No videos of this DS activity on the net

‘This Activity’ is – using time and tedium as a torture.

Three days locked in a basement with only a bucket. The light switch on the outside of the room to a single bare bulb hanging from the ceiling. The victim  in a straight jacket. A bucket the only furniture. The light turned on and off randomly without the Domme entering. The Domme entering from time to time to kick the sub about, or pour a jug of urine over the head of the sub, or going to work on him with a single tailed whip. Stale bread stamped into the dirty floor as food. A urine / water / spit mix in a bowl the only drink for the sub. No words ever spoken by the Domme.

Or five hours in sensory deprivation bondage. Visited every half hour to an hour or so, to have an embrocation cream rubbed into a sorry cock, and /or urine tipped down a funnel gag.

Or three hours forced to play with dollies, sitting on the floor, mainly ignored by two Mistresses who sit relaxing on the sofa, occasionally kissing, watching a DVD or flicking through magazines. The occasional verbal abuse spat in his direction. ‘What a pathetic maggot you are. Playing with dollies like a good sissy little girl. No wonder you are NEVER, EVER allowed to have sex like a real man.’

This issue does highlight a fairly huge difference between those of us lucky enough to live with our sub and have the time for tedium tortures, while Dominatrix or Dommes who get visits from subs almost never get the time for it. And all videos seem to be of subs visiting Dommes or subs undergoing none-tedium torments. I would love to see some tedium torture videos though. I can imagine how they could be edited.

The video begins with the caption ‘THE START’. The following action lasts a few minutes. The next caption –  ‘AFTER 60 MINUTES’. – a few minutes of what transpires at that point. The next caption – ‘AFTER 90 MINUTES. A few minutes of what happens at that point.  The next caption – ‘AFTER 120 MINUTES. A few minutes of what happens at that point.  The next caption – ‘AFTER 180 MINUTES. A few minutes of what happens at that point.  And so on, and so on.

The combined strong feelings of decadence, power and cruel unfairness when enforcing a tedium torture are such a turn-on for me! The tortures take hours to undertake, but the hours are wonderful! Sitting relaxed on the sofa alone, or with a girlfriend, knowing the sub is with you in the room being ignored and suffering, or elsewhere in your home – all alone and suffering.

LINK to my published journals.

LINK to my published BDSM manual.

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19 Responses to No videos of this DS activity on the net

  1. John Watson says:

    I enjoy your blog very much. Thank you.
    And “A Guidance Manual” is the best work I have read on this diverse multi-faceted topic.
    This post reminded me of the extent to which the internet drives perception (something I think a lot about in general) but how it also influences perception related to power exchange. So much of the internet material is quick and dramatic. Some aspects of which are very effective in enslavement. But I believe some of the most effective methods take considerable time to slowly wear down one’s sense of self. While I see things from the submissive side, you post helped me understand or imagine the pleasurable serenity for the dominant as her slave endures tedium at her whim.

    • Thank you for the praise for my manual.
      You have hit the nail on the head. The nature of the material available on the net could, for instance, mislead an embryonic Domme as to the ease, value and pleasure of tedium tormenting.

  2. slave says:

    Love the continued focus on You using tedium torture to drive home the endless suffering of basically pointless tasks ( for slave ). It is really powerful to see how unfair it is for bb. You are so right, not much on the net regarding what You describe.

  3. y_e_s_m says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,
    This sub has also been looking for similar clips for a very long time. This is the closest one i have found to date.

    2 other clips that may also be of interest to you are below too;


  4. Dave says:

    Have you watched the white Christmas episode of black mirror? I watched it the other night and it scared me to bits. Might give you some wicked ideas for the future though on the theme of this post.

  5. Me says:

    You seem too surprised that there isn’t a super specific video catered to a super specific fantasy of yours.

    • Obviously I need to work harder at explaining myself in my posts although all the other people who have commented understood.
      Far from being a super specific fantasy of mine, the point is, tedium torment makes up a substantial portion of almost all, REAL LIFE, femdom relationships. Yet by it not being featured hardly at all on the internet, the internet gives a false picture of REAL LIFE, long term, femdom relationships. This may even deter an embryonic Domme from pursuing such a relationship so it is a problem.
      I guess you have no REAL LIFE, femdom relationship and are an example of the ignorance on this matter. Not your fault as you have got all your data from the net.

