More Sensory Deprivation

Again, he was completely secured to the bed last night for three hours. I had him wearing his straight jacket and I secured his head gear to the bed head, along with his ankles to the bed which are in cuffs, and wearing a gag, blindfold and ear plugs too. The ear plugs are not ideal but some mouldable silicon wax ones are on order which I think will be far more effective at blocking out all sound.

I had a baby monitor beside me so that I could keep a check on him, not that he can get into any mischief! Mostly I have the monitor by my side because it makes me smile whenever I look at the screen and see how much power I have over him.

At the beginning of the 3 hours I told bitch boy, as I left the room and switched out the light, that he can think about the next evening as he lies there, because he is going to be doing the ironing, his least favourite chore, in his maids outfit, for the whole evening.

He was so sad and subjugated when I finally released him, he timidly said he had been close to a panic attack, but I felt no guilt. He is my plaything to do with as I wish.

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4 Responses to More Sensory Deprivation

  1. Sweep says:

    Ms Scarlet you are amazing! What a lucky so and so he is.

  2. Henry says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet,

    Thank you for your great writing, I often read your post and I find then very interesting 🙂

    If you are interested in keep tormenting BB even when you are away from home and make sure he cannot a certain area, have a look at this link.

    Best regards


  3. westfal says:

    So good to consider BB your plaything to do as you wish with:)……and that is important i suppose for a strict Mistress to reach that mental state of mind where she/you feel no guilt about what you subject your lucky slave to so long as you are pleased.

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