes about 4-minutes for him to feel the first signs of physical discomfort, which is very soon after the condom is rolled on. It then swiftly roars through, like a firestorm, and within a couple more minutes he is totally overwhelmed by the searing heat… shrieking, and I really do mean SHRIEKING… like a banshee! Bellowing and violently jerking and straining against his bonds. A gag and tight bonds are essential. It scorches at this intensity for a good 2-hours or so, before fading away fairly quickly thereafter.
    There are a few elements to the ‘medication’ that give it a strong pungent odour, so I delight in wafting the bottle under his nose before applying it. His defect is of course always well ‘prepared’ first, to ensure he gets the most out of a correctional session. Plus I provide a little ‘extra-care’, to intensify and prolong the furnace like effects!
    It is important to note, we arrived at this point slowly and carefully over many years! Like you, I always do lots of testing and slowly build-up.

    1. I do agree (with David), that it is the case that, for the submissive to feel he is truly helplessly in the power of his Domme, (and thereby sleep the most contented submissive sleep), and also I have found, for the Domme to feel she has absolute power, and enjoy power-rush feelings that come with that, there has to be a punishment that it so fearsome that the submissive will do absolutely anything to avoid it. That he is so frightened of it that, no matter what is asked of him, he is compelled to do it.

    2. Hi Christine m,
      I must admit that cucu has an extraordinary resistance to suffering, which poses some problems for me to punish him without hurting him too much.
      Regarding wall facing without moving, I expressed myself poorly. Not to move is an order he obeys quite well, with generalempent just a few waggles and tears, but he keeps the imposed position.

  7. Nettles are a wonderful plant that causes intense stinging, itching, redness, and pain for quite a long time.

    My slave claims that he is in a lot of pain during the “stinging with nettles” on his genitals and his penile papillae and for several minutes afterward he feels intense pain that gradually subsides.
    He claims that the itching, stimulation, discomfort, especially when his panties and uniform touch and rub his body on the spots where I have used the nettle can last with mild intensity for up to 8 hours!

    I don’t know, I’d love to hear dear Scarlet and BB’s experience on the length of time and intensity of the pain.

    1. Firstly, dear Anne, I will say young nettles are the worst by far. Once the nettles have flowered they have nowhere near as powerful sting. Fresh shoots, only 15cm tall, seem to be the most ‘effective.’
      The stings are very, very painful when applied, especially to the penis head around the urethra, and then that pain appears to subside after about twenty minutes to slightly painful and very irritating for around 45 minutes, but the soreness seems to last, as you say sometimes for around 8 hours!

  8. Speaking of nettles, the accounts of Lady Jessica and her use of nettles on skivvy were unforgettable. i hope She writes again some day… She is sooo dominant.

      1. Today I experienced a new way to apply nettle torture.
        I had to grab my buns, draw them apart so that nettles could be stuffed into the hole and the crease, quite a notch up in the phantasy of my domme and in long enduring pain for me.
        I have placed two pictures in my blog “Under lock and key” on Bdsmlr for your enjoyment.

  9. Regarding the stinging of nettles grown in Australia. Here are 3 links for your perusal. The thought occurs that if you can eat or drink nettles or their juices, this could be done while bb is being tormented with the stinging nettles and screaming in pain.

  10. Hello from Spain.
    It is posible to find your jurnal in Spanish?

    Thank you for sharing.
    I love when you are in leather gloves … Do you feel powerfull when you wearing leather gloves?

    Kisses from Spain

  11. Hello Mistress Scarlet, we are fairly new to our FLR although have been building up to it for many years now and Mistress now has total ownership over me. Your blog is a true work of art and an inspiration for us. My mistress has used nettles on me only a hand full of times, I have been fully restrained at the time and nettles along with my defect have been in a pouch. The problem has been that despite the huge pain during the initial application and for several minutes afterwards that a pleasant humming follows which eventually brings me to orgasm. Mistress wants to use nettles more often but sees the following orgasm as just not an option for me. Do you have any hints or tips as to how she can administer them without me having an unnecessary orgasm please?

    1. Hmmmm , that is tricky. Possibly avoid stings to the penis head or alternatively focus many many stings to the penis head.? Please let me know how that goes.

      1. After I posed the question above to you, Mistress read all your posts on Nettles and the following happens last night.

        Mistress tied me standing up, arms spread above my head, collar also secured from above, gagged and hooded and legs tied together. I had previously been asked to prepare stingers in a very similar manner to your image and later found out that some stingers were not so young and spritely as mistress would have liked.

        Mistress warned me that my cock would be making the decisions and if it went hard it would be whipped, this could well have been the answer to me not having an orgasm as it provided just enough sting to hurt on impact and tingle, but didn’t give the familiar growing and accumulated stinging I have experienced previously when mistress would press the stingers into my cock head and shaft for up to 30 seconds at a time.

        Needless to say my cock grew at the mere threat of the whippings and off she went obviously very happy in her work. After a few minutes, she settled herself down to use her wand on the bed beside me which is always a huge turn on for me to be able to share and is becoming more and more so the longer I am controlled and the deeper into this FLR we go.

        The sequence was repeated four times I think as I was in such a snivelling begging mess by this point I lost track of time, I knew she was providing enough stimulation with the stings to keep me on my toes but from experience I knew this was not going to be enough to bring me to orgasm…….

        After what seemed like hours, but I’m guessing was about an hour mistress took pitty on me and pressed some stingers into my shaft but not the head , the pain is indeed excruciating, probably tenfold of that of the whipping and the longer she holds them on the deeper it gets, but the relief was immense as I had hope this would bring me to orgasm, she had not stung the head so I was still not confident.

        Mistress settled down once more leaving me and my stings to build to a throb whilst suspended next to her. The frustration was unreal and for an age I thought I had zero chance of cumming. I would guess it was a further hour before the my entire penis started to throb uncontrollably at which point mistress ordered me not to cum, she told me how much trouble I would be in if I did, which of course just turned the dial further, unfortunately after a few more minutes the inevitable happened and given it had been four weeks since my previous orgasm it was a bittersweet moment.

        On one hand the relief was vast, but on the other hand I had been told not to cum and disobeyed mistress. Upon being untied and told to clear up I looked down at the floor at the huge mess and truly feared mistress would have me eat it, something we have discussed from time to time which sounds hot , but the truth is it turns my stomach and indeed mistresses and would be a true punishment for me especially directly after the moment of climax has passed. Luckily she showed mercy and did not. She simply said you better update Mistress Scarlet as she requested.

        Mistress has been quite quiet today and I have been set to work on a diy project, I am sure punishment will happen in good time and with the way things are going in our FLR at the moment I suspect it will be something quite worrying.

        Mistress has clearly made note of the findings of this experiment and will be contemplating her next move.

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