  6. Lovely suggestion, Mistress Scarlet.
    Tedium can be indeed a terrible torture, especially for a very active person. Years ago, a very dear friend and Mistress of mine, Mistress Eve, subjected me to it, (except for the straight jacket being substituted with leather cuffs chained behind my back) and she came in randomly, just to pee over my head and slash me viciously with her singletail whip.
    I still remember it vividly.

  7. knightlyDevotion says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    Thank you for this wonderful blog.

    The 2nd half of this video may fulfill some of what you’re looking for:

  8. Martin sims says:

    I’d Absolutely Love to be put into sensory deprivation by You Mistress & even if the only contact with You was You rubbing my cock from time to time putting that stinging cream onto my cock & pissing into my funnel gag for me to drink I’d still be in heaven… Please Miss, if You Ever need me for that then I’m absolutely Yours, maybe You could film mY ordeal? At least the you might make some money out of my plight?
    slutboy martin xxx

  9. Christine M says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet
    So long since I wrote. I always mean to write more often, and I meant to write more promptly on your topic of ‘Tedium’, but it soon became an epic and took longer than expected. I must be honest, I wrote this for my own memories too as I did have such a good time! This also links to past topics on ignoring too. So better late than never I hope!
    By the way, I was so pleased to see BB write that he fears the Linnex so much, a good example of sharing. I hope he get plenty of coatings now!
    I too love the power providing total control and misery at the same time. It provides me a most wonderful sense of power; and deprives the submissive what they ultimately desire most, the Mistress’ attention. It shows so perfectly, “you are totally inconsequential, I will deprive you of your liberty, I will occupy you with the most mind-destroying, boring, and repetitious task, and not even notice you!
    David is raised as ‘youth’ might have been reared in Victorian or Edwardian times, albeit with an exceedingly rigid and ultra-strict disciplinary code. One of my favoured punishments is a ‘strict detention’, the rules of which have, over the years, evolved and become ever more rigid and demanding.
    Well a few weeks back, David was running late from work. He blamed heavier than normal traffic, but we don’t accept excuses in our household. He was placed on a Saturday night detention, which had him looking most morose. I had been going out that night with friends, and he had been promised that he could stay up late to watch a big football game. Well he would still be staying up late!
    Detentions are very serious punishments in our household, and since Saturday’s always mean chores for David, the whole day becomes extremely arduous. We went to bed together Friday night, and after some light teasing, which had David crawling up the wall, I let him please me with his tongue, as only he can. We then cuddled up to fall asleep. This was when I warmly advised him, “Since you have a Saturday night detention tomorrow, you will need to set your alarm for 4-30 in the morning. I want you showered and dressed ready to start your chores no later than 5-00.” It felt delicious as he went so quiet, clearly numbed by my advice.
    “You’ll find a full list of your chores for the day on the kitchen table. I want everything finished before 4-30 pm since you will need to shower, dress in your school uniform and be seated at your desk, hands on head, back straight, ready to start your detention promptly at 5-00. I suggest you make sure you are seated no later than ten to!” I then rolled over and ignored him, he was in punishment mode, but tomorrow would be far worse!
    Well I set him an exceptionally full on day of strenuous chores, scrubbing clean two bathrooms and a third toilet, a full clean of the kitchen, all windows inside and outside spotlessly cleaned, several loads of washing and ironing, the outside courtyard to scrub, the whole house vacuumed, living room furniture polished to perfection, bed linen changed and my car washed, waxed and vacuumed. Believe me, he had to work hard and fast; he well knows chores are not to be done leisurely. I expect to see him sweating and puffing for breath, as if doing a full gym workout, he is expected to move quickly and continuously, woe betide taking a ‘smoko’.
    I am sure you can imagine that after close to eleven hours of such gruelling toil, the last thing he wanted to be doing was one of my detentions. Nevertheless, there he was at a ten to five, when I entered the room, seated at his desk, looking exhausted and clearly very fretful, in full school uniform, hands on head.
