Yes, they are truly cruel!

Back on 30 May 2020,  I posted about my pondering on the private lives of some of the truly cruel femdom actresses that produce great videos. Well a submissive came back to me who had experience of one such group of women and a sequence of email exchanges followed. Below,  is an anonymized summary of what I learned. I found the story made  quite fascinating reading and having seen all the many , many actual email exchanges, I can vouch for the veracity.

I will refer to the submissive as Joe. Joe contacted one of the groups of women who operate as a business producing short femdom videos and photo sets. Videos to be sold online as ‘clips’. I will refer to the group as the Femgang.

I will summarise greatly about the initiation. Joe contacted the Femgang and he was instructed to send them a copy of his driving license if he wanted to be an online slave to them, providing admin type assistance for them. He did this. He was then exploited mercilessly and with cruelty and complete disdain.

If it is of interest, I will continue in another post on where Joe ended up with all of this, involving real use and abuse, rather than online.


Hmmm….where are u located, slave?
> Would you be willing to send us a picture of your drivers license, slave?
> So we know who is working for us?
> and we will send you the info for our twitter accounts n stuff- and YOU
> will maintain them for us as Our SLAVE!

>Basically we will just want you to update our twitter, FB, Tumblr, and IG
accounts and you will use your free membership to our sites to update
those accounts every day.  (once per day)  Post a pic from the latest
video, put in same “#s” and tag whoever may be in it- and thats it. We will also assign you to post to fetish forums.  (3x a week)

Can you do this, loser??  And can you do it CONSISTENTLY???
> You will also get an ongoing FREE membership to Our sites as “payment” for
> your efforts.
> And we will expect good work out of you!! and will give u very SPECIFIC
> instructions about what we want done!!!
> -The Femgang.


> Understood and I enjoy the memberships but more important for me I don’t
> want to let you down. I seriously worship you and all the Femgang. I’ve
> been waiting my whole life to serve a group of cruel dominant girls. I hope I prove
> useful and you end up using me in even more ways.
We will see, slave…
and yes, We REALIZE how lucky you  are to have found us.
and u better THANK US constantly for LETTING you have the privilege of
working for us!!!
> also, not sure if u were told this or not, but We want a REPORT from you
> every monday morning updating Us on your promotional activities!  Do NOT
> take this lightly!  We revoked the memberships of the last slave we had
> doing this because he missed his 3rd report to Us after the past year of
> using him as Our main promo slave!
Thank you Femgang for allowing me to serve as your new promo bitch.  I’m not sure what format you desire for this report so I hope this is satisfactory. This week I promoted the following links below:
Hmm…this is very good, slave!!  (btw Our old promo slave is like
BEGGING for his old job back already!  HAHAHA!!!!!!  We think that’s
hilarious AND PATHETIC that you losers literally BEG to work for Us! LOL!)
Keep that in mind, loser- we will DUMP your ass in a heartbeat and BAN
you from Our sites if you ever disobey us or not work hard enough for Us!!
Anyway, we want you to just add some numbers to your reports so we know
how many followers you have grown Our Following by and stuff.  You can do
this on your next report to us next week.  you don’t need to do it for
this one.  (Since it is your first one, you haven’t actually “grown” it
for us yet!)
and ya just do that XXXXXXXXX one then. :/  (and the other one you joined.)
THANK US for letting you have the PRIVILEGE of working for Us, loser!!!!!
Thank you so much for allowing me to work for you for free. I don’t deserve it I’m a very lucky slave! 
yes, EXACTLY.  and dont u EVER forget it!!!
but tbh we would prefer not to have to dump you.  we would RATHER you just
go on being our mindless, obedient zombie drone SLAVE like FOREVER!!!  So
WE don’t have to go thru all the work of training a new one!
The only real “excuse” would be if you like died or something.  in which
case, yeah, we’d have to like replace you.  <UGH>  whatta pain…
[After some months]
Where the FUCK is our latest report from you???
And why has Our twitter not been updated u worthless piece of SHIT???
-The Femgang
Sorry I ran into a bit of a crises situation at work last couple days and was working night and day and fell behind but Twitter had been updated today. Please forgive me won’t happen again. 
Not good, slave….We don’t CARE about any other BS in your life- NOTHING
is as important as serving US!  LOL
Do not let it happen again.
-The Femgang
New clips posted to Twitter and Tumblr this past week:
  • xxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxx
I confess I have not posted to the XXXXXXXXXXX or the XXXXXXXXXXXX forum recently but I will get a post out this week to get both back on track.    
We were just discussing u, slave.  u have been slacking.  not good…
and where is that promo video u were supposedly working on??
are u able to travel here to be beaten??
The Femgang

I’m going to travel there one of these days so I’ll try not to build up too many demerits so I can survive my visit cause I’m not even a pain slave. The way you kick guys balls in terrifies me! 

