The Interdental Brush invading somewhere sensitive

A normal Sunday. On the sofa, playing with his boy’s bits for 45 minutes while I watched a foreign language TV programme. (see previous post) Had him in his shortened maid’s outfit with his suspenders and long cream woollen socks, (see previous post), to make my lunch, clean the bathroom, do a huge pile of ironing, prepare the evening meal. Caned him several times for infringements. 50 strokes over four punishments within a one hour period.

Then up onto the BDSM gynaecological bed for over three hours of total sensory deprivation, (apart from my visits to him.) Three coatings of Deep heat from the applicator during that period. Tears during the last application. Lots of very had smacks on his arse, while so bound – very hard, on that very sore arse. Lots of spitting into his funnel gag.

And then something I had not done for a while. Poking the Interdental brush down the eye of his little cock. All the way to the hilt. He wriggled (as best he could – almost not at all), he squealed, he was very upset.

Four huge orgasms for me, three by his tongue, one by my own hand – listening to him crying over the third application of the Deep Heat to his little clitty.

For the technical among you, dear readers, I should make two clarifications. Firstly, I have realised my Deep Heat Applicator actually has a brand name of: Deep Heat – Muscle Rescue – Neck and Shoulder Cream. I don’t know why I did not spot this before. Secondly, the Interdental brush I used was 0.6mm diameter. It was blue. The brushes are colour coded for size. (In the UK at least.) I have noticed there are purple brushes of 1.1mm diameter. Those will be the next I use.

16 thoughts on “The Interdental Brush invading somewhere sensitive

  1. OK, it is weird, but I just got an erection from your description of how you were torturing bitch boy! Not that I would ever let anyone do such things to me, it did strike a nerve deep down somewhere.

    What a poor fucker, to have such a sadist as yourself controlling and torturing him! I cannot imagine having the outside of my cock on fire from the deep heat and then you shoving a fucking brush down the inside to cause me pain there too! Why not just add a ball crusher and put deep heat up his ass for good measure? OMG, what a sorry fucker he is!

    But then again, he must get something out of your relationship or he is just so brain washed after the years that he knows no better!

    You really are a sadist, but that turns some of us on, at least a little. :)

    Could you please post some pics of the brush and then the brush shoved in his dick? I would so love to see some pics of poor bitch boy being tormented! Thanks!

    1. I have pondered over your comment and decided to respond on the issue of bitch-boy being labelled as a ‘sorry fucker’, as you put it. I can understand why you might draw such a conclusion, but I cannot agree. As I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog, he is the most intelligent person I have ever met. He runs his own very successful business and is a great talent in his field and is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to competitors. He is a wise and supporting parent to grown-up children. He is fearless when we are in a dodgy pert of a city anywhere in the world we have travelled to. He solves problems and is assertive and patient dealing with banks, local authorities and the like. He is fit and strong and healthy. In every context of his life, apart from his absolute submission to me, he really cannot be labelled a ‘sorry fucker’.

      1. Hmmm…. An interesting response. I guess we will have to agree to disagree. Any man who allows himself to be controlled and tortured by a sadist such as yourself is less of a man than most, regardless of his intelligence, business acumen, etc. He allows you to tie him down, beat him, up painful chemicals on his genitals and shove things in his penis. He obviously does not enjoy your tortures as you love to comment about in your blog. You are a sadist and his dom and he allows you to do these things to him for some unknown reason. He is less of a man than most and exemplifies this every single day. So, in my mind, he is a “sorry fucker” in many ways. But that is just my opinion, to which of course I am entitled. Thank you. (please apply two coats of deep heat to his penis because everyone knows how much he enjoys it!)

  2. Gulps! That’s so scary!

    I bet BitchBoy did wriggle, squeal and get upset with an Interdental Brush inserted all the way to the hilt!!

    Have you ever considered taping one of the Interdental Brushs down to the edge of a table and positioning it as waist height, making him f**k it slowly or quick for the amusement of yourself and or your sisters?
    respect from

    1. The issue is that the brush is only an inch long. Assuming he has to keep half inch inside him on the outward pull so that it does not come out before his next thrust, then he will only be thrusting half an inch back and forth. Not enough. Perhaps someone could suggest an alternative to the interdental brush that is the same diameter and bristle type but is longer.

  3. hope it does not abrade poor BB’s peeing ability too much, though it seems as if you are pretty safety conscious with your treatments of him -?…….otherwise sounds delightful:)

  4. I don’t understand how can anyone being a champion, a hero, a gladiator, a macho, an assertive controller dominant successful very aggressive assertive in life, but then a whimp under the feet of a Lesbian Domme…
    Sorry, but it just doesn’t make sense.

    1. Being assertive does not require aggression. He is not, and I have never said he is aggressive.

      I think many lesbians would argue that I am not a lesbian. I see no value in such labels. It seems you are more comfortable with the world somehow if you label me – whatever.

      Lots of things in the world of BDSM fail to make logical sense. The psychology is complicated. I would suggest you have failed to take into account two things. One – the huge impact on a man’s state of mind if he has a deeply submissive soul and is confronted by a very dominant woman. Two – how this effect can be amplified by over a decade of careful conditioning by an intelligent dominant woman.

      1. The more I read Your writings, Ma’am…the more i am impressed with Your intelligence, Your Superiority over all male creatures, and Your innate understanding of the psyche of the submissive male! i’m pretty sure You understand us more than anyone i have ever encountered (over 30 years interest in this subject)…and You use Your clear understanding of the submissive male to exploit his submission (in a very delicious and delightfully sadistic way) and to achieve Your own delight and happiness…

        I applaud You Goddess…and kneel humbly (from afar) in awe of You!

        sissy jamieanne

  5. It’s obvious why the most Sadist and cruelest Dommes are Lesbians, they just have no interest whatsoever in a man other than subjugating him. With all respect, I can see You’re more interested in responding to Women than to men.

    But oh well, each has their own thing, enjoy yourself…

  6. I just read the comments on this blog for the first time, and I found those of Rick and Jack interesting. They claim not to get the willingness of a strong man to sexually submit to and suffer for a loving, sadistic woman. I wonder if they feel the same confusion over a woman wanting to sexually submit to a man? But most curiously, if they don’t get it, why are they here reading your blog?

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