    Full school uniform means ‘schoolgirl uniform’, navy blue cotton knickers; white cotton vest; Navy blue girdle, navy blue stockings with rear seam razor-straight; navy blue box-pleat gym-slip, meticulously ironed, ending four inches above the knees; pink school house sash, neatly tied on the right-side; white socks, the pattern razor straight; heavy, black, lace-up shoes; white, long-sleeved blouse; school-tie; grey V-neck school jumper; navy blazer; hair bryl-creamed back with a straight side part and a straw boater secured with a big pink ribbon under the chin. He hates the ribbon as it is so uncomfortable and ‘in-the-way’. He is a school-boy clearly undergoing petticoat discipline.
    I had laid out on his desk, three pens, each symmetrically placed parallel to the top of the desk, together with a wooden ruler; a thick A4 notepad, also placed square, in the centre of the desk; face-down (exam style) to the side of this were 15 typewritten pages; and above these pages, a sealed envelope.
    My tone was terse, frigid, dripping cold venom, and served to leave him literally trembling with fearful anxiety. “Full detention rules apply starting now!” This means he is to maintain total silence and an exacting posture. He is seated at a school desk with a rubber mat placed under him and anchored just under the front legs of the desk. The desk legs are fitted over two marked squares so everything lines up for his discomfort.
    There are three circles precisely placed into which the three legs of his small wooden stool are placed, and they must not move throughout the Detention. Two further white outlines have been applied wherein he must place his feet and again, his feet must remain firmly placed flat on the floor within the marks, throughout the detention. He must sit upright and he is not allowed to rest his head in his hand, he must not ‘fidget’, scratch, rub his eyes, etc.; he must write continuously without pause, and his hands must only be used for his assignment. There are no clocks and he must write unaware of the time and take only one authorised break. The desk top must be maintained meticulously as it was now, and pens and rulers placed down without sound.
    “You will write for three hours. There will be a 30 minute meal break at 8-00 pm, and you will then continue for a further three hours!” I advised with my frosty demeanour.
    “Your punishment assignment is on the desk. Your quota for the night is in the sealed envelope. If you do not meet your quota, you will be caned. You will then continue writing until you reach your original quota; plus an additional punishment quota that I will allocate. You will also earn punishment if you break any detention rules or uniform rules. You may now read your assignment.”
    I sat at my comfortable desk nearby, in a plush office chair and relaxed with a glass of wine, smiling as I watched the colour drain from his face as he read his instructions, becoming ever more agitated. I could tell he wished to protest, beg for a less demanding assignment, frustrated in his knowledge that it would not turn out well for him if he spoke. He glanced forlornly over at me, his eyes beseeching me, he was on the verge of tears. I was delighted, his tiredness and the challenging work I had provided were going to drain him mentally, emotionally and physically.
    His instruction sheet read as follows:
    Copy out the following pages.
    Keep writing until instructed otherwise.
    Assign each letter of the alphabet a sequential number, excluding vowels.
    I.e. B=1, C=2, D=4 F=5, …
    Each word commencing with an even numbered letter is written in BLUE.
    Each word commencing with an odd numbered letter is written in BLACK.
    Each word commencing with a vowel is written in RED.
    You MUST NOT make a written key!
    For each new page, commence by:
    ” ruling a 2 cm margin down the left side of the page, and top and bottom, in red;
    ” write your name above the margin on the left-hand side of every page in blue;
    ” write the date in full above the top margin on the right-hand side. Day, date, month (in full) and year, in black.
    ” write the page number below the bottom margin on the right-hand side, in red.
    Each verse is numbered in blue in the left margin.
    Each new chapter is centred, written in upper case black ink and underlined in red, e.g.:
    Leave a blank line above and below the chapter.
    You are allowed one error per page, which is to be ruled through neatly in red.
    If you make a second error, the page is to be removed and discarded. If you try to conceal or ignore an error, I will remove two or more pages.
    This first page was followed by the first ten chapters of the Book of Genesis from the Vulgate Bible, in Latin!