Sorry if I’ve been slacking a bit just ran into a buzzsaw at work but will be all caught up in a couple more days. Still going to do the promo video I’ve already started on it. 

Hmm…well hurry up with it slave!  ;)
and yes, u SHOULD be scared! lol
[After some months]
Hey XXXXXXXX is maybe interested in using u for doing her college homework at
some point.  just fyi.  what do u think, slave?  Although we haven’t heard
u are like super reliable or anything.  Maybe u are good at math though?
Omg, I would love that! A Domme like XXXXXXXXX shouldn’t even have to do homework.
Slave, we want you to monitor these sites for piracy of our stuff:
Extreme board
Intporn forum
Porn SiteRIPs
Planetsuzy forum
As well as GOOGLING our names on a weekly basis:
And SEND US AN EMAIL EVERY WEEKEND with a list of ALL the links you find
to our stuff!!  They should be links to the site where they are posted
(like the specific link on “pornhub”) as well as links to wherever the
file itself is “hosted”.  (Like on “keep2share” or whatever)
Got it???  This is important.
I’m on it. I’ll monitor the sites and will send a report every weekend with all links.  
Here is the first report
Ok, Good slave.  Not bad for a first report but from now on we want you to send us nightly reports!  ! Keep searching all of these sites every day!  And keep doing all the other jobs we have given you.
[A few days later]
SLAVE!!!!  Where was your fucking SUNDAY piracy report??!???  Someone told
you to do this DAILY, correct???  Did we miss it?  Nobody saw it.  Do u think u get sundays off or something??
-The Femgang
-I’m sorry I was planning on doing it before bed and the truth is I accidently fell asleep while watching TV.  I’m so sorry.  I’ll have a fresh report tonight and will send a tribute for my mistake. Should I send a tip on the, I want clips, site or would you prefer something else instead?
Hmm…you think falling asleep without permission before your SLAVE WORK
is done is acceptable??  Apparently you realize that it is NOT, based on
your offer of a TRIBUTE.  (at least u realize THAT!)
Tip on the clip site is fine, slave.  Make it good. And from now on you WILL send your report EVERY evening before you fall asleep!!  If u MISS any nights, you will be punished with a mandatory tribute and NO FREE MEMBERSHIP for you!
The Femgang
[Joe’s duties continue to increase. An example of when he gets something wrong.]
First of all, we don’t see any attachment.  So it is a good thing you pasted the actual copy into your message.
Secondly, we had to totally re-write your clip description.  Do you WANT
us to post your drivers license at the top of our C4S store or
something???  (That gets a LOT more traffic btw! LOL)
Here is what we expect
I will learn. I just want to be used and abused by the XXXXXXXXXX soooo bad that I can’t help myself. The more you use me for your benefit without any regard for what I want the more I like it! 
Well you came to the perfect place then, FUCKING LOSER!!!!  Because we
will work your ass to the bone and NONE of us give a FUCK about you!  Not
sure who the fuck wrote to you in the other message but your ass gets NO
breaks and you do BOTH jobs for us!!  FOREVER.  Now WORK, WORK, WORK you
piece of human garbage!
-The Femgang
To be continued of there is sufficient interest…………

24 thoughts on “Yes, they are truly cruel!

  1. oh yes .. please .. it is interesting to see such methods work even over a remote link, without personal interaction

  2. Well that’s some reading! Curious to see where this leads. I’m not a fan of sharing personal details online as it can open you up to some nasty situations…

  3. very interesting and yes i am interested in what becomes of Joe and ” it is of interest, I will continue in another post on where Joe ended up with all of this, involving real use and abuse, rather than online.”
    Please do
    as always one must be careful when we wish for something.
    Thank You for your blog

  4. really wonderful. i love how these young Dommes exploit this online slave and want to hear more please Mistress.

  5. Very interesting as always is your blog. Joe had a choice, each choice has a consequence. I’m curious to read the final consequences. Also interesting that the femgang mistresses are young and go to college.
    Once I made a similar fantasy and sometimes I write stories. In my fantasy the mistresses were not only a sadist gang, they had a real sect and used this approach to recruit slaves and make them work and produce for them. They also had pupils to become mistress and when a pupil was ready to be promoted to mistress she had to attend a ritual in which she had to take the manhood of a chosen slave. He will be her eunuch slave.
    Mine is only the summary on an invented story

  6. Hopefully not with the final part, even if it’s a huge turn off reading it, it also sounds so inhuman, it’s the complete distruction of the personal identity. It’s not like on dogs, here the psychological impact should be dramatic I think..

  7. Sorry my English isn’t so good… I just hope jeo experience didn’t go as far as my fantasy story. In my fantasy the slave gets his identity broken by loosing his menhood

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