Making sensory deprivation worse!

I received the comment below. I felt it is so good that it should be shared as a blog post.

I often spend hours at a time in a sleep sack, and my Girlfriend/ Owner decides upon different ways to make the time difficult. Her latest idea, which I think you will like Mistress Scarlet involves me speaking humiliating phrases. She voice recorded 15 different phrases or her saying things such as…you are a worthless worm……..what are you? There is enough time at the recording for me to be able to repeat the phrase. The 15 phrases are then put onto a shuffle and continuous loop on my in ear phones. Gimp mask is then put on , one with no eye holes. Then indisutrial ear protecters over the hood. I am then left for hours to verbally reinforce my own place in life. I have absolutely no idea if She is in the room or not so I have no choice but to keep repeating my phrases.

Now I absolutely love humiliation and bondage and loss of control. But….this particular task is torture. Having to talk aloud constantly for hours is physically difficult, my throat gets dry and it’s tiring. The gimp mask causes resistance to my jaw which makes it more difficult. The most difficult part however is the constant stimulation of hearing my Owners voice giving me the verbal abuse I crave over and over. It prevents me from getting into sub space. On occasions my Owner allows me to enter deep sub space in my sleep sack. When I reach this place I can spend hours and hours in bondage and feel like I’ve done 10 minutes. But the speaking task prevents me from drifting into sub space. So I feel every so I feel every single minute of the bondage. It is complete mental and physical torture. And I have absolutely no idea at any point if I am even being listened too. I hope you consider my idea Mistress Scarlet

I have to say I love this. The aspect of this slave not knowing if he is being watched, is a little like when I have bitch-boy take his dolly up for a nap and he has to sit in the bedroom, monitored by the video baby monitor, and read from Mallory Towers to his dolly, until I visit him and tell him his dolly has fallen asleep and he can leave the bedroom and come back downstairs. At the end of every page of reading, he has to ask his dolly if she enjoyed that page, and answer pretending to be his dolly. Lisping throughout the whole thing of course. I am downstairs and he does not know if I am even bothering to observe him on the monitor receiver screen or not. (I will normally glance at the screen every ten minutes or so.) But he does not dare take a rest from his deeply shaming task because, were it to be noticed that he was taking a rest, the punishment would be extreme indeed!

Back to the comment – This twist on sensory deprivation bondage is so cruel and so fantastic. And I could use the video baby monitor rather than having to visit my gimp.

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8 Responses to Making sensory deprivation worse!

  1. the only one says:

    demented, sick, twisted, perverted, just the way you like it !!!!!!!!!!

  2. slaveboytoy says:

    Fem Domme Control and Subjugation of the inferior male species perfectly progressing,,, Mistress Scarlett enjoy x

  3. sissymonique says:

    Hello Ma’am, I love being enslaved, but my Queen does not understand the real effects to put a slave in sensory deprivation, I would like if possible postasse a short text, to my Lady to see the actual requirement to put a slave in sensory deprivation . thank you Lady and love your site, and you see the BDSM

  4. punkahwallah says:

    I agree with You, Ms Scarlet, this is deliciously cruel, simple and effective!

  5. westfal says:

    Good to read the insights re your psychological enjoyment of b.b.’s bondage travails:)

  6. justin says:

    you could easily set up a talk to text app that records and translates his language to text

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