    Not only was the exercise mind-numbingly difficult, especially given how tired he was, it was a mentally and physically exhausting task that would get harder as the night wore on, made worse by his strict posture controls, and the fact that he must not change his position nor stop writing.
    He also faces a terrible quandary, made worse by not knowing how many lines he must write. If he writes slowly and carefully, so he makes no mistakes, he risks not reaching his quota. If he writes quickly to reach his quota, he risks making errors and having to tear out pages!
    “Begin” I curtly advised at 5 o’clock precisely. I then drew all the curtains in the office, picked up my wine and moved over to a leather couch where I relaxed and revelled in his misery. He was ignored as I read my book and then chatted with a friend by phone. After thirty minutes I checked over his shoulder, he sighed pathetically, teary-eyed, struggling not to sob. It was a pathetic attempt to garner sympathy or leniency.
    He was up to verse 20 in chapter one, and about half-way down the second page of his note pad. I was struggling not to order him to serve me I was so hot. First I set up the security camera to watch over him, before returning to his desk, my icy demeanour, a stark contrast to the light-hearted banter of my earlier phone conversation. I leaned over, took hold of the bottom of the page he was half-way through, and gently tore it out.
    “Detention rules are silence at all times, that means no sighs!” He was aghast as I ripped it into four pieces and threw them in the bin. I then hurried upstairs to get ready for a night out with friends, but not before pulling out my vibrator!
    The security camera is just wonderful. It is linked to the Wi-Fi in the house, and I can view the feed on my iPhone or iPad wherever I am, provided I am connected to the internet. I see a bright, full colour, real-time, video image. It is very clear and shows a complete image of David, his stool, desk, etc., and I can zoom in to check he is complying with his posture rules. The beauty is, he never knows when I am watching, or if I even bother to watch him. The camera records to a card so I can check back on him too, and even view the feed at fast rewind or fast forward! He dare not break a Detention rule, it even picks up sound!
    When I came back down I was dressed glamorously, my hair back in a severe pony-tail, stockings and heels, lightly perfumed and very desirable. He would have been aching to be with me. He didn’t need to know my plans though, he was in detention and being ignored.
    My phone rang, it was my friend Carole advising she was five minutes away. I spoke with her in good-humour, before returning to David and snapping, “Your phone is in airplane mode, facedown on my desk. I have set an alarm for 8-00 pm. When it rings, you may take a 30 minute break. Your dinner and a drink are in the kitchen. Make sure you go to the toilet as it is your only break of the night. Do not enter any other room. When you cancel the alarm, place the phone in my desk drawer, I have covered all other clocks. Make sure you are back at your desk, writing, no later than 8-30; I will be checking!”
    Again a dilemma for him. He has a thirty minute break, but no way to time it. So he needs to make sure he is back early. As I said earlier, this is a punishment, it is not meant to be pleasant. I would later be enjoying my meal at a swanky new restaurant with a few friends, a few glasses of wine and having a wonderful time. He would be miserable, ‘enjoying’ an overly generous serving of watery, over-boiled squash and aubergine with boiled calves’ liver, served cold, and accompanied by a glass of the water the vegetables had been cooked in. He would struggle to eat it, but there is a security camera in the kitchen too, so eat it he will, and quickly if he is to be at his desk in time! it is not pleasant for him! And all this time he is isolated, alone, ignored, forgotten about.
    I returned home late, slightly inebriated, and feeling incredibly horny from the total power-rush of his suffering. I changed for bed before finally entering the office.
    “Stop writing NOW!” I coldly announced. He is required to immediately stop writing, if he so much as tries to finish the word he is writing, I will rip out the entire page. He must then immediately place his hands on his head. He was bleary eyed, his face was tear-streaked, the result of crying when he had to tear out pages where he had made mistakes, there were more than a dozen such pages neatly stacked on his desk. I was relaxed in satin pyjamas, my long hair loose over my shoulders, and wearing high-heel mules, ‘Oh how he would have adored to caress my body!’
    He sat there, shaking, disconsolate, exhausted.
    “How many chapters have you completed?”
    I promise you this next bit is the truth, “Pretty well five chapters, Ma’am,” he politely replied.
    “What do you mean ‘pretty well five chapters’?” I coldly snapped.
    “I am half-way through verse 31, the last verse in chapter 5, Ma’am.”
    “That means you have only completed four chapters!” I replied with frosty callousness, “Open your envelope read out your target for the night.”
    He nervously opened the envelope, struggling to stop his hands shaking, he really was at his limits, as he nervously read out, “Five chapters, Ma’am.” He was sobbing, he knew what was coming, made worse from being so close, would be praying for leniency.
    I remained silent for a minute or more as he nervously fretted, I maintained my frigid demeanour though I was aching to orgasm at the power dynamic in play. I ignored him and left the room for a few minutes before returning with my dragon cane. It is 39 inches long, as thick as my little finger and an very dark brown colour, it is formidably painful. His entire body was shivering and convulsing uncontollaby in trepidation when I finally returned.
    I stood beside him, flexing my cane gently in both hands. It is quite a stiff cane, and only bends a little. It is an implement that understandably terrifies him. I looked stonily at him before finally addressing him calmly, matter-of-factly, “I set a target that you should have easily reached if you applied yourself to your task diligently. I have timed your writing and assessed that you can write 1100 – 1200 words in an hour. I usually set your target at 900 – 1000 words an hour depending upon the complexity of the task. Your target this evening was 2514 words! It was 11-50 pm when you stopped writing, so you had an extra twenty minutes, a total writing time of 6 hours and twenty minutes. To achieve your target you didn’t even have to write 400 words an hour! And, you had a break in which to refresh and relax.”
    I paused, placed the cane on his desk and slowly paced behind him, as he started, to speak, I angrily snapped, “SILENCE! I do not want to hear a word from you, not even an apology.” I let him stew a while longer before I leaned over him from behind, my mouth close to his ear so he could smell my soft feminine fragrance, my hands resting gently on his shoulders, he could hear the soft rustle of my satin pyjamas as I quietly intoned, “You have clearly been lazy, careless and disrespectful, and now you are going to pay the price…. ”
    Standing up I picked up the cane, strode over to the leather sofa and smashed the cane down on the arm, the whir and crack where frightening and he jumped in terror, I was displaying controlled rage to enhance his respect and fear.
    “There will be no break. You will remain in detention and complete chapter five. You will also copy out chapters six and seven before you retire for the night.” I didn’t think it possible for him to look more morose and sorrowful, but he did, in fact he almost collapsed, sobbing loudly in despair and self-pity, real tears flowing. It was all ignored.
    “But first, you are going to receive 12 strokes of the cane across your bare buttocks!”
    it was 12-20 before a very tired, sore and dishevelled ‘school-girl’, got back to his detention, and it was almost four in the morning before he finished and retired to bed.
    I was in bed exploding in orgasms at the imagery of the evening, and woke several times to play with my vibrator before falling into a deep sleep, I didn’t even hear him enter the room.”

    • I hope you don’t mind Christine, I have edited this down a little (there are some short attention spans), and used it as a blog post. We are such kindred spirits! An amazing account of a delicious activity!

    • Husbandslave says:

      Oh my!!!…you left me gasping Mistress Christine, what an experience!, Your ideas and cruel settings are beyond every hot dream that somebody could ever have!, if this is what happened to him for being rude, I cannot immagine what has he gone through for a bigger fault!
      How can we follow you ? Do you have a blog?, tweeter? Your lifestyle is a hotdream for the world!

  10. Alana Deschannel says:

    That’s sort of torture has no place in real BDSM. It’s horrific and stupid. It should be done to the author over and over again.

    • Its fascinating Alana that you have appointed yourself to judge what is OK in ‘real’ BDSM and what is not. Despite many subs being deeply affected by the activity that is the subject of my post which is the subject of your judgemental view.

      I truly would love to know what BDSM activities you have decided are OK for all of us to indulge in. Please let me know Alana